Special Report: Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blach (2018)


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She writes directs and produces one of the first narrative films ever made. He's one of the first to utilize many film techniques, including close ups hand, tinted color and synchronized sound. At least found her own company. She directs and manages all aspects of production following two right now at banana Republic factory save big with seventy percent off store, plus two. Let's to fifty percent off clearance doc up dresses Impala of starting in nineteen ninety nine. Find your nearest store or shop online only Panetta Republic factory decade career comprised of a thousand films that she wrote directed or produced at least disappears from filmmaking. How could such an important figure in the booth cinema? Now be known. I was determined to do something about it. My name is Pamela. Agreed. And I'm working on. Shake. Look at the film's train coming into a station on the beach. As the beach. Past boring. Subjects do Billy needed people? Like Alice gives a comment shows. There was more to the cinema than just a stunk shot. She might be really one of the very first directors in the history of film. These are things you connect. Of family artifacts. Simone. Acting in the scope of or she suiting beautiful artistic shots. She was filmmaker of rare sensitivity with a remarkably poet guy. Most of her films were lost the stories in the films that did survive groundbreaking and innovative. The greatest story of all miss Rome. Folks, convey, special episodes of the projection booth. I'm your host spike white on this special episode. I am talking to Pamela beat green the writer and director of be natural. The untold story of Alice guy Blache who is one of our earliest filmmakers, and has not necessarily gotten all the credit that she deserves this documentary talks a lot more about her her career. And maybe why she has been somewhat written out of the history books. So let's go ahead. And enjoy that interview right now, I've never talked to somebody who does what you do more than a day to day basis as far as the title creation and all the stuff that you do. And I'm curious how you got into that line of work completely Winton that was working for a company called kaleidoscope. It was one of the first trailer company, and and they had all these different divisions. I just wanted at job I could fail and bringing work before that I worked on DVD menus and is before the Indy world and. Before that. Or in Atlanta, not doing a lot of stuff for Turner network CNN at cetera. But in a different medium, and I was just happy to have any kind of job. Basically, it was my learning ground because they had posters that did the movie marketing and had a graphics department there, and they talked about moving titles. And I remember seeing Spiderman at the time and panic woman I was like oh my God. I was like my favorite films, and I hit it off with the graphics team at the time because it's like, oh my God. You know, she gets it that you could tell stories through the graphic medium. That was interesting to me. So did you go to school for graphic design? Nope. I fell into being in the work. And then I would comment on it because I could have direct, you know, website design, and like presentations country singer is a child I was a dancer, maybe that helps me with editing. I did the work, and I learned as I went so would have. Been some of your favorite wants to do. I like the storytelling one I like sex mis city because I was a show that I watched and I really enjoyed putting the toil pieces together of how that whole thing came about up to the the film island cabin in the woods. I like the kingdom. I like Bhutto does not one per se. I like them all for different reasons. It's hard to for you finger on something because bring different disciplines each job somewhere. Just to set up story with archival summer just complete graphic design interpretation of what you about see kind of a setup along the Boyne movies. So that's kind of like we capping what happened in the film Annette abstract graphic way. So anything is great medium to tell stories and also info-graphic wise, it's Clinton's short shorten content, while how do you go from working in that for twenty years to then directing? Feature documentary not twenty years yet. Everybody's making the older while I figured with the with the menus in those things I was probably what late nineties. Oh, man. I'm really old. I started really young. Yeah. And do and it was a program called director where I would do these. It was a new solution to ugly PowerPoint presentations. There's a program called director where you could animate and do stuff, and I think what was doing with premier back then before was premier of today, which is so interesting that chance you question is I was building my suitcase of tools once I had those tools, and then I discovered this story I use the bag of tricks that I learned along the way and apply. Those to be able to tell the story while there's the few interviews with your interview subject, and then there's the interviews that kind of support that. But then you use the graphic design so much as a storytelling device. It's wonderful. I want them to feel modern inexpensive. -able for an audience that knows nothing about film into correction. Stephen in the opening is people are soon. Everything happened only what you know, the tourist Hollywood, postcards Hollywood Hollywood that. And then no that's not where it happened. And you know, little tease on fort Lee, just so they get a little tease. And then you go from there wooden was the first time you heard of ilise ski probably almost ten years ago. I seen something on TV. And I thought I'm not surprised. You know, heard of this other thing, but I'm not surprised because women are not recorded documental mind. You my English she was predominant room nail. And even my job. I look for designers and animators are hard to find at the time. Only when I look back member thing. But yeah, I was a woman working in a male dominated industry of design and animation in in Hollywood, it bugged me, and I asked more people and more people in more people and the more people I realize it was a problem. So I investigated more. And then when I saw some footage of her talking it just felt like even looking at the picture when I saw her that she was almost beginning to me saying, I'm wrong place here. I'm not where I belong, please. Give me out of this. Because this is not who I am. And I feel like in the way she came subjects. Pick you. But basically, I came on board to help her. We still heard legacy. I say always having the last chapter of her life because she never got to do the things that you need to do to restore her legacy. So I did it for her so much of the film it plays like an investigation. And I'm curious how you decided or when you decided I'm going to document all of this stuff early on because I knew that was the most compelling part of the puzzle because how many times can you look at drifting picture. I mean, I knew it was gonna make a graphically compelling. But so what who cares you can make a beautiful, but if there's no spying who cares and everybody said who wants to watch a Skype call who's gonna wanna watch that. Nobody cares about this stuff. Nobody wants to see you on the phone that another another though all this stuff. So anyway, I thought the Nancy drew show combs kind of thing. I'm personally interested in detective stories. I'm a detective fanatic. So I love discovering new stuff. All the time. So for me it was under the bring. Okay, we will. But also how that love history. We got a history of I book, my Nitzan, and the whole can you? I would miss all the museum the wonder where the winds were like we need time away. I'm gonna try to stick it back on. I can go into this other room. That's awesome arms on the floor. And I was obsessed with the Mona Lisa because the history was constantly changing. I love if anything Indiana Jones, I should have done adventure. Archaeologists. Oh my God. Yes. But I like journalism as well. So it's a combination. You said you came across these key about ten years ago. So when did you say to yourself, this is my project, I'm going to start working on this documenting this? I couldn't put it down just five. Yeah. But then you have the funding. You know, a lot of what the film being why did you go about giving the funding and saying this is going to be the project, and I need to have support with this. Just keep writing checks to devote my job, and I didn't care after that. I the Kickstarter because I couldn't afford anything. Nobody would want to help me you and then through the Kickstarter I met women will Gena Davis introduced us to jail Dreyfus. She bought on Medina Scully and involve Kim on mitre. Notice. Mention all these women, however, did have Hugh Hefner that came on board as well. They alleged something that seems so unusual. I remember, Hugh, Hefner would support the arts. But it just seems like such an unusual project for him to support not really helped a lot of women documentaries from about birth control and activism to win it. He just didn't talk about it. He didn't talk about a put people to college. We'll don't know. He covenant should did. He help them as well. Sure. You know, he considered himself a cinnabon. He never heard of her thumbs. And then in the women, it was a woman, I talked to years to get you very Thomas. Four on the thing that amazed me the most was when you mentioned her towards the beginning. And there were at least what three or four other female directors that I really hadn't heard of either give it three times five mentioned. Did he's like do all these women did know Indiana good now, we know about Alice, but but all these other women should have metropolis coming. And then she herself says I didn't realize there was so many. So I hit that in their subliminal in a way that's not like in your face annoying because we don't want to make our victim. But she wasn't recorded a document. Clearly, what about those interviews that you that you showcase with her throughout where were those recording. And what were the circumstances of those plans? There was a cinema special. I in Belgium, she will do with the daughter, and then the tapes were found in the garage of the professor scam. Some down them who happened to be Alice's neighbouring the Munshi realize. Who she was better document. This is what you do like you need somebody have this feeling. I mean for me. Anyway, I will only on my God. I better outer this person material. So they have immediately before they're gone because you it's your tattoo in the moment. It's important how did you balance working on the day job? Because like I said you are very prolific away do versus we're kind the documentary. It almost killed me. I barely financial. I had to my father. We went down most nothing. I love jobs. I couldn't do it. I I mean, I try to do both. I did both for long five years straight, and then just had to give 'cause it affected my health. It was very difficult. I wanted to give up and throw everything away. But I get going because I had this support of these women cheered neon and men key gone. He going get it done. Can do it. You can do it. But I wanted unplug the drives and had tantrums on my went home, and I would call Jones lineman or Jovan or genie and just say, you know, what? And it's very hard to keep going. It's very nice to stack when you finish something. And it's hard on the circumstances. Like, this that are extraordinary able to finish something like this. Did you have to do a lot of traveling for this a lot a lot of not only that about a phone calls? Viking. I mean, I would get up at four AM and topa midnight everything could be able to get a hold of all the different time zones. The now the buggy escaping the Becky the doing the interviews. Emailing clean. Teas please do this foods from this. It was just never anything. If anybody else would have done. It's probably would have taken us longer. So it's a sacrifice at the time. I wanted to really like just thought I'll way Livingstone I want to give up looking back. I get emotional about it because I feel like something if I was gone tomorrow. It's like, you know, what I did one thing. I was toward this woman almost not there yet. But I'm I'm more money that's more important than the film itself. Because I was restore. There as making phone, which is kind of fun think back to the future we have that polaroid photo. And all of a sudden, it just took a different and now he can Google, and you have all these amazing any Virginia lists before. When I was starting out. I'm not saying that people that in before me certain things, but I'm place I took with. Issue. So many different things Jesus and be focused. I mean, just connecting all those dots is so important to have all those different points of view, all the different scholars and professors teachers not only them, but then also people in the industry. I mean, just such a wide swath of people that you talk to to be able to get all of this information in one place as remarkable edited before. So I was told that it was terrible that that a lot of man's again. If I didn't do this crazy step of involving Hollywood and pushing the envelope forward, and I didn't have the funders. I wouldn't have been able to do. I didn't have the internet the poster at photos sound two weeks before I got into can completely by coincidence. I was like something out, and that proves the she was on the set for the life of greater so you know, what a bit of so hard. So, you know, without those women are still there that keeps putting me, you know, because I'm still anything you find maybe into you know. I'm old. I do have to tell you going back to what you said earlier, you do actually make Skype phone calls. Very interesting. Luke, you could put them in now, but it can ignore people. Forgive excited like what call somebody in Moscow. Oh now in what we now. Boeing like where we're going the fun that doesn't matter it shouldn't. Yeah. Some people understand the involved in resurrecting somebody, you know, but also the journey fun. I call her we're going to be here now because most people will never go to places, so they're experiencing it through the film, which is kind of fun. I like that when I'm watching stuff on there and on then I get into it. I wanna go there, you know, after working on this project for what ten years at least. And we're going to take a nap affects you question. No, I was curious as far as how much did you have to leave on the cutting route floor. Because it's bullying you have to channel story and don't actually get to the end you have all this stuff. And you can't figure out the connecting. It's gotta go. I'm I I in a motive of because when the, and you know, I had people which means I can't be that would make it shorter or just cut out completely. But I think with different with me is instead of killing stuff when most a lot of long phone people just kill stuff. I knew that with it where it might be completely short. But it's still impact. So because I come from short fun longtime people can do short fun. So it took me a while from this doing short from my day job to figure out how to do bomb for him. And then in funny now, I'm back in the marketing of the phone because I've been cutting a lot of the pieces myself I had to go back to short from. And I'm like, wait a minute twelve and even shorter. What do I need like had for because we've got to go back to the fun cutting again. So. Oh, it's two different disciplines. So what was that? Like actually seeing this with an audience off with. No viking. No sweating. Hold time to our street. I just wanted it to end ready people it was just ending ovation. And then there was a gentleman by the name of PD ham and the stood up. And he's like I'm going to read about this. I didn't even know who he was. I was like, okay. And I just was like, oh, they don't hate it in guys the magic began. But people were seeing what we were seeing, but that was an eighteen minute longer cut. And you know, so stressed out because I was like well now gone. Yeah. And again, it's like it doesn't matter people come with woken progress. Other time and was like. I have some stuff to do when they accepted me was much that he I last year at forty minutes to cut that was still not together, and you need to be animated all those books when the animated, and I cut him it as stills quickly. So my funders thought that they were animated like, you know, and I said, no, these are all stills all that need to be animated all of this stuff needs to have movement. It was insanity. Running around with our heads cut off. This woman is about it yesterday. And then remember the pain something about it? So when did you finally lie the picture, or are you still noodling with it? No, no, no. That's it. I think that's the run them. I finally that would after London. There was no more than just finessing little bit in like November. I was in did somebody for kademi consideration. So I had stopped for last year because I didn't want the movie to open in August. Because of that distributed moved up the schedule to March, which became. April. But I just I was like I don't want the movie to it's time like movies got to get out there. We're talking now for would have been August. But my folks. Get to know when to let it go who is disturbing in. How can people see this? Di guy and in association with Keno couldn't be Louis in LA at the let me Monica n teens and then expand and then it opens in New York on the twenty six th and expand and multiple cities on like ice website. Then the Atlanta in Chicago, you know, we're doing it slowly. And then it's like the movie building building building Keno ends like iced are known for quality products. And I'm curious are they going to be putting out any Ellis ski movies as well? The ocean way fall in raves in Cohen his money. So on hoping my go to do they always keep on Beijing, US DVD cook film? So I'm definitely going to talking to him about that. But we've been running their heads cut off trying to get everything. Very well. I have to ask the question that I hate to ask. But what's next for? You can tell you what I'm not sure I'm available highest when pan she show series of helping just different my day job. So and living and loves to. Oh, and I'm about miss green. Thank you so much for your time. And it was a real pleasure talking with you. Very much humidity, Mike, and and I'm glad you like the phone at grease for it on social media. Oh, I definitely will. And yeah, I was even just talking about it yesterday. As far as how people just get written out of history. And I am really glad that your movie is around to help kind of right things. I mean that scene at the end at the cinematheque or wherever in seventy seven oh my God. I almost lost my shit. Oh, the round table. Yes. Yeah. The radio really be two hours. I cut it down. I was cut that out to can you imagine? No, no. You have to the editor Wyoming to cut that out. I mean, I was upset when you mentioned that the that the cinematheque didn't have that photo of her anymore and then drink and then lingua wants to just cut her out completely. Oh, God some use of the material. And the the thing I discovered it by rewinding and playing rewinding and playing because I didn't realize she was talking about long boss in one. Take realize it connected learning on the job. And then I found this footage. And I was like, oh, my bad about on the wall. I found all these connective tissues. I lost. I lost my show too. So if I didn't speak French on there was no internet. We would not have happened. Well, I'm glad you do. I'm glad it did. And I'm glad that you made this. So thank you so much. Much by the word. Napa know this month get a five core jug of Napa full synthetic motor oil, plus a Napa platinum oil filter for twenty one ninety eight that's a pretty unbelievable deal. But trust us. It's totally real. 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