AWTY 74 - Burger King 69 (Darker than Black)


You've got a pretty rough Hello and welcome to are we there yet. An exploration and education and anime. I'm your anime idiot Patrick Dugan. I'm an anime anime expert. Dana Hollander and Bernie McCullough. You're whiter than anime. Snow contractually obligated superhero. I mean the that first piece peace has been established knowledge. I mean listen to my name. It screams I burn the sun. I think all three three of US though. Yeah we can't really get around that that's why we watch the sun. It hurts US hurts my bones. uh-huh oh God it's a deal learn to someone. Yeah you need. You need a lead shield to go outside. I'll take one anyone's offering. So what do we have going on this week. Today we got one of my picks which means convoluted and dumb. I love it aired because yes that's usually the case. I have to pay some out looking at the list of like like what childrearing to watch trump. We can pick this show in the species out a bit. Here's a chill show. Here's a dumb show. Here's a fun show. Here's a dump. Shell I gotta I gotTa manage your expectations. -tations too many in a row years podcast. I can't can't afford that risk weird because most of the shows you show me make me WanNa kick you off. Maybe you shouldn't have started a podcast about. Some of them are fun. They're they're all fun for me. That's fair that just big asterisk fun for one person anyway as you can tell from the title of this episode. We're watching darker than black. I don't know what this is and I'm scared. Yeah no this is advanced dark supreme darkness. No I don't I've heard the title but I don't. I don't know anything. Sorry hang on Marshall's attacking his own ass. Let me out of the room. He scream at his own. They get gone yet. Ragle a cat. Oh no he's a little bit too little well okay. He's there there. Well we'll we'll hear more from our our feline correspondent our field reporter and we come back to Marshall in the Field Marshall But yet no one but Brendan knows what the show is. Yeah and that's a classic. The bad omen. I'm surprised because like anyone I do know who knows the show ruin joys Talks Highly Ali about it and like I love it in front of my love but then it seems it seems like a good show but it just seems like no one really talks about it or knows about it but Dana. Like you've heard of it but not much not much more than that so it's just like it's interesting how this just seems like fly under a lot of people's radars because I think it'd be wildly popular but maybe not maybe we'll find out why it isn't but wildly popular. What year did this come out? Oh Aw will you give me the information and research on a podcast. You talk about the show that you brought to us you know I know nothing nothing about anything. Two thousand seven became okay so and I'm just going to go on a limb here and say that mangoes probably like ten years earlier earlier than that. Aaron wait a minute. What the mega came out to nine? What backwards yeah? Maybe it was just an anime I and then became a mango. Because then there is a sequel series Interesting but I liked it senior secrets about all right. Well we are watching episodes one to end five. Let's turn off those lights. Get it super dark dark. Viewing midnight run scared Lucy I am sick right now. I don't know if there was a fever dream or if I actually watched this what is happening. My brain is melting. Lv someone got the Good Sonic Brain Vibes Solano awesome. Sonic is an entertaining thing to have running through my head just nonsense a year. Starting out guess who likes the show does run all the bad. Yeah not surprising you this week folks This isn't even one of my bad shows. This genuinely enjoying this is why I take badge. Shouldn't on so I'm like all shit on it together. Then sorry I love you but I don't know what happens. That's an hour of my wife life at his reign forever. I mean there's more there's a twenty seven episodes at a sequel series. SPINOFF manigault if you want and they will never be uncovered by this ever again. We're locking it up with the architect Calvin and just how piloted away. That's my contract by watching these three episodes so I agree to never watch it well. Let's get okay discuss. Let's let's Gush so Dr to the black episode. One opens with a girl standing in a lake with a telescope looking at them stars. And I'll never touchdown upon again until fifteen years later. I can't it's a yeah it's a long con and then we cut to do in a suit running around on top of rooftops and the cops are chasing after him down below on on the street and then when it gets to a rooftop he stops and looks seeing if you jump or not and the cops run up on top Corum. pull out the guns Gotcha poke. And he's like Kuku cool but what if any makes one of the cops start floating away and then he starts floating away and he returned home planet he's Pucci and if series done ravin up and as he's glowing eyes are glowing buys glowing blue. And he'll it just floats away. And and one of the greatest down to the people on the ground and Shit. He's a contractor and a French agents aright rat cool cool cool concepts concepts great good. He hit a packet of cigarettes in his pocket in a big old Baghdad. Tell you it's French. He put on a beret and laughed as he fool us with a and the detective starts following him saying always got a the power or he's at gravity nullification powers and to shoot them on sight. So little explanation. We'll get to it contractors. Have superpowers there. There you go. That's just the name they gave him in this series over the guy in the suit lands on the rooftop and when he lands healing rolls over so for the been do card. I counted this as sitting on top of a rooftop. I knew this typically for heist walls. No I'll give you that okay. 'CAUSE I got big go with that one so I'm taking it so we get the Frenchman in the suit sitting on the rooftop and it's kind of tough and puffing after using its powers and takes his ring finger snaps in half. It's like Oh no takes us patriots snaps in half. Oh no hated that house bad time had by all go it introduced to the show. Sound sound was bad. Hated the sound of him like stretching his finger even more than the crunch it was like raining to get there and then we just hear voice about an hour. He's like That's you let your price contract. That's rough body is free now looking around the guy in the suits these as little ghost e face caller specter coming out of a bucket of water. And he's like Oh fuck. I've been made inserts running an answer. We see a bad ass. Tuxedo mask show up and he wraps this grappling hook thing and he's got like a dagger attached to the wire and he's just asking where here it is And the guy and the girl has it whereas it he's basically about man he's a poorer demand and then we see a girl with her hands in water. I think she sounds like the cops are coming. She's a doll. They're able to look through spectra. which was that little thing and she can look through Spector's through water? It's there's a Lotta stuff here. I'm sorry I wish at any point. Any of this was explained the actual taxed of I mean I got the I mean not in this part like in the second episode house like alright context clues piece together. I like shows that take a little effort because I don't do any of my own free time anyway. The Guy Sees Info dump everything except the nation's Info dump all the bureaucratic bullshit of government but not the super powers. No one has any context context for the guy in the suit the French Asian. He's like no. You need me alive likely I can help you out. You've got to say you got a lot and the guy in the mask is like Yeah L. U. Contractors say that you just WanNa live like that's your only priority that's most people's priority like I don't feel like that's exclusive to contractors and we see unlike grab the guys handing is like trying to crush it and we hear some. We hear that voice from off camera against like no you've got to keep them alive and cuts to the detective. The chief driving along we see a star fall in the sky And I'm one of the detectives calls the chief and tells her that like the star just went down and which is when it contractor dies star falls but contractors lives are tied to the stars so yes the gas thing I've Ever uh-huh I legitimately believed the creator of the series was just like an astrology major or Shami major in college because there's no reason for any of this stuff to be tied to only Dr Death. There's literally no relayed after watching all of this series and I love it but there's no reason it's tied to stars great to establish two seconds in the to show and then we get this big Info about the hell's those gate and contractors in dolls. Basically Shit Happen One day. No one knows why in a big explosion happened. They quarantined it and the giant gate. Around the corner Hell's gate and after that explosion happened contractors people with power and dolls solas vessels can connect with spirits showed up and bats the plot this is like this is like Ergo proxy 'cause Big Wall also like attack on Titan because big and also also like it seems like. Everything's fine on the outside and spoilers for attack on Titan. Everything's fine on the outside I love. Nhl Village so yeah. I deeply enjoy the show. I forgot how convoluted is right. Can I also Mentioned 'cause we talked about Hell's Gate Being in There's two gates ones hell's gate in Japan and there's also the unfortunately titled Heaven's Gate In America. I'm sure in two thousand seven they're like hey heaven's gate should. Should we do a cursory google to make sure this doesn't mean anything else. Like Nah right. Now we're good. No actual people died from this nine was the big deal. So there's a heaven and Hell's asking and we're the opening song which hey bad not crazy about any bad over it. I'm so sorry wrong wrong. It's a minute math so long. Yeah I mean there's a reason. I skipped the other to come back to the police station and causing a breakdown. Found out the guy in the suit. the French Gravity guy was Louis and find out. He's dead so Tuxedo. Maciel apparently grips too and they say he was like a French secret. OPS BLACK OPS agent sort of like secret Investment could get Tori team. Why am I choosing words? I can't say there's other working I mean that's you on this show any character should so they say like oh Louise Dead but the only thing we found when we did the autopsy is he had two broken fingers but but we have no other reason why he's dead so it's like I question right if if that's the price for him using his powers are like like our like all of his bones broken or did they just fix after that. Because that's not much of a price but also take my hero academia he's Deco. He's decades his finger chimes his leg. Sometimes it's like Yes a contract. They'll have the price but like some of the prices are too steep. So it's like hey I never use them because I don't want to eat an entire bowling ball which my contract so these things. Where do the terms of these contracts come from because because some of them are like? That's that's fine that's fine. You could totally do that every single day others. Yeah it's just wants to use her powers. The people just feel compelled to do the same and it's like a CD. They can't stop until they do that thing so I hate that. It's not like negotiation. Like they just have to do it. It's for no reason I hate that. That's that's that's a contract but then you get powers hours. The range is so weird later on. We see someone Shogo Beer. And this guy's breaking several finger. Sure you can make it rain whenever you want and the shock on this Bra float away and you have to smash your hand into a Pope Nope so yeah contractors. Them's weird anyway at this police precinct like breakdown just like oh the reaper. Might have. I've had some good to deal with it. Like the rumors contractor going around killing other people get hit by a specialized hitman. That's the reaper became. Two Oh one. It's the starters eighteen burgers and the police are also talking about the scientists are looking into. WHO's involved with Pandora? Which is the organization? That's investigating contractors dolls and hells gate and all this stuff Apparently she was a scientist there and she ran away and is in hiding so they got to figure out what's happening with her. And if the reaper is looking for her now and then we had another info dumped a lot of INFO dumps. I've already given a few myself in this podcast but the contractors dolls and all this stuff is supposed to be kept secret from the general public. Except there's a giant wall and like this guy escapes painted on it and stuff so people get see it But with this wall in with hells gain so they have emmy technology which is just a day ethics mocking bullshit term that they I just don't feel like he's planning like anything else and if any citizen finds out too much they erased their memories somehow real men in black flashing shit it. Yeah hey been obliged explain it. We're not either. Yeah so come to a guy showing up and we're not going to explain anything else in the show. This is the least of your worries. Why start here? Sometimes you've just got to enjoy the ride. Just don't think too hard. Just go with this nature. Feel like you should be like they're like think about your existing views like no. Thanks not what. So the cut to some guy showing up at this new apartment landlord mistakes for a bunch of different people thinks he's like the TV repairman he comes and he's he's trying to explain he's not certain the TV and the TV shot shorts out electro city and smokes and fix it so like oh we're turns out. This boy's name is Lee Shang in his new to the city and sounds fake. Yeah there's no one guy from Yulon and he's new city it's here for school so the landlords or student I know how you you're GonNa have some fun but nothing too crazy kid. She's a saucy all lady and since he's a student he's there for school in that new city. I'm counting transfer soon check. I'll take what I can get and Rosie gets there. He sees his neighbor ver- Lee leaving her and he's like. Oh Hi I'm new. And she runs off okay. Can we get a shot of like old frumpy. guile Irish this cap sitting in a cafe smokin with an earpiece. And he's like he's in now. We'll see for black report confined to smart. ooh Dont`a done. I mean it's his name Swan it's you know. He's not super important but yet they show Lee looks around us. New Placing settles in and then we cut not like a commercial bumper. And come back to two COPS Hostess Club. And this is where I got a question does the host club count for titties on the BINGO card. I mean she has side Boob like their emphasize but we don't is not full full Titi Bingo is just as convoluted. And I do the laws you can over Sir Sir. I mean this. TD's Tim Tierney question. Mark now my my Bingo is technically on incest info sitting on rooftop and delicious cartoon food which we get to later so the BINGOS legit all. The other stuff is just nonsense but Anyway who's the slow Katcher. They're they're undercover pretending they're not undercover and they're trying to get info on the scientists who they think might be around here turns out it's the hostess hostess. They're talking to it turns out she's also lease neighbor that we saw early ninety and so she figures out what they're doing. I mean she tells like the Guard at the host club. Hey these guys tried to come after me slowing down. And that's when she runs off and then the cops after her guard stop them exactly as planned land and as she's running away she's trying to find a place to hide from these cops and she bumps in the League who's out in the park with telescope because he's a big old nerd and A lead takes her side and pretend like couple of making out to cover her from the cops. Say a loser She can loser trail and then after after they're gone and they have a minute to talk. She has where are you looking up at the stars like they're all fake the realtor gone and it's just like so this woman I remember all. Oh man they don't they don't tell you know when I started feeling bad for you to this yes like fuck fuck can fake stars. Why does this matter fine fine? It doesn't though it does slow series a dozen. They'd be so much did on it. I don't I think he just doesn't astronomy degree because there's nothing anyway because it's not even unlike detailed like all this this constellation like the the symbolism of these stars being so far apart. It's just like yes stars. Cool this the stars cold like sixty nine forty so alright are fell cool like bad even like a astronomy is not even you know at that me an angel. God they could have just had it anytime. A contractor detector died. A star fell late in the back camera pans being see it fall and never address it but at the fans piece it together. Cool when it doesn't have to be like the deep lot of this entire show now it does not take off. No this is like the T.. Plot there too so much shit. They're trying to cram in year. Yeah I love it. Anyway she talks to Lee and he's like oh I'm your new neighbor. She's a cool. I'm not telling you into this out and runs off and then league gets a very disgruntled. Look in his eyes and say oh no and she runs off and hides and sees a controversial chasing her and then guy shows up I forget his name amy. I'm going to call them what John John. Because he's also CH- Sean he shows up and he's like hey louise out new contact attack. Let's roll. He said we gotta move the stuff. She's like Nah Lewin. Say that what's happening She's like some some different by John. I don't trust you you and that's when it gets clogged over. The back of the head with a telescope by Lee is now Stalker and he saves her and they run off again and and As a running. She's trying to explain like now. You better off getting involved in some shit and as a running the guy that Lee attacked attacked just appears in the bridge. They're on like in the wall of the bridge. Bust out of it like the KOOL aid man. Then it pushes Lee over the bridge and onto the train train tracks and lease dead forever. But he's Oh no. Oh there's I'm sure he'll never pop up again now. I'm Sir he's definitely not that guy to mask. We saw earlier told you my brain. It's obvious everyone has the same hair it sticks for so then Yeah so the guy gets a lady and she wakes up in a warehouse. She sees three guys just sitting around talking and the guy that attacked her contractor. That's how he's able to tell poured into stuff and his contract is he has to take all these little pebbles in line them up in like five five by eight grade or something has to do it anytime he uses his powers and he has no idea why but he's compelled to do it and this is when he tells her like. Oh Yeah Louis Super Dad had your deb your body your boy your indeed with dead. Now you're on with us. Let's just say how she's trying to get out Roy Tried to get out. And they're like I can't get out. That door's locked hydrate block and I wish to see a shot of Yin. I know her name because I watched the show. We definitely don't get it or ever any of them ever. She's sitting with their feet in the water and we see the spectrum pop up out of the sink. We're in the warehouse than girls being held in and the guy sees US Shit we spectrum Washington us the lights go out the door shorts out and then the lady runs and then all the guys go chasing after and a cat attack step and blonde says This wasn't a coincidence. I hope not. It's a very bad run a luck and then right as the ladies away Lee shows up again to savor began. God that's sewed want and then we have the ending which it's also also not bad not easy. No I'll be on skipped it every time not surprised okay episode to we go. This is where girl says. When you see falling star Star that means a contractor died? They took the stars when they showed up in the city and they're the stars now Japan that's all. They felt. They had to explain if they don't explain it ever. Yeah this are they manifestations. NFL Stations of the stars are they tied to a being that as now the starbucks eight the other starred honestly all of those things could be plausible because we don't ever learn And then she talks about how people don't know about the contractors tractors and if they find out about the contractors the government raises their. MA'AM HURRY A C. Yeah glad I had this one. And then she tells me that she worked for the government and when she was younger she saw a contractor kill her parent Ooh Ooh and then we see the cops in there like briefing rumor their little whatever and they're talking talking about John and what he can do and then they talk about Burger King to o or whatever it is and then they Leeann girl get back to her apartment but it's been ransacked and then she starts crying along 'cause you know she's on the run from criminals. Sure I wonder if she's just real messy and it's only your police ransacked so yes oh no this. Well that's the thing. Okay okay hold on just won't no I won't yet so so she starts crying and she's like this feels really. I can't believe this and I'm like girl you were working with the government on some pretty heavy stuff actively researching all this shit. I mean you've ran away from it. Can you believe this is anthony is. This is your fault this is exactly what would happen. And then she asks him not to leave because he was like Oh grab which can change me and my apartment but then he do you know whatever this is supposed to be romantic. And then there in his apartment laying on the floor because he doesn't have furniture he moved through the day. Yeah and then she She gets deep and she's like a Uh let's reflect on my life for a minute and she's like Oh. I've only been living in this building for two weeks but I can't remember living anywhere else. She used to work in a lab now. She works in a hostess club. But it didn't matter anyway because Louis was gonna come take her away from all of this but now that's that's not happening because he's dead So now she like has to start over and he's like what are you GonNa do now as she's like. I don't know Louis. The one that had the answers. I'm just a young woman. Run also a scientist with all the critical information. Mrs So what field above. She's like supposedly genius. Probably but we see none of that we see later on she's a doll so she only has implanted memories of last hey just saying that sex boilers for Shit. I this is my every era about I just have a minute. She reflects on life and everything up to this point and Lee exists there as well. He doesn't say just laying there it doesn't give a shit. He just a college student. Don't mind me just laying sexy on the floor venting and the lease like. Hey let's run away together. Check yes. Juliet And then he's like. It was fate that we ran into each other. I'm like boy you laying it on thick. If a boy said that to me I'd be like you're shitting right here on your minds. And she's like that's crazy. They've they've seen your face they're gonNA come after you but he doesn't like he knows this. Yeah that's why we can. I really trust you and I'm like no. You CanNot China Portugal so here here. They hear footsteps and The detectives get to her apartment next door and this is where I was like. What do you mean? The detectives aren't the one that ransacked her place. Because that was what well I thought right away I guess it was John and his fellas year but like I don't know my immediate thing was that it was the detectives because that's who we last saw. Ah We're chasing after her so not being put whatever the boo detectives at her house. Yeah and then they leave. They go to a diner and they're like discussing their game plan and he's like I know a guy that can get us passports but but we need a lot of money but maybe there's something we can trade for it I don't know and then she's like. Oh I know about about these really important files. Is that enough. And he's like Oh my God that's perfect. What a crazy coincidence the incidents that you know about these very important government documents that I definitely didn't know about before? And then she tells him that let her real name is cool and this is the delicious cartoon food the waitress brings about ton of food shoot and and then she ocoee Does some six fachet me but running for your life will burn the calories. Ah Comfortable. FC Yeah they laugh for such a long time. That's something that isn't very funny. Nothing good as fleeing the police fee. That's funnier than what she said. And they yeah. They laugh for so long and I'm just sitting. They're being like he's fake. Why is he laughing like this is he's fake and then her eyes go glassy so she has a weird moment and then she gets up and goes to the bathroom? Mm Excuse me. And then there's a guy in the booth behind Li. It's the guy with the hat and he's like wildly. You make this look so easy but it's pretty easy when you don't have a conscious any way conscious conscience and then he's like Lee. Why don't you just kill her? And then he leaves thanks. We'll do except not we'll do because maybe he's falling in love with her fully unclear and then Uh John's boys arrive at the diner and Lee Run into the kitchen and they start shooting and then one of them is also a contractor and he uses. His laser is to explode some dishes so shards go flying everywhere. One of them gets Lee early in the arm but they just run away and they're fine and then the boys go outside and they call John Presumably. He's saying that they lost them. And that leaves the rat she and they don't that means nothing. It means nothing. Hey that guy who's Lee shut up. This was my favorite part of the three episodes. We watched the dude. He crouches which is down. It looks as some dandelions and then he picks one eats it he just puts it in his mouth and chews it up and I'm like Bra. Same that's the one with neighbor dressed in a cafe. There's food in their mood. That's his contract. That's bucket okay. So he has to eat like what does he have to eat the data lines or maybe flowers in general. We don't know this is the only episode we see. You didn't why fucking is showed. That king sucks because it shows that he's a contractor it's established on all contracts have to pay a price and this price. Oh my God. There's so much more that happens okay. WH- where is it okay. He either Dan Line and then we see the dog girl with her feats is in the water and the two there are two guys one of them is the hat man. The other one is anonymous But they talk about the situation and they're just like leash should fucking kill Chiaki. I don't know what he's doing And then the dog girl says that she can't see them anymore because there's no water around them mhm and then we see Chaki tending to his wounds by ripping some fabric and Tara in. I'm putting it around his arm. Is that still on the Bingo Card or was that just discussed I discussed but we really shown at it. That's such a such a stable yet and then he's like you look really Pale. You should try and get some sleep. You must be tired. And she's like I mean I'm tired and tired of running. And then she yeah she like she's like I haven't felt safe since back then when my parents died we know what's more shit. no-one no-one cares most attacks about how her parents were killed. L. Bhai younger looking girl. But she didn't tell anybody what she saw. Because whatever not supposed contractors. But she didn't get her memory erased because nobody knew that she saw what happened and then lease like well. Why don't you just erase your memory? Sorry as she's like the memories are who I am now and hey if she only has memories of the last two weeks why would she remember her parents week dead house part of the implanted memories. It was little suspicious when it's like I can remember last Sunday and also like thirty years ago. Just those two things this is who I am. I mean. She's not really thinking herself so I suppose so then why. She so damn introspective. God I built a robot with awareness. What have I don't aww? Oh no but only selective self awareness and then she gives she handley a key and then she asks him if he would raise his memory even if it meant it was like changing who he was and then he's just like listen to me. Listen to me girl. Contractors aren't human. They're monsters they'll kill anybody and I guess is where we're supposed to be like. Oh my God. He's diff- friends because he doesn't want to kill her. No my God I can fix him. The the rise of skywalker was so bad. Yeah yeah that's true Anyway so it's the next day and they're on a train and then they go to a locker like a train locker Walker and they take a book out of it and at this book has sensitive information in it. Why are they keeping in turn locker begun to find the babies? No wrong movie. John is boys followed them so they have to run away again but they just follow them And then they're walking down the street and leave. Li like leans down to Chalky says try to forget and then she collapses and he runs off and then gene and the boys run after him And then we see the woman police officer chief. The chief she She gets a call about that happening and then they also say that to a one is showing activity again. We have no idea with that means in. She gets another call that they've made Body in a river and then that she rocky wakes up the other one so at this point I was like what the heck what who's the Real Schalke was. I thought that that she I thought that the realty I duNNo. I thought that she died. And then like this one was gonna wake up like as a contractor in. That's how you get powers. I have no idea now which is kind of like a book that I read called vicious. It's a really good book. This report PODCAST. Pike if you have a really close to death experience you get superpowers superpower's. It's a really good book highly recommend anyway to this bullshit. Tax this back on this bullshit. I'm sorry are you giving doing so and shit for going on a tangent. I'm just trying to bring any joy. So she yeah. She wakes up and she's like surrounded by people in the police and she's like and then she runs away. Guns Yeah like shoots nobody. Nobody like the soloist sequence of like. Hey lady needed help. She collapses in like hugs this cop for like five seconds against and then just stands up with a gun in no one says anything and she just runs away bad cop. Bad Cop Okay so she Shrines Way and then we see lea running and he does this cool costume change where he puts on his jacket and when the jacket is off him. It's like green and then he puts it on and it's like a black trenchcoat. Yeah it's like a reverse six superpowers that's right and then he opens the book and there's nothing in it and then the the secret Kurt was in your heart. Though the secrets the friendship we made along the way and then John Catches up with him and and he's like I know you're the one that killed my friend. Louis Cheok you get there. And she's upset about it he's like but I told you. Contractors Tractors are liars and monsters baby. I'm no different. I Y play in the game. That's just who I am. As part of the business we call Hollywood and then and then John goes to shoot cheeky but then Lee gets in in front of her for some reason completely unclear to me. Because it's like you obviously didn't care about her this whole time doing this now. Much much like in rise of skywalker of sorry. Spoilers also heyday So yeah he gets shot and then John is like bitch you just you just got shot for a doll this. It's just a jolly put Schalke's memories and is just tall towards law. And then he's like but she did her job she brought you to us and then he's like face down on the ground and then one of the guys comes up and shoots him in the back of bunch and they're like thought this would be much harder. Thought he would put more of a fight and then a voice happens just whatever they hear a voice and he's like he will and then and they turn into a talking cat talking ten this shows yes. Why did we turn talking put in the hours? Because I don't give a shit. You didn't learn sailor moon ooh remove. We got Tuxedo mask. We've got the talking cat we got ours. Marshall is walking out of the room because even he knows that this. That was not justified by Marshall. I mean like I could explain the Janet we want. You don't WanNa know I kinda do. He was using contractor that could possess animals bodies when he was possessing a cat. They killed his real body. Oh doesn't make it worse. That's not as fun anymore rules Anyway Cat cat tells them that the jackets bulletproof so he gets up. He's up in fighting. He kills guy they use their powers to fight. Lee uses cheat. Leaves the hockey hall as a human shield even though he just tried to protect her no no he doesn't he so John What's the name. Blondie John His power. So like teleport soft swap places with stuff so he just targeting Lee is going to rip out his heart and Chiaki dives in front of him. So lead doesn't show it Yawkey. Does it herself well. That is also unclear because it seems at this point. I'm just like she well. She's a husk now. She'll got feelings no more than she. I don't care it to the end of this episode of physical fight sequence might as well be like the anchorman fight sequence where it's just nothing. Everything's he's just coming out of the blue it's garbage. It's important to know that John Rips off her teddy that is the thing that happens John just turns into water in leaves and then the guy with the hat shows up out of nowhere and then he's like The thing has been acquired by another team. You should've killed Chiaki when you had the chance. She's just a doll and then Dan Lee is like. She's not a doll. She's a love of my life. No He's not but he's he says he gets huffy because he's like well then. I'm just a doll. Oh all aren't i. And then the guy's like yeah guys always doing it for some doll. I'm a mission doll. Is that what she says. Anyway headed a cat UH-HUH I put cat says that they should finish the job. Doll girl locates on so the girl. Yeah okay when they're trying to get rid of John Yeah so she she finds John he comes out of a river and he likes starts to do the pebble stuff and then leave find him and then the cops come and see when I thought that the contract were relevant I was like is a demon. GonNa kill him or something because he didn't do his contract thing so there are no stakes for whether whether or not they actually have to do the thing that they're compelled to do. I mean they're impelled to do it. That's that's the steak and then there's like some I don't know I watched this dubbed. I don't know if the same song plays at the end. But there's just like some music playing with like some words is just like a weird like slow pop song. It's like the end of like an NBC drama no into scrubs and then and then lease at home and the police come and they're like hey do you know your neighbor and he was like what me no the new guy. Oh shucks no I came straight from Nebraska and then the chief asked for his ID and he shows her and then they turn to leave and closes the door and then she looks back because she gets. She knows something sums up with. And that's the end of episode episode two and I'm racing that from my ipad forever. I mean good because we jumped to episode five and you. You know all the painstaking detail we just went into on that Those last two episodes. We'll fucking throw it all out the window because we're going to introduce new characters today. I'm be completely real. What you guys? I like slept through this one. I have no idea. This guy Is I downloaded disco at least and I was so ready to start playing it. I was like no for the craft for the craft apt. This do for the bond a you made Apostoli Dugan high. No you remind on me every time so I'm gonNA blaze through this because who fucking cares we got There's the Shady back room cafe business meeting between a previously unseen like mob boss and a just us now being introduced British wisecracker guy sure he goes onto a very tarantino esque like anti smoking. PSA because one of the thugs tries to light up a cigarette and he hands the mob boss a briefcase full of cash. Ashby like us. So now you'll have to give the location of this. This vague thing this macguffin. I'm not going to talk about bloviate. Accident Words this one Japanese again. I can't believe they gave this man at British accent. Oh He's very. Yeah it is fine. Yeah that's better than a lot of accidents. We've seen an anime. Yes so the mob bosses like a Oh you're giving me this much money in you're gonNA give me two more briefcases after this thing is really valuable Well the deals off. 'cause I'M GONNA take for myself. I'm keeping this money. So of course this British Man They Call Him Just Smith Myth. He gets several names of fucking course. I'm just GONNA call them. Smith 'cause fucking so Smith surprises is is a contractor that can freeze people and things and stuff so He freezes the thugs and like has them rip their arms off and all that stuff and the mob boss runs out trying to escape across a bridge but we see two more more contractors. One Who is definitely definitely definitely not storm from I mean. Yeah so Definitely not storm Summons a rainstorm above him and just like drenches inches of water and using this method freezes him in place and he's like So give me the location are. They're all kill you and the my boss was like. Don't worry be please up just a wee baby poor. He's location location. Go to this. Please don't hurt me. So of course they still frees him to death after that classic And they go to a hotel where they find this thing which is a girl and this is havoc another other contractor and this we are introduced the actual names Definitely legally dissimilar storm is named April World April showers. Get it talking. Get it to you and and there's just this it's very dapper Angus MacDonald kid that is named July San. They're all with 'EM I six. The British guys codenames November Eleventh November in November eleventh. Do you do you get that. They're British yet now. Do you get it. Hey real real quick. Stop the podcast right. Do you get it. I didn't because I was very tired and also watching watching Serbs Also the British guy his contract prices. He has to smoke a cigarette and hates it. That's why he was going on the spiel earlier. That's a good while storm. Just cracks open at Cohen one with the boys and enjoys literal boy this child. Did you want a SIP child. No suit yourself find. You'd be a little NARC and of course. They had to have a Guinness. which isn't even even the British beer but fucking go off He's like smoking. We all out the fair price. Usually I love this whole fat cracked open. I'm GonNa just finish all of these. I only need to take steps. Showed this shit. I'm I'm joy in life. My contract is I just need to crack. Open a cold one. I don't I don't mean to drink it I. I don't like to be wasteful but I ain't no pussy. See this so the apparently these contractors hand over havoc to the cops ups and the cops are going over have X. File an info dump saying she's like the deadliest contractor In the South American. Heaven's Heaven's gate wars still not comfy with that title but sure She's Yeah H G. No that's still works for Hell's Gate dammit. It doesn't God's door so they get into she's becoming a lab rat So they can just experiment and figure out what's up with the contractors. She's apparently worked for the the CIA at God's door and is now gonNA fight Hell's Gate So see how. Do the savings fatty so. They need Smith and the gang meet a lady cop who I just learned. Her name was Cures Hara now. Sure fucking lady COB. That's chief that's fine nine whatever it does and questions why they handed over havoc because everyone wants this high value target and they mentioned just vague. Laws fucking shirt all right if you don't want to explain something that's fine trout and they helicoptered havoc away but Oh no another helicopter is going to intercept. It's the CIA. They're going to try to steal have ic she's seen none of this off camera you can believe me. It's definitely happening. Yeah they're driving away and and they're talking about this over phone calls because apparently they couldn't animate more helicopter shots so surprise it was actually a bait and switch and Smith put havoc in their trunk but but only monitoring her the whole time. Well Fuck you. We needed this for plot. The Ha Ha. Yeah so They actually have havoc so everything is fine. They drive away And and the cars get intercepted by Leave in black reaper form. No it's totally not him. What oh no it's But he's Split some off as a classic Japanese anime stuff. A train goes by splitting the Party and then the one with havoc gets Attacked and they fight sure Then they end up stealing havoc so The cops are back at the office. I being like Oh. We failed our supreme leader. If I'm the chief I don't know who I'm reporting the table but yeah the The head Honcho is like okay. Well you're working under Pandora control until you can retrieve havoc now jargon again and they're all mopey sitting around because they failed in their like this couldn't be the CIA because they don't want it and international incident led the let's do international politics into this because we need this to be even simpler and then the the kid his Dais X. mocking powers kick in any he just magically knows where to go because he just chance about like a theater or something. He's a doll in his specter's concede through class class. Shir cooled not explain tonight and then we see. Reaper has havoc. And he's he's like where's my sister. Introducing yet another thing and my last snow is triple underlined. Fuck this cool. That's that's that's episode five right today. You have any questions I get enlighten you about. Why why I have you forsaken as I liked it I don't I have my question right? Not My question him but my realization to think about this and also do Roth Ira you just like some convoluted bullshit. I wish just puts you like in an anime. I don't like being spoon. Fiddle the story all at once. I like a slow burn over the course of five episodes. No yeah this is like a genuine genuine question. Do you just have the trust that by the end of the series e will get all the answers or are you just on board for for the ride and if he just endings are left unanswered. You're happy with it or If not that's fine What what's your thought? Process is going into these. Like heavily convoluted shows real. Talk a lot of free time and not allow these so anything that kills the monotony of life. I'm going for it. I watch like three officers of the show and if if I like it for any reason I'll keep watching so some of them are just. I liked the animation style. But I don't like the story I'll keep watching it and this one I was like I like superpowers bullshit. I'm on board. I brought this up because like the I like to episodes like one or two little mini story. Three or four little mini soared five and six and seven eight early miniseries. So it's hard to get what the through line is but this whole show until he gets ten and I'm just not about with that kind of thing like whenever people talk about how much they like near near Automata and they're like oh just wait till you get to the fourth ending the fifth those those are the ones that get you. And it's like I would never stopped that requires the time investment. But then I also to make the argument with a lot of other stuff like supernatural. Would you get the season three. It's really good as like. That's not fandom that Stockholm Syndrome and like I it could also apply ended this much smaller timeframe. But if you're not if you're not hooked by episode one with all the bullshit you're not going to enjoy the rest of the show so like I I can enjoy stuff like this where there is like a a big thing at the end that pulls it all together but like I need those little clues clues those little hints of like. Hey Trust US trust us. We're setting something up like Without spoiling doing things like the good place where like you have to get through the whole first season to get what's going on but it's an enjoyable ride up until that point and it's Sort of telegraphed through that point so you can go back and re watch it and go okay. This is clear now now that I know what's going on well. I also think I mean what this is going to come down to like what we like to be entertained by because Dugan and I are the same in that like we like something like the good place where there is a payoff after thirteen episodes. But it's fun. It's fun to watch you do. It's like I don't WanNa say fun to watch. It's more fun for us to watch something like this where it's just like is as enjoyable as the destination action. I don't agree with that but I would also agree for me. Darker Than Black is also enjoyable on the ride. Well that's what I'm trying to say is that we enjoy his his personal rights. I guess be fun for me but then it was fun for you. I don't like roller coasters. But other you you say late Tarare. There was stuff time together. I will admit it is subtle and watching for the first time you could easily overlook the stuff but like like with a Takia. where she's a doll she's like I feel like I've spent my whole life in this apartment as 'cause she has she doesn't have memories of before then and like the memories of her parents? are just implanted memories like. They're not those aren't really hers. And the Real Takia was the one dead in the river her name but okay. I don't remember what it is and it doesn't matter she's dead that's true but like so it's stuff like that we're like it does tie together but like I I wanted i. It does take a good amount of effort and like you either. Context clues retroactive clues. Where it gets episode seventy early? Oh that's what they're talking about an episode to like Yes so there is a lot of that I won't deny that and if if that's not enjoyable for some people this is definitely not your show. Yeah I feel like the biggest thing is a lot of this stuff. Felt like it was coming out of the blue like episode to get a talking cat like unexplained unannounced not addressed at all. You're just like hey it's sort of need. I need you to realize this anime. which for me takes me out of it a little bit? No I'm saying like I like the idea of like. Hey this is just this type of show. Just just go with it just rather than like. Hey this has a narrative purpose this is going to actually do something rather than have a a character. We see in two scenes that inexplicably a talking cat. I mean it does have narrative purposes and it does pay off later but we only watched three episodes of the show. So it's like everything's not going to pay off the. I can't do this again. We we at at the same place. Every time convoluted stuff. I don't WanNa hear this again. Yes happened once before not about it. Okay it's not convince us to like it but he likes it and that's fine you his thing and it's not our thing and that's what it comes down to and Brendan you. You have to know that every time we watch something like this. This is what's going to happen. You're under price to pay questions. I'll just answer them. So what do we have going on next week. If someone says another convoluted cop drama. I'm throwing myself out a window psycho. Sit is well So Arctic Nah our next episode. I'm considering it the Valentine's Day episode who do so. I have chosen a show that I have heard is good and I know nothing else. Well I know the plot a little bit And I know the idea of a plot but all I've heard is that it's good and it is a gooey Osama love is war. Yeah I've heard a lot about this. Yeah Yeah I was just going to watch the first three episodes. 'cause I don't know context but I know it's not a convoluted cop drama so we're good on on that front. Oh thank God. It's a convoluted love drawn. A if there's a show you would like us to watch you can send recommendations was at our email. Are we very eh or reach out to us on twitter and Instagram at. Are we there there yet. You can find me on twitter and Instagram at Mr Patrick Dugan. You can find me on instagram. At Queen Period we ABBOU and on twitter at Queen Underscore we abhu and queen gene underscore. We Abboud Art. You can find me on twitter at ABT s Brendan stands for almost better than silence. which is video game podcast? That's much less convoluted. Thank you Camille really for artwork and thank you to Louis Zone for theme song stories off the album beats. You can find all of lose music at Louis Zone DOT band camp dot dot com. Thank you and we hope you'll join US next week as we learn to live with him. I have nothing to say

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