REShow: Devin Bush. Hour 3 (11-07-19)


Thank you for listening to this. podcast one sports net production available on Apple podcast and podcast one okay. This is a thirty second commercial. Jill and I'm going to throw a lot of numbers at you but please stay with me and just fifteen minutes. You could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. This company's been offering great rates in great service risk for over seventy five years in. Anytime you need help you can speak to one of their trained specialist. Twenty four seven the company is GEICO. Go to GEICO DOT COM today. Sorry for all the numbers and in five four three two one amount of time our number three any of the rich Eisen show on the air. Devin Bush the young rookie Stud linebacker. The Pittsburgh steelers is calling in shortly here on the rich Eisen in show on. It's a big weekend for for him. The steelers are taken on the rams. The rams coming off a bye at five and three minus Brandin cooks apparently was in the concussion protocol. Still he's he got blown up on one of the first plays of the game in London. A couple of weeks ago against the bengals strolled off the field. He's take seeing multiple specialists. Let's see still not There but I do believe Clay Matthews is expected back from his broken jaw he will be The rams are coming to Devin Bush spot Bush's dad played for the St Louis. Rams won a super bowl with our buddy Marshall and Kurt back in the day so Devon will be joining us here shortly on the show we already had mark Ingram on the program He did not mention anything. About Lamar Jackson banded practices. Something going on with that Chris. Brockman Cherry Picking Your News According to reports Lamar Mar not a practice today. He was not on the injury report yesterday. So wondering if this is a load management situation I word with the Ravens. Oh Oh my word We had todd mcshay on our number one and todd is just as excited as everybody else for this. Lsu Alabama game because it is a treasure trove of future NFL prospects and certainly twenty twenty draft picks. It's funny you know back in the day the NFL network. We couldn't even have talked about that sort of stuff stuff about about anything. We were not being pros on the first few years of the NFL network. We were told. Don't you cannot talk about any players who are not draft eligible in college guys potentially leaving early and we couldn't talk about Reggie Bush until he said I'm route two words for you and I'll say I don't Care Bill Polian Bill. Well he was I I the last couple of years now. I know people except for him making the pro football Tom. Tom And it was a real hard ass approach by. Hi The old guard of the NFL. Like we're not GONNA at all be accused of tampering or inducing. These kids to come pro. If we're talking about how great the ours pros then all of a sudden you know. We just stopped doing that on the the whole deal with that. But it's a big game coming up this weekend and Lsu and in Alabama certainly on that front and also the National Championship Front and the Sec Championship. Front and the Heisman Trophy Front. It's going to be absolutely amazing using. I can't wait for that and tonight. We have hardly even discussed this big game. Tonight is a big game. The chargers who what's the only word for boat race to the packers with the place filled with Green Bay packers the final score. They gave up. Eleven points towards the end and our and rockets touchdown but it wasn't live close close close and so the chargers just out of nowhere because they they just barely lost the Tennessee. Titans couldn't score from the Half Yard Line three straight times and then beat the bears then they come and give you barely really beat the bears and then they come in and Smoke the packers now their fortunes could totally turn and span of five days. They go up tonight and they win this game. And they are by the way The first team to have played their ten th game in the NFL this year. They'd be five and five and the raiders. Right now coming into this game sitting there at four and four. They'd leapfrog the raiders. They'd be right behind the Kansas City chiefs certainly if the chiefs. I don't win their game in Tennessee. I mean or the raiders. Win this one back in five span of five days. They go from under five hundred two buff our and a win. They have to win games at home in division. It's just that simple if you want to make the playoffs so it's a pretty big game tonight. A pretty darn big football game tonight on Fox. NFL Network and prime video. Are you surprised. How both these the seasons have gone for the chargers and the rate I thought the chargers were a team that would Slip up a little bit this year. Certainly knowing that Russell Kun was going to be out first I period of time and then we heard about during James. That team has been just a different Daniel. Dj who calls her radio just a different ball of wax on a back end. 'cause James cleaned up a lot of back and stuff and you have an update on Derwin James Correct about where he's going to be coming up next all right and then you no The raiders as you know was my fourth down hot take from a couple of weeks ago that they were gonNA finish ten and six and make the playoffs need to win tonight. Josh Jacobs is is my current right now midway point offensive rookie of the year. Name me another. There's a reason why we didn't see him on hard knocks summer. They were keeping him a secret. Well because this guy's been a stud so I you see how efficient car has been playing as well big game tonight and joining me back here on the rich Eisen show From the Pittsburgh steelers once upon a time one of four now form four big game against the Los Angeles Rams and one of the many any reasons why this defense is vastly improved this year's because they went and reached out and got a Michigan Man. His name's Devon Bush back here on the program. How are you doing Devon how you I'm doing fine? How obvious on your first professional season midway through so far so far so good so far so good? This is fun. I learned a lot. You're on a bunch of guys. I love the football Sunday in Virginia. Come to what have you learned a lot a lot. I learnt how to be a professional Mainly I think that's the biggest biggest thing I learned how to have balance. You know with your life on the field off the field. So I'm still in the in the works of figuring that out and you know going through my first year may wait Through and I think I'm gonNA write threat through that. What do you mean you needed some? You're trying to figure out balance. What do you mean by that me your professional off the field you know You know everything's not going to be perfect On the field. Of course you know we started the season you know with a couple of losses and you know Kinda honest people were going to take you know. We lost our starting quarterback in China just who Ought to feel you know. I didn't bought my first house. Yeah well that's cool You know getting getting those things done. Get everything situated and being able to work off the field you know doing. Apparently there's a whole bunch of things and so Just carry myself professional getting things done you know at work. In how has Tomlin put his thumbprint or an honest team. Walk me through that too Devon. I think the biggest thing was tom does is. He's straight for He's never tried to trick you anything. He's never trying trying to lead you to wrong way. You know he tells you black and white you know your circumstances you know on the team. What is your role and and what he's looking in expecting so now you you sound like you walk in and say blindly? You know Kinda got expectation so you gotta live up to that. Only control over that Short share with me what he told us. Here's his expectations of you. He. He has he came out and and really like express that you know but I know I know. Of course Tomlin believes me. I'm not team. Does Not not coaching staff does. So you know I'm GonNa do my best to be the best player I could be. So you're one of two rookies with multiple interceptions this season season. And only one of two rookies with a defensive touchdown this season what has been the biggest adjustment from the collegiate. Big Ten level to the National Football League for you Out there on the field deven Everybody's good everybody everybody fast. Everybody's strong Everybody's elite so I think that's that's one thing you've got to get adjusted to like. It's not all about how physically give you a About how mentally sharp. You are how you know ready in. How how you prepare? And what's the challenge that the rams present to you that you've already seen on film or discussed in your meeting rooms Devon. They got weapons Everywhere offense offense defense and special teams and they play a good team collectively they feed off each other And they play in the Super Bowl so they have have the formula new. They've been there. They've been in big games. No so these guys are are trying to all of a sudden this and You know they just present a lot of a lot of good match ups. It's GonNa be a lot of good matchup Sunday Of course what. Todd Gurley The titans they have no gall and now the defense is really good. Ah Course and Donald J Lee Randy the bunch of guys that major role in Rams team and they give up Devin Bush here in the rich Eisen show you in in the NFL. One hundred season. We'll go way back before you're born between the steelers and the Rams and a super bowl took place between them way back in the day but I imagine in your own household growing up there. There were a lot of rams material around because Your Dad Super Bowl with Saint Louis. Yeah he did so. That's got to be a little weird and away. I guess that That the rams are GonNa be in front of you that way. I mean this play. Florida state my freshman year. So I think I've been through it that well. You just walk me into this next one kind of an interesting memory lane with Michigan play Michigan State this weekend. Don't you think big memory name. I'm super excited about that game. Okay well let's let's You and I. If you will lock arms and marched down memory lane on that Front Devon what do you recall about that day do you think The last time the only thing I remember from that day is ninety. Three hundred dollars off. That's that's that's the EXPR- sped everything so that's the only thing only thing you remember from that day you get out of. There is no devon. I'm trying to get me. Excuse me you're a professional. Now you're a man who's been paid for your work. This thing's calling this thing. It's called the past. This is not you in any way shape or form affecting your draft grade or any. No no no sir. You are now officially based on the first eight a game this season. Eight professional grown ass man Devon so. Let's discuss part of the work that you gave to the ground crew that day in East Lansing. Yeah yeah I I had a lot of I Lotta Green and white one a bottle of my day. uh-huh out eleven that on the bottom please Things got real tip you know. Somebody's logo got messed up. I don't know who did it. It was almost a Bra. I didn't I didn't know what was going on. But I know the game part Yep game starts and then you've got all and then then you said ninety ninety three total yards of offense often but I do want I do really want to stir something up and I honestly and it's not purposefully but I I want because as has a Michigan guys. You know a Michigan Fan and this is this is this is. This is a blood rivalry. Okay and sometimes literally so with families and everything. Dan Dantonio key. He knew right he was he was there smiling right. He was smiling right. He was of course of course because we you could see the rivalry robbery. He founded he thought it was funny or he was laughing as as the players. Arm in arm won't March straight through your warm warm up right. Yeah but it's our. It's all right though. Well he he got he got he was looking for bad bad. It was so bad though. You know you see the judge they start wearing. What do you mean? You didn't see that New Jersey. No not yet. I haven't paid much attention. Okay you did they got these neon juries with across the front room and all the whoever made that design. I think they did that. The Start and it just last thing on this. Is it true. They told you that they'd already done. Their arms walked through that you could go out there. Earn warm up. Did they tell you that before the game they told you what when that that they did their their usual drill of walking arm in arm through I never I never seen seen them do that. My whole career. Not One time so that did 'cause they said they do it all the time. They say they do it every never never heard or seen of I never said. Where are you going to watch it Saturday or do you have? Do you have time to do it. What do you got a milwaukee? I I really Wanna I really WANNA head over there. Okay I got. I got some other things to do August next week and so but at some point you'll be watching this game correct. Oh I trump beat up. Yesterday's game can't very closely a lot. It's twitter so you do you tweet during the game so you do that sometimes. It's tough well this game. It's tough for me man. It's tough because I just get so pissed off from time to time but hey it's about right. It's a big game man. It's a big Game Michigan. State you you already you already. which is a so? Let it be Devon look I love strolling down this memory lane with you brother And congrats on the way things have started for you in Pittsburgh. It's been fun to watch and fun to see and let's stay in touch. Okay all right search appreciate you take care of yourself. Devon Devon Bush. steelers traded up ten spots for him. For a reason coming up. We can stay. I didn't get it in time but Justin Lane a steelers. I know I know. He's he's hasn't gotten too many snappy I snaps I now but he played. He went to Michigan State. Now I know and you know there's Zach gentry there too is you know I had my fun with I had my fund fund with him. You know where are you going to watch. Where am I going to watch the the game? Saturday you know what We gotta soccer situation. Got An I got. I got a soccer situation. Michigan State is Michigan Michigan State or playing on the sixteenth Saturday. The Saturday the sixteenth us. Not this week now. And then there's Indiana and then there's Ohio state. It's another by coming up there. We go all right. That's a big finish so this weekend. Yeah I've got a I've got a soccer game with coop. Crack Donman early MOCHA's LSU Alabama twelve thirty watts right. They pushed it off. Got Twelve thirty you know. Get that out of the way home and sit in and watch I can number one overall pick Joe Borough. I just get the juices flowing right now. I can. I say this with fully respectful of I know a lot of state people this this is just going to be so because remember what happened last year and all that business so delicious. I'm going to be so in MARIUCCI's face really it's GonNa be really because as you know I'm feeling it now I'm beginning to feel it and I felt it before we took care of del Tufo Fo's quote unquote favorite team shots. Fired Malays please Mr New Jersey the last few years to New Jersey one in one well unfortunately. Unfortunately you're GONNA have to sit on that one for the next fourteen years get bigger teams. that separate. We're GONNA take a break here on the program And comeback. There's a whole bunch of news updates. Who whose status are you? I'm Chris Jackson. Aj Green we talked about Alvin. Kamara Jacoby Brusett clay matthews. Patrick Mahomes Dwayne Haskins. That's just to name a few Amari Cooper. That's just to name a few Dez Bryant. There's a Lotta Dez. Bryant is in the mix. I heard about that. I heard that story okay. That's next on the rich Eisen show. Wow what a great time of year. It is football baseball playoffs hockey and soon the NBA. If you're looking to add some excitement to the game make betty aside dot com your betting partner new members get one hundred percent bonus match using Promo Code owed R. E. One. Oh one that's double your money to start winning today. But this is been paying winner for twenty years and his top rated on betting review sites that this is a very user friendly interface and mobile site simply play win and get paid bet. 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You buy a friends at Honda go forward and now Brockman with a special live report rock men with the new twenty twenty Honda pilot seating for up to eight and available available intelligent traction management not load management. Traction management can haul all your all pros this season so hard of your local Honda dealer today today. Whatever game tonight all right? Let's see so first. Let's start with this Mitch. Trubisky story did you catch wind of this yesterday about what's going on on over at Halas Hall with the bear. Yes I did and I was so disturbed. Turn the television off. Because I didn't WanNa know more all right. This is Mitch explaining How he wants to keep the distractions out trying to get some of these? TV's in the building turned off because he had too many people talking on TV about US and What they think about us what we should do what we are and what we're not but they don't really know who we are or what we're capable of people or what we're going through what we're thinking it's just the outside viewers looking in and So Yeah Tunnel Vision earmuffs in just come to work every day and try to get better and get back to what we know. We're capable of doing boy. They'd still much their first of all. I hope he doesn't mean he's turning off the rich Eisen. Show at Halas Hall outreach. Less richeisenshow show does not mean more. Now Oh God you're people are viewing. This is like he can't stand the heat. They can't take it. I take it you think. He's really walking around with a remote control or did he say or do you. You think he really went to somebody has. Why are we watching these shows? All they're doing is criticizing US but they're also criticizing Mayfield and they're also so criticizing anybody that doesn't perform up to snuff or anybody that in year two Took such a big step forward near three. They're they're they're taking a big step back or anybody. I mean it's it's anybody that's doing that. Yeah and also load management I mean do you think lazy people everywhere are seeing Turner. Television sets sets off. 'cause I can't take this sort of load. Management Conversations WanNa know able retail sales. Did he turn the. TV's to black or did they put on like like cartoons or soap operas. Don't know good question. TV All off or is it just different programming. There are reports there are reports coming out of Chicago that that that is following up on. What the TV's are showing today? Grace all because I'll tell you this and I will say this free of charge and show. I will say this free of charge urged to all the young ladies and gentlemen out there who are going to perform well in your youth sports and collegiate sports to one day. Knock on whatever this is lucite. Would that you eventually become a professional athlete. Okay and I will. This is free of charge okay. I'm not charging for this advice. Never say what Trubisky just said because it tells all of us in the media that we are being hurt and that's all everybody wants okay. I don't feel I have much of an ego. All right. There is an iron rich. Anna is and I do like when Mike del Tufo plays the drop of what type of show this. This is here on the rich Eisen. Show you you're not even listening GonNa says this going on going on on that the rich Eisen show else looking for him. Yeah because again I do have a little bit of an ego but all of us all of us in the media world we we just WanNa know that you are hearing us because if you don't hear us them what are we doing here. I mean what are we. Don't want to be heard. It's all about distribution bution. We want the district you to do what you were saying that you hear us that means were a factor. Oh and eventually the the biggest thing we want to know we want to know. Are you distracted. Is this distraction. How you handling distraction? That's why the Super Bowl is the biggest mother load media event of all time. Because we WANNA WANNA know if you're if we're being distraction. And how are you handling the distraction and then the distraction does it actually matter on the Game Day and if we you find out that it does turn off all the television sets because we're going to go to town my two cents in my advice to so you don't say it Mitch Mitchell dumb because it's just GonNa add the follow up on what's on. TV's on what are they. What are they on Kenny? Any not handle it. Is this in the bears locker. Room a distraction. Oh thank you thank thank you thank you all right. Our daily Brown story here. Baker distractions speaking of Asa Baker. Mayfield said he wants to quote force-feed Odell early on in the game idea so he can make an impact and have the perfect book to have a shot at a play. Well it only took ten weeks to figure this again again again again. My third down lower third because in the television business. You put down at the bottom of scream what you're trying to say. So just in case there are people in Halas Hall or just turn the sound on. They could see it still on their televisions if they haven't turned TV's so it says it at the bottom. It's Cleveland well. We thought HE JACKSON was bad. Dude don't don't say that. Why don't say that it took you? How many weeks today Baker the starter? Now how many weeks to figure out. Hey we need to get del Tall. He's just saying that and again him walking away from the media the other day him showing up in front of the media like totally disheveled old and by the way and by the way the mustache that he shaved have have a quote. Oh you do okay. What else you got that too? Yes so everyone was pointing out Adam schefter specifically that he shaved three times on Sunday showed up with the beard. Yes played the game in the handlebars who mentioned and then had the just the plain stash afterward. Ray Will Tomas The original thought Baker said was to handle bars because I was undefeated before Sunday with the Handlebar Moustache. I shaved it off because I didn't deserve and they and he's doing and he and the rest of guest bunch of the guys are doing a movember mustache. Thank for Men's health men's health understood. They need to win in the worst worst worst way because now you know kitchens being asked did you speak to Baker Baker about walking away from the media. I don't talk to you guys about what I talk about with Baker so you did talk to him about the media because again all we want to know in the media are we being heard. Are we being respected. And if what we're saying or are apparent level of disrespect is a distraction. That's all so what's worse D- being distracted by the TV's or being distracted by facial hair TV's because if you admit that you're trying to shut off all the noise that means you're hearing the noise it means you can't handle the noise and thus are being distracted the the number one word Super Bowl Week is distraction. The media's looking for a distraction are we creating one and if not what can and be one are you hearing it. What is the issue? Will you win the season and legacy on the line on Super Sunday. Be Distracted Chris. Brockman news update brought to you by the Honda distraction which is in the form of the twenty twenty Honda pilot so yeah Oh man yeah okay. So he's saying we need to feed Odell and all that SORTA stuff areas week. They should be really against Buffalo yes. They're home like crap. Their bills are good. They're home this. Is the team team. That on paper was supposed to win this division and they have been nothing but a disappointment in its time. Okay Hey should be split screen now. I don't want to distract you. Thank you all right. Let's get more. We got lots. We are talking about. London Games and if They could have a team there. Eight games a schedule On your show the grind this week you talk to Jags Zone. Ershad shod cons about this very thing. The idea of maybe having a regular team in London is tough for me to wrap my arms arms in mind around. I'm wondering what about you personally. In my humble opinion I don't think it's anywhere near close to that we don't want to have More Games than there's here's really organic demand for and you. There's no plans for you to just move your team a lot. There no plans for us to go and this was before everything going on with the chargers right and that report for the chargers and but so let's just say you WanNa time here because he also Oh said the sound bite before it That we didn't play because I wasn't involved in it that that the Jaguars needed London to make the Jaguars more viable and Jacksonville. Because the gate that you get from these games in London it's a windfall from what I'm told so financially financially it makes sense to say we're making a commitment to London. We can build up a fan base in London more. Maybe Jaguars material is sold in London. I mean don't forget at prior to him Moving onto Los Angeles Blake. Bortles was like the the Jerry Lewis of London. Football like everybody in London thought the same way. Ah Everyone in France thought that Jerry Lewis was the greatest actor ever because anytime that they show they thought it was blake. Bortles was the greatest quarterback in the over there. Initially because he dominated you're over seas built a fan base up there and he's got some money in some scratching his pocket but he also said he does not think that it's like there's more than organically Viable for games right now is kind of enough. Eight might be too much in terms of sending the charges there. It's just it's if it look if any team wants to go or has it the desire to go or has a fan base more Bilton than anybody else. It's the Jaguars. And he's like there's no plants Lance and so the thing that really has messed up. Did you see the story that that shafter tweeted out today. The Tom to Lesko. The general manager of the chargers rarely rarely addresses the team. He felt the media to pull the team together and say this is not true that we're going to London. Because as I pointed out imagine you. Philip rivers would retire on spot. Yeah because he yeah. Why would you know what you're going to go to London? We've heard Dean Spanos ban on the owners reaction this week who leaked or I don't know read this crushing. How did it get started somebody? who has a desire to? I don't know I I don't Wanna I don't Wanna I don't WanNa speculate either but as it does it's damaging the charges for sure eliminates weekdays before. You're about to play a big game. MM against the raiders. If you're sitting here if honestly if if I found out all of a sudden. NFL NETWORK WAS GONNA move to London. I would be freaked out. Yeah I would be freaked out like okay my livelihood and my life and my kids and my wife and my house all all here in Los Angeles. I'm doing this for living and I'm thinking I'm going to do for a living for a longtime right here in L. A.. No sorry rumor is we're GONNA pick everything coming up and you're GONNA have to move to London I would freak out and I'd want to hear from the general manager to Yemen which is why I'm sure Dean Sparrows came out and started working powder blue all right. I want to distract you. Keep going. Thank you So some notes from around the week from players here. We'll mark. Jackson did not practice active to date per the athletic due to an illness that he on for the last couple of weeks get no danger of him missing. Sunday's game against Cincinnati. Aj Green confirm firm. He will not play. This week was some talk earlier in the week that he was going to suit up for the first time this year against Baltimore. That's not happening was asked about his contract situation and he said mad. It's really going downhill fast. I don't really care about it. He said if they're worried about me not playing or not being being healthy. Then there's thirty two teams out there A.. J. Green is a free agent. WHO NEEDS A win for everybody? WHO NEEDS A win? More jets Falcons bengals. I smell tomorrow's poku rounds. Save that for checks browns bengals or name aim it. WHO NEEDS A win? More Falcons right balconies for sure. I don't know man bengals could use one jets could use one while I'm saying they don't but Brown's need one in the worst way Sean Payton says he expects Allen Kamera to suit up on Sunday against the Falcons he is not playing games and of course they had a bye week last. Make your just the next four for the saints in Division okay home for Atlanta at Tampa home for Carolina Added Lanta on Thanksgiving night and then lurking lurks focus circle big game week. Fourteen home against San Francisco. That can buy me a huge huge ball of wax. Could that be flagged. Now it's game rattlesn- at the rams no no no no no. Excuse me that game would be flexed. Melissa how do I put this Seattle at the rams would be flexed over the cold. Dead Body of Al Michaels. You're GONNA FLEX CAME EH meaningful. Immune full division game out of Los Angeles to New Orleans not Out Understanding it's a game and I prefer to say. Hey Mikey d your your friends at Big Fox Little Fox when they were had to protect these late season games probably didn't circle saints in Forty niners first couple of weeks now so that's probably available to be flexed. But how I mean could you imagine imagine if out Rams Rams WanNa chat twelve against eleven in one situation. Dvd Ed the flex. No all right so jacoby percents deal with this MC L. Sprain. He did practice today so okay. He's looking pretty good news man. That's good news Schefter saying that derwin James expected to return week thirteen on thirteen chargers against the Bronco. It's good news that he's he's progressing passing you're not finding out that he's regressing on a path. That's good here now. Rams steelers big game this week Rams GonNa get Clay Matthews back at news after that broken Njai suffered earlier this year. Hey Patrick mahomes full participant for Wednesday's practice he's going so keep an eye chiefs right now. I mean if he's full that that means when you say full participant that means one hundred percent of your lawn right. Yeah that's it. Yeah that's it. He's coming back unless there is a regression unless or he's distracted by something of course because because because I'm going against Mahomes in a League of course I and Saquon against the jets is to. I mean I'm sitting there with coop saquon and mom who will yellowing your first overall and then somebody doesn't draft a quarterback. Active third round doing Haskins is going to start week. Eleven against the jets for Washington Amari Cooper according to ESPN Visiting team doctors. MRI and his knee Wednesday knocking practice today. According to Jason Garrett hope he's going to play Sunday but he is dealing with he'll ankle quad and now a knee a he's been really banged up this year. where I feel when I'm going for my tennis lesson later today? which is good timing because Brian has been tweeting out some workout videos? It goes to your day. I'm not trying to go anywhere. And be a starter and a team. I want to contribute because I know I will be able to. I'm feeling good. I miss two weeks. I'm going to reach out to teams and see what happens. Let's go Dez makes the League more interesting only thirty one years old. That's right let's see. Let's go throughout the ex. The EX I met students dude two weeks from now Dez Bryant raises. His hand. Says I'm really. What about your team? You take him. Let's go. Why would you? Why wouldn't the Patriots throughout the year? I feel I would be better then does Gordon. He's what they hope nope. Josh Gordon would have been dude. Sent him down. Sent him down over the middle over the Moya. Let's go down the same. That's missing right. We're missing that seemed threat. Because I'll tell you what Gronk was posted some pictures him and you hear this him and his brother with TB twelve. Here's Lookin' thin. He is not coming back through calls coming from within house. Eventually you'll more over there Mike Leach sound you WanNa save it. That's something called teachable on Zombie. Oh and speaking of zombies. You're you're you're gambling pics. Then I completely forgot to put in speaking. It's been a busy day here. It has been been. Wow what a day we've had we'll save for tomorrow my picks tomorrow you know you got to begin you got you gotta do your picks man. Are you not prepared. I'm not prepared. I don't WanNa give Willy Nilly picks without the proper research. We'd rather my picture picks her Mike Leach on zombies. You know what I'd rather you you know not to go check on you but do your job. I mean you're the one who said. Hey I want to start making gambling. Picks on the air and I'm the one who is like well the NFL would probably not really like it. But I'll go ahead and let me do it. Somebody's going to Las Vegas that China's sale not to sound like all younger. But I'm on menu like and I'm Mike. And then we have been hoodwinked by the way. Did you see Stephen. As new segment Yes the name of it. No you didn't not just as he cracks me up Matt Stewart. Suzy was the one who's he's like. You got to take a look at this. She's looking at it and he's like at the arena not wanna Stewart's things with no. He didn't say that all the time. That's why I retweeted Mike Stewart a like that. Oh no he didn't when somebody missed a dunk or when Jordan would just like facial somebody. Oh Man I mentioned to gosh man who didn't load manage Michael Jordan correct bird. I mean we could go on and on but now we sound like the Alcon Dana Carvey and we loved it played every day we loved it. We liked it was different back then. Chris Brockman picks thrown together just like every week what he talk about it on the rich Eisen show. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you you great listeners for supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either of you. When I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast? One DOT COM clicking on the support this podcast button and there. You'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show okay mic And Chris. We're getting ready to wrap up this show here. Let's just sneak in win for phone call because Denison Tennessee's been hanging on forever. What's up Dennis? Help you there Denison. Oh boy he's been hanging out for all right right right. Yeah I got about thirty seconds for you. What's on your mind? Brother are adult. I'll I'll I'll try to make it fast talking about these teams tanking there. I'm here go forward. Okay okay It's pointing that. You had Jerry West on the other day. Because in the late seventies the Los Angeles Lakers acres for a about a five hundred team and without tanking within a three year span. They drafted Magic Johnson. James Worthy. That's because Jerry you wish you had a scout draft. He also got Michael Cooper at a New Mexico and Kurt Rambis so then it's going to nfl real quick these things things that they're serviceable quarterbacks. They're able to come in and you could fit a system around. Women saved your picks in draft some linemen so if I was the owner of a team I'd I'd be saying worth my general manager. I mean why are we having to lose games in order to get a number one. Traffic may or may not even pan out. I you no Dennis. I am at with an and thank you for the call and thanks for holding on as long as you did. He's right and again. The reason why the clippers were able to put everything together with Jerry West is because they already had a ready made team to hit the winning now button. That's the way I wanna go by the way you need a win with a young quarterback right now before he demands forty million dollars a year which is what the Golan rate's GonNa be eventually in the NFL. All right. Chris will let you do your picks. Tomorrow I'm ready. I'm more concerned about Mike Leach. Each right now on the rich Eisen show. Here's Mike Leon zombies zombies. You were preparing yourself for Zombie apocalypse kinds of things. Would you make sure you pack you in and Security wise and all that kind of stuff. I don't think I'd have to store that much. I try to store all my favorite things and you you know have a nice You know locked in space Zombie seemed to be able to climb. So I don't think this is a big deal And obviously I'D WANNA blast a couple just to see how that comes together but I actually think Zombie Apocalypse. I would die of boredom before anything now. I for one am ready to move on from zombies. We need something else and I don't want it to be some science fiction deal either on for like two and a half never watched the walking dead. I guess that he's the best. Mike Glee Jeffrey Buddy. I mean okay tomorrow show the actor Josh Lucas Ford Versus Ferrari to fun movie man. A rat to fun fun movie and we're also having scheduled to appear Mike Mayock my all my old friend and Patrick Corbin from the Washington national. He is going to be into is gonNA join all righty then. That's a Friday. They program I think. And I'm not saying this 'cause mayock is is on the show. I think he's GonNa come on as a victorious. General Manager I liked the under tonight. Adji with the double E. Facet unforgettable name or the man they call a master jets Emma. That's not what if you're with me again tonight. What do you think wins yourself? I think I'm going to pick the raiders. Okay there you go very good. I don't mean to pull it out of your but now we'll get your gambling. Picks on is an over here

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