Everyone is WRONG About the iPhone 11 Pro


<music> sponsored by brilliant get smarter every day and save twenty percent link in the description two hundred and sixty sixty five videos twenty-one million views and now over one hundred and twenty-five thousand subscribers. Thanks again to all of you for your ongoing support. I'm rene ritchie. The and this is victor. Oh yeah it's that time of year again. Apple's annual iphone event is only a couple of weeks away. We've had a ton of leaks a ton of spoilers. A bunch of renders on twitter and grass and business pubs but apple has an announced the iphone eleven yet. Tim cook hasn't shown it off on stage. Phil schiller hasn't gone over all of its features in slides and we already have some people tripping all over themselves to tell you how boring and must skip -able. It's just gotta be and well. I'm gonna focus on apple in the upcoming iphone eleven pro for this. Please feel absolutely free to extrapolate it out to the just announced galaxy note ten and still pending in google pixel for as well now. I'm going to break this down into two parts the phones and the market i the phones since the original iphone iphone three g and i phoned three g._s. Apples been working on a four year cycle a major design change and then several years of refinement and mostly internal iteration you you could break the four and four s and five and five s apart if you really want to but they're really very similar. Platforms squared off designs retina displays custom processors and better cameras then came the iphone six six seven and eight and all of their plus sizes all curve designs bigger l._c._d. Displays blaze escalating processors and even better cameras especially starting with the seven plus. Now we're fully in the age of iphone ten edge to mostly mostly edge designs led displays neural engine processors and even better cameras wait for it. Just wait especially starting with the phone. Eleven pro ignore all the noise and the click thirst the absolute best way to think about the iphone eleven pro is to think back to the iphone seven specifically early the iphone seven plus two years after terrifically successful new design apple kept the same design for a third year in a row but gave it some cool new finishes ashes and more importantly a significantly better camera system their first dual camera system with optical zoom and computational depth effects apple's always been pretty good about shipping feature sets not chipsets they didn't just throw n._f._c. radios into the iphone six the introduced apple pay and they they didn't just cram a telephoto camera into the iphone seven plus the introduced optical zoom and portrait mode this year rumors of cool new frosted finishes aside died. The big rumor is a third camera and sure that's been done before but often without any consideration for the consistency or color science or overall experience syrians with apple. It's safe to bet their imaging pipeline which they've built up from the sensor to the custom storage controller to the individually calibrated screens will just handle it and we'll get optical zoom out the way we've had optical zoom in and the ability to do computational frame effects the way we've been able to do computational computational depth affects since the iphone seven plus mark gherman and debbie would bloomberg have been reporting that all three cameras will fire all at the same time and machine learning. We'll let you correct composition. If for example you accidentally cut part of a person out of a shot or didn't exactly center the subject the way you want wanted to which is something i've had to deal with even on this channel when i'm offside and can't center myself up without exposing the edge of the frame or zooming coming in losing data and making my head look even goofy or than it is already also i'm guessing thanks to the bigger sensors that the photos will be much higher resolution lucien rivaling traditional cameras and have better low light which apple absolutely needs to keep up with google play and the already industry leading video camera camera capabilities will get boosted as well getting many of the same features as the stills and in real time okay so can already feel a lot of you hitting the comments and saying and yet how ugly the giant module housing at all is and you know what you're absolutely right. It's hideously freakishly ugly like an alien face. Hugger latched onto your phone ugly. Other companies are putting them in straight horizontal or vertical lines which may or may not be more subjectively pleasing to you yet. Other other companies are taking a page out of the nokia luma ten twenty and putting it dead center. Don't even ask me what nokia's doing with all this but apple wants all three cameras whereas equidistant to enable its new features and has other stuff like true depth sensors in the middle so this is how they're getting it all in and as camera phones increasingly increasingly become phone cameras the gross are only going to grow at least until the next big imaging revolution now the iphone seven had apple's first efficiency dot performance formation's fusion processor with the ten the iphone eleven is supposedly going to have apple's first a._m._x. Or matrix processor for computer vision and augmented reality in the iphone seven was apple's first officially water resistant model the iphone eleven will supposedly be dramatically more water resistant beyond even the current thirty thirty minute rating and shatter resistant. Take that built in obsolescence sincerest. The iphone seven had a virtual life home button and that's where i have to stop stretching touching this already beyond torn metaphor but the iphone eleven will not having a virtual is not well supposedly have a much better multi angle face idea system that will unlock earlier faster and from a much wider variety of angles including while lying flat on the table at two that rumors of reverse inductive charging urging so you can top up compatible air pause by placing them on top of the phone and as apres s years go this one is shaping up to be the most compelling since well the last one the iphone seven and maybe even much more than that and while pundits just love to tell us how boring iterative and skip -able s ears are when i asked all of you. Tell me your favorite iphones. The one like gangbusters like six seven rounds not even close five s was second second four as third seven plus fourth six s v three g._s. Sick so yeah there's that fundamental disconnect between coverage and customers again it brings me to second the market apple made a mistake last year when they originally experimented with testing the upper feature and price limits of the iphone they didn't do it by making the iphone more expensive. They did it by making more expensive iphones. Let me explain the iphone. Five s was succeeded by the iphone six but on top pop the iphone six apple at a more expensive iphone as well the iphone six plus slowly over the next couple of years apple added features and expense to the plus models like that second camera and extra score of dollars and we largely rewarded them for it. We made the more expensive iphones the bestsellers ehlers even when apple introduced the iphone ten in two thousand seventeen. They did it on top of the also new iphone eight an iphone eight plus in other words. The the more expensive model was still marketed on top of what people considered the standard model. It was never marketed as the standard model. Those expectations were never upset until the iphone tennis and iphone ten. S max apple had tried marketing less expensive iphones before but we didn't buy it again. We told apple what we wanted was more expensive. Iphones not a less expensive one last year. Though with a thousand dollar iphone tennis poised to become the new normal apple tried under- cutting it again this time with the just as colorful but differently compromised iphone ten are and while yes they named themselves into a corner owner and the iphone ten are ended up being super popular and the market as a whole was approaching saturation expectations still ended up being upset the ten s was seen as the new normal and the tenor as something underneath it and some customers felt like they were being priced out that margins were down from their twenty twelve peaks that sales were largely flat overall that we're keeping phones longer making the amortized cost better. None of the actual financial analysis mattered the narrative was that phones in general and iphone in particular had become simply too expensive enter the iphone pro. I saw few people wonder out loud. Why samson uncalled the latest galaxy note the note ten and note ten plus instead of making the plus the regular no ten and positioning the smaller one as the note ten e beneath it like the s. ten was positioned beneath the regular s. ten and credit where it's due. I think samsung was super smart the way they did it same with alway and the p versus p._e. He pro mate versus made pro. People like to feel things fit their budget not. They're fitting in budget things that they're getting stuff for less not that they're getting less less stuff. It might sound like nuance but nuance matters getting a note ten feels better than getting a note ten and not getting an extravagant plus feels better than not not being able to get what should be normal apple knows this better than just about anyone they made a big iphone six and a bigger iphone six plus not a bigger iphone six six and a smaller iphone six minus but when apple went from the iphone eight iphone eight plus an iphone ten to the iphone ten our iphone tennis and iphone tennis max something flipped intentionally or not the iphone tennis maybe because it came out first. Maybe because s was familiar are was new. Maybe whatever something flipped and all of a sudden the more expensive iphone tennis on top became perceived as the new expensive normal and the less expensive iphone ten are <unk> as something beneath it instead of you can get an iphone for seven hundred fifty bucks or if you really want to a souped up iphone for thousand dollars became an iphone cost thousand dollars but you can get a cheaper one for seven fifty if you're willing to give up some stuff and nuance matters apple of course never had this problem with the mac they they just had the macbook or macbook air and on top of it the math book pro not with ipads either where they had the ipad or ipad air and then added on top of it the ipad pro so now it sounds like apple is going to the past to fix the present and instead of iphone eleven our iphone eleven and iphone eleven max which would create the the same negative perception. They'll have the iphone eleven iphone eleven pro and iphone eleven max the ever can't john prosser has been saying for a while now that the market doesn't isn't need innovation it needs compromise but i think it needs most though is maturity not in terms of penetration that's happened but in terms of segmentation which always has is to follow along time ago fellow by the name of steve jobs grew a grid labeled it desktop and notebook consumer and professional things got more complicated after to that but really they didn't mobilize mature now and apple is going back to the grid phone and tablet consumer and professional macbook and macbook pro and mac pro ipad and ipad pro iphone and iphone pro. Things are more complicated than that but really they aren't so according to rumors the new iphone eleven will have triple cameras steel and lead parts and a much more proper by which i mean restricted said of new finishes the new consumer iphone eleven by which i mean just the iphone eleven will have dual cameras a truly obscene chipset long battery life any bunch of fun colors and it'll cost caused much closer to what iphones always cost what people expect them to cost especially. If apple does what i've been hoping they do for a while now and that what is toss up a slide that explains not just the cost but the value prop beyond the cost getting an iphone eleven. We'll feel better than getting an iphone. Eleven are and not getting an extravagant iphone. Eleven pro will feel better than not being able to get what should be just the normal iphone. Eleven and things might just flip back at least for customers if not coverage even if people are keeping iphones longer if apple is making them last longer if trade ins and aftermarket we sales means. You don't have to pay anywhere near full price anyway. Even if every blogger podcast and youtuber is rubbing their hands with glee just just getting ready to shout out to you about the iphone eleven not being a compelling upgrade for iphone ten s owners despite apple intending the iphone eleven for people still bill on the iphone six s or iphone seven for whom it would be a great up and no never mind. That's a problem to be solved another day in another another video which is just exactly why i have brilliant. 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I'm basing all of this all on my years of experience in the industry. It's what i think but now i love to hear what you think hit like if you do hit subscribe at a._m. Max bell gizmo so youtube will let you know when the next video it goes live and then hit up the comments and let me know thank you for watching and see you next video <music>.

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