Shutting Down Society ... and for What? | 4/8/20


Great is here on the Fleas Radio Network. Welcome to Greek. W with this triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three also at pat unleashed on twitter at all kinds of stuff for your great show lined up so much so much going on. It's it's always hard to know where to start lately. But I would like to hear from people who have either contracted this virus or know somebody who has and what you went through because we just heard from Frayo who had a rough time of it. Frito went through some stuff. I guess with this he was he was actually. He said he was actually scared. When he contracted this disease and he was really seriously sick and he got a call from a doctor friend. Guess and the doctor friend said Hey need to keep moving the virus Makes you want to lie down and what it does get into your lungs and and so you need to move around and I guess that's what he did so we'd like to hear about your experiences. Also how long? How long do you think he can hold out with things shutdown Allen? Can you shelter in place? How long can you quarantine at home before you go stark raving mad? Yeah what do you miss the most about normal life? Gosh it seems like so long ago when we actually had a normal life. I'll say that when my house is sufficiently rearranged in cleaned organized It'll be time because it's getting close. Yeah it is for me to really close a and I'm able to leave every day. Yeah I know for people can't and they have nowhere to go. It's got to be really excruciating. Pat Gray unleashed is sponsored by express. Vpn By the way surf the web with peace of mind sign up now to express VPN dot com slash unleashed We have a kid in in Greece. He seven years old and he's a piano prodigy and he wrote a tune he wrote a song composition to Kinda help people get through this time period. Kind of Nice kids pretty talented and This is his his contribution to the world. Check this out actually. Pretty darn good they have this. Schiavone noise talking gibberish. What is he doing there? I don't know I don't know Kinda dampens. The message read out of the Gate Right Com. Whatever whatever just play the piano. Get a haircut Seven years old. This kid Just pisses me off now. Kids seven years old. I mean Stelios Kerr CDs seven years old. I mean I mean it's okay if you're into it. I guess I run a little composition in my own on the way in workers this morning. Okay fickle shirt with you now because You know he's not the only one that can read a composition about About what's going on. We have a piano out here in the hallway. Did Juliette that in here. Don't have time to get that cove in nineteen nineteen ruined our economy and caused quarantine starts with some coughing and then a high fever so don't eat the bat meat and please don't eat be her beavers. Don't don't eat beaver. Okay tell me. That's not better than that. Potential seven-year-old year old snot faced Brad. Tell me dummy I mean sorry. I don't have a Stein way. Baby Grand in here company me but To play the composition game. Okay yeah real good to do can contribute to society Tiny little fingers going up and down that Piano Keyboard Brat. You know the next step so cool you should try out for American idol. See what they have to say about your. Don't eat meat and beaver song. Yeah well I mean I hate to show up the entire nation I really hate to swoop in there and you know take it from kids could just trying to start their careers right and I guess all right. Well I've Seen Martin play the piano out here in in in the middle here early in the morning. Oh Yeah Five. Am and it's true. I'd say is right on par. True that kid thank you. That's really sweet. I bet it is. Oh I bet it's far You'll have to prove that later on we're going to be. That could be our social of the day. Have Martin have we still? There's rumors that We started round. Two of our Corentin Olympics are self-isolation Olympics or whatever. We're calling it Yesterday I don't remember yeah. Somebody was Somebody was awesome and somebody was definitely not somebody was the opposite of awesome and We'll let you watch the video decide which is which and who's who YouTube dot com slash pat gray shirt subscribed and click the little bell. So you get notified every time we barest themselves yesterday and then somebody didn't so what I did. It is after that horrific display of my hockey skills. I went home and I decided to take it out of our son. Do we know I drag my driveway. All right and I I played goalie and Nice shots and it's clear that shooting not my thing but I might have a career. I'm no I'm no piano genius like this kid when it comes to being goalie but I had to. I couldn't let that go yesterday. So that's also on twitter right now K. Hold your son twelve fourteen fourteen. Okay yeah all right triple eight nine hundred thirty three eighty three also at pat unleashed on twitter the CDC director by the way now expects a much lower death toll than predicted by the models used to justify shutdown policies. Okay good I'm glad we went through all this yet because they were telling us two up to two hundred and forty thousand people. We're GONNA die now. They're saying much lower. In fact the number I heard was eighty two thousand so we've gone from two point. Two million to two hundred and forty thousand to eighty two thousand right now. We're at twelve thousand. Some might be close to thirteen thousand by now in about four hundred thousand people infected but you know what when you put this into context and I know we've talked about the flu before and the numbers that are involved in this cove in nineteen scarier than the flu because more people die about one percent die from this. It looks like one to two percent where it's point one percent for the flu but a lot more. Get the flu and a lot. More people die from the flu every year. It's just that you know are. Are we going to allow the cure to be worse than the disease? Larry cudlow says the economy could open back up in forty eight weeks huts. Better be sooner than that or eight weeks. Really Come Lot stop that. We can't go another eight weeks on this. That's two months. Can you imagine two months from now? How many people are going to be unemployed? Congratulations though to the press. Who finally got their magic bullet to take down the awesome trump economy. Yeah SO YEAH WITH WITH BILL. Maher's of the world who were praying for a while he doesn't right. I'm like where are you going with that? Who were hoping keeping their fingers crossed for some kind of recession disaster to hit congratulations. You've got it you rooted against America you got and you got your wish. But it's like seriously the the press wants to have it both ways where they're hyping the corona virus Which I think you and I agree is a serious matter but to the degree that it has been there so some anecdotal and some are actual statistics the deaths that are being attributed to Cova nineteen that can we do. You have the Meam that was sent to me. Rob Of the skydiver. I love this. This is this pretty much sums up. How how it's being reported deaths around the world skydiver who forgot parachute dies of Corona virus being blamed on the corona virus. Yeah and then. After after the press sets us up to wear full body armor when we go to Walmart the president touted drug that has a track record of success. Then he gets on basted for it. you can't win with this media. And that's that's where I say is the cure worse than the disease in twenty in two thousand seventeen. You know how many people died from the flu so three years ago. What was the death toll for the flu? Season Eighty thousand and that's in the United States in the United States America. Well eighty thousand. You know what the toll is worldwide. Six hundred and fifty thousand is about the average of people who die worldwide eighty thousand just in the US. We didn't shut a single restaurant we didn't we didn't close a single business. We weren't forced to stay in our homes. We didn't ask our neighbors to inform on their neighbors. We didn't ignore the constitution. We went about our business. That's that's what we did and eighty thousand people died now if we just ignored. The Corona virus would more than eighty thousand people die. I don't know it's really hard to say it's really hard to say maybe Or maybe the thing just runs its course and it doesn't get to the levels that they expected. Well let me ask you this in two thousand seventeen when we had the flu problem where we spending trillions upon trillions of dollars in stimulus aid and not to go along with the shutting down of the business isn't schools and the Little League and the churches and everything was that all also thing at the time I really wasn't no I mean we're I I don't know how you bankrupting already bankrupt country we're twenty three trillion in debt right now and that doesn't even count the latest two trillion dollar boondoggle. They did what last week or the week before. And now and now. President trump watson another two trillion dollars. Nancy Pelosi wants another one trillion dollars for the next corona stimulus plan. Why not just combine them and make it a three trillion dollar deal? Let's let's do three trillion this time. Would that be satisfactory? Would everybody be satisfied again? Why not so? We tried just printing the money anyway. We don't have it. Trump wants to trillion. We'll see only wants the one trillion. Yes yes help me. Is that amazing? What's happening that's amazing okay goody yet another two trillion well because he said it should be very big and bold improbably. Beautiful an incredible. It should be very big bold beautiful and incredible. Now wait. Is this next round of stimulus. Yeah this is an extra is going to have a big beautiful door on the bill. No no he's GonNa Slam the door shut on all the conservatives who are trying to talk to him so it should be very big and bold two trillion dollars and be focused solely on jobs in rebuilding the once great infrastructure of our our. I keep hearing that once. Great infrastructure thing from Democrats in from trump. And I I I don't I don't get it. I don't see the degradation of our infrastructure. What am I missing here? Well I do think there needs to be a bill. That requires Potholes in the city of Fort Worth. I think that's that's one issue. There was a pothole that pisses me off every single day on my way into work. And you get off the freeway and you come down that spur. That connects yeah. Is it where is that? How you that familiar with this? What you come down the the northwest highway. Okay Gay and leaner you in at this time far left lane okay and there is a massive pothole. That has been there for eight years. As long as I've been driving to work that pothole has always been there. It was not sitting at lane so I have to drive around that into the other lane every single time to avoid it and I think I mean what is it years. How exception. Obviously you know there's wear and tear. Yeah on our roads and our highways but as far as a crumbling infrastructure. I don't see it. I don't get it. We need a two trillion dollars to shore up our bridges and freeways all right but President trump says for those keeping score or with interest rates for the United States. Being at zero this is the time to decades long awaited infrastructure. Bill it should be very big and bold okay with a beautiful door with beautiful door face for so I guess. I guess this'll be phased for my gosh. Our children agree telling their children. So why what does this face? Thirty seven mom. What does that? What does that even mean? Well IT GOES BACK TO THE YEAR. Twenty twenty when we started phase one of all goes back further than that it goes back. Remember Obama talking about infrastructure all the time that was phase zero. It's kind of like college football. There's zero yeah okay. So it's unbelievable to me and nobody's pushing back at all. Nobody's pushing back one iota on this on this on GonNa say Thomas Massie Marshes Nasty. Massey's the only one and he gets bludgeoned for let him stand alone. Y'All just saying he gets beaten to a pulp for it and he's doing the right thing he's doing the right thing. He's a patriot and he's being bludgeoned as if he's some turncoat. 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See we got this policeman. You know speaking of the rights were losing and this is the society were overturning. Grotesque Police arrested a dad for playing t-ball with his daughter at Park in Brighton. Colorado on a ticket pleaser early arresting a dad throwing a ball to his daughter. It was a former city councilmember. Who could not believe what he was recording. Eat in a park about thirty forty acres. He apparently that is not allowed by Brighton. Don't give your patients were going to put you in handcuffs in front of your six year old daughter. That Mooney is the thirty-three-year-old Dad who was short his daughter. They were doing nothing wrong. When police approached and told them they were violating the state's social distancing guidelines. Don't want you to get arrested on at this point. I'm thinking there's no way they're gonNA arrest me. There's no way this is insane and I'm telling you I'm like don't worry that he's not going to get arrested. I've done nothing wrong. Don't worry about it and then they arrest me. The cited Donaldson Parks is closed but in smaller print says groups of no more than four persons perks remain open for walking biking running weight and similar activities out. Just there with his wife and six-year-old. He says it was the officers. Unreal violating social distancing guidelines during this. None of the officers had masks on. None of them had gloves on. You know and they're in my face. Handcuffing made their touching. Wow Man so well. Let's do the math here. Let's let's let's let's give the four four cops there so this is how many there were four allowed to have four less participating in activities. So let's just do. This is Matt and his daughter. That's too and then his wife okay. Three now I'm not good at math but it's three three three more than four. That's where I'm going to have to defer to the law enforcement officers in this is what is happening. That is ridiculous in his asinine right. And then you get the four cups so you got seven. People in the cops are the ones that made them break the ordinance by hanging out with them. I did walk over to the sign and show them what it said. How do you get arrested for that? Because he didn't identify himself I wouldn't want to either. What purpose I wouldn't want to do. I need to identify myself to officer. I'm playing in a park with my daughter in the United States of America. Are you sure well? That's what I thought I was doing that. Now that's Brighton. Colorado gunnison Colorado. You're not even allowed to visit that town right now. Towns on lockdown did I take a left turn and wind up in Russia where I am now. 'cause Starting to have that kind of feel so you you take away the disastrous economic effects of this lock down and I saw where one in three people between the ages of eighteen and thirty four have already lost their jobs Just the effects of the economy alone are devastating enough Now you got stuff like this going on. Yeah that's bad recipe. The liberty situation is even worse than the economy. And Larry cudlow thing four to eight weeks time four days. Like this. We're GONNA make Daniel Horowitz wrote a great article yesterday about some of the constitutional violations that we're enduring right now if this doesn't concern you then you're you're either not paying attention or you've become so complacent about your rights that you just you don't you don't you. Don't even think about them anymore. Nineteen year old woman was given a citation and forced to go back home after a state trooper in York County. Pennsylvania caught her simply going for a drive. She was alone in a car. That seems to be like the ultimate social distancing right right she got steel and fiberglass all around you and nobody else in the car with you now the liberal argument would be but if she gets into Iraq then officers will have to respond and that would put them in close quarter order so we can't risk that come on numerous states have arbitrarily banned non essential medical services Defined his pretty much anything. That's not an urgent emergency. It'd be one thing if the areas were overrun with Kovic patients but Hospitals a lot of these areas are now so empty that they're laying off vital medical staff in Los Angeles County a paddleboard. We just showed you this yesterday. Paddle Boorda was arrested for being in the ocean alone. There was one person within a mile of him in the water. There were two people in an ocean and again the only reason social distancing didn't work in that case as well as the Guy Playing. Tibo police send yeah and all of a sudden. You've got close quarters right. He got a thousand dollars citation for that. Wow David Shuster of winnebago. Minnesota was hit with a criminal complaint. After he was caught playing cards with three of his buddies in his bar. The Bar was closed to the public but he apparently invited three buddies over. When police saw the lights on They came in and busted it up and gave him a citation e Oh he also faces up to ninety days in prison and a thousand dollar fine okay not a problem Evidently the virus gets a lot worse at night and attacks people when it's dark because cities like Laredo. I think you guys talked about this. On Friday They're adopting a mandatory curfew after ten PM. A mandatory curfew unless you're wearing ID or have a letter that shows you're an essential worker city government. That has no problem. I love this. They have no problem harboring illegal aliens in Laredo. That's fine and they hate law enforcement trying to enforce immigration laws. But if you were out after ten o'clock on a virus night okay I've onto co papers. Please yeah they have. As of making you talk curveball. GotTa hypothetical here for the city of Laredo. If you're an illegal alien in your out after curfew is that okay. Yes because we can't separate the illegal alien from his family if you're not wearing a mask well that's cool so you can do anything. They only breathe. Good air and exhale good air to. Yeah they've illegal aliens. I don't know if you know. This defy the laws of physics. They don't even exhale carbon dioxide. Because they know it's dangerous to the environment so they don't they just. Don't that's thoughtful. Yeah it's Nice. It's Nice so for years we've been told to use the military more aggressively at our international borders to repel an invasion. The but we can't do that because it's it's it's mean and it's somehow violates posse comitatus but Now we've got people screaming to use the military to enforce these Kovic nineteen restrictions on us. Google is now developing a tool to track people to see if they're following all of this Unconstitutional Nonsense The New York Times. Already publicized a heat map of movement based on cell phone data for years law enforcement has been stripped of every tracking tool to catch criminals and terrorists was a concern for alleged criminals. Privacy Right now. They're searching for any innovative means. They can use against every day everyday. Americans who are just leaving their house to exercise which by the way you. You can't do in Paris right now and don't worry that will come here to Paris. Just band exercise outside. Chicago did some very similar up there. The mayor lightfoot except for her she could exercise have her hair done and go to restaurants if she wants to but but not the citizens of that of that particular city so Paris band exercise Dubai now requires a police permit to leave your house. Not just the women put them into now. Good point of clarification there. So is there anybody upset by this? Have you heard any backlash any pushback? There is one lonely outpost of people concerned about the constitution that I've seen so far and we'll talk about that coming up here in a second. We also have jeffey coming up right. He's here to do chewing the fat. And before we get to that. Let's let's play the the The Bowling Kid. How old is this? We got some more sports. He's a young lad just looks like he's about watch this. This is a difficult bowling shot. Because look you know. He's got the Ten look we're the pennies got split. What does that I forget? One four seven yes the idea and let's let's look at o five seven ten. Thank you rob. The five seven ten split five seven ten split. Let me see that one. More time that that is a near impossible shot. I mean even pro bowlers. Don't usually great form to. He looks like a little. Pba Logo when he's doing this to hinder Bowler While he's good. This kid knows what he's doing sports for the day from blaze. Tv Here's how hungry. I am for sports you know. I was excited about bowling video. Yeah you gotta be pretty hard up to be excited about a bowling video. You're excited about hockey yesterday to YouTube dot com slash pat gray. And we'll see you know. One of us was really horrifically. Embarrassed yesterday humiliated and so one of us wasn't was only partially embarrassed right wasn't exactly a stellar performance. All right Chewing the fat with Jesse coming up next Hum with us. Thanks for being here. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also pat unleashed on twitter. We're going to get to Jesse here in a second Harry feeling by the way Jeffey. You're doing well cooped up in your house your fantastic fantasy. You can go. You can go practically forever in this current environment. No problem hanging out at home with your loved. Ones gathered neath hearth and home. It's beautiful really nice. Wait for another eight weeks of this. Oh right so excited eight weeks. If that's the case you're gonNA find piles of dead Americans outside their homes and Jeff eight weeks. I don't think so I don't know it's hard to fathom Before we get to chewing the fat I just wanted to share the one lonely little outpost of people concerned about the constitution of the United States at least seemingly. Some people are actually pushing back and saying wait a minute. No Sand Point Idaho. It there was a little meeting put together. Which did of course violate orders by Governor. Brad little to avoid group gatherings because apparently in the United States there's no right to peaceably assemble despite some claims otherwise but Ammon bundy familiar. Go Rhino I will say the Bundy family bless their heart yeah they are all about the US Constitution and they put their actions where their mouth is. Somebody's got to and they do They might be a little too quick to the trigger finger. I could buy all right. Holy cow the I mean they are. They're on it and South Dakota refusing to lock down all that's right Christie gnome right name. The Governor yes. That's her name. Okay so She said that She she doesn't she's not going to follow everybody. Good she's going to have a leadership mentality not a Sheep mentalities I love. That's almost direct quote has fantastic. A governor is just fantastic. So bundy is trying to create a network of people ready to come to the aid of those facing closure of their businesses or other interference from the government as a result of this outbreak. If it gets bad enough he says at our rights are infringed upon enough we can physically stand in defence in whatever way we need to always go there they always but again their constitutional people. We hope we don't have to get there. So he is putting together a group of people that are defying these closure orders. The opposition is coming. Not just from Ammon Bundy and his family. By the way I think cliven got out of prison like last year the year before. I think he's out. Now who's armed? Takeover of the Oregon refuge with dozens of other men and women in two thousand sixteen lead to a forty one day standoff you might remember But also from some state lawmakers jumping into this fray and a county sheriff who are also calling. The governor statewide stayed home order an infringement on individual liberties. I love this article because it goes onto say many of the latest claims about the constitution have come from Idaho's northern panhandle. Wait many of the latest claims about the constant as if these rights were allegedly in it. Or as if you have to interpret what's being said to make some kind of issue out of it I mean it's written is clear and definitive as Jeffey fatness is Jeff fatness and the alleged right to assemble are both amazingly clear. I mean there's room for Interpretation Congress shall make no law respecting the right of the people peaceably to assemble. Yes eliminating the the A couple of provision. We're not talking about skipped over some there. Yep Yes like religion and free free speech so Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of the right of the people peaceably to assemble. That's as clear as it gets. Is it not I mean. There's it's open to interpretation. I think clearly establish so the sheriff of the county said in the spirit of liberty in the constitution. You you can request those. That are sick to stay home right but at the same time you must release the rest of us to go on with our normal normal business. Yeah doesn't isn't that what makes us America. Yep is we get to self-govern and we get to make these decisions. If we screw up then we live with the consequences. Exactly as opposed to just letting a tyrant. Tell US okay. You're staying in your home. Get used to it exactly so bundy the sheriff and one of the State lawmakers said. They're hoping that more IDAHOANS will decide to stand up for the rights and concludes. Love this quote. Whatever happened to give me liberty or give me death. All that's a thing of the past that is nobody even considered that anymore. It's like well. We have to do this for our safety. Well we have to do this for our health and wellness. We have to do this. So it's heartening to see that there's at least one place. There's a couple of places was set. South Dakota and this too In America's still concerned enough about the constitution that they're they're not just ruling over and playing dead. All right triple eight nine hundred thirty three thousand three. That happy sewn means type to give me. Liberty are Netflix. Either one yesterday I was. Give me liberty or give me sports shiver. Okay I'm good with yes by. Yeah congratulations are in order. There's a new richest man in Dallas. Texas I tried to keep this on the deal. All right go ahead. Well you know. I know that you're on the list. But Jerry Jones is number one right now in Dallas Texas with eight billion our and that's new us. Yeah he jumped in front. There was the banker Andy Beal who had the top spot in Dallas? More a long time and apparently he's made some bad deals does he was worth ten million and now he's worth seven point nine billion so jerry deserve gofundme page. Senate for him in the lead that charge. I'm considering where's the bureau family there on the list. I think in the I'm not sure. Yeah the rich Texan Is Alice Walton right? The only doll Sam. She's a little bit. She's got a little bit more than Jerry. Yeah fifty four point four million and she lives in Fort Worth and thinking I mean think of that because that wealth is split seven ways. They all have an equal share. They're all at fifty four billion time. Seven that's ads. Not Bad it'll get them by for a while. Yeah we don't need to worry about a go on me for rallies now not yet not yet and then now look I might not be as Jerry Jones But this could be. My last during the best segment is olive saying Depending on how long this deal takes because Just received an email from a reap Abraham Al Hashemi and he is Minister of State and petroleum. So wait a minister of State in petroleum and PETROLEO END PETROLE. Okay and also. He's also minister of State for International Cooperation. And what state are we talking about? Where where is this? This is in Cambodia and Vietnam Cambodia. The petroleum capital of the world. I think we all agree with that springs when you think oil money. You Think Cambodia. Now he has an and he wants to help you with a fun. That's worth forty seven million dollars. Wow it wants to help you with it or you to help him. He can't touch it because it goes against his country's professional practice getting it. How did he pick you want? He wants to stand on his behalf. He must be chewing the fat fan. Yeah right yeah right okay. As long as I received this fund into any account that is only control by me. He's going to compensate me thirty percent all night. Oh Nice that's a sixty eight million okay with that day out on as your Adviser why don't you reply to? What's his name again and he lives in. Cambodia Abraham l? Has She me Wow that doesn't match up knowing how. Why don't you ask him say you ninety five percent and they'll do it and let's go. She had a little bit. I WanNa see what he says to that He. Also you sent me a wikipedia link to look him up. I haven't clicked on that link however yet sure report on that link. It's worth I know. I know shots Alec up saying Anyway Pat. If I'm not here next week we'll know why. Yeah she'll be at best. Buy Getting your computer overhauled. I talked on to the fabric last couple of weeks about people in the next month or so and it's already happening. Everyone's real hair color is going to be shown though. Yeah it's already out there. I mean We're seeing now Fifty cent called out Kevin Hart and Dion and P. Diddy calm. They're all if you look at. There's no hair dye no beard die. They're all grey. They're all the the good ones are owning it right. I mean if you if you own it. There's there's I'm sure there's going to be several Graham accounts go silent or go. Pixel 'cause beards nails a hair all going away very soon except except for the rulers. The think they're better that all of us unwashed masses enlighten. You mentioned the Chicago Mary yesterday but I don't know if you saw the Chicago Mayor Lori lightfoot the first African American woman the first openly. Lgbtq mayor of Chicago don't know if you saw her press conference after. It was reported that she had a haircut but she was asked about it at a press. Co had this to say so. She was pretty quiet. Then at the press conference nearly didn't have much to say a few words this Lori lightfoot but We have we don't have it. I'm like okay. What did we Miss Jeffey? Because she told us that she really cared about About her about her her care of her body lay. Don't like the rest of you know right. Unbelievable right it's just amazing and Yesterday she was kind enough to sign an executive order and sharing that all immigrants and refugees including illegal aliens are eligible to receive the city's corona virus. Good that's good. That's good. I mean the new underground economy really is. Barbara's making house calls right. I mean I for that. Yeah but this city where you're not allowed to go and exercise correct there you go. You know she has to. She cares about her body. She's the face of Chicago. She reminds she's the face of Chicago. So you got to have that face meet up and well quaffed on her hair. You GotTa have her nails done. What you don't you could. You could see in the video that her interpreters standing next to her. I think is making fun of her. If it's tremendous I'm just just making fun of Stop it she's an idiot side note. PAT mixing the word cough more often on the program. Please on work on now. I told you last week at around workers I talked last week about the exotic dancers that are delivering food. Now trying to make some money and they were calling themselves. Buber eats but the can't call themselves out anymore. Why or they're called. Lucky Devil eats now. Why why can't they call themselves? Buber eats well Uber decided to. It's not the same issue to this. So they they own over but everything that rhymes with it come buber. Aides said. No you can't do a blow that's not right and let's go with instead of fighting it. He just changed it to lucky devil. Aren't you still get the same dress? Calvin Save Look but don't touch rules unless you have enough money it's just lucky double double es and of course I quote the story now. It may be the apocalypse but as long as they're still burgers at boobs of the world will fight for survival. So okay with that all right with that and yesterday you talked also about The sports using maybe a blow. Dow's in the stands. There's a couple in Michigan. Who had the wedding coming up and couldn't have the friends and family there. So they had a company sent them cutouts cardboard cutouts of family and friends. Ill Shirt so that could be the pews. That look like they were actually people at the wedding. So Nice. Different young long haired ponytail little kind of diversity of cutout good of a and a The Two Thousand Twenty Baseball League starts this weekend And they just announced that they're going to be using robotic mannequins in the stands dressed up as fans So you'll be able to see that so that with at least the players will look into the crowd and say ooh. Hey we've got some some people advance. Don't ask not creepy. Oh No it's GonNa be fun. There's going to be if you want sports news. I know were dying for a little sports news and you know you played the bowler getting the five seven ten split which is not as difficult looks for those of us. The ball but There we have the sad news of Top deputy clubbed foot kicker passing away. I'll sell it. Had the record for the longest field goal for a really long time for long talks three yards. I remember my grandfather telling me about that. Kick Against the Detroit Lions. Yeah do you back to Saudi mouse? I remember talking to take. He had the record for a long time. Yeah any shares it right. Somebody kicked a well. There's there's a Matt Prater kicked a sixty four yarder. Oh we did. I forgot seated four or five years ago. Or whatever you Jason Elam Jankowski. And anchors all kicked a sixty three orders but they were in in Denver right so they use the Denver Colorado. Excuse that it's the Arizona farther right and he's dead because of him. I mean I take the rules right. You can't have the square boots special shoe with the NFL. You can't be you know he was the first real handicapped guy plan in the NFL right. Nah WHOA. Whoa WHOA WHOA. He's the first one that no no. No that would have been Bronco Broncos. And he was missing everything not have the handicap back. That would be embarrassing for Bronco. Bronco Gerski took the field with just a torso. Yeah he's he's. He did not identify as handicapped. I'm sorry no. He never considered himself. Never ever space nope nicer. In fact he parked. He parked a mile away from the stadium. Jason could crawl with his teeth to make special special parking for Bronco. That's not happen we also had. There's great great crash we could talk about. I'd love to talk about my nephew who had grown virus. You wanted to talk to people who already know of. Yeah Yeah and and how old is he's ever now thirty thirty okay and he got the cocktail. You know the hydrochloric win the Z. Or was it through my Anson Chan. You know it's all better. I all reporters that talk about how bad this stuff is. And they can't believe people are taking it They'll be taking it if it gets. Oh no question about it. I promise you absolutely right. All right. Appreciate a triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three more pat gray unleashed Jeffey coming up in just a few minutes way unleashed welcome to a triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three nine. Three and it pat unleashed on twitter. We got some breaking news here until further notice. The days of the week will now be called this day that day other day someday yesterday today in next day thank you it just doesn't matter Bandon. Yep We got a really cool story though Before we get into all the madness and the mayhem of the World Shinshu. What's what's his name the baseball player on the Rangers Shinzo Shoe Shins Sue. Chew email. No he didn't he did not he has done something really cool. And the wasn't government Induced or forced or mandated. He's giving a thousand dollars to everybody in the Rangers. Farm system every minor leaguer in the ranger system getting thousand dollars from from him on ninety one hundred ninety one guy's getting a thousand bucks really nice. That's awesome sure it is. I mean he makes twenty million a year right but still enough to do that. That's a really cool guys that I'm playing in the B League Columbia farmland system for the Rangers. No you didn't you. Being assessed just signed the Ranger System. So the sent me a check for a thousand. I'm all there for the rookie league. The rookie handy capable noted that they signed Jaffe to a contract when they're not playing game. Yeah all right all right got some Tweets here jeff concrete footprints Tweets IS THE COUNTRY. Switch back on yet asking for a friend from spoons. I can play just as well as at seven year. Old Alexa. Play Vivaldi congratulations. We just turned on all across very. Yeah yeah notion. Mongering Munger of notions This is my my version. Because that kid he was inspired to write a covert nineteenth song to play that game. I wrote my own little ditty and notion. Mongering monger of notion says. That wasn't bad but it did need some musical accompaniment. Perhaps Keys Tambourine L. Let's try it. Don't know my voice is going out though. I'm just GONNA speak it but go ahead. K- Calvin Nineteen Govan nineteen ruined our economy and caused a quarantine starts with some coughing and then a high fever. So don't you eat the bat meat and please don't eat bursts. St- defined the point of entry for my senior Hernia. Thanks Pat Your Vitkovic composition. Almost brought me to tears. Made sure that it can play piano. But where's his kale recipe? Yeah thank you see thank you. There's more to life than being brilliant at something okay. Dry being mediocre at a whole bunch of things that no stop passed I was gonna say that's a bumper sticker jeffey knees there's more to life than what was it. Mediocre no brilliant. Brilliant yeah comes. Electric Razor tweets Hey Pat on this all request Wednesday. When do we say that? I don't know? That's a little presumptuous. Shoehorned into the program. Can we get key to country remix of your Calvin Nineteen? No one's a standalone and ask for a friend who is in fact myself as is the case with almost all asking for a friend claims what let's see Lone Wolf tweets. Most accidents occur in the home skied. While knows so of government makes us stay there. They must want people to die getting right to the bottom of this. We really are. And who do you think is behind wanting all the Americans? Today the Clintons the Clintons and their death-list trying to add to it from Putin on a Ritz after four weeks of being locked up in the House with my family. I'm toying with the idea of exposing myself to the virus. A fourteen day quarantine by myself sounds pretty good right now. Feel your pain. I think we all do. I think we all Jeffey. How're you doing? How're you doing on lockdown man? How are you managing your bunker? And by the way by the way you are Clean Shaven. What happened to the show hair dude? What's up there and I let it go for about twelve or thirteen days and then I posted a shaver no shave video on my youtube channel. So you can subscribe at you in the VAT with Jeff Fisher Gel podcast. By the way and you'll see you can see the See the outcome sexy man. I Know One. I think I mean there's no question about a minute. Hold on a second though you use the Blue Aqua colored towel what happened the Tiger themed. Will you had on the show last week? That was my my Katy. Perry that was for tiger. All right well anyhow. So you still haven't watched Tiger King No. I haven't wash the towel and watch out. Have you watched the whole season? Yeah and we're always fancied out this crazy crazy white folks. I mean they're out of their minds. Yes and I I don't know that I would have made it through every episode if I didn't feel like I had to because it's such a phenomenon is talking about the four hundred by about the fourth one. I'd had enough of these people. Whatever they have. Tigers like Gil Som- I don't care get it. They're all nuts. I understand now. They're all just spooky weird people who are little unbalanced and perhaps a danger to society can zou leave him alone but I made it all the way through crazy right and you end up thinking you know. I mean now Joe Exotic is in jail here in Fort Worth Worth Still. You know he's lawsuits and they're still fighting each other and we're still thinking that Carol down in Tampa it's okay for you knew net flicks episode of Tiger King coming up later. This week I hear Jeff Lowe the guy that took over for exotic or stole JR Exotics Zoo He's was teased that this past week. That there's some new special document documented show. That's coming out so we'll see I mean it's just another you know. Okay okay. I'll watch it. 'cause it's a nominee but probably that's it you know. Well there's only one more episode coming Silvano Silber County Sheriff Glen yesterday. They were you know he's been contacted by people that want to do. You know ended documentaries on Carol now and try to find her husband. That's been missing. They'll be. We're going to have tiger king plethora of videos very soon. I'm sure we'll have tiger. King on ice will be touring the country soon. I actually have the company if the tree opens up. And that's what I have to go see. Okay yes I know. We're that hard over right now. We are that hard up by the way to get you through the cove in nineteen Sheltered home orders Pat Gray. Bingo returns this coming Monday Monday April thirteenth. Get Your Pat Gray Bingos square currently pinned to the top of the Pat Gray unleashed pat unleashed twitter. Page printed up and along. All right little game card is waiting for you. Do we go back to any of the previous or is this a brand new one. All brand new. Oh well just to muck and futch in her house being go card making factory and take you for that. She's been working hard at this. So we've got the the twenty twenty season inaugural Bingo card. Bingo card is waiting for you at the top of Pat unleashed on twitter. And by the way yes just before you get back into the of the real news and the real stories. I WANNA say that I'm on your side with the Pothole of the road drive. You know the one I'm talking about right. I absolutely do and ticks me off ridiculous. I think about it every day. Can you forget about it? Ten minutes late come on car or truck in the right lane and I can't get over so I have to slow down or I just I am just going to hit it today. I don't care if you go too far far left you run into the wall right to the right or just go into the bottle and it's a great big one it's agonizing and you're going sixty miles an hour it's unsafe. It's just stupid. I I can't believe irving the Doug Right. Well you know right in front of the building here. They just did some work. I don't know why they dug it up. They dug up the road. And as you're approaching the building you're getting ready to turn left into the parking lot mound that big dip. You know that lip where they've done the construction and you're like seriously you know they're done. They're not coming back. So you stay in the right lane until the last minute and then you end up turning left turn out of the right lane. My grandkids could have done a better job doing that. I it's unbelievable but that was like okay. That's fine let's move on. I got other stuff to do like a pothole down the roadway here. Apparently you're not getting to all right. Triple eight nine hundred. Thirty three ninety-three India has lifted their drug export ban after a president. Trump's retaliation threat. India lifted a ban on some drugs including the experimental cova nineteenth re hydrated hydroxy chloroquine after president. Trump threatened possible retaliation if they failed to ship the anti malaria medicine to the US. This guy is fantastic on many many things. You gotTa love him on. Lots of things like this on the two trillion dollars added to the last two trillion dollars of spending not so much but on things like this he's awesome. The reversal of the export ban comes out. We'll try to read this after my voice. Recovers you guys talk amongst yourselves? I just I asked my voice. India is the is the pharmacy of the world. That story goes on to say. Is it really thought? China was yeah well not apparently not according to that article but China's been holding out on those peop- you know your personal protective correct. Thank you and and so the ones that they said this one. We had to send back nine million medical gowns because they weren't produced in a sterile environment. In fact one of them had like a bug them in a in a package is just like for real. That happens shipping shipping. Thank you honk. We've got a sober SHAINA apologised. What do you work for the? Who Jeffey so anyhow. There's also this really tragic story remember earlier this week. We talked about how Obama didn't replenish the federal stockpile of the mass After the H. One in one in two thousand nine now. He was president for seven more years after that and did nothing to replenish that stockpile. Well in two thousand nine. There's a guy here in North Richland hills. That's Metro Dallas Fort Worth. Who makes these masks? And when that happened he said well we got to be prepared for the next one. I'm going to be the guy to do that. And he hired one hundred fifty employees because hospital hospitals told him. We're going to buy your stuff. He was trying to get government. Contracts both federally and in the State of Texas. He's like Hey I'm your guy he. He hires one hundred fifty workers. They work around the clock and make these medical masks and then when it comes time to sell them. The governments aren't interested The hospitals say You know what we found them cheaper in China. And so now what's happening? Is this guy in Metro. Dallas is making these masks. But he's not making them around the clock like you would expect in the middle of a global pandemic. Because he's saying I'm not going to do that to a one hundred fifty employees again and have to lay them off when you guys say and not interested in. He's getting threats because he's not turning these out around the clock you drive by there. There's a story in the Dallas Morning News. It's fascinating I'll have to tweet. This out. Talks about how the parking lot is empty at night. It's dark because it's a business nine to five. Yup that's what this man run his own business the way he wants to in America and that's what people are saying. No should do lock him up right now without a dog was due process. Just pick him up handcuff him beat him with with batons and then take that bloody douche right directly to prison upbeat beating stage yet don't But we're close to the arrest and I know we're already telling businesses they have to shutdown or doing it right now. We're doing incredible. It is it is it really is and we're dependent on China to send us. That's the iron on this and a good thing again again. Thanks thanks to Barack Obama. Thank you Barack Obama for not replenishing this the supply. I thought Dallas was going to be still working around the clock but selling as masks to another country. And we're going to hate him that I don't know why it's not that it's even worse. Because he's he's Com slowed down because our country will buy them ridiculous so frustrating and now now we're looking at China. Hey please send us masks and gowns and all that stuff and when they do they're sending us these contaminated ones. They're the ones that started this global pandemic in the first place. I'm sorry am I allowed to say that? And now you've got trump threatening to sue them because they're not sending stuff again. We're making them right here. In Texas eleven years ago it would have been nice. If this guy wasn't abused and I mean good for him. He can do what he wants to do. At least for now right and are we going to learn our lesson and bring manufacturing back to the United States especially in critical areas like pharmaceuticals like PPE's like the ventilators that we need so desperately. Those should all be made here a ventilator shortages is really a critical issue that needs to be addressed not the ventilators but the the breathalysers or or or the innovators. I mean not not a breathalyzer you got some Friedman right an abrupt wiser earlier. Oh yeah all right. Let me tell you about Patriot. Mobile got a big announcement from Patriot. Mobile to help Americans stay in touch with loved ones During this really tough time when we're all sequestered they've reduced their prices even further so right now just let their us-based team design. Your custom is family planned for just twenty five dollars thirty five forty five or fifty five They'll tailor a great package to your needs. They'll never charge you hidden fees and unlike big mobile. They won't send your hard earned money to planned parenthood or gun grabbing Democrats that's because Patriot mobile only supports conservative values. The same ones. You believe in day believing. It's really easy to switch to make it as uncomplicated as possible. Keep your phone number if you want or you could change it Bring Your own phone to the plan or buy a new one. Whatever you want. You'll also get free activation right now and free gift when you call nine seven two Patriot or visit Patriot mobile dot com slash Pat Patriot mobile dot com slash pat. He's Pat Gray unleashed good. Take your calls here in a sec. Ed Triple Eight. Nine hundred thirty. Three ninety three also have some tweets unleashed sure do gun. Ea Says I Let's see now. I don't know that even it means tubers are going to be renamed. What did I miss on that one? Abbotabad says I gotta say the timbering did give it a bit of poetry reading slash Beatnik SORTA sound. Oh you think so Next I'm not wearing a turtleneck will tell you that Yell Coffin Ma'am Whole Hashtag Pat Gray. Bingo CARD SAYS HE PAT says printed up saves eighty four says print it down print down. I Miss Twenty nine thousand. Nine hundred Pat Gray. Bingo is back. Finally legit excuse to put off chores. Pew Pew Pew says Dear Pat unleashed. Don't you know the first commandment thou shalt not criticize the amazing Obama Cya in any public forum? See You you broke that one. Okay Yep Jeffreys eighteen spoons we're hasn't Tif abend during all of the fascism. That's been unleashed on us. I guess they only test that super fascist concept of freedom and this will be an interesting case study. I'd like to see ANTIFA wants to gather today in Portland Oregon with the police. Break that up because of the social which works here. There's a social distancing come into play lastly Sherry tweets at PAT unleashed. Oh my goodness just saw on new on news The New Jersey governor things not sure if the schools will open in the fall. Yeah what about you said that they might right? He said that schools It's possible that there would be ready to open even bringing that up at this point just was it yesterday. That was talking about no. They might not open up at the fall. They might not opening until next spring her was that I mean really a year from now open until next Friday. Oh Yeah see triple eight. Nine hundred. Thirty three ninety-three. Several states apparently are sitting in the schools in several states. May Not open says until next year. Okay well never mind. I don't know spring though Let's go to race in Alaska a race. You're on the blaze. It's good to talk to you guys. You do Actually in Alaska so I always listen to the podcast little sleep watching TV with my wife on the couch and woke up at three thirty and thought you know what a brilliant idea. What time does their man like? Okay yeah four thirty. So you're three hours behind us. Okay all right. Rippin IDAHO OUT TAME. But I thought I'd just call him talking about trade associates. Dentist Right now. Lasker been graduated a couple of years and right now things are changing for us like every day But they Right now it can only see patients with extreme pain and we can only do things that insurance companies dictate is needed rate So there's some way to help people get out of pain but we can't do those we have to do something else or just in some cases pull the tooth because we can't really It's kind of interesting is it is it. Is it pretty frightening because you? I mean you dig into people's mouths can't be exciting at anytime put especially during a pandemic. You must be a little concerned right that somebody's GonNa give this to you a little concerned today. Which is probably more the dental community. But they had the S- carafe of most interesting industry was like the very top. I believe that you know we we spray air vulgar in the mouth and it can create aerosols and it's flying around and the removal We have talk shows in some some masks and stuff but You know we have questionnaire. We're taking everybody's temperature questionnaire but still never know because those people but you know. It's kind of a strange time so used to have a full day couple of emergencies and or staff wants to work to truly. Were there trying to decide? I make more money if I just gone employment right now and then. I'm not arrest. Maybe I should just lay me off and just go home and do nothing and make a little more money. So it's one that kind of came and talked to me yesterday. And she's like 'cause we're trying to restrict union But she brought up wanting to actually. Just take the phone employment. 'cause Working Nights GonNa get enough unemployment hours? She's worried about paying bills so definitely a strange name. Yeah really is appreciate it. Thanks for that. Was the danger. Lindsey Graham warned about in passing that stimulus bill. You gotTa make more money. Yeah and then who was it that said? Oh what a horrible danger that would be. Let's say that was Bernie Sanders Sanders. Yeah by the way since. We're you know we had some phone calls here. Haley on twitter. If you're listening right now you mentioned yesterday your husband just recovered from Cova. Nineteen after taking had McLaughlin. Please give us a call. We'd love to hear about how that went down. No that's completely irresponsible. That doesn't help call. Eight eight eight nine hundred. Thirty three ninety three the hydrochloric win thing that that can't help and it's like a miracle drug that's killing people all over the world. I don't think that we're seeing the president even brings it up. He's got blood on his hands up telling you blood on his hands. Gray unleashed weird stuff going on in the world right now as you know but some freaky things that you wouldn't even expect like this Corona virus and five G. thing there are people who believe that the the five K. cell phone speed delivery is it is somehow making corona virus worse. I mean so. They're setting cell phone towers on fire. Just really strange it will if woody Harrelson Board. Did you know it's true? You know that's what's happening. Thank you woody for more genius from you. I wonder if his character on cheers was actually actually him intelligent than he is in the guy in real life but it clearly. The character wasn't a stretch for him by the. I think we all realize that now. There are those who believe this whole five G. Rumor that it's so dangerous and it's is gonNA radiate people in it's GonNa Melt your brain and you know then your brain matter will lose out your ears and your nostrils are what whatever they believe. Some people believe that whole rumor was started by the Chinese company. The Five G. Company while way because they don't want American companies developing five G. for themselves. They they want to send wow way into Europe and the United States to set up all the five G. so they control that whole whole network. I think that's a plausible theory. Frankly you know the Chinese could be just releasing all this disinformation on five G. So that they can have the game themselves. You heard the thing where France asks asked for. More N Ninety five masks right. And they said sure. Yeah we'll we'll send you all the a billion masks one all right. All you have to do is Is Allow Wa wa to come in and do all your five G. I'm sorry That's all we're just but we'd be happy to give you the. Ps We really would how you scratch our back and we'll scratch yours. Goodness mostly you'll be scratching hours. Yeah it's amazing. What's going on with China? And they're being fully protected in their efforts by the. Who Oh gosh. The World Health Organization is so in bed with China and they act like China and certain cases. Listen to this from Dr Michael Ryan from the. Who on what to do with infected people in their homes most of the transmission. That's actually happening. In many countries now is happening in the household at family level transmission has been taken off the streets and pushed back into family units. Now we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them and I said an you know safe and dignified dignified. Oh man I mean they'll knock knock when they show up will they don't answer if you say. Hey the lights are on. But nobody's home. You know at this point. Willie just leave. I'm more willing to trust the Abrahim guy who emailed Jeffey about getting money than the. Who me a break are you close to sealing that deal now Jeff? Where's that stand waiting for a response? Okay Sway Ebrahim. You said you're taking ninety five percent right and he's GonNa hopefully take that well we're gonNA go she ate. It doesn't hurt to try right. It doesn't dry van. Rebe Abraham L. Cambodia did. Does anybody even know that? They held a primary election yesterday in Wisconsin. He won't even know that it's unbelievable that first of all the nobody knows about this secondly that they went ahead with it and because I think at the last minute they tried to stop. It said no look at that. People stay in six feet apart waiting to vote yesterday morning. Look at the line in Wisconsin but this is America so do we have results from yesterday's voting. No no we have to wait till April thirteenth. Apparently I I don't understand why I don't know so weird so weird. They wouldn't even extend the deadline on mail-in votes and they said well what about people who are sick. Well they can do drive up pulling you will drive up. Curbside fill out their fill out their form at the curb. Okay so you're asking critically ill people to drive up to the full there. Have you come out to them? Maybe get infected by by the person in the car and and then bring it back inside. Look I got news for you. I've seen the Democrats on the ballot there in Wisconsin. They worth driving off if you're sick to go and vote for them. Yep that's for sure not doing that. So Wisconsin held vote. Nobody knows what happened. I'm but I'm sure Biden's going to win that right. I mean would it would be quite a surprise for Bernie Sanders to take. Eighty of these remaining. Primaries Biden is probably going to win on the strength of his answer when he was doing some weird interview they posted on the Joe Biden Dot com website. He was being interviewed by. The governor of Gretchen Win Michigan. Yeah many people think might end up being his vice presidential nominee ball. Really but Anyhow yeah so they. They had a very important discussion yesterday. Here's one of the hard hitting topics they discussed. Fake Newton's your favorites. Well why I know tax on the planes when I fly back and forth and but the thing that is the thing that everybody makes fun of me that when in doubt I have a peanut butter jelly sandwich but I learned everybody. Who's making fun of that? And I found out that John Kerry has the same addiction peanut butter. Joey's eye sandwiches always Newton's master bottom line noncommittal on whether or not big Newton's are his favorite snack of you can't commit can't commit there you go thank you for sharing your fig Newton with me and my daughter. When we were in Michigan together another powerful hard hitting in all you think you think you know I am not strange enough. I'm saying it's I've had the same addiction as John Carey O. Normalized that just like that. I don't know how he was stood that withering investigative pm. Wow but don't you think that's what put him over the top probably probably yesterday's vote? We'll find out I guess. Well that and the fact that John Lewis endorsed him. Wow the Georgia congressman civil rights icon. John Lewis was just endorsed. Wow Joe Biden. Welcome to the party John. I mean you really went out on a limb there how did you decide? What in the world. Wow okay stunning surprise. So there you go. Someone risking their political future. John Conyers endorsing Joe Biden. Tell you about a Democrat in a minute here that actually set some great things about Donald Trump. In fact almost the ultimate compliment said that Donald trump saved her life. Tell you who that representative is in in. How dumb saved her life in? Just a second first of all. Let me tell you about brickhouse nutrition. You know that whatever's going around whether it's Cova nineteen or or whether it's the flu you know the SARS just a common cold whatever you want your immune system to be in really good shape and when you don't eat fruits and vegetables as I don't then you have less of a chance of having a healthy strong immune system that's why I take a field of Greens from brickhouse nutrition. One Scoop has a full serving of Real. Usda certified organic fruits and vegetables boost your energy and supports a healthy immune system High in fiber. It's pre biotic its probiotic and it's a great source of vitamins and fiber and other nutrients. Just take a scoop of it. Put it in the glass water. Stir it up and you're done right now. You can save fifteen percent off your first order when you use the offer code. Pat At brickhouse PAT DOT COM. And if you subscribe today while you're there you'll save an extra ten percent every month. So this virus season turn your immune system into a brick house with field of Greens from brickhouse nutrition. Breakouts PAT DOT COM. This is Pat. Gray unleashed all right so a democratic state representative in Detroit is Crediting Hydroxy Cleric Win and Donald Trump who touted the drug for saving her life in her battle with corona virus. L. Irresponsible right. I mean even if it's true you don't say it on that is the that is the unspoken reality of it but state. Rep Rep Caron Whitsett. Who learned Monday? She is tested positive for covert nineteen said. She started taking hydroxy clerk on March thirty first prescribed by her doctor after both she and her husband sought treatment for a range of symptoms. was less than two hours. Before she started to feel relief she had Experienced shortness of breath the swollen lymph nodes. And what she said felt like a sinus infection so she was familiar with hydrochloric hydroxy clerk win Within because she had an earlier about with lime disease and I think they use it to treat that as well but she didn't she didn't believe she would have thought about it or or ask for it had she not heard it touted pipe president. Donald Trump wow. I wonder how many times how many times during the day we'll CNN report this now w halftime nobody happy to report the State Rep from Ohio. That wants to go to The Hague to crimes against humanity for Donald Trump. Talk about that. That story reads like a Babylon be article. It is it's you're sending these quotes from this woman. Her name her name is Tabby Galanshoski and she will refer them to refer him to The Hague for crimes against humanity. She says I can't take it anymore. I've been to The Hague. I'm making a referral for crimes against humanity tomorrow. She said a press conference today was the last. Straw was it. I know the need for a for a prosecution referral when I see one again folks folks. This is not a Babylon article. The PAT is reading. He's reading about a state representative in Ohio who is angry at trump and says that he's guilty of crimes against humanity for pushing this drug crimes against humanity. He's not forcing people to take it. He's saying that. Hey we've heard some promising things about it and if I had it I'd try it. You might try it. And he reiterated yesterday yes and would every reporter. That's back right and we said ridiculous not have been more clear yesterday at the daily press conference that if you and your doctor decide that's the best course of treatment for you. Then do it. He he made it clear. I'm not a doctor. I'm just looking at these reports and saying well why not try it if y that was the last straw and he needs to be referred for prosecution a? We're talking about taking to The Hague. He's a war criminal. Sticking worker mental. It's despicable what these people are doing. It's absolutely it's despicable and it and it's actually criminal too because you are hurting people and and you're you're just making this situation worse all of the dire predictions that they've been modeling. Which started at two point? Two million dead then. They lowered it to two hundred forty thousand. They think we're going to die. And now they're saying eventually maybe eighty two thousand between that and you know jumping all over trump for the court hydroxy clerk. One thing. They've they're the ones with blood on their hands. I would like to point out though that complete irony here. I mean it's just so ironic that as this cove. Nineteen deaths have continued to rise. We have we have less Heart attack deaths happening. So that's helpful. We. We've got the numbers on that we've got less heart attack deaths. We've got less pneumonia debts. 'cause nobody's doing anything strenuous right now. It's also probably has something to do with the fact that winning doubt it's covert nineteen is the cause of death y'all And that's what's happening and so it's just it's just it's amazing though that these heart attack numbers. Pneumonia deaths are all going down while cove in nineteen deaths are going up. Crimes Gone Down in some areas to which is also interesting Well I bet because everybody's home right. That's why if you're a criminal and I thought I don't WanNa say with you when we can all agree. That crime is wrong. When you get caught we can all agree. I think we can not against the law unless you get caught. We learned grammar last week. That's that's why I know in Florida. There's a lady there looking for. They have not found her yet. North Lauderdale Florida in Broward County. She just walked into a Walmart Not once but twice and just throws the sixty five inch in the shopping cart and walks out of the store you can see. There's video walking out on nobody the Walmart. Nobody stopped her car and walked out. Wait a second. It worked work took it out. They know what car she went through. They have cameras in the lot et about a six days later six or seven days later he doesn't again. It goes those walks out the car walk though same Walmart. Say she'd been arrested yet. Elo How do I have? A blue hair. Wanted to see my receipt for a bag of apples. Every time I go through there I will say he gets who large screen. Tv's without even asking for a receipt separate time. Those sixty five inches are what four? Five hundred bucks. That's under the thousand dollar spring. Maybe Broward County. They're doing the Dallas County San Francisco. La Under a thousand bucks. They don't stop you. I don't know I don't know for sixty five. Incher would be under a thousand bucks. Yeah it was seven hundred twenty one gifted me top of the line and was seven hundred. Something Bucks you get five minutes for under that at Walmart. Yeah without ABS- no you're right. Yeah I mean if you want up if you wanted to sixty five is that actually has some capabilities through the Internet. She has two of them for the price of none right and nobody cared to even say. Hey here's me ma'am You forgot to go to the cash register with that. Oh God I want. I forget that I pay for an online. I just picked it up over at the orange counter right. Paper asked later also that the trump administration could allow churches and other religious organizations to receive federal aid. Oh boy to pay salaries and bills. Oh boy dangerous. I think about The Hague. Now the the heck if you accept this churches you're going to regret it big time eventually. That's what they're saying. There's just a grey or they have no idea what what this is going to look like legally down the Pike and how the I just don't not a good idea despite the announcement Some churches are looking for more assurance that the acceptance of federal funds won't lead to any government infringe- infringement infringement. On Religious Freedom Look for that assurance they might even provide it. But it's not going to happen. For example many churches would not hire a member of the lgbtq eight to plus community because the co that conflicts with Christian believes. However you get in bed with the government and they're going to tell you what you can and can't do the companies all the time right. You take their money and now you're beholden to them forever. Yeah it's just an all the time that's part of the bill just passed absolutely. Yes yes unless you want us to allow your employees to unionize. Oh by the way. That's the colleges right. Colleges universities they take the government money they have to bow down to the government after everybody but Hillsdale if you have any kind of link to the federal government whatsoever in your institution of higher learning. Then congratulations you. Just unleash the hounds of Hell from Washington DC on your campus Do you have a hospital or clergy members? That maybe aren't friendly the LGBTQ QA to not anymore because that's discrimination Do you perform same sex marriages Do you provide for abortions in your hospitals. Will now you do because we just gave you that money? And president trump. I mean that's the headline of the story right. He wants churches to be able to get this money. And I don't think he has any ill-will toward any kind of religious organization. I don't I don't think so either. But a WHO knows where I was going to be pulling on the of power in the Oval Office year from now Ryan Beyond. You just don't know so careful. Churches careful trump knows the money machine is earned on. They're not going to shut off they. Just keep pouring new ink in it. And they're just printing money till it until there's no end and just wants to help he's thinking We'll get Bo cast. I need everybody needs a little help. We did what we just. I duNno turn the economy back on. How about we let us go to work? Let's stores open. Yep What do you want people to Die Jeffy? Is that what you want? Are you turning Americans? He made no effort to The Hague. You may not be the best barometer. That's for sure conversation. She's I mean that's why just because we're only printing this stuff it just it doesn't matter we don't actually have cash reserves. We don't actually have any money whatsoever. In fact twenty three trillion in debt. So all we do is print more money and why not just print it all and we just planted some more of those trees. Some of those trees the grow money right. Yeah right there on the branches we just we just a whole new forest of them just planted them. So we're good. The only thing that stands in our way from spending more money is we need to cut down more trees to turn into the paper that we use for the cash. That's let's cut down every tree on this planet and just start bringing money they are they. Are you have everybody in this country and every country a million dollars? Let's just everybody's a millionaire fan of that and I'm a fan of saying that any bill that I have I don't anymore but that's what I want. Yeah wow what the government money and I want them to say. I know you're Kinda backed up on a couple of bills. Don't worry about it. You don't have to pay it anymore. Okay thank you speaking of not paying bills you know. That's that's one of the things that they could do. That would be fairly a conservative move. Rather than just sending people money is convinced banks to a halt to just put a moratorium for three months on mortgages. Yes that data absolutely should already and then the local and state governments can cut the property taxes out for three months and that saves people a fortune. Yes that's a those. Those two things alone should already happened. There's no doubt about that yes. I'm really surprised that it hasn't stopped planning out money like it's candy and just make things less burdensome on the American. He would probably come out ahead in your wallet. Yeah you're right if you if you take three months of mortgage put it on pause and just shift. Everything by three months eliminate these property taxes for that time period as well. That's more than you're going to get from the direct deposit from the IRS. Anyhow no doubt about it. Yep You're saying I'm not going to get the direct deposit if that happens wait a minute. I want fold. Of course you do one of the most to get here in the next. Yeah next couple of weeks. Yeah Good Good. I want my million dollars No no no no no. No you mis read the story. I don't know what's happening all right Tomorrow we gotta talk about this a listen Milano thing. This is fascinating to me. She's you know she's been one of the METOO leader. He's a piece of work and she's one of the people who said when a woman makes an accusation. You must believe them well. All of a sudden her favourite candidate for President Joe Biden. Oh yeah is now. Accused of sexual assault is changed. Ever so slightly. Well I mean it's the opposite once you just gave away tomorrow. There's more to tell her. We'll do it tomorrow. You'RE ON FAT. Greyling

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