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Introducing "Stand-Up w/ Tom Thakkar"


Hey there I'm Tom. Takhar and I have a new podcast with comedy. Central called. Stand up with Tom Takhar. I am huge comedy nerd and I've watched and listened to almost every piece of material that comedy central owns in their stand up comedy library because I was a lonely wild with a TV in his room. I've dug through thousands of hours of content to dig up the golden pieces of material to show. You guys comedy. Central's let me show you all my favorites like standup DJ. I'm GONNA show you jokes from comedians. You know and love already. You might not have heard and I'm gonNA show you comedians. You might not have ever free and heard of because what's cooler than discovering new artists before their famous. You're GONNA look cool as hell. The your friends you're gonNA say. Hey look with. I discovered you don't even have to give me credit and say I found this new comedian. That everybody's GonNa love and I don't even know who thom car is. You didn't help me. I've never even heard of this guy. Let's have some fun listening to some great stand up comedy together. Subscribe now to stand up with comedy car on Apple podcasts.

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