The Boxing on a Corner with a FURY-ous Clout Chaser in Black History Month Episode


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We got discriminated against. What fucking because we're GonNa talk about the obviously the thing. We're going to talk about his wild if you're in everybody knows that it's like does biggest fight to happen. You guys don't wins going. We're going to talk about but I just want to talk about this real quick. 'cause WE'RE ALSO. GonNa talk about black history and my little situation that came up this week but this was a little crazy because after the fight was man this everybody was busy. Kale at me. Kevin from Yahoo went on Mondo from Yahoo. You met the piece of spot. We ate chopped it up. We had some fucking a proper twelve. Help lamented oh shout out to the sponsors Dan. We got a lot of products. I was thinking about like boxers. Know she couldn't finish her. She was mix drink shit so bounce by the time you our even drinking it because we shot it in the. We didn't again. But I poured their last Mackenzie ingredients in. Greg walked up when I was bouncing glasses when I was leaving. Oh he drank that when it was just four of US drink it. Yeah we had a nice amount bottle yes so so after you left and then whenever you did. I'm sure you know. Did you think families we? I was walking out and I'm like I'm going to leave and then you know a minute from La Times. Everybody's outside the ball. And I walk up and I'm like no fucking doing three in the morning. Go home and so obviously the Jesus Christ all right so we go to the bar now all talking research program managers with us. We're just talk into some other fights talking about the week general You know it's the wind down man like you know. Some of the guys will see next week. I'll see copied in Texas for Mikey Garcia fight. Which we'll talk about towards the end of the show and Greg from the athletic was this. You know. I'm like all right cool. Let's drink so staying at this bar. And Kinda SORTA busy but not really in this Little Guy. That was bartending. And you know you know how this goes where you're at the bar you leaning on the bar you like trying to get the bartender's attention. But you're in the middle of compensation so and Kenneth Two brothers which trying to get this guy's attention now. Greg standing behind Greg is white. Mike sitting programs manager away from us in. Nuke is as you can imagine. He's not awake already. He's lit in the crazy thing is he ends of effigies after party after all this. I don't know how this shit but we're all standing there in. It's like twenty minutes. Go By bartending. Never shows up now. We're just talking and then finally Kennedy. Oh to fuck thirty minutes go by. Barclays is walking buyers right so finally. I'm like you know. Give them the year and he looks any like do. Some white do walks up. He gives them three bud lights in front of me and it. Kennedy's like yeah. What man he just got. We Miss Standing and try to get your attention the whole time you know this says bars closed deal and I do you know the week I've just had like immediately now my cartridges. Just walked up. Greg just walked up and they've never really seen in my element in for a second. I that guy I was with the fuck. You mean you close like dog right here and you just serve this. Do Three Bud lights walked up and we'd be standing here thirty minutes and Kennedy's brothers L. A. I never really hear him curse. Kennedy's is he goes off and he's like our age you know he's in his thirties. What the fuck he was like. Oh man you just not going to take our money. That's that's when I really got. I'm trying to give you my money. And he's like he just looked he looked down goes bars closed and walked off. Close the bar on us. Oh you better me out a retried over one point. I was like you know what I started walking around the bar maneuver to your credential on. Still WanNa do this here and I'm just like man the week like I saw reasonable for us to the motherfucker. We that I just had and you just going to do this to me at the bar like for you serve people. We've been thirty minutes and it ain't just to black dude. I mean if you WanNa just discriminate against us. It's not cool but maybe but it's like it's a bunch of us and we got fight credentials on. It's like again compensator Greg. It's all they're all spread out but the only two people he sees me and candid fuses to give a service closes the fucking bar. That's how we're starting to show this week with discrimination and and motherfuckers have been on my time all week talking about this whole black history month thing. We'll talk about that in a second but this that was the culmination of everything was in that very moment. I was like you know what I'm going home. I'm done I don't see I see you just for a split. Second movie style. They do a cut screen. Cut Back to you and you got the deontay wilder all black face mask on with the Red Eyes. Smoke POPS UP OUT OF NOWHERE. Robin like you ready. You're ready to go to the rape. Not this black history month I was. I was so irritated and he just was really because it was happening. And I remember I was standing next to Gregg and I was like you see this right because like y'all thinking I'm crazy. When are we talking about discrimination racism? You think I'm like ultrasensitive and I'm not but when Shit like this happens. I need you to see this in action. Because he he just denied a survey that you watched it. You saw. It was right in front of you. They saw we end so carbon copies drunk so easily whatever but it happened and I was just like wow shit never changes me. That's just so fitting for this week and for the end of the week to go like that man. It's that's crazy. I'm glad I WANNA stairs. That would be the worst part if you would have been there too. Because I had people call me down. They saw was amping up. Nobody's really seeing me pissed off before like they. Oh Shit like and they can't get mad too so it's like manute who was like the nicest guy ever like you know you don't you do this and Kinda do you. I'm an instigator by today's flipped over the bar. The whole ball toned-down. It had been like three would have been like you know once. A black boxer turned the fuck up and destroyed the bar. The would've been pricing Salman reporting straight. Yeah he and he would have been reported on us but he probably would have proper twelve in his hand because he would he came up to. Yes what kind of forever at. Oh shut up. The whole week was just crazy right. We gotta talk about the entire week and figure we break this into two parts will do kind of a run down to the atmosphere and all the shenanigans that happened. And then we'll rewind and talk about the actual fight so first off there was some clout chasing going on. Oh we talked about this last week. We talked about this last episode. So we don't have to go to in-depth people do not listen to our little rant are so box speech there was cloud chasing going on a lot of people outside the venue acting like they inside the venue. Like all right man like you take your picture that you little youtube videos while you chasing you around casino. I get it. I get it but I don't get outside of the cloud chasers that just elevated us and me personally drake to new levels of petty this fight week because you know what the glow up is real dry. You posted the picture on social media yesterday. If you guys are listening and haven't seen a check it out me. Andreas his Ponder before the fight and she reminded us. It's been like ten years solid eight since we've been kind of on his grind and like seeing each other just make different steps and doing different. Things and ponder was on the second episode of the corner. Podcast is our guest. That's right. She was when she didn't have to be anything she just did us a solid and came on. She was our second guess. First Week was big Mac. Second Week Christina Ponder so she was there from the start she seen so much In terms of you know the show itself and then what we do outside their show and how we've grown from you know you with Damn near ten different outlets to now be in the senior editor of one or not only one but two major platforms me at. Espn hurt Shit. Rocketing past all of us and being on TV just just crushing it. Right like her everything. Just what she has been able to accomplish is incredible all while you know. I guess the relatively same. You guys both started families and just it's been a whole growing up. Maturity type process in that picture was so dope because of that and it was just like damn. Yeah like you know what we been through some shit but now we hear the globe is Real. I ain't guilty. I still on a state. I got a picture Elaine took a picture of me when I was like prepping on I take stage in the house. Like yes I'm at the desk sportscenter here I take is on the Mat and then fight night at the post my my minor flex you know. Just real quick. My name on the apron like Like no tables this week what ringside while the damn near fell in my lap. Drake got knocked down. He was right there right there. Little swam your forehead sainted wild side. I'm telling you so. I feel like we had to you know especially when we're going to get into the week that was for you. But you know we kind of have to puff our chest up a little bit like you know what fuck that we here. We got to let people know we're here. Yeah again you know. Somebody's told me recently to own worn nobody else before you and I'm really modest man like I've done a lot of things but you know I've talked about on the show. Forcefully forced. Come on my show a lot like I don't do it a whole lot somebody. Somebody challenged me social media. But I felt like this particularly day as we were walking as being you were walking. Check out the urban loitering and Christina octo. Because we're going to take a picture and I Christine. I was just like Oh in my head. I think we've really come a long way in this particular space because we were like. Yeah I've been covering by for a while but now we've moved into home positions of power. I guess where you know which we'll talk about like I ask the first question. The press conference Christina is like killing it One of the first women on commentary full-time and then you overhear Espn Readiness Social Media County just Kinda crushing on digital so to see that. Come together in a post sales three keys had a dream and just kind of manifested and we made this should have reality. And it's like the triple threat because you're any SPS's a top ranking. I'm at the zone as fortnum suicide like to see all of us. We're still cool. And she made a very interesting point that stuck with me 'cause she was like you know as the old guard goes away. We are becoming the new guard. They will become the old guard but as cargoes way like the old guard sometimes as yet let the young guard in. This is like prevalent everywhere. You know whether it's hip hop whether it's journalism in general like sometimes they don't want to give up their jobs to the new generation and we've kind of forced are we in especially being minorities we kind of just like. Oh this is going to be in the space because as we talk about a billion times in the show. Aren't that many black people in combat sports not a lot of women in combat sports? Either covering it. You know like the way that we have. But she was like you know now is our chance to usher in the new generation and we have an open door policy where we WANNA put people on you know whether it be fighters as Rin Shawn Porter shopping and does like doozer trying to interview shows. No I'm talking about right here. You know. We saw families like he's got baby number. Two on the way like we have become entrenched in the next generation of fighters in writers and people cover the space and she pointed that out. And I'm like you're absolutely right. And while he was like the perfect week where everybody got to see that all come together because we all were in these strong spaces you know. Obviously the old guard is still going to do guard stuff. And there's still a cool but man that's it we we don't we don't do this shit like we're not pretenders we are here and we are going to open doors for the next wave young journalists. WanNa get in the game. So that's why we took some people looked at like a flex it was but at the same time. We need to know that we are kind of here for you all to. I'm never GONNA be against putting somebody else on and she's not in Kale. You're not so this. This is what we need to do. 'em And you send it from the start. That's always been like the key right. We got to climb high enough to then pull people up with us like sometimes you know you get the door crack in the door. You kick that Shit Open and as soon as you did. I've run through all of them and I've been telling you every interview I've had they've asked me about you. We were just talking to Peter Peter this week and we're talking. Yeah Yeah Peter. We're talking to Peter this week at the fights in there for a Mani manages Amman. I met him when he was at Zander's fight. But talking like you. I know you like you're so familiar. And all this stuff and I was like man. I don't know how we know. Each other boom Lo and behold. Because he you like this is just usually how the stuff goes it just shows like and people could feel how however they want 'em we'll dive into it here right after. I say this but you and your voice and it shows times like what happened this week. How how big and how powerful your voice is but the fact that it seen heard and this is such a polarizing on many platforms. And what you do you don't even realize it but your voice is so big that it does allow an open the doors for other people to just go right behind you and be like cool and be comfortable in that space. That's alive man. I mean I know like I don't really get it all. I like when it happens like when things like this happen. Just kinda deal with as it happens so when you say stuff like that and when Peterson stuff like that people say stuff like that I it doesn't really resonate into light. Never take a breath and step back and say. Wow you know what you're right. Oh because I don't know because I stood for me. I'm scratching and clawing like I'm still trying to prove myself. So there's a part of me we shit like what we're about to talk about happens in departments like man. Did I really like did I? Black Ball myself from certain group of individuals. Because think about fuck. Because I'm no good at what I do and anybody who doesn't thing I'm GonNa do that's fine. That's cool if you don't believe it but you know my paycheck is good and you see me and working my ass off and I'm going to be any spaces and you're just gonNa have to deal with me whether you like me. And that's what I kind of realized this week is like there were a lot of people estimates. Say so I guess you know. Let's talk about. I'll let you tell you and then I'll really tell everything that went into what happened this week. All right so it all starts in. I'm going to paint the picture for me watching from afar. I am side. Stage OF WILDER FURY PRESS CONFERENCE AND. They're taking videos. I'm chilling getting unique angles and stuff and they go through. They have funny moments. I'm chilling trying to edit something on my phone. You know. Get a little viral tweet going out and I looked up and they're like we'll be taking questions earlier in the day. You kind of prepped. Me and you like Yo. They they want to ask a question at this presser. I might ask the question of the all right but I did not know at that time. I know only be like two questions. Asset this press conference so that's one of two questions you get the Mike I so I'm like Oh let me see. Let me go dray. What is he going to say? And you as the Anti Wilder what I thought was a very reasonable and normal last question a follow up of something. He said on the on the road to fury wilder too little documentary series that they had out which was is black. History like data messed up because he's black history month so I'm making a black history month. Trivia question was wild as you ask him like. Okay so how do you really feel about fighting in black history month? Kind of paraphrasing. Just what does that mean you will go into exactly what he said and I was like. That's a dope. Ask Question Cool. I knew where it was formulated from because while there had been talking about this several times you talk to them the day before about this no one. I understand that not. Everyone understands that context behind the question or people just tend to ignore that context twitter especially social media especially does not care to dig in to the nuances of a question like that you ask it while they gives you a normal answer. Fury cuts him off response to the question that you just asked Wilder Not Tyson fury and tells you or tells everyone that this is not a black versus white fighter thing this is a man versus man thing and he will not partake in any type of race conversation for this fight one. He wasn't asked that question but cool. That's your response as good. I don't think he's really. I didn't hear prior to that his stance on that topic. It was a good answer. No harm no foul onto the next guy's question. This is where your mentions blow the fuck up and this is where. I talked to you because over for the next three four days it was whole. Larry is to just see a one point. You had like eight thousand notifications nut so so here. Here's my son. Yes so Monday. I got a chance to sit down with Tyson fury for zone Germany because Jeremy team was streaming the the fight so I got to sit down with fury for that televised portion of it. Tuesday I gotta change the wilder now on Tuesday because black history month and I wear black prior closed at a Black Panther sweater on I was wearing a black panther sweater. The onset comes in with his firm with no shirt underneath his chains on it and as we go to the interview Deonte like kind of point sees my sweater and Tim Smith. Who's a black dude that works for PVC and runs all the Pr Department? There Tim he notices. Well he's cool and as we stand taking pictures and I was like you know what I've never. I've never taken in Dante kind of like. Here's looks like excellence. All right cool so we take a picture and we posted and I was like. This is because you know shit. I'm not picking sides but I have to support my brother's been through all this and is very proud of this now. After the interview we talk about black history month and he's just like this big big deal like I want to go down and black history knows a bunch of other words says while Shit sometimes but I remember that and I'm thinking like Oh you know if I get a chance to ask you this publicly I will. I didn't know it was asking the press conference question at the time the following morning Evan Corn. Pr From Top. Rank tells me like. Can you ask a question? The press conference. I say sure. Now's the press. Conference is going and as you remember this like. Wow because you're pushing and shoving each other call each other names and this is a nasty televised broadcast. I mean press conference Kevin. Sitting next me. Do you have your question. And I'm looking at them pushing shoving him like no because initially. I kind of think leaning towards like animosity because I didn't expect this to happen as it keeps going like. You know what I'm just GonNa ask this question because it'd be a good sound bite because I don't know how much talent went ahead and I could use it for my own story. And so I get the give me the MIC. That's in the question is you know you've had a Lotta viral moments. From to this day you had a big moments with knockdowns in the first fight and now you're getting the opportunity to face. Tyson fury on black history month. What does that mean to you? And that's when he the WanNa make them obliges trivia question. Now what I didn't know until later was Tyson. Fury was getting needle that by Jason. Whitlock maybe fifteen before the press conference on this beefy Celsius and I'm glad across with Llahu because women on site but I guess kept talking about the black white thing. That's Tyson kind of said the line that he said to me there so I guess he was hyper sensitive about race but again like you said. The question was directed towards you the response. Whatever is fine if you feel like you need to answer that sure. My question is is very was knockout. You're expected to win by decision. Candioti wilder winning decision. Like what is the likelihood have thought about that entice? You just completely doesn't answer that question and it talks about the race thing as I'm going back seat like a few people sent me videos of me asking a question. I start hearing groans. I start hearing like things and then my social media blows up and I'm like what the fuck is going on and people tell me they're upset. Us question. I said who say oh you know the higher ups who then like other people you know. Why did you ask why they want to know why? Us nobody ever approached me was like why did you ask that question? Everybody was just like somebody wanted to know why you ask that question. I said who who if somebody has a problem with the question. Come to me I will tell you. Please don't send messages to talk to me. Because they know me. I'm not really that much of a standoff ish guy but also not the friendliest guy so I don't just go out of my way to talk to people but if you have an issue come see me and it's not going to be like some brush. I just WanNa know so this. Nobody says anything. Now I get a video when I hear some. Uk guys like all the stabbing asking that question then. Somebody sends me an article that was on like heavy dot com. I was race baiting. Tyson fury and I was insinuating a race war then I was getting like Michael Benson from bt Sport talksport in UK. Po Census Fury is not going to engage in race conversation. That was the tweet that just kind of broke everything. Because it's video of me. Asking the question is tag me in the video so now I look at my mentions and you know I guess on your tweet you like twenty plus and that's it actually was ridiculous. It was like show more show more and I was like what I'm looking at all of these tweets. I'm getting threats. I'm getting called like coon inwards about my obviously all these massive counts coming at me right all these ghosts accounts. But then there's other was like why would you do that? You global all these people and then when I show up the next day because after Wednesday was Thursday under-car press conference. I think I saw you a little bit into that. And more people like so now. The black riders are like. That was a great question. I don't know what the chicken about and I'm like who's tripping like. What the fuck you tom out. And they're like oh well if somebody asks me who. I'm like. Yo who is asking all these questions about me. They know me as a Fox. Espn top rank. Oh she's you know they they they they and then I'm getting texts from like people in other states like sending texts me in this video and articles to me in like the. There's an article uses my name is Andrea Hale insinuates. Deontay wilder can't win a decision white judges on black history month. What Joe what a stretch. Then there was another article that said Andreas Hill asked. If deontay wilder will take great pride and beaten the big white hope on black history month. I never asked this question dog in never happen. So all of these people got hyper sensitive about this and the piece though like outside of your question that would have been a dove article if that person actually right yeah right but it was just like all these people and even as we're doing this show right now from the star of the show. I have thirty nine mentioned specifically about that. The fight is over. People is done. There are thirty seven minutes from the time I started this conversation. I'm just looking at it right now. On top of that people have dug up my post from the Koby covens tomorrow. Use men fight. It was like it didn't work out in your favor now did it. Or that's why you black. It was like somebody called me spade. Like what is this called a spade in Geelong next missed it because it got to the point where I just couldn't even scroll through gave up like I was like I can't. I can't even read all this shit but I've been called so many names and people like an again emails from people. I don't know even know how few working mill they found emails. We email me like I've got like your brand of racism in your racist and I'm calling your job to get you fired so just like Houston Covington thing. Disown is getting emails about me but guess what people they liked me. They know who I am and what I bring to the table so the people that didn't like fuck him if you didn't come to me and then you had issue with it fuck you and if you endorse me. I'm happy that's cool. We're on the same team. But that's never going to stop me from doing what the fuck do. And that was like the most innocent question ever because if you ask Kinetico about fighting on Cinco de Maya. Was that a problem. Somebody was like this black history of this race. Listen man says celebration of the contributions to the culture of African Americans shortest fucking month of the year. Can we get fucking bone please? I can't ask if we KINDA McGregor about fighting on Saint Patrick's Day is that a problem. If it's Chinese New Year and there's a Chinese fighter fighting we ask him. Is that an issue. But for some reason people felt like as a black man and being who? I am asking a black fighter. Who's very proud black man? It doesn't make us any white but asking this question about this opportunity to make history in a month. We're don't usually fight for the biggest fight of the year in February doesn't really happen. May with the took over single Demayo in Mexican Independence Day black vinyl using final February. That's why I question because this was the biggest heavyweight fight in recent memory. Maybe this past twenty years. That's why is this question. But now I'm branded as Rhesus congratulations. Kill you on a podcast with a racist called a day I S. oh some girl. That was a trump. Don't even spell. Call me a bigot with an e I was like sweetheart spell. I when you start coming at me. Thanks men's me. Do Your Simon over intern. Anybody in the Business Day and on Thursday you had todd. Oh yeah time time because the press conference is GonNa fire him back like an again. A lot of people ask me like you. Why do you do this and I think the main reason? Sometimes why do this is because I need some of your see how this world works because we also have social media being these curated experience we only deal with people you know but because I work at so many different fields like boxing music culture film like Info? Because I've done all of these different things people that follow me for different reasons. There's a lot of times when people follow me for like MMA and. They're getting really really surprised when I started talking about culture and politics and be like oh they got what they wanNA attack me so every now and then when I look through my mentions which every day I get something very disrespectful but on this particular day I was like oh out of these eight thousand mentions I'M GONNA pick a couple of these cats L. and they'll ask him questions like Oh and I'm GonNa see you bucks. Obviously someone goes council. You know a fall for the trap shooting but other times they engage. Somebody told me that a white people the only one. They're trying to absolve races of people like you. The reason why still alive and I was like Oh. Is this a ghost county three thousand follow? It was like a real person knowing people really think that. It's wow with people think someone deontay lost so many messages like that linked to to say how do you feel? Oh ha ha your guy lost. And I'm like I just gave fury all the credit in the world. I didn't have a dog in the race. Link that of course I'd like to see why but I'm a journalist like I'm not picking sides. I think he's a fantastic fighter. He might be one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. So I'm like I'm not hurt but you guys really think this was like a race war. It wasn't that this was a great fight if DNC may black history fantastic. I would've been happy for him but man. Oh Oh on top of that. Dc walked out with them which I found out earlier in the day and I kind of alluded to it which we deontay is going to walk out and bring the smoke with them and I was Lu- because I knew people hit me like this is your doing. No it's not my doing but I'm happy to see it because that is welcome out in the black habits like black excellence like why are people offended by black? Excellence wire people so affect offended by this especially like why people like as the key you can be pro black and not be anti white. If you're not mutually exclusive. Somebody was like I'll bet my bottom dollar. You have no white friends. Are you nuts. I'm not that got run around. We got white friends but listen shake from two. Boys was the best man in my wedding. Come along people relax. My Grandmother Was White Semi Racist White and she was white woman. But it's like I don't I don't like I don't do that L. Just not lightweight who can say why because Jason Whitlock is at the top of my head list and he's black. There's nothing to do with this. I mean tally but some of these people really while with this shit. So yeah. That's what I had to deal with this week. And you know and then having to deal with that bar issue after all that Jesus Christ man and the Alpha real but I guess. I'm doing something right because nobody nobody pay attention so last year. We are exactly. That's the key. If you were no one. No one would have paid attention. You got the Mike for a reason you again. They give you the MIC to get good questions talking points and to sell the fight for better or worse you hit all three so whether they like it or not. You did the job they wanted done. You could have said so. Let me get your prediction for tomorrow or for Saturday night's fight and then told you the same thing I'm knocking out into is what fury would've said while he going to sleep like some stupid like cool man like it would've been the same regurgitate answer. You Gotta question that gave a different context and nuance to the story. Being told now it is a definitively not going to be painted a black versus white fight cool but we have quotes from both people explaining how they feel about it while they're still said he wanted to make him a black history month trivia question and then came out with one of the most black enters. You'll ever see people. Hey so so he wanted to make it a celebration of blackness not anti fear you're anti white. He said I want my name. Pretty Mu- I want my name to go down in the history of black history month. It just so happens that ties fury is white and he asked the catch is work is what he went into the fight. Say Not that. Oh it's it's going to be black history with cutlets. White Guy knows going to be black history. 'cause it's the best two heavyweights in the world. And I'M GONNA win. Somebody asked me that question. Would you ask? That question was another black man. Yes listen the blacks fights all time the middle? Lots of everybody was Ali. Frazier and I wasn't alive at the time for that fight to happen if I happened during black history month. That's a moment in black history so yes same damn question because it wasn't just the opponent it was the caliber of opponent like as we move into talking about wild fury. We haven't had two heavyweights undefeated. In their primes. One was a lineal champion. Who was a former unified champion? Never lost ties with the rank and the other was heavy. Wbz heavyweight champion contrast in styles. Like there were so many things that we've never had since maybe bowe-holyfield something that you guys went at it and killed each other in the ring and prior to that it was Ali Frazier one and the parallels between this is wild up doing a piece on this the parallels between Tyson fury's career Mohammed. Ali's career are ridiculous and people are going to what let me explain really quick Tyson. Fury doesn't fight like a heavyweight Muhammad. Ali Doesn't headway both are constantly. Show me who love to talk shit. Who Love to be flamboyant. Ali Entice viewers the same guy. Tyson fury became champion by beating. A Guy who had reigned over division Klitschko with an iron fist was I manhandled loss. Eileen BE SUNNY LISTEN. Nobody thought he could beat to become the champion. Both men this way differ took three years away from the sport. I leave because he does. The draft tastes really 'cause like cocaine but they took three years away from the sport came back both had to tuna fight both of them before they fought the most feared puncher in the heavyweight division. Ali Frazier Tyson fury with deontay wilder. Both of them had very close fight. Both of them went down in the last round. Ali Frazier in the Fifteenth Round With Frazier. Call the left took Tyson. Fury went down with Johnson combination in the twelfth round with where they differ. Is that frazier beat? Ali Tyson fury at the time denouncing welder in the rematch both Ali Tyson fury. One in his crazy how close these parallels are. That's ridiculous so why is the water fighting this man of black history month? Why would that not be a moment in black history? Yeah I mean. It's as much as when Ali lost right. It would have been like that if he could be in Tyson fury but now we see Tyson fury. We'll get into the nuts and bolts of the fight but Tyson fury is the winner and we see that okay just adds a layer of a story to something. We're GONNA look back forty years from that forty years from now when when there's an hour long special on ESPN classics about this trilogy. Your your question will be in their. How wild is that Shit like? I was just digging through the Ali ones because it was Ali's birthday not too long ago and watching we have so much content on Ali. You know top rank etc and you you wash these things and you see these interviews. You see these questions. You see the response they get and you generated a question where gave so much. I don't know such an impassioned response. Tyson fury so when they're talking and they have shit probably mean you sitting down in front of the camera reminiscing about the fight and we'd be like you know what this is a battle between two of the best heavyweights and unlike the heavyweight heavyweight contest before it wasn't about race Tyson. Fury made sure it was about two of the best mate and then boom. They will play your question in the clip. And then we're going to roll into it so like that is crazy. But that's historic and the BUZZER created. Now is only going to push that further throughout the years. So yeah we'll be here forty to talk about that Shit and we'll laugh about it like remember how bad the focus were and they stilling tell you who was mad until you found out. I probably won't get the opportunity to ask a question again. That's probably going to be the longest shortest it but come on man like if you got if you really have a problem with what I said anybody they talk to me. Don't tweet me from account like ask me and like Peter. Kann like a lot of the people that live the white people immediately. They talked to me about it. The only person that asked me Mccoy who mazes guys like cow. He's been the boxing you forever. He's a brother Jesse question and I told them why he's like okay. I gave us like really here and I just heard people were mad at you and I was like Ooh and he was just like people like UK British man showing these. He's like. Don't worry about it but I want to ask you do if you ask me. I'm going to tell you I asked question but I didn't even think of these. That must explaining from the beginning but again we are so that was a beginning of your eventful week and then the week plays out and we get to fight night and we meet up at the fight. We're chilling. I've done a lot of my prep work. You get there you put your bag down to a little bit of work and we decided you know what let's go. Check out the urban leader. And he's seen like in fuck. We got like an hour. Let's let's just go take a lap around the MGM which we do all the time randomly so cool so we the fight. There's like some undercard fight going on where I'm like. I'm not gathering content from this. Let's go so we decided to take a lap. Andrey it is official. Irvine loitering was back. I felt like it was mayweather weekend again and this February. It's not even hot. That's Oh the funniest thing we saw probably was the cougar squad. Yeah Oh they were at least fifty five dress like they were twenty five. There was one that looked like fifty five year old. Megan the stallion like she just had crazy. Cheetah print. Just cut all in the middle. Try to have the boobs out. She looked like she was about six five. It was it was wild. Like shoot but she thought she was the Shit and you know what power to her. There is no age on fatness at all. I promise you that her thing was like come. Get this young man like I. I just know that that was her whole week. That was her gimmick for the entire. Come get this working man. Oh she was trying to catch them catch some late in the game. That was our hail Mary she was like. Yeah I only only got so many more of these left in me. Let me throw this freak of just ought to see what I get big ones some shots at night. It was a cruel evil. It's not even like she was Dolo. There's like four of the whole. They're rolling deep like they've been doing this ship for years like they wouldn't let that back like the Tyson fights what you talk about like Yo. I used to go the Lavi Dir. The Tyson's fights with your younger she was in the MGM. Lavi during those tights and fights same dress. She liked what she she went to the Tyson. Fight in ninety two with that. Same Dressler. She went home. She put this ship closet. I'm where this at the next best heavyweight fight. She had to wait three decades for that shit when the closet was like old friend and she just dusted that shit off. Put it right back on. She's the weight aware that fit. Because they were Larry. We saw three people get arrested. One do press credential you know. Let's let's listen like you have never been so big fight and maybe you've been to a fight like whenever say you live in which may not be Vegas or New York and I actually. I'll take L. A. Off The list because only New York in Vegas and clearly vegas is the top dog when it comes to these fight nights. If you've never experienced one put it on your book this and if it's going to be on your bucket list I don't this may sound certainly Misha's black fighter in the main event because specifically because like a pack your fight brings a different group. People out it's not. The same kind of urban loitering is loitering Mexicans mixed when when can notify? It's fun. Don't get me wrong. Come to those two when it's like mayweather and now like deontay wilder brings out a whole different group ignorance and it. It's likely you'll be scared. No this sheet is fun because it's like it's like Diet Freaknik and like the source awards all that one because you've got a bunch of people who don't know how to act because Vegas doesn't necessarily have like a huge black contingency so when we get something we don't know what to do within like NBA. All Star weekend with like. We tore the city down. 'cause we didn't know what the Hell we're doing like there was a cloud of smoke in the twenty four hours a day but this was like they hadn't had any so long. So you had like like all dues pimp hats and you had like change and then you had like and then obviously you know the younger generation like with the young white dues ad hoc Assan drunk off the ads trying to fight you. We almost like a destroyed right outside the place. Y- do got choked. Guy Just put put his hand on his throat but the guy had mad reach but yeah the the white dude in the in the premium pauper. Suit was seven to this black dude in a tracksuit suit and the black guy was like what the white dude like shoved his check or whatever and then the black guy felt it was his his duty to defend his woman and then the Baiju got up and he he did the Tyson fury point over the banister like he was talking. Show the other NOCCO fight and then he he went around the rail and I was like Oh shit is about to go down. And then why do like started touching him slamming his arms and she hit the Black Guy. Just choke them real soft though. Just choke the lead knows. Hand was there and they just looked at it was like are they gonna fight and then boom just walk their separate ways then and listen. Listen this is why you listen to this podcast because there's no other boxing podcasts and embraces this kind of chaos except for us. Because we don't leave when that should happen. It's like if people start running iron. That's acting anything but when it's like when I see like drunk people getting ready to fight like we were sitting there with like the proper twelve and we you know we just looked and we've spectators and I was like and you know we. We could talk about this because I'm a part of this culture and I and I love you. I embrace the chaos in that sense like I'm like Oh this is excellent. I grew up like in Vegas and I went to Morehouse and I've done. I've done all these things. I enjoy the chaos and I'm here to bring it to you so yes we haven't even talked about the fight yet. But these are the moments that matter because everybody's talking about the fight that happened. No one's GonNa tell you what we're telling you in that like us because this is our thing this is what we do is. I mean listen notice like cop last pug meiring. Dan Raphael and Kevin Out. They can't talk about this like we do because they're like Wolfgang Puck and having dinner and shit notice back to that because we were suppose. Go there and it's fucking close Kevin for enjoying the spectacle as well but yes. I only listen you guys. If you guys like recap alleys work he's like the Super Bowl and I love Kevin to death and I say this for good reason because he supported me when I was just a young do getting in the and didn't have the support of others. Kevin like reached out to me immediately and he's always been there and we've been friends through the years and so he got. He hung out with us and watch the chaos he was. It was like me him. Or Mondo you can type rank. And then we had like McKenzie in these folks manager. And we're all sitting there watching this chaos and Kevin's just sitting there enjoying it. And he he's not asking he's just he's just there that's it like he was watching a fight damn near thought he was going to just pull out his pen start taking notes and I loved him like we need a post fight opposed pizza. Fight article from Kevin. I only breaking down word for word the VAT is. He's about to pull quotes. Get out the tape recorder. They yes flashing on the table gets a post fight quotes then that was funny that and add to it like yeah like the urban loitering is at its zenith when you have a crazy popular bat black athlete right so mayweather and maybe devante will become. That guy is well Deontay. Wilder urban loitering is amazing on those fights what takes it to another notch is when the UK fans joined the urban loiter. Yes yes like the perfect combination. Mayweather McGregor perfect combination of fans. And I wasn't there for me whether had heard that shit was amazing. And then you get this here while they're fury the UK fan singing chanting. You know how many girls we ended up. Seeing from two o'clock to four o'clock. They had no shoes on. And it's not like you walk them from the club and you carrying any heels in your hand and you're walking through which is bad enough they I don't even know how they get the black off their feet at that point but when I say had no shoes on fan they had no shoes. No shoes in hand no shoes anywhere. They were just barefoot at this point like they were like you know this has been such a fucking wild night and I'm so drunk that I said fuck these heels. I'm leaving them in the club and was walking bare foot through the MGM through the Parking Lot. Which is like basketball BLACKTOP. Gravel to their cars Yo. That shit is crazy. You have left you. I was walking back towards the towards elevators to go up to my room and I'm walking. I got the bottle proper twelve in my hand so people were looking at me. Weird walking up like the magnum bottle. Proper twelve in Chile to do look around being idiot looking at other stuff and I stop and that little bar right by the elevators were opened and it was the craziest. Shit I've ever seen because there was a girl who had every fake body parts could possibly have and lips included white girl long extensions whatever crazy skimpy dress. There was her friend who kind of looked like meagan good and fake hair and everything cool sitting there both had drinks hand. I'm walking by. They look at my bottle proper whiskey. I'm like listen. I'll go enough to bring this to my wife. Don't what don't look at me. I'm the wrong one. They look look at my credential. They look at me. I swear I kid you not the one that looks like making good looks at a friend. Shakes her head. Kind of like gives the hair whip. I'm like what the Fuck is wrong with this woman. Why she does mean Mug me. The wife ran look and I see it like why she meemaw. GimMe this guy is coming towards me. The flyest old guy I've ever seen in my life. Old White Guy has to be like sixty seventy years. Old Sue looks like Tyson fury in the suit. Six three walk. You Pass me looks at says you drinking that I was again. Almost gone is like that proper stuff. Like yeah as like cheers makes me open it. We clink. He has the drinking and we think that they is like. I'M GONNA go pay those women right now. It's going to be a fun night and walks off. I'll just see I got my pizza box. What head the open bottle of proper whiskey? Fuck it I gotta drink to that and it goes back and he walked right up to those women and I guess. They shook their head at me because their scouting like you know he got money away. He got a bottle in his hand. Now he got a credential this fuck working like they looked at me like you know got dough like she she. I've only crazy and this guy was like. Hey Young Fella drink you only got this money right now. I'm GonNa go have fun and sure enough. I did the double take I look back. He sitting there both are one arm over one arm under over the other and the goal. Sheehan like he was trying to your. What's your. What's your fight purse? Which your fight purse. He was about to make a nice little matchup. He's getting his Eddie. Hearn OH my goodness. This guy is a promoter. Not In the boxing world but of other occupations This is Mark Boggling. I was like yeah. That's that's how I end my week. Perfect perfect and I was like this fly seventy year old dudes wherever he is in the MGM. This morning hats off to you sir. Hope you had a blast. I hope they rob you. Put your money in the safe. That's a little different topic. Oh Man Yeah. So that's that's fight week in a nutshell Let's talk about the actual fight to do so. Fight night we start off earlier in the week and we touched on it those pushing at the press conference. They said no face to face at the weigh INS so builds up these different narrative going into the fight. We're concerned by some other things that we saw and heard though Tyson fury was like he's coming in to seventy came in at two seventy three US doing a lot to put on that wait. I'll just say that he wanted to be to seventy so much that he was gonna get there. No matter what so use. You wanted to have that bulk. He wanted to eat more than one would normally probably in a training camp. You Know He. He was doing things to bulk up but he looked good. He looked muscular while doing it when it was time to weigh in. But he didn't take your shirt off that worried a lot of people on a other. Deontay wilder came at two thirty. Which you know. He's been there before but we were so used to seeing him to twelve to fifteen and I really didn't think too much of it as we get into the fight. I think maybe that was more of a glaring issue. Then fury coming over we. Yes possible man. I mean for me for my in from the beginning when met with Tyson on Monday and the conversation that we had when I first talked about weight and I said is the weight gain for you to absorb punches or is it for you to start leaning on data and thing he said you know because I thought it was blowing smoke listening. I believe you really come in to things like no. He's like I'm a fat boy so for me to come down and wait is difficult. Certain point when you get more muscle and you turn the fat into muscle and then you can use it to absorb plexus now my head and I mentioned this to you on fight night. The the fat doesn't cover your Chin and no matter how big you get. The Chen is still going to be suspect. But his thing was he wanted to be able to come forward and use his size to smother the answer because he's clearly the bigger man. I just didn't necessarily think it would work but as I wrote early in the week this was in my head. I had no idea what's going to happen is fight. Say because I was like well. You got to be perfect thirty six minutes. I don't know if you can keep that up. For twelve rounds without getting caught up it could be onsite clearly. I was wrong But yeah the weight thing and then the the way in day the shirt. I didn't like that obviously changing trainers from Ben Davidson the sugarhill. I was like a lot of things here. Deonte was like that's nervous energy and I was just like Kinda agreed. I listen man. I was wrong. Mike Tyson knew exactly what he was doing from the beginning and the thing that got me is after the first fight. I think we talked about it on this show and I know I wrote about his well after the first fight. I said fury is going to have a much easier time. We wild in the second time around directly after the first fight I said that because he spent twelve rounds with him. He's GonNa make adjustments and he's going to win the fight the where I got hoodwinked and bamboozled was me watching the onset wilder. Kill two men along the way and I was like what he just murdered. Two men I'm going to pick our bodies on his resume and Tyson had the fight with him and he had to fight with Schwartz and I was like I didn't see much improvement. Wildest killing people but little did I know the Tyson was just getting his conditioning and getting himself ready food. The ultimate fight and everything that he said came to fruition and he beat the Shit. Outta deontay wilder no dominant to a point where I was just in all so. I'm watching the fight and it's happening right in front of me. So it's it's one of those weird things we watch. Mma fights pretty close like as media were very close to the octagon. There's only like three rows Boxing this fight excluded because for some reason they built risers and put you guys dumb. Far It was like the inside can notify. They didn't put any media ringside they put all of us in the risers which is fine because at least in the rise and we could see the ring but yet never really that far back anyway you know so you you guys are ways back but usually about four rose five rows back. On the floor. I'm now getting used to seeing fights from ringside from the Apron and this shit is wild. Every time I was talking to my dad earlier today like how I was like. It's crazy because I could only get closer if I allow someone to punch me in the face like I would have to be a fighter. That's the only way I can get closer than where I am to the action. And it's like being watching like the Patriots in the Super Bowl or watching your niners and a super bowl and you love the game all your life and then them saying you know what dre you gotTa ride about this or you gotta do your normal work. But we're going to put you right behind. Tom Brady or right behind. Garoppolo at center and then see what your perspective is. And they're going to be moving. They're not gonNA touch you but that's just going to happen right in front. It's wild to see and these guys were just so big. It was different when I was there with. Teo Fee and watching Crawford and everything. 'cause they look like normal size people drink very small in real life but look like normal size people when fighting in the ring. These guys look like two giants fighting and it should just. I felt it was hard. I didn't have to score the fight which was great but watching how it played out. You see the smallest of things like you'll see the anti wildest chest after the second round before even hitting the ear his chest and the way he was breathing. You're like it's not right like you can see whoever and see his mouth. Ob you could see the separation between his bottom lip in his mouth piece. Which allowed for Tyson fury buses lip like it was super easy. Why was it super easy? Because he wasn't closing his mouth there was no there was no biting down on the mouthpiece nothing. He couldn't breathe out his nose. The males breathing out of his mouth entire time. And you see this then. His fight has LIPKA's busted open. And you know why against subtle things you could see being that close at. Shit is crazy and when you when I was watching the house like he's not GonNa make the power won't be there in the. What was it last time tonight? In the twelfth round his gas tank was gone after two. And then you throw in getting hidden ear enticing fear I feel like more than anything. Tyson fury gained that weight to lean on him to try to bully him but then he found out. You'll listen. It doesn't matter what weight I am. He's gassing himself out and he knew that wasn't the version of deontay wilder who fought the first time he knew this wasn't the best the onto wilder and he said I'm putting the pedal to the metal. He's not going to hurt me today because he took a couple right hands flush and was like wait. I'm still standing in the second round. He got hit with two thirty got hit with one measured up left hand on the Chin right hand. Following boom usually puts everyone out. Tyson guy. Hit looked around like Yoho. I didn't even go down. And at that moment. He knew I'm good. Wilder wasn't the same. You may say you made it very interesting point and I hate to harp on this but this for whatever reason immediately ethic ooh maybe midway through the second round I remember tear into Eilly Raphael innocent. Some may right. And that's something we say. Something's wrong and this is not to take away from. Tyson fury to clean no off nights but it felt like something was off it. Just maybe wasn't his Knights but even the jab felt slow he was doing the Jab Jab bodies. I Floyd does a lot yup any which I like. I like that game playing chain. Yes I like I said it I say thank you. But he's leaving it out there for a long time and it doesn't have that whip like snap to and I'm like what something's wrong. Something's just not right about. Yeah no twitch fast twitch it. I don't know like I heard this doesn't mean anything because he hasn't used as an excuse me. It was like fighting. You know like a flu or something like that early in the week but he was allegedly sick during the first fight. So the restaurant. I don't know but it just felt like something wasn't right now. I WanNa Pref- is all of this before he's like talking about ring inches and everything else is boxing. Once again is the one sport we nobody knows shit but after a big fight everybody has all the answers that wash the got exposed A bomb he didn't train for this fight. Like I've heard the most asinine things from people that I know have not watched enough boxing that have come out of the woodworks to tell me that the bom and he was never good in the first place. No you don't get that kind of record being a bum. You don't almost massacre Tyson during the first bite by being a bump. He's one-dimensional fighting. Let's just cut to the chase. When this white happened. People said Johnson while to got exposed. I hate when people say fighters got exposed when they lose one fight. I use my example. Eighty five bears were team that you do exactly what the fuck they were doing. Every Down Walter. Payton was getting the ball in on the defense. They were crushing. You with their Li- like you knew what the game plan was. It was your job to stop it. Nobody could stop it. The dolphins diddy in one of the weirdest games I saw much later because I was a kid. I did not watch it but I started with. I used to obsess over like eighty six giants. Eighty-five bears I used to watch all these games. This particular game. The bears doing the deed but like Dan Marino was on fire and balls. Ricocheting off a players. I think there was like a Mark Clayton. Ricochets Mark Clayton. Kershaw ran for a touchdown. They ended up blowing up the bears. I think they beat them. Thirty eight twenty seven. I think the game was and you know I think the talk after Mike. Singleton was talking about like everything just kind of went their way. There was nothing we could do about it. The bears didn't expose you know what the bears there. They went back to. Exactly what they did. Nobody CA stop it. They shut out two teams in the playoffs and the massacre the Patriots in Super Bowl. That's not getting exposed. Shit happens and the term exposed with that you basically have the cheat code to know how to beat somebody and you can give it to somebody else. They can do the same shit. Tyson fury 6-foot-9. Nearly three hundred pounds moves like a welterweight has a boxing skills that are better than most people have ever seen in their lifetime. An Ironclad Shannon. A huge boxing. I Q you can't give that shift to Andy Ruiz and Andy. Ruiz does the same thing that you can't give that shift to Anthony Joshua Anthony. Joshua does the same thing. Drc water because he doesn't have the Chin defense so for people to say that while you got exposed go ahead and put the rest of the division in front of Wilder and watch. What happens because that Game Plan? You can expose something. That's been laid out in plain sight for his entire career. It's not like you never knew that the right hand was there. It was just your job to avoid it like the eighty five bears gonNA run the ball down your throat. It was your job to stay away from deontay wilder right hand. Luis Ortiz did for six and a half rounds and then the lights went off. Dominic Brazil tried it for like two minutes thirty two seconds and then he died. Everybody else's stood in front of water. You know what I'm doing. Okay and then. All of a sudden boom lights go out. There was no need for a plan. B You see like the Ottawa as you can see. You can't turn this man in the Floyd Mayweather. People get a new trainer which may be true. We'll talk about in a second. But this who he is and who he is has demolished an entire division except for one man who was a generational talent. How dare you guys say this man got exposed? He lost if he loses every fight. Like this moving forward then gets exposed. That's that's fair. If everybody comes in and use the same game plan beats the wilder. Then I'll say yet. Thais fear expose them but I don't think any other heavyweight on this planet right now can say wilder. That's not getting spos- that's just getting beat by the better man. And just got his ass kicked and people say I don't want to see the remastered might be exactly the same. Maybe maybe not because the problem is dancing while still has won the greatest equalizers in all of sports with that right hand who knows he could catch Tyson fury in the rematch. And say y'all go by y'all y'all just sitting there just being an NFL news right now. Because if I just happened yesterday but as soon as they announced his shit and beyond and somebody says Johnson was tonight. But it's going to be on this time you're GONNA buy the fucking pay per view so stop missed. Call this man expose man like start treating them like a bums its substance. He didn't train. I know deontay trained. This was a floyd mayweather vs McGregor. The honestly trained is ask. Why do you have a plan B? Because I'm on the fuck has needed one at all. He just he hasn't needed one in some guys just clearly they don't have that. That floyd mayweather gear. And I always use floyd. Andre Ward has gear where he fights and basically he's his own corner man as a fight is going. He downloads information. Computer Floyd does it. Aero does it does it. Did it Entice affair. He doesn't. He makes his adjustments on the fly. And that's what he did. Nobody got exposed guys. Cut The fuck out. Yeah he can out think anyone in the heavyweight division so before you put any physical skills into this. He is ring. I Q the smartest boxer in the heavyweight division. So he's going to solve that puzzle and this showed me physically only thing I thought was okay. He wants to go in there and slug with deontay wilder. He dissected the information from the first fight said I fought my perfect fight as defensive fighter. And it got me your draw. That's not the way to beat this man if I do that again. I'm going to get a draw or beat or knocked out said. How do you beat him then? Went to the drawing board. I gotTA get bigger. I got a pressure him. I gotta take the fight to him and if you knocked me out that way then shit. He's good but if not I believe that this is the way to beat him and I thought you know what it makes sense mentally. He's very smart. I don't know physically if he could fight that fight. Well question answered physically. He could be the best defensive fighter. What best defensive heavyweight we've seen of this generation. Oh and by the way if he wants to stand in bang he can so he can do what he did against Klitschko and run around the ring and get like four punches around and beecher asked or if he chooses to he kim game about fifteen pounds of sit there and bang which you and say you know what we're GONNA have a slug fest and I can win that way too. That's pretty damn impressive again. Man I don't. I've never seen a heavyweight with these tools and the career is over so it's hard to start ranking him among the great heavyweights because what this fight was was. It was one way traffic. And we don't know like rematch could be different Fury could Anthony Joshua and he could lose. We have no idea but right. Now we're looking at a generational talent. We've never seen a guy. This is move like this ever. This is nuts. The things that he does are pretty incredible and he joked about it. Yes so much with Fatman with pillow phys. You put like three hundred pounds. And she's going to hurt period and throw a punch and that's what types of does he he so he's really really really good and like somebody a hit me on facebook Links Lewis and Mike. Tyson beat the shit out is very sure about that. I you Sir because I think again when we always talk about like old fighters old basketball players like everybody watches highlights and like like people say Labor was trashy get Washington lead today. You sure about that. Did you ever really watch Larry Bird play? 'cause they were chuck it three point if Labor play for the fucking rocket average. Like fifty points a game. He wouldn't you would. Annihilate teams was a stretch bird would stretch five right now like he wouldn't be murdering people. What's but there's people say Larry Bird's way and same thing when people say that Mike Tyson in will I beat up Tyson fury and I'm like well listen guys? Mike Tyson's prime years like Mike. Tyson did that ship sailed by the time he was like twenty five. It was over. The run was short brutal and it ended so quick and Mike was never really the same again he beat Frank Bruno twice that war with razor Ruddick And guys like I'm talking about this. Watch all this. I don't talk about is I watch highlights. I have like all the Tyson's fights all holyfield's fights. I have watched every single one of them that I could. There are a few that you can't find but I've seen Tyson fury fight and this says his footwork is wet and I'm like you don't watch boxing. Could you possibly fury's fillmore? Because I've never seen a heavyweight move like this. The older famous are incredible. By the way the only heavyweight D- I could think of that. I mean 'cause it was Ali was amazing. It's upper body. Movie was fantastic. Jab was incredible. I'll never went to the body. Goes Tapes Alley? Never hit anybody in the body. And he's still everybody when James. Toney moved up to heavyweight but he was a fucking middleweight when he started his career and he was a brilliant light counterpuncher he catches shoot like he was phenomenal. But they're very few defensive boxers in the history of the heavyweight division that can move like theory they can avoid punishment like fury that have Chin like fury. Come on guys. You think. I'm not saying that. Might Point five nine types of you would have got them foot on them. You think very would know how to work with that yellow wild. Let's listen glass jaw. I'll McCall put his ass out. I've seen rotman put his ass out. I I'm not. I'm not saying that Lennox would definitely lose. But don't let Mike Tyson. Fury has no chance in this fight. That man is amazing. I say that to say this. That people are saying. Waller's sucks is a bomb. He just fought arguably one of the greatest heavyweights we've ever seen and lost the first time you damn near one and you know I am tired tired tired just like I'm tired and Bass Walton time. A few will saying this person cannot be the greatest all time because they've lost NBA finals. Just because Jordan has never know what what is one of these day. Someone's going to be better enjoyed it and they might lose one finals but they may win seven so you know what kick that shouldn't ask it that whole rhetoric. Outta here because you know what sometimes people lose. That's okay wild could lose hit the immediate rematch comeback. Knock very out in three rounds. Get THAT BILL BACK. And then what yeah now? Is he any less great? That everybody's back on the hype train right then. This is one of the greatest trilogies we've seen in boxing history. We saw I. I wish I really don't wish it would have been interesting to see what would have been when there's like sugar Ray Leonard. Vers Roberto Duran. Like what would it be? Settled social media. Then get imagine. Twitter with that. Sheet lender would have been trash. Yeah we I lost it the rand. Yeah because nobody was being durant at one thirty so yeah when when Leonard I also durant was I mean do I have to say this? Mohammed recognizes the greatest fighter of all time by a lot of people and for most people. Maybe Sugary Robson. Sugar in seventeen fights right via seventy five today. People would kill him but he also fought like one hundred nine times which is insane. Mom Elite was called washed up at least three to four times in his career. Because we came back and lost to frazier the first time. They said he came back too soon. He was ready to fight like nine fights and then before he fought fraser again. He Lost Ken Norton and we lost Ken Norton and got his job broke in the first round. Which IS INSANE. And he fought tire fight with a broken. It's not cold become tonight becoming because he didn't fight entire fighting the broken jaw Mohammed. Ali Did and he stayed in that fight but then we lost people like he's done and you went out there and frazier. Then he bought five forming and they said Oh he can't be formed for him just beat the shit out of frazier can't be forman. He's washed up. He's a bum. And what did he do? He beat George Foreman. Imagine social media at all these moments in Mohammed Ali's career when he lost Kim Norton when he lost a Fraser And when he was getting ready to fight forming imagine social media women like 'cause still be relaxed with pulling the trigger thinking. You know everything after one fame. It's nuts now. That's exactly what it is. It's just it's this microwave culture which we talk about and hip hop and everything else. It's just ridiculous. If the man comes out and gets a highlight reel NOCCO. Everyone's back on the bandwagon. People lose in boxing. Just goes flowing. Never lost doesn't mean it's agreed to have an L. on your record so what people love many pack you up to this day. He got memed with Simba over his lifeless body but the Mug is still be sold. The biggest pay per view ever between him in May after being laid out. So it's like chill calm down should happens like for any reason. Wilder was to say you know what fury about taking my rematch. Whatever keep it? Movin wilder fights. Whoever he fights may become come back next year Orlands Anthony Joshua fight for those belts NOCCO. Joshua wilder immediately becomes a hero again. People say we need the trilogy for the fury fight. We needed while there's GonNa beat them. This time like boxing fans especially boxing. Nba Fans because of those two guys Jordan mayweather or just so fickle any losses to end the world lost to Timothy Bradley. We know he lose. He Lost Bounce Back. Just fine like chill-out people need to calm down a little bit before we talk about. What's next in which I guess we'll do that here? In a second. What was your thoughts on the entrances by both guys? We kind of skipped over that. Let's just throw that in while we're talking about the fight itself. Obviously I love de Smoke. I'm a big fan too because I knew he was coming out. I couldn't wait to see what he did. He did like habits. I thought it was great wilder shifty war the dark knight or like there was so many things going through my head was like super shredder. Power Ranger like to me. It was still dope with red around the eyes. I think but I will say Tyson. Fury's entrance fucking amazing like phenomenal right this again. This guy is the consummate showman and now he's already tried to Santa pro wrestling so we Ghezzi like he just completely gets it. I think somebody said on social media which would do this and you're right because this is what makes it fun like hip being carried out and then on and he's dancing like man you look at that and you're like and if you're fighting him you're like well fuck you taking me seriously. Because he's so comfortable. What my as you can do something like this. I thought the interest I thought both of the interests and the fact they showed them on. Espn they show. Both of their ring walks was like the best thing that can happen. Boxing needs pageantry. And you know what that means. Everything is pro fucking wrestling. Everything especially Tyson fury's involve both were amazing men Getting to walk out during the entrances with Both guys right behind. The camera was super cool. That's just kind of hectic it's Weird Weird thing having to backpedal for that long recording them and then like feeling the crowd and just it was. It was nuts like the whole fight. Just felt huge and it'll take a while to kind of judge exactly how big it is compared to some other fights we've been to. I don't I don't know why this is so bigger than patio mayweather to me again that that was such a corporate crowd that it wacked the fight itself out. Yeah I mean this. This gave us celebrities. This gave us actual boxers. This guy was real fans that wanted to see. This may have no real fant. No I mean mayweather. Pacquiao was an absolutely insane like atmosphere. Now there's a couple of things that are because your access was different so you saw through different lands. But yeah I mean there were actual boxing fans and you said it earlier in the U. K. Fans just makes you better right. Like may with the pack. Yeah there's a lot of people sitting on their hands because it's a bunch of rich high rules in the arena that night This fight I mean they were singing sweet caroline which. I'm sick and tired of but they sang that to the top of the loans. There's only one fury I mean they were a wild electric bunch and the clothes that they put their kids in and I specifically say kids because these kids were dressed nuts. Why these kids looked ridiculous but it was. I mean it felt big Anisa. I wrote a piece like the whole fight. Had this unpredictability around in the atmosphere was wild like if felt huge. Donald to pay per view. Numbers are going to be but it felt like a big big big fight. I don't know if it's bigger than me because I feel like the Oscars of boxing. I guess that makes sense where a bunch of people are just rich in there whereas these the freak boxing and see some way like this was absolutely trashed which we don't need to talk about but but somebody has to the main event. The pageantry entrances to two personalities. Guys the fact that nobody knew is going to happen whereas we're may with a packet we all kind of knew the May whether it's going to wash them specifies I do and actually one thing before we move onto. What's next thing? Get Out of here. Would you think about the stoppage? Not the stoppage itself but Mark Berlin. Being the one throw in the towel in his head trainer. Jd's one. I think it was smart to protect the fighter so I know wilder like it. Jd's then like it but when you have that rematch clause in there and you recognize again means me being that close to you being in your seat. Second round where like your. He's off he's done. Something's wrong that's that's not peak wild now. Pete Wilder still might lose to Tyson fury but it looks more like the first fight than this fight. Wilder wasn't himself. He was gassed by the third. It was ugly and he got beat up because of it. When you see that no we will save. Our fighter will live to fight another day now. I think if me being media you being media can see that wilder doesn't have it in the second round. He's trainers in their collective. Should also see this and should then around the fourth round when he gets dropped twice so we dropped with the body blow in the fifth. I believe it was and it wasn't even a hard body blow. He just collapses from exhaustion and then he trips another three times because he doesn't even have the energy in his body to throw a punch. You have to talk to each other between rounds or when you know when he gets back you take the stool out of the ring. He's going back in. You have to talk to each other and say oh. If he doesn't show US something more we're gonNA throw it in. There should have been plan. There should be some cohesion. And that's a glaring problem right there when you just do stuff without talking or without game planning. This isn't a good look at four that camp as a whole because it shows that you guys are missing fundamental steps in being successful as coaches in any sport on any level. You gotta all know what you're doing before decision that is made and it wasn't. That was my that was my thing I had no problem with. The Stop is because I felt like it could have happened at any moment in that round. You WanNa even punchers chance especially I mean no. No referee would have is in the back of the head for the fighting on the planet undercard about a week we could go with guy knocked him on the twelfth right after being completely dominated the entire fight. Sometimes you want to give a fighter chance but if you're mark reeling and your J. D.'s. And you see wilder getting beat up and listen The out there. I know it's out there While they didn't bust into your home he didn't break his draw he had cut in his ear. And that was it that there was no other Big injuries you know. People like he was eating been concussed but he'd have a bus of Joan. He had a cut in his ear But if you know what's going on you looking at you and he's like he doesn't look right you throw in the towel you save them for another day. My issue is if I'm say wilder and I'm confused about the stoppage and I go to J. D.'s. Who's my head trainer? Jay Why did you stop the fight? He's like I didn't do it Martin. Then it's like won't you the head trainer? You guys discussed this. Y'All making decisions about my career right or wrong and you're not on the same page and the J. D.'s. At the post fight press conference Kinda through mark under the bus. It was like I would have done it but mark did it. We're going to talk about that later. Really I mean I just don't know how you move forward as a team is a fighter and you can't trust your corner. That's what concerns me the most if I had to move into next plan. I don't know who the fuck someone throw in the towel. Who's in control here? I'm the fighter. I shouldn't have to worry about things like this if jay throws a towel. And he's Ted Train and I go J. through Intel. Save you cou. If the TOWEL COMES IN J. Whitestone tell he said I ain't do it. Mark did it. Why do I don't know I can't trust the corner? There may be changes to have to be made in a may not be Mark Bruin. There may be some I need to come in J. D.'s. Because I mean look man. I'm not saying it's bad trainer but I'm saying that. Jd doesn't bring anything special to the table. Fiancee wilder and there are going to be much. Change that can be made under the tutelage J. D.'s. That's going to take the onset to the next level in the something needs to change. I don't know if the tighter can change his stripes going to have to give it a shot a it's so hard. Deontay is predicated on a lot of loyalty. So what he even move if it's the best move for him. He's not a gypsy right. He's not he's not bouncing around. We heard that all fight Wiki prize himself and no. This is my people. We're going to get ready is what's going to happen. So it's it'll be interesting dynamics. Watch as will does he. And his team decided to take the rematch immediately. The from what I've heard this rematch clauses immediate rematch to summer or you can forego that immediate rematch with the caveat in place already in the terminology that says I will get my rematch in twenty twenty one so I will waive my immediate rematch by in twenty twenty one at some point. We are going to get. I like that second option. A lot better and I said on last week's show Tyson fury of tic- for everyone I said and I maintain this. He Won Gopher Anthony. Joshua 'cause I don't think Anthony Joshua was ever going to fight Dante wilder but I think they're more than willing to fight. Tyson fury yeah. So there's two this one side of your words Nancy Wildest Prize and say I want the rematch. Because he's thirty four years old doesn't all he says he's GonNa fight for five and a half more years. That's what he told me early in the week after this. You probably cut it down to four team. You made your ego may say I want this immediate rematch because yes exercise within thirty days but I think the Eagle has to heal before you make a decision like this and it's a big fight. Obviously any run the risk of losing if you go find someone else but if you're a DNC wider. I think you need time to heal and I think summer's too soon. It's October Aaron October's the other day that they were looking at to do the rematch. It might be too soon. It's only February but may you get beaten like that and it's a lot. I lost you career to immediately jump back in might be kind of hard so I agree with you. I agree with you and I think for me. The best scenario is for the remastered happen. Put all the fucking marbles on the table because of Tyson Fury Anthony Joshua and dude. That fight is huge and it's not like American huge. It's like globally huge because death. Josh was going to fight Cougar. Puma probably June and either Tottenham's Hammer. Wembley which houses like eight thousand people who live. He can literally fight me and FILL THAT BITCH UP IF TYSON. Fury has done what he's done in the states and they can do that at Liege. It is the new Raiders Stadium. Here in Vegas. They can take issue to Wembley they will clean house and then we will finally as long as there's not a draw we will finally have an undisputed champion which is one thing Deonte. Wada's asked for one name when champion? You'll have one so. Then you have the rematches for all the marbles and I think even bigger because if Tyson fury word to be Joshua which is not a foregone conclusion. I don't care what anybody says anything happened. What did he were to beat them? And if you fight for all the marbles in this remax yacht six maybe one tuna fight and beat dealing white or some shit like that and you have this fight wherever say it is arguing. The big is probably one of the. It's going to break a ton of records. Oh shitter record so off the idea as long as I'll see her in this week and I know we're not going to really get a chance to talk about Mikey. Garcia Jesse Vargas Vargas. That's Mike he has no business at one forty seven but he's GonNa win this fight. Whatever almost any this week and I'm going to get his take on. Because he said on social media he wants to fight to happen but I wanNA see seriously is because in order for it to happen. Joshua has to mandatory life and I think UC other mandatory. So you take care of those first and if the if so then you probably test for is probably going to Wi fi some bomb you see the t for me either. Joshua or wild. I think there's only two if otherwise. I don't think he's interested. Yeah I mean fury said he only has two more fights if you ask him so he doesn't have fights to waste no not at all he's been through a lot man trying to be your old time trying to get the shit out of here. I met him either. Yeah I'm not mad at all. And what's guaranteed now is that the money is going to be there. This is always these. Fights are huge. I know that I don't know what the numbers are. And we won't know maybe we'll know by actually but this fight will whatever it is. It's going to do extremely well. Everyone watches shit. Yes so and everyone's talking about it huge success. Now let's make a these across. The street. Fights happen a lot more often. Will they be this big? No but you know what they'll be bigger than just having them fight the same guys. You know promotion over and over and giving Danny Garcia five title shots for no reason when you can literally just have tears Crawford. Fight one of your champions. I'm just saying no. Let's let's meet these things happen so we'll see how that goes man. It's been a long show but had a lot to talk about. We want to thank you guys for listening. We gotTA shout out the sponsors again bet online. Make sure you guys check them out. Shout Blue Wire the network follow us on social media at the Corner Ellison as old one we remind at Corner. Podcast underscore on twitter. Me At caldeans be him at Andres Hale who man. Now let me go finish off this paper Whiskey. Because I still got the bottle. I am now at my second hotel room of the week. Chilin got the sweet about to take a bubble bath. You know just much dog. Dre This man. I'm style and this week. I got the robot. I might get a SPA massage. This is my you know what? Kelp floss on them week. So you might catch me floss and on the Graham later all right. Yes it's happening. We've we've earned it so thank you guys. We'll talk to you guys later in the week. Make sure you check back for our next show until then we're out he's.

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