Fit Of Spit


Welcome to another highly questionable football week. This guy's all fired up. That's good hair. What do you like on the show today is you think after his home debut lebrons gonna miss some games with like a migraine, this season, his teammates are a pain, valor poppy. Valor poppy. She read your run to have been suspended longer for spending increase bowls. Phase basketball is trying to get rid of fighting at every turn, whether it's the spending Amari Stottlemyre for going on a court, the racing malice in the palace from all video scrubbed commentary. 'cause the NBA doesn't want you to remember that, but this particular fight not exactly bad for the sport. When you get these personalities involved Rasiah Rondo gets three games for that. At one point, it looked like Carmelo, Anthony hit accidentally spit in the face of his teammate, and that would have been great if all of that had been triggered by Carmelo Anthony's contribution to this. But no, the league look at the video from every angle and Rondo did this in the big stunner is there was an incident involving the rockets and the Lakers and somehow land Stevenson was not involved seriously like LeBron James looks at this and he's like, man. First time we have it incident. It's not even land Stevenson, and it happens to be against possibly my best friend in the league, Chris, Paul, and that's why he walked away with. Poll in his arms and not his own teammates. I think it's wildly fascinating when you look at John Rondo. I wonder what his national reputation is. Do people think of him as an irritant who's kind of mindless or somebody who's very smart and what he goes about doing because I've been gentry says he's the smartest basketball player. He's ever coached that should tell you. John Rondo knows exactly what he's doing. He had that slurred locked and loaded for Bill Kennedy, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, go look that one up and you know, he tried to do this to Chris Paul and get away with the end. If you look at the video, the league had to look so closely to see if it actually happened. And even though they probably have proof that it did could only give them three games despite his history that was a slick move by resign. Rondo is he so right about that range? John Rondo is such a veteran slick Stor that he pulled that off almost without us being able to see what he was doing even with instant replay on, of course, liberal Bush broken. No. It's still broken and the, you know what would have happened if Melwood would have tried to throw a punch, he would have made. See that one coming. Did you. What should the? Yeah, whereas about Blake Bortles and their quarterback position, he likes to call him bottles even though it's Bortles and he was a nightmare who was actually bench yesterday and it makes you wonder is Tom Coughlin someone who was up there thinking to himself. Well, I've won Super Bowls with a quarterback who's just don't Cain them for men pass. I can do this with anyone. I've done it twice with ally manning, therefore, I will take my defense from year to year entrusted, and they've been trying to hide their quarterback for a long time, and now they're bit stuck, and it wouldn't surprise you at all. If the next stop free lamenting is here because that kind of incompetence even aged isn't as bad as this kind of incompetent. What they should have done was what they did, which is sit, Blake, Bortles they should have bought about this earlier going into last season maybe or even at the end of last season where they were so damaged with what their defense was doing and what their offense was kind of doing with Leonard fournette mind you. They don't have right now. They should have thought about this. It should have had the foresight to say at least let me have a good backup and not trade for Cody Kessler for. Seventh rounder. I think the issue here is there's probably no better formula in the NFL for riots in a locker room than a great defense, an incompetent offense. Those personalities on defense are going to say, what are you doing? We're doing our job. We are arguably the best in the league this and you are doing nothing to help us. And that's probably why this defense doesn't look so great anymore. Twenty eight in the league and turnovers and eighteenth and sex. They are way better than that. I remind you by the way, it's not merely that Bortles was still there started this year. When all of us know he's not a very good quarterback. They gave him an extension this off season. They banked on him beyond this year. Well, I know quarterback that they can trade for he sub. He subtitled right now. He has a lot of experience. You know, he's Nathan Peterman. Guy that's available. Tom Brady is next thousand passes are interceptions. He's got a better interception rate still than Nathan Peterman. I'm not making that up a thousand passes. Mike rubble. Make the right decision by going for two variable is his name. That's okay. For one, I like gravel more too. So the titans go and do tighten things over in London, and let's check out the play. At the end of this game, it seems like every coach in this league fears time more than actually losing. And so that's the last play two point conversion instead of going for the time, and I'm not even sure of the math on this, but let's listen to brave explanation. Afterward. I told the team that we made a decision that we're going to be aggressive and early in the drive and that drive started. I thought my mind that if we scored when we scored if there was less than forty seconds, we were gonna go for to win the game. And if there was if it was a minute and thirty, we're gonna kick the extra point and go play defense. So. A lot of faith in our players have been converted third downs and convert in those situations and Marcus D. And everything we need him to do and keeping plays alive. And so. And I can't not going to second guess the call just in workout. I'm all about taking that risk. Dan, I'm all about playing the numbers and say, you know what? Go for the win rally. The troops that will kick start us for the rest of the season. Put man, wasn't this the offense that allowed eleven sacks just the other day of the Baltimore Ravens isn't this the quarterback that you don't really trust as you see? Other quarterbacks just elevate above him very far above him by the way and look at the past that was there. It was valuable. He blew it. He blew this past. He threw it up and behind him, and it was a terrible throw. Even if he was wide open, he wouldn't have gotten that across. I understand trusting your team, but does that offense deserve to be trusted, give the British few more minutes of extra football for free. Why not never mind the math though. Just think of it this way because they got a penalty call. There were yard away. If I tell you you're playing better team than you. Everyone knows sandiego is better than the titans. Here's the game one yard. Can you get one. Yard for the game? No overtime, no. Given the ball back to Philip rivers, ten, you get one yard. I'm going to say that most coaches in the league would say that they have confidence to get that one yard. Most coaches in the league would not have the confidence to buck the trend though, and do that in face all the questions when it feels like you're responsible for the law. That's actually courage that's actually leadership, but I understand why people would take the result just say, you're an idiot. I'm going fused because they are over seven in the less attention that do bunkum version. So you figure they can make it through conversion for. Those numbers and. That they failed the last seven and they can't do it worth bleep. What do you make a very Greek goalie monk on Jenkins sell out. So Philadelphia's going along yesterday, winning the game, winning the game in the fourth quarter football happens in Carolina. Just ends up winning that game and man. What a fun flight that must've been for Eric read to take that victory home when he appeared phrased before the game, just yelling at Malcolm Jenkins. And then afterward he was still a hissing radiator after wanting to fight all of the eagle. He's a solo. The believe Malcolm capitalism, situation co, co-opted the movement that was started by Colin to get his organization funded is cowardly. He sold us up. I understand both perspectives on this. Malcolm Jenkins token untenable unwinnable situation for this league and tried to get millions of dollars for causes and that players coalition that he formed. This guy left that and he risked his career. He was twenty five. One of the best safeties in the league. He was out of the sport with blonde that violence. He risked his career. So I understand why he looks at Malcolm Jenkins and says, man, you betrayed me by taking that money from those owners who were kicking me out of the league. But I also understand Malcolm Jenkins trying to do good things with that money. It was sad to me to see these two guys fight because they're on the same side. Exactly. It sounds like these to sort of have different definitions of progress here. Whereas Malcolm Jenkins is saying, hey, I saw this opportunity to get money for our cause for the NFL to help us out in individual communities. And for whatever reason I'm taking their word that they're going to help us out on this. That is some version of progress, whereas agreed saying, no, we want it all or nothing. Isn't about hush money. This isn't about standing us up off of our knees and settling the NFL's dispute. This is about what it really is. Social injustice. There is no half way fixing this issue. So we go forward with our fight. It's somebody crossing a picket line for too soon. And this is how personal gets when the matter is that important Malcolm Jenkins is fighting for something that resembles peace and every read is fighting for something poor resembles Justice, and you get into these situations where Malcolm Jenkins is doing a lot of big profound things trying to help his God. He's doing ride alongs with police officers. He's trying to change legislation. This is not a man who deserves to be called a sellout. Coming up next highly questionable. About for Hugh Jackson, you know, of those raker that he has, but you you really know what makes it even worse. What's a man he has to leave in Cleveland has to stay in Cleveland after Lowe's lost. After this, you know, if you were leaving out of a plate now you forget about you gotta stay after lost my sauce. They brought to you by Nissan in vacation that excites. And now our fog from Geico motorcycle, it took fifteen minutes to purchase the gas station. Excellent. Eat the gestation exuded. And regret the gestation. Excellent. As you presented numbers to the board. Insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen exited minutes. Does which motorcycle insurance to gyco. Geigo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance time for more foot football. Let's over reacted this week's scores overreaction. We leave the league that. With Hugh Jackson Bs Martha takeover plane going from Todd Haley. Okay. The Browns loss yesterday, excruciating fashion. They lose at the end to a fifty nine yard field goal. And after the game, Hugh Jackson walks in, like I've gotten a solution, the man who has led you to one victory in the last two seasons before this one should handle the play calling. Instead of Todd Haley. He's got combustible defensive offense of coordinative. We knew there. We're going to be issues with those strong personalities of Greg Williams and Todd Haley. But I think we all know that the best investment in this sport is a young quarterback future. You have to make sure that everything's right there. And if you Jackson thinks he can reach his quarterback better than Todd Haley does. That's his job to do that to fix that situation, you go, Dan shortchanging, Hugh Jackson. Again, he is responsible for one hundred percent more wins than you given them credit for listen. I know Cleveland Browns fans are saying, hey, we need more Hugh Jackson in our lives. We need him to call the up because everything has been doing so far has been amazing. But just look at this team like is Jarvis Landry that number one receiver he was claiming he was when he left Miami. No. And if you look at the rest of that team, it is a defense oriented team and you've got Baker Mayfield there, which you mentioned you don't wanna ruin. I don't know if this team is any good. I don't know if they just had that one bad game to the chargers and they might even be sort of playoff potential. I just want to see their full potential right now. If that includes Jackson making the calls do, but I have a hard time believing that a guy, Todd, Haley, who's made calls for quality teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers is all of a sudden not knowing what he's doing. I'd go ahead and let Hugh Jackson do the head coaching duties and keep things as maybe it'll turn out. I mean, they've been in every game except one. Ask you this question though. If Tampa Bay joints, a fifty nine yard field goal in Cleveland manages to win that game in overtime. Do you think we're having a conversation about the play calling? That's how fragile this stuff is in the NFL sometimes as long as you win, it doesn't matter, but they didn't win. They lost fifty nine yard field goal from a guy who just missed a forty yard. That's bad luck. You know about Hugh Jackson, you know, raker that he has, but you really know what makes it even worse. What's a man? He has to leave in Cleveland in Cleveland after Lowe's lows. After this, you know if you were leaving out of a plane. You forget about the you gotta stay after laws. You know, whether, you know, I mean, he's bad, never comes out, you know, he smuggled over the place. You know what I mean? That that's real bad. Just mixed up Cleveland, Seattle and LA and just put them all together. I think there was some Detroit in there. Who is better the chief or Iran's the Rams. All right. Can we move onto the next question. I ask you. Your bleeping question. The Rams are better getting more talking about girl and more balanced than no better, and also the rain defeated laws chiefs. Now, where are we. When is Jerry Jones going to Jason GARRETT'S go server. They've played goal now believe we're already they're ugly presents or is the correct one, because and this is the record. Breaking thing that is being broken here on ESPN. There have been two full days of public silence from Jerry Jones. He has sent to left yesterday through a side door after usually giving post game, press conference. That is really weird for an owner to be giving, but he's been doing it for years. And then today he cancelled a radio show that he loves doing because he doesn't want to speak about this particular thing. I would assume. So where are we Jason, Gary, according to Las Vegas is your odds on favourite for three weeks. Now to be the first coach fired in the NFL feels like we're headed. That isn't. It feels like Jerry Jones has been upset with Jason gear for four or five years. Now, he's been on the chopping block. It's a prize. It's a minor miracle that he is still the head coach. He's been complaining about his conservative but approach all the time. And then he says, no, no, it's not. Second guessing. Absolutely. Is the fact that he's not talking now tells me he doesn't want to second guess. And this guy the play calling on that last play is set up for a forty seven yard field goals. Absolutely ridiculous. You gotta time out your back pocket using it doesn't really make any sense what he's doing with a team that at its best is one of those nine ten win teams that maybe makes the playoffs like I don't know what he's holding onto. He's had this job for longer than most people would have been anyway, if you're looking for the handbook on things that need to happen for an owner to fire codes. The first thing that needs to happen is he publicly criticises in the newspapers on the radio and on television, the play calling after law. And then after the next loss, he disappears like some sort of magician throat contraption in the side of the locker room that allows him to escape silently. Those are the two things that need to happen before the third, which is your fine. Finally, question broadcast from the clear Lander hotel, beautiful south beach, Miami. Again, say complicate their relationship with the do question. I see it every day you give us topics events, and we question complicated. It doesn't like me. Do you question what they just inducted the serve the blame for the ravens slows fun game between these two above average teams. And I don't think that there wasn't more surprising thing to happen on Sunday than this guy who had made three hundred consecutive kicks from inside thirty three yards. Never missed an extra point, not high school, not college, not in the pros. Never missed a field goal from this distance. These the surest thing with a foot in the NFL gold shot of gold shot that it would appear from the look on his face. This guy fought, he hit it correctly, and he was surprised as the rest of us words that is the face of a man who has never missed one of those and did it. And the most inopportune of times how unlucky do you have to do you know how many extra point kicks? How many of those, what percentage of those are for game tire or a game winner? I mean, it's gotta be that small, could've missed it at any other time and he missed it there. And we see the last of that again, if I didn't tell you that these people were football players. Reacting to a final and I told you instead, these two human beings had just seen a spaceship land on the field and three different aliens got out of it. Both of these guys. What does that have? Me? Some credit number twenty by twenty show twenty John. Waited jumping gelling. That's right. The difference. Right. Jumping around. Also, he was number twenty nine. My father's I say is very bad. He's real deal and the Bill. Back for twenty twenty actually number twenty nine good closing. Do you question this? Offensive back Scofield since this was the funniest thing from the sports weekend. We go out to be seeing of the Canadian Football League. Now, his confidence is just fine before the play starts looking confidence as he heads toward the line of scrimmage. Let's watch in here. He's saying, I got this. Look at this. I'm fired up. I want some of this. I got my eyes on. You. Bring it, bring it big, got with a ten yard about some like there. There you go. You know, the first time I saw it was on the internet. It was on social media and the camera angle did not even have the receiver in the pictures. So you don't even know he's got a running start and you see a guy that is twice your size at feels like, and he's got a running start and you got this come get it confident you deserve that you deserve that to happen to you. Well, I know. I know they're guy would running on me. Big turnaround, four yards right here. You can't get around. The beginning of these two where lingerie for harrowing see on both lingerie would be the to- for not Halloween, you tell us what to watch on television. We tell you don't do it. ESPN Monday night, football giants, Filkins Novak you, but you've seen the mess Odell Beckham has made with the New York Giants. I can't imagine how giants fans feel about the disruption when you combine it with him, leaving in the first half last week because he was dehydrated. And then this is explanation for why it is that he needs to get these during games of always cramped, just some fill like I'm working harder than I ever have. So. I really don't like water. I'm trying. I really just don't like it. My stomach feeling so slushy like I'm trying to stay hydrated, but. You know, sometimes I just I just gotta get not via is just necessary. That is very odd. I've never heard of an athlete saying something like that is there you intrigue a little bit. I'm kind of confused as to which hurts more water in your stomach or a needle in your arm. But I do relate to jail here just like I related to LeBron when he had cramping issues. I am one of those people I cramp up let this was me and a hospital bed after to flag football games. I also have an fly across country that same day. But yeah, this is the result of cramping. So even though I think you should drink some water totally understand. Is this the only time that he's ever got a shirt on. How about you popular? You tree? Oh, CC very tricky. I'm looking forward to again tonight because they have a quarterback, the giants that I love, how he moved the ball down, feel, you know, I love to see him in peration one yard yarn, three yard Manafort or five yard to yard fumble one yard pick six. Two yard who's the quota for Yar. You didn't know from his description. Did you turnovers. That's all the, we'll have to that. Thank you for Washington one today. We got off easy. The oil savings supposed to start the war. Have. Possible baseball. Right. That's right.

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