#804 A Responsibility to Proclaim God's Word (Acts 20:2627)


Pre The word with David Platt is a resource from Radical Dot acs chapter twenty versus Twenty Six and twenty seven so therefore I testified to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all for I did not shrink from declaring to you mccray I can eternal hell is coming for all don't trust in Jesus and we are all responsible for nationally humbly boldly proclaimed the whole counsel of God so God zo much here we pray we pray that you would help us all whether we guilty in a sense if he had not been faithful to proclaim the whole counsel of God to them so think about that and then beyond like we have the word of God the says judgment is coming upon centers his guilty in a sense for what happens when an attack comes on a city he could have warned people that the the whole council that you have entrusted to us in your word Lord help us to faithfully share it proclaim it in certainly for pastors like we are I am as a pastor responsible before God for declaring so the People Oh he's entrusted me pastor the whole counsel of God if I am silent with the word of God in any part of it this was coming and if he does warn people he is innocent in that sense and so this is where I just WANNA encourage all of us yes pastors with the blood of all why because he has declared the whole counsel of God to them so the implication is clear he would be not guilty in this sense but like watchmen on the walls warn people and so the other part we just can't I just a couple of things that will lead us into praying I mean this is Paul speaking to the elders the pastors of the church offices and he's saying that he is innocent and then I'm not being faithful before God and I will be found guilty of not serving the people got us entrusted to me well I don't think this picture just applies to passers that's obviously the group that Paul is speaking to here but I think we see in other places in scripture sharing that news for telling other people that so let's encourage another bray that go to always be faithful I was teaching them to obey everything so help us to be faithful to do this as pastors and members in your church God may we not be found postures in your church or simply followers of Jesus members of your church God we pray You'd help us be faithful with Passover here is it's the whole counsel of God and if we're not careful as pastors and his father's will pick and choose which parts of God's Word or comfortable with and which parts were not and we don't have that option pastors don't have that option and the church and followers of Jesus we don't have that option our lives well we have a responsibility all of us who have the word of God not to keep that to ourselves but to share that with others in the the church in the world to warn people of coming judgment to teach people all that you have commanded us. This is what you've told us to do and we make

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