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hello and welcome to the daily beans for Tuesday February. Eleven twenty twenty today. Prosecutors seek another delay in the Flynn case election. Disinformation a Pentagon update about traumatic brain injury. Trump's budget includes cuts to entitlements bill. Oh barg knowledgeable. Giuliani has been giving him information on the Biden's a new Quinnipiac poll for Democrats and a bunch of good news. I'm your host Jian with me. Today are Jordan Coburn. Hello and Amanda Reader. Hello four panel today. Yup How's everyone grid join this swanky new studio setup. Yeah we have headphones now we we can hear ourselves. We haven't been able to this whole time. Yes so you now. Can you hear all my mouth noises. Yup so now we can adjust and so now it's going to be by by the way if there's any issues if you have any weird sound issues now we've got sort of everything set up. There's no room for improvement. I mean there's room for improvement but there's nothing else we can upgrade so if you hear anything weird like if you don't like the The issue that we have on the microphone. Something's odd just you know. Let us know hit us up. Hello at Moeller. She she wrote and we'll see what we can do about it. I know there's a lot we have a lot of super files. Yeah audio really amazing audio files. Who listened to us and have all sorts of great suggestions Russian? So now's the time sent him in because now we got the headphones so we can hear it. Aren't we have a lot of news to get to today. Tons of news doesn't stop but my essay that every time I should just go ahead and not say that anymore just like I used to introduce myself as a mere anonymous host. JAG You all know me now now. I'm still adjust ag but in corrections being your favorite segment your new favorite segment. We drop that. Now it's time for corrections uh-huh yes long going. Yeah it is and there are times though remember like every time we go through show somebody who's like hey explain beans to me or hey hey I don't know what you mean by this. or where'd you get that one clip and if we assume that everything every show that would take up the whole show and then maybe we need a glossary on the website. Yeah there is an Faq thank you and some of the some of the questions are answered in there but not all of them. Maybe we'll take a look at that. An update put it on our list. Because right now right now our focus is to get the video in here up and running so that patrons can watch us you know if you want Some Glory Space Bend and Onesie actioning happening right now space based on your your little piece Ben pigtails kind of okay. What makes them space? Well Zenon girl the twenty first century or like space beans but it just with bonds space being bent space being. I don't know that's just what people have been calling the little side. Ben ponies lately all really yes space Benz. Oh awesome okay. Didn't yeah no that yeah. I learned something today. Correction Base Burns really able to make a lot of fashion comments when we once as we get video. You're going to ask people for Vibe you wearing your third love broad. Usually when you're helix last my totally wearing my Beta brand dress pat yoga pants every day. I heard they can take me seriously with all the shirts were. Hey in nature landscape shirts. Take Your Wolf Shirt collection is the envy of the world I was. I think I've got you. It wasn't a wolf but it was a beautiful like deer a buck in the Moonlight S. Yes it was beautiful. They went to a really cheesy gift shop in big bear over the weekend and it was all just like extremely tacky major keys. He's in Lake full moon and I almost. I almost bought this for you but I couldn't justify the cost they wanted to get you a wolf howling at the moon clock. God I wish I would have regretted not getting go. That's so nice. If you didn't think about it I would go up there and I didn't get you this one thing that you would really want is okay. Got A gift card at the big bear when I go up there and then I will probably by half the store. You're also felt like the owner was very much a trump supporter. Oh no that's the weird intersection between the nature and attack life and then trump supporters like when we go to mountain towns. Yes younger like this is so rad. I love the snow. I love the wolves the moon the bucks and moonlight trump support. All of them. No but kind of there's a cross section of trump's supporters stoned hippie guys in big bear. Yeah totally yeah. My friends had to follow locksmith to deal with some lost keys and the guy showed up and they were like out of like a pineapple express movie. We need some help with your locked car. Got You and they give a little trump keys. Well they're everywhere they they don't open anything but lies. Okay let's get to the news with a heart notes. Indeed all right. Here's some notes hot notes. Yeah so the big news for me. Today that seemed to get glossed over. Is that Chuck Schumer Senate Majority Senate Minority Leader. Excuse me Democrat is asking. Every every agency's Inspector General to investigate retaliation against whistleblowers who report presidential misconduct in the wake of trump. Firing Lieutenant Colonel Vitamin and his brother and ambassador Gordon Sunlen so Schumer sent letters to seventy four inspectors general and in one example in his letter to the the Acting Department of Defense. General Glenn Fine Schumer said the National Security Council filings or. Excuse me firings are quote part of a dangerous growing pattern of retaliation against those who report wrongdoing only to find themselves targeted by the president and subject to his wrath and vindictiveness. I I had a really great interview with the former Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs about this because he's the one who put together the department for the whistle blowers at the Va Eh. And while I can't tell you too much about why I know all about that or how. I am familiar with trump's vindictiveness. When it comes to whistleblowers let Allow me to just say very real Abbott. But it happens at all levels of the government to not just those was like in the National Security Council who you know who are blowing the whistle on specifically things that trump is doing. The sentiment is leaked down to all levels. Yes Shit Rolls Downhill Yeah. We'll they're super huge trump sympathizers at every level of government. Right now yeah there are and then of course. What for secretary? Schulkin was saying about the department. Veterans Affairs is and the Inspector General for the. Va put out a report When I interviewed him at the very end of last year that inspector general just finished or report on their missile blower offer saying they found a lot of retaliation against Whistleblowers they were either ignored or fired or relocated Or for you know. Their jobs moved cross country Or something like that and it was pervasive and so it's not just happening at the very tippy top. Either it's like you said it's trickled down into into the frontline as well and in addition to asking this fine guy to investigate gate all acts of retaliation against whistleblowers Schumer asked when the last time personnel were informed of whistleblower rights. I know the answer to that. It's annually in Web. Based training certification fortification programs. Department of Defense has won. I mean everyone has one of these online learning systems and you have to go in log in annually early and take your training and you have to be certified and you have to do it on time and it happens at a specific time of year for us and it changes for each individual that time. Would you have to do and just based on when you were hired and so that it does happen but I think likely what Schumer meant was he wants the reports reports of the number of personnel. That did not take the training as required Those reports are very easy to generate through multiple different tracking systems through those online. Did they complete a thing or not web based training exactly he also asked fine to write a letter to Congress assuring that the Pentagon's general counsel would not allow for retaliation. But that's weak sauce. Because the secretary of defense himself wrote a letter to Congress assuring no one would be retaliated against In this case and here we are so Sure read a letter. Shoo shoe also wrote I mean what else can you do. Schumer also wrote in his letter quote without the courage of whistleblowers and the role of inspectors general. The American people may may never have known. And how the president abused his power in Ukraine scandal. It's incumbent upon you. That whistle blowers are protected for doing what we hope and expect those who serve our country will do when called. Tell the truth nice and this is a huge. Because as we've said in over the weekend episodes it's not so much about what is it against the law and can trump be punished for this. It's it's it's more of a chilling effect on future whistleblower whistleblowers and. That's very scary and very dangerous. That that nobody's GonNa WanNa come out and blow the whistle and get ready for another. Flynn Delay Federal. Prosecutors made a new filing this Sunday rare Sunday. Filing in the Michael Flynn case We knew his sentencing was coming up at the end of February. And it's been delayed several times because Flynn changed lawyers and then became a co-conspirator instead of a cooperating witness and then he wants to withdraw his guilty pleas sentenced kept getting pushed back and push back the first time it was pushed back is because the judge recommended it be pushed back because he was going to sentence the shit out of him if he didn't cooperate. Great more so. This new filing indicates the prosecutors want more time to use Flynn's lawyers against him to oppose his attempts to get out of his guilty plea plea for lying to the FBI back in two thousand seventeen according to Kaitlin Poland's of CNN quote court filing from prosecutors Sunday could bring a new and consequential twist in the Flynn case aligning the Justice Department and a major force in DC's legal establishment against trump's first national security adviser that major force are his previous lawyers years from Covington burling The big news here is that the prosecutor seemed to hint that they might charge. Flynn with perjury. Or take Take him to trial if if Sullivan allows him to withdraw guilty plea so today. So Eleven cancelled Flynn's February twenty seven sentencing to allow at least two more weeks for both parties to file arguments events and for Flynn's new lawyer and the Department of Justice to negotiate over the use of Flynn's former lawyers in future court proceedings. That's so interesting it's really interesting. Flynn has claimed his. Why put him on my fantasy indictment this week? Flynn is claimed. His former attorneys screwed him over and forced him into taking a plea deal and made him lie and he's actually innocent of lying to the FBI about speaking to the Russians abroad speaking to Kislyak which is dumb because we have transcripts of the calls. Ause we haven't seen those transcripts but we know they exist. And in the Sunday filing prosecutors asked Sullivan to give Flynn's former lawyers from COVINGTON and burling permission to argue against Flynn's claims James and wave attorney client privilege If Sullivan agrees The lawyers could be called to testify against Flynn in future proceedings. Wow basically quickly giving the lawyers like Hey Flynn here saying you guys are a bunch of assholes who tricked him into lying about lying You want to stand up for yourself. Just wave wave waive attorney-client privilege privileges and we might be calling you in future court proceedings. Yeah how else would they get down to the bottom of that really right if he's trying to make that accusation because earlier Covington burling. We don't want to be part of this but now that Flynn is making these open into it. They're they're like well if Sullivan actually allows him to withdraw his guilty plea which I'm kind of hoping he does. Yeah go ahead motherfucker. Make my day Then these lawyers. There's could might come in and say he's the drug pusher not me no they might come in and you know and and testify in front of the judge and everyone publicly. Because that's what they're asking for that this is not the case that Flynn lie to the FBI. THEY HAVE THE THREE O. Two's they have. The you know the sealed conversations with Kislyak. So do you think that this is because trump is feeling more emboldened. And he thinks that he if he thinks that by withdrawing his plea deal and his guilty plea trump's pardon him now hundred percent. Yeah Yeah but if he doesn't withdraw his guilty plea in sentences he gets zero to six months if he does withdraws guilty plea they charge urgent with perjury and perhaps not filing for Farah which they did not mention in this filing or other things he could get more jail more prison time In which case you know six or one half dozen the other you pardon zero to six months sentence you paro you. You pardon a three or sentence but if he doesn't pardon him he's got a longer sentence so he's gambling with the hope of pardon but really could end up in prison for longer. Yep Yep which means. He seems pretty sure that he's going to get a pardon but let's ask Cohen Owen. How how that turns out going for you? But Cohen didn't turn back withdraws guilty plea. So if Sullivan allows as Flynn to withdraw his plea. We could see trial. We could see additional charges if not like. I said he'd likely sentenced him for the original crime which carries a zero to six month sentence from sentencing guidelines Joe Joe that's what's going on with Flynn Neat Interesting I'm really kind of life that go to trial but yeah I. I mean rooting for Sullivan to be like okay. You want to withdraw your guilty plea on a roll the dice. Good luck and I'm still your judge. Enjoy your time you know have fun. Yeah by the way gag order you think so. I would put one on him and Sydney Powell. Yeah definitely new Powell. Yeah that's belly very interesting and keep up with out happens all right. Well everybody if you want these episodes ad free just head to Patriot dot com slash the daily beans all your wildest dreams will come true. We'll be right back with trump's twenty twenty one budget and you'll never guess what he's getting so stay with us through these messages will be everybody. 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It's a lengthy piece of you'd maybe want to set decide a couple more minutes in a regular article to finish it but I highly recommend reading it and it goes over. How exactly social media is being weaponized to re-elect trump And it also provides a lot of really good background information on sort of what got us to this point in terms of this political cyberwarfare and just found it to be really illuminating. And like I said it's a longer P so I'll just go over some of the highlights. they ellen what. They observed the the author so they did. They made a fake facebook account and they liked it donald trump's page and then they liked from there every single page. That got suggested to them and it was things like Ann Coulter Fox News and then it got more and more conservative even way to the right and they just kept pressing like essentially as like a thought experiment. You sounds like like disease but they you did this as an experiment to sort of see what corners of the Internet it would take them to and this is a really powerful quote. They say What I was seeing was a strategy that it has been deployed by illiberal political leaders around the world rather than shutting down dissenting voices? These leaders have learned to harness the democratizing power of social media for their own purposes jamming. The signals sowing confusion. They no longer need to silence the dissident shouting in the streets they can use a megaphone to drown him out. Scholars have a name for this censorship. Through noise I thought that was right. It's really creepy. And they explained it so well there. It's terrifying it's really terrifying in in by going down this path of this trump facebook profile that they made they can see exactly how it happens. In how these different accounts just start throwing in chaos and shit constantly to the point where they remark. I'm obviously you know a pretty strongly. Vetting MM person when it comes to media sources but even iphone myself questioning. What's real when you get so many different things thrown at you? While reminds me of that scene and guardians of the galaxy. You know when the blue guys like Bobby Bobby debatable. Bad but like every time. He tried to talk debate bed. Hugs actually it just drowned out by added complete nonsense and yeah. It's really hard to sift through all that stuff when you're maybe already leaning towards Republican Nigeria's or something and then our if the ideas are specifically designed to cause you yes personally rage or sadness or happiness. Yes something something that you're really passionate about like pro choice or anti gun or blacks live black lives matter or whatever it is that it is specifically designed for you to poke right at Ya. Yep exactly what you're talking about is called a micro targeting and that's something that the trump campaign plans to spend and a lot of their money on this year and what they spent doing last year while our last election as well accept this year. They're planning to drop more than a billion in dollars on disinformation campaigns. Just like this and it's really really scary. That's a lot of a lot of money to go into that but micro targeting is probably going to be one of their major focuses This is this is described as the process of slicing up the electorate into distinct niches and then appealing appealing to them with precisely tailored digital messages. So exactly what you were just saying Apparently this article says Obama and Clinton used the same tactic take but obviously trump takes to an entirely new fearmongering just blatant lies level. It's a whole new targeted voter suppression. Especially when you have giant giant factories of people in Russia and Iran probably or Iraq or China or North Korea. That are helping you out. Yeah pumping complete complete conspiracy theories like Obama and Clinton may be used definitely use micro targeting to the Senate to the degree where you could pretty much easily. Just explain it away as being advanced campaign tactics right like hey do care about healthcare. I've healthcare message for you. And micro targeting you because you have health concerns or a family like versus complete sewing of chaos. I mean it's not just Obama and Clinton every politician every political party uses micro targeting. I mean I've I've done. Work for political campaigns were done micro targeting pretty. You know I understand how that works And so you think it's only going to be used to like educate and to amplify and to reach people on specific issues. That's what it was designed for. But they weren't expecting someone like him to come in exploit the tool. We expect these tools to be used for good right for example ad targeting. Okay if I'm walking around and I'm near My starbucks or I'm nearer. You're not my starbucks own starbucks near near starbucks or CVS or something a little ad POPs up and says hey the perfume that you like is on sale over here okay. That's like for a good cause right now. They can listen to me and record all of my conversations stations and then use this sort of information for this exact kind of psycho graphic my targeting ferry personalized data. Ah Yes yes. Very Gross. And we all know the company that really pioneered this Cambridge Angelica and they worked for trump a lot. Yep huge contract with him Brad. Pascale and One of the craziest things they did as you'll remember is the facebook survey. That's where a lot of this. This shit started where they took A. They took a huge sample size of people but again very specific people and they ask them questions that talk number one meant to get a full psychological profile these people but also to stir up whatever sort of you know extremist views they already had for example example. I didn't know this but I guess one of the questions they would ask is they would say. Would you approve of your daughter marrying a Mexican immigrant. Those who said yes were then asked a follow. Followup question designed to sort of stir shit up in the question was did you feel like you had to say that so then they tried to go after political correctness and and they see like who sort of what kind of person you know is going to answer. Are you easily pressured into political correctness right that or like are you bothered by political correctness but at genuinely not like immigration issues. I don't I don't know it's just. Yeah whatever sick just just the fact that the quiz alone is enough to incite. Bigotry is like really disgusting. But it's GonNa continue just because Cambridge analytica dissolved. It doesn't mean that it's not happening anymore or other companies are already doing it about. The tools aren't more advanced or sophisticated. Exactly yeah no in Cambridge says now called Emmer data Yup and and already Republicans have gathered so many data points on the electorate. That's also really scary. They have this kind of talking about all campaigns sort of doing that micro targeting tactic the Republicans have so much more information right now on everybody to start with because they're really sketchy things that were able to do. Because the regulations don't exist yet basically and then you think of all those private dinners and lunches with Zuckerberg and trump and right in. There could definitely be more nefarious ends up. There is a trump person who's on the board of have directors that facebook and all those funds stories and the facebook refuses or they'll like we allow lives. We don't police that So it's all very very scary very scary because I go ahead I was just GonNa say another thing that. They're spending their money on is they're investing this texting platform where you can send anonymous mass texts to just huge groups of people without their permission and that's one of the tools that they're gonNA start. Utilizing is wild sounds. So just that's where they're spending their money. Really is sketchy communication tactics. And they're making a lot of money to trump pulled in twenty five million dollars in one day this past month We talked about The American I pack and the America One Pack Victory Fund. And they have they've made fifty million dollars So far this year they're paying out Brad. Par Scales privately owned firms For online media information or at advising and just a but you know totally separate from the campaign and even though he's the chair scary. Yeah I don't want to I. I'm sure there's a exists to some extent already somewhere but I'm wondering what. Education campaigns are out there there to help people with perhaps perhaps less tech literate vernacular or less knowledge of what's going on You know so. Essentially like helping boomers sort reality from fact social media. I remember a couple years ago. I don't know maybe four. Five years ago I did do a workshop. Educating Skating Senior citizens on how social media to to for the things that they wanted leading to research topics that they like or to to keep up with local local services. Or whatever I I did like a prone workshop for this nonprofit. It's cool but I'm wondering if like there are education projects out there to help this disinformation campaign and teach people how to sort fact from reality. Yeah we should. We should reach out to a Caro- who had the show who put together impeachment one. Oh one maybe we could. Do you a disinformation one. Yeah it's like trying to extract some sort of like hope and do something about this feeling some little breakdown of what all this means and I. I do WANNA Though I mean you said you know basically to help boomers recognize this kind of language. I also just want acknowledged that there are. People of all ages Because it can be with your rural versus urban or if you just don't have the education level that some other folks have. I don't think it's secluded just to boomers you're totally right and so I just wanted to make make sure that I I addressed that real quick but it's it's widespread and it's scary and it's really scary and I really love your idea. Amanda about putting together. There's some sort of well education package. I'm GonNa call me when you're seeing something on social media how do you. How can you confirm the sources that comes from? How do you how how how? How do you sort fact from reality? When you're looking at social media You know I wish that there is some more sharable resources that could give to my grandma I think I have. You know some stuff floating running around on twitter before and I'll have to go back and look at it but nothing. That's like a nice packaged story. Land because I say or a youtube video I would say it's easy to watch. Yeah I would say like watched the what was it. The great heck the great hack on Netflix. Is that what it's called the great hacker the big heck. I can't remember the great heck I think. Whatever is about Bernie Kaiser? It's came and Brittany Kaiser Netflix attack. Okay yes the big heck. That's just what is getting so quickly trying to right right right. I'm saying that people one guy steals Carlos Mencia. That would have been way better Jenner's now I can retract that statement because I fucking Love Ellen Degeneres honestly probably the reason I do. Stand up comedy. She's just very commercial. So I very confusing establishment comic and I won't uh-huh yes no. She's the best here now that special that. Hbo Special My favorites of all time really had that memorized front back as a child. Does that one of the pickle climate yes. uh-huh so good. I'm getting scissors. And I love the Piccolo. And she's running. Also that's let's know Ellen did do I mean I think a lot of like younger people now are like Ellen dot radical enough. But she wasn't a very very gay movie movie two thousand and he was the most radical person she lost work and so did by the way Laura Dern who won an Oscar last night anything for being the the love interest on the Ellen's coming out episode. They lost work for a long time decade. At least and I know that you know. Maybe she doesn't seem as progressive or whatever our but a lot of shit wouldn't be possible that what she did. Yes just if I wanted to clarify one thing. I think what I should have said rather than boomers you know not being tech literate is basically we just saying creating content for people who aren't as tech or political literates. Because I'm better those April I'm politically literate tech litter I put. I put a picture of a camera camera online today. Asking friends for help. I took a photo of a camera with my phone and put it on the facebook and said help. So that's why I said like maybe because instagram stories. Okay I think I can probably figuring run out but it's just not my cup of tea and boomer by any means so I just sort of what I like. I wanted to yeah. So thanks for that clarification always yes I'll stop using boomer as a blanket. People who aren't as tech literate. It's hard it's hard. I understand. Republicans and some veterans. You know what I I mean. Who the fuck mytalk Maroon away? More computers than I do. Yeah I can't do an instagram story. Shit honestly like I could do a very basic version of it but I can't stand awesome boomers. Who can do that? Shit Hell. Yeah I can't think of any would need to do that anymore but I literally don't know what what I'm talking about okay. So perfect time. All right let's talk about speaking boomers because this will affect you and not because of anything you know Other than Holy Shit. Yeah Yeah it's trump's new proposed budget at two new four point eight trillion dollar budgets. It skin it proposes proposes immense social safety net program cuts in a huge increase. Will guess it's point three percent but an increase of military spending Point three percent of our current military budget is pretty huge. Yeah Yeah I mean point. Three percent of that large of a number is a large number. Totally yes Yeah yeah any in the stuff that it's going towards to is just like he wants to your two billion dollars to go to the border wall for example. No the money's not going to go probably the two places where even people in the military would want it to go. Well he has to create an entire bureaucratic Layer of space force because we we have a space for us. It's called the Air Force. They're doing everything. The Space Force is GONNA do. And the Air Force has one surgeon general. They have one military health system. They have have one Defense Health System. They have the you know. And there's so it's there already now he wants to pull it apart into two things and create another another silo of all of those bureaucratic levels Which is going to cost billions of dollars to do the same job? Just calling it space force. I'M GONNA say he made it so. These kinds of things are included in not point three point. Three increase. But the cuts to Medicare Medicare Medicaid yet. Four point four trillion dollar cuts in government spending over a decade is what his target is in. That's largely centered around cutting those programs MHM and this all came to be because this is with a huge tax cut he made were. All of the revenue came out and went to the top. You know to the rich people and corporations corporations and farming All of that money comes out into corporate welfare and tax cuts and then that gives them a reason to say look at our huge deficit. We have to cut somewhere. And that's how and this was predicted. we've been saying this right. Yeah it's one hundred and thirty billion dollars I mean huge asked slash to Medicare. It's like two hundred ninety. Two billion for Medicaid and food stamps and seventy billion Limp in limits to disability benefits is just literally all of the programs that help people who need help and if you look it up. Hijacked most empowering empowering language to say that so please don't reach into that but you know what I mean. Yeah I mean if you look at a pie chart of where the money goes. That's a tiny little sliver of write these entitlement programs rams. He wants to cut the budget by twenty six percent in Department of Housing and Urban Development Budget by fifteen percent all know Ben Carson won't be able able to buy a new door And and then get this center for Disease Control and prevention cut by nine percent during during the Corona Virus Yup and future global pandemics about to have because of our antibiotic Resistant Bodies Cool and love that anti vaxxers yes. Yes because information and micro targeting E. L.. Don't at me about the things that you said it's a The only the only silver lining in this is that this is basically just a look into what he would want if he could get his way which he won't because Congress has to meet Democrats. What's in it for that plan to get pushed through so that won't happen but yeah? It is negotiation tactic and always has been like super high super crazy and then they bring it down and we're we're like all right. We talked him down but now these are still huge slashes. That's his way. That's his art of the deal. He also just revealed that he's breaking a campaign promise he made though Oh Rolling Stone article so they they said that he he promised in two thousand sixteen. He wasn't going to cut Medicare and Medicaid or social security. Wasn't gonNA touch. Actually I mean I was just going to say it's not just Democrats who don't want to cut Medicare and Medicaid. There are a lot of Republicans who don't do this either. And in fact there are a lot of republican controlled states where they are where Republican politicians are pushing to protect these things and expand upon them because even people who are perhaps vary so very socially conservative. -servative still want healthcare. You know a lot of Republican governors use the did the Medicaid expansion under you know that would be cut wouldn't especially if the affordable well care act one away wouldn't cuts to Medicaid and Medicare actually hurt trump's chances reelection air just thought arrogant. I don't know it depends on. I mean if you're getting donors from RN's air donors and donations. And Stephanie are in seeing people that want to see those cuts people who don't have a vested interest in re election like if the re election is ultimately determined determined by these massive amounts of money through PACs. You have to please those people more so than you really need to worry about. Pleasing the electorate. As long you're popular vote can be within like you know a certain margin. Yeah I'm really if he just gets on the road and goes to his hate rallies and says Democrats are going to cut social security and Medicaid. I won't the Democrats are going to get rid of your healthcare protections. I will not And just repeats thousand averages over and over again people will believe it and people think the Democrats are the ones who want to cut social security people. I think that the Democrats are the one who wants you. WanNa get rid of Protections for pre existing conditions when. We're actually literally the ones who created them and he is literally the one who's fighting against it's those things in court like right now. Yeah and then also one last thing that I just was thinking of too. Is this whole concept of politicians. Don't just stop after daily Congress right. There's Ted Cruz and oh AFC talking about coming together on some bill that would prevent people from being able to come back and keep lobbing and profiting off of this whole whole sort of corporate money. Right yeah they want to limit the ban politicians for becoming lobbyists Am I I've thought is at a certain point as long as you get reelected really you just WanNa Gang. Keep those rich people happy and giving money to continuing the have that sort of sketchy relationship ship with them. It's the only reason. The Republicans oppose trump firing Gordon. Sunlen was because he was a big donor to them. Yeah exactly so if they wanna cut that stuff into them they just want to be able to say they're throwing money I don't know I don't know how those evil people fucking work. It's hard to even imagine yes. Imagine that's ultimately the goal is to keep those people happy. Yes a hundred percent me right. That's gotTa keep the money. Happy all right. We'll be right back with the Department of injustice and the latest democratic results stick around. Hey everybody this. Portion of daily beans is is brought to you by ship station. When you're selling online getting your orders out can be a real pain? How do you keep track of who gets what which shipping carriers should use or you're getting the best rates and that's why you need ship station? 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Welcome back so. Yesterday we reported that Rudy had a new direct line to bill bar sent him. His Ukraine Biden disinformation and today. Bill Bar verified that to be the case in a press conference Bar said the Department of Justice is reviewing documents about Biden provided by Rudy. But here's the RUB. You may have heard mainstream media saying this is all cool because bar offered a bit of skepticism but listen to bars quote carefully bar said quote. The Department of Justice has the obligation to have an open door or to anybody who wishes to provide us information they think is relevant but we have to be careful with respect to any information coming from the Ukraine unquote that does not sound like skepticism. Just system of Rudy. That sounds like skepticism of Ukraine. And I'm a little pissed at the media for insinuating. Baras skeptical like it's a good thing here. His skepticism here is only Lee. Meant to bolster trump's bullshit claim that he cares about corruption in Ukraine and that Ukraine sucks at stuff like we can't take anything from them at face. Value have to be skeptical of whatever comes. In from Ukraine. Not Rudy Rudy is totally on the up and up but Ukraine. Who End? Can you even like. You're really rope in the people that are talking about Juliani with Ukraine as a whole no. They're kind of like their Gremlin funded right. They're not in the spirit of Ukrainian. They're not in the spirit. That's exactly right. That's like saying Yana Kovic. We can't trust Ukraine because of Yanukovych. You know that he was Putin backed separatist From the opposition bloc party so I think it was called that if it's not sorry we'll do a correction you'll let me know And the Pentagon today is reporting that one hundred nine servicemembers have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury now up to one hundred nine following the Iranian missile attack on our Iraq airbases in in retaliation for trump's airstrike against Qassam Sola money the Pentagon added about seventy percent have returned to duty trump said. There were no injuries and then when these TI cases to start being reported he downplayed. The injuries saying they were just headaches. That sparked a bunch of backlash from veterans and Social Media and military and veteran service organizations. They ridiculed the administration and the Veterans of foreign war. Veterans of Foreign Wars. Even demanded an apology. which hasn't happened in is likely not to? Could you imagine no. I would never can't even apologize in his voice. I want to apologize. It just doesn't work I I can't imagine him saying something sincere. You're about a fuck up. He made. I'm really they're not headaches. I Take I can't I can't and won't come out in his voice so there's quick information on traumatic brain injury the most common form of TB. I in the military is mild. Tb I which is what these one hundred and nine Active duty military members have suffered from according to the defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center the Centers for Disease Control Control which will be defended by nine percent of trump's budget goes through defines. TV is a disruption in the normal function of the brain typically caused by a bump. Blow jolt to the head and most of these soldiers I or active duty servicemembers that Suffered from a mild traumatic brain injury. The shock waves from the rockets they were there bunkers that they were didn't protect them from it One of the most common forms of. Ti's concussion that's a mile so everyone's like Oh. You have a concussion you can. That's mild traumatic brain injury. That's it's just mostly what they have and they can recover from it hopefully and unfortunately symptoms take a long time to manifest so there could be more cases coming yeah away from the military. They're typically seen in car accidents accidents. When a person's head hits the windshield they're also frequently occurring in sports After football player tackles an opposing player. Perhaps leading with the helmet for example In two thousand fourteen alone. Almost three three-million TB. I related emergency room visits happened hospitalizations and deaths were reported in the US according to the CDC more than eight hundred and thirty thousand occurred among children the total number increased fifty three percent from two thousand six the CDC said indicating brain injuries are on the rise quite significantly. That's interesting that's already taking into account the rising population and stuff. Yeah I would assume so they can also be caused by severe shaking which moves the brain inside the skull that can happen when using the car accident. Example bullhead jolts from impact. But they don't actually collide with anything. These types of injuries can range from. Mild to severe symptoms include headaches dizziness and confusion for the mild Moderate brain injuries can include severe headaches lack of coordination slurred speech seizures and very severe cases can result in death. Fifty six thousand eight hundred TB. I related deaths in the United States in two thousand fourteen according to the CDC speaking of the CDC the death toll globally for the corona viruses topped one thousand which is more than the SARS outbreak break killed in two thousand and three. We've surpass ours however please note that tens of thousands of people die every year from the flu and you need to get vaccinated. No vaccine won't make you sick. Look if you get sick after the flu vaccine. It's a coincidence. It's science you especially vaccinate yourself. If you're around folks who can't get vaccinated like babies the elderly and folks with immune deficiencies. This has been a public service announcement brought to you by me In other news a new Quinnipiac poll puts Bernie in the top spot. Nationwide twenty five percent Biden Biden at seventeen in second place quite elite Bloomberg's at fifteen. What the Hell and Warren is fourteen Buddha judges at ten cliches at four Bloomberg Bloomberg? No other candidate broke two percent. Why is Bloomberg at fifteen? He's abandoning off. One hundred and fifty million billion. A lot of Matt's million Dan Million in head to head matchups in the Quinnipiac poll against trump Bloomberg is the top of the list. Wow okay sorry. I need to amend something based on when I said yesterday I don't mean to make disgusting sound Bloomberg's name. I'm just very surprised. Yes thank you know and you know hey if you you WANNA go. Hey we have our opinion. I'm trying to not be too negatively opinionated. I think a little is warranted here and there thank you head to head matchups against trump. You're welcome you now Bloomberg tops fifty one to forty two sanders Number two he comes in at fifty two forty three so apparently trump will get a little bit more vote if sanders is running Biden beats trump fifty to forty. Three KLOBUCHAR defeats him. Forty nine to forty three. Warren wins narrowly over trump forty eight to forty four interesting. Buddha judge also slightly ahead forty seven to forty three. I don't know if I would use narrowly for forty eight to forty four unless there's three percent Martial there. That's surprising to me well. Here's here's here's the explanation that I'm seeing. It appears Bloomberg is eating into Biden's numbers and I will say he's running some pretty amazing ads right now if you've seen him on social media against trump How he has spent one hundred fifty million dollars in advertising? That's twice what style has spent like thirty times. What Biden has spent some Bloomberg Bloomberg is picking off Biden? Supporters was particularly black voters. Check this out. Biden went from forty nine to twenty seven percent support among black voters while Bloomberg went from seven percent support report to twenty two percent in this last poll. The next debate is February nineteenth in Nevada. Nevada somebody I if I say Nevada I'll get corrections for Nevada by saying Nevada correct for Nevada. So Las Vegas. I grew up there and everyone said Nevada but who knows maybe all of us living ally the State of Las Vegas. We're all living. They all say about also about and Bloomberg is closer to qualifying that debate stage based on this poll. This this Quinnipiac poll so far. The only qualifiers are Biden. Buddha Judge Sanders Warren enclosure style has not yet qualified. The debate is just nine days away and but a judge sanders are formally calling for at least a partial re canvass in Iowa a precincts they think were calculated incorrectly as. We are just hours away from New Hampshire starting into cast their votes. Yeah it'll happen today if you're listening on Tuesday and a new emerson. College poll is out for New Hampshire. Putting Bernie ahead that thirty percent Buddha judge in second place with twenty three Kloba Shar jumps into third place with fourteen and Warren has eleven and Biden is in fifth place with ten percent. Meanwhile the Suffolk poll for New Hampshire Bernie. Isn't I with twenty seven. Buddha Judge Nineteen Kluber sharing third again with fourteen and worn Biden. They're tied at twelve damn him. Yeah it's pretty crazy closure is she. Yeah Yeah they're going to number one with a bullet. I will say this people are talking a lot about You know pge support with people of Color and who are people of Color GonNA support if Biden is not the nominee but like Bernie's number two with Back people at number knbr one with Latino people so just as a symposium. I've seen this week But Clovis really well and her really rising which is impressive. I'm curious to see what what happens. After New Hampshire we get to more diverse states. Yeah I would never think that closure was GONNA pass Warren surprise. She did well in Iowa and then she had a great night. I think at the debate on Friday And she's a more moderate candidates which I think is what Iowa New Hampshire after. And so that's why I think she. You jumped into third in the I in the New Hampshire polls but in the In the national polls. She's still number four. She's still only four percent Bernie Biden Bloomberg Buddha judge closure. She number five yeah. She's very impressive. I mean she she has her campaign. Pain is impressive is what I'm trying to say. It surprised me and she has done better than I expected. And she's very well loved as the the moderate wing of the Party Taming Mizzou. Yeah good for. She's lovable We'll be right back with the good news. We have some really awesome. Good news stick around everybody. That's helping daily beans is brought to you by Laurel Springs. Parents always want to encourage their children to pursue their dreams and provide opportunities that. Give them the best chance to succeed. Sometimes that means optimizing their routine making it more flexible more more dynamic so they have more time to focus on the things they love. That's why there's Laurel Springs. Aurel springs is an accredited online private school for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade or else springs recognizes ignites. Each child is unique individual with their own personal interest special talents and unique learning style. 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The academic experience of the modern student with this flexible approach to find the best way to prepare them for success register. Your child at Laurel Springs Dot com slash daily beans today and receive a waived registration fee. That's laurel springs dot com slash daily beans for your waived registration fee laurel springs dot com slash daily beans. All right welcome back. It is time for good news from the Washington Post for the first time. Ever the editors in chief of the top sixteen sixteen law schools journals are all women Ruth Bader Ginsburg addressed the current slate of editors during a gathering to mark the one hundred anniversary of the ratification of the nineteen amendments saying quote. It's such a contrast to the ancient days when I was in law school in fact a woman didn't become an editor of a law review until she was ten years until ten years after Ruth Bader GINSBURG. GINSBURG was in law. School she says there really is no better time for women to enter the legal profession that includes so this this list of sixteen Law Reviews Law journals includes Harvard. Harvard Yale Stanford Georgetown Columbia and Duke and then eleven others of the top law schools. All Sixteen women. The editors in chief collaborated for the first time to publish Russia women and Law Journal with a series of essays from prominent female lawyers in recent years a number of women enrolling in law school has exceeded the number of men but women make up less than a quarter of law firm equity partners a quarter of tenured and tenure track law professors and about a third of all active federal district and appeals. Court judges only four women have ever served on the Supreme Court and three of them are sitting now at the same time. Well I love it. Yeah that's really cool. Rundown Sixteen all sixteen of the top sixteen law law reviews and journals. Wow smarter than chief are women. Chicks are smart choices. How many times have I told you never call broads? Chicks that's awesome. UHF It is. I love that and I I love to other how women were featured well not featured but celebrated at the Oscars last night too. Yeah that was great. It was awesome except for not getting nominated. That's what I mean. Yeah I will say this though I love Natalie Portman Cape with all of the yeah that was great however she's only two female directors and her thirty year career so walk the walk definitely businesses. Does she have a choice. Though now. I know oh fair enough. Yeah it's like like I was having a discussion online the other day too because a lot of people were given a friend of ours hard time because they got a book published with with the same publisher that published Roger Stone's book and I'm like look if somebody offered me a TV show and one of the executive producers Gave Save money to Matt Gaetz in nine days. Am I gonNA turn down the TV show because or a better example because this this actually happened to me in real life I was offered a show on the main stage. The comedy store which is a big deal if you're a comedian in Hollywood that's a big show and it's it was a Saturday night. Ten thirty show sold out show but Jeremy Piven was the headliner. He's been me too and people were like you're going to do a show with him. How can you support him? And I'm like no no no no. I'm going to do a show despite him. I'm not going to allow allow him being on the show to steal this opportunity away from me because he did what he did. And so. I kinda like to think of it that way sometimes but slight light-handed also I. I wasn't here yesterday. Did you guys talk about Elizabeth. Warren being talked over at the debates no time round she Had One of the lower amount of talking working times over a lot this last to be like to the point where I noticed it more than other debates and I was like just because she's not like necessarily a front runner at this moment doesn't mean she's in deserve a chance to God say shit absolutely. I'm very frustrated. Surprised to see that. She's not considered a front runner right now. I was not expecting this. Yeah me neither. And I think the problem is the moderators knew this for ratings purposes purposes. That she's not she's staying above the fray with all the attacks right now that sort of thing and when they found out she wasn't really going to attack anybody else on stage. They gave more talking time to people who were more prone to attack other people and that makes me sad. Yeah me too in other good news. The OBAMAS Production Company won an Oscar last night for their documentary American factory very cool note. Trump does not have an Oscar or a grammy more Nobel Peace Prize. The OBAMAS have all three. Yes it's going to keep adding to this award list. Also a parasite Talia. They did so well so many awards tackle takeaway. Td's the first indigenous person to win an Oscar. Yeah isn't that awesome. He's Maury Maury Ed Murray. Someone's going to correct me. On that pronunciation of he had such a Funny Post Oscars interview. They have like if you look on Youtube. They do a press conference sort of with all these people in tyco Itt. TT's such a fucking Weirdo. Yeah it's so good. Have you talked about Joe Rabbit. Have you seen it. I've Seen No. It's so oh good yeah I saw nineteen seventeen. Yeah and I thought at one what it should have won cinematography and sound editing and mixing. I thought they were all beautiful. And then I'm glad that the woman who composed the music for the joker one She's in a incredible incredible composer so that was nice to see her win. That yeah the first ever woman can orchestra conductor in the pit. Ab Status Hollywood. I Guess Yeah Yeah. Didn't they. Hardly nominated any real people. Yeah yeah and that's like something because people knock on the Oscar sometimes because they think that they sort of give society like what society wants or something as a bad thing. That's really just like a weird way of saying inclusivity kind of but it seems like this year that elements. They were not focused on that element. which is interesting in a Yeah it's interesting. I don't know enough about that nomination process and how that all works. But that's how parasite though yeah winnings amazing because that was like in no way. Would that normally ever happen. Yeah like hands hands down so agreed upon by every single person. That was great. Yeah my favorite dressed Sandra. Oh Oh my God and Janelle Monae Oh my God yes I completely the agree with you totally agree they will look amazing. I know goddesses gotTa Watch killing Eve speaking of Sandro. If you haven't yeah I've been meaning to God it's so good it's really good Highly recommend okay and if yeah I'll just because maybe I did a podcast about it I would. I'd have time to Like I'll get right on that. I have no free time I really want to go. I need to start carving out more flavor for things that are not politically cassatt asphalt content. You know what I mean. Yeah Yeah I've heard it's amazing God and Jodi comber. The actress who plays Sandra Oh's The other main actress in the show. She's fucking amazing. Yeah anyway. Do you need to see that I need to. I need to start carbon timeout for nice stuff like that and in Arizona polling shows that retired astronaut and husband who Gabby giffords Democrat mark. Kelly is overtaking Martha mcsally in the polls. Cool Let's turn Arizona blue this year. I met him goodbye. I met him At Lesbians Lesbians who tech in San Francisco in two thousand eighteen. I was there for Tech Conference. And they were giving a whole talk on some keynote speakers and he's just awesome. Yeah he's he's really amazing person so warm and so an honestly what an amazing husband super genuine. Yeah yeah he he's. He's been through thick and thin writing seriously. and Are you ready for a little shot and Freud. Yes I saved the best for last this just in prosecutors have filed their sentencing recommendations uh-huh for Roger Stone ahead of his February twentieth sentencing hearing they're recommending seven to nine years in the filing prosecutors asked for four to five years with an eight point upward word variants because he's a giant piece of shit his physical threats to others and people's dogs when he you know he was eventually convicted for obstructing justice. hostas the new bar lackey Tim Shea signed off on this. Though sources inside main justice say there was some quibbling some differences of opinion But it appears at the Muller prosecutors got their way and stone could get up to nine years in federal prison. That'd be beautiful fuck. Yeah that's like the most. Just that's the closest to justice we've gotten from any of these Miller convictions. Yeah I'M GONNA say like six months you get six months. I don't know I don't see him going to jail for more than like a a year. Let's Amy Berman Jackson. He's read all the redacted parts She knows what stones done she can take that into account when she sentencing insinger. Yeah it just seems like they're going so easy on these people. Yeah I We'll see though right But they're recommending seventy nine. Yeah so thanks. Dan Grech MHM. I appreciate you. That is our show And I just wanted to do a quick apology to a man because I got some feedback from some folks folks. That aren't you who said that. Maybe I was rude when I asked you for a source For the Peter. Judge Debra Judge Com. Yeah and I wanted to you know if that was at all rude or anything. I just wanted to apologize. Say I did not mean for it to be rude. I'd simply meant like site. Your sources totally Kinda like professor would do. Yeah quite frankly. I Lake myself found myself thinking. I wish I had come more prepared before. I made that comment. So so it's it's still and I learned that there was a very credible source behind now and that we needed to do more research on it and I thought we ended that discussion pretty well but somebody seemed pretty upset. That was the very came to your defense. So if there's anything wrong with that sorry Got Strong opinions up in here. We do and I don't I still. I don't want to discourage anybody for asking for sources especially in the wake of Jordan's disinformation reporting from the Atlantic I think it's good that we can have those discussions so I just wanted to make sure that I said that. So that's my final thought. Do you guys have any friends. uh-huh yeah I will say this. It's it's funny I I as we're getting further down the road with this primary. I've seen my own personal social media. You get like Nastier. I just like I really want everyone to like take a moment. Take a breath heavily Okuma moment and just remember to vote blue no matter who just just you know everybody and good general lesson. You'll catch more flies with honey if you really are a supporter of a specific candidate and you want other people particularly Democrats Kratz ilk mostly to come onto your train whatever. It is If you're nice yeah if you don't try to publicly humiliate them or call them names and You're going to change more hearts and minds with kindness. I have a new mantra in my head. Now and I and I I'm not by any means perfect at this but this is going to be my new thing in my head is what I'm about to say something. Michelle Obama would say uh-huh fair. WW It's almost impossible standard but a good way to shoot for big if she's tough she's gritty but she has ratings you know she's got great everything everything and kindness and I and I actually United States. She's skipping Miss Congeniality. Yes do I love that April twenty fifth think real fatigued and exhausted. And we all want what we want to strongly enroll really emotional and yeah obviously experienced like a couple of interactions actions of people recently. When what what I thought were really like conversations turning you know somewhat nasty really quickly or people thinking that I felt a certain way but a certain candidate because I put my support behind them or like that I support negative things or whatever and I'm just like y'all know we all want when we want but we should try to you know he'll and go towards is the general like I posted that thing about what Andrew Yang said during the debates? All I said is Andrew. Yang said He doesn't want to go go. After trump. He wants the country to move forward. He doesn't think Americans care. I just posted that And I got a lot of like People who were like how. How come you didn't mention any of the female candidates it was like? There are literally like sixteen other tweets about all the other candidates through the debate. I couldn't put can't mention every single candidate in every single tweet You know and I just get a lot of you know and it's not like if somebody was really truly trying to help you. I feel like they would send you a private message and say hey I just notice what is the you know. You didn't mention this or you didn't mention that they wouldn't publicly come out and say you know whatever it is like. Hey you know what it is. Where assuming the worst of each other it like we we? We are in our own corners. And it's not just like Republican versus Democrat. It's various wings of you know Democrats in leftist people. There's like nine factions of Democrat. Yeah there's there's like nine and everyone in love you now and it's getting stressful and I and I feel like what we have to do going forward as we start to figure out who the nominee might be and as things get cat ears just not assume the worst of each other benefit of the doubt. Right you'll find out the truth. You just asked some nice questions. Don't assume the worst of each other that easy I. It's time to get to. We have to hit back and I'm not talking about trump supporters. You can fuck with them all day all day. I'm talking about us. Yeah exactly. I'm just trying to inject a little energy into the university that I do appreciate that because it's getting hard to exist on social on the Internet. Yeah I don't like it everyone it'd be nice to each other twitter scrolling now as I read like one word and make a call and if I want to finish the Tweeden it just keeps not uh-huh because I don't want to flood my brain frigging bitching. It's a lot and I understand. You're passionate about your candidates. Everybody like You know we all are to It but yeah like I also say that facetiously. I know it's more than an argue on policy. Don't assume the IT's five. Yeah when I say Beijing. I'm talking about stuff. That's outside. Yeah arguing policy but don't assume the worst of the person that you are talking to or if you don't like my candidate don't call me names right right. Tell me why. I shouldn't like that candidate me. Why should over your candidate? Yeah yeah it'd be even better do that. Whatever it is likely make a constructive MHM? It's clear when you're out to publicly humiliate somebody or be a dick or get a singer in or have a mic drop or whatever the fuck now time for that Shit I will block you even even quite frankly. I'm saying this even as people who also support my candidate and like get it together. y'All don't fucking do that shit you know so I mm-hmm there's people on both sides anyway all right. Thank you. Thank you for that kindness kindness and I'm actually working on shirts What is it kindness? I sent it to kindness is punk AF hell. Yeah that's going to be our new shirt up a little beans beans lady on it or something to make cheese like kindnesses punk Adolf. She has a Mohawk saving. Go Anna all right. Well everyone please please please take care of yourself take care of each other. Take care of the planet. Take Care Mental Health. I promised to try to do the same. I've been I've enjoyed and government amended reader and the beans. The daily beans is executive produced and directed by AG Jordan Coburn and engineered edited by Mackenzie Mozelle and starve. Industries Are Marketing Manager Executive Assistant Assistant Production and social media direction as Amanda Reader Fact Checking Research by AG Jordan Coburn and Amanda Reader. Our music is written and performed by. They might be giants. Are Web design and branding or by Joel reader with moxy design studios and our website is daily beans pod dot com.

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