Ep. 749 - Hong Kong, Where They Wave Our Flag


C._n._n. Anchorman chris cuomo apparently doesn't like being called freida cuomo says the phrase is an insult meant to imply that he's the dumbest member of a powerful awful italian family with a father who raised them from poverty to the heights of influence and a brother who inherited that mantle and became a representative evil and therefore fritos racial slur when cuomo was recently approached by right wing troll of called him freight. Oh he lost his temper and launched into a foul mouth rant threatening the troll with violence and saying he would ensure the troll and all his friends were massacred in a groundbreaking cinematic montage during the baptism of his matthew after the incident cuomo released a statement through family lawyer. Tom hagen saying quote calling me. Frail is an insult unlike prado. I can handle things and i'm smart not like everybody says like dumb. I'm smart and i want some respect back on quote a spokesman for c._n._n. Defended cuomo's outbursts saying quote normally when newsmen unleashes denigrating invective that a person simply because that person disagrees degrees within politically the newsmen would be fired but here at c._n._n. That's our entire business. Model unquote conservative commentator sean hannity also defended cuomo saying quote chris chris was with his wife and nine year old daughter when the troll approached him so obscenity laced threats of physical violence in response to mile mockery were entirely appropriate unquote president trump however took issue with cuomo saying quote he completely lost control and said idiotic stuff that could compromise his popularity with anyone who doesn't already agree with them and you'd never see me doing something like that unquote c._n._n. Said it would continue to support cuomo completely but that the anchorman was not available for comment because he had gone fishing on the lake with al neri trigger warning andrew klavan and this is the andrew claybin show up to they give you also say thompson disabilities so wonderful who it back in the days before the babylon be became the funniest satire venue that was not the show the onion was the funniest satire venue before the show and back then in the dark and terrible days after the islamist terrorist attack nine eleven in the nation was looking into the face of evil contemplating war the onion renna hilarious the headline saying america yearns to care about stupid crap again because the fact was since ronald reagan had brought down the soviet union and restored our economy things have been in pretty ticketing boo around these parts and we were busy with stupid crap like building the internet to the level where it could distribute porn to thirteen year olds and arguing about who was blowing bill clinton in the oval office good times. The fact is carrying about stupid. Crap is one of the joys of prosperity and freedom worrying about movie star divorces debating anthony weiner sex sex life and calling one another nazis and communists is a lot more fun than actually living under nazis and communists which can really ruin your day when a c._n._n. Commentator is calling the president hitler because she knows he's not hitler because if he were hitler she wouldn't be calling him hitler because he'd be hitler. She'd be dead. You know things are basically all right but while carrying about stupid the crap is one of the pleasures of freedom. It's not the purpose of freedom and every now and then it's good to remember that you were given a very limited life span in which to accomplish that purpose and part of that time john has to be spent taking freedom seriously enough to understand it defend it and preserve it for the next generation so they are children can accomplish that purpose and preserve their that freedom freedom intern in hong kong where freedom is under attack the pro democracy protesters are waving our flag the american flag the one millionaire athletes athletes disrespect when c._n._n. Complains about and the fact that hong kong is under the gun or waving the stars and stripes ought to be a reminder to us americans to stop op carrying about stupid crap so damn much and start waving that flag ourselves on our way to returning our attention to the purpose of freedom which is wait for it fulfilling filling god's plan for your individual life. It's not making money. It's not getting on t._v. It's not using your body for demeaning and self destructive pleasures. It is doing the work of service. What is your maker made. You specifically do now. You know so get your flag and get physic- first before we go on to talk about this. We gotta talk about hong kong a little bit. Ask me up to talk about the mailbag. You're screaming before. I even said anything. The mailbag is going up. They will it will be here is giving show just spend the entire show screaming about the now stop which is also we want to scream about vistaprint i so i said to my wife how come no billionaires overcome and support me and she said to me. Have you ever seen the way you talk to billionaires that is actually what she said to me and one the things i never have. Andy is a business card. I'm i never keep them around. Billionaires say to me. How can i give you a billion dollars and i said you know. I'd like to give you my card but i don't don't have it and that's the last i have received them. 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Which is why our listeners will get five hundred high quality custom business cards starting at nine ninety nine just go to vistaprint dot com slash cleveland coulda vistaprint dot com slash cleveland to get five hundred custom business cards and own the now vistaprint dot com slash cleveland and you can help me out because i'm ordering my car and i just don't know how to spell claiming <hes> but i've heard that is k. L. a. v. a. n. So what is happening in hong kong first of all you know we should talk about this. We never talk about these things. That are far away. Were much rather talk about chris cuomo his problem but but it is this is really important and it's really important what it says about us. Hong kong used to belong to be a colony of the the united kingdom of britain britain won it in the opium war or the first opium war which was kinda. Disgraceful incident on the british is part and the chinese is part it took it took hong kong from china however however like everything that the british touched it became better hong kong became one of the wealthiest <hes> places in the in the world it became became a bastion of freedom and economic success in asia and that was because of the brits the brits like the americans did all kinds of bad things like everybody we brits and americans taught like great free countries it made everything it touched better and do the british empire actually did improve the world overall and actually cost the brits money so so you know the brits have nothing to be ashamed of with hong kong but the nine hundred ninety seven they said we're turning the sovereignty over to china but china said they were going to have this policy called one country two systems now living in the u._k. When this happened and i remember saying to whoever would listen to me. That's never gonna work the habit. I know it was never going to work well because because i read our old friend abe lincoln who said a house divided against itself cannot stand. I said abe i believe this. Government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free now. That's the problem china's not a free country. China is an ex communist country still under the under tyranny <hes> and hong kong long because it was run by the brits was a free country. That's why it's so rich. That's why it's so successful. That's why it's so trusted as a banking center. It's a place where people know that the rule of law law is in place or knew that the rule of law in place. Why can't that hold well. It can't why can't people be half free and half. It's simple because freedom is is a good and having power over people feels good right so that is going to be a conflict the people in power like having power. They're not doing known anybody any good. They're not doing anything for anybody. They are doing stuff for themselves. They want power. They tell you it's for them. They tell you it's for the people. Maybe they even believe. It's for the people maybe the the democrats when they tell us oh everything is going to be paid for by the government. Maybe they think they're doing us a favor taking our freedom and our money and our right to spend our money the way we want. Maybe they think they're doing us a favor but ultimately it becomes about the power. That's what happened in the soviet union once they realized system didn't work. They still didn't wanna let go of that power but people who have freedom don't don't wanna let go with their freedom. They like their freedom. They have to be lulled into it. That's what's been happening in this country. We're being lulled into giving up our freedom with offers of things that we like in the moment like free health care ooh. Those guns are evil guns. Let us maybe we should get rid of our guns. That's how you lose your freedom bit by bit because nobody wants to give it up altogether and that has been what's happening had has been happening in hong kong but it's been happening not with the seductive touch of the democrats who have to the constitution to deal with and our history of being free. It's happening with the heavy. The hand of the chinese what's been happening. Booksellers have been kidnapped. <hes> you know booksellers who would sell books about the chinese and the fact that the chinese sneeze aren't so great and what's going on with the chinese suddenly they would disappear and they'd come back. <hes> you know months later after having been in a chinese prison <hes> billionaire <hes> <hes> the idea was that the hong kong are supposed to have their own form of government a chinese born billionaires row jin wa his name was who was one of the wealthiest and most politically connected people in hong kong and he was a financier but he knew too much about the dealings of the powerful in china china and he disappeared and a lot of his people. He worked with he was he was shuttled out of a hotel in wheelchair with pillow over his head. He vanished and thirty the of his employees. <hes> were were stopped from leaving the mainland. They were arrested so this stuff has been going on getting worse and worse and worse and then finally now you have to understand that the government that is in place in hong kong has been placed there by pro-chinese forces okay so in february the local government which has pro-chinese unease introduced a bill that would allow people accused of crimes to be sent <hes> two places in which hong kong had no had no extradition extradition treaty including mainland china right so that meant that if you did something that the chinese didn't like her you were accused of something you could vanish you could disappear to china and so so these protests started and once the protests had got stuck got started. The people got angry at police. They wanted investigations into the police <hes> they wanted to say. Hey were our civil. Liberties liberties are disappearing one by one and so these these protests have now become kind of general the way these protests do and they don't have a leader. There's no leader to these protests but they have been extremely peaceful now. Some people have said the reason they're extremely peaceful. So far is because hong kong is not a christian in country. I think only about ten percent of hong kongers identifies christian a lot of their educational systems are built by the catholics mostly and have a faith element so there's a lot of good moral teaching going into these people and they they're decent people and they don't want to have violence recently that has been coming apart. We'll talk about that in a moment but first let us talk about nets sweet sweet solves a big problem. I i've said this before. I am a business. You're looking at a business. I know i just looks like a beautiful individual but i'm actually beautiful. Individual who is a business and i sell my services to the daily wire and i sell my products elsewhere to publishers into film companies that that it is the business i run the problem. 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That's netscape dot com slash klavan cleveland to download your free guide seven key strategies to grow your profits net sweet dot com slash clave and of course the first thing you want to know to grow your business. How do you spell claimed it escape l. a. v. a. n. No es in cleveland. I just make it look this incredibly incredibly easy all right so now there's been violence and and the riders don't like this. They're holding up signs. Were sorry about the violence. They took over the airport and of course the airport is a major major transportation hub because his little island of freedom in the middle of asia so there's a great airport and everybody loves it. They take over the airport. Their complaint is that pro china infiltrators have come into their group and are causing trouble and are are spying on them for the police to them got beaten up by the protesters now. Listen listen. I i have no information about this but i would. It would not surprise me at all if china is trying to make these protests violent and president trump said yesterday that the army is lining up right outside hong kong ready to go in there we do not that hasn't been confirmed but he says that's what intelligence services say would not surprise me at all if china wants trouble trouble there so they can go in and stomp on people and take the place over. That's not gonna look very good but ultimately the china has all the power and we don't so the thing that it really is poignant to me and the thing that i want to get to the fact that the chinese the hong kong desperate to preserve their freedom under the gun with people being kidnapped and disappearing laws all scraping in there that are meant to erode their freedoms are waving the american flag and they're singing our star spangled banner they are waving the american flag and this is i mean they should move all of us this huge touch every single one of us and remind us that when people look for freedom when they're afraid of oppression when they strive to become the one thing that all people have to be which is free and all individuals wannabe which is free and the only thing that gives nobility to charity the the only thing that gives nobility to faith in god. The only thing that gives nobility to a person is if he chooses those things freely right. If you choose to believe you don't believe that <hes> <hes> the edge of a sword because that has no <hes> that has no legitimacy if you choose to give charity you don't give charity because the government comes and takes your money and gives it to someone else that ennobles both view the giver and the person who receives the charity freedom ennobles everything freedom gives everything legitimacy when when people are looking for freedom whose flag they wave our flag and that's why this the thing that is so poignant about this. Is that here in america. We're not respecting fly. There's just no question about it. When you have people <hes> burning the flag which we have now when you have people a kneeling during the national anthem and saying oh this is my protest which is ridiculous because the thing you're protesting is is essentially that you're not getting the rights of an american whether that's true or not that's what you're saying. You're saying we want the rights of an american and your fellow americans and therefore you should help us. Let's get those rights. So why would you dissed the flag. That is the one thing that league's me and colin kaepernick together. If cabernet wants to say to me hey you know we're both americans. Oregon's and i'm not getting my american rights. He can say that to me and i'll listen. I may disagree with him but i will listen to that but once he says screw the flag i'm saying why do i care. Why do i care your budget. What connects you to make your humanity. There are plenty of people all over the world. Were having a much worse time than a millionaire. <hes> you know quarterback a millionaire n._f._l. Football player plenty of people who are truly truly oppressed in this world if his if it's common humanity were looking about. I'm going to be thinking about people in somalia. Not you in your you know uh-huh limousine. That's not going to be worried about but if what you're saying is my fellow american. I'm not getting fair american shake that you're getting. I will listen to that but not if you're telling me that you don't care about american not if you're telling me about america's bad country so it really does it really is a disgrace to all of us and you know donald. Donald trump is falling short on this. There's just no question about this. Look it's obvious if we had to choose between the left and <hes> donald trump on patriotism and i would choose donald trump. Donald trump has made some beautiful speeches the speech you made in poland about western freedom about the glory of freedom he's made plenty of speeches about the glory of america and the american freedom and our constitution made good speeches about those but this is the moment when that some of that has to be acted out has to be held up in respect trump is in the middle of these trade the trade war this very ferocious trade war with china where it seems like he's getting some movement i the other day he said and he's not going to put some tariffs on china's gonna withhold tariffs on china because he doesn't want. He's admitting by the way the tariffs cost us money. He doesn't want our consumers to get get hit at christmas time but that also suggests that maybe there's been some movement with chinese we don't know but the thing is he's in these negotiations. He's all about the art of the deal. He says stupid stuff about <hes> you know kim in north korea says he has a beautiful vision for his country this murderous tyrant because that's the way he does business but at some point you know with some point you have to say something so this is what he said about china and the developing situation with this violence <hes> and and may be the chinese moving info <hes> <hes> life what happened on your to work out. I hope it at work so i'm sorry but no i mean. This is what obama did this. This is how obama screwed up when he didn't stand up for the iranian protesters when he didn't stand up for the syrian protesters and we all said hey you know you've got to be the voice of freedom. You can't just do your iran. Dealing throw freedom <hes> under the table randy was garbage anyway but you know this is what we said in trump. It's the same way and i know it's different with him in that he this what he how he thinks negotiations go on you. Flatter the guy across the table. You say oh that can means you know he's got a vision for his country but you know there are people out there under the gun the real real people who were waving our flag yearning to have the freedom that we have while we're sitting around worrying about whether miley cyrus got divorced. They're worried about just having having the basic freedom preserving the basic freedom that we have and they're waving our flag and that matters and listen. I don't want to hear a word about it from the press certainly from from the democrats democrats at all because they are the ones who have been stomping on the flag disrespecting the flag saying america is a bad play. You know here's a panel and i take this from c._n._n. Nobody's watching c._n._n. The only time you ever c._n._n.'s when watching this this show in losing this show and i play the stuff from c._n._n. But it is representative it is representative of a a leftist point of view. This is just a morning show where they're having a discussion about evil. Donald trump evil on you know that's. That's what they talk about over on c._n._n. That's the in the in the fantasy world where donald trump is an evil white nationalist and listen to what they have to say. I think we all agree. I mean this is a campaign of pure terror. This is a campaign of pure fear. This isn't what and i hate eight to go back to this because it doesn't i mean sometimes it rings hollow now because donald trump is the president but we've all been raised to believe that this is not what our country was built upon that we're that we're better than this and we're well. We definitely true now. I think that the you when you talk about young people even in el paso we did. We did a story. The people were afraid to go and identify. The people say i don't know who we is. When was this country we were taught. Yes that's what i was facing with that yeah proctor. Give people something aspirational. Don't yeah we never we never been better late. Yes this lady ngelo araya. I think her name is this lady where she would rather be asked her. What come why she still here escort country. She'd rather be extra what country she would for her parents had rather been in what country did she wish wish her parents had been in is besides this one. You know a little bit of gratitude. I i understand the injustices i'm not. I'm not taking away from any of that. But at what point do you put it aside and start to say hey. At least there were people. There were also people with all the injustices. There were people who fought to make sure the american ideal applied to me so i could be on c._n._n. Dissing the country. It's it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing to have people sitting in that free country in that free city <hes> with all the money that you get from being on television and dissing this country while people in hong kong with the police surrounding them with the chinese army sitting off the co you off the off the border. It's imb waving our flag. It's embarrassing barrasso. It's a disgrace it's a disgrace to have that lady come on and say those things that she is representative of the left so it is wrong for donald trump not to stand up and support the values that that those hong kongers are fighting for the deal. The moment you know is not all important. You've got to stand up for those values in the moment. It's not good enough to just do it. While you make speeches. You've got to stand up for it in the moment but it is doubly wrong. 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What are we talking about. What are we talking about well. They're waving flags. We're talking about chris cuomo. I just i just have to bring up chris cuomo for one more minute first of all a lot of people. I think are not wash a lot of people i've been defending his tirade against this guy and no i can't defend it. I do give him props for knowing for it because he said he did the wrong thing and that's important. He did say he did the wrong thing. He said he shouldn't have gone off on this guy called frito however however it is truly truly representative of the press i so i'm not i'm not going in off too much on cuomo. I respect the fact that he said he did the wrong thing. Even while people were saying no you shouldn't bother celebrities in public. You shouldn't attack people right or left. That of course is true. The troll is a jackass. The guy who comes up to him while he's out with his family is a jackass just like the people who come after mitch mcconnell in restaurants. Just it's like the people who came after a sarah sanders in restaurants. Those people are jackasses. They're the bad guys no question about it but sarah sanders and mitch mcconnell didn't turn around threaten threaten to throw the guys down a flight of stairs. That's wrong that is also wrong. That's just because somebody does something wrong doesn't mean there's not an appropriate response. Which is hey back off with. My kids. Please as leave me alone which would then that just makes the troll look like the little person that he is makes them look like the punky is but turney responding to a mile troll. Oh by threatening to throw a guy down. A flight of stairs and going off with christine is wrong. Cuomo said it was wrong good for him that is that's that's fine. The only reason i want to bring it up is it is representative of c._n._n. And the press in general that he turned it into a race thing he said frito is a racial slur. A lot of people are putting out montages of all the time someone on c._n._n. Is at frito. Oh chris cuomo himself has called himself right on a radio program so all of that is untrue and the second thing is is the double standard the double standard by which the press simply judges us meaning conservative americans being pro american americans being constitution americans the way they treat us in the way they treat donald trump compared to the way they treat obama obama and the way they treat the left guy that double standard and you can see it here in this moment when chris cuomo was talking about remember and examine the catholic school kid who had that drumming activist in his face and tried to smile at him and tried to make peace zoo chris cuomo commenting on that moment then we get to the heart of the face to face encounter the man nathan phillips apparently wanted to defuse the tension and he walked up to do exactly that and surely the kid nick sanmen doesn't seem to be afraid but he did make could choice and that was to make it into a standoff. That was not a good choice. Was it legal sure that's not my test and it shouldn't be the test. Here's mine if that we're my son who happens to go to a great catholic school. Would i like what he did. If i were there would i have allowed the kids to be in that situation no and no it was a disrespect play. That doesn't work for me in these circumstances. You're being an example to your kid. They're chris. You failed again cuomo. You said he failed but the people who were supporting him really is wrong. It is wrong this is you don't let me let me end with this and then i'll get to the mailbag that when you our conversation this country has been corrupted has been corrupted by t._v. and it's been corrupted by the growth of government so that we think are solutions always involve these tremendous this plans where the tremendous plan is going to solve the problem in new york the same way it solves it in arkansas that was what was so wrong with obama talking about transgender people using bathrooms. That's a local problem. That's a local thing that each person deals with with his own conscience and with his own <hes> with his own population with his own standards in the area that he lives. That's why the states are supposed to be separate. From the federal government that is why they are limited powers that the federal government has and more powers that the states have because in your locality cavity you're supposed to be able to provide solutions but so often so often solutions to problems are local and when i say local i mean the way you treat people the kind of language you use with people the way you treat the other people in your office the way you treat your wife especially when other people can see like your children but especially when even your wife or your husband can see the way you talk about your wife life where your husband these are the things that make for civil society and these are the things that are being thrown away and when you say this clown comes up and trolls him and therefore he had a right to threaten to throw him down a a flight of stairs no absolutely not this is important. It is important the way we treat one. Another is important the way famous people treat one another. I know that anyone of us can lose his temper. Anyone of plus can be caught on camera doing something wrong but do it. Cuomo did back off and say that was wrong. I was i was. I made myself the bad guy there quote. We did the right thing by. I apologizing not by threatening the guy. That's the thing that should be that. We should support and it really does matter because this idea that we're going to solve problems with some big government program and then the the right has to propose some other biggs. <hes> government program just isn't true. You're gonna solve it in your church. You're gonna solve it in your school. You're gonna solve it at your place of business so much can be solved by simply simply treating one another with respect treating women differently than men treating men with respect as well for the things that they do. That's where our problem is going to start to get saul because this kind of dialogue log is the problem it is the problem. We can't get anywhere as long as we're screaming at one another. We truly can't alright mellberg coming up just a minute bag. He's he's got the drinking guy there during the guys on the in in the other room you know it's not that much for them to do they. They don't really have jobs. This is just a sinecure we give them so they can feed themselves and and they sit in the back and they drink and they supposed to press the screen button art <hes> from jacob dear supreme leader of the multi verse about and i really really do appreciate this. We're talking about respect. I appreciate people using my proper titles. <hes> about two months ago. You answered my question about marrying rape victim thank you i can express the relief. I felt when you said it was a legitimate concern but the best advice you gave was not to let it become an obsessive anxiety. I took your advice and talk to professionals and my fiance at length. Things are going better than i would have hoped as i write one month anniversary thanks again. Your last advice actually changed my life for the better. I love getting letters like that. If you feel this way please let me know. <hes> you know a ah what i love about. This is the the advice you really followed was to communicate to talk to people so much of people feel. They see this in the movies. I think they feel that romance. Romance should be conducted at some level beyond speech. The somehow you guys are just supposed to know what women want. Women are just supposed to tell you what's going on in their heads. You gotta talk to one another <hes> he you did the right thing. I'm glad it really worked out. That's terrific congratulations on your marriage. <hes> from mario dear lord clayton of the balding multi-diverse. I love your show and your insights sites. I wanted to ask you about marriage. I know you've said many times to get married. Not in general i mean people i'm in a good relationship with a good woman. I've been through a divorce in the past. She has never been married. I would prefer to not be married and still have children. Perhaps one day mostly for financial reasons in the sad but hopefully never to occur possibility of a divorce. The divorce laws simply are not fair to men on the average generally speaking. She is open to this arrangement and would rather be with me regardless of the legal status of our relationship. Can you give me a solid solid argument or reasoning as to why should reconsider my position on marriage. What is the value of marriage. Were monogamous. We live together. We've been together for many years five years kids reponsibility ability and i would very likely enjoy having them all things considered as long as i am loving and caring for my wife and family and she for me and our children. What is the value of marriage right. That's a good question a lesser mailbag guy a lesser mail bag. I would go to the statistics and tell you that you're much more likely to stay together. If you're married <hes> it's true. I mean most most non marriage couples more mcnamara couples break up <hes> most children who had under non marriage situation or raised by a single parent. <hes> divorce is more painful because marriages last longer <hes> than <hes> than non marriages but that's for lesser people. I'm going to tell you what i wanna tell you which which is that you're very letter speaks to the importance of marriage very letter speaks to the importance of marriage <hes> i would prefer to not be married for financial reasons in the sad but hopefully hopefully never to see to occur possibility for of a divorce marriage is a complete commitment. What you're saying right in. That sentence in your sentence is you're committing uh-huh. You're holding back. Those might not go wealth. If you're going to have a kid under those circumstances you were doing that kid service marriage whether you whether you're religious or not i take it. You're not from the from the question itself but whether you're religious or not marriage remains a sacrament it remains the blending of two lives into one it it remained <hes> it remains to people becoming one flesh like the bible say right. They become one flesh and you will know what that means. The day you have a child how when you realize that you have created someone who is both both of you and that both of you have to be around to make sure that person has the chance in life and the and the full the beauty of his own life that god means him to have so when you say i just wanna be committed by i just i just want to leave that door open in the back so i can sneak gap. That's the purpose of marriage. That's the reason for marriage more than anything more than anything else. I can tell you about religion about statistics for you in your life you in your letter. You were expressing. <hes> a an escape route the need for an escape route once. You have a child that escape route doesn't exist it. No longer has a moral the existence once you have a child that escape is morally clothes unless there's abuse or addiction were daltry that escape route is morally close so why not admit it why not make the moral statement you make it through a ceremony. When i got married i thought to myself oh. It's just a ceremony. We've been living together. I can't remember to four years. I can't even remember we've been living together a long time. I thought it's it's you know. Marriage doesn't mean anything the minute that ceremony was over. I realized it was deeply deeply important it had changed my life and changed my life for the better so i recommend it and that's that's my answer. The answer is in your letter that you're leaving the door open. Once you have a child that doors closed it ought to be closed anyway. <hes> from joe dear andrew in your opinion who are the top two or three american artists of any type of rpm visual musical cinematic literary or whatever who also happens to be a christian. I'm writing article about how christians we need to create art that doesn't necessarily preach truth but that portrays truth with excellence. I would greatly appreciate your input. Well plenty of <hes>. Ah american artists were christian first of all walt disney who's probably one of the most important <hes> effects on the had most of the most important effects on american art was was a christian <hes> frank capra believe made all those great you know it's a wonderful life <hes> movies and things like that <hes> walker percy's and novelist flannery o'connor <hes> <hes> but but you know the the thing about christianity and the arts is christianity pervades our arts all arts about christianity because everything about us is about christianity hannity and so a guy like william faulkner. I don't know exactly what his religion was. He would say different things about it. He was very hard to pin down but if you read the sound the fury it is full of christian imagery and full of a full of a deep sense of how christianity forms our our conscience informs <hes> our society so all art l. all western art is christian at some level and what you're saying is what about artists who <hes> <hes> who don't right who who are christian but don't write a christian staff <hes> it's. It's really hard to say because it's not the first thing i mean guys like john updike for instance. If you read the witches of eastwick it's a deeply christian work. He called himself a christian but he was not certainly any kind of the standard christian which is is a wonderful funny <hes> deep and rich book <hes> ernest hemingway's novels are full of people looking for god and going back to the rituals of christianity <hes> to to to see if they can find some kind of system that will help them help them understand the world so almost all western art is christian at some level <hes> and whether the people people themselves are christians is hard to know because if it's not in the work you know most of the time i wouldn't go back and look it up but certainly shannon has had a huge effect on all of our art yeah <hes> from just andrew when i was seventeen. I fathered a child without knowing it. I just turned twenty nine and have only known my son for about a year and a half. He and i have a wonderful relationship and i'm doing all i can be a good father not just for him but also for his two half siblings. This is not my qualm however my issue comes from my with my mother other who i still unfortunately live with. She's a very strong christian but has made multiple statements which leads me to believe that if she learned a father she would not hesitate to put me on the street <hes> one in my overreacting or my concerns about her justified. How should i go by telling my mother about her grandson without risking my relatable either you know powell. There's just too much. That's is not in this letter so seventeen you father father just seventeen and now you're twenty nine. Why are you living with your mother. I mean it's one thing if you're handicapped or something like this but if you're not handicapped i know why why the hell are you living with your mouth. I mean before. I can answer that that question. I need to know why a twenty nine year old man has to worry about what his mother things of them. You know that's that's a problem. That is a problem. Maybe again you know tell me so. I don't know oh you know. Maybe there's some reason legitimate reason for that that i'm not seeing but there's no way twenty nine year old should be worried about that unless there's some special circumstance secondly. I'm getting feeling that you've restarted your relationship with this lady <hes> and that she has two kids those two half siblings. I'm guessing not not yours but hers so now you're back in the life of this lady and trying to be a good father to these two half siblings but you're living with your mother. This is a screwed up situation and i don't know wyatt screwed up so i don't know if there's a good reason for it so all your questions are sort of <hes> <hes> not addressing the problem at hand the problem at hand. Is that your twenty nine year old living with your mother other and going out with this woman who has children and trying to be a father to them but not in a position to support them or be with them. We're live with them or commit to them so that all that stuff is a real serious problem that you have and you're asking me about your mother. <hes> you know and i don't even know why you're worried about so i just don't have enough information to answer that question but you're in a bad situation and unless there's some reason fourth fourth i don't understand that's what you should be looking at <hes> from hugh andrew big fan of the show and daily wire. I'll be seeing you guys next week. I'll be flying into long beach from hawaii. It is my first time attending a political discussion. What should i be expecting at your guy show. This is the daily wire backstage live. That's coming up next week. You should expect a cesspool fool of hatred and bigotry and media matters except they will we will be doing the entire show in the nude and so that'll be good and then they'll be just a drunken riot and hopefully a fistfight <hes> now we'll talk about politics and we'll talk about life in america and if you've seen the daily wire backstage live show which i'm sure you can go on especially subscriber insuring going to find copies of it. That's what we will be doing a live and and it is we hope a cesspool of hatred and bigotry and if it's not i will want to know the reason y. <hes> from samuel <hes> i android currently a twenty year old college student entry my sophomore year of college someone with a workaholic father who wasn't always present on finding that i lack any understanding of masculinity because of this i often find myself trying to embody a stereotypical and skewed understanding of masculinity and which i tried to be a tough guy or show little to no emotion in many situations i live in a far left area and the only guidance i find is that masculine is toxic and wrong without any explicit explanation european what is masculinity and where can learn to distinguish between genuine masculinity the kismayo or violent masculine that many without guidance seemed turn to well. If i have to define masculine the i always go to two words integrity and courage <hes> <hes> courage is the is the quality without which no other <hes> virtue can be held right because they go virtue attracts evil evil and virtually attracts people who wanna take virtual away and virtue attracts people want to seduce you away from virtue and it attracts people who want to control you so you have to have courage have virtual and by integrity aggradi. What i mean is that you are what you seem to be that there is not obviously everybody has a private life. Everybody has things they choose not to discuss but you should be in public. What you feel. We should act out your values in public and in private. You should be when you're alone. You should be acting out your value so having integrity being who you seem to be having having the courage to maintain that integrity i think the essential the essentials of masculinity now one of the things about masculine courage is it has a physical element because men are more likely to be called upon to defend themselves physically into defend others physically and i highly recommend look. There's always somebody who can beat you up and there's always more more people can beat up but you want to be able to stand. You wanna be able to make a stand if you have to know. There's no shame losing a fight. There can be shame running away from a fight so it's a good thing to get some training about that. It gives you confidence. It gives you self possession. It means if you are trained to fight if you if you get some martial arts training or something like that you are less likely to get into to a fight because the one thing i haven't lifted a hand in anger since i was sixteen years old i i never do it again in the race to kids without ever. I never even swatted him on the backside. Nothing you know i the guy does not like violence and does not think this is an appropriate response to anything but violence anything but the threat of violence so so violence is not a part of ebba but self-confidence is confident the confidence that you will stand when the going gets rough is important and that's the thing you have to decide to have courage before it's needed needed you have to inculcated in yourself and and you should work every day. Nobody does this perfectly. Nobody does a perfectly but you should work everyday to be who you seem to be right and that to me is what manhood entails and the reason that it sometimes looks like manhood and sometimes doesn't is you're not always challenged. Your integrity is not always challenged. There's lots of compromise. You can make in life. There's lots of ways you can work with people. There's lots of things you can give up without hurting your integrity but there will be times. I guarantee to you when that integrity will be under the gun will be challenged and those are the times when suddenly you have to become a wall. Suddenly you have to become a brick wall. I mean my wife always laughs because i try to be really nice to people she always laughs when they come after my integrity and they find like no. That's not gonna work <hes>. They're always incredibly disappointed. The always the same thing to me that was so you're not as nice as i thought you were but i am. It's just you can't challenge my integrity because that's where i stand so that's what manhood is the rest of a lot of show the bluster <hes> the threats of violence silence the telling people. You're going to knock them out. All that stuff is show if you can if you are who you seem to be and you stand for that when the going gets tough you'll be man enough for anybody and and believe me that doesn't take being big doesn't take being muscular it does take confidence does take courage <hes> art from <hes>. Let's try them <hes> from from jacob. I'm a twenty three year old. White christian male had been conservative as long as i can remember. I've only recently <hes> really started to dig into the y. I believe what i believe. Thanks to the daily wire crew. I not only have my thoughts provoked. I also don't feel as alone as the mainstream media wants me to feel my question. Is this this i'm going to southern california this week to visit family my grandma and aunt or both very vocal about their hatred for our president. My grandma has also recently vocalized her agreement with the left oft that anyone who doesn't denounced trump is responsible for mass shootings. What should i do if she brings up the conversation. Should i just try to avoid the conflict to enjoy the week with family or should i say something thing. I don't want to be rude but i also don't want to let reviews be shaped only by the left i well. It's not your job to shape your grandmother's views. Leave your grandmother alone. You don't have to tell her what i don't know how old she is but like you don't have to tell you what you think you don't have to you. Don't have to shape reviews at all. Let her have her own views. That's part of life and certainly want to preserve peace in your family what you don't want is you don't want to be bullied. You don't want people saying nasty things about you. While you're sitting sitting there just be polite beloved ing tell people you may not you may disagree but you don't want to get involved in a political conversation. You know just if you don't have to say anything in with family. Don't say anything if they put you in a position where to maintain your integrity to maintain <hes> your peace of mind and not feel bullied say the politest sweetest way possible and try to stay out of a fight the family and the love and the and the piece is far far more important than any argument. You're going to get into about politics. Donald trump trump does not matter as much as your grandmother all right that is the truth and so like you're not going to change your mind. You're not gonna win any fight. You're not gonna shaper opinions. All you want is to feel l. that you're not going over there and being abused and if you're not being abused let it go. You know that that that is that's my vice. I'm not a time. Unfortunately there's more good questions but we'll have another mailbag next week and next next week we will also be doing the daily wire live and will answer questions there so your problems may yet be solved would back tomorrow. I'm andrew klavan. This is the the andrew claybin show this episode. Don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word. Give us a five star review and also tell your friends to subscribe to were available on apple podcasts on spotify. Wherever you listen to podcast also be sure to check out the other daily wire podcast including the ben shapiro show the not walsh show and the michael null show. Thanks thanks for listening. The andrew klavan show is produced by austin stevens and directed by mike joyner executive producer jeremy boring senior producer jonathan hay. 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