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Brother VR and WBZ Chicago this is wait wait. Don't tell me the NPR news quiz get out your pancakes about to pour on some may build syrup I'm Bill Curtis, and here's your host man who knows there's no place like home and no place other then Home Peter Sago thank you bill and thanks once more to our audience which this week is the audience from an old episode of happy. Days, we used happy days because unendingly monotonous days was not available later on, we're going to be talking to scuba diver mountaineer and pilot Kelly Edwards who outside magazine called the most interesting woman in the world about the amazing places she's been and we're going to ask you. To stress how terrible they all really were. So we don't feel even worse about not being able to go there but first we want hear about your interior journey. So give us a call. The number is one triple eight. Wait wait that's one, eight, eight, eight, nine, two, four, eight, nine, two, four. Let's welcome my first listener contestant to the show. Hi, you're wait. Don't tell me this is matthew from Arlington Exit, Hey, Arlington Arlington is right near. Dallas right is with baseball stadium is what do you do there? I am on furlough since March. But before that I was a director of audiovisual, an asset manager for a large audiovisual companies at works in a bunch of hotels. Country Well, I ask you this with no judgment because all I've managed to do during the lockdown as learned to play one video game. Have you been able to take your time and do something useful with it? Unlike me I I've cleaned my garage and I've You know helped my my son start zoom kindergarten and I've slept in and stayed up relate. Yes. Of course. Well, welcome to the show Matthew. Let me introduce you to our panel this week I say hello to a writer and producer for Jesus and Mero on showtime as well as the host of the comedy game show podcast my day. It's Josh Gondal men. Next, it's a comedian who can be seen in the babysitter to killer Queen Premiere September tenth on Netflix and who hosts the Trivia podcast. Go fact yourself on the maximum fund network it's Ellen. Haw. Everybody. And it's the CO host of nobody listens to Paula poundstone and brand new stubborn sports simulcast bringing you hilarious alternative audio for this. Sunday nights baseball game details at star Burns sports dot Com Adam felber. Hi. Matthew. Matt. You'RE GONNA play who's bill this time. Bill. Curtis is going to read three quotations from this week's news. If you can correctly identify explained just two of them, you'll win our prize envoys from our show. You might choose on your voicemail you ready to play I am ready. All right I quote is from the vice president announcing what we are sure is a well thought out government plan this week we take a miracle around the corner. What miracle do they insist will come right before the election Yes vaccine for coronavirus. The trump administration has told states to get ready to distribute a corona virus vaccine by November I and one. Some skeptical. This is just to have something to brag about right before the election I will fully trust that syringe get. That has the words chickenpox crossed out the word coronavirus written in. Sharpie. Don't be surprised if by January trump is still president and we all have fingers growing out of our necks. It gets the plot of Children's movie from the nineties like yeah, kid. There's GonNa be a vaccine by the election and your mom, and I aren't getting a divorce after all. We. Just say seven Angels Chris? Lloyd. I wish corona virus, it never happened. Now. Here's the thing if the vaccine ever comes, there won't be enough of it for a long time. So scientists are even now trying to figure out who should get it I, which is leading everybody to try to justify their place in the line. So healthcare workers are like I, need the vaccine to keep you healthy and journalist or like I need the vaccine I keep you informed and Stephen Miller is like I need the vaccine to make sure Mexicans don't get the vaccine. I know it's it's so rare. He gets such a pure unity practice the he so craves really secure. Really. When you think about this problem, you have to thank Donald. Trump for what he's done in the last few months, he made the line for the vaccine about one hundred, eighty, thousand people shorter. It's funny because it's not. That here's your next quote. It's the owner of a hair salon in San Francisco complaining to Fox News. We're supposed to look up to this woman right? It is just disturbing. This woman was outraged that a particular woman came into her shop to get hair done during the pandemic who was it Nancy Pelosi? Yes. Mad. It was Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House. She was caught on camera inside a beauty salon in. San. Francisco, getting a blow out despite the fact that all the salons were supposed to be closed right now, the president tweeted about it and on Thursday the White House spokeswoman started her press briefing showing a video of Pelosi in the salon like it ziprcruiter tape like look her hair flip up into the left up into the left. The most shocking thing about this frankly is that Mrs Pelosi goes to a hair salon at all. We just assumed she snaps off her hair and swaps it out like lygo person. I I'll confused by this story Peter Please explain it to me. So Nancy Pelosi. Called this Alon, which is close all the salons and California closed right now believe me I know because I've been cutting my own damn hair It looks great how and thank you very much. It's an opponent will never not be in a pony for the rest of these days but she so she got the owner to open it for her but the owners, and so it's a little it's a little complicated. But as far as I can tell, this is what happened Nancy. Pelosi. Got In touch with her stylist who rents a particular Salat. She said can I come in for haircut? Stylus says, yes it's okay as long as you only one here. The stylist told the owner the salon he. Nancy Pelosi is coming in. And what the owner then did for reasons I, guess at this point is instead of telling MS, Pelosi not to come she allowed it to happen. She recorded the whole thing and security video, and then she took that tape and she went straight to Fox News, right? Wow, right. So They kind of did as she should've known when Ms Pelosi got the answer back. Yes. It's fine for you to come in but don't wear stripes because it looks weird on camera. The whole thing is really just another foe scandal, but on the other hand what a relief to see the headline illicit blowout and find out it's not another story about Jerry Falwell Junior. It is kind of like You know two people having an activity together while someone else watches from the corner and. Different a story. Absolutely. Absolutely. True. All right. Matt here is your last quote guys. They're so good that was a writer for delitzsch commenting on what is the first good news of twenty twenty it turns out that early next year, we're all going to get a brand new what I have no idea will give you a hint. Apparently people were getting tired of just having thin mints in Samoa's. A. New Girl Scout Cookie. That's exactly right matt. Finally, a reason to stay alive until next year, the girl scouts announced a brand new French toast flavored cookie called toast yesterday we assumed the girl Scouts said to make sure our product is unique. Let's name it after the one phrase that no one ever has said once. I guess toast boo too on the nose. By the way for those who don't remember your day is a word that was used to express joy back nearly twenty. For those don't remember what joy is. Well, Hey, the girl scouts have a new cookie. It's really something I missed girl scout season that wonderful season we're not buying an eating boxes of cookies. The wrong thing to dig. Although, you bring up an important point Adam, which is how in the world are we even going to have access to girl scout cookies unless we're back in our offices eighty, five percent of all girl scout cookies are sold to get the sad dad selling them to leave your room. It is a very twenty twenty thing though that even the new cookie where all excited for is named after the food you smell when you're having a stroke. I'm at this point, a a new cookie may not be enough to soothe our feelings. We might need thick mints. Bill How did Matthew are quiz? Well, he continues the celebrate Tori mood created by the girl scout cookies with a perfect score. Congratulations man. Done. Stay safe stay healthy and we'll hope to see you on the other side all this. I'll make it take care. Right, now panel time for you to answer some questions about this week's News Josh a new survey suggests that people who eat peanut butter for breakfast. Are. Better at what they're better at the hint will the the the people are students of the skippy Sutra better at lovemaking? Yes they're good embed A. Cereal. Company survey. Two. Thousand people about their personality traits than ask them what they had breakfast and correlated the results of the most successful people said, they just have t French toast eaters are the biggest partiers and yes those who have peanut butter for breakfast say they are the most passionate lovers or as they say, well, actually actually to be fair what they say is Over Yeah I. Don't know if I trust the self reporting of someone who has peanut butter breath frankly. Yeah I would like to hear the survey of the last two sexual partners those people. Like Oh yeah. Peanut. Butter. Breath. Yeah. I'll tell you what when he gets in bed it's more of a if you know what I'm saying. How I'm going to have to do some research on this and and does it matter if it was crunchy Creamy I, I'm not sure. That I can think about is get this survey from a company called Weetabix. And it says describe yourself describe your personality and one of the things. For breakfast. Yeah. I don't know because Asian or correlation, but there you have it. Coming up our panelists go all bear grylls in our bluff the listener game call one triple eight way to play. We'll be back in a minute with more wait wait. From NPR. Support for NPR comes from Newman's own foundation working to nourish the common good by donating all profits from Newman's own food products to charitable organizations that seek to make the world. A better place more information is available at Newman's own foundation dot org. And Guy Rise and on NPR's how I built this how a simple splash of color accidentally launched. Sandy Chila which into a forty year career as a designer entrepreneur and creator of the now famous chiller which place mat subscriber listen now. From NPR and WBZ Chicago this wait wait don't tell me we NPR news quiz I'm Bill Curtis we playing this week with Adam felber Josh, Gundel Ben and Helen And here is your host Aban who has a this week as officially gone feral Peter. SAGO Thank, you bill right now it is time for the wait. Don't tell me bluffed the listener game call triple eight wait wait to play our game on the air. Hi, you're wait wait. Don't Tell Me High Elliott from Essex Junction Vermont and I just finished my peanut butter toast. Really. You're ready to rock. Did you where did you say you're from Elliot I'm from Essex Junction Vermont Oh Essex Junction Vermont okay, and what do you do there? I'm a Spanish teacher and a handyman a handyman now. Okay. So and you're handyman business, your Vermont person you're handy. Of course can you tell us what's the oddest thing you've ever been asked to come over to somebody's house and do you know I? went up that's a stumper I. I would say fixing a Gazebo by the shores of Beautiful Lake Champlain. was hoping for something involving nudity or some embarrassing kind of home accident but that's okay. That's lovely. That's good. View. Vermont, answer to that Gretchen like what's the weirdest thing? I fixed a beautiful gazebo like I live in New York City and if I if a handyman here, answer that it'd be like well, someone called me to get a rat out of their bigger. A. Rat Stuck in my room. That's the problem you got a wreck. Well Anyway Elliott it's really nice to have you with us. You'RE GONNA play our game which you must try to tell truth from fiction bill. What's Elliott's topic you versus wild? So we've all wondered if I were stranded and starving in the wilderness what wine pairs best with bugs this week we heard about a new survival tip for the great outdoors. Our panelists are going to tell you about it picked on is telling the truth and you'll win our prize the Whitewater of your choice on your voicemail you're ready to. Play you BETCHA. All right. Well, then let's do it first up. Let's hear from Adam felber author Charles Lisbie found himself in his own horror story last week while a retreat to a rented cabin near Guerneville California Mr Lisbon had been catching a nap in a hammock when he was awoken by some prowling raccoons startled Mr be panicked thrashed and got himself hopelessly entangled in a Hammock a human cocoon unable to move fortunately, his phone was on the ground beneath. But when he voiced down nine, one one he was told. That all the emergency personnel were combating nearby wildfires and be Charlie was pretty sure the EMT's were laughing at his description of his plight desperate. He had an inspiration using Siri t voice activated his domino's APP ordered his usual a double cheese pizza and sweet mango have a narrow wings and under special delivery instructions for the delivery man he dictated quote stuck in a hammock please help the plan worked and soon Mr Lesbian was being cut free by local delivery guy seventeen year old Ethan Curvello who then received what he called like the biggest tip ever. Liz had nothing. But praise for the teen and the chain saying quote the EMT said it would. Take Hours I got my rescue hot in thirty minutes or less. However, he added his offer was not correctly fulfilled quote when I saw he'd accidentally brought me a Hawaiian Pizza I almost asked him to leave me up in that Hammock to die a guy stuck in a hammock far in the woods is rescued simply by ordering domino's your next story of survival comes from Helen Hong getting drunk and heading into the wilderness seems like the plot of a slasher film or a bunch of over sex teens get picked off one by one by a murderous maniac but scientists have discovered getting drunk might actually be a great idea when getting lost in the woods. Researchers at the College of Little Compton in Rhode Island have discovered that intoxication may cause increased agility on rugged terrain. They came to this conclusion after observing the patrons of the local pub, the loosened leaky lighthouse of little. Compton. Pub was on an uneven cobblestone street with broken sidewalks from overgrown tree roots and I'm actually going to ask Josh to help me out with some quotes here. It's like an obstacle costs to get their reported one local resident. People are spraining their ankles and smash inaugural just trying to get a drink but patrons leaving the pub after a few pints never seem to have a problem navigating the dangerous walkway well, unless they totally lasted. College, researchers then recreated the study with intoxicated hikers navigating highly technical terrain at a nearby Wilderness Park and discovered three beers or to vodka tonics actually improved the hikers ability to not smash their faces in. The researchers were quick to emphasize that any more than three beers or to vodka tonics did not help agility again you know you can't get to Hamid. Getting drunk helps hikers managed difficult terrain without injury your last story of. STAYING ALIVE COMES OFF Picture this you're hiking through the remote Tundra of the Arctic, your face to face with a polar bear and you're fully nude. No. This isn't the climax of a new Netflix's dating show called bearing it all according to travel writer Paula frolic. It's an effective method of surviving her sign a tax. If you should come face to face with a polar bear back away. Well, peeling your clothes off at a time says frolic who strategy seems like. It was pulled from a looney tunes episode where Bugs Bunny dresses up like sexy lady to Trick Elmer Fudd it should be stated however that this is not an appropriate method to figure out if you WANNA polar bear have romantic chemistry or if you're better off remaining friends, just be an adult and ask the bear directly. According to frolic a polar bears, natural curiosity could cause it to sniff and play with each item of clothing. Individually as you disrobe scientists hypothesize that this strategy could be an effective distraction on account of the bears classification under filing certified freak seven days a week. All right. So. Let's put it this way you're somewhere in the wilderness and you're in trouble somebody has come up with a very useful thing to do is it from Adam felber if you're lost in new to help just order dominos, they'll find you in thirty minutes or less from Helen Hong. If you have difficult to rein to traverse get drunk because apparently that helps or from Josh Gone woman if you're confronted by a polar bear, just take off all your clothes, which will distract possibly titillate the bear which of these is the real story of a wilderness survival tip. Well. Peter. They all sound like the they could work but I'm Gonna I'M GONNA. Go with Josh's story as the most believable you're to go with Josh's story is the one we're us. If you're confronted by one of the deadliest predators on the planet, you simply should remove your clothes. All right. To bring you the correct answer we spoke to someone familiar with the real story. I would suggest wearing as many layers as you can because you might run out of clothing before you can escape from the bear. that. Was Elizabeth Kruger's is the Arctic Wildlife Manager for the World Wildlife Fund talking about getting naked for the polar bears. Congratulations Elliott. Got It. Right. You're earned a point for Josh and you have one are prized the voice of your choice on your voicemail. Congratulations. All right. Thank you so much for playing with us today. Bye Bye. Thank Peter. Another game where people who've been everywhere else finally arrive here it's called not my job. When you're hungry you like to watch cooking shows. Well, when you're stuck at home, you should watch Kelly Edward Show mysterious islands. She's a pilot scuba divers, sailor and explorer, and we are so glad she's taking a little trip to be with US Kelly Edwards Walkman to wait wait don't tell newt. Thank you for having Yeah Levian. Oh yes. Well, we love having you wanted to do you justice. have been stuck at home like the rest of us these last five or six months. I actually have not because a little part about me that I should introduce to the audience that I'm also a pilot and so I have the ability to get in a one of the five airplanes that I fly and go to an unpowered airport in hang out and have a picnic rabbi the. Wait a minute. So I know just a little bit about flying. When you mean like an unpowered airport, you mean, one of those airstrips, the middle of nowhere that's just clear and anybody can land there whenever they want because it's not under anybody's control you don't need permission so you just get exactly I live in Los Angeles. So I fly out of Van Nuys Airport and we have so many towered airports here in California alone one that makes. You. Thirty. So I have not been stuck at home because I have capabilities of taking myself right like to go. Sorry. My family for you. I know. There must be so many people who are doing their best to become your best friend right when I, say that, I have a line around the corner I mean it That's less impressive now because everyone has to lineup six. I like that. Now the line has because of the space you are so right about that. Let's go to Catalina. We'll take the we'll take the plane. We'll scuba dive near the arcade there come on. You know it's when I actually learned to dive and Catalina because you're a diver to divers well, I am a bond girl Laura Croft double-o several. So, whatever you guys WanNa, do let's do it. How did you get interested in being basically an adventurer? Well. I started taking road trips with my parents at a very, very young age and I when I started to look at the world in watching that Geo and travel channel and all this I'm like, Oh, I should go to these places. So there are a lot of who just save up the money to get an economy class ticket you decided you would actually learn to fly in. Fly Yourself. Yes. Indeed, and that came about because I saw one man a small airplane landing at Burbank. Airport between Delta and South West and jet blue and I literally googled at the gate one man small aircraft and general aviation came up I had no idea that you didn't have to be a military pilot to become a pilot and so I came back and took a discovery flight from a groupon for a hundred bucks and got hooked and sick in plane hooked and really yeah because wait a minute so. The only time I've ever flown myself in a small private plane general aviation. I got incredibly sick and I said to myself. Well, that's the end of this for me never again and I've stuck to that. But you the same thing happened to you and your reaction was like, okay great. When you've cleaned up the vomit I'm going to learn to fly. Let me tell you why and I'm not crazy. Okay. I just have to tell the truth, but I flew over my ex boyfriend's house. And I snapped a picture from the air and I sent it to him and his reaction was priceless. He's like. How did you get this picture and where are you and I was like, Oh, I just need to be able to do this whenever I feel like. I thought you were going to say I vomited out the windows server. And then be I love that you're pettiness drove you to learn how to fly airplanes girl you're like Hashtag goal. Adventures ever called upon survival skills but we were just talking about that on the show. Do you have any survival skills I mean for example, have you ever had to face down a polar bear? No, no polar bears definitely had a an encounter to some wild animals including Moose wolves bear from really really afar but more. So just being out in nature I do have my wilderness first aid certification I'm going to go get my avalanche training in October back in Colorado I'm always ready for the apocalypse. I literally, I'm literally coming to move in with you. I am coming to move in with you because you are Lara Croft, you really aren't. You are in my avalanche training was stay the hell away from avalon. I would worry about like being with you in the apocalypse because you'd be too good at it and they just be like lagging behind out of breath that I grabbed me by that collar. We'd be out of there I'll. Tell you. Is If, anything goes wrong call Kelly. She's gone up the aircraft. He's going to have all the gear and we're going to survive and I say that. So I'm like choose your friends risely. I'm one of those friends choose a friend I mean it is humbling to know that you have all these for the apocalypse in in my case, it'd be like well, Peter could moderate the discussion at the campfire tonight. Let's. And I it'd be like look. I, don't I hope doesn't come to this but probably I'm delicious. I'll hold my breath I would I would have to say in in the meeting of your new clan don't lead with that job. Around firewood, everybody can contribute Josh Delicious. Can you do the the castaway thing Tom Hanks did and actually make a fire from like sticks if you needed to I, absolutely can. That's definitely one of the skills that you learn like that's one. Oh, one survival skills like fire is the most important come on Peter. That's one on one. This is terrible Josh. Maroon together I wouldn't even be able to boil you. We could use the reflection of giant forehead to call down a plane. Well, Kelly words. It is an absolute delight to talk to you but we have actually asked you here today to play a game. This time we're calling. Welcome to Staten Island. So you've explored many remote. But. What do you know about a pretty normal island right off the wild coast of eastern New Jersey Staten Island answer two out of three questions about Staten Island and you'll win our prize for one of our listeners. The Voice of anyone they may choose from our show on their voicemail bill who is Kelly playing for Lia Ross Love, Orlando Florida all right. Ready to go. Kelly Ready Freddie I. Question About Staten Island one of the best reasons to visit Staten Island is no longer there every year in the fall people used to rush the island for the ritual annual construction of what a the world's longest urinal be the birdman a huge wooden sculpture of a man flipping Manhattan, the bird or see giant bus of Dolly, Parton and Kenny Rogers based on the myth that Staten Island is the island in the stream. Are the see 'cause you know Nali acquaintance and we just want to say, yes, you're gonNa just GonNa because I said Dolly Parton you're just GONNA go yes. Dolly. Parton absolutely I like I like that because you're right she is the queen but the answer is the world's largest urine. Trout is hundreds of feet long. It was built each year for the start of the new. York City. Marathon but sadly, no more now, they with porta-pottys which are Duller. All right. Next question after months of receiving massive electricity bills in your Mailbox Staten Island. Woman figured out the reason why a all Staten Island residents she left her Christmas lights up until August be the bills were actually for the electricity pole outside her house or see Con Edison was paying tribute to the large Italian population on Staten Island by tallying all bills in lire. I'M GONNA. Go with she left her Christmas lights on two August. Do you see you can see it from the sky imagine as you fly around? That's my house. Oh. No actually the answer sadly was be the bills were for the electricity pole outside her house. They were actually addressed to poll as the woman said quote, you don't write to Opole if you're normal. All right last question though it's not often thought of fine dining destination visitors to staten island can enjoy food from which of these restaurants a the world's longest buffet built out of the previously mentioned world's longest urinal. Be Spin, Yvonne Cinnabon Slash Cycling Gym or C., N. Maria, which only employs genuine Italian grandmothers as cooks. I'm going to go see your right and attack Maria. Presumed deserters them coming out and asking you why you're not married yet. Oh, man I got plenty of bill how Kelly, doing our quiz one out of three. Kelly. You'll be thinking about this on your next flight. So we love having you here. That was. Great roundabout answer. was was very positive. I think. Kelly Edwards is an adventurer mountaineer, a pilot and scuba diver. You can hear her every Wednesday on her new travel podcast. Let's go together Kelly. Edwards. Thank you so much for being on our quiz. Thank you guys for having Nisa. Cellphone. y'All Wayne. Away. I'll way would it be? In just a minute, our bosses finally. Nice to us in our listener limerick challenge call triple eight. Wait wait to join us on the air. We'll be back in a minute with more of don't Thomas from NPR. Fly. This message comes from NPR sponsor better help the online counselling service dedicated to connecting you with a licensed counselor to help you overcome whatever stands in the way of your happiness, fill out a questionnaire and get matched with a professional tailored to your needs and if you weren't satisfied with your counselor, you can request a new one at any time free of charge visit better help dot com slash wait to get ten percent off your first month get the help you deserve with better help. If elephant feels threatened. Watch out the elephants have picked up people in literally hold them across the floor and just broken them. How can these two species live together in peace new ways of resolving conflict? That's on the Ted Radio Hour, from NPR. From NPR and WBZ should Gago this is wait wait don't tell me the NPR news quiz I'm bill. Curtis were playing this week with Helen Hong Josh Gone Delman Adam Felber, and here again is your host man having a cubicle installed at his home. Justified feel normal again, Peter Sago. Thank you bill just a minute bill feeds his Gremlin after midnight it's our listener. Limerick challenge if you'd like to play give us a call at one triple eight wait wait that's one, eight, eight, eight, nine, two, four, eight, nine, two, four, all right panel. Here are some more questions for you. From this week's News Helen we got some bad news for Kimberly guilfoil among other people it turns out that doing what increases the possibility of spreading covert. Exactly right. Apparently talking loudly helps spread Kovic particles that group of ladies next to you at Brunch who keep screaming God seriously have gone from annoying to deadly. cording to a professor at the University of Colorado quote. Every route of viral transmission would go down if we talked less or talk less loudly in public spaces that. Is Great News for people don't want to go someone. Sorry. I'm just talking less these days for safe trying to protect you baby. That's what it is. But if this goes on, it will change culture. You know like warrior chieftains giving speeches before battles we'll have to mutter I just don't let them take our freedom. Okay, everybody. Okay. And Secret Service agents leaping in front of assassins we'll have to whisper now. Campaign speeches. Today we're GonNa Take Wisconsin, and then tomorrow the whole United States. We'll we'll I'll try that new girl scout cookie and go Yay. I feel like every song would sound depressing right? Just Bon, Jovi like we're halfway there. Are. Helen there is a new scam to watch out for I'm sorry to say several US states have issued official warnings advising people not to be fooled by what for sale. Online. Soup you can throw. No. give me a hint please. Oh, it's a FIGURA doodle. A dog. Yes puppies. Here's hurt works. People offer adorable puppies for sale online. Trick you into sending the money for the poppy, but there is no puppy. Lots of people seeking animal companions during lockdown. The number of puppy scams is up almost fifty percent last year. I have noticed this because I have an avid craigslist. And there are a ton of puppy listings on craigslist and they're not real stop buying them. Ten puppies on their way they do pull that scam over the phone to Peter when you call them, they're like, Oh yeah I'm say hello to you right now. Wolf. I I can't wait till the sting where where the whoever is they're? To get bus them as like show me the puppies I'll show you the money. Show me the money and I'll show you the poppy. I think of a worse scam. This is so heartbreaking. You have your heart set on an adorable puppy. You like scrounge together all this money hand over the money and you're like I can't wait till I get my puppy and then there's no puppy. It Does seem to target the world's loneliest people right? Like the only sadder scam would be like instead of fake puppies, it's fake body pillows and extra large wine glasses shut up. I. I don't like this is going Josh take get back. Hit a nerve. Adam, a new study finds that in the distant future what may die out entirely Pagers No. I give you a hint of course doctor was a woman. That's the only possibility men. Yes. This study. Okay. With that. Check nobody's going to object at this point. The study says that x chromosomes, which when paired make a person female and y chromosomes, which insists on explaining to you which chromosomes are. Used to have the same number of genes in them. But why's numbers of genes have been getting smaller and in four point five million years there may be no men left at all. Hours after meeting Kelly I'm like, yeah. Who needs them. It's true. I wasn't point five million years away. Yeah if. A man in like four million years. You'll be manned. Exact. People in the future, we'll have to say you know boys will be boys. Coming up, it's lightning fill in the blank hits the game where you have to listen for the rhyme. If you'd like to play on air caller, leave a message at one triple eight that's one, eight, eight, eight, nine, two, four, eight, nine, two, four, or quickly. Contact US link on our website wait dot NPR dot org and check out the wait wait quiz in your smart speaker. It's out every Wednesday with me and bill asking you questions wait a second you don't have smart speaker. Who are you talking to all day? Hi you're on. Wait wait. Don't tell me. Sitting Hey Sydney how are you? I'm great. How are you? I'm pretty well, where are you calling from Dayton Ohio how are things and Beautiful Dayton? They're as good as can be expected during a pandemic yes. That is the standard answer. What do you do there I am an engineer in the aerospace industry. Cool. So so you design airplane because that would be the coolest thing ever. Sure close enough. Close enough for US billions. Do you do the parts that flap when they go in the air. Yeah. Those ones exemplary sidney men are going extinct soon enough. Well welcome to the show. Sydney Bill Curtis is GonNa read you three news related limericks the last word or phrase missing from each if you can fill in that last word of phrase correctly and to the lyrics will be a winner. Here is your first limerick. Nice people fare better at work being rude and mean isn't a perk evil Mojo will stick to the guy who's A. Putz. Is Bad if you're known as the. Jerk yes. Sir. Jerk at work isn't as beneficial as you may think, a shocking surprise to anyone who recently read that Elon Musk is now the third richest person in the world. Many of us are taught the workplace is a doggy dog world where coffee is for closers and quitting old movies makes you cool. But a new study shows that people are willing to lie and manipulate and step on other people to get ahead. Actually don't go any farther than people who are just nice. The meaner people were also forty percent less likely to be told about the pizza and the break room. When asked for comment the Chairman of the National Association of D. BAG CO worker said, I, don't need friends. I have a boat. Do you have a boat? You dingus? Here Sydney is your next limerick. Thanks to Covid my trips I'm revamping I'm outdoors though my legs soon start cramping there's no polls for my tent and the bears caught my sent. I don't know what to do when I'm. Camping. Yes. Camping very good goodson. Thanks to the pandemic with restaurants and theaters more and more people are giving up lavish vacations the summer, and they're trying the outdoors for the first time. One newbie from Chicago interviewed by The Wall Street Journal went backpacking in the ozarks but didn't bring a sleeping bag because summer she reasoned is hot. Turns out the hut part is the sun which goes away at night. These WASSERMAN reported quote I've never been so cold my entire life. This is true. This is a problem because people who never go camping are trying camping right now for the first time. Yes, and they're not doing good at it. Would totally be me really I love to eat out at restaurants and all the restaurants are closed. So I have to do take out and that's my version of camping. roughing. My wife I was out for like half an hour the other day and as Gosh isn't nature. Great. All. Right here here. Sydney is your last. Limerick. Alloa Tower, we just had a setback we're cruising as high as we get jacked. But we just flew to near to some weird rocketeer we have just passed a guy with A. Jet Pack Jan Pack Yes, an American Airlines pilot. Landing, at lax was startled when he saw a man flying with a jetpack outside the plane's window at three thousand feet now he told the tower all about it but not the passengers, which is a shame and if you look out the left side of the plane, you'll see Pacific Ocean Nancy Dingus in a jetpack. Kelly's boyfriend will go to any lengths to win her back. I can't believe that we finally have jet packs. This is what we were promised that the future was going to be like, yeah, it's funny. I read some science fiction when I was a kid which was all about as nifty future with jets jet packs, and some which were distortion nightmare and it turns out we get both. Bill did send you do in our quiz Sidley did great. You got him. All right. Good going said. Thank you. Thank you so much for plan. Thank you so fun. Bye. Bye Take Care Sydney. Now onto our final game lightning fill in the blank, each of our players will have sixty seconds in which to answer as many fill in the blank questions as they can. Each correct answer worth two points bill can you give us the scores? Ellen has four Adam has four and Josh has five Helen Adam are tied. So I will arbitrarily choose for no reason at all Helen Helen. The clock will start when they begin your first question. Please fill in the blank on Wednesday president trump urged North Carolina to test the mail in voting system by blanking. No by voting twice, which is of course, illegal for the first time since World War Two. The federal blank is set to exceed the size of the economy. The deficit? Yes. According to a new report president trump did not want to go visit a military cemetery in because he said blank air losers. Would have accepted suckers this week, a woman in Australia discovered the reason her toilet was clogged was blank. There's a snake in it. Here's a family of snakes living in and I'll give it to you on Wednesday social media site blank said it would limit political ads the week before the election facebook. Yes. This Week Mackenzie Scott the ex wife of Amazon's blank was named the world's richest woman Jeff bezos Roy to sweep police were able to easily identify a man who robbed a Pizza Hut. Because he blanked he he. He stole the sign that Said Pizza Hut. No. They easily identified him because he filled out a job application before robbing it. And I can tell you after hosting the show for more than twenty years. This is not the first time this has happened. According to employees. Demand entered the pizza location ashburn application, filled it out, and then grabbed the tip jar and made a run forward in addition to including all of his personal information on the application. The man also left behind his backpack which had his idea in it. Regardless the pizza places still considering hiring him they're just waiting to hear back from his reference a Burger King. He robbed last week Bill. How did Helen doing our quit? Well, look out for Helen. She had five right for ten more points. She now has fourteen and the lease well done. All right. Then Allen Adam you're up next blank on Wednesday Joe Biden called for charges against the officers who shot a Blank Louisville, Kentucky. Brianna Taylor right on Sunday. The governor's blank urged President trump not to visit the state Wisconsin. Yes. He went anyway this week. Dr Vouch rejected the White House's idea to pursue a herd immunity strategy to Combat Blank Corona Virus Covid nineteen yes. On Sunday thousands gathered in the streets of blank to call for the removal of President Alexander Lukashenko Belarus. Yes. During a raid in Michigan this week officers arrested three men for possession of cocaine ketamine and blank ring digs to Arctic foxes on Thursday private aerospace company blank lost sixty satellites into orbit spacex right on Wednesday actor and former professional wrestler blank became the latest celebrity to reveal he had contracted covid nineteen dwayne. The Rock Johnson cannot smell what he's cooking to. As if it weren't hard enough to find people to help you move a couple in England or looking for people to do it while blanc naked. Yes. Very good at in the couple are nudist themselves and they posted an ad saying they were searching for a quote naked Mover del out of their old home and into their new one they have no takers so far. But a bit of advice for whoever moves into their old place definitely spring for the professional cleaning. Bill. How did Adam do in our quiz? We've got a game adamant seven right for fourteen more point has eighteen and the lead. John Adam. How many Josh, need to win just need seven to win all right Josh. Here we go. This is for the game fill in the blank according to a report released. Thursday. The Justice Department is preparing antitrust charges against search giant blank Google right on Sunday the head of the FDA said, he might approve a blank before human trials have ended. Vaccine Right this week president trump ordered federal agencies to cut funding to cities run by blacks. Democrats on Wednesday Germany's government. said that a Soviet era nerve agent was used to poison Putin critic blank. Oh. Gosh. Navan. Yes. Alexei navalny very good according to Newmar by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. One Time White House communications chief Anthony Scaramucci bragged about doing something he'd always wanted to do blanking. Skydiving no pooping. In the West Wing on Sunday united announced it would be dropping blank fees for all passengers baggage fees. No ticket change fees best known as one of the greatest pitchers of all Time Hall of Famer Blanca passed away at the age of seventy five Tom seaver right saying the city has a chance to be a social leader of men in Nebraska pleaded with Lincoln City Council to ban the misleading term blank. Boneless chicken tenders. Exactly. Right. Good enough. Almost chicken read that one of his arguments was there really chicken tenders take a man begged the city council to quote remove boneless wings from our menus and our hearts because clearly they're not boneless chicken wings they're just chicken tenders no word if the council will take action but in response KFC is introduced their new product bone full chicken wings, which is just a plate of bones covered in buffalo socks bill did Josh do well enough to win? Well, he had six right for twelve more points with a total of seventeen but guess who had one point more Adam is our champion another for Adam congratulations. Thank you. I want to share this win with my fellow panelists. y'All teakwood I can get. In just a minute we'll ask our panelists now that Nancy Pelosi has been busted. What will be the next big sting to nab somebody? Way Don't tell me a production of NPR IN WBZ Chicago Association with Urgent Haircut Productions Doug Berman Benevolent Overlord Philip Kotecha rights are lyrics are public address announcers, Paul. Freedman our house managers, Janika Padilla. Our intern is midday in our web guru is Beth Novi bj limit composed our theme. Our Program is produced by Jennifer Mills Miles Stern boss, and Lillian. Peter Gwynne is our staff Vaccine Tester technical directions from Lorna, wider business, and OPS Managers Colin Miller. A production manager is Robert newhouse, our senior producer Zine chill log in the executive producer of way. Tell me is Michael. Dan. For now panel, what will be the next big sting Adam felber. Campbell soup will be caught fulfilling sting operations order for six cases of weapons-grade cream of must through. Helen Hogg. And FBI investigation finds that Colonel Sanders Ronald McDonald and Wendy from Wendy's are all actually the Taco Bell Chihuahua in drag. And Josh Gone. Thanks to a secret camera in a lenscrafters we learned that Joe Biden's famous aviators are actually bifocals. Ou. The fairly of that happens battle last year about it on wait wait. Don't tell me. Thank you. Bill Kurtis. Thanks also to Adam felber Helen Hong and Josh gunman. Thanks to all of you for listening I'm Peter Saigal get through next week and we'll see you after it's all done. This? Is NPR.

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