Friday Four


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So hopefully, you know, what you're about to get yourself into the Friday four on outside the lines on Kagan does Bryant has been clear eyed about what he wants to get into the winner as they've been all year are the saints Levy on Bella supposedly about to get back into it with the Steelers, we got the NCI authorized to dig into college basketball corruption in the US Olympic Committee. Finally, saying aside gymnastics needs to step back. We got Clinton Yates he's here rock in his Vance. And he's tired of the hollow Molder of men rhetoric. Don van Natta junior rock and the Jordan fours brings us a canine story from his home state of Florida and Jeremy shop rocking the latest new balanced drop off Twitter, but he's still bringing us a story from the grant that's not really let's go right to our big story. Two different strategies for NFL players trying to harness their power one star receivers seems to have played his cards perfectly while confusion swirls around one of the game's best running backs. Does Bryan Bryan Bryan Dez Bryant back in the league? Over to our forty getting to work with them. This is the greatest situation that Dez Bryant has ever been in is Korea Levy on Bill back in Pittsburgh at an LA fitness club. You tweet upside down this whole situation has been up side down. He must be by Tuesday, four pm Oreos ineligible to play for the remainder of the teason if he shows up now, none of this makes any damn sense. That's right, right. One gafa. Let's stick to this. This question of what's going on this sense wake with Levy on bell? Because even the four of us in talking beforehand. There's a lot of confusion over what he's done here. Whether it's going to help him whether it's Steelers have won this faceoff. Don, you're plugged into the NFL. What do you think it happened here? Well, let's put it this way right now. The Steelers have won they're holding all the cards. This Levy on bell gamble that. He has made really looks like a foolish one. He's already lost almost eight million dollars in salary. He's looking at possibly lose his entire. Contract value and the Steelers can hit him with the transition tag in the off season, and he'll be paid less money than he was was going to be paid this year, and there's all sorts of confusion about the agent now looking at the fine print of the collective bargaining agreement. A kid cramming fern exam, you're doing that. Now. Let's let's just the facts as we know them right now when it comes to letting bell if he does not report by Tuesday he cannot play in the NFL season. Let's get that easy one out of the way. And then it gets confusing. The Steelers can franchise tag him at QB level money, which is twenty five million people think we're not gonna do right or they can as you mentioned the transition tag Ambika dock him year of service on that transition tax. So he would make even much less money than he would have made playing on that franchise tag this year. More much more to be eliminated. Hopefully, going forward the question here is there any way wins. This the only way he wins this if he goes to for agency and somebody falls in love with him, which is not necessarily going to be the case, they'll give me this notion that there's some conspiracy. Cheetah drive down his market value by the media. He's not playing football. And for the Steelers the guys who are replacing him are as good as he is James is leading the conference in rushing yards. You can't tell me that debt doesn't play in to what happens with on bell here. So this is my issue with this from the beginning, not playing football is what drives down your market value. Forget about all this other stuff. So if goes to another team, they're just going to say, you already turned down thirty three million dollar guaranteed deal. And you're not even playing it. Look at these guys. Why would I want you? If I know that I can get somebody else perhaps for a better deal. If it turns out at this stage of the game that his representation really didn't know what the options were here for the Steelers after all that we been through this long national running back nightmare pets, not so painful that a dereliction of duty. It bet does not constitute some kind of malpractice. I mean, what would I mean? Let's let's give his representations benefit of the data. Say that bell has been the driving force behind this all the time. Then you just gotta say at this point like what were you thinking? And by the way, it's out the first time we've asked that question about what he's been thinking in this situation. Yeah. Because at this point now, you have to ask yourself how they could have won this at the forefront of it because in football as Clinton mention driving down your value is not playing on top of that you if you're not a quarterback, you could just gotta get really lucky about what happens the Steelers maybe being at this point in the year. And there's an injury to a running back or he's not performing in any specific way that they're desperate for so many things had to happen for even for Bill to win this in the first place and bell was talking about remember in the off season. He was saying well if I'm not gonna go out and play. This is good for me. I've got too much mileage on me. Okay. If I take a few weeks off, this is part of the strategy. So to get to Jeremy's point, what was his representation thinking at the eleventh hour to be looking up the fine print of the collective bargaining agreement and say, okay, what are options. This should have been done months. Ago and to be fair. I'm not saying that levian on bills argument, theoretically was not one that made sense. He felt it as part of that offense that was larger than most people on offense for running back share. He deserved more fun more power to you. It just didn't work. And that's what's fortunate in this scenario. It's not to say he doesn't deserve. It is that he was coming from a compromise position to begin with that got exploited by the Steelers always goes back to what we talked about deserve. What Gene Hackman says unforgiving, you know, when he's lying there on the floor. Clint Eastwood's about to shoot him. And he says I don't deserve to die. Like, this Eastwood says deserves got nothing to do with it didn't know that we would bring in. Let her say. Nobody. Exactly. Let's leave it there. Right. Our other big story of the week the FBI approving the NCAA looking into college basketball eruption. We had Jay Bilas the Commissioner of all things college about on outside the lines. This week asked him the question. What impact is this actually having among college coaches? I think it has ruffled their feathers. I think everybody has been on edge. Because this this entire industry has gone from this multibillion dollar business where the only concern was NCWA infractions, and how that impacted you whether you would get a show cause or be suspended something like that too. Now, they're criminal penalties that could eventually be attached to such things. So it's easy to see that. We've never really had changed much change in the NCAA. So we won't ever have change. Maybe the getting into this will change anything. What does this mean here much for me? I mean, I don't see anybody shaking in their boots in terms of what this over oversight committee, or whatever you wanna call it against the is going to do to meet the biggest deal that happened on any of this was the kid who got that internship for new balance where the shoe company step, and they'll say will give you money to do something, whatever it may be not go to college in my opinion, needs to happen is issue companies. In fact, to be more involved not less involved when it comes to the development of players because with the NCAA has. Been doing for years is shame in terms of the concept of amateurism. So what this is I think it's topical in a very certain way nominal in another way. But overall, I don't think this really advances the story that much the paradigm shifting, you know. And I mean, the one thing I'll say though, is that I think things are changing as we've seen with the federal prime that resulted in three convictions. The dirty laundry of so many in the industry being out there. Now, if they're going to continue to operate business as usual, they're going to have to do it more carefully that still one this really gonna put things in emails, not put things things you think that they would have already been aware of. It's like they never saw all the president's men or I mean, it's like they have no other thing is. Yeah. The point is Jim boeheim the Syracuse coach he said that after the federal trial conviction. She said not a lot is going to change here. And I think he's right. I mean, the NCW is proven time and again to be toothless. We'll see what they do with the oversight committee. But I'm not expecting any major. I'm going to be the one person who feels like when we look back twenty years from now, there will be changing this will be a key moment because even to your point Clinton about the new balance deal that's pretty eye opening that they're willing to do that. But the other side of the coin, and that is I don't think there's gonna be a lot of basketball players who are willing to sit out and watch their contemporaries on prime. Television and beat the talk of everyone in the sports world just for a little bit more money. I guess what I'm saying is that imagine a scenario in which you did not have to finagle your way around the today under the guise of amateurism, and you've got simply deal straight up with the shoe company that is legitimately in the best interest of developing its athletes for the purposes of money-making down the line. The NCAA is problem here, you gotta find your way around all these sanctions and all these rules that affectively for what for whom and for what if you can cut out the middle person in this case, the NCAA, you might actually develops. Got to leave it there. You gotta leave it there. Sorry to interrupt you. But I'm not that. Sorry. Coming up. Best soccer parent video you'll see this week. 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So the USOC said this week that they are beginning the process to perhaps revoke the governing powers from the USA gymnastics association. What that means basically is this if you don't understand the relationship that USOC has its various bodies, it's basically like the NCAA to conferences. So they would take in what is that operation? And obviously after all of these things Larry Nassar happen and so on and so forth. Something had to be done. But this is in official move at the Olympic level, which affects a lot more than just the people that go to the Olympics USA g runs all sorts of programs from the youth level on down. It's an indication that they know that there's a problem. It's only happened once or two times before I believe team handball type. What have you? But this is an indication something with some teeth. Does that USOC is completely sort of out of the woods here? They knew about this NASA situation a year before he ever got arrested. But at least it is an indication that USA gymnastics has to pay for this in more ways than just money. Yeah. It's easy for folks. Think it's impacting the top level of a couple dozen Olympic level athletes. You're talking about hundreds of thousands of young that will be impacted by this under reported story of the week is the WNBA now the WNBA PA has opted out and they want to renegotiate with the NBA over the collective bargaining agreement. I think what's been interesting this week. Is that historically anytime? You've gotta that's offing out. You've got logistical parameters that they're discussing you're out in front to understand and tell to the people what you want whether it's more money, whether it's different class of service on airfare, which I think could be part of what they've been bay. Once we've kind of on radio. Silence on what exactly it is that WNBA players what? From this contract negotiation. I I'm told that we will start to understand pieces of what they want in very specific terms going forward. And I think that would help them because I think people right now are under the assumption. They just want more money, and if it is a league that's losing money. Well, how can they ask for more money? When some of the changes that they want probably have to do with flying economy and more marketing to better sell their league across the US. Don. My under reported story are the Florida voters overwhelmingly in a landslide decided to ban greyhound racing. And basically, this is the death knell for grace greyhound racing in the United States. There's a Levin Florida racetracks where greyhounds currently race by the end of twenty twenty. They will no longer be racing. That leaves only six tracks in five states that will have greyhound racing. It's long overdue. There have been there's been cocaine given to greyhound races in Florida. There's been hundreds of dogs that have died since these advocacy groups have actually monitored since twenty thirteen and even the even the people that were pro- greyhound racing were stunned that nearly seventy percent of the Florida voters decided greyhound racing. So it's a big move. The the entire industry is a disgrace for this to happen is is really kind of crazy was still around. Exactly. Yeah. Sure of my under report story, and it's been talked about a lot certainly in the New York media put. It is an interesting situation dynamic. You know, the Mets have hired a new general manager. He comes from the agency world who's one of the top baseball agents at CA and many of the clients. He represented are now the people he's going to be negotiating to sign with the Mets or eventually people who trade for. But among those Jacob degrom arguably the best pitcher in baseball, certainly one of the best pitchers in baseball, Noah, Syndergaard, another cornerstone of whatever the Mets wanna do and Brodie van wagon in new general manager was on their side two weeks ago. Now, he's on the other side, this is problematic for a lot of reasons. Just got worse is talking about problem. And and we're just gonna have to see how this all plays out. But it's a it's an interesting story in the baseball world, and you get to the Mets in which is always always. All right now, it's time for our Dylan nearly us off again you are leadoff hitter role must him. He's the South Carolina head football coach. He's been in the news for a lot of reasons. But let's hear what he had to say about election day. How do you approach and heavy approach voting with your guys in terms of leading up to today? And today, I think about it. Do y'all have any? Today's election day. I do now. Getting ready for Florida. This might have got an offered laugh in the media room because because it's kind of uncomfortable. But listen that age in terms of engaging your civic duty if you're going to claim to be a leader of men, if you're gonna walk into living roofs and tell people that you're going to teach them to be better individuals. You might want to teach them something about how to get to the ballot box not knowing what day it is. Sure. It might be a funny joke when you've got Florida coming up but come on. What are we talking about it? These are young kids eighteen to twenty two dead or sure about let them know. This is an opportunity that is fail to you exercise. If you so choose it also wasn't that funny joke. Right. That's what I. Surprising. So so my my villain. This week is the preeminent club team in the nation. That is now in ownership or possession of the World Cup trophy Perry. Censure men were the powerhouse club teams in the world. And certainly in France conceding this week that four several years at a minimum. It scouts were denoting not only players abilities, but they're racial composition background. And this is we've used the word problematic earlier on the show, this is really problematic. This is this is it's it's stunning because France's already had a soccer scandal involving racial profiling players at the national team level. It's now seat at the club team level where scouts talking about whether players were of African descent sub Saharan African north African Caribbean Caucasian. It's just. There's no reason for it. And speaking to the prevalence of racist attitudes in professional soccer at the highest level. Kevin prince boa Tang, the German gain player knocked the US out of the World Cup in two thousand ten had this to say about needing someone to speak up. Cappone key left millions of money or millions of advertisers nyc and everything he would've left everything to to have the right to talk. He's a hero. You know? He's like Mohammad-Ali he's going to be known forever. And you needed the Brown James you need to go to the states against their president. You know, you need these big people to make big actions because otherwise nothing will change what we know. It's going to be heard. My villain is Josie. Marino the Manchester United manager he's sort of a lovable villain like a world. Wrestling federation villain. He'll yeah. He's he's a he'll and fans just love giving it to him in a match last month against Chelsea his former team Stanford bridge Josie Maria went nuts Chelsea pay basically celebrated a late equaliser, and you could see how angry security had to keep him from going after this Chelsea assistant. He felt it was completely inappropriate and wrong and bad form. And then just the other night Wednesday night in a Champions League match, which event this you see marina with his hand by his ear trolling, everyone as Manchester United came back to win two one over Juventus. So you gotta love him. To be fair. I love this. A lot. I love it. Look. Good. Great. All right. My villain. I bring you a character. It comes from Wales. It is a video of a soccer parents under eight league here watched by the goalie. The goalie was not in the proper position and the goalie's father pushes him into position. This is great for me because this is a metaphor for parents physician into this off. Yes. But then follow up follow up here. There's a goal scored. Anyway. Okay. There's a goal scored. Anyway. This is obviously a metaphor for parenting in that when you intercede with your kids life in the short term they win. But in the long term, they end up loose out that it's true. Extrapolate. It's true. Teacher hoping mechanisms you gotta let them fail at that. At that first level here, you're not in the position you should fail. Right. They're not on the back end. Anyway, it's just a great video coming up shocking wins we got big-hearted gestures. And Jeremy pretend to know what an story as heroes our next, but you're going to push through you're gonna pretend. The technology truth brought to you. Truth teenagers can communicate entirely in emojis. How lies birthday party? It's a slice kitten sucker, bald pineapple truth. It's so easy to switch them. Save on car insurance at geiko dot com. What are you talking about paper clips shoulder? Shrug high five wizard hat what go fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. Tonight on ESPN, the seventh annual armed forces classic honoring America's heroes. Arkansas takes on Texas at Fort Bliss military base in El Paso that seventy stern on ESPN and the app after PTI sportscenter at six PM picking the winners for the NFL's marquee matchups this weekend. Plus of set alerts for top-five football teams, and the story of the forgotten star in the Celtics jazz game not named kyri or Donovan sportscenter, six o'clock ESPN and the app. All right. It's time for heroes. And I'll stick to the basketball, and I'll jump off my hero is north Alabama because I ever game at the division one level the women's college basketball team at north Alabama went to Vanderbilt and defeated Vanderbilt. Now, we Commodore the mighty Commodores now. This chick yearly crazy to me. Because of all the sports that struggle with parody women's college basketball's right up at worse. If immense college basketball team, make the jump to division one and beat a team you'd be like, no big deal, but in women's college basketball for this team to step onto the bandies home court and win very impressive the job done. All right. Cli- hero is Washington Capitals fan. This was during the pens capitals game. Those of you know, the NHL no that that's a big rivalry. And they'd be fifty fifty raffle at Capital One arena. So the capital said before the game day, we're going to put up all of the money race for the raffle and give it to the victims of the squirrel hill tree of life massacre. But there's a foundation I was going to be put for that. One fan won the raffle instead of keeping the half of the money for himself. He said, I'm just going to put my contributions to to the rest of Ditoto end up being thirty eight thousand five hundred seventy dollars, Mark. Good for the capitals on that. And good for that fan terrible situation outside of Pittsburgh and a prison. By hero is Troy Aikman. The Dallas Cowboys hall of Famer legendary quarterback three times per bowl champion on the radio this week. He said something that Cowboys fans have been thinking for a very long time about the front office of the Dallas Cowboys. I'd say there has to be a complete overhaul of the entire organization. You just can't simply replace head coaches and say now it's going to be better. No, it's been shown that it's not better. And you have to address how everything is being done to shot directly, Jerry Jones. Jerry Jones loves Troy Aikman. This really hurts. Jerry Jones personally as well. As Stephen Jones and this resonates now will Jerry fire himself, general manager likely not. But this was very very strong words from the hall of fame, and my hero is Kelly Stafford the wife of the lions quarterback, Matthew don't call Matt Stafford and she got on. I guess it was Twitter was newest an Instagram. Oh, that's right. That's what it is. And and she called out fans who are complaining about the line. Yeah. About her husband's performance. I applaud standing up for Matthew. Stafford of that situation, we need more more of that kind of engagement. That'll do it for us. Thanks for watching. It works. My name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. 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