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Welcome friends and lovers to the final and Fifth Course in reference Daego station of May Zakim. Masterpieces OOH LA. Four chef kisses or around Thank you thank you. Thank you Just to quickly Give a quick summary of the reference Diaz Station. We started off with a very palatable. Spirited away We also had PORCO Rosso or what he likes to call me. The scarlet pig on a Friday night We also moved into the next pairing of Princess Monarchy and also paired together with Norsk Valley of the wind and now we get to the light creamy Dreamy Delicious House moving causal all year. It is all sir Alf Fiftieth episode. I T- It is also the same week that we started our podcast one year ago one year. Yeah Gar and we also just hit two hundred ratings worldwide on Apple podcast team whose spoilt we already Recorded this blue cheese so I just wanted to give a shout out. I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that has loved maybe not loved But definitely supported. Us along the way. I thought the moss you I'll sense as forever all yes indeed hot dog. Let's get onto the sharp. Hey friends and lovers welcome back to four year reference. You've got your hands K T T and secure your hearts and work on your own sense of self because today we are covering house moving castle otherwise known as how. Goku she'll wow right you didn't think. Katie me is I was in the building but She is clearly we've also got. Ot Jerome Tarantino in the house to as you know these amaze. I can masterpieces. So we've got him at the helm for this film. We've got the strength of the Jew word. That is followed us all along this menu. We've got Joe Hisashi with the music. Wow Wow and we will definitely get into that as well. Let's just quickly go through the stats. It was released in September of two thousand and four and it premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The budget was twenty four million. We'll keep you out because the worldwide gross was two hundred and thirty six point two million. You will never be ugly. You'll have all of the persons to keep those bag pretty much and dog right so let's get into the actors. Interestingly enough We actually watched the English dub which is the first that we did in this particular series. you would have listened to the episodes. I've I've pretty much watched all of the English dubs growing up into my earn Hohmann Hood but in this particular ceres. This is the first English that we watched very interesting. But let's go through the Japanese cost. I at least for the main characters playing how we have Cammarata Toco and playing sophie. We have by show Chico. So you won't notice in the American English sort of dubbed version. We do have two people playing sophie but in the Japanese version. We just have the one voice actress and just a little call out. Just a little Reference if you'll pardon the reference Playing the which the ways is milwaukee hero who plays Moro from princess-mononoke so they are the qualities of the comparisons a mate and the references made as well If we're going to go quickly through the English costs we have the episode creamy episode dreamy. Christian Bale Yes yes. Yes and all the places after he saw spirited away he wanted to be involved in anything. Oh I wonder what kind of method acting you went into preparing for this role. Speaking of method acting he actually he actually recorded this just before he did Batman also. Another interesting tidbit. I have read the book. So let's give all of us time for me to pull my glosses op. We will never hear the end of it. You know. And I've got glasses in the most pleasurable of places. Don't you worry? In the film there are different dials and it takes you through different portals with the door it house moving castle and there's a black door it doesn't really hurt too and I definitely want to talk about the ambiguously But for this particular fun fact in the book it actually goes back to House. Herm land. Which is Wales. Ooh And as the timeline would allow Christian. Bale is also Welsh Full is from Wales. Like if that's what you WANNA call it. I'm from Australia I did am. I already knows I'm everyone's Lucapa ndas wet dream. That's a neighbor's reference. Friends in love is what some ozzy shows every now and again you also in the English. 'cause like I mentioned we have Emily Mortimer Oh oh. She was pure quality She was pure quality and then we also have gene simmons who voices grandma's Urfi and she is perfect as well issues. I think it made sense to have two different Voice actresses and this was gene. Simmons loss feature film so rest in peace also resumes to Diana Wynne Jones. I did not know all of these that I've loved house moving causal. I didn't know that there was a book and I only just recently Read it over the Christmas holidays But she passed away as well. But before this film actually premiered Miyazaki actually went to England in the summer of two and four to give a private showing to Diana Wynne Jones. Yeah even though. It wasn't released like a year later. What's pretty cool? Yeah it is pretty cool. But Yeah we'll definitely go through the tidbits and that sorta stuff. Don't you worry kids? We own our knowledge repository is. I'm debate so I've got that open but I've also good reads open. I'm running out of glosses to pull up our tape. But what what a film. What a film in Dade again. Thank you guys so much training in and sticking with us in this referenced gas station what a great time what a way to round out fifty episodes. We are going to go to if you if you are. Wink is like us. And you go to a station. They usually have like tasting notes otherwise known as themes are. Let's go through it. We've done it for off for other movies so this will be quite a robust Sort of analyzing cross sectioning everywhere. So the first theme that we have is planes slash flying so just quickly. Miyazaki's father built Pottsville planes so not just not just that but also the innovation of putting people in the air is quite extraordinary. So how do you feel? That fame went with house moving. Causal Oh yeah got mad like we had ed shapes lying castle so it was a moving cost another flying cars moving flying. That's that's a la put castle in the Sky. May Aid definitely was man in this. We had all different subtle flying contraptions in the air definitely It was quite interesting because usually the flying sort of element that may Zaki has an. His films are usually like an escapism. It's usually a way to fulfill that inner sort of childlike nature. That you have inside of you but I feel like plane slash flying in house. Moving costs was kind of not used for good. If that makes sense yeah most of them were bomb ships yes it was kind of just useful destruction and even with HAL flying. He was used as like a soldier in the army so even when he was flying it wasn't a whimsical SORTA thing. It was like taking down villages. Essentially the foster. I'm she he was flying them so feel. It's him to be quite fun. Even though he was running from which of the waste I guess but when you compare it to like spirited away for example the flying with cocoon is very different to flying with hell so it. It's it's it's interesting. I also mentioned in the know. Ska SORT OF EPISODE. Like the age of the protagonist kinda denotes to the maturity of the themes so I guess that whimsical nature was Kinda gone. It makes sense because you know. We'll get into sophie as a character but she you know she. She wasn't sucking the mirror out of life. So yeah but you know what I mean like to have a fully realized and happy sort of film wouldn't have made sense with her at the helm in rate so let's dive into the next thing because it's not necessarily happy either antiwar yes it's all covered. I think In the fact that they're fighting a war which they don't really know why they're fighting in the first place I know they're looking for they're seeming. A kingdom has taken whole stage or kidnapped Ah Prince which is later to find out it's tiny head bought. It's all a bit embiid girls to the reason why it's fighting. Even the resolution of the wall seem to be too It's it'd be weird like definitely the comments in there in the movie about how the wall was stupid and the false place so yeah. There's definitely some antiwar themes in here. And that's also an interesting thing Spoiler spoiler spoiler. And if you want to read the book also spoiler spoiler spoiler because there are quite a lot of things that remains from the book Obviously if you have a book that has hundreds of pages you're not going to be able to fit everything into like a two hour movie for example However I did feel like it kept the essence of the book. A lot of the scenes that you see In the film actually are from the book like when calcified Pretty much like curses the Bacon to burn That's also in the book. How being so distraught that he copied beautiful anymore. That in the book as well So you have quite a lot of moments From the book and you do have the essence of that despair that Sophie has and also how childish Howley's I thought he was a bit more childish in the book and we can come to that And more examples. I already said spoilers Guess what Sophie was a witch in the book really. Yeah Yeah I guess it's also because in a book there's more space to breathe as well I guess while we're staying in our learning Katie cyclope in the book. There's actually two sisters Is letty who we see. And there's also Mafa And there's there's this perpetual quite sophie has an. I think it's like the first paragraph of the book where Sophie says. If you're the oldest of three children you'll the first one to make mistakes. You'll the one that will make the most mistakes and you won't get the best fortune which is very sad but she assumed that sort of role. I think a lot of how Sophie was feeling in the film was conveyed through the book. So if anyone felt any sort of disconnect about sophie as a character Our employees to read the book and book obviously can give you more details as well Yeah but birth of the sisters. The mom is actually her mother-in-law. A young strapping. Can you call home in strapping or is that more of a man thing by? There's nothing stopping of from being strapping economy. Handsome woman all the time and we all Miss Woken. That's actually her mother-in-law who Pretty much is as airy-fairy as she is in the film but there is. There's there's definitely a lot more depth Like I mentioned the black Portal is going back to Wales. And how has like a whole family? And there's like a whole subplot incident. Yeah and I guess that was sacrificed to make room for the antiwar sort of messages. Because I don't know I don't know because I've I've watched house moving costs like fifteen times but it felt so disjointed now knowing everyone's aware of like the anti war sort of messages that Miyazaki has but I felt like it felt so stock in this film. And it's weird. It's weird to watch something after reading a book. Or maybe it was the English dub that threw me off Dr but I was feeling things and we will definitely get into that as well. Markle in the English dub was actually also in the Japanese. He was named Michael in the book and he was also a teenager and he fell in. Love with Martha was awful. Yeah Oh with the sister that doesn't exist so again it's just like simplifying the storyline but they were witches as well. But you know that's a little bit of a back story if you WANNA have like a reference rates which not and I keep talking about having a little book club. I think that'd be quite cute to have especially American Gal gods so sad so sad Let's move into the next thing that we have is environment. I don't really think it gets covered in this film. Not Really Bob. We get a lot of landscape shots which is sort of gray. The beautifully drawn Sophie stake into this Ohio makes Soviet sort of area which is beautiful house alone flowers in the book as well yeah so inasmuch as the environment and environmental issues already covered. At least we're showing some appreciation of it. Yeah but you know you'll grasping at straws now I'm grasping at straws. Bought it still sort of loosely. Because what makes how. How's moving customer really beautiful as this sort of leads showings and the landscapes in the detail that they've actually even gone to to make everything. Look so beautiful so in as marches. No one's holding up signs out there claiming about climbing change. At least we're shown the full appreciation of the world. We're living in the sort of Beauty it can behold and. That's actually quite interesting i. We've this fifth episode Sir Pot in all my life. I've mentioned this before but Miyazaki started off drawing landscapes and he was very good at it and obviously if you've witnessed an immerse yourself in any of his films that is quite a parent right But he always had trouble drawing people. Obviously he's you know he's evolved Since then but I thought that was quite an interesting soda. Call out but that's why there's so much Focus on the landscape. It's not just like during the like little dodgy brushes in the background. You know what I mean so it really takes on. Its own sense of life But however this is at the gas station and I will have to pull rank on your T. and say that that's not Mitt cool was just trying to you. Know Britney home a bit. That's absolutely fine. You'll be fine with the next thing. The next theme is female leads slash kids. Oh we have a lot in sophie. She's not really much of a child. She's still quite young. She in the book she's just under or about to hit eighteen. She's like seventeen in the book or young adult But yeah she's quite the protagonist in this. We feel like we can all resonate with Sophie. How she feels because most of our so we have some of all load times you know so it's not something that's completely removed from Hollywood feel Yeah and there's also a lot of young people especially Markle who's he's an understudy to howl and yeah the fact that he's a young adult in the book and is Falling Laviola people. That's completely different for me. Now it makes sense because again in a book you have more time to brave And you can allow to have a bit more complexity. I did feel like the story was clear cut but then they will also elements to this film That weren't necessarily You know it was kind of oil and water at times and that breaks my heart because for a lot of times I never put on like a critical soda. Lens in regards to house moving cost. It was always just my escape film but it might have been reading the book in might have been the English dubs. But I'm starting to see it differently. Which is very interesting. But again dern ask me to rank these films x my heart eight you in the solstice but it is interesting and I guess we can talk about how we feel about it. You will be pressed to know that. I'll probably rate them all ten by Christmas time. You can all come and fight me in Japanese and in English But yeah so. Sophie is quite an interesting character. And there's definitely a lot of layers to peel off in regards to her after we go through these themes Because yes she. She was very humid. She really feel look at a lot of Miyazaki characters they kind of existed to serve the story but I really felt like Sophie got in the way of the story which is like sometimes. That's all life is right. Yeah true like sometimes you have those friends and you want them to just see what you see but they aren't. You know what I mean and Sophie was kind of you know the one to get an earn way. So that was quite interesting so development and something that you couldn't really Explore in spirited away for example. Yeah so that so the maturity and the complexity of the theme start to come out A bit more as well so female lead double tick and all the Dick's the next thing. We have is ambiguous between good and evil. How who I'd say. Yes it's met in Tom Sawyer. We have the which of the waste. Who's Badeah Evil Star even felt like because we talked about in Princess Mononokai? We also talked about Ca- Shawna in no Scott and we talked about how they were Sir Evil and then they became so resolute. I feel like which of the waste takes the cake in regards to that aspect we know hustle purpose of living was to have halls heart right and I think what will you which is weird an explanation because I think in the movie they sort of say that it was quite pretty and then I think house do star and then lost interest something each other. Yeah So yes maybe how was some sort of playboy. I Dunno but yeah I guess maybe he was a soul. She's she's she's corned from our point of view and she's just changed. She's she's a product of him being a player on the poor say patrol. That's an inbetween is reference which will definitely get to One of these days. But yeah the wicked witch of the waste it just. It didn't make sense but then again Mike. Sometimes you watch anime and like the arch enemy becomes like their best friend like I just. I can't explain it. I'm sure there's an actual like term for it or even in like we love Naruto and I think we've mentioned in all of these episodes but you know you have characters that like seriously trying to kill you but then you'll like best friends at the end of it. You know what I mean and I'm sure there's a term for this but it whatever that term is that was applied with which of the ways because in no other world doesn't make sense to just allow Harian. Well she's been stripped overpowers. Guess that's pretty much all. She's still cause damage. She does cause damage but she she does feel and she does understand the law between Sophian Hall and at the end of it she gives Kalsi fallback so it's not like like she's completely gone. She's completely broken. Bad really which of the waste. Heisenberg while I will. I will stop mentioning the book but this is quite a big one. This is a hawk in the book. You know how they talk about a prince. That's missing and then in the book there's also the Kings `brava missing so you have two men that are missing right. She took part of them. She took body parts of them and she was building the perfect human and she wanted to have how to put house head on that perfect human okay but it was interesting. It was interesting made sense in the book the I think they just tried a painter in like a more sympathetic solo of light in May Zakim film because it. If she done what she had done in the book she couldn't have been best friends with them at the end. You know what I mean. I guess that's why we saying this is one of the major themes in that movie because he's trying to depict as known is inherently just bad or good you know it's it's all nuanced and guess it makes sense for him to kind of adopt it from the Book Lot Way So I haven't caused because that's just his thing and I guess it's sort of. It's sort of message where people can change and you can talk to them. Educate sort of reach out. And now I'm I'm a I'm a Kara. Like once you piss me off you out of my life mate you lasted so long you must have a cheek. Kurt or some shit or do so. Yeah the ambiguity. Between Good and evil I think I think was plagued with quite a lot in this film. Like even that the star people were talking about how well and how he ate young ladies hot and that sort of thing. Come and fight me. I want to talk about the book again Yeah they talked about him. Stealing Ladies Houghton thought that in terms of not just seducing them and then that's what it comes on interest that's what it ends up being so he makes who fall in love with him but then as soon as they fall in love back he loses interest. But I'm Bam Bam bound bound you. Reckon yeah these squiggling little love hot on your notebook at school or yeah. Yeah because it's quite interesting because at the end of it which which I feel like I'm just realizing this right. Now are the end of the movie where we have sort of Sophie going back into House Childhood and saying the sort of regions and telling how that remind me come fund me later. Yeah I think that makes sense now that they'll all bound to. You know how was always looking for Sophie so unle- until so found him and realized he was just an empty shell of a man. And I'm going to bring up the book again. Take a shot. You're going to be on the floor by the end of it. Friends and lovers thought when the soldiers were calling her a little mouse and how she is that was actually held in the book. Who seems a bit pervy? Didn't that maybe that's why maze ocoee chose to not make him and he's like sweeps in like saves her but that becomes a big. Merman in the book where it's like. You didn't notice me when I first talked to it on. I mean like those sorts of things and there's a lot of exposition about her not feeling good about herself which I want to spend a lot of personal time on But let's be one. The next theme is one of my most favorite themes. And I'm sad that we have to hang it up for me as ocoee whenever we do next year's Daego station. I WANNA PUT. This came in as well just for. Shits legals. Pigs Nano pigs loose make well. You wanted to say that environment was this so I will put my case forward to say there was bacon being. Does that counselor clutching at straws. Your well a gals gotta try right So yeah I guess so far for environment and pigs. We have element okay so the last theme that we have before we go into general sort of discussion of the film is whimsical slash fantasy. All off cost. Yes yes yes. Yes yes We have a moving castle. We have sort of Majdic wizardry which craft they have a castle which teller pasta different dimensions. Where they're pretty much hiding because the the hiding from which of the waste by moving all the time but yet again have a portal making them available everywhere. It's anything and everything. Yeah Yeah but I think that also on one hand you could say that that's an ex- markinor and it gets them out of every situation but in other cases it can also denote to house overwhelming power. Yeah it was a very strong Wisit Hillary's from wizard. And guess once you give your heart to a demon fire then get all the powers in return. And that's an interesting sort of fame isn't it? But those themes that we have. I also want to add in regards to the whimsical slash fantasy. It also is whimsical because it is a visual visceral experience of what it's like to enthrall yourself and also fall in love. Yeah like It's so beautiful. Told her and I feel like most of US watching this. We pretty much resonating from Sophie's soap sort of point of view. Because like you're explaining it seems like hall is a completely different sort of person in the book. And he I think he's just more whiny and unfortunately Christian bow wasn't whispering in my a house radiant so I just read it as you guys is just the ultimate Pussy Dryer sorta voice creature. Yikes I saved by the bell reference. Yup and it'll be all asu stickiness fifty episodes reference by the belt so they you guard co indeed and their space it will remain friends and lovers show but it is. It is a very interesting Sold a story. I also felt like reading the book. The romantic sort of elements weren't as pronounced and they didn't resonate as much as shing the film but I think that's more may as a consumer We've talked about this in a couple of episodes but I really allow myself to indulge in the school You know in some cases it can inform me. What the scene is supposed to make me feel But a lot of the Times. It accentuates the happenings inside of the same. I think wants the movie started. We introduced to this beautiful music. And Yeah I Drawn into that it makes me want to like absorb everything that's happening which I do. And it's so subtle and makes you want to not only concentrate and feel whatever it is happening on the screen but it just brings up emotions in you that you never really thought that an move relax would elicit right. It's like you know how people like say like sexist cool but blah blah blah. I'll be like therapy is cool but have you listened to a journalist. Ashi joint lot bloody hell could could could picture myself in my nine to five listening to the howls. Moving costal sound truck back-to-back without losing a beat ingest completely concentrating. Whatever the hell do you use it? I use it to sleep. I'll say use that to read the book But the main theme that they have in house moving castle It it it makes me think of like a ballroom like similar to like beauty and the beast Yeah Disney is its own thing and Miyazaki is its own thing. Don't call it the same thing. I'll come and fuck invite you. I'll also punch your mother in the process. Okay let's make that very clear But it felt like you're in a ballroom and you're in your most extravagant of dresses All suits and you were dancing with the one that you've been waiting to dance for all night. Oh but the music was delightful. Kim effective like we said in all lost episode where we felt like they missed to be toward this call but with halls moving costs. I think this is one of my favorite 'cause I think on a morning spirited and we all know this train station. Nope spirited away is completely just on a different level Like I think that's one of the best period knocking on. It's just the best. Oh Wow okay okay and then okay. Ot Connie halls moving is a very close second like if you had to rank them otherwise. Birth great paces. It's Oh and it's an interesting thing it'll be very interesting to he someone with You know sort of musical sort of background in sort credentials. Actually explain this but the way that I feel it in the smallest resembling I have of hot. Is Spirited. Away really is women's equality in every sense of the word house. Moving Causal School. Is it sweeps you off your feet but you still no way. You are in the world here if that makes sense it's like an auto body experience that grown love motherfuckers. It's like an auto body experience bought with spirited away. Completely swept out of your. You don't even know where your body is. Can I get another body now? Ten Dog Bo Body Mate Bo body. That's an office reference. Ot Creed Bratton. You're the creative this podcast. You're the one with Iot blogs I tell you. It's the twitter but really you're just riding on Microsoft word. I don't everyone thinks fake. You did that all on your own. Say Back to the film. Oh but the score is everything and you know like heartfully. We get to a space where we can Twenty four seven talk about film and TV shows but until then we all still images in many other ways as well But when you start to watch film and as he starts to indulge yourself at least for me personally I didn't really pay much attention to anything besides the director right but there's a whole team behind that and what encapsulates in that is also the soundtrack and also the music that is composed for that specific moment if I may be so bold even succession like this accession. Tv shows opening theme is fully dramatic and movers. And you've got so much tonality to it. Oh so I guess this is just Katie's little journey on the ball. Levada Birkin references that I'm starting to urban myself up to understanding that it's more than just the creators You need people to help. Drive that vision for show and it's interesting. It's interesting with house. Moving costs will did. Is there anything you wanted to mention about first impressions or how you felt overall about this film? No this was the foster my watch the English dub because PVC wasn't it I think the last three I watched was the Japanese version. So it's interesting. I think the voice actors were pretty good. I enjoyed it more than I expected I would. I would say that. This is the best voice acting for any maze. Ocoee film that has an English. Dub everyone just played their parts so well And I think it also had to take time for shallow. Selassie data who helped and is the executive producer for a lot of The Ghibli sort of translations. Because you know there's a certain amount of respect that you need to have for the craft to stop fucking tinkering with it right. The character development on Lacerda is primer from completely chopping Norsk to allowing the films to be there so that definitely deserves credits definitely way it is. You're let's get into Surfie as a main character. I think I loved solving than you did. I did but she was like two real like in the last episode. Funnily enough we recorded just yesterday No SCA right. She was too perfect right and it's her fault like she's royalty so obviously she had that silver spoon in a mouth and other places right so that makes sense. It makes sense that she hasn't gone through the struggles of the common sort of. Firkh right But it it kind of takes away from her generous sort of nature because it's kind of out of obligation right and then you have sophie someone that you know the interesting thing about Sophie as we talk a lot about characters you know accepting the world and the role that they play in the quickest thing I could think of was the boys with Huey If you've got Amazon or if you don't Jeff Basil's go and contribute to him and get Amazon because the boys is more Tillis Yasser but yeah you have characters that like waste Sir Mush fucking time being like. Oh this is right. This is how it should be technomic. Let's move on. Let's actually get. Let's get to the meaty part of the story because you're wasting my time. It also denotes to her her sense of self and her lack of self worth which I think was quite side but you know come come and tell us if you have a different experience but like he said we all have times where we just don't feel adequate you know and that that's kind of the space with Surfie was operating in the book or even in the film you see her sister or sisters moving on and having a life and she chose to say hat chopped while his step. Mom just went gallivanting around. I guess all she's ever been was hotter and she didn't know anything else. She didn't think she was a previous lady and everyone was giving. Levy all the attention. And you know I. It would play with anyone's mind totally so I completely just understood wishes coming from and I I give all the graces like she didn't really think you'd have anything more especially our relationship with how dollars's because I targeted beautiful and she did not see herself as even when Larry was like. Are you floated? Maybe was how and she. She was like no knowledge he only goes beautiful galls. There was so many moments in the film where she just didn't feel enough when how was being such a Brat about his head changing different color. you might say that. She made it about a self which she kind of did anyway. Sophie was like. I've never felt beautiful once in my life. I fucking felt that man like I fucking felt. How dare you did? I get it. Not How the deck you VLADA? Cry Your Ears Cheese Carla. And don't feel pretty anymore gorgeous when she never even felt that at all as she never even considered a future with how because she wasn't on the level that he would be with. Yeah and that's why. The costs lasted so long because he never really understood. We need to talk about the curse. We definitely need to talk about the curse but I feel like those very opportune rain. She felt so upset and as soon as she ran outside there was rain as she could cry in the rain again. I I haven't watched the notebook. This might be another surprise to you but ot watch the notebook by yourself or with your sister with my sister and by myself so was it a blue movie not this listen some low score episode which he should have done away already because this is a station menu friends and lovers but I felt that like her not feeling like she was enough. I fucking felt that I heard that with a bullhorn and I guess this is where you can sort of tie in our poker also Especially Marco ways plays. Can we do that? Because Marco is also sort of bottomed with guilt and he's completely different for the 'cause you know yes yes him feeling all the guilt and keeps him that way keeps him seeing himself as a pig him transforming into a big whereas we have Sophie. Who really doesn't feel like she dissolves the sort of love. Or She's pretty you know. And this cost stays on because hustle. Wath is quite low and she was never she was never set up to succeed really in regards to how she feels about itself Her mom passed away when she was young. Her father remarried to this hot little toddy and she never really got a chance to feel good about herself and again like I feel that one hundred percent and the interesting thing is because a fucking love. You're not we've been together for like ten years but you know especially during those long distance times like washing house moving castle like it just it. It made me feel like I wanted to feel love for the first time again. You know what I mean. Does that make sense? So you know even though you're happy in your in love if you If you're missing is often film. That conveys all of the messages. It wants to a can completely. Just destruct your frame of Reference Right. 'cause I'm happy and I'm well fed and I'm very satisfied and all the ways But watching this film like even like spirited away and on some extent with the School of House weaving causal. There is that overwhelming sense of like loneliness at any point in time. This happiness. That you'll feeling is going to be taken away from you and that that also is conveyed in one of the final scenes where you have. How gifting the garden to her and she keeps saying why do I feel like this is goodbye and again? That is some real shit and she was right. Howls saying trying to say goodbye. Yeah because he was. He said that he didn't need to run anymore. which is completely I think watching this and realizing just how much the sort of Effect people have on each other especially when it comes to Soelvi. Emotional state is quite low others point and she doesn't really see us off in any sort of Redeeming light and the Falkland. She has all multiple positive effect on everyone that she comes across. She doesn't feel that she doesn't feel like call safe off. Pretty MARCH OBEYS ENDOWS. Whatever on straightaway which is rare mermaid. We pretty much told. Allots doesn't happen Michael falls in love with. Yeah like I think. It was like two or three moments where she where. He's like dirt. Leave so she she. She has this effect on people and she just doesn't see that. But you know back to the parallel that your during earlier. She is very similar to marker from Boko Koro. So in the sense that the spell can be disenchanted from her earn volition right and that's an interesting sort of thing because you see her going back even to her brown hair was she's. Outta most vulnerable even when she was talking to Solomon Right She really laid everything back. We also see how being cre- Oh we throw and it was watching a sleeping and that's when she was at amherst vulnerable again right and that was quite interesting In the book Howell actually makes a note of it that he actually tried undoing the spell many times while she was sleeping and he managed to do it to the fact that she was young again but she still had the grey hairs. If you notice it's only when she super vulnerable that it becomes Brown but even when she's feeling her love of loves it still great so I guess you could also symbolize that to her not wanting to get hurt in the process of loving someone else. So she's she's it's like a God love I guess so. Baugh guess I took it more as Mogae because its effects and stuff like remember when Which of the waste sent over the last And then it made a Soviet mark on the table and how sort of removed it yet. And then when the halls. Oh It's gone in house like all not really inasmuch as I've just movie the magic is still there and I thought was sort of what they're trying to like foreshadow when it came to bring him to sophie that inasmuch as the cost is gone or wow well sometimes sometimes. I forget the the sumptuous man. I'm with continue Sir Inasmuch as the cost is gone this the Majdic Steel House effect and steal their the. The magic is stirring. I can tell you ten dog a year bringing quality. Who's been calling for your reference. Podcasts always been quality lock. It's you'll take you my row. You're saying how dare you you're bringing quality. Well what do I need to do? Just bring my Sean and put it over your shoulder all right well. That will be good wax me. Let's move on to how he is a whole character is it was. It was quite interesting to see him. Salarly shed off the the layer feathers that he had if you pardon the pun in regards to his ability and his inability to give and receive. Love in many ways You see in the lost half of the film a lot of him. Becoming the based is protecting surfie really like that's his main goal by the end of it so it was an interesting Sort of conflict like in a conflict that was manifesting itself externally luck. Just looking at how Hollis I guess what were you telling me about him From what you've read in the book is sort of emotional. It's explaining him. Batta in my view in terms of what I just watched. I think it's just adding more confusion. Intangibles said the men that didn't read the book but anyway how come fight you well the in the movie. There's definitely hinting that. He is some sort of playboy. At least that's how I took it. That's fine and inasmuch as it's not shown and there's some level of care and as he said in the scene. Where are these two soldiers approaching sophie? Supposed to be how in the book and I guess I'm just GonNa wrap my head around in terms of understand his character holy and just to see the kind of drill thought. Diane had of him rather than what's been depicted in the movie bog guests. This is a parker solely focusing on the portrayal so no one told me known gave me the member which is interesting because I think inasmuch as it seems vein. It's not much you can still sympa thousand. You lock him likable very charming. He doesn't he doesn't come off as militias no and he can tell he really does care for Sophie. Oh yes. Even when the go-to see Solomon Send Sophie there? He still make sure that he comes in. You know I did. Wish he was haying the dog how we she was the dog. Also disappointed was and because we're all learning and I mentioned the book earlier. The dog is actually one of the apprentices of Solomon which this is another point where another character completely falling in love having felt the Lavin Globe Sophie because the dog betrays Solomon and just goes with Saudi and doesn't really report back anything up until the android is like her bed. Everything solved foam line for the sophie kissing brief because she was kissing everything by the end of the movie. Yeah Tani ped- you know He. Tom Tiny pill into a human he was the prince of the neighboring town the the ones that will warring with. And let's let's go back a bit against that because again. I have qualms ot I was going to rate everything attended by our Christmas episode. And I think this is one of my favorite Miyazaki joints now. Why because it just felt mismatched today. But the antiwar just didn't make sense really. It did to me. Yeah Again I. I am an enlightened being and I'm going to be ascended up to heaven or Valhalla. Any moment now. So don't you walk? He is what I took from the antiwar theme inasmuch as there's a lot of confusion ambig- Ritchie by the war. I think this is all intentional. No but it's like. Why don't you have a clear cut? Because he have monon okay. You have no scars and it is quite clear on who is fighting who it got to a point where you had this warship. Coming out of nowhere in the meadow of flowers and Sophie's like do you think it's also the enemy and how said it doesn't matter and it's like well it does matter you'd hauling story. He doesn't other end of the day. I think music is trying to tell us to. War is just bad and useless regardless. But he's done in one okay and he executed he's executed. He's doing it differently. You can't just have it. Copy pasted across all movies in the same way. And I think I appreciate this sort of approach to it because most of the time when there was take the wall or what's the Bush started it the Iran war like we knew the reason and then fucking ten blood years later still. It's still going on. Well that's interesting one really know what the fuck is going on. And I think that's the sort of that sort of tapestry can field. This was taking in terms of politicians or the leaders. The fuck doing or. Don't even know the factor. Doing it ends up being sort of big use. It's interesting that you mention that because I have a court firm Highways Akihiko. The reason that we made house moving Costlo is that they're too many unhappy matters in the world and he's referencing the Iraq war right another reason why he didn't attend the ceremony for spirited away by the way I'm house movie. Costal was the second animated feature to get nominated Let me continue the court such as wars an economic crisis. We hope that through the movie people can keep up their courage and say the HERP. The future world is so nice and beautiful. It is worthy for us to survive. Explore it. Okay. I think I liked it. I saw he was going with it and I appreciated his creativity corner but it was a love story amongst all of that and it. It's not to say that you can't have love stories within like war-torn sort of stories being told but it kind of felt like a plot device like every time the story or like Sophie needed to show her courage the war sort of element rid itself around. You know what I mean and they kinda vert themselves into a corner and again I hate who I am like saying this shit right now especially being someone that has loved this film for so long but the fact that they You know which of the ways becomes their best friend They completely remove any sort of wizardry On House Pot and the way they try to explain how it all stitches together with sophie seeing him as his childhood It wasn't the best you know what I mean in in a powerhouse where we've seen execution of messages Prince's monon okay being the strongest one in regards Sula's layers and nuances to have house moving. Causal such simple romantic sort of story about self worth and also about selflessness because. Howlett's that as well right I. It's definitely a mutual beneficial relationship between how and also sophie to then muddy the waters with antiwar literal propaganda. Leaflets falling out of the sky. Yeah right in the mayors like we're close for the day but it's like dude I can still grab your fish while it's there right. It just felt a bit disjointed. And I don't know if I am I reaching my final form of Katie film critic but I really saw this film differently this time round but again. I'm not liking that. I'm not appreciating that. I just WanNa like the Phil here. Well account completely agree with you because you just had my points on it to me. It doesn't really change anything. I I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed watching the time. It's just interesting because I felt like I would love house moving castle till the end of time but I'm getting to a point where I'm like. I love it just like I love Vertucci but you know there are elements in there that. You're you're Let Me Question. What did you think about Sophie's Stepfather? She was a problem. She did sort of law but she also married young and she portrayed by the end of the betrayal but she did feel sorry. She does some nice as long as you feel. Sorry Will Solomon didn't really give choice. Did she come get off it? She's this powerful body grand witch or something. He can't really do anything about us. They give me some like Tasha bullshit like power. Not This is not a Bush. I if she didn't really care about Sophie. I don't think she would exhibit. Those sort of emotions are the end. I can't I don't have any children so I guess my point of view will always be from the child's point of view parents and it's a little coffee parenting to take care of you and she didn't fuck and do that you so there's really not much that. I have to say about the mother-in-law but wow this was designed to be the desert of our reference Daego station but we really got into some meaty sorts of Kahane's yeah because it's a full movie. Some Bacon wrapped desserts if you're nasty to your arteries but wow while while how is this journey? Benfield? It it's been good. Larkham of enjoyed really watching and watching my time. Some of the movies in the we've covered Muzak. You'll always hold a special poverty. And I think this is one of the reasons why I loved so much and why I wanted to be not sort of environment and wild and bloody l just inspires the hell out of me and it's one of the things that I think we will never get tired of watching. Oh yes and would be expanding our potential in a lot of law studio Ghibli movies even Miyazaki John Mese Iq. That's what I mean like. Oh I feel about that because you know they sort of have this sort of unique approach to stuff which is good. It is good. I like that. We have these films. These masterpieces in order to immerse ourselves in a world that we will never be able to experience and there will also centralized k. Messages that we can apply in the real world I also appreciate that You know we can talk about being hippy. And Super Tree hugger but I think it's nice to try and reduce You know you'll waste on the environment and it's not necessarily. We exist here to take advantage of resources in humans or animals for that matter so I really appreciated this. I like the idea of doing feigned sort of months. I liked that. Because it gives us like an anchorage and it makes us very learned And it also helps us you know because we always wanted to do like maize ocoee films and we could just pump out five of them. I guess it has something. Maybe we could Do a lot more of in our second season of the podcast. Who how Nice Mushy Mushy to me? Indeed well thank you guys so much Not only for indulging in reference to go station. But thank you guys Sir fucking much for tuning in for one or fifty of how episodes Yup by the splashy awards we would have done fifty five episodes including Burns's and also special sort of episodes including our Christmas episode as well. We rank everything but again we want to say I got real gun show. Which means do your best? We fucking love you guys so much. Thank you for tuning into our podcast. Thank you indeed thank you for in gauging outweighed for riding US emails and also. I WANNA give a big shout out to Kobe Nick. In Kyle from Denver dinosaurs Ben from film buses and also Julia from the Contrarians podcast. Thank you so much for supporting us on Patriot. And thank you. Everyone So much for supporting us. Along the way you will hear Our award shirt which we had a lot of fun on There were lots of libations in the air And if you WANNA sale of a familiarity We have paycheck. Hr but every are everywhere else. On twitter and instagram we offer ref radisson email fellow f cost dot com and again. Thank you so much for tuning in for a whole year of Foyer Reference Household in Token Malo outfit yearly scientists Thomas Auburn and you can sit on Jupiter's currency you guys for the award show next week see.

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