Mellow Beats and Ultra Violence


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Hop star XXX ten tests Yonne are insane. He be the so mate to near death bludgeoned, his pregnant girlfriend and incited riots from the stage during his life shows. He was born into violence informed by it. It was there for him. When nothing when nobody was there for him. He was alone despite his growing fame or perhaps because of it unable to get a grip on his life a life that was mysteriously cut short a life that began in ended in violence, and that produced great music along the way. That music. You heard the top of the show that wasn't great music. That was a preset loop from mellow Tron called Louis mellow bolero B K one I played you that loop because I can't afford the rights to psycho by post Malone. And why would I play that specific slice of imagine minor to cheese? Could I Ford it because that was the number one song in America on June eighteenth thousand eighteen in that was the day that XXX ten Pacione went on a shopping spree that turned deadly. But ultimately, freed him from a world of intense, loneliness and pain. On this episode psycho cheese, ultraviolet XXX ten Tassio. I'm Jay Brennan. This disgrace. Jail. It makes crazy Jace on for a new this. His father taught him this at a young age. It was probably the most important thing. He taught him in jail. If you're not careful crazy will rub off on you. And no matter what you think of your fellow prisoners. No matter how close you become too. You're always alone. Joe sure technically this was in jail. It was a juvenile detention center, but just say called it as he saw young jail. He was sixteen and had one of the longest rap sheets. Have any of the kids in lockup? He was in for a year on a gun possession charge. But everyone who knew him knew that more charges would eventually be handed down to young Jace. He had that complete lack of shit's to give menace bleeding out of the corners of his squinty is an utter lack of respect. And almost every one of his mannerisms Jace was a punk high school dropout. But young jail wasn't all bad. He met ski there aka ski mask the slump. God birth name. Stokely Gobert Jace ski became fast friends, watched each other's backs vibe on hip hop. They talked about making music together on the outside like ski or ski mask the slump. God Jace had an MC name as well. XXX ten Tassio or unknown temptation. And at this moment ski was trying to protect XXX invest Yonne aka ex from being subjected to some punks on known tation. There's a Perv on the block who's into fresh meat in young jail. So mates were rotated every two weeks. So Xs time in the barrel was about to come up. His new Silmi was the creep ski warned him about Beck sat on his stared at his magazine, his new cellmate stood against the wall. His head seemingly off somewhere else. But his is starting back toward X, whatever he thought X wasn't paying attention. And this went on for days whenever they're alone in the cell pissed off tension building a taking time. X told one of the guards you this do better recognized who's fucking with I'll keep to myself. I leave him alone. But if he comes up me wrong, I'm gonna fucking kill no joke. His dad was right crazy. It rubbed off on that night. After the warning to the guard X built is purvie. Roommates is nearing again. I casually glancing in his direction then unable to break his gaze at Texas crotch. Fuck this X leap that Abed snatched the Perv by the throat slammed him hard into the wall. The self grabbing his crotch and squeezed him into submission his lips inches away from his cellmates face. He spat out who do you think you are all the Perv? Could say was no, no, no ex- pulled his hand off to crotch and need him in the nuts. His cellmate fell to the ground. Excellent full has Manian devil a world fury of fists and kicks as you proceeded to beat the desire out of his would be sexual sailing. He lost himself. He was beyond the moment. Somewhere else transported by the violence. Suddenly he was six years old again back home with his mom. His dad was in lockup again as he had been for most of Xs young life, one of his mom's boyfriends attacking humbly her with his vis and his kicks dragging her about their tiny apartment by the hair yelling incomprehensively zero humanity. It was horrifying little Jessie. But he was determined to do something about it. He grabbed a shot glass from the floor wreckage from the recent melee and charged full. Steam ahead at his mom's boyfriend, he dove Adam and began stabbing. His mom's attacker all over in the violent act of bravery worked. His mom's boyfriend hip quick and split. It taught young Jace lesson violence is effective it works. It's a means to an end when the world won't listen, stab it in the side of the gut with a shard of glass from a broken bottle of Saint is. Back in the now in cell Xs assailant now as victims listening listening to the sounds of ex- grunting between a hail of fists and feet. The thought of stabbing his mom's attacker had an even more keyed up. You is not in controlling more. He was gone as he administered the beating my drifted further back in the past the memory stunk of Dake weeds, sweat melancholy. Hugh's back on the streets. He was raised up on in the ghetto that they called the four way just south of Florida north of absolutely nowhere. His mom took care of him as best. She could back them constantly reminding him how pretty encouraging him to get gold teeth. Build up his grill from a young age, his mom was full of advice. She's the one who told him that. If necessary he could hit a woman, but he had to be a gentleman about putting his hands on a girl was only allowed after giving her a warning, stop, whatever she was doing was knowing this notion jive with his early experiences with violence means to an end x was learning. He's also starting to learn something more acceptable music members of extended family and courage to explore this passion, it was clear from young age that he was obsessively music. So on signed him up for school and church choir an extra for what? But eventually he was kicked out for physically attacking other chorus member over a small slight. And it wasn't unlike the beating us now laying onto his cellmate relentless lined rage in the cell X furious punching kicking screaming don't fucking touch me. Nobody can touch don't fucking touch me. Nobody can touch. Ex- grab the mangled mess of body in the floor still growing drag his cellmate lip the bed. The bloody jumpsuit slid wet along the hard floor when he got under the bed expletive is victims blood matted at head by the back of the scalp and started positioning his face into a bite position over the edge of the steel bed. Friend open your mouth, mother fucker open. It ex going to curb stomp the purse desk, and that moment the cell doors open and the guards rushed in saving Xs victim from X ultimately ex from himself just in the nicotine a lifetime. Violent self-preservation have been unleashed onto this bloody. Pulp of a kid offer looking at X wrong way. And the dude was gurney to the ER, but at least as John was still tach to his skull. An ex would not be adding a murder charge to his already too long rap. She as the guards restored order exit on his bunk appearing somewhat disoriented. He looked up at them shaking his head. I told you I told you was all he said. The guards the guards threw into solitary for the night X murked while being hauled off for one precious evening. He'd be a piece after days getting fucked by so mate, the alone. Time was welcome. This was solitude not solitary. In artists never long long drives empty houses solitary confinement. It doesn't matter in artists has their thoughts. Their ideas their art to keep them company in solitary confinement ex could work the beats rhymes. He had become obsessed with this head all night long. He and ski we'd be out a few months and X knew that that would be his time. He'd really be able to pursue his music gain recognition and escape the street to school street to prison pipeline, he was half, right? Once released from juvie X realized something freedom was lonely almost like jail, obviously, not as bad. But now that he's a little bit older on the outside. The more reality set in the more. It seemed like there was only one constant in this life. Loneliness. You come into this world the same way you go out alone is fuck. Ex- hustled worked on his music to keep his mind in the right place. The recognition didn't come 'til he dropped his first soundcloud track. Vice city early two thousand fourteen several EP's followed over the next year, including his first collaboration with ski Xs dark moody beats and unfiltered Rives one over a passionate following. He was stoked. He had what most artists never find an audience, and because of it he seemed less alone. There are others other kids you felt left behind by the real world, even they were born just like X touring time when it was a given that if you were a kid you were going to have the internet Jack into your veins twenty four seven the supposedly be connected, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, the father son, and the Holy Ghost of generation, Z constant engagement constant Ed v constant desire a sea of like minded peers swipe away. But so hard to form a real connection with. Life was complicated and social media recognition in a burgeoning career. Couldn't raise an entire childhood of violence in the glass Xs career group, and so did the pressure. So we dealt with the only way knew how through violence his rap. She grew right alongside star through his music X became a mirrors, new fans, loneliness and pain his music had meaning the views listens to likes the shares. They all piled up and soon the money started to pile up to but it was angels. Not in the same way as crime dangerous emotionally, existential X felt a growing void inside of him a nine issue the only music scratch the solution went like this get sad. Get high fuck around with logic. Make be get sad again, get high again, write some lyrics record vocal mix over give the track Dame export the file to an MP three host the song online, and let the internet dudes thing. Make him a star it works until it didn't because his ex soon found out the internet is a fucking black hole. Just like the whole inside him. He was trying to fill one hole with another ex knew the truth about the internet better than anyone that it's an abyss. He knew that when you stare into that abyss stares back you and it's scary as fuck like any other fear ex- experienced. He thought he could fight it. He knew the perspective he ripped in his music because you need, but universal he could feel it in the first crackles of recognition. He touched a nerve after life of loneliness violence as music was his chance to connect to feel the warmth of belonging. Fuck fear x dove into the void had. I. On Instagram Jocelyn floors booming follower count newer as at real Jocelyn. Most of our internet followers are back home in Ohio. But she was in the south now lost in the swampy flatlands of Florida with its sticky air and starlit nights. She was alone in the back seat of a strange car staring out the window being driven somewhere. She didn't know by two men. She didn't know, and they didn't know her either the two men were talking in the front ignoring Jocelyn making plans to get high eat some Jimmy Johns once they took care of her later when asked by police Justin had said anything to them before the incident, all they could remember was her muttering to herself and her breath lesson learned. They zip through the dead, Florida air Jocelyn. Always hated the quiet, but what she wouldn't do now to be back in a quiet bedroom in Ohio one good thing about the quiet. She thought was it had a way of making the sound of her Instagram. Notifications all the more exciting when they ring out on her phone loud and exhilarating in the dead. Silence of her parents house just a couple of weeks before she was just another teen girl sitting on her bed of sess through their phone staring into the void she'd exhausted her feed having scroll down repeatedly for the past ninety minutes at I totally gauged casually liking this commenting on that balancing in another profile. She was newly interested in a cage Nally deeming friends, even knew people she'd maybe like to get to know. This was serious stuff. The DM the direct message a high wire act on Instagram. Sure, go ahead and send a message to that person. But if they don't respond dead. There's no coming. Back from the other person's is Jocelyn was careful with who she reached out to social media politics were the only politics in scary stuff. Don't get Cobb begging. The void stare back. Because that would mean, you were totally. For Jocelyn and Spiring Instagram model from conservative religious family. Social media was a lifeline of conduit to imagine life of better life in Instagram was a portal, reassured her there were other people like her out there, and that she wasn't all by herself. Nothing made her feel more alone. Unreturned direct message. Conversely, nothing made her feel more alive. Solicited direct message from someone interesting, particularly someone interesting with a lot of followers and someone just like that reached out one thousand miles across the globe. Voi-? Here's a rapper from Florida not much older than her, but he was hitting critical mass on soundcloud way faster than she was on Instagram. He just got not a juvie was still on parole. She had a troubled past just like him his online presence felt raw and unfiltered. She felt Ron unfiltered all the time. But this guy by comparison was an expose nerve. And she was quickly obsessed. His name on soundcloud was XXX ten tests Yonne, and that's exactly what appealed the Jocelyn. He was an unknown temptation in just a few days started texting back and forth, even got on Skype and FaceTime together. He was looking the launch clothing line. He. He thought she could model form had he just slid into her GM's for sex and business there talks didn't feel transactional tour. They had a real connection. Didn't they started chatting so much so fast when he offered to buyer played ticket to come stay with him in Florida? She gave the phone to mom. So he could ask her permission as she was only sixteen after all a mob didn't know much about the internet. She knew her daughter knew how unhappy she wasn't Ohio. She had been cutting herself and threatening suicide since the age twelve maybe a few days in the sunny south with their new, quote, unquote, friend would help besides her friend was asking permission, so polite. What was the worst that can happen, but Joscelyn's dreams wilted fast in the Florida heat X kept her at an apartment with a second. You know, you could be a model to check names. Zoey who conveniently never mentioned a Johnson neither girls. Happy about it by the end of her first week in their bag seven grand. Cash Xs pay for his most recent live shows had gone missing from his room, he and his entourage place. The two girls in separate rooms in grilled them. Like cops seeking confession both of them denied, the theft accused the other and we're ready to fight it out situation was heated, and whatever might happen next wouldn't go over well with Xs parole officer, something had to give fuck this X get rid of both girls. So here she was in a place. She didn't belong being told. She didn't belong kicked out in the back seat of Xs boys ship box rattling down the road on route to wherever they decided she should be two. Members of Xs crew pulled into a Hampton inn they booked a room. What was the plan? She wondered was ex- going to buy a ticket home without giving any information within an hour of arriving Xs dudes split to get high. Apparently, there was no plan at all. But it was clear to Jocelyn ex. She had just been a thing prop in object. His boys. Treating her like contraband at a stash house after two weeks of sudden intense connection last techs accent Jocelyn was to tell her that she couldn't stay with him anymore. She felt more low now than she ever did back in her room in Ohio, isolated staring aimlessly at her phone life was cruel lesson learned time. When one of Xs boys return later Jocelyn was in the bathroom. The door was locked lights were on blazed out of his mind that dude didn't think twice about it before he passed out on the hotel bed when you woke the next morning to piss he found that the bathroom door was still locked and the lights were still on Jocelyn was shit. He banged on the door yell opened up. I try to piss my pants nothing being some more nothing on the other side. He called the front office by the time the maintenance man showed up at the key the bathroom door Xs dude knew what was waiting for them on the other side. Joscelyn floors dead body. The sixteen year old had taken her own life. There's a no red. I always get let down maybe because I expect so much from people who don't give a fuck about me, the no then ended with the haunting line. Well, at least I know who I am. When x her the news. He was shook in a haze Tacoma week to address the situation. The only way knew how like connecting twos fans through Snapchat and confessional video. There was this girl. I basically flew down model. Model much great girl. Beautiful girl, wonderful personality showed no signs of depression whatsoever. What she flew down here in an unexplained way she killed herself when she came down here. It was a devastating situation to deal with basically got on her address her and her family of because I haven't been able to obviously contact him. Personally. I'm on here. Pay my condolences. Whatever grief X really felt publicly. He appeared to give short shrift pretty soon use turing while Joscelyn's family was left with nothing but questions, but there's no denying that. This extremely disturbing sequence of events. Let the genuine impact on x his first album seventeen came out a few months later. It would feature to tracks inspired by the tragic death Jocelyn Flora's revenge in another title, simply Jocelyn Florus both were incredibly raw in pain foil. And in unsettling move the key art for the song revenge was a copy of Jocelyn suicide note itself horrifying as it was exit transformed an unthinkable tragedy into something relatable. He had taken life threatening loneliness and transformed it into a connection with his audience online. 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Sometimes all three like a sandwich made out of a firecracker a VO constrictor and a clown. Okay. Now who would eat a sandwich like that. I mean anyone after listening to our show. Okay, buddy subscribed. Endless thread wherever you get your podcast or listen via the computer. We just secretly installed in your cranium. What nothing fi? One month at the Jocelyn Flora's took her life XXX ten Tassio to stage at the observatory in San Diego song had begun performing wasn't on any album yet. What is legion of downhearted diehards already knew it. Well enough to sing along x wore sandals. Bright red basketball shorts in a hoodie dressed like a slob pulling it off as only nineteen year old. Can he had that gray sweatpants look on lock ex? But one on the stage the other of the monitor wedge in front of him. He looked creed. In Connie Idi, owns spotlight Kurd TAT's. He held Mike gently who's sensitive tough guy vibe that his fans couldn't resist self-loathing opening verse was about to head then from out of nowhere. Some dude came bombing across stage, leptin veer came down hard on x with a full body flying sucker punching his clenched fist connected. Straight onto Xs right temple with the fuck just happened for an instant the crowd was in shock X went down like brick out code who the hell just knocked the star attraction live on stage crowded. No, they went Abe ship flooded stage. Xs crew members of some other entre immediately in bare knuckle brawl who the fuck worthies dudes, obviously they were with the stage. Dive bomber a security member used as burly body to shield Xs limb form and tried clearing lane to carry the unconscious wrapper off stage the brawl quickly escalated into a knife fight screens rose up from the audience near stage. Right someone who just been stuck with a long blade, chaos everywhere. The tech crew is in the mix. Now trying to remove gear from the stage and getting caught up in the melee mic. Stands were weaponized. PA equipment was trashed the audience morphed into part Friday night under the lights fight fans. Part camera crew multiple fans captured the whole incident on their phones an Xs fans who followed every be close. Online knew who the attacking crew was on. This started chanting. Fuck rob stone. Fuck rob stone fucked rob stone. Rob stone was a local rapper who had been feuding with Xs crew since back in April, and he skis started talking shit about him after sharing a Bill in LA, adding to the insanity of it all exit prerecorded backing track complete with vocals and moody guitar from revenge kept pumping out over the venue sound system, providing a first person soundtrack to his own beatdown wild. Exit. Come a long way from his skis days back and young jail in some ways in another ways. He was right back where we started Gulf in violence. He spent three years building, a rabid fan base on soundcloud was solo tracks in EP collapses ski, but soundcloud doesn't pay crime does. So while he built his fan base. He paid the bills of the series of home invasions, robbing was serious. Business ex was busted back in November the following March. He pled no contest to robbery and battery charges and now he was on probation for six years. Probation or not Xs rise seemed unstoppable any wanted to make the leap from gangster to mogul. Adam twenty two is now as manager ASEP rocky was tweeting about him. He had a girlfriend to Geneva somebody picked up at a show, but a girlfriend on the less. A who's trying to straighten out easier said than done Drake that Canadian after school special take him home to your parents pretty boy that middle of the road Rama source of mediocrity released a new song KMT, and when he did Xs online army freaked the fuck out Drake was ripping off excess flow or so went their gut reactions Twitter. Detectives showed the Drake just started following Exxon. Twitter a month before came t hit hip hop. Youtubers mashed up the two tracks to expose Drake. As a rip off artists might be a coincidence. But that dude Drake at a bad history. Tweeted preference, Drake straight up stealing XXX, ten Tassio flow and dead. A f- tweeted Tamale Exposito pissed you could have murdered Drake in a radio interview. He called it. A quote, unquote, bitch move and said Drake wasn't a man. The beef drove a ton of online engagement, and there was a fever pitch surrounding ex his fans were legion. And the buzz wasn't just about a new potential voice of generation if it like more than that. Because X wasn't their voice Xs more than that he was their bloodstream Xs fans returning out to be violent as him because crazy rubs off on you, the knife fights on stage were bad, but Xs fans were likely to riot any given show a performance in Miami. That April turned into a full fledged bra with police X punched a fan in the face in Salt Lake City and California he beat another fan in the head with his microphone in Tampa. A crowd two and a half times the venue's capacity took to the streets after thirties cancelled a show for public safety, the mob became a ri-. Chased Xs cars at left block streets, enchanted fuck no over and over exit survived his childhood and built a hip hop career by living his life as an expose nerve. Like a brain cell. He could fire the chemically. Pure message of his music across the abyss across the synapse of the internet and light up all the other brains around him his audience and pretty soon he has the whole hive mind has fan base on fire, and they're were setting venues afire with violence and turn. But no matter how much action stirred up. No matter how connection generated X still felt loan. The guilded cage of fame turned out to be like that night back in young in jail with the Perv to x fame was like being trapped in the so with that vacant stare. It was a constant paranoid issue that no amount of art or expression could fill he felt hollowed out emptied. The void followed him wherever he went now constantly threatening to consume him. And there was no escape. It was at his worst. When. Alone or private moments with his girl Geneva. She met exit a show the previous may within a couple of weeks. She moved in with him at his Miami apartment. But there was no world wind. Romance was a runaway elevator drop into a living. Hell yes, that's a trigger warning for some seriously. Fucked up abusive is about to be depicted. So skip ahead. A couple of minutes if you wanna skip out on hearing some truly bar Barrick shit. According to Geneva's testimony eventual deposition for domestic violence charges within two weeks of living together ex confronted her with a barbecue. Fork? And a wire grow cleaning brush and told her she had a choice. She didn't have to deal with both violent instruments, but she did have to choose one or him to fucker with. She shook with fear. Heck's leaning close Byan stroking the fork longer inter thought. Geneva past that for making your choice. Within a couple of months and moved to Orlando expert and the killer nearly every day one ninety her Geneva humming along to another hipsters verse in jealous rage. He head butted. Her threw her into the bath tub jumped on top of her beat her senseless, then forced her head under the faucet and began waterboarding. XXX ten Tassio straight uncut evil. For a few months after Landau things got better. But only because ex was in jail awaiting court date on the robbery charges Geneva, try to scape- into Texas and living with friends there while she had the chance, but ultimately she fell back to Florida and get sucked back into the circle of Xs entourage. Once got on probation, the choking the coat hanger whippings the threatened stabbings with knives and broken bottles. It all started up again. In fact, there were two things that may Geneva's situation worse than ever now. Number one, while experts in jail, she slept with another man. Number two. That fall amongst the beatings and the chaos exca- Geneva pregnant when you get the news that she was pregnant his nuclear meltdown reaction to this new information was so vile, so depraved that resulted in more criminal charges battery of a pregnant woman and false imprisonment arrested again, but to ex-. The worst part wasn't the long arm of law. He cared about that about as much as you really cared about Geneva. The worst part was the controversy the followed because feting to cut short the one thing that gave Xs sense of purpose it threaten to cut them off from his fans for good a reality that will leave XXX ten Tassio utterly completely. Geneva told Xu's going to have his baby at the beginning of October two thousand sixteen so on that afternoon XXX ten tests Tessier loss ever loving shit at first use chill calm before the storm style. Hang on the bed next to her. She broke the news. He told her to get up. He got up and began pacing around the room. Then he flew into a rage screaming yelling demanding to know everything about her sleeping with someone else. While he was in jail and threatened to kill her and the baby if she lied, obviously, reminding him that she told him everything, and this is sorry and solve anything X escalated quickly to fists and elbows to her face headbutts strangulation all to the point where when he dragged her into the bathroom this time. She couldn't recognize the face in the mirror. Her life is safe. The moment by the return of their other housemates members of Xs crew put enough of check on his inner chaos. Heavy stop. Beating her while they were around Geneva. Beg than the litter. Go to the hospital, but acts newer face would be the end of his parole. So he and his boys disguised her hoodie and sunglasses Stiller phone drove to different apartment where they keep your stashed interlocking key while she healed up. They kept Geneva prisoner for two full days. There are bars on the windows an ex chilling in the living room on his computer telling her that if she was smart stick by until she had the money to take care of self or she didn't up homeless. Geneva decided fuck it made her scape while claiming she was going to make XM meal. She opened the refrigerator door to block herself from his site. A mad dash for the hallway Geneva sprinted away from the complex. Sure, the X would be in hot pursuit. She convinced by standard a letter use their phone. She can only remember one number ex-boyfriend. She gets safely to a police station in filed charges X was arrested. The same day the strange tale of kidnapping and gasoline was a lot for the mainstream music industry to swallow Xs career ascent converged with times up to movements and yet here was America's latest hip, hop sensation accused of doing things to women as bad or worse than anything in the misogynistic lyrics of the gangsta rap era of decades past fifteen years earlier, Eminem dark fantasies of murdering his wife and song had shocked the nation. But now, the suppose it woke jen's e millennial fan base of the accused XXX ten Tassio. Outright refused to believe the charges against him. It got weirder. Despite the charges of physical abuse Xs online army of fans up voted him to the coveted people's choice. Lot XL two thousand seventeen freshman class issue. This was a big deal, however, XL, readers and other music at to'real sites. Questioned of ex should be celebrated complex refused to reviews first full album pitchfork spent their review of gazing into their naval about whether or not it was morally okayed, listen to XXX ten Tassio despite all of this Exide multimillion dollar deal with Caroline records. What he was on. Well, if XXX ten Tassio taking rocket ride to start him than that rocket was now burning up upon reentry, the charges the criticism, the looming prison sentence, the potential loss of his career, it intensified, the void the man who just say on for a head become the man who caught all the crazy. The rubbed off on them. The man who was raised up in violence. The man he was deep down had. Now been pushed out into the public and XXX ten Tassio could not handle it his albums, charting, and Kendrick. Lamar was even boosting it on Twitter, but deep down ex had never felt so alone. But assembler he was desperate to feel in control again and the trial over his domestic abuse against Geneva was delayed, but it loomed like the ghost of Jocelyn Florus. When accent is attorney submitted an affidavit signed by Geneva to court claiming that she wanted to drop the case and stop cooperating with prosecutors. The judge smelled arap. It took no time to figure out exit done it again threatened Geneva manipulated her into signing this job of document, suddenly Xs facing even more charges for witness tampering. And now potentially decades maybe the rest of his life in prison, and yet the void needed to be fed. And now signed to Caroline records, the recording industry machine needed to be fed to Xs lawyers got him out of jail by agreeing to house arrest and then after a few months even got his house arrest listed, so we could go on tour his second album, titled was just a question. Mark debuted at the number one spot on the billboard. Two hundred char beating out Metallica the Black Panther. Soundtrack logic migos. All on the same week making XXX ten tests. Yonne the first soundcloud rapper to have the number one record in the country. But the success was only more isolating. It was more. Attention more judgment, Moore haters. One morning in June of two thousand eighteen x posted a live stream from his car. Let's say the worst thing comes to worse and fucking die tragic death or some shit, and I'm not able to see out, my jeans, I at least want to know that the kids perceive. My message it were able to make something of cells and do not let you depress you make you pain is a sign of progress. Will you feel pain? There is progress. I feel so much and to a degree. I wanna feel that pain. I wanna always feel attached he stumbled over his words, semi answers pleased. That's that's all I wanna say. There were no answers X retreated further into himself, but it was too late too late for privacy too late for reason. In the spring of two thousand eighteen Xs Instagram account blasted out several messages in a row pouring gasoline. He's long simmering beef with Drake most incendiary claim was a message that simply said Fenwick kills me. I was champagne pappy streaks GM. The message went on to say, I'm snitching almost immediately afterward excavated, the posts and cleaned his account been hacked, then in may push a t released as mmediately infamous distract against the story of added-on which had cover art Drake and black face and in which push lyrically exposed drink for keeping a secret lovechild on the DL. Rumors swirled that exit found out about this earlier digging of dirt for his own beef with Drake told push Tiba. As some reproach the internet did with internet does best lost fucking mind going down rabbit holes. And search a secret codes hid means the high mind read Lear Drake's look live, you won't be expected. Ship capital goes the slide said I put that shit behind this. But I lied in. Drake's most recent single before Xs previously mentioned streams, titled I'm upset included lyrics SMS triple X. That's the only time shoop below the neck, and then just one week after his last live video XXX ten Tassio was dead. On june. Eighteenth ex had a stash of cash on like, usual, Louis Vuitton bag. He was out on a spending spree at the motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach, Florida. He was sitting in his car when two men rolled up next to one wearing red mask and shot him straight in the chest. They reach through the window to steal shit and drove off no Jocelyn Geneva. Go down with no ski masks to rider, dive X died as feared alone. Was it a simple robbery, but was nabbing the bag just to cover for vast hip hop conspiracy. In the words of XXX ten contests on semi answers, please. But of course, he was asking the internet where for every answer. There are thousand new questions and the truth inevitably gets lost in the shuffle. The void finally consumed XXX ten Tassio X artist X the crazy violent thug and despicable abusive human that he was ex- meted to be alone to create to feel safe to connect to the void. So he pushed the people in his life away until all that was left was death. What a disgrace. I'm Jay Brennan in this screen. Screen. This episode at his Graceland its musical score theme song written by me. Jake, Brent disgrace as mixed and engineered by Sean Halen. Who also helps score this episode digital music score elements by Ryan spreaker are admitting was written and recorded by Ian Kennedy. This episode was co written by Taylor Benson and edited by Pat Healy disgrace and is produced by myself for double Elvis via in partnership with iheartradio. Sources for this episode are available on my website as are the sources for all. That's WWW dot this Graceland pod dot com. That's where you can find all info on disgrace. 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