Mets Play-By-Play Man Gary Cohen on Coln's HR, Flores Weeping, Alonso's Emergence


Baseball tonight the PODCAST. This is the baseball tonight. Podcasts for Friday may Fifteenth Two Thousand Twenty Tillis Schwenk is producing from his home studio in Connecticut on Buster only. I'm working for my home studio just north of New York City broadcaster week continues today. We'll talk with Gary Cohen. The play by play man for the mets gives us the back story of one of baseball's most memorable home runs ever by par Tolo Cologne. Before ratings quiz. We'll examine San Francisco. Ballparks with someone who knows them giants broadcaster Dwayne Kuyper who also has a hell of a story about a brawl. I some notes Bob Watson. Two Time All star as a player who later became the first black general manager to win a world series with the Yankees in Nineteen ninety-six has passed away at the age of seventy four during his career. Bob Watson also Was the person who scored run number one million four major league baseball art. How the former infielder and manager for the Astros Athletics and Matt's is fighting the corona virus and has been moved into an intensive care unit last night. A lot of his friends were tweeting out Asking for prayers and for thoughts for art how the Cincinnati reds are laying off less than twenty five percent of their staff and giving pay cuts for others. This information that was developed by these socio press and also the the reds and made their announcement of this on Thursday is we learned earlier in the week. The Miami Marlins will temporarily furlough. Ninety two hundred baseball operations employees beginning on June first. Bryce Harper addressed the comments made by Blake's now that are getting so much attention and he's got like snails back. Give a listen what it's Nelson is That he said it's not worth that supply with take cuts and he like they're risking your lives getting like obviously getting lost him as my guy if you. I love you said if he said if someone gets it they gotta live with that but the rest of their lives like I need my money. I'm not saying. Hey speaking the truth. Bro. I'm of somebody's say at least manned up and said it good for him. I Love Snowman has a beast to and baseball. Commissioner Rob Manfred was on CNN. Thursday night talking about the sports plans for testing the things that come that comes up. People have been reading about this. It's that the players union has indicated that it's it won't agree to this because it's a pay cut and and obviously there are players who were talking about the risk not being worth it. You going to try and convince them that it's safe. But what about just the optics of this overall commissioner. I mean thirty. Five million people have lost their jobs in the country. There's a fight. That's going on over money at the album. How do you handle the optics of this? Yeah you know. I think that whenever there's discussion about economics publicly people tended to characterize it as a fight me personally. I have great confidence that region a great agreement with the Players Association. Both that it's safe to come back to work in work out the economic issues that need to be resolved now in talking with sources on Friday morning they still feel like that Major League Baseball and the Players Association have a long way to go before they reach a deal now before we get to Gary to todd and Dwayne WanNa tell you about. Espn's Hashtag dear sports campaign. We Love Sports sports inspire us. They give us hope in ourselves in the world and of course in amazing comebacks. Our love for sports grows every day dear. Sports is our love letter to sports. My colleague Jessica. Minoza shared her love letter to sports. And we're GONNA play it for you right now. You can share your dear sports letter with us. Call eight six. Oh five zero six six one six one. That's eight six. Oh five oh six. Six one six one or share video or text using the Hashtag gear sports on twitter or instagram. Dear sports my first memories are with you. I grew up on your ballfields older the strength. I have a woman came from you. I got that confidence. I got swag lawyers as my teammates. I A travel. The world see so much through sports. I miss you. I want to be able to see and watch and get that competitiveness. Wash that competitiveness. Renton everything that comes with. Being a part of sports calling sports in washing sports. Please come Accident Jessica. Rate is chief executive of our weekly quiz. He's a graphic artist. Whose work can be sued on ballfields all across America all around the world Or you can go to his website. Todd RADIM DOT COM todd. How you doing? I'm doing fine this week. Buster how are you? I'm hanging in there now today. In our examination of big league ballparks will be digging into Oracle Park the home of the San Francisco giants long known as at and T. Park But we'll also be talking about the infamous place known as candlestick Park and look. Nobody knows those places better than Dwayne. Kuyper played four seasons in candlestick and has been a giants broadcaster throughout their stay in their current home. Type thanks for joining US and helping us. You helping a fellow farmer. That's exactly right and we still have the ongoing debate whether it's Holstein's Guernsey's and that that is going to go some day by arm-wrestling unconvinced. Yeah here's the thing the fact that you've got the Mike. How wrong you said GUERNSEYS INSTEAD OF JERSEYS? That tells you how little respect for you have for my jerseys. Okay right point. Well taken you around one now before we get going as I've told you we need distractions in this time. I heard you tell a story on. Nbc Sports Bay or twitter about a baseball brawl. That broke out. And it evolved. Your brother can you please tell that story again for our listeners. Because that was a classic. It's a law setting Bush Lady of in Saint Louis the giants point. I dislike each other a lot and My brother was playing collegiate summer baseball in Illinois and he had a day off and we were playing in. Saint Louis decided jumpers car and And you know come visit his older brother. Plus he knew that these chips meant that I was GonNa take him to the store and buy some closed and then make him look Dress up a farm kid as best you can because I was daddy without the cash. So only he comes into town. Play cardinals Obviously he's the same size as a in. My uniform fits him. He's fourteen years younger than me. I went into Franklin office our manager and I said Franken Glenn can he sit In Our dugout during the game and crank was like yeah. That's not going to be a problem except for the other uniform. He know. Just make sure you know that he stays in the dugout. That's all right. No worries so anyway. The game starts in its micro against walking into Harvard. Totally disliked each other and In the very first inning. Manny trio. Who was coming off a broken wrist and Har it's in the wrist and And I knew that was not going to be good because Mike was gonNA retaliate. And he hits and as soon as an steps into the batter's box and there's a fight this fight goes on this fight around for quite a while it was a good one and And you know we went on the field and we did whatever we do and off backing of the dugout. And I was sitting next to brother and really didn't say much other than you know you talk about the fight and In fast forward to Mike and I have breakfast both got the same. Louis dispatch both at the sports page. And we're both looking at a picture of the brawl taken from the press box straight down and on the field in clue site or to number eighteen. So there's two papers in the pile me my little brother and And by that time he had already left town. You know. There's the cell phones then. I wanted it to him. I WanNa say wha- what were you doing? Which later said what were you doing? And he said well the idea is there can't be anybody in the DUGOUT. If there's a fight so I didn't want to be the only guy sitting in the dugout also known I certainly wasn't GonNa pointed out to But that's how my little brother got introduced to a baseball brawl in Saint Louis and by the way the end of the story is is how times have changed the empires. Let both Mike Cuco in Joaquin Anti Har- go back out and which might gut the win into. Who got the loss of a massive brawl? Benches emptied in the two pitchers are staying in the game right at times of absolutely changed. I can't even imagine that would be social media picture of you and your brother on twitter in the same fight it would. It would be bad. I mean th th there would have to be some serious lion going on for me to protect me and him certainly from. Frank would've been the one that that would have gotten in trouble. And that's the one thing you didn't WanNa do is you know is wanting to be in trouble with that guy so anyway it. It ended up being a great story but something that probably should never exactly all right Oracle Park. What do you remember about the first time you walked into that park? Mike and I my critical and I walk in Park when it was seventy to eighty percent completed and And we got a tour and we got to write feel almost on top of the wall and right field. We both looked at each other and almost at the same time. Said this is going to be a joke. It is so short down the right feline. This is going to be a joke You know you eventually goes out to You know four twenty something into right center field. Centerfield was better left. Centerfield Fair you know. Three eighty five left field you know about as far as you can get but right field was a joke. That was our first impression. Season opened the very first home game. we still think that it's going to be. It's very unfair for touches to write failures. It's going to be great thing I did. Is they protected the short distance by putting that wall twenty feet high. So if you're going to get home runs at least you got hit it. High and And then you know the first game Kevin Elster ball people. It's home runs in the first game and then we knew we right. There's places a joke and as it turned out we couldn't have been more wrong. Almost impossible to hit home runs to right field The one guy and And almost impossible for major league hitters to put up strong homerun numbers in the park. We were totally wrong and a lot of things. We didn't take into consideration. We didn't take in consideration. The fog. The dampness the wind the wind blows through Those open archways in that knocked the ball down so there are a lot of things that That all of a sudden made. Rykiel who so? That's a long winded. Posted impression tied. What was your first impression? You is an artist. Yeah guys I think about the fact that Twenty years on they nailed it. I mean they got this thing right. The first time I visited there was actually for the two thousand two world series. So it's a little bit of a different event. But then as now I feel like the scale of the park and its materials. They really blend in seamlessly with these very unique surroundings every week type. We talk about a different ballpark and I keep bringing this up. The best ones have a very defined sense of place. There is no better defined sense of place to me than Oracle Park. Yeah and then you know what you throw in the aspect of A left-handed hitter could hit. Went in the Water. You could a ball could actually end up into water on the fly. I mean we have from the very first day. We have one camera that sits very high in the upper deck down the right field line and his only job only job is to watch balls. Land in the water on home runs by. I can say right innovators. But nobody's ever done it right. Ended Right So I mean that's the beauty of the splash home runs a record and you know when bonds was knocking them into what I mean. He did it thirty. I WANNA say thirty seven times That that had to be be right on thirty seven times. Yeah I I love the fact that There's probably more ways to get to this ballpark than any other in baseball. To your point you can take a kayak there. You've take a ferry. You can take like rail. You could go by car. You can go on foot It's real unique as far as that's concerned and certainly the views of the bay in the bay bridge the smell and the sites. They're just really really very very singular. Yeah it's IT'S PRETTY NEAT but type is we got ready for this. I was thinking to myself. You know how did you piss off the baseball? Gods that the two home ballpark. You played in. Where Municipal Stadium in Cleveland and candlestick? What was What was your worst Candlestick memory you know? I I it only driven by candlestick When I was with the the Indians at one time we landed in San Francisco to play the as instead of Oakland. And we're sitting on the bus and somebody said He. This candlestick and I was like that's the city So that was the first time I ever saw the first time I walked into candlestick. It was kind of like highly officials salt for the first time when they decided to challenge group piece of land. I walked and it was calm. It was semi was. Also you know eleven thirty in the morning so I really get a full taste of it until the first night game and then I was literally no unintended blown away and the first thing second is this game that we play is so hard. It's so hard to to finally get to the major leagues and then it's hard to play against the best players anyways and then on top of that you put us in a place where it makes the game even harder. That's fair you know you gotta pop ups. You've got the wind that drives out the infield. You've got bad hops. You got unfairness to left field for a right handed hitter. I mean Willie. Mays decided he's just going to go the opposite way and then 'cause he was watching he's thinking well. I gotTa do that to Right Field. So he started the right You just made the game harder and And you know God bless the players that that were successful there and giants has a lot of them because thirty days where it just wasn't fun and in as a major leaguer. We should be fun every day but that plays sometimes made in that fun. What are you gonNA candlestick? I went to one game. There candlestick it was in. May Nineteen Ninety two and it was in the days following the Occur few in the city of San Francisco and in many places in California after the Rodney King. Rioting so I remember going to a game there after having been cooped up in a hotel for a couple of days it was a turn back the clock game against the phillies. So you've got this pomp and pageantry and old cars and anti uniforms. So the game starts at one It featured a bench clearing brawl between these two teams and well the wind started swirling around somewhere in the middle of the game and by the end of the game. The temperature had plummeted without exaggeration. Twenty twenty-five degrees so I feel like my one experience there. I kind of saw a little bit of everything. It was incredibly memorable. Exactly what What Cape Live Kype I'm GonNa have you step. I've lost the last two quizzes and have you step in this week. Todd wanted to do the quiz With Taylor and kite going at it all right we got an ABCD here. So here we go and I have a giants question because of course the giants under manager John McGraw introduced this uniform innovation to Major League Baseball. Were they the first? Mlb Club to a where pinstriped uniforms to be decorate their belt loops to see where numbers on the front of their jerseys or D. where collarless uniforms innovation. What are they? The first wear pinstripes decorate their belt. Loops where numbers on the front of their jerseys or where collarless uniforms guy. You've got honors. What Year was under John? Mcgraw It was before your time. You know what I might. I might go with E. Okay Taylor what you got. Well I'm GonNa make everyone sick on here. I have no idea who John McGraw is. Oh definitely I don't think it's pinstripes. I'm GonNa Lean D with type is why it's a little bit of a cop out but I'm going I'm going collarless. Uniforms one was an educated guess. One was lucky stab. You're both right in nineteen six. The giants introduced the first caller was uniforms and I will. Have everyone know that. They read worlds champions across the front celebrating their nineteen o five world series title audacious. Wow and innovative there. You go brought in. Who brought him back The world champion part. No the the collar part. It was pretty much they it'd be it. Became this very comfortable. Good thing and everybody eventually took them on within about ten years earlier wreck collars contact with the white sox. Big Seventy yes. Yeah team the and they were ugly and and we won't even talk about the shorts. You're blessed better. Uniforms the most thankfully all right. I appreciate IT Jerseys Right Jersey's not cheese get right the next time. No Bra for one Dave. Thanks on all right. All the rules does play by play on mets games for us. And why is the point guard for what is considered to be one of the best broadcast boots in baseball history with Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez Gary thanks for doing this Thanks for distracting us. A little bit. How are you doing in the three of you? How do you keep it up during this downtime? All I'm doing fine. I mean there's spills from a personal stamp. I like an extended off season. Of course you know the world is in turmoil and at everybody's main concern but You know we're doing a little bit of work here and there we We've done a couple of play-by-play efforts on simulated games. Which was a fascinating enterprise. We do a facebook live chat every week on Thursday afternoons We've done some writing for the the S. N. Y. Websites so. We're trying to stay as busy as we can. And and Provide some content and just kind of Tread some water until we're ready to play baseball again. What are the simulated games? Like I know you gotta attention because you mentioned the Houston Astros at one point. Well I you know it's it's a fascinating thing I mean. I'm not a video game guy. You know my kids have played over the years but I never really participated in any of it and well. The first thing is that we were using MLB. The show and the first militant is unbelievable. I mean it's amazing. How much realism. There is in there to the point where there are times when you're doing the play by play of the simulation that you almost forget that you're not watching real people play and then something weird and Quirky happens and and you're kind of Snap back to reality but You know I I. The games all out faster pace. They eliminate a lot of downtime between pitches So If we could play actual Major League Baseball Games at the pace of the The the computer games. I'd be all in favor of that. So I WANNA dig into some memories with you. A big moments big personalities. You got a lot of attention for this great home. Run Call then. You had a few years ago. Give a listen to this looking for his first year. That goes up ten back there. The hits you do team is four textile art the dugout. This is one of the great comets in the history of Baseball. Total load has gone deep. WanNa say Gary. What are your member about that? Well there's so much to it right. I mean first of all you know over the years you come up against a lot of moments right and you never script the call but there are certain moments that you can't anticipate right. The team's going to clinch a pennant players approaching a a a an important record Late innings of a close game when you're waiting for that defining play a game all those statements. You're kind of ready for but the most fun things in baseball are the things that you can't possibly anticipate and this one certainly falls into that category but so much of it has to do with the back story. I mean here was Bartolo Cologne at age. Forty two Differently shaped player from most of what Major League? Baseball has to offer His flammable nature the ups and downs of his career and so he became a beloved figure to mets fans. Not The least of which was the fact that his at bats had become so entertaining mostly in a negative sense right flailing at the ball losing his helmet spinning around Sometimes going up there and just taking three strikes. Every at bat for Cologne was an event and this was his third season as a med now. His first year he had only gotten a couple of hits but he's really worked hard at it and his second season he had eight hits and so this was his third year and he got an incrementally better but there was no way on earth that you could ever anticipate him hitting a home run and you know as it turned turned out. It was the player every major league home run and also add in the fact that the game was in San Diego and there was a cadre of about a thousand or fifteen hundred mess and you can hear the cheering in the background. There normally when a road player does something extrordinary. You don't hear that kind of reaction but because This group of mets fans had travelled at the game. You had that as well so so much went into that reaction and and the the shock value. And the you know the whole way that Ron Darling and I reacted to the homerun. You can hear Ronnie Chuckling in the background through most of it it was it. It was a singular event for a singular guy and I think that's that's why we reacted the way we did and it was so great because you guys had so much fun with One of the great things about the work the you do. Is you go into the clubhouse every day like you as you know. There's some broadcasters who won't do that they kind of keep away from the clubhouse but you go in there just about every day and I'm curious to see if you remember seeing him after that for the first time 'cause I'm guessing you may have said something until you know Bart was a unique figure in that he how do I put this. Bartok's speaks English about as well as I do. But he's reluctant to do a lot of that publicly So you know. We had short checks but we didn't have a lot of intimate conversations. I have to say but he was beloved figure in that clubhouse he He kept everybody loose. He was so unflappable and all the players gravitated to him So to me. That's more of what his clubhouse presence was. All about. It was it was just about how how he interacted with his much younger teammates and how much they looked up to him and You could see from the reaction of his teammates when he hit the home run. Just help love was. What do you remember from two thousand fifteen the night that Wilmer Flores reportedly was going to be in a trade away from the mets and he began to weep on the field. Gazette certainly was something that we hadn't seen before. Well it was. It was different than I think it has to do. With the times and the way social media had Really taken hold. I mean we're doing the game. And we're looking at twitter and seeing every reputable national baseball reporter in the country. Reporting that this deal is done and that will merge been traded to Milwaukee for Carlos Gomez and because we knew it so did the fans in the stands because they had access to that same reporting the only people who didn't know it were the people in the dugout. Terry Collins was not aware Wilmer Flores was not aware and so he kept going back in the game every inning during this time period when we all thought that the deal was done to then at some point he becomes aware of it From a fan and now here's a kid. Twenty four years old. He spent eight years in this organization signed at the age of sixteen. Never known any other organization and he's starting to cry on the field and finally Terry becomes aware of what's going on and he takes them out of the game but that moment cemented Wilmer Flores is status with the fan base in a way that I've never seen before or since you know fan. Spend their entire lives rooting. For a particular franchise players come and go and they come and go among organizations to fans have great passion for that uniform and and that culture and to see a player feel as they do about being a part of that organization and do so so humanly. I think really bonded wilmer to mets fans in a way that that was not possible in any other circumstance. And you could see it then. The next time he played on that That Friday night against the the nationals. When he got a standing ovation every time he came to the plainy winds up hitting the game winning home run the twelfth sending which just added a poetic close to that game And really every moment dafter. That wilmer became a popular player in a way that I had never seen before. Yeah he'll be a guy when he's sixty five seventy years old. They'll bring him back to throw out a first pitch. Never he'll get one of the biggest years among mets fans because that is a legendary story Johan Santana hundred and thirty four pitch. No hitter what he remember. Well I mean for people who don't know the history You know the mets had had some of the greatest pitchers in the history of the game for their franchise led by Tom seaver. But you know also Dwight Gooden and David Cone and Ron Darling. And so many others. And for a franchise that had been known throughout a half century for its pitching somehow Quirky Lee. They had never had a no hitter. Almost became a part of the the Of the franchise that All these pictures some of them threw no hitters before they became met some of threw no hitters after they left none of them ever throwing one for the mets and this seemed like the most unlikely night I Habur member. Santana had capsule surgery in his shoulder. They had they were going very slowly with them in terms of his pitch count in fact. Terry Collins at said before the game that he was gonNA throw a hundred and five hundred ten pitches and in this game against the cardinals in two thousand twelve. He walked four batters in the first five innings was pitch count was getting up there so it was a point in the fifth or sixth inning. Even though he had no hitter intact that we're starting to talk about the fact that there's just no way he's GonNa be able to go nine innings because the number of pitches he's throwing then. Mike Baxter makes a great play in the field and There's a controversial call on a fair foul on a ball. Hit by crawls bell try and now you're starting to think well we're getting deeper into this game and you could see pitch by pitch the agony that Terry Collins was going through it because he is stood. What was going on that? As long as you'll hunt didn't allow a hit. He was going to have to make the decision. Okay leave him in there. Do I take him out? Far More pitches than we know is good for his arm and that became part of the dynamic. And then you'll start to kick it into ear. And he's pitching veteran veteran. Eastbound is up and have to tell you as somebody who is. You know not only been a mets broadcaster for many years. But it's been. It was a mets fan. From the time he was six years old and his seen most of the Games that this franchise has competed in I was convinced as as that observer that it was never going to happen that the mets would never have no. And you get to two out in the ninth inning. And and you'll haunt falls behind David freeze three and now and now you're thinking. Gosh she's at one hundred and thirty one pitches. He's three and no one freeze if he walks him now. What happens and he comes back and strikes Matt but it wasn't until free swung and missed at that last change that I ever thought it was even possible that that would happen and I'm just glad you know no hitters quirky things right. I mean All sorts of no names journeymen have thrown no hitters over the course of baseball history I'm just glad that win. The mets finally got a no hitter. It was a guy of the stature of Johan Santana who was You know one of the elite pitchers of his generation that he was the guy who finally got it. And you're right about how Terry Collins was tortured. I've known him since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and watching that game and SORTA him physically reacting to what was going on You as a mets fan. Did He make the right decision? 'cause I remember talking to Terry. Maybe it was a couple of days after that and he was on one hand apologetic and on the other hand. He was like how I have to. I have to leave in I. How can I take them out of that game? How did you feel I? I think that if you ask Terry today he would still express regret about leaving him in the game. Now if what happened afterward you're actually Pitched a couple of terrific games. Later that month I think he's the rates scoreless innings against the dodgers. If I'm not mistaken but then once the calendar turn to July. Things started to fall apart for him and really he was never the same after that. Now you WANNA make the argument that the one hundred thirty four pitches contributed to the downfall of his career of I know none of knows enough about pitching physiology to to know that for sure. I will tell you this though that. I don't think you'll Hannah's a single regret. I think that if he to do it all over again that he would have stayed in a throwing those under three or four pitches to try to get that no hitter because it meant a lot to him. Same thing happened with David Cone. Nineteen Ninety nine you know. They had a rain delay when he was pitcher for the Yankees against the Montreal Expos He was warming up in the runway outside of the Yankees clubhouse to get ready then he comes back out and he throws a perfect game and It was soon after that. Pretty much straight downhill. But that's something that's always been meaningful to him. I saw David David Contra. One hundred and sixty six pitches in a game when he was with the mets Harrelson was the manager at the time and there was such a backlash to that. That the mets for years for several years after that stopped announcing pitch counts in the press box. Pete Alonso's emergence last year was unlike anything that I've ever seen a you bet around him Take similar what you saw. Well it's it's an extraordinary thing. I mean you know. We knew that that people Lonzo was a big power hitting prospect and If you remember he did not get called up in September in twenty thousand eighteen which I think surprised a lot of people because he had an extraordinary year but what we kept hearing from the reports from the minor leagues was that he was such a defensive liability that they were fearful that someone is to get hurt. Maybe him they if they ever put him at first base in a big league game So there was Then there was the controversy in spring training last year as to whether he would actually start the season with the mets. We had an extraordinary spring. Training was clear that he deserved to make the team and he was going to be a big part of it But you know with with service time issues and you know you go back to the Kris Bryant situation with the cubs a few years earlier there was every chance that he would be left behind but Rhody van wagon to his credit said if he deserves to make the team he'll be there and he was from opening day and from the day the season started first of all he turned out to be much less of a defensive liability than we thought second of all he was every bit the the power threat that we thought but the piece that. I don't think anybody could have imagined. Was THAT WITHIN TWO MONTHS. After the start of last season this rookie would not spend a day in the major leagues before. Twenty nineteen became the face and Voice of the franchise. Now I've been around for for a long time and and when I first started thirty some years ago there was no way no matter how successful that any rookie could have taken on a leadership role. The Way Peter Lonzo did it just wouldn't have been allowed in a big league clubhouse but things have evolved in the game to the point where younger players are taking more prominent roles earlier on their careers. Not just on the field but off as well and Pete in very short order became One of the the the leaders in that clubhouse to the point where at this very early stage in his career just a year in people are already talking about him as the next David Wright the next captain of the mets. And that's an extraordinary thing. I mean the fifty three home runs will be indelible and and Who knows how long their record may last might depend on the composition of the baseball in years to come. But the way that Pete Lonzo has taken the city and that clubhouse Into his own hands and Just he's been a remarkably human voice for this team and it's It's been extraordinary thing to watch. He's a he's a fantastic. It and and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the next act is. Yeah we talked about the emotional wilbur. Flora's when you saw the reaction from Pete last year when he broke the record for Aaron judge on the field was going through your mind because I I you know what I always think of when I talked to friends and they asked me Batum I say the word that applies to him more than any others the word Ernest like that to me just describes him he is. He's genuine and and you know so many things that he did last year taking charge of Getting special cleats made for his teammates for the the game on on nine eleven So many Community projects that he spearheaded always seems to have the right word for the right time. He's just you know and and I mean we'll get his reaction when he won the the home run Derby it was You know you you there it. He's just he's just a remarkable and You know I'm just so happy for him all right. Let's do a little round of rapid fire before you go throw a name it you moment Jacob degrom well he's just the best As competitive human being as I've ever seen He was a He was a remarkable from the day he arrived in the big in the big leagues wasn't even supposed to be starting for the mets. He was a guy who kind of came out of nowhere but This this guy is as Competitive Human being overseeing and always done is getting better over his six years in the big leagues. I I can't imagine what's to come and you know. The only shame of it is that he started so late. He's going to be thirty two this year and He's got two CY youngs under his belt and who knows how many more he can put together. Before he's done Matt Harvey. He was a meteor man showing his brightly as anybody. Then he crashed are His his stretch from from the when he came up in twenty twelve through twenty thirteen when he started the All Star game in through that year was as dominant as anybody. I've ever seen and then to go down with Tommy John and to come back and throw more innings than any pitcher coming back from Tommy John. Ever throw in this first year back culminating and did that world series game five and Begging for the ball In in the ninth inning. He was extraordinary but Between injury and and some self inflicted loans I don't know whether his career is over or or merely derail but Nobody ever Starred as quickly and crashed as quickly as Matt Harvey and last one. Because you work in New York you get a lot of celebrities that come through city field and also through your booth. Give me a namedrop story about a celebrity. Who walked in? And you're like wow well I mean. We've been very fortunate to have Jerry Seinfeld in our booth on a number of occasions. So that's that's a special treat and of course You know Keith. Hernandez is on relationship with Jerry having Starting his own episode of Seinfeld and Keith gets asked about Seinfeld at least as often as he gets asked about his his baseball or broadcasting careers. But Jerry's been a great great friend to US and It's it's always a special day when we have him around. All right Gary Well. I appreciate your time on this. Thanks for helping to distract this. Thanks very much. Buster you stay will bleacher tweets already. Buster bleacher tweets four. Fry D first up. We Got Ryan mayor our mayor. One fifty one on twitter writes in. Does the current situation kill? Mookie Betts is chance of a four hundred million dollar contract. Seems like the market will shift a little bit after this. What do you think? Yeah no doubt Ryan. It's coming down. It's hard to know for sure. We have to wait for the dust to settle from what happens in summer before we know exactly the context in which he's GonNa step into free agency but just talking with officials around baseball. They do think that a lot of payroll is going to be pulled back. Dramatically Bob mcculskey writes in at Bob Makovsky one. Who's one living person that you've never met or spoken to that? You would love to interview on the PODCAST. President George W Bush because his family has been so rooted in baseball his DAD president H W Bush. He loved baseball. You'd seem it Astros. Astros Games he played when he was in college. Oppose really great defensive player I and of course President George W Bush was the owner of the Texas Rangers. He's friends with Tim Chen. I'd love to hear those stories. And he threw out the first pitch during the two thousand one world series that we all remember And I'd love to talk to CAL ripken. I covered him for two years of the Baltimore. Sun There was a lot of scrutiny on Kelly. A Lot. Attention on them A newbie writer. There we didn't have the best relationship I would love. I've always said to people that my great regret in the two years that I covered cal that I didn't mind the baseball information that he has which is enormous interesting. Last one up for the week centigrades at centigrades rates in. Hey Buster. It has been so fun growing up by the mud. Hens a minor leager got to see develop was curtis granderson. I will not do the pronunciation. He throws out there tweet but he asked who was a minor league player who you remember enjoying following before they were famous other the announcement Kazaa. I think it falls right in line with a minor league player who is named razor shines and when he was introduced the Ballpark in Indianapolis. It was easier. That's an occurred is. I'm sure as part of how they did that one for me because I covered in the minor leagues. It was really cool was skier barnes. You covered for two years us. A great guy played wiffle ball did pretty well against him by the way And after I left Nashville you want up having like five years in the big leagues and I was so happy form after a lot of years in the minor leagues he actually stayed in the big leagues for a time when the Detroit Tigers. Playing for Sparky Anderson. You knew him before he was big. Thanks for the tweets. Everyone subscribe interview to the podcast. Wherever you get your podcast and of you. You're just listening to this on a Saturday or Sunday. Thanks for the weekend listening bit. A lot of people are doing that. So if you have to catch up while you're while you're going on your weekend Dr Perfect time to roll through some episodes of baseball tonight. That's it for today. That's it for this week. My thanks today to Gary and a kite and todd and Taylor have a great weekend. Everybody thanks for listening and stay safe for listening to the baseball tonight. Podcast if you're playing fantasy baseball to- forget to listen to the fantasy focus podcast checkout all podcasts at ESPN DOT com slash. Podcast center. Baseball tonight the PODCAST.

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