UN Secretary-General's opening remarks at press conference


Ladies and gentlemen of the media. Welcome. It is good to be with you ear in presence that also to be able to contact. So many of you slow our technical virtual. Mechanisms. The covid nineteen pandemic is a crisis unlike any lifetime. And so the General, assembly session will be unlike any other two. We have a full program and the stakes could not be hired. Our world is needing grimace of milestones when million lives lost to the vitals. Meanwhile. ALGEBRAIC remains out of control. Today we are seeing a report documenting what the United Nations has done since the beginning of the crisis and what the world still must do. DIVIDERS is the number one global security threats in our world today, and that is why in March I called for a global ceasefire. May Appeal resonated with member states, civil society, a number of armed groups across the world. And today from Afghanistan to Sudan, we see hopeful new steps towards peace. In Syria Lebeau grain and they'll swear ceasefires ostend steals in the fighting. Can Create Space for diplomacy. In Yemen, we are pressing for a ceasefire confidence building measures and the resumption of the political process. But the cross these and other crisis spoilers are active distrust is the. We must persevere. In. My speech to the General Assembly on Tuesday. I will make a strong appeal to the international community to mobilise all efforts for the global ceasefire to become a reality by the end of the years. We must seize every opening in the weeks ahead and make a new collective push for peace. This is also the moment the international community needs to come together to defeat the vitals. Many hopes on vaccine. But let's be clear. There is no panacea in pandemic. Vaccine alone cannot solve this crisis certainly not in the near term. We need to massively expand new and existing tools that can respond to new cases. And provides vital treatment to suppress transmission save lives especially over the next twelve months. But stopping now. A vaccine must be seen as a global public goods. Because covid nineteen respects no borders. We need the vaccine to be affordable and available to all. Peoples. Vaccine. That means the quantum leap in funding for the act accelerated and it's Kovacs facility. For any vaccine to work. People across the globe needs to be willing to take it. But with the spread of the vitals, we are also seeing a proliferation of misinformation about the future vaccine. This is fooling vaccine is and see and igniting wild conspiracy theories. Mistrust, in vaccines is on the rise around the world. We have seen a lot of media reports of large segments of the population in some countries indicating their reluctance or even refusal to take a future covid nineteen vaccine. In the face of these little disease, we must do our utmost to halt deadly misinformation. We must also do far more to address the global fragilities dividers has exposed. Even before the pandemic was veering far of course, in efforts, we radicati poverty. Achieve the sustainable development. Goals. And we were losing the battle against climate change. Greenhouse gas concentrations reach new record highs in two, thousand and twenty. The Northern Hemisphere has just experienced its off summit on records. The world is burning. And recovery is all chance to get on track and TAME the? Flames. Recovery must be aligned with the sustainable development goals of the Perez Agreement on Climate Change. Recovery Must Be Green. Subsidizing fools and building out pollute and bedding outs. Polluting industries means locking in Beth patterns for decades to come. Recovery must've Vince, gender equality and the. Requires. Effective. Multilateralism. On Monday member states up to declaration marking the seventy fifth anniversary of the United. Nations and committing to a reinvigorated multilateralism. They will also invite me to report on our common agenda for the future. These will be an important process of reflection and I will report back with analysis and recommendations. Already across the anniversary ears. We engaged in a global conversation with surveys, Paul's gatherings in person and now online. We placed special emphasis on the voices of young people and the results are striking. People are thinking big. About transforming the global economy accelerating transition two zero carbon in shooting universal coverage and the racial injustice and ensuring that decision making is more open and inclusive. and. People are also expressing an intensying for international cooperation global solidarity. And rejecting, go to low nationalist approaches and divisive populist appeals. Now is the time to respond to these aspirations and to realize these aims. In these seven versity ear, we face our own nine, hundred, forty, five moments. We must meet at the moment and you must show unity like never before to overcome today's emergency, get to wilt, moving, and working and prospering again. And uphold the vision of the charter.

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