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If you like road give sound opinions at try. Each week noted music critics. Jim Dear Goddess and Kat Review New Releases Discuss Classic albums and conduct exclusive interviews with artists across musical genres sound. Opinions is a space for music lovers fans and critics alike to share in the conversation. Sound opinions listen critically download sound opinions wherever you get your podcasts. Hey Todd deals again with overdrive magazine here to answer your questions. About trucking artem is calling from Janssen Texas the home of the Peterbilt factors since we opened up the phone lines a few months back. We've heard from a lot of you. Wanted to know the same thing how regular drivers health truckers be more courteous on high race so that we can all be won't say how can cars and trucks clicks in the road. How can we say on the road together? You want to know. Trucking listeners. Appreciate rules of the road that you really shave follow. What really gets under their skin. Things that are annoying or maybe dangerous for truckers. So we asked I think the biggest thing I'd like people to understand about trucking is that truck drivers need room to maneuver and well everyone. We talked to pretty much said the same thing. Just give him room. Don't cut in front of them and slam on your brakes. It takes a football field to stop trump. You WanNa Really WanNa pulled in front of me and stop on a dime so this channel. One nine special. I guess you could say it's driver's Ed Day. Highway Cutoff issue. Yeah this is exactly what I did this week with over five hundred drivers instance Chicago. We'll be in good hands. Meet your instructor. My Name's Gary. Books live in Central Illinois up. Thirty miles of vitamin BLOOMINGTON. Have Known Gary close to a decade at this point that just a few years ago. I took him run in his truck with him from where I live in Nashville up to the North West corner of Illinois. I'd already been writing about trucking for awhile by them. But that trip watching Gary in action and hearing his play by play commentary on the flow of vehicles around in it fundamentally changed the way I drive on the highway but really stuck with me as the importance of following distance. That is the space you leave between yourself and the vehicle in front of you know you're stopping distance and know that you need to be able to do it at a safe taste from highway speed. Your car can stop pretty quickly. Just a few seconds before an eighty thousand pound tractor trailer. It's much different pretty true that for every ten miles an hour it will take you a little bit more than one second to stop so it can take a truck seven to eight to nine seconds. Just stop at a highway speed and guess how far the truck will travel in that time. Seven hundred sheet and I know this from experience I've been caught with an emergency stop situation. Gary has actually put this to attest by program. He's GPS to drop virtual bread crumbs as he drives. I had a program in my truck tracked a breadcrumb every second and I was going forty five miles an hour. I hit my brakes as quick as I could. And it took me four point five seconds to stop that truck four hundred fifty feet. He also has a nice trick to make sure. He leaves enough space in front of his truck. I have a little sticker on my windshield and I pay seven hundred feet and data use sight line to keep that open space that I have to manage in front of my truck. Meaning if he can see a car below that sticker on the windshield he needs to back off and leave more space. No one else is going to manage that space in front of my truck and that's the most important space for me to be safe. Of course what Gary can't control is the other cars and trucks do around him. This is where the driver's Ed portion of the comes in. There's another trick Gary taught me. In retrospect seems obvious. But it's something that I've found few of my friends or family members ever do. It has to do with how you pass the truck. Everyone wants to drive faster than truck. They WANNA be in front. They can't be around the truck well but think about do. I really need to pass. And if we're GONNA pass try to avoid passing on the right side because that's where we have the most trouble seeing other vehicles and people that's the first part but so you've decided to pass you do on the left side like he said then what. Here's my suggestion. It's pretty simple when you get to the front of the truck when you're beside that front tire that's your tire. If you're going to change lanes to the right in front of the truck put your turn thing lawn to the right. Indicate the everyone around you. That's your intention precedes forward. Don't pull in right way pursuit forward when you can see the full front of the truck in your rear view mirror looking out the back window. You're about a hundred feet in front of a truck. Generally five slowly began to come over. Okay got that. Don't start to merge before you can at least see the whole truck in the rear view mirror speed in space. You have to be aware of those things and it's constant adjustment Gary. I'd never used this. Particular tactic signaling. Well before I actually changed lanes and the signaling is key. Because that's what tells the impatient driver on your back bumper to sit tight so they are not tempted to swing into the right lane too early to cut off the truck either bus. You can avoid another instance of the infuriating highway cutoff works in those truckers watching it. Play behind you well. I know they'll thank you one more thing. A couple of you asked about if a truck passes you flash your headlights when the trailer clears your front bumper. To let them know. They've got room to come back over key. Thing here is to actually turn the lights on in back-off vice versa. If it's nighttime just don't use those high beams. The Channel One nine specials feature of over the road from Radio Topiary and overdrive magazine. It's produced by Ian Costs in myself. Todd deals with support from Lacey Roberts. Palmar Hoffer and Julia Shapiro. Since we talked to Gary for this edition the owner operator has sold. His freightliner retired from the road but he still keeps a wheel to in the lane via one on one business. Coaching mentoring those new trucking or need of a fresh start. You can find more of his insights beyond the overdrive extra group blog where he's a regular contributor find overdrive online dot com thanks also to the truckers whose voices you heard the tough Tom. Kirk devry Jones Jason early one tag Schultz and sue. We see Paul will be back with you next week with his own personal hall of fame until then drive safe.

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