New-look Clippers, Is Russell Westbrook on the move?, Is Kawhi ending LeBron era?, NBA or NFL offseason? Is Baker too polarizing?


i'm jason whitlock that's marcellus wiley that those after i wanna speak for yourself the most fairly showing more coming up we'll send you a russell westbrook needs to reinvent itself but we start with kawai leonard we've all heard the stories about mark twain an exaggeration of his death in eighteen ninety seven wayne with busy london wendy american media heard rumors that he's taken ill and was on his deathbed the truth was twain's cousin with bill twain told a reporter for the new york journal quote reporter my desk with an exaggeration i bring that up because i'm gonna start a rumor about lebron james today mbh king james there is terminally ill give it six to twelve months but bronner's contracted collide leonard disease may rare former basketball the killed gregg popovich the toronto raptors in various members of the sports media the thing about why disease is that it initially lift you to you're highest level before ravaging your entire body while led the spurs and the raptors the mb titles before leaving those franchises really cool wise relocation to the staple center will initially elevating the brawn james games for the first time and the king james era the chosen one will have a true rival lebron versus co why is bnb aids best rivalry since magic versus larry race powered johnson versus burt proximity fuels lebron versus co why these guys have to share the same city in the same building they're both looking at drive a third different team to mbh title bronner's perhaps the largest individual brand in american sports partnering with one of the largest corporate brands in american sports the los angeles lakers co why is an odd difficult market forces of nature attempting to legitimize arguably the worst brand in american sports the loss angeles clippers the bronze hollywood and then constant pursuit of a reputation that extends well beyond basketball co why seemingly just want to be the best player in his sport the brian james wants to be mohammed ali kawai leonard wants to be michael jordan tom brady the contrast between these to it's fascinating and will be a source of a thousand different storylines heading into next season already know how this thing is ending you don't survive collide disease especially not at thirty five when you're more interested in making movies the plane hoop especially when you're trying to fill boogie cousins rage on rondo and danny green is terrific acquisitions bomb why has already done significant damage jila brand reputation paul george wouldn't freely joining lebron with the lakers but he forced his way out of oklahoma city oklahoma city the play alongside hawaii with the clippers that's like me watching an instagram model leave my table at wylie's to walk barefoot across broken glass to give jim jackson their numbers i got a lot of myself and she was my tires are getting loud is the fact the iceberg jim is the teeny bit better looking than me to co why looks a lot better than lebron right now environment lebron looks justice toxic as kevin durant's it the whole super team air dead it looks weak you only stars who wanna be relegated the spot up shooter by the bron or agent rich paul clients at the corpse of camello anthony see i could see the bron forcing the trade to a title contender by the twenty twenty trade deadline that's the worst case prognosis the braun is dead by february best case the bron whole going to the playoffs and why finishes the king james there in the postseason but make no mistake i'm not exaggerating the bronze done and jim jackson look better the main or joining us now it'd be ellis iceberg jim jackson and stephen all about addison jack though those old marcellus i'll start with you yeah it was moved away kill the bronco no it did you got me on a road sign alive faded got me you gotta understand but i will say this a heating kill the bron in this era of dominance for him but he's forcing the bronx to fight right now and this is the first time we've seen lebron really have to fight we try to pin him against koby they never matched up in the playoffs together so it didn't work now the bra if somebody who's formidable right there in your building is trying to take the landlord trying to take the tenant try and get that signature only paper say we run away so it's interesting this energy about this robbery is really placed on the bronx he's the commonality he's the common denominator think about where excited as clippers were excited as envy eight because we see parity we see dynamic do old all across the league but let's say a staple center cou why leonard paul george both of those guys have one thing in common they both looked at the lakers once upon a time a sitting hail damage regular brought said hey listen i plan for your in found their way to clipper land that's about what brought and if anybody knows is watch the fight it ain't about your first hit is about when you get hit when they get a chance to respond will see what lebron does their response was three things one i'm glad you clean it up at the end but the tiny bit huge disparity of love you the way we do let me go back to the girl came to the table and say that but it is it's it's hard to say rivalry as in magic and bird because there's just so organic starting in college and then the championship runs during the eighties it made it so intense the teams fueled the rivalry a lot more in the hate the love hate between the two took it to all time apps are will get there where the bron ron in a co why but i do believe it adds so much more intriguing to what we were doing as far as watching basketball in the third part of this is will why the throne probably but but it's all timing you gotta think about it the broncos on the back end of his career at sixteen years right why is only twenty eight years old if we go back to two thousand fourteen when the brown with that the peak in that fourteen final my man average about twenty points again but what i got the nobody got him but what i'm saying and but what i'm saying would you go back and forth i hear you know in time it's it's a little bit different but i love this fact of this in in you you said this both wanna play for the lakers even paul george or at one point why they want it to so is the x factor like you talked about is it lebron right you see what i'm saying like yeah i just feel their life kudos to them for saying you know what that's the big dog okay we wanna go through him we don't wanna go around though we don't wanna play with him and i think it just adds so much more intrigued going into the season a by those who joining together first of all let me say this though is having these conversations katie hurt okay we talking about the throne and best in the league hurt so this is why why and the brunt of the only telling his conversations second part of one thing that's interesting point that i disagree with k d were healthy and kyrie in brooklyn they were healthy you still talking about right here in the the city the matter the most outlay collide leonard paul george versus lebron james anthony davis know what i'm saying if the season don't end like k d did hurt if he play and they wanna championship we we haven't hold ever come out okay what a but i respect wise move because and the braun is is is really the worry one because he's the one that's about the get thrown guan is not on the throne reporters on the ground and he's still a king in the bronx come and say i mean a guacamole his city to try to change things for the clippers envy to get on the throne so i feel like the broad is worried because now you got two guys on another team you'll same building one fresh off a championship like i said one the had opportunity to go hit to come to to the lakers and then come he's regretting it that's why he was cool with his trade policies are so great and not signing with the clippers and going okay see that year and he regretted because now they traded now he's here nine nine make like he wasn't lawyer rush yup now stabbed in the back of all everything's backfired on him lebron has to worry about these two guys they both have a lot to prove along with a great owner i love the owner for the clippers and i think he's gonna do everything they could to put the give these guys all ammunition they need to be successful when the bar you definitely have okay so let's let's let's go let's pick a winner we have a fight and it may be in it berg i don't think right now there's animosity these guys property like each other but sometimes the matchup just says you gotta fight each other you're in the same building i i think why is going to win this fight i think he may win it by the trade deadline he certainly gonna win it by the post season the bronze going this is home vs ali someone talking about fight regular season or paying win the championship another team that when i think both i think there's a regular season fight and i think there's gonna be a post season end all be all and i think why wins the boat well again bill okay given both given both i i would say this look the clippers was a deep team had the best bench maybe in history how much transit lou williams by what thirty six points up the most in history off the bench so we're talking about all time bitch in all they needed with a cherry on top and they got to so so that's one well let's talk about with jimmy is talking about this is gonna be more in the objective analysis who wins the championship how you got there right is gonna be how their rivalry ville man this is why i think there's gonna be a big rivalry in terms of duo's and it'd be a history we're talking about magic and bird house organic ganic from from college to the pros the teams of racial aspect and you talk about this one this is the biggest brand in the sport versus the worst brand in the sport you got the best player versus the best two way player you got one of them residing john where the other two wanna play but because i won't be there i wanna go beat it up that's why i think this is gonna have the ingredients necessary for us to say this is all time rivalry who's gonna win in the end i really think it's the clippers strip away my phantom because they had the deeper team let's go back before all the acquisitions when we saying if that clippers team get something they are it where we say about the lakers they need a lot more do we say about the lakers now they still disney something they don't need it so i think it's gonna be the clippers let's pull back just a little bit because i think is very important what may be boston lakers rivalry so trump is they met in the fine okay they met in the final unfortunately we're not gonna see that so will we will be able to see if they can meet in the western conference final three for your home game all season long get out of that narrative takes on i think a storyline of its own because these two teams these particular players are fighting the get to the championship who can contend who can keep one out of that race is will be very important to how i think at the end of the day the storyline changes now for the lakers i will say this the clippers are built right now a lot better for the short term and long term in the lakers the lakers do have some moves to make let's see what happens during the course of the season what additions that the lakers make the try to contend with what we have over the clippers i still think we're a long way away from that aspect of where we're going but the makings from nb eight perspective in living at l i think about every game to go to you got the clippers over here playing with two great superstars you got the lakers over here you can't lose if you're a basketball fan and more importantly if you living and they're like any you got to you got when they do play you got the top three two way players in the three to eight lives in a game co why and paul one team yes and you got eighty on the other side but then look at this clippers they have the best back court defense albert patrick beverley georgia fans who are co why that's scary there ron harper harper scottie pippen and michael jordan might be the only thing they could compared to look i i will say this and you're ellie born and bred you blew out here nellie along and i but i really believe in again this won't be written pretender fifteen years but i think this is gonna be a fight for the soul of law saying yes and i know this is the lakers town is always there'll be a laker none of the richest man in sports runs the clippers and he's not here he's here to conquer that's what he does you enter topple and so julius caesar sitting over lebron and the lakers ends in his little blonde small council is jeanie buss rob pelinka linda rambus and kurt rambis versus this new up and coming guy the wolf the thrall i'm jerry west of lawrence frank doc rivers and steve bomber these guys have got the lakers going down big time and it could be historic we could be sitting here fifteen years now to man you know when everything chain is winco why came here with paul george and now is the clippers town man let me add a little too they're all clear preaching the gospel damned if you don't you don't stand you don't you don't get off at nine hundred and pay two billion and not wanna win and i wanna tell me oh he's coming cocker look let's talk about this owner this is the owner i think he was on lebanon into microsoft ed he has forty four billion dollars rest in peace the paul allen who wants to win at microsoft lot of those guys sold their stock they won the weather the storm hey remember apple came back yet again he outlasted goals scored their first this is a guy who will not only comfortable persevere just about him that's why he has these riches is he stayed the course to this the first time i'm born and bred l s that there is a real rivalry in staples this the first time to the rural robbery in basketball the clippers have never been great when the lakers were great the lakers been great much much longer than the clippers it's the first time we got a real balance of power in least perception and last but not least christmas day i'm apologize to my family and my wife no no biggest may give you give you give these things must have been fined see us out even me off my man i'm this'll be the first time out tailgater basketball you know this about the fact that now now let's look at the corporate pressure the clippers now putting pressure on the lakers a step up because before the trade the lakers still comfortable right now what even even what what what's going on the clippers were still a side note in regarding over anymore i have that player now them having the two players along with everything else it was always pressure bomber coming in okay but because they were winning wouldn't say now that it puts so much more pressure on the organization have to do better tap the step up their game like the clippers so it's gonna be interesting not just to see what happens on the court but also what happens in that front office at the lakers now the clippers at a gym that was gonna be my next point in terms of one jerry west lawrence frank doc rivers steiber they're all on the same page if things go sideways over for the lakers lot of finger pointing who's gonna take the blame for the fall like you think lebron james don't take that no no trade me give me up on this what's happening now could be the beginning of the infant jeanie buss he or or or go to the other side if they do the right thing it could catapult them to make sure that their corporate stand against taking care it could go either way no i we lock is there's instability in the structure i know but but anyway but the pressure to make them rethink about how they went about operate because it's fresh hosted have formed only met people order now you remember remember the eighty there that show that's incredible yeah and he's always had the dominoes falling out there memorize were wildly domino it's a wrap it ain't gonna last and this is what it is you got a coach and frank vogel who got a look over his back walkout meetings backwards 'cause i got rod lincoln oh no he's hanging on by ray by remove every transaction right fingerpointing so when they fight through the storm who's gonna be left standing versus the clippers you know they're gonna stick together they were in the fight to get co why leonard an end again they got this uncontrollable magic johnson face of the franchise guy the quit on them and then but they had a fight why imagine leaking stuff everywhere i just got off the phone with why is it when we talked about this and that but then it's like the lakers are not on the same page the clippers are an an and i just think they the clippers have partnered with the right guy 'cause you know i i made the point of this weekend so my interview me and they were like a is it amazing that co why kept everything quiet and i go no not really i said because what it tells you is all the noise around these other the teams all the leaks around these other it's intentional they want that noise out there they're leaking information intensely if you don't want it out it don't come out or any of my business and then i won't private i just it's private private right they don't know what happened with me and my girl let me let me know what you give me the festive san diego charger out with the unnamed source so you know maybe they let me tell you about who bring you back and i got i got a contact the clippers didn't hear a word about deep contact not so that just it just reiterate you're born this is jason whitlock we speak yourself and i got a website get half the business christine dot com pristine auction has daily auction nbc nightly and with a dollar starting the authenticity is important to pristine auction they guaranteed authenticity income with authentication 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to be mutual interest between westbrook and the miami heat where he could be teamed up with jimmy butler in a remake of dumb and dumber i'm sorry that i mean what's in the script you know i can russell westbrook kid he reinvented himself a basketball player i wanna defend him so bad won't come on a level ella okay good you don't need to come he can't he can't reinvent himself a lot of this is a perception issue in the first place a were put no an inordinate amount of blame all russell westbrook when in reality we know it's not all own westbrook a lot of circumstantial let's just be real about this what's the three most important factors in real estate location location location is okay see we know where it is so one thing they already come up to tobacco back with a strike in terms of free agents in terms of big time superstar let's just be real about it so let's talk about this organization have three mvp but go ahead oh how did they leave did they get organization this is why i really wanna focus on kevin the rat returned in any richest when he left no organization come on do better okay oh victor oladipo you just traded him away you got some things back in return but hold on him james foreign did you hold onto him he won't it for more million dollars a year end you know go james harden find find greengrass baco i'm just gonna say this organization has really made tremendous missteps that has landed on i don't wanna play with russell westbrook all i'm gonna say is russell westbrook is a player that is gonna go down in history taken a lot more criticism i eat carmelo anthony the necessarily deserving foreclosed i love affair well let's go i'm gonna start with the organization they were they had three nbp's i was on the team we had them up to oh in the western conference finals with james ross in katie they came back and beat us four games with tim duncan for game straight the following season they had a chance the king james like you said they rather they want the king nick collison they wanna make him happy they want they make surge about having i like search and they wanna keep catch apartments happened with my little brother but you have the opportunity james way haiti together state that was a bad move by sam pray be just left westbrook 'cause he couldn't play winning now paul just left and ask the question is where have we read that it came out of katie mouth james mouth off or somebody else but he played with that said he's a bad teammate i don't wanna play with no i never heard that kb one of his little business associates i know i know him very well he's he was never on that sideline he never received a pass from russ you never play were so i respect his opinion because he'd been around russian katie but at the same time i've never heard no player in the nbs they say he's i don't wanna play with him now if any player being a player fair russ any plan mb i gotta averages triple double and know that he cares when there's so many guys in nbs in the game for the wrong reasons they will love the paper russ anything against the saints go to miami he will get appreciate a cause pat riley appreciate guys like by russell go ahead i'm sure yeah absolutely i i gotta say i it's it's a it's a weird dynamic conditions things and i'm a i'm a dress organizational chart please the challenge they had at the time when he baka or for harden was that the two teams in front of number san antonio in liquor who were big so they're they're they were caught in between two are cheap eighty six man did i can go get somebody score fifteen points or do i have my my centers in place that's gonna battle against san antonio and against the lake so i i kind of understand why they made the decision based on who they had the go through to get to the finals but as far as westbrook is concerned the toughest thing for me because i love the person that he is and how he plays i love the competitive nature that he that he has my my my thing is i said this before and see you come back this up with pop you know certain things you couldn't get away with you having a real you knew from the beginning no matter how volatile tell how competitive richard nature was certain things you couldn't do right russia has never had that situation cast upon him from the time he's gotten into the league so he developed some bad habits okay you develop bad habits and come back to haunt you we've seen a lot of time with the turnover some bad decisions all of those things okay that's partly on the organization but i also partly on roasting but not running through that as a basketball player and i do believe me by plant in miami where pat riley if he gets you situation like that of tap they could figure out a workaround their cap space situation that the different mindset that is down in miami one of the best organization in sport and okay they accountability ask holding mccown is so different that now russ is forced to have to change some things about his personality but more importantly how he approaches the game i love to see him in that situation so we could all answered the question whether he can reinvent is we don't know right now and so i'm someone that disagree with you more i do think he can reinvent himself and i think he needs to and i think that again i don't like giving up in russia's still relatively young you know i'm fifty two he's young person and i've made some changes in my thirties i think he can i think the heat will help a lot pat riley and that i think they'll play a twenty percent role if he went to the heat in changing him but mostly i think russia's gonna have to change because russ is gonna wanna change i hope he doesn't get caught up in everybody says if your organization is billy donovan is this is that russell westbrook needs to look in the mirror and i think he's gonna be forced to the same say damn i'm the common denominator great players keep exiting me and if you turn the damn film all he plays stupid enforces guys where come away where you play play play smart you could say with over three years plans to put in nb i saw him with a second russ this this is a blessing disguise him because he don't look bad in as he was being a lawyer yeah so i mean yeah not about winning so this is a perfect this is a blessing in disguise the him to start over and go somewhere else anthony style of well well that that stat padding is great it gets talked about on team but don't win is not stat padding means call playing hard and everybody else if you go get a triple double you don't get attacked you gotta translate you gotta materialize that because he's been out in the first round the last three years since k d left first round first round okay so then i made it no no i did you were you happy george harrison township there's no but jack when you say winning then they have like winning to what level what degree we should be winning more were not and this is why disagree with two about he's going to change if he gets in a different circumstance if he changes with that personality what that personality that fuels that motor that we have not seen in a long time you know what that means him changing isn't a mission that i've been wrong that's in the mission that he's been doing stuff and guess what this is not a guy who's gonna miss it he's done something wrong in his eyes he's done with x texas it triple doubles in put us in position to win it it can't what am i doing wrong its own y'all y'all don't want the smoke is something you said some ride though and at forty one and he'll tell you since the big three i made changes when i'm worried about the referees whereabout also had no control i play like trash i'm not i'm i shouldn't even be on the court the last year i've been focusing on jets basketball and my game is went through the roof and that's what was in the we just gotta look himself i understand that you guys not worried about the but you can't control and that's a lot of his problems come from that russell westbrook he doesn't have that issue of focus he doesn't have the issue like i'm caught up in other things those things are not distractions to him matter of he runs in in bulldozes throw them this is a different psychology this is in a lie hardaway this is the husband in the car knowing he going the wrong way in ain't go after his wife directions you know we don't know why they figured out we'll figure out i think that you know what i and when your wife isn't holly berry you could do that pat riley is holly berry nbs in what i like that rises will have some real tough discuss what would what would rusted i don't think okay sequels will hit respected don't coming from pat riley here's jim donovan this is how pat is the beauty about pat riley is this from one through fifteen everybody's held accountable when i was there he was on alonzo's but like no other 'cause he knew in order for everybody else to be in late he had the get online gotta go there were times when we were practice that i had him as a coach not executive on the floor where he may i say anything to you okay but then later on that night and may treats you to dinner then the next day on the bus the shoot around may not say anything he always ship your belt but one thing he wants you to play the game the right way okay went to the play the game the right way and play hard if you do that in be a professional on and off the court in a conversation that if it does happen with russ is this this is how we do things here in miami as the bron as lebron this is how we do things here is not contingent paul one player okay if you contingent upon the fifteen guys signed up we're gonna continue the move with or without you could come in later you can't but this is how we do things did you do things the right way you're gonna be successful now while you play more important when you get here's a picture of central rodney's though but my point is however back with locking wiley big shout out to the usa swimming that just straight women's world cup any more the overall wrong with their win over the netherlands on sunday we also wanna congratulate are fox family all their hard work covering the great job i d next big box of it is tonight the star shine bright as the best in the majors celebrate the mid summer classic mlb all star game tonight at seven thirty eastern four thirty pacific only on fox i join us for preview live from cleveland is friend of the show and fox sports mlb analyst nick swisher swimming they welcomed back i justin verlander talking about free agency you guys may good to see you nick justin verlander starry night for the ale when he made headlines this week when he said the juice baseball's are causing the surge in home runs this season buying bond verlander spirit while there has to be something to it there's no doubt about it this mass the pitcher for twelve thirteen years right now i mean he definitely knows what a baseball supposed to feel like in his hand right the commissioner says the scientists say nothing's happened but then again on the other he says the dragon the baseball is less i mean let's be honest these baseball guys been throwing baseballs for years they know exactly what it should feel like and on the other side of things major league baseball paste hit around seven thousand home runs this year who i do know this i know the commissioner likes all fence and when he showed up we instantly had office so there has to be a little something to what verlander is saying this man knows what he's doing it like you said hey baseball were not idiots listen i i believe just and i want the question i have is this the right thing for baseball doesn't make it more exciting does it make more watchable will attract more fan well i mean if you're asking me old time dies i mean they would definitely say no but if you're asking a guy like me i'm just jones now still playing i know that i mean players were bigger faster and stronger now the velocity game has gone up i mean we saw the futures game here the other night every kid going out there stone in oh did we i think we lost we may have lost mc yup can't talk about baseball spiked all right let's see let's take mic and coming up marcellus in ice cubes got into eight heavyweight showdown on twitter will tell you came out on top tv's tv's hottest look at social media time jason whitlock to speak yourself is that hairline slowly starting to move backwards any bald spots yet how would you feel year from now if it's business as usual up there sixty six percent of men lose their hair by age thirty five well thanks to science baldness can be optional four hymns dot com is a one stop shop for hair loss skin care sexual wellness for men hymns connects you with real doctors and medical grade solutions to treat hair loss no waiting room no awkward in person doctor visits save hours by going to four hymns dot com answer a few quick questions eight doctor will review and prescribe you products are shipped directly to your door order now my listeners get a trial month of hymns for just five dollars today right now while supplies last see website for full details and safety information this would cost hundreds if you went to a doctor or pharmacy go to four hymns dot com slash man that's four hymns dot com f o r h i m s dot com slash mate for him dot com slash man i speak for yourself when you have talking course wit locking wiley jim jackson and his back were joined now by super bowl champion heisman trophy winner reggie bush do time to get in touch social hey read read read read when you have it in the morning morning sixty the hand like twentyfive level this is fresh off the bench press or i don't here a little west coast beef i got marcellus hasn't stopped sweetness enough that hawaiian pg up to the clippers yesterday he decided to take a little shot through the biggest lakers fan ice cube snoop dogg both of these photos of them repping other teams and tweeting when you're representing other actors like they really liked this man whom q belly pig saying oh which found with underway in game seven in the finals and what's going on and get knocked out in the second round in fact the monitor q swing saying o'shea jackson junior like six years old and it's big it's so long ago he's playing you move why they're choosing kept going back and forth even today right when asked rescue guy who won his battle bro you call frugal fake craziness along be so long as people were laker fans to start realizing warrior fans i'm really going to try to build up a robbery figure out what team you're loving hands down to my man march seventh could be because he always you don't change right yeah clipper clipper clip in it don't change don't know what i mean so now you got to the bell bottoms and then we got to win that one though that that was that was a good good athlete new shot after we had a big reader stay at home they i'm good at home word first of all i love cube i love i saw snoop last night man he's a mile homeys respect i'm just amazed even calling in my home because i grew up listen to my old timers that they some fraud paying off snoop don't even know i feel here's steeler fans here on the bench you die hard about when i hear all we gotta steal i've seen a lot of different jordan i got receipts brought a lot of new original drink not they started singing later oh no you gotta think about it and doboy inborn he a good actor any doing that with his fans do really about this seems the first two that'll jumped ship over to the clippers oh yeah it's when things go bad for the lakers oh you'll be right humane hero billy crystal move over to new hellacious all right are staying away from i got cal cooling without a great off season we know he's one of the only young lakers who didn't get sent away nappy david straight and now it looks like he's dating kendall jenner there were smarter hanging out doing for the la first off coups ma i see my guy but i do a lot of you know banging a drum and it comes with dana car dashing salt to the lakers be concerned with a car dashing lamar odom played his best mary to courtney courtney clone while you look at me you were again early i know i got me here nine times this actually hurts me a little bit like i know this is all for the gay but we call it a whole family occurs when you grow who's mccain go to many places in five someone he even thinks it's like you know comparable he would they know it's a problem tells you the problem going on the world you dream see the problem i want a super bowl so going back to when we come out a all i can say at the end of the day man up you know what i'm saying take care of business on a on a basketball court ain't gotta worry about that all right but here's the thing the precedent has been set already days horns said i play my best basketball when i chose exit stage left now what do you say i know he said that but that said that that is a cold winter now what are the low rate you just don't get it is real with the there's three things under attack by the guard that everything's undefeated billionaires only matter i know it has to say what stuff that goes on people still wanna put you know did that toe in the water i don't care i don't matter the real cause i'm kendall jenner she seemed like a really cool thing you gotta you gotta tie delayed brittany anita baker look into a gym and work out there are two and i agree mild definitely that family is successful so they've got the best job in the world what is being yourself in getting paid like going abroad and that's money like acrimonious smiling that's money that they look good clown which that's a apparently that's winning i will do is they'll get the purchasing the benefits of being whipped it because they wanna go that pj say we're going to the island next week at what they do know what i'm saying we gotta through the park here's a question for you do the perks outweighed other stuff that come with other stuff i'm already famous if i'm cal coups market drama drama conway has to come on the don don now you're a lakers fan the only one here you are you worried about the curse through tell the truth truth obviously i i mean i hear you know facts james harden playing well brook lopez one plan what everybody there the car dash understanding going through simmons cause you to make sure you're throwing shoulder blaming unless you've made a stop in a high we'd better get out of this where we all get real time now the question of the day high in harlem fire all right guys so maybe i free agency has been wild i mean almost make more noise national scene itself we all know that football is king and the usa but there's been a lot of talk online that the nfl is not on the same level india in terms of the off season so well ask you guys this have a better all season in nfl no hell no hell hell hell hell yeah the mbh does a nice job with this off season little job yeah no no no we're not a nice little little teeny like he look a lot better did you not only not go to the cleveland browns will not have any nfl draft every year which door any of this week talking about her point antonio brown just joined the raiders yup lady on bill legal marijuana knocks i look i'm i'm actually went to but oh that'd be like we we just witnessed some of the greatest players which teams and that's amazing but that used to be commonplace for the nfl member whole super bowl teams were gonna post that roster rubber every year we mean we joe montana leaving all season yeah bruce smith in the hall of fame guy be on switch nfl so used to this that it seems like it's bigger than anybody age of got to i will say this though from a player's perspective nbs is way better they got a guarantee or they could block they no trade clause they could block trade clause in there yeah you're going to hand over us when we get hit if the next play they get right roca play play fifteen may have the the thing the thing about it for me it's like this comparing good morning america the ratings all you're gonna be okay what show come yeah this summer was more like a soap opera for the ambiance all the drama going on all the stuff we didn't know who is going where so i i think you play to the fact that it gave us something that we didn't know what's gonna happen where katy what's going where every especially at the end with his mom would you go why and also will all georgia i mean literally the quiet thing there is only one person in america the new where he was going it's amazing go ahead no i wanna hear why why north a little bit but not just so a big but you gotta give credit for miss 'cause they took a page out of the nfl's booking in regards the stretching out the time period in which you keep the conversation going yeah and they did it with the you know the draft free agency and also suddenly once we get back to the season is all about football here i mean the bottom line but they great battles opera this is the all time high seen this many great players switching audience like this i don't i can't remember any other time of year where it was like i'm gonna give this credit what's happened this off season it's like they created a whole new we'll hear from super teams the dynamic duo that man and robert young friend and i think that is great for them be i've never been more excited for mbh season since my pacers and reggie miller music to compete but but in fifteen years this is the most excited i've been for them be now the east sorry if i got you think the east will win a championship 'cause i think the west is so stack not only be a while this clippers yeah yeah it's west now but one thing i will say a in terms of structure the nfl needs to catch up on social media has their own doing it then be has opened in server they let you reach tweet google that sounds to me what nfl needs to get on crack okay i'll tell you what is sports cold how much money having okra football players are more volatile i think from emotional perspective football players if they start getting out the beauty about the embryo david stern did a great job of marketing the guy on the name on the back in the eighties he had to you had no choice it's hard for the nfl the transition away from i didn't hear what i just said what because the end be hey let anyone do whatever they want their content allowing everyone to do is create greater story in interest why are we having the conversation nfl it'd be it when we know there's really not economic the story is closing that gap me gambles middlebelt road another great show and i wanna fix yourself the most fairly show in sports with locking wiley reggie bush is back with joined by former pro bowl linebacker son merriment mood the baker mayfield sweating invincible weekend getting married in malibu on saturday but bigger wasn't the only one making it about this weekend his good friend mark walberg told tmz at the browns quarterback would bb air tom brady strong as the face of the nfl but a local brown's applause ashley disputed walberg claim saying bakers too polarizing to fill tom brady shoes i don't buy this at all i i think it'd be a polarized that's a good thing protected me yeah i mean i think there's just too criteria to be the face of the nfl on one of these faces one is you got a ball out like you gotta we gotta be able to depend on you could we have the markets you for years to come to you gotta have the bandwidth and i don't think polarizing is the word that you should apply here this is a guy who has the bandwidth to reach let's be real my demo which is a inner city urban you'll make a ball like that and then also where he's from from down south and all the guys from that in rural areas who like he puts up some good numbers does he end you know you gotta respect that we are all in agreement what they possess this may be premature but i must say joe nemeth two point oh come and watch out of candidly i was with jarvis landry last night talking off mike basically he was talking up the spirit of this team everyone's feeling confident they're like were saying these things 'cause we believe and why do we believe because of work to be and if he has all these guys who've been in the league veterans now thinking of greater aspirations you've got a special sauce in the thursday night game we have thursday night game last year where he took over and there was just something different in that game when he stepped on that field the electricity was different it was almost like he was the savior for the city of of of cleveland and completely changed the game like all of a sudden he had passed in protection he could throw the football field like everything opened up and you just saw jekyll and hyde right like you saw the first happened didn't really go where they couldn't move the football and then all of a sudden baker steps in and it's like this is this is how the game is supposed to be playing right in this is how a quarterback surely his team to victory in the more the more hip mark walberg say this the more i wish you just take that fight with what kinda mcgregor i just wanna say it happened out and i get it mark walberg in tom brady the boys it really close friends i get that but there's there's nothing no similarities between baker mayfield in in tom brady none there's none other than the bed baker mayfield possibly being they really good quarterback or could possibly be great that he only similarity i don't see anything else he too outspoken yeah he speaks his mind he handles negativity completely different he's more of an individual of its own kind you're gonna know baker mayfield field act and i'm saying this because i spent a lotta time around you he'll tell you exactly what he's feeling tom brady will avoid it he'll stay you know only up in up he he won't go towards any controversy baker mayfield actually accept it yeah he takes it all in a different way so they're to to told her to exclude him for being the face of the nfl yeah but you know you can't compare the what i'm saying is you if you compare the two right and i'm not talking about playing levels anything like that he's more of what you said right he's more of a philip rivers he's more somebody in that locker room that is that the team follows and they rallied behind he'll go out and be outspoken he'll talk he'll be he'll be in front of everything and tom brady kind of sit in the back answer the questions the way he has the answer and he doesn't say anything right or wrong he's always right down middle so yeah if you wanna compare him as possible great quarterback i understand that but don't use tom brady has kind of hand in the throne because there's there's two totally different people yeah there i i get your point you gotta think hey he shouldn't be he bit a big deal any nfl but it'll be completely different than tom brady and that's one of the reasons why i agree with mark walberg we're in a different time now tom brady boy next door all in a bit humble stays out of controversy i like to call baker mayfield little smokey he loves and if you just understand the times that we're there's big smokey in the white house yeah in the era of smoke right here man this dude again the thing but you're talking about marcellus is like everybody likes this kind of smoke air in the in the it's like you hear about this accident i will say this whitlock that this is a guy that we were talking about tom brady let's not act like he is apple pie 'cause in the rivalry with him and peyton manning peyton was the apple pie tom brady we try to give him the edge in a store but now we're gonna just oppose that to baker may feel like you said there's the evolution ocean of this year i think the graduation of the nfl's gonna be this bring one in as a little risque you see how that for this is what more and more quarterbacks of looking like is will write my more and more quarterbacks looking like russell wilson like baker mayfield they're playing like them to is becoming harder and harder to find guys like tom brady like pay manning that are just strictly pocket passing passer a quarterback of sulfur timmy i think that baker can be like i'm gonna say the polarization won't stop him right they issue their baker mayfield has is the dude in kansas city and he doesn't have his talent yeah period end of story and he may have a better story and he did the little and taken on the the big tough nfl and all his personality but that kid in kansas city has so much talent we just never seen before yeah that to me will be the obstacle whether he's the face of the league 'cause you gotta again and we love the story of race this'll be the greatest quarterback ever yeah okay that i see the nfl getting behind the other way around who ready for this nfl knows this these are the real metrics out there is happening at the youth level you talk about how baker mayfield is now what's next is there going to be part of it is color but his position tight ends and wide receivers if you're six four to six six you're not even looking at that position more they're turning the two quarterbacks and what a two point oh quarterback is now gonna be norm watched the high school level is going to college you're starting to see these top talents are gonna be athletic beef what's gonna come what that is a different personality we're gonna go from peyton manning amazon top radio some different from apple pie didn't have baker oh that's a good segue way into what's coming next you know with all right before we go i wanna tip my hat to the world cup winning usa u s former soccer team not further recordbreaking wander the second consecutive title now that was easy unpredictable the passing of title nine and nineteen seventy two pretty much guaranteed we would one day dominate the world in women's soccer for american women's soccer is are football is are national pastime for young girls now what i wanna do what i wanna do is congratulate these twentythree members of are national team is for their ability to turn their recordbreaking performance it's against overmatched competition into lake clever negotiating ploy reparations when you ask women's national team finished dusting off the netherlands in the world cup final on sunday their supporters immediately started shouting equal will pay the members of the team have convinced themselves and their supporters if they are being exploited by the usa soccer federation because they don't earn as much money is they're far less successful men's team this is not true the women are not exploited they're not paid unfairly they're paid exactly what their union negotiated competed in a sport that hasn't fully matured internationally women's soccer in comparison the men's is they new business starter the first women's world cup happened in nineteen ninety one sixty one years after the first men's world cup the first usa women's national soccer team played in nineteen eighty five a hundred years after the first usa men's team the men's world cup in russia generated six billion dollars in revenue this past women's world cup is expected to generate a hundred and thirty one million dollars fee for the governing body of a sport showers the men's team with far more money than the women men's international soccer is the world series of poker the stakes are enormous and sore the payout right now women's international soccer the game of poker among a handful of friends in someone's basement i get it a woman her poker's sharks in are manner fish but are manner swimming in the deepest part of the ocean while the women hunt close to the shore degree of difficulty matters title nine in this country's liberation of women and puts us far ahead of international competition there's a reason we beat thailand by world cup brecher thirteen neil there's a reason we've never trailed in this year's world cup and then all but one game scored a goal within the first twelve minutes the competition with embarrassingly inferior we could have rotted more than two more teams and just thailand were getting their exact result we pay for title nine created hundreds of women's college soccer programs which are far better funded the men may number pino and alex morgan are treated unfairly in these all important development stage is they have decided advantage over usa men i get it man had a hundred year head start the women additional reparations but that cries title nine it'd be original reparations they should shout reparations two point oh resident equal pay yourself you wanna party like a football star guess low after they july twentieth move the one and only drink beer club on the las vegas strip joint tied dollar sign that the marcellus wiley entire speak for yourself crew at the pool party of the summer for tickets and more information visit raised dot com trades group dotcom what the pseudo are all those somebody else's pseudo locking wiley that that that's not even jackson or back let's it's moved to the clippers reshape pnb landscape this past weekend reportedly lending collide leonard and paul george and studying move that arguably the best player on the planet and another print all start to a playoff team where they championship winning coach not surprisingly cooper fans and paul george are pretty excited let's say my boy someone nita lowey going to be coming home which i knew look clippers and we don't have a lot of time here they're the best team in nb i think without question i for gold my duty to testify because of bias so we left something we already know they're the best team i mean at least the paper champions in off season that matters no doubt best thing and then i lost my bet so they lost so yeah hit into my man we're predicting it i would i wouldn't own paper right now their own pay vapor yeah they play how about my not public deepest team definitely we got better go milwaukee a on the lakers know who just said the lakers that issue i'm not even if the none of whom they happened go in if i'm not giving it's nobody's they've gotta go out there and win paper they got this guy or girl paper but that's what we talked about right now is not a game they're all a widow right now so we have to talk about paper last year i'll give you this toronto was not the paper champions at this time last year right they became the material champions held up patrols you think of the paper champion the me staff you will have a forecast that you play defense many got co why paul george and patrick beverley that's why i'm so glad i went work in the last two weeks i have the get up him make up stories about i knew somebody was going here i'm he's going there i i'm glad i wouldn't have the last week i don't like making up stuff so you got experience and so what i'm not making up nothing i just wanna know how can you speak own experience about teams that were newly constructed we don't know what they're gonna look so we gotta we gotta go out there because my brain is coming from texas mrs i'm showing you and jeff opinions from them is not what i'm thinking he'll also right now you don't think one team is better than the other going into next year yeah do that they thought maybe not the warriors i mean of madison is better than us we'd be him in the first round and they end up with the best in the league that doesn't matter to me it has to get done okay it matters to me can you believe you give you give you a billion dollars go bad on one team which i do find it a hundred dollars i bet on the clippers thank you i bet on the clip because they do because why my homeboy if you already will waive my homeboy jimmy's here no tended a lot of governance all the side just doubled the big dummy on the victim i'm here today is the person that set up here i'll know how you got put on the list but tama all kendall jenner and the light skinned men so we off the list i'm sorry bro would you ever do you was up there with iceberg jim jackson ugly ugly wiley in reggie bush highlight vermont discussion earlier about russell westbrook either walkabout inflated worse off you love russell westbrook needs to look in the mirror and i think he's gonna be forced to the same bank i'm the common denominator great players keep exiting me a lot of circumstantial let's just be real about this what's the three most important factors in real estate location location location is okay all right we had a pretty good discussion uncle jimmy about russell westbrook reinventing himself marcellus says can i say can't what you did you say wearing a hill okay see how far that way from tennessee that's about all i could see that you know as far as russell westbrook broke ross was russell westbrook he'll k d i you know i mean here you nobody ever gonna confusing were being the greatest of all times if i had comparing the somebody i comparing the ricky bail route brotherly oh you know ricky may offer new addition not the football play a lot of go ahead i'm russell westbrook is there any no johnny you know that's jammed ran out until john it he definitely i know rob trails that that james harden who is beer look nice nobody brian now you know bobby brown is that tension burgers it'd be like my he sought mid city won't be come out time i do for a very long holes like that where the real deal he covered that if you prefer that look ricky bell always got one nice line in every song like can you stand the rain you know he got that one for the wall to an unnamed you getting rich you know so the question is can ross terrify it's a ten ross reinvented itself could be could be bowl reinvent they know what they already reinvested failed to reinvent the reinvent look man out of the exactly out of seen auditioned fell out the staple center on multiple occasions would be they couldn't fill out the house of blues last time i've seen i got tickets fifteen minutes for the show we still got front row first of all do me baby okay but they did that at one good album the weather's gonna be in miami used in whatever they go get one good song out a rough let me ask you eros now when we go see you smile again i mean i know i mess the payment head i know you're up now you don't they know more biggest seller poison sang russell westbrook is poison so that would they needed newest ship is view talk in utah they call that that stadium the white house hey why don't why don't get hold of russell westbrook like this you'll start passing the ball to start throwing a fit he's smiling doing good interview where real tight saw black folks look go out there and he don't say russell westbrook in the giants next thing you knew he could becky with the good hair bald man they are more freedom nephew i'm bob moon in right now you how do you know what my mama was this a forty a drop all the time about that is way bigger down to forty six and i'm leaving the forties why is he got mega value filled out their tv camera for him i did dropping the seventy nine bucks a job performance gotta dropping four dame lillard you saw you exited

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