220: Saying Aloha To A New Magnum, P.I.


The media for Jackie podcast network. This is personal. Okay, you're not entirely wrong. We do have history. This is the extra hot great podcast episode, two twenty for the week of September twenty four, two thousand eighteen. I am endless supply of vintage Ferraris. David Cole, and I'm here with air appropriate shorts in seem Sarah d bunting hanging brain across time, major Dogo tar area. No obey my dogs. Doberman training academy graduate. Stephen j Skelton. Wine wine and ADL retentive homemaker. Todd, Robert Anderton. Oh my God. Welcome everybody to another episode of extra hawk great full house this week for episode twenty. We are talking about the c. b. s. reboot of magnum PI with our very excellent guests. Stephen, Jay Skelton and TV's Todd, Todd, Robert Anderson. Welcome guys. Hello, welcome guys. So. I asked Stephen Todd here today because I know that they are big magnum fans, probably even bigger fans of the original magnified than I would just saying a lot guys. The reboot is upon us. We heard rumors for a while. We were going to have a magnums daughter show for a while that didn't happen. Now, we're getting a proper reboot of the original magnum top level thoughts will start with you. Stephen, I'll say this. It was an honest try to reboot. You know, they were trying to hit all of the elements of the original show. But from the beginning when they kinda cast, Robin masters is Tom Clancy rice. Wate- questions just immediately. Right. And what did you think of? Todd? I'm in the same place. I mean, I felt like they were doing. Their best to kind of recapture what the original laws, but I don't think they quite got there and I had a lot of there are a lot of questions. Firstly is magnum from space. Because that's how it starts. He's an space and he comes to earth, right? Yeah, I think he's can't pack as from k. Pax, right? It's basically Hawaiian star man. That's the show. So if you haven't watched the new magnum the episode starts with basically a red bull drop from outer space into North Korea to the tune of ACDC's. Thunderstruck thought iron man was gonna show up almost was like that and the cap to that whole intro sequence was that it was all CG and it was all TV grades CG which made it amazing. Like there is no sharp edges on anything. Everything looked like the poly gone count had been reduced, so he can run it on your local video card. Well, we should say we watched a screener that was from may. So it's possible that the version that aired was better. It was. It was. They noted. I actually at one point while I was watching last night and I and I watched it again this morning to make sure there wasn't something wrong with my TV, but there were there were times when I was like is something wrong with my high def signal right now is not streaming properly. That's how the effects looked to me. CBS's pioneered the vast lean CD lens. Exactly. Opening seemed to be them trying to say that this is not your father's magnum even though as Sarah said before the show, actually probably is my father's magnum. All CBS shows. Are your father's ex? Yeah. Well, I father is seventy six years old and likes the show magnum is on now blue bloods. So that's where I, I think my parents would enjoy this show in the way that older parents enjoy CBS procedural. There's nothing challenging here. The lead is in offensive. I can't swear that he has genitalia that work. Just like theory like chemistry free undertaking. Yes, that is completely in essential. It seemed like go ahead finish. Sorry. I mean, I really actually don't have anything else to say. There's really nothing to say about this, like there's something bad to say about it. My only question like I am interested to hear our guests questions because my only question was why the objects of the rescue in the opening scene were continuing to sit up and like huddle as a family sitting up while they're being shot at like in the backseat. Down. But that was the only question I had because everything in this is completely like, I don't understand why this is when they have Hawaii five o. And when they have, you know, other shows that spiritually are indistinguishable from this, but it's not for me. It's four seniors, and I'm all set. I, I definitely agree with you. Yeah, I definitely agree with you because it's weird. It's it's it's very Hawaii, five o the reboot of five. Oh, because you do have the the, the high def, Hawaii porn shots, which is an enjoyable element of Hawaii, five o. But the this show just came off as is very bland as opposed to the original magnum. And I was trying not to compare the two, but that's impossible just there. There is a blandness to it and it's like hostile guy, Jay, what's new magnums name. I'm already forgetting Hernandez, Jay Hernandez yet the guy from hostile, you know, I liked in hostile, but he, it's, it almost seemed like he was working hard to have the kind of fun that you expect magnum to have fun because of Tom Selleck magnum. But it didn't feel like he was getting there. It was weird. Yeah. It seemed like they were worried that if they cast anyone that was to charming like. Would turn some people. You know what I like. I forget the name of the guy who's the lead on the new Hawaii. Five. Oh, it's like that he's Australian or something like offline. I did an episode of that show and I have a man crush on him just saying, okay, I apologize to me. He's like, he's just totally forgettable, like lump of flesh in TV actor form like he and I feel like Jay Hernandez who I've liked and other things before he's. So, I mean, Sarah's estimation of his genitals is probably is the problem like he's so he's so there's no better word than bland. His whatever chemistry he's supposed to have with girl Higgins like there is none. 'cause she's also extremely boring. I think he might be TV's last contemporary goateed hero as well. But he's also too short. He so we, he's tiny. He's a tiny little mayor. Everybody in this show is tiny. I hit. I have one. I have one. I wrote down about him, and it was. This is a mostly hairless magnum. And that doesn't work. Yeah. You remember that game. People used to play where they put a mustache on the TV and wait until somebody into frame share. This is the perfect candidate for that. You put magnum PI nineteen eighties mustache on the screen. You wait till Jay Hernandez walks into it. Then y'all have a drink speaking, speaking of people named Hernandez and mustaches. One of my like three notes was that I wished that almost any other Hernandez was a star of this, but most, especially Keith Hernandez. Sure. So everyone just take a minute and imagine what it fantastic worldly would live in. If Keith Hernandez was magnum PI. It would be like forty one minutes of him talking about steak and hanging out with this cat, but yet still be Marie trusting than this just founded to me. That does sound good. You know, I did compare to the visual magnum is insofar that, okay, obviously there's a gender flip on Higgins and stuff like that. But for me, the biggest. Difference is Tom Selleck is very termi because magnum PI and this is just kind of Dink at times he's generically bland and forgettable. But like for me, there was a progression like the opening with the red bull outerspace skydive was, oh, you can't be serious. They mitigate that a little bit after the credit sequence as like, oh, that was Robin masters, sort of retelling of it in his book and invite you not really. It's sort of a cheat. And then the first sort of like magnum PI action we have is we discover that he has put shock collars on Zeus and Apollo. The Doberman guard dogs at the Robin's nest, the bad guys, like Ed asshole, you don't put those collars on dogs. Oh, especially if they're not your dogs, they're not your dogs. And also the whole sequence is treated as like a lark. The kid. William. It's also like you know, in the original, Joe magnum is kind of jerk to Higgins all the time, but it's balanced out by they play. They play his war experiences more traumatically in the original show than it's been presented so far in the in the premiere. The primary was just kinda like a surviving this bad situation. We're kind of bad asses, cauterize wounds, mum, and didn't really get a balance of in know magnum behavior. Why he behaves. The way he behaves now is just kind of jerky this time around versus you know, behaving juvenile manner to because he's really kind of suppressing PTSD in all the really more serious themes they treated more seriously in the original shows. So far Thomas bagman two thousand eighteen is what called the duty. People think every marine guy every. That wasn't. That was my other. My other note was magnum PI. The video game cut scene. Yeah. And then after the shock collar thing, which is like already had to be on my heels, the next thing he sort of does is the plot of the of the pilot is that you know, we have Rick. We have TC we have magnum and then there's a fourth guy that they've introduced. Army buddies, and he is gives Magna McCall in a panic is you got to come over here or something really big happening Madden gets over to his house. There's an ambulance and the driveway and Mangum parks right in front of the driveway. Ten seconds later, we find out that the ambulance is actually a beginning of commando esque civil serviceman actually with uses situation, but he didn't know that when he parked the car there. So Thomas magnum just drives up to his friend's house blocks ambulance in in the driveway. So two strikes within the first ten minutes of the show against Thomas him as a character and for the rest of the show, he's just sort of there. And he doesn't really have the charisma that Tom Selleck brought to you the original and it kind of does brings the whole show down. I don't know why they would even like if they just wanted to make another cop show and who I, which fine. Like, you know, Todd said, why would you? But okay, why five one. But then what like no one who likes the, I feel like I can say this categorically no one who likes the original could possibly like this, like anyone who is tuning in just out of curiosity is going to be like, fuck this. Get me my DVD's. I would never looking at this again because it's like it's so off putting it captures nothing about what makes the original. So like I would say this mildly off pudding and then boring for. Genera is it really does feel like a case of, hey, what are their IP? Do we own that Setton? Yup, I have a couple. I had a couple of questions about the lads as well. And yet one of them one of them was, you know, these dogs hate him, and then he comes up and he talks to the sad kid on the bench with a tennis ball, and he throws the ball and these dogs that are always chasing him in attacking run for the ball. So these guard dogs are too stupid to stupid, not to chase a ball, even though they've been trained to hate magnum. And then the other moment, like in the beginning where they're, you know, they have to do this requisite magnum runs from dobermans thing because it was in the original and he runs by Higgins is doing her yoga, and he runs by any gets to his Cabana, and the door is closed and he gets in there and he shuts it and he's happy that he escaped the dogs, and then he steps immediately dog shit, which who was did Higgins. Open the door and tell the dogs to shit there or hagey just dropped deuce there. That's the story I'm going with the most interesting take you. Gotta make your own fun. When you're you're back nippy in an answer to your original question, perhaps there was an incident at the Robins nests were there were attacked by like Tennis Professionals and therefore the tennis ball. They're returning tennis balls. That's a real reach, but okay. Called new magnum apologize. Scene Higgins is a woman made me wish that magnum had it had been magnums daughter and of all the I'm offer gender swapping, but of all the characters to swap it's Higgins who is a nag and aggravating to all these now still male characters on the show. I thought that was weird of Weeden unfortunate choice, but she also has to be able to kick ass which Dave tells me is not something original against it. Know exactly. Never beat anyone up. No, no, no, that was that. Was they added Jim Cada today, Higgins's skill set for the reboot. She also looks so much like Carrie Kahn from better call Saul, and I hate that character. So that didn't help either. Yeah, you have to wonder where like how far down in the casting wishlist? Each of these people. Yeah, love to see that. It's like a Dave from happy ending, like really thought, actually. Okay. I'm gonna argue within this point. I thought that was probably insofar as the show did his casting the best piece of casting like Rick on the original sort of a Dink and you sort of there and he's like the lesser of the group and Dave gonna. Vince the same. Okay. Yeah. True. Pretty pretty pretty close to original Rick original recipe, Rick. Yeah. Although how many times is it still gonna be supposedly funny to watch, you know, a a white guy dancing to something like the Spice Girls. When he thinks nobody's looking. We're going gonna keep doing boy. That's always going to be funny. Oh my God, I forgot. I forgot about the last magnum dick move. So at the end of the episode, we're jumping around the plot like it's it's a guy gets killed event. At the end of the episode, they're going to their friends funeral and a by the end of the episode magnum has totaled two of Robin masters for Ariz. They get into a third. I don't know if it's a Ferrari or not, but again to a third vintage sports car. And they've just had this moment with the big guys son and the guy's wife, and they then peel away to horses funeral moments later in this car to the sting of the original magnum theme. Like I was like, wait, what do these have an action, these extinct to them that you know. The is pretty accurate to the original shift. So is they would go to the credits with the the high-octane theme, even after a very Modlin sad ending. I wish they extended that scene. So it was like, didn't, and they're driving through on a Lulu and they get to, you know, lambs, funeral chapel dead. And then the and then the funeral music kicks? No, but it's a few narrow version. It's like just a minor key version played on an Oregon. That'd be we saw. Oh, there are some Hawaiian detail work that was both decent, but then also annoying. Beginning of the show TC is making baloney and pineapple sandwiches for everybody and his Tara pointed out. They should have definitely been. It would be, bam. It would be spanned your percent war. It would be like something totally like would just be like spam west soobee or something like that wouldn't even be a sandwich, right? And they did have mal Sada's in the episode which is their jelly filled Donut thing. Although they managed to make the only donuts seen a bribe to the chubby ME and those also one of the only like two Pacific islanders in this show Noah what the hell. Yeah. Well, they want to be consistent with why five? Oh, reboot, right. Right. Only have white people. And you know the, the name of this pilot episode was not pilot like most shows do tell our courting to my TV is called, I saw the sunrise. Kind of a half rip off. Yeah, it is old original episode, his use of bold choice to name this pilot episode after probably the most threat on magnum episode may or may not come up later in this very podcast here spoiler title citizen sugarcane or something like that. Okay. So the question. They're already mentioned Keith Hernandez as as a better who would have been a better magnum if this project had to happen, which it didn't. But you know it has. So I have a couple of picks of of all magnums one. I know the rock has already ruined Baywatch by making it into a movie, but the rock in a magnum PI movie would be pretty good. Obviously, he's too big to do a TV show now, but who is not too big to do TV? And I know he already has that shitty colony show on USA, but Josh Holloway, kind of has a Tom Selleck equality. The guy from lost. Sure. Oh, yeah. Yeah, nothing else. He's got the dimples like I think he's got that kind of roguish quality that I think would have been better than Jay Hernandez, aggressive sexless nece day. Jon Jon Hamm. Yeah. I mean, he's too big too, but you know, I think he fits all the Selleck esque check boxes that I would want to agree. See done. Yeah, Sarah, Keith Hernandez? Yeah, even it's hard to follow Keith Hernandez, but also who I liked to replace in almost any kind of Jonathan. I'll just say, put a mustache on Karl urban. See that share, get my wife to watch. That's for sure. Todd, you know, I do like the not casting a white guy as magnum. And I'm going to go with Lombardo boy Boyer. Florida. Oh yes. He's very charming. He has an excellent moustache. He was on the show. What was this show Steve murderer. I share Yellowhammer. Okay. Yep. He's, he's actually on that show. He was. He was pretty hard ass, but he's actually really, really funny so he can do both the things that require magnum. Absolutely. All right. I love it. Is anyone going to watch this again? I know. No, no, no, no, no, no. But I will. I will allow them to fly to Hawaii. That's that's mighty generational generous. F- TV ties always working in the ankle. Before we get off magnum. But I do have one thing to say Mr President, Eric, too many states nowadays, please eliminate three. I am not a crack putt. I'm not a crackpot, but in any TV show, if you have a series of numbers that you yourself as a character enough, figure out, I'm just going to let you know they're always latitude and longitude lines. You don't need to go to the Cobra. You free in North Korea in the credits to figure out that that set of numbers that you wrote on a piece of paper, or perhaps you found in a mansion or whatever are in fact just set of coordinates on a map that you can go into Google maps type in and actually just get step by step directions to where you're supposed to thank you. It is time to go around the dial. I stop tar area. I watched another network drama premiere. It was bad. It's called new Amsterdam. This is yes. The same title is another show that was on for a month and a half in two thousand eight starring a pre game of thrones Nicolas Coster what's his face among others? This is totally unrelated. It's with Ryan Ed gold from blind spot and a million other things playing the new medical director at a hospital that is not Bellevue, but it's Bellevue in New York, and the whole conceit of it is that he's, he used to run. He used to run like a free clinic in Chinatown and they imported him to run this place 'cause he turned it around like, I don't know if it was. I don't know what that means. It pivoted to video who knows. But they bring this guy in and he's got all these revolution. Area ideas like this, this hospital, which they established his, a public hospital has a whole department that he thinks is corrupt because they, they were worried too much about billing. So he fires the entire cardiac department like on the spot at a morning meeting, which first of all. You're going to get super sued. Probably some of them had surgeries scheduled. You don't fire people at all in front of all of their workers. Never mind like presumably, eilly paid surgeons question. Yeah. Do to hire one of them back because he liked their moxie. Yep, sure. He shared Dave, you nailed it. And then there's like there's this whole thing with freemen. I don't know how to say her last name from doctor who, and the Carrie diaries who she's like some kind of jet-setting famous oncologist who also works there, but she's never there because she's always like big going on TV and giving speeches, and he has to like tough love her in in this case meeting, he has the hospital's doctor or driver take her back to the hospital instead of to the airport like she requested because that's appropriate. Like this woman gets in a car and then doesn't know where she's going nuts, scarier, weird or controlling it all the whole. My whole problem with this based on the promos alone, and I was correct. Is that like the conceit of it is he's the only doctor really cares about treating people rather than worrying about the bottom line, which if that's going to be where you start on a show that is set in America, like this, define what it means for this to be a public hospital. Like why is billing an issue at all? I. I didn't understand that. I assume some people do, but like I don't if if the whole thing is that they don't treat, they treat people who don't have insurance like, why, how does this? And then it's like, you know, like everyone is supposed to just start becoming a social worker as well, which like that's a lovely idea, but like people have jobs to do. This is totally preposterous and dumb, and since it's already it will have aired by the time, this podcast drops. I'm sorry to spoil it for the people on this podcast who are about to listen at the end of the episode we find out he's had this tickle in his throw for six weeks that he's been putting it off because he so busy and important. He cares about everyone exempted itself. He has cancer, or as I put it in my notes LOL he has cancer. To Blake CAD these steaks to this guy, we don't know. And then after that it was like at every episode sewed should end with a different cast member getting cancer. Because like also it's Ryan gold like, yeah. If you're gonna if the guy's supposed to be a renegade like baby casts, someone who isn't like a yawn with a sweater over it. It's like there's this list the networks of who they can cast and they all have to be the most boring actors you've ever seen who've just been like working up. The ranks in shitty shows you watch twice in order to eventually get to headline them in like who like there's nothing to grab onto in this show. I also felt bad for Tyler Levin. Who I do think is like a decent actor and funny. He plays the head of psychology, but he's also Canadian. So like the whole thing of him trying to act like any is like really revolutionary. Like Jim Thome treat people in the country where they figured this out. Anyway, new answer, Damas bad. Don't watch. It. Also lead. Can't wink, which is very upsetting to our friend. Linda Holmes recent gets. For my plug. I'll just mention again with this are nine hundred zero podcast. We're up to season nine help. Things have really, really gone off the rails, not only on the show, but for us personally. And our last podcast that we recorded was like longer than the episode we were talking. So if that's appealing to you, part of the writing for the last season you guys have been talking about. They had one episode where major character leaves and a major character returns yet they actually do it like one scene that the next they actually don't cross paths at all, especially since they were characters who like fucked when they were both on the show at the same time. So it's extra dumb anyway, extra dumb, nine hundred one. Oh the again with his podcast, please subscribe. Thank you like to learn some new swears you could do that. All right. Let us hear from Mr. skeleton. Oh yeah. I watched the net flicks Jona hill. Emma stone show maniac, which is a kind of a directed by Cary Fukunaga who you know from true detective donation, and I think he was just announced for bomb twenty-five. Yup. Yes, oud. So it's a kind of attorney kind of twilight zone ish slash black Murage miniseries. That's by way of Kubrick. Yeah. By way of Kubrick's it leans very heavily into the late seventies early eighties SCI fi aesthetic, which I've love. So maybe you know, a giving the show more credit than it deserves just because I thought it was the production design was great, and it was amazed. Look, the look kind of the weird alternate world to our own. They kind of built for the story was was really interesting and compelling, and it's essentially a, you know, mad scientist, experiment of trying to create drugs to solve emotional problems. And in the rest of the of the show Jonah, Helen, Emma stone, they're kind of consciousness start to overlap in. They have shared experiences, so they. Sometimes entire episodes are devoted to the weird dream world there in that episode. And a lot of that was kind of fun and interesting and odd and surreal and more what I was hoping way back when inception was gonna be. But inception was just like hotel rooms in in in action sequences for dream states in not very surreal in a maniac gets extremely surreal. It's it's a kind of a slow burn show. I wouldn't say it's slow paced, but it's very deliberately pace does not worried about a a picking up the pace. So you kinda have to lean back in relax to get into a might not be your bag. Although I enjoy most of it. I thought the ending was a little of a little predictable a little kind of like, oh, they're gonna end it that way. All all right. But it does have a really cool thing that I wish existed in the real. World, which in their alternate version of our present, they have a little robots that drive around on the sidewalk. We're so excited of that great thing about the dog poop robots is that their little miniature department of sanitation, garbage trucks, even have the lower case Helvetica sanitation label on. I, I watched the first two episodes so far, and I haven't got into any of the like bonkers stuff that you're that. You see in the trailers takes bring stuff to for that stuff to really kick you wished they swapped the first two episodes. I wish we started with Emma stone and then went into a Jona hill Jona hills always just like just mumbles his way through the whole thing. It was so like it really took a lot of energy for me to say, yes. Oh, the second episode after watching the first one, like if it wasn't for the set direction being so spot on and sort of like a feast for the eyes, like I am mildly interested in the story line. I am very interested in just watching it. Yeah. Yeah, it looks amazing. And what do you have to plug their. Our podcast film pigs podcast, do Todd and our third film pick Stephen Falk who you won't. Are you talking about chains chains of love, recap IRS. Stephen Cole. Yeah, it's unfortunate, but he's he's required to be part of the puck. If you, that's generally. So we do a monthly podcast of movie Centric go to pigs dot com and find it there. And we do other weird stuff like -cational commentary tracks for a whole movies, amnesty, three k. style drunker I guess. And and when the websites are functional, actual sketches show stuff that is in video format, but I don't know what's happened to that right now up site. We did it for line, so all right, go to fill pigs dot com. You may find something you may not. In the show either way we can vote for the podcast me Dr have been on it. It was fun to be on and Superfund. For sure. All right. Sara, you're. The good place is a good show and you should watch it. If you're one of the four people slash newborns who is not watching the show, it will have returned. I think. Comes back tomorrow. There's this week. Absolutely get it back on the DVR. It's it's so good. I saw the first three episodes of the season, and there's always this like little anxiety that you're like, this is where they can't get out of it. Like this is where they paint themselves into a corner and just can't get out. And even if that does happen, I'll be, I'll be fine with it. They'll find some, they'll find some shortcut that they can do, and I'll be like, okay, well, we all knew this was going to happen one day, but it still hasn't happened yet and the fact that they can continue to like reset timelines. Find ways to reunite people then blow them apart and then reunite them again, and the way they use these like chess Arax basically, but aren't self serious about it in the way that people who might use the tesseract reference sometimes could be a company scooted. It's just amazing. Like I'm amazed every two occasionally I just have to posit and be like, I don't exactly know how they did that and the ways that they do it like of course, once you've seen it done, it makes perfect sense, but looking at it and knowing that in a million years, I would never be able to get myself out of these like temporal time and space corners than the raiders get themselves into. It's just really a good show. And Ted Danson is having the time of his God damn life. It's really amazing to see their many, many brilliant. Jokes in both foreground and background, and I am super excited that it's back the fact that it exists just like, makes me happy and is hopeful me. Tara been rewatching the first two seasons and Ted Danson has to have top-five evil laughs. Like when he is, I discovered at the tail end of season one and he has that just laugh to to Eleanor. It is infectious. It is, but it was also like at the time it was like legit a little bit, right? Ning dating like sitcom, he's he's great. He's really good. So yes, the good place, you know everything. Everything starry, everything you just said about temporal corner, painting and everything like that. Like all that is like everything else wrong with Westworld. Make you for confirming my decision to continue, not watching it. For my plug. I have a podcast with my friend, Mark. It is called market, Sarah, talk about songs. Shocker. That's what we do. Lately. We've been talking about such artists as Paul Davis and Angie Dickinson and coming up. We'll be talking about Carly Rae chips, and it sort of takes a turn so you can go to tunes or wherever you download podcasts and search for markets air talk about songs that we've got a lot going on. Plus I believe, Sarah, you have another. You just dropped another episode of Dan and Tracy's new podcast. Yes, yes, we did in which Kim Zoll Ceac like I would say lesser known, but it's like not known. I'm shocked that they've even found a track of it, but it's like this country. I also can't use the word tune because not in a bucket. Could Kim's carry a tune but their folksy reimagining of it is really beautiful and touching, and that is also in the market. Sarah, talk about songs family. It's right in the same podcast dream. You don't have to subscribe anything separately. So yes, that's money can't buy you podcast and new episodes of that will be forthcoming at some point. Once new baby fun times have subsided. Yeah. All right. Let's wrap up around the dial tutton. Hey, show ever since the second season of clause ended. I've been sort of floundering in my TV watching trying to find something that can replace it. 'cause I and there's a lot of stuff I like there's not couldn't find another potato chip show, which is, you know, not eating potato chips, but it's like one episode. Oh my God. I gotta have another one right away. And I'm always looking for stuff to watch with my kid who's twelve going on thirteen and and couple of weeks ago put on family ties because he'd never seen it. And that is become my new potato chip show. And I know it's it's very nostalgic for me for obvious reasons, but I just the first season within a few episodes, they're tackling so many crazy issues like, you know, molesting uncles and expose articles in newspapers that can take down your family members, and I realize it's it is sort of a a liberal fantasy to imagine a Republican character who in the end will do the right thing. But maybe that fantasy is part of it. Now it's a fantasy, so it's got nostalgia and fantasy for me and every episode at least three good loud laughs come outta me. And then by the end also crying. So it has everything I look for in in in TV. So you know if you've never seen the damn thing, you should wash scrape. Where is it now who founded on Amazon prime. Right. Okay. Everything you just explain about why family ties such a good show is why was world such. There. I'm gonna plug a show called your the worst which couple of weeks ago I wrapped my last seen in the in the final season, which was very sad on who do you play on the show for the benefit of her. I played Dr Vernon, Barbara. Is a terrible doctor is often simulating masturbation and strange situations, cash juice ask, is there trash juice in your final. Close there is trash juice. Yes, not. Yes, owning it in a very wonderful way. But I think the I think the season's gonna start think they're airing it starting in January, but I'm not really sure, but the first four seasons are on Hulu now. So check them out, watch it link. Hey, it's time for the canon as promise during our lead topic, we got magnum PI. Is it too soon to went up the pilot episode of magnum PI two thousand eighteen into cannon. Let's find out. No, not really. It's a classic episode and Todd and Stephen are going to team up on this mission. Take it away guys. All right. Yeah. Okay. Our entry for the cannon, it's from the original magnum PI show starring Tom Selleck mustache with frequent stars, Tom Selleck Klein shirts and Tom Selleck short shorts, and it is the season three premiere episode titled did you see the sunrise written by series creator, Donald p Belisario it aired September. Thirtieth nineteen eighty two as one uninterrupted story and was later split into two parts for syndication. Now, a major element of what makes the original magnum PI series. Unique is how entire concept acts as a bridge between the more grounded proto procedural shows of the seventy. Like the Rockford files and Quincy m e and the eighty shifts. High-concept action adventure like the eighteen nightrider and dear God, that car was so racist the dukes of hazzard. Dukes premiered in seventy nine, but it was way ahead of the curve regarding eighties high-concept nonsense. Madam PI the show embrace the goofiness, the drama and the action into one package. And did you see the sunrise is perfect encapsulation of all those elements making not only a complete distillation of the magnum PI concept itself, but also a perfect example of the styles. Storytelling techniques of early eighties, American popular television. Okay. So the basic pot, it's the episode, it's old, Vietnam war buddy shows up claiming. He's being stalked by von the ruthless Russian officer that tortured them when they were captives during the war. As noted by this clip complete with classic eighties, dramatic music stinks. I'm not here in New Orleans. He's after me. Took turns out this old war buddy is really a Russian agent working with Ivan to use magnums frontier, men Suri and candidate style to assassinate visiting dignitaries, a very, super cold, Maury plotline. You can practically see Reagan in your mind's eye clenching his fist in hissing that bastard. Everytime Ivan mixed appearance magnum crew. Save the day, of course. And just as it looks like Ivan is going to get away scot-free magnum confronts him and makes a fateful decision to take revenge to solid plot for light adventure or serious drama and true magnum PI fashion. This episode gives us both as Mr. skeleton said magnum of really straddle the tones of seventies procedures in eighties, action-oriented our longs the silliness, which was a staple of magnum is element more eighties than seventies and a no small way was why personally love the show. So much of this episode runs the gamut has goofiness wildly duck. Suppose against some of the most hardcore darkness seen on television in the early part of the decade. This episode has a ton of it and the episode launches with poor Higgins screaming at TC and Thomas because they have landed the island hopper chopper on the grounds of Robin masters state. So TC can take Thomas in a surf ski kayak out into the ocean. You get the requisite own. My God moment from Higgins, which is always always incredibly satisfying here. Here's a clip of that. Won't you the next time you let it on vaulted Mestre state without permission unhappy. FAA revoke your license permission. You've got permission from home. Him him. He can't gradu- commission. Kantha ranch. Strawberry jam is just for reference. What. Something wrong wrong room. You granted provisional here only I can do that and then bagman TC Giga like school children as they lift off with Higgins screaming at them. Some say Higgins was up tight twit, but we all need to put ourselves in his shoes. His essentially a father figure with the responsibilities of running a home constantly at odds with teenage level antics. Now, why PTSD and magnum seems to make grown men act like teenagers is not clear to me given that my grandfather flew a bomber in World War Two was shot down behind enemy lines in Rhode out the war in prison with a broken leg into bullet wounds and never ever acted like a teenager. In fact, he had a high level of disdain for teenagers. My grandfather sounded more like Higgins as exemplified in this clip. Robin, say, even Hickey baby. Good. You have incredible goal. No, you know Petar a little a little. You have no concept of the depth of my. Then we have a moment where Rick who is a criminal in bed with local organized crime bosses and wears a ludicrous pink shirt. He's playing bookie at the king command math club. He he gets busted by Higgins and is forced to give all proceeds to charity. The keep from getting fired, and it makes them Larry said, just like a kid getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar. And then we have an entire sequence where magnum is guilted into taking his old navy, Powell MAC on a date with them, it shows both the sweetness of magnum and is characteristic, bad decision making that comes along with that sweetness magnums day who apparently hates Hawaii and it's native traditions even more than Scott Caan does is miserable on the car ride over miserable at the club where the hang out and gilts magnum into joining into a hula dance kind of. And then she is groped by one of the Hawaiian dancers, which was weird. But hey, it was the eighties and everyone was on cocaine. Giffen grocer times still the entire sequence plays like a teenage sex comedy from the same error, but from the same era. But then just when you were lulled into a false sense of bubbly, silliness. What are you say? We drive up to Pali out and watch the sunrise. Beautiful. And magnum's friend is exploded in magnum's Ferrari. And which brings things back down to drama. So at its core magnum p. is rooted in trauma specifically the trauma of war or PTSD during the area era. When PTSD was being officially defined many episodes feature flashbacks to events in Vietnam in digits. The sunrise focuses specifically on the time when magnum Atissi were held captive in tortured by the evil, Soviet officer, Ivan played with chilling menace by both fencing as you can hear in this clip withdrew to large differences of beer. Yeah, I don't. You think that I am stupid. Your little theatrical. Improvisation my food, my comrades, but not me. It is a stupid schoolboy today. And I didn't even include the even for the eighties, alarming amount of racist language. Ivan uses to torture TC these frequent flashbacks and magnums penchant for spending a good deal of his nights watching old war movies like Stolac seventeen alone in his Capanna are what make the character human. You can hear his voice over clip is a kid stolid seventeen have been one of my favorite films, I guess because it had everything heroes, humor action, all the stuff of ten craves. I hadn't seen it since then almost didn't buy the tape for the film might have lost some of its appeal. It hadn't. Even though I live my own version of Stolac seventeen cents. Then the magnum is such a child as jerk to Higgins almost one hundred percent of the time that if the viewer didn't have this balance, these memories, we know he'd rather not have to relive that has happy, go lucky attitude, but come off as simply being an asshole, rather than a man trying to deal with internalized. Pain is also lead to issue that would become too dark to explore on a weekly basis on network TV. Hence the car crashes in helicopter stunts all the main characters are dealing with trauma related to the wartime experiences magnum authority, TC jokes about everything. Rick runs criminal enterprises on the side, even Higgins has his own way of dealing with his past. In this episode, he spent a majority of the time building a matchstick replica of the bridge on the River Kwai and casually drops. He was a POW there and actually help build the thing. This clip. Don't tell me the bridge on the River Kwai. Quite. I was there. Was you. Lovely. Like Phil, Bruce was bombed on blown up by some American sailor. That some American sailor William Holden. What are you talking about? He was act too. I see. Film. I'm glad I skate before it was destroyed. Have you done? Of course. Too much blood sweat into it to go. I remember one morning we set out to cut teeth. I'm sure he's Bush. Enjoy this. God of touch. So I took his place that morning. I was a mere lance-corporal, but nevertheless, then look up to me trudging to the jungle seventy high overhead. We heard the most incredible sound. There was bummed God, the tweet delirious shouting can only be described seen. While stylistically more melodramatic than modern television magnum PI takes these moments of trauma seriously. They're not there to make the characters seem more heroin. They're there to make the characters seem more human for a moment before shifting gears back to action. Now, when I was a boy, Adum boy before I grew up to be a dumb man. The main reason I watch these action shows was the action. It was awesome. This episode hits all the notes of the John Rowe and all the note specific to magnum you've got the action of war gunfights racing through the jungle in the Vietnam flashback sequences. You can get any kind of action sequence in a jungle setting than the fourteen year old in may get heloc cited. And this one has appealed w torture sequences. Well, which I have to imagine Chuck Norris saw and then decided to turn into an entire film franchise with missing in action. You've also got the required out of control car. That hits a roadside shrub and launches into a flip as if there was some kind of ramp hidden in the bushes somehow. This is a company by some very special stunt work where Celik stuck double rolls around on the ground awkwardly. So as to not reveal his not actually magnum face magnum PI had its own version of Kenny from the first seasons of south park, the Ferrari. In this one, it explodes. Well, it seems to turn into a much shittier car in the millisecond before it blows up granted, but look for our is your expensive and on an old small tube TV you wouldn't have noticed this witch out, whatever something blows up. Explosions are cool. The real action highlight of this episode is the bunkers helicopter piloting the island hopper chopper hovers over the ocean. So magnum contro- his kayak into the water before he jumps in after it. Then there's a sequence where is happily flying around the Jurassic Park island, and then he nearly flies right into a house for no discernible reason. Excellent. And the climactic moment where TC is hovering low in front of a house that he is. Going to blow up with missiles that don't look like the work, and then another chopper TC's buddies hovers right next to it. So magnum can talk them down. That seems to have been very, very dangerous and mazing to look at. In summation, did you see the sunrise contains all elements that make magnum PI the stylistically mishmash yet classically enjoyable show it is action adventure, juvenile comedy, less the through line of Ernest drama that keeps the characters human with human flaws. And this episode pushes those flaws further than before when magnum finally catches up with Ivan, not only the villain of the show story, but a personification of the trauma at the core of magnum's being any simply can't let him escape. Despite what Ivan says. He knows about magnum's character, which is the exact same thing. The audience has known to this point as well in this clip. I'm nora. I had you three months at the way. I know you'll better than your mother. Your sense of on emphatically. You could shoot me if I was on and coming after you. But like this Tomas. By thomas. I've been. Yes. See the sunrise. It's morning. Yes. After a moment of quiet, saw magnum turns shoots the frame freezes on magnum and the muzzle flash of his pistol. He's crossed the line and killed in cold blood, revenge. Possibly attempt to rid himself of some demons and unusually grim ending add to that the full gamut of early nineteen eighties, television styles, cheesy, one liners, odd to close blocking in rooms with plenty of space. Actors sometimes projecting like they're trying to reach the back of the house. Overlong vehicle travel montages, overly dramatic music stings in. Did you see? Sunrise is a perfect slice of not only magnum PI the series, but also a textbook representation of early eighties television in gen well presented, wow at wow, like Dave. Go last. So I'll start the net than Sarah than Dave. Yes, though. Yeah. All right. This is an excellent presentation of an excellent episode. You're right that there is a lot of. Eighties, curios. We recently did a Colombo for the cannon, and that was similar where there was like a lot of stuff that just, you know, blocking that was weird and went onto long like here when magnum is he's, he's practicing for this kayak race. And when he finally gets to shore, it takes them like a full minute to get out of the water and lie down on the sand. I complaining about is extremely short. Basically underpants shorts. They're real short though. They're also beige, which is confusing from a distance, but. And then said, what's the confusion ends. And the date is another one of those where it's like the whole reason that Mac OS on this date is because he's meetings, you know his connection there, whatever. But like all of the business with the date being the woman being sour about the whole experience. It's like it just goes on and on and on. But you're you hit on the, the lovely things about it. Higgins is adorable telling a story that made him falls asleep to just resuming it to tell the dogs. So endearing. The the all the business with the girl sailor who you don't really mention in your presentation, but Maggie who keeps getting me yet by the by her commanding officer and her giant Bailey folders, glad navy. I shed. That they've just they just put her in like, so that we can see some people have good attitudes toward equality, and some people don't like we get at these are bad guys like it's fine. But the most important, oh, also that the the in candidate trigger for TC is gum. Any granted is not very good at chewing gum. Does. And then later it's like he'd never choose gum. Like what a weird thing to know about someone a. Among us does not enjoy a pleasant to from time to time, like knock you with gum. But the main thing is that. The difference between this and the new magnum which we didn't talk about this either. But the big action set piece toward the end of the new magnum pilot has him jumping off. If I recall correctly jumping off a truck that's going off a cliff and leaping off it onto the Blake whatev- bird, like the underside of a helicopter like this is some late stage diehard ship, like what makes the real Magam. I'll just say it interesting and compelling that we believe he could get hurt, whereas this guy fucking jumping out of space literally just which is why you know, kind of owner ability is also why you can imagine. All right, that's right. Selleck was up for Indiana Jones. Yeah, yes, exactly. Yeah. And same thing with John MacLean where it's like in the early movies he he's, he seems like he could. He's not indestructible. And then that got thrown out the window as the franchise for whatever reason. I mean, I know the reason but continue to happen and get shitty. So this was this was a true pleasure to watch. This is an episode. The Dave has talked about a lot, but we had never actually watched together. So thank you for bringing it to us. That was great. Sarah. This. Yeah, this is perfect hour and a half. In addition to some of the ferry lengthy, you know, business shots. The were a hallmark of this era of when an hour of TV was actually forty seven minutes. There is the fact that. It does have in common with the new unreal magnum that people don't understand how gunfire works. Like at one point. Magnum just like there's a fake punch that some sort of like wax on wax off blocking situation that is bad. And then magnum just sort of stands up and walks up the hill to this guy without to this like phone tap guy who's dangling. Knowing this, we know the sniper is gone, but he doesn't know that is like, do you do not understand bullets work? Like just because you're ready to roll like tuck and roll over? There doesn't mean I've is done shooting at you, but cool like you got away with it, so that's fine. The guy playing TC Roger, mostly. I think his name is is not good at much. Very sort of like he's like likable looking, but this is some pretty dark shit for eighties TV and I don't. I can't really say that he's up to it. I was at your tained. But not impressed the -sarily. However, there are all these delightful eighty signifier 's including the bunt nip known as a Mercedes convertible. Gosh, always there for it. Now that has saved numerous numerous two episodes in for me. And speaking of that as the original Manchurian candidate fake news though, I guess I believe that's played by James Whitmore junior son of Brooks from Shawshank and directed many, many nine, oh two episodes and has done a so that is Jimmy Whitmore junior, actually, James Whitmore the third, the things you find out on the IMDB while watch. But like the the darkness I think was the most. Compelling thing for me like I don't. I didn't watch this show contemporaneous -ly, but I had relatives who went to Vietnam and it was the thing that was not discussed at like as a culture and the fact that magnum was like grappling with it in this way, and then that they actually went through with it and had him can kill the guy. Yeah, at the end is like it's not what you expect even today, like you wouldn't necessarily expect a network protagonists to just end the dude because that's network. No, like you can't have him just fill the guy waste him, Sarah waste him. Yes, but it it was an, especially like, you know, our relationship with Russia at the time, sometimes some ways, different some ways same. So yeah, that was really interesting. To me that they went there, not just with that, but with showing the showing the POW camp and all that stuff. All right producer, Dave. You're our lawn cutter guide just showed up and started cutting the lawn. So you a may start hearing lawnmower sounds on my track apologies and be we had to cut Sarah off that thought. So we are going to try your best to continue from that thought, but no guarantees. Start quote, unquote. I was almost done. This was unexpected that they would try to go to this like deer hunter place given where we, as a society were with are not grappling with Vietnam. It was pretty impressive. Also impressive, Tom cell, but in extremely tight pair jeans, very short shorts. Men, and that's all I got. This was not exactly what I expected. This is very enjoyable presentation, and now let's turn it over to our magnum Piol gised. All right. So I think one of the things about the cannon is the more familiar in the more beloved. The show is from the harder and gonna judge it. And I think this is going to be a one of those situations. I had previously submitted paper war to the cannon, and it was accepted if to jog your memory, that is the one of the sort of escalating practical jokes between mega Amon Higgins ends of the destruction of the bridge River Kwai bridge. That was right. Yeah. Started to be built here. Did you see the sunrise? I think dorey too much into this, but I think it might be might be more of a cannon esque ending than a cannon s complete episode on first blush. The first thing anybody who's familiar with magnum PI remembers about this episode is of course the ending including crater of Archer who just, you know, wholesale used in his series, and I think that's where a lot of people know it from that are may not even know for magnum until you know they read about of the next day and you know, eighty club or whatever. My biggest problem with this episode as that it's, it does suffer from age, you know, like by today's pacing, the sort of like five pounds of magnum ten pound bag like it really does suffer from the pacing of its of its era in the fact that had another five minutes to fill per hour to boot. That said, like, I think your presentation it was right on this is so Representative of a out of put this a really great example in a high bar for a time in television history where the bar wasn't set that high. Like as eighties actions, stuff goes, you know, you, you hit like the four big shows for me as a kid where magnum eighteen dukes of hazzard Knight rider. Those are the ones I'd never missed. And those are the ones that we talk about the next day. You know, at recess at school and MAG. Adam was sort of like the most grownup of those, right. That was right. That was the most adult of the shows that kids were watching at the time, and I would be eight when magnum started. So by a be ten or eleven, when this hit. I remember watching this episode wouldn't have I came out and being totally traumatized, and you didn't talk about this presentation. But during one of the flashback scenes, there are a bunch of magnum and his buddies. They're all suspended in tiny little cages that are just digging for their bodies from from trees swaying side to side in this magnum is TC and says, other guy called cookie and cookie. We don't hear from in the present cookies, dead, and cookie, a shot by Ivan in this flashback and to watch it. Now I kind of laugh at myself. So traumatized by it, not that the shooting somebody who's defenseless is in the cage. He's begging for his life. Like, that's all very scary when your kid, but he seeps out what I can only call life paint. Give. He'll read. School great paint that coming out of this wound. But the really traumatizing part of this scene is cookie is begging for his life before he shot an after. He shot everybody in the scene freaks out, and they're screaming at them to stick his finger in the wound, and then of sticking your finger in an active wound on your own body. Freaked me the fuck out when I was a kid like me like like there are some instant memories that you always keep when your child. And I have a few weird ones, but this is the one most just like that whole the whole cookie finger, sane. Like for some other reason that key thinkers jumping up nineteen eighty. Here's another one, this random nothing to do with magnum. But now this in my head, I gotta say it. Canada Cup. That's a hockey tournament nineteen eighty. It was Canada versus Czechoslovakia it. The score was two two. It was into third period. I forgot to hundred light off on the garage outside, and my dad was like one of those doors open too long. Turn lights off real energy. He's thrifty. I would not going to pretend environmentalists just like, you know, the let the flies end you're wasting money. So he told me to go out. It's the dead of winter and I go to the garage to turn off the switch. And as I'm turning off the switch, this big giant bug crawls. Across my hand like it seemed like a big dry bug. I'm sure it was just like a large lady bug or something, but in my mind's eye, a movie mimic, you know, or. So that's the same brand same time as this magnum thing that also traumatize me so much. So I remember Magna miles remember nineteen eight to Canada to Canada Cup bug on my voice, switch hand. So this really stuck with me. Those two scenes stuck with me the cookie scene. And of course the NCAA worthy hero actually followed through and shoot somebody. I feel like there's a looney tunes cartoon were two kids or washing TV. They're watching Coyote in the runner, and they're like, commentating, you know, he never catches them and everything like that or the, you know, the crusty the clown episode where the he's watching itchy gets scratchy, no scratchy itchy, and they're all like, wow, we'll never show that again. Like I felt like it was one of those moments where the rules were tossed. We saw something incredibly special and you were there for in real time even like when I was eleven or whatever. I kind of like knew instinctively that this was is going to sound too grandiose, but I was a little piece of TV history that just happened deal like the hero actually did the thing. Yeah, actually shot him. Yeah. The rest of the episode around those two moments. There is things I forgot about that. I really enjoyed. I always enjoy a sniper scene. I love for scenes in movies and TV shows the one in lethal weapon at the end of lethal weapon. I really love. I just wish this one did a better job of the geography of it. Like if they could have done a helicopter shot to show everybody is or something. Yeah, it did feel a little bit like we've only half a day for the sniper thing. Yeah, exactly. But I always love that. And this little moments here near the Higgins moments are great tars right? TC's Roger, e not not a great, a great actor, but but I do agree. Oh, sorry, sir. But as far as like the crux of the show where Neo they do balance life experience with white comedy, and you know, the characters can flow in between them while delivering, you know, a solid hour, two hours of television is is in effect. I think like if this was done today, they probably could have done it in one episode, early one of the Walking Dead. It's a fifty minute episode, right? They super size it. Yeah. Yeah, they give a couple of extra minutes and there you go, but so goes all of TV from that era. You know, they all showed the guy walking across a room to sit at the table instead of getting into the bar and then being at the bar, you know, that's just the way shit was done then, and I can't really fault for that. That I just saying, like if you're gonna watch it new expecting like something that feels extremely modern, you're going to be let down. He does not that pace, but there's lots of love here magnum is magnum you know, like he's still you still by him as Thomas magnum that you've seen in other episodes earned. So dark, they did a really good job not making this beat seem out of left field. Like we knew that he had experiences in the military. We knew that he carried with them and here is not the payoff, but here's one of the what of the things that happens as a, you know, as a result of that, and it's kind of amazing that it happened in nineteen eighty two eighty three. I think the. Yeah, so yeah. So I would say is a product of time, but a great product of time if that's allowable and I think, oh yeah. Tar made this survey shin when we're watching it, she didn't mention it. So I will mention it. I've even is the janitor from scrubs like is his clone. He was grown in the same. Oh yeah. Yeah. Both fence and looks like the guy from the janitor from scrubs. It looks like he'll Flynn. I see that I see. Blonde friars? Yeah. Those fence in who who never met a movie called inglorious bastards. He didn't like. So I say, yeah, this is definitely cannon worthy. And you know, I think it is even more so when you sort of put it in a little TV historical positioning perspective. So I gotta say yes, tar area. And I say yes as well. Saturday Bundy I forgot to mention that they sort of low you with that date that goes onto long, and then they boom, the car, and they killed that guy to which you're not expecting, and then they show those really grody feet. Yeah, yeah. Around prickly Bron, but does Matt comeback as sort of magnum p. is heavenly escort in that episode that was supposed to be the season. Finale my memory and yeah, and I feel like MAC also has a twin brother who's who later seasons of magnum no, the twin brother. Oh, well, let's forget. We heard that. What say you. Forget that and say, yes, race that means. Magnum PI season three episodes of one and two. Did you see the sunrise? You are hereby inducted into the extra Craig Kenan. American level winner. And will not tolerate aluminum. No, it is time for our reader and loser of the week. Sarah hazard winter. I do. The winner is marshmallows for on a Comores will be revived at Hulu or on Hulu starting next summer, twenty nineteen and who got the streaming rights to the complete series, which for people who might be returning to their podcasts about the show. This is relief because we have to fly to England and as a torrent and loser. Well, Colin Jost and Michael shea went into the EMMY hosting job, basically treating the entire enterprise with total contempt. Acting like people who enjoy award shows are dumb and a little gay. And the result is there were the least watched Emmys telecast ever. Is this in part because of cord cutting and the lower ratings for live events in general? Yes. Do I still blame the two of them personally because they fuck and suck? Yes. Speaker, both things fucking. Do you know what. All right, everybody. This is the third game time of the current season. Our season scores are Tara one. Sarah one value guests still looking to get on the board today. We are playing back door pilots from game time, superstar and casino. Dan casino, of course, earn extra credit or Dave for sitting redeemable whenever he so damn chooses. He writes, there's a long tradition in TV of using backdoor pilots in which the main characters of show gets shunted off to the side in favor of some new characters. In the hopes that viewers want to find out more. In this game, you'll be given the title of an episode of the originating series, which is sometimes been always the title of the attempt spin off and description of the episode. All right. You have to dentist the originating show Nita hint, I will give you the network in the year that aired finally, here's a little twist. Whether you get the answer right or wrong, you have to decide that the spinoff was actually picked up with a simple. Here's an example. If I told you that the farm was about Jeb play by silicon valley's Thomas middle ditch and the rest of his family learning to work together when they're anti is and leaves them beat bomb on the condition that they all work together. You'd get points if you news an episode of the fifth office. Yes. And if you needed hint, I would tell you NBC in two thousand thirteen. The right answer would be were two points, and if you knew that it did not lead to series, you would earn one more. Two points for the show. Okay. One point for the show after the hint one extra point. If you know yesterday, so potential three points today are value guests will play as a team because they are friends and they are film picks. So our teams are too dumb. Even as value guests, and then Sarah and Tara. So let's throw picky to see which of those is going. I. We will start with valued guest. All right value gets thrown into the fire. It's going to be value guests, Sarah, but let's find out about our steal meal status. Okay, got this is coming up. Let me flip to the front of my book. Okay. Sarah still has Hella steel meals. She has six zero valued guests of one. Can you explain to the value guests how that works? Yes. If one of us, if Sarah or I gets it wrong, you can jump in and say, steal meal, and you can steal the points. But I don't know when it would be visable to do that because of the cascading lower points situation. Really up to you. Yes, but feel free to use them. All right. That's how it was done. Are we ready to play backdoor pilots? Yes, sir. Okay. The episode deadweight apparently Stephen, just kidding. I just can't. Your title assignment earth. The cast comes into conflict with an alien code named Gary seven who has been dispatched along with his assistant who can turn into a cat to prevent nuclear catastrophe on earth until the planet is socially and politically ready for the destructive power. It now has. So I need to know what the hell is. He originated series for two points need a hint. I'm going to give you the network in the year. That's a Star Trek. The original series. And did this spin off happened. It did not. I was done folks. Three points. Yeah, textbook. All if all of my questions are about Star Trek spin off, new Hyman, good. Will remain quiet promise that there's any more Star Trek ones. But I also can't promise that there's no more spinoffs worthy assistant concern into a cat either. Thirty butting. Yes. The episode is called better days. Disney channel MAPA Corey gets away with her sister when she wins a cameo role in her favourite show better days. She finds out that stardom isn't always a good thing and that the star of the show a child actor named Allie Walker is living a double life as a normal kid in middle school. Hint, this is Disney channel doesn't five doesn't go. Series tried to make this back door pilot work, Hannah, Montana. Oh, that is a good guess. That's what I would have been. It is. In fact, that's so raven on Sept for this spin off backdoor pilot episode was eventually retooled into Anna, Montana is do I get to guess whether it got picked up. Yes. Yes. Sorry, my apologies. Tara bloodlines is the name of the episode. What is the title story lines? Kate on a side trip to Chicago. The main cast discovers that the city's underbelly is divided between powerful clans of monsters, including where wolves, end shape Shifter's. Mean a guest. This is old beauty and the beast. Isn't that's from the CW in two thousand fourteen that show was supernatural. Oh, okay. Then I'm going to also say, oh, no, wait. Maybe this is the spin off. I'm going to say it did not become show. Good for one point it did did not. All right. Maybe that's what turned into new beauty and the beast. Okay, proceed here we go back to value. Guests digger. Doyle, Aaron, gray of buck Rogers and silver spoons plays security, expert, joy, digger. Doyle who helps the league carriage prevent Feth of somebody's new book which is on magnetic tape. For some reason. Aaron, green spinoff. Back door pilot, Aaron, gray, she of buck Rogers, silver spoons, plays security, expert, joy, digger toil. Helps character. I can't think of thought I, I really don't know. I just want you guys her second. Read the rest of the clue digger Doel helps the lead character prevent the Feth of somebody's new book, which is on magnetic tape for some reason. All right. I have a guest Skelton. So for it murder, she wrote. All right. I'm going to tell you the. The ear and the network, and you're probably gonna get mad at yourself pretty quick. This episode nineteen Eighty-one the network CBS. Magnum was back. Yeah. Doyle to character. Enjoy her own spin off show yes or no. I don't. I don't think so. I don't think I'm going to say no, he's still got one point. Yes, that was magnum PI back door pilot from season one. That's a. Risi that's ballsy crazy. Thirty bunting Brian and Sylvia to the main cast members travel from the boarding school to buffalo where they meet Sylvia, an African American woman who's recently become married to Brian played by Richard dean Anderson which causes tension with Sylvia's family. As you know, Richard Amazon played gave. From the boarding school, you say the boarding school? I do say. Interesting. Might that be a fact of life of the show is good for two points? Did this show become a series. This backdoor pilot get picked up. I think it I'm gonna say yes. It did not. But here's a little fun fact. In later seasons of facts of life is mentioned that the couple got divorced. Rude, tar area. Sairy episode title buddies after dumping dinner in the trash compactor and dropping his wife's wedding ring in the garbage disposal. Our hero goes on his TV show to carp about how terrible women are with two audience members played by Dave Chapelle, Jim brewer. On his show. I'm gonna guess that's home improvement points. Two points. I'm going to say that did not become a spin off. Did it become a spin off? I believe it was called buddies, and Jim Breuer got recasts before it went to. Yeah, to say that was the Genesis of Chapelle show. Oh, well, bred for five ups in ninety six. All right. Back to guess the episode is called the dawn as DO n Ben takes a case defending a mafia Don play by Jose for fair for for air seems to be a letter missing from that, but let's go with it being prosecuted for allegedly killing a rival. The prosecutor played by William Conrad is shown to be tough, but fair and eventually comes to realize that the real killer had a personal motive. What is the originator show. Tried this backdoor pilot on board can use what you take this one time. Thanks. Can you just read the very first sentence? I sure can't Ben takes a case defending a mafia Don played by Jose f who's being prosecuted for allegedly killing a rival. Now, remember you can just take a crack at the show sight unseen for two points, or you can ask for the hint. What do you think? Do you want me to? We got a hint we got a hint it. Okay, good hint. Okay. We're talking NBC nineteen eighty six. Skeleton, I have a guest. Do you or do you know I only have a guest as well. A lawyer named Ben. We got a mafia. We got William Conrad. Don't wanna guess or do you want me to scout and my my guess this is our answer yet. Okay. We're, I understand. My guess I, my guess would just be a stab in the dark. And I'd say LA wall that was my guest who so let's go with LA law. Does teamwork make the rework. A wrong together as one is Matlock. That was about. Now did that show become a reality. Not a reality show. Skelton, what do you think? I would say. My gut says, no, I know too. My gut is terrible prosecutor, William Conrad that became Yep, Jake and the fat. Saturday bunting Kavingere is coming in a bizarre departure for this classic show a bumbling seemingly alcoholic angel accompanied by a laugh track tries to help depress women by giving her riches and a entry into high society. However, she hates it and ask to be turned back to her old life which he now fully appreciates. Kevin. Hint CBS nineteen sixty two. A fucking kidding me. Well, it's a departure. That's a clue. Not really. Remember this. So something I've seen. Very little, but. Who knows trunk, alcoholic angel, seemingly alcoholic angel. Yeah. Dragnet. I don't know. That back door pilot was on the twilight zone. That was a twilight zone. Okay. All right. Did it become a series. Yes. You seem like the kind of bullshit people would try. I mean, my mother, the car, like you never know what they'd put on back then charmed lives. The advertising executive half of the main cast leaves Connecticut and travels to San Francisco to shoot a commercial tension erupts on the set when the woman who's supposed to be the Petar played by bosom buddies. Donna Dixon is mistaken for the actress play by France rusher who's supposed to be starring in the commercial man. I thought I had it and then I left it because that doesn't sound like any thirty something I've ever seen. Who the hell's in advertising in my good in Connecticut hint ABC yeah, nineteen eighty six. It is. What is it? Who's the boss. The boss attempt to the spin off charmed lives did try lives become the series. No, yes. Four episodes of charmed lives exist somewhere out there. All right. Value. The episode title code of vengeance. Oh, climb fighting star teams up with the government agent and the widow of a murder lawyer to track down a criminal mastermind who has stolen a prototype rocket launcher what resulted was an episode that's considered the worst of the series, which is a bit of a high bar and a remarkable dip in the show's normally solid ratings. Code of vengeance code of vengeance. I really feel like we should know this. Yeah, I feel like I give you a hint you probably should give in today's general. Content. Skelton do you want to get the hint or do you have an idea? No, I have. No. Let's get the hint what the hell cooking. Okay. Hint network and b. c. year nineteen eighty four. Four now. Crimefighting. Brockett. Yeah, in my in my too early to say, remember when Brockett launcher such a big deal. Remember when they kinda entered the public consciousness era where everybody was like rocket launchers. Wow, skeleton, you're meaning your guesses Spenser for hire will spin on spin off show. Yeah, that's. That's the only thing I can think of right now. The series that area ridge on pilot that? Yeah, that's the only thing I got my couple years really from. I don't know, I guess Spencer per hire. All right. Spencer for higher. Spenser for hire. Is I'm going to see if Serono's it. Punter onto smile. It's not hunter. It is impact a little show called nightrider Knight rider night run. Oh, that's when the, I'm sorry. I was like stuck on. I was stuck on when the show like I thought the year was when the show premiered those. The episode? Yeah. Okay. So code of vengeance is the show was picked up. Was picked up skeleton. I'm gonna guess. Yes. All right. Let's go with yes as good for a point. Casino rights, yes is very convoluted but four hour, long episodes eventually aired code of vengeance. All right. Sarah bunting. The episode is Fallon. Adrian pass. Dr is a ruthless department of homeland security agent on the hunt for dirty bomb in New York who comes into conflict with the generally easy going cops and a title, not a cop of the main cast after they discover a taxi cab that showing signs of radioactivity, wow, speaking of convoluted and our right, this is ABC twenty ten recent. Castled your answer. All right. Did Fallon become a series? No. All right, miss press q.. There's a good bringing. I break Phil finder the binder. Fighter after. Devoured corpse is identified and linked to a Spanish treasure map. Why is this not still on. FBI agent reluctantly allows his superstitious army buddy and his team to use the buddies. Psychic tracking power to find retrieve the treasure this other than facts of life. The only one I've known this is bones was the originator, and if it'd become a series very briefly, yes, ran for thirteen episodes. Thirteen episodes, Michael Clarke. Duncan's last. Oh, all right. That is our first gore break. Here we go. This is an extremely close game. I have six points are valued. Guests have five points. Sarah has four points. All right, we're back into it. I feel like this little chunk has a lot of gimmes, but that just might be because I see all the answers. Guests. The episode fish, dick -tective fish is put on restricted duty. So the episode follows him home where we meet his wife, Bernice, they're ditsy daughter, Beverly, and back the station. He's temporarily replaced in the first appearance of detective, Dietrich. So tom. This one. Yeah, Barney Miller. And yes. That is three points. Yes. Fish plan for two seasons starting at seventy seven. Well, done. Do the best we're. Due Sarah debunking getting together, getting together in an episode guest starring Farah Fawcett and Pat Boone. The title family of the series introduces a hip musician played by teen idol. Bobby Sherman. To a square tone deaf poet, and find that they make beautiful music together. Partridge family. All right. Did getting together, get picked up. I have had zero luck with this and I think it probably did not. So I'm going to say it did. In your own head, you're in your own head. Upside down. Fourteen episodes, wow, better. The most in this game, Tara episode title force seven, four, seven. And if it makes a difference, seven is spelt out. All right. When the leads make your routine drunk driving stop, they become involved with a special LAPD unit comprise entirely of racially diverse martial arts experts and work with them to find a missile expert who's gone rogue. This has got it's gotta be it's gotta be chips, right? Who's got to be. Now four seven become a series after its NBC nineteen eighty two debut onto sir. Sure. Four. All right. Back to value who I think are getting some good picky. Love, hear your episode is Gloria. After her husband leaves her for one of the students and moves to a commune Gloria takes her son and moved to New York to be closer to her father there. She gets a job working for a vet played by Burgess Meredith who of course was the penguin from Batman sixty six veterenarian not that. This is this is this is like, it sounds so familiar, but. That's as close as I'm getting glor-. Yeah, let's get a hint. All right. CBS network. The episode Gloria aired nineteen eighty two. Laura. The name is. I got nothing on. I don't either. Let's take guess what was on air ninety? Nine hundred eighty two. Let's say the eighteen sure. Steel steel mill, is it on the family. Then off of a spin off, oh, we're talking Archie bunkers places, original series. Question AME. But here's the question. Was Gloria ever an actual TV series too gets to answer that valley guests? Yep. Okay. What's going? I say, let's caution to the wind topless. Yes. Yes. I'm gonna give Sarah that one point two because I feel like this a weird situation for a student. Speaking of era. Here we are question number seventeen. It never entered my mind episode title lawyer McCabe better known by an insulting nickname is drawn into a mystery. When his curry, Allah gist is accused of killing a hospital administrator. Their investigation is aided by three telegenic interns. Insulting nickname seems Germain your hint CBS nineteen ninety one. Oh, that's not what you know. Yeah, that's not helpful. Three another, a feeling generous. And you know, we got to brains on the value side, so I'm going to give him Aaron there. The originating series has already been mentioned in this game time. Whoa. CBS ninety one. I, I don't know. Ending series is Jake and the Fatman. Okay. Okay. That this series. Like a Russian nesting doll spin? Did it become a no. Did and guess what? It's called guys, diagnosis, murder. To Tara. Yep. Just a couple of guys. All right. Coupla spelled like that. In this David chase, written back door pilot or hero flies from LA to Newark, because reasons, and guess caught up in a mob war when two young toughs beat them up. That happens a lot and still is luggage an effort to impress a mob boss. It all traces back to another mob boss, Tony Martine, whose son Tony junior is acting up to get his father's attention. So what's the originally? Yeah. I feel like in the lore of David chase is resume, I should know what he worked on. But I do not. So hint NBC yeah. Seventy nine. Oh, okay. I wouldn't have done that. I still don't know. All right. That was the Rockford files. Rockford files. Okay. Just a couple of guys picked up now. It was not picked up sopranos for a long time afterwards either and to be pretty rebate from this a little bit. All right. This is question. Episode title Kelly's kids Kelly's kids previously unseen friends of the title family Kenan Kathy go to the orphanage to adopt a white kid and wind up adopting his two best friends as well. But one of the kids is African American and the other Asian American, and this doesn't sit well with their racist neighbor played by perennial back guy, actress. Molly Dodd. I have an idea Skelton you're way ahead of me. So run with it. The Brady bunch. Kids get a series pickup. I'm going to say yes. Are not. I watched that, well, guess pol-. Good. Sure. Sure, sir. Bunting your episode Mason Dixon's girls Mason Dixon's. Possessive girls when the stars of the show mistakenly pickup crate of marijuana, private, detective, Mason, Dixon. Let's let's stop BAAs ever. And his two beautiful assistance, help them prove their innocence and take down a drug smuggling operation. What's the series dukes of hazzard. Did Mason Dixon girls become a series? Yes, it did. Should have. All right, Tara, mercy reef mercy reef the main pass meets AC, curry, a superpower, teen whose trying to sabotage an experiment threatening sealife that somehow taking place in Kansas, I guess. Okay. Smallville. Correct. Did mercy reef become a series? No, you are correct. I guess what was back is it's roomba we take roomba turning off pause. Do do do very professional. By robot. Certain. Good, Dave. All right. This episode punctuated by many, many interruptions. All right. Guess episode titled mermaid the main cast tries to help Milly played by Jaime Pressley Presley who's a immer made who's been turned human, a sea, witch in order to search for love on land. But things get tricky when one of the sisters is turned into a mermaid and they have to convince her to come home. Pilot from witch series. Remains clues in their scouting. Do you have a guess or I don't if you've got one or we have a guest, but let's hear the hint I all right. Your hint WB two thousand two. I think your guests is probably right. No, that year changed my guests. So you go out to him it, what's. What's the, what's the fairytale show that your wife like once upon a time. But I feel like two thousand early is too early. This is more like a Buffy. But I don't know. We're gonna need an answer guys. All right skeleton, you say Buffy Buffy selling the earned two thousand two. I don't know. Say buffy. Incorrect. We're on the series. Some good hints here we have some magic. We have sisters, witches, dammit, that is charmed. Oh, all right. Mermaid wasn't Buffy series pickup. I'm Tom to say no. The answer is no. Correct. All right. Sara punting mission to the unknown mission to the unknown. What amounts to a pretty radical departure for the series. The main character doesn't even appear in this episode about a coalition of earth, military forces and alien races combining to fight back against an exterminating alien race. That done yet. Does narrow down. How about the end of your clue? Apparently unaware that these aliens can generally be defeated by stairs. Stairs a staircase. Beg being stairs. Between floors your staircases, just give them like a real stink. Like fuck go. I still don't know what it is. So hint, please. All right. You'll get it up to hint. I think BBC nineteen sixty five. Dr Who Dr. All right. That's good. For one point mission to the unknown seems like we got some cooperation between earth and aliens and some other aliens or bad guys picked up. Yesterday, I'll say yes. God, if my all right, bring us into a second score break. It's Tara your episode titled most wanted. Bobby, Morse Bobbi with an I aka Mockingbird as been burned by the spy agency. She used to work at and is now on the run with her ex husband, starting with an escape from Siberia gulag in a. b. c. two thousand sixteen so recent. Oh. Agents of shield point. Nice most wanted now. It was not. All right. What's the score. Real close. I have fourteen valued guests. Have twelve. Sarah has eleven. All right. We've got to equal Charles zone, but this is a pretty lying prompted you to it and you one hundred percent ignored me. Who said that, I don't know value guests episode title is fantastic. It is called sons of thunder, sons of thunder when Reverend thunder Malloy. That in when Reverend thunder Malloy a friend of the series title cop, dies of a heart attack. His son's return to Texas and set up a DOJ. Oh, and a PI business. The help, those who can't work within the law while sons data there. Wow. Yes. Skelton. You got anything. I would just say with full confidence, it's got to be Walker, Texas ranger, okay. Let's go with that. Now that was a spin off backdoor pilot from Walker, Texas ranger. But the question is, was it picked up to series sons of thunder. It seems. I'm going to say Tom ac- yes, I will go with that. York for six episodes. I would like everyone to know that the calling of my farts thunder Malloy has also been picked up. Center. All right. Sara. Promised land. A family is down to its last dollar traveling by trailer to a new town, hoping for a job and home. The main characters try to restore the faith of the father played by major dad himself and inspire him to quote, redefined what it means to be a good neighbor and recaptured the American dream. Promised land. Honestly. I will need a hint CBS nineteen ninety six touched by an angel point. Now, promised land, starring major dad or at least in the cast series pickup yesterday, that seems to me like it should have been picked up. So I will say no. Promised ran for three seasons. Remember that at all ninety six to nine nine promised land tar Arianne or return engagements. Gary played by Ted Shackelford and Joan van ARC's valley value return to the family homestead in Texas to announce they are getting remarried and moving to California. Oh shit. This is a back door pilot from what? Yeah, dynasty. Knots landing. This. Was the show. Now did this get picked up to series s because I think it turned into nuts, land rent for fourteen. I'm gonna guess most successful question of the most successful show in this game, right? Guess task force x. Shady government official, Amanda. Waller recruits a number of super powered criminals. Previously put away by the show's main hero to run dangerous missions with the promise of early release. If they're successful. It's a can't think of which one of the comic book shows it was the spin off from one of it's one of the DC of shows, Tom, I'm not going to be much help with the comic book. I'm gonna gas, I'm gonna guess era. Task force x is the name of the episode. Was this back door pilot picked up to series. I'm going to say no. You are correct. And why wasn't it? Because that became the movie suicide squads, so they can show of the same. Saturday, bunting sister Michael wants you. A cameraman is killed at a combat and the tape he was shooting goes missing leading Dr Mark to go undercover as a priest where he teams up the crime solving. None played by one delta Burke. That was a backdoor pilot from what show. That's a lot really is a lot. I will need a hand. All right, CBS nineteen Ninety-four. This show also already mentioned in this game. Diagnosis, murder. Take it seemed like this concept made it to series. Starring delta Burke is none crime solving. None building on. Yes, it did. Time of your life, Tara time of life, Daffy hires Victor as a nanny for Diana and gets help job-hunting from Curson. Meanwhile, Sarah thinks she's found her father in New York and plans to meet him, meaning that she will have to leave Bailey a lot of character names. Yep, that's party. Okay. Picked on? Yes. It was briefly time of your life was picked up while the twelve episodes across the millennium. All right. Tony's boys as Tony with an eye after an attempt is made on the lives of the main cast. Their boss hires a rival detective agency run pies, old friend and Tonio. Blake, sorry by his old friend and Tonia plate to keep an eye on his employees's. She sends a trio. She calls her boys former Olympian Bob master of disguise, Matt and champion rodeo rider, cotton. The main cats tries to ditch the men as soon as possible. Rodeo rider, rodeo rider, cotton. I have a guest skeleton, but I can't get off the bachelor wanna get a hint or should I just take the get just take the guests. All right. Charlie's angels. Okay. Also the episode called Tony's boys started on Charlie's angels. Tony boy get picked up for series. IB taking a shot in the dark skeleton. Do you want to take it? Well, I mean much on the dark would be that seems like cocaine? Yes. Okay, cocaine? Yes. Cocaine? Yes. Over. Sarah d, bunting your episode title top of the heap AL's childhood pal, Charlie entirely, son Vinnie attend high-society front fundraiser intending to run into some rich women. They plan to marry the punk drunk boxer Vinny off to someone with money, but and this is radically the funny part Charlie gets hit on by an overweight woman. Top FOX ninety. One. Said Al if that helps. Oh, I heard Alice. Thank you, Tara married with children. All right. Top of the heap series. I mean, they would put almost anything on back. Sitcom starring the Lawrence twins, but I'm still going to say no. So. The ultimate impostor. Dr. Wells has a new project that involves direct transfer of information to the brain of Joe patent from a computer in theory, this will make them able to take on any skill, imitate anyone. However, Joe's girlfriend, Jenny expresses concern for Joe's safety fucking Jenny. ABC nineteen seventy seven. This is not going to be right, but six million dollar man. Oh, all right. Ultimate impostor. Is the episode title was this backdoor pilot picked up? Sure. Not only was it not picked up. This was the. This is the second of two attempts at this on six hundred dollar to making neither got picked up. All right. Bore the executive producer was shot by full moon scar bring here. We go term. Okay. Still real close. Sarah has fourteen I have nineteen are valued guests at twenty. All right. Everybody has one question left. Oh, my. Todd. Can they expand that lead with the following back door pilot? Question episode title twilight learning that has mother is dying. Our heroes head to Corinth where they reminisce with the dying woman about their early days training to be warriors leading to interminable flashbacks that are supposed to peak our interest in a spin off in the present. The mother begs her son to reconcile with his immortal father before dying, immortal, father. I gotta get. We gotta get hit on this one before we get it wrong. All right. Your hint the network is it's a syndicated show no network the year nineteen ninety eight. Ninety eight Skelton one of its. Like Xena Hercules. Could be Zena or Hercules, or maybe not Highlander. Pick one. You pick one go. Pressure. How long you want to hear the highlights of the of the description again, yeah, one more time. He got a Carinthia letter leather got a dying woman. We got some flashbacks. We have an immortal father, I'm Todd, I'm gonna say, Hercules, I concur. You know, I'm not going to press it, but can I get the full title to giggles? Erkki lease the legendary journey legiter isn't it? All right. Now, the question. This episode was called twilight that the concept here get spun off into its own picked up show. What's that? What do you think? I don't think so. What do you think? I think it got spun off into Xena warrior Princess. Oh, okay. I mean, sure. Why not? Yeah. Yes. Well, you got about up the whole wrong way, but I can't argue with that answer. That was young Hercules. Episodes, starring Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling. Correct. The guys, the guys, the futures thunder Malloy. All right, that gives you twenty two points putting the pressure onto smokes. Last question for Sarah valley girls back door pilot presented as flashback in which lily recounts getting kicked out of her posh Santa Barbara boarding school running away to LA and getting caught up in the party scene. I don't know how I met your mother. Was gossip girl. Now, valley girls get picked up to series. No. Time, like the present. All right, Tara broken. You need all three points, correct to tie to tie. All right in Winward circle Winward circle generally despise boyfriend. Character travels to Venice beach, where he reunites with his father and has to deal with the dads live in girlfriend and hyper articulate, book, loving daughter. Picky. Sweep it. This is Gilmore girls. And it was not picked up. Thank God. You are correct. And you've just forced tied. Let's hear the scores. Okay. Sarah, finish strong with fifteen. I and the valued guests are tied with twenty two point. All right guys leading means we have our tiebreaker. This is how it works. I'm going to read you a short description of three unsuccessful backdoor pilots all from the same sitcom. Okay. All the backdoor pilots aired in the same year year, nineteen ninety first person to name the sitcom wins the game. I'm just throwing it all fucking out there as much as you want when you want you want the I, I hear the correct show they win. Got it. Showed number one gentleman can't few Manchester. Show. Number one, bear exchange. Sarah visits, her relatives in Albuquerque, where her identical cousin also play by Nicole. Eggert is hosting a exchange student, Charles in charge, Charles charge. Backtra pilots also almost family and lost resort, but we don't even need here. But those because Tara clinched the guy. After I would've guessed Baywatch. So. To win this game. Close one. Well, don't everybody that is for another episode of extra hawk great. A hollow new law for listening to our thoughts on the magnum PI reboot and following us around the dial as we talked about new Amsterdam maniac the good place and family ties Stephen and Todd asks, did we see? Did you see the sun rise getting into the canon? And the answer was, yes, we crowned winners and losers the week, and Tara was the winner of this week's very close back door pilot gametime. Member. Sitting. I am David t Cole and behalf of tar area. You have no concept of the depth of my. Ciro Di funding. I've lived my own version of Stella seventeen since then. Fisher's attack dogs. No problem. I have tennis bowl and students. I'm been wearing a khaki safari on Somboon this whole time banks. Next time here extra. No, you'll Thomas. I had you three months at the way. I know you better than your mother. Your sense of on an fed play. You could shoot me if I was on and coming after you. But like this Thomas. On. Sunrise warning. Let's thing. Happened to me. The PD free vacuum.

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