Thom's Skins' Season Pick + Kevin's Super Bowl Pick


You want it. You need it. It's what everyone's talking about the kevin sheehan show now here's kevin you're listening listening to the sports yep. He's here that guy. <hes> errands here also and it's the last show before the n._f._l. Season begins gins because tonight. Tommy dent then we get the n._f._l. Back finally and we get it back in a big way. Packers and bears not a bad game. Now start the season with it's the n._f._l.'s hundredth anniversary. They're they've gone away from the super bowl champion opening up this thursday night game and they've gone with a long standing ending rivalry in fact i believe i think that's bears is the longest standing rivalry although they weren't the bears when they played back in they they were the stanleys yeah but you can't go wrong with tradition. I don't think yeah probably not i. I actually think that <hes> the bears cardinals originals the two franchises the staley's became the bears yeah right and the other chic- chicago cardinals became the arizona cardinals. It may actually be the longest running rivalry corrine terms of the first time they played but packers bears. No one's gonna wanna cardinals pair now to open up the season. Although actually you know what if cuyler i learned murray had been in the opener tonight. It would have been somewhat interesting to watch how are you. I'm doing great doing great. This is also the last time we'll be together there before the redskins play on sunday and we're going to get your season prediction. We'll get your prediction for the game on sunday. <hes> we've got other things to do. I gave out my n._f._c. picks she yesterday i'll give out my n._f._c. picks today which will include getting to the super bowl winner. I want a couple of n._f._l. Predictions from you today also we should talk about nats braves rather important series yes but i wanted to tell you that on my way up here because you've been here for a while waiting for me to show up and and <hes> hopefully you were fed well because mama lucia's as they do from the gods david dropped a mama lucia's offer somebody somebody from mama lucia's dropped mama lucia's awesome pizza. We've got other things and it's really really good. <hes> seems like you've enjoyed it. Yes and you can tell by the mets on your the a mess on the table but i was waiting for the elevator to come upstairs in this swear to god to dudes hanging out down in that you know where that second elevator to come up to two guys hanging out by the plaza level into that remodeling company yeah when they're having the following conversation the only difference in this team the only place it got worse is at left tackle of trent doesn't show up everywhere else else. They are either the same or better than they were last year and the other guy so what about quarterback he said well you know case keenum and join haskins. You know there's some questions nations around the quarterback but it might be with case keenum better situation than it was last year with alex smith. This is the conversation. I'm listening to at the elevator. <hes> you know what i i. I can't believe all this because i believe that redskins fans have talk them into the talk themselves into the notion that they're no worse off with case keenum at quarterback than they were with with alex smith well. I actually do believe that <hes> if that's if that's the case then bruce bruce allen got hoodwinked absolutely hoodwink last year by trading for alex smith and then giving him the huge contract attract extension basically according to redskins fans case keenum. I was not in favor of the contract extension. I was is not against the trade. They needed a quarterback. They and you pointed this out and i think this had a lot to do with it. They needed to save face. You know after the bungling of the cousins situation and look nobody knew in the moment a year ago that minnesota was going to go from n._f._c. Championship team to not making the playoffs kirk actually had a decent year. We've gone through that but it wasn't good enough in big spots. There was the feeling a year ago look out. If minnesota ends up in the super bowl and bruce salaun in bruce allen in the redskins had had a feeling that they better have somebody here that can actually play the position and they gave up a lot for him. I didn't have a problem on with the trade. I had a problem with the contract extension. Let me just finish the conversation that i overheard so the other guy said no no no no they're. They're not any better at quarterback. I mean case keenum was is not a good quarterback in dwayne. Haskins is going to be a rookie and that's gonna be the deciding factor and then. I heard the following from the one guy jay. Gruden is the most underrated coach in the n._f._l. Guy i didn't have the heart to so like jump into the conversation because the elevator had just arrived and i got on the elevator because i'm running late and we gotta get this show done and i because i was <music>. I the radio station today a lot of traffic coming over. Nobody cares about my situation. I don't wanna sound like chris runs until you all the reasons. I was late for the show but when i heard that i just had this big grin and i'm like this is what i'm gonna open with a story that i gotta tell tell me the most underrated coach in the n._f._l. Jay gruden unbelievable. It's unbelievable power or kuwait really. Is you know he's not a terrible coat. No he's not. He's a middle of the pack coach. He's he may be a good offensive coordinator. He's north turner. No norv was better offense coordinator than jay okay but it's it's the same concept. The guy promoted to a position that he really can't handle. I mean being a head coach. <hes> is more than just drawing up. The first fifteen plays a that. Your team is going to tell you and he's been he's been lacking in that. In those areas. I mean just ask every every team leader who gets cut by this team about what they think about sacred. Look jay's a good guy. Jay is a good offensive offensive mind north turner good guy j good offensive sign a pass offense. J. knows football. <hes> jay is not you. You know a top half of the league head coach. He is somewhere. I think i've said this before. He's somewhere between sixteen and twenty two somewhere in that range not much tire. We don't need to go through the whole list. All of you are now thumbing through the list of coaches and there are a lot of new coaches this year so this year if you if you strike all of the new coaches he might be fourteen or fifteen or sixteen somewhere rain. E._s._p._n.'s louis riddick posted a few days ago who he thinks. I think the top ten coaches are in. Maybe it was top five or top top five or top ten right. <hes> jay gruden was not on the list. You know who was who doug peterson he was on the list. Oh there's no doubt yeah. Doug peterson is in that conversation right now. Redskins are ten point underdogs now erin that that line has gone to ten. I i want to just quickly do the nats because this is one of the biggest regular season season series they've ever had as an organization. They have not had a september meaningful. You know three or four games set with a team with playoff stakes playoff implications division pennant implications in their history in washington. It's gonna get overshadowed shadowed by the first weekend football yes in places like washington you know and maybe even in atlanta but i look at it as as they they're pretty safe for the wild card right now they've got. They've got a healthy lead on the second wildcard spot. It's like six games over philadelphia elvia. You'd have to really come down the stretch sub five hundred with philadelphia or somebody below them lighting it up down the stretch to lose one of those two wildcards look. I think you're a little bit too worked up about the brave series. They're not gonna catch braves there too far behind the price as would have to collapse for ferdinand. That's the catch him at this point not back. Would they need to be right now for you to call this a really big series. I'd say maybe four games games. Okay not seven games where they are. It's crazy. I know they played well. They play and they played them again next weekend and home. They played three games against the braves at home. <hes> what you don't i. I think a lot of fans have falling into the security of okay. You know we'll we'll we'll be a wildcard and what you don't want though is to be the second wildcard team. You don't want to play that wildcard game on the road not that they have a huge you know home field advantage vantage just if you'd like to have at least one playoff game at home this year and i think it'd be disappointed everybody if they wound up playing that wildcard game in someplace other than that's park because right now it would be more likely than not at field where the last time they had a playoff game at wrigley field strasbourg came up massively to force a fifth and deciding game in the in that playoff series a few years back <hes> all right. I guess don't don't have high expectations. I'm many expectations and all of them. They win three out of four all right so they if they if they were to win three out of these four games in their i five back coming off of this you know they. They've got hopes if win any i mean a split there done you know losing three out of four getting swept. They're done obviously if they win. Three out of four or somehow were to sweep the braves which i don't anticipate the braves have won six in a row and ah they're really good <hes> but if somehow they were were to win three out of four or you know <hes> miraculously sweep on you're talking about a legitimate pennant race now atlanta has philadelphia six times and then they got a bright got the giants who aren't playing great anymore. They've got the royals they finish at the mets but this i'll grant you that you know. Seven games back does not make like a vital crucial all sip timber series. I guess it's just the first time that they've had one in september. That's been anywhere near this important. Yes and granted. It's a shame because his as well as they've played that they're not closer but it's because atlanta's yeah been so good to me. If you're going on the road to play one of the best teams in baseball in the braves and you come away with a split you should be happy. Yeah i mean the assed. I look if they play five hundred all the rest of the way they're going to be there have a wildcard they could probably play sub five hundred ball and still have a pretty good chance of grabbing one of the two wild wildcard spots. You know i look at the postseason possibilities you know each throw <hes> the sher- we know out there for a while card game came in. Maybe it's corbin or strasbourg by the time you get there who knows but if you were to win a wildcard game get a really difficult. It's baseball anything can happen. It's best to five but to face that dodgers left-handed lineup primarily with not enough lefties right now that we know of people out consistently that on paper there's not a great matchup terrible match although the nats do have you know some explosive offense now that we weren't talking about a month ago when they were playing well like they're really offensively explosive compared to the other teams nationally anyway. I'm excited about it. I'm curious like tonight. You've got a football football game on and you got the nats on. I'm in a really be into watching the nats. I've gotta do the channel four thing. You know that we do that. Air sunday morning redskins showtime record that but i'm gonna i'm gonna be flipping back and forth. I'd love to see them. Somehow win tonight win tomorrow night. Now you're talking about wow they can go into the weekend wind saturday saturday and sunday your back. You got a lot of momentum but these are the two teams that are playing along with the dodgers and the yankees and the astros better than anybody in baseball yes you you know the nets right now. Are you know are a chic darkhorse. Pick to get to the world series. Now you know that like their odds have been creeping creeping towards. Hey i erin i. I don't know what they are. They are now. They're they're at least twenty percent better than they were. Even two weeks ago in terms of their odds of winning the world series they've got to be the third pick right to win it all national league behind the braves and the dodgers i would think there in front of the cardinals at this point to <hes> to win the world. Have you remember the beginning of the year. The nets were picked by most observers to to go to win the national. You could go to the world series. He's in part because most people recognize. They had an extremely talented roster and it's proven to be the offense at least even better dr than i think what everyone expected. I don't know if anyone expecting one soto to have such a great sophomore. Season or victor obeys to emerge as quickly as he he did right yeah. I i keep going back to those guys. Those two guys the difference the difference in everything. How about the fact that with eaton out. You're going to get cabrera in the lineup fulltime mm for a little bit. It looks like <hes>. I just pulled it up to errands looking at me. I've got on my site. The nats and cardinals are both eighteen to won the world series. Yes look at upenn at odds tied for third with cardinals both tied with the third tied for third the prohibitive favorite to win the world series really it's the astros and the dodgers you know and then <hes> the yankees the yankees are like five to one the astros and dodgers are both in that two two and a half to one range <hes> anyway i <hes> <hes> i want to start the football discussion today with a question that i asked callers today on the radios. <hes> show which i'm going to ask you <hes>. I want want you to fill in the blank on the following sentence. I'd be most surprised if fill in the blank happen this season regarding the redskins. I'd be surprised if blank fill in the blank. This happened during this season. What would you be most surprised about this year with the redskins. You want to let me give you an example or two okay okay. I'd be very surprised if dwayne haskins doesn't start at least eight games this year. I would be very surprised if that doesn't happen in part because i just don't believe that this is going to be a real good football team this year so worst case there too in six three and and five and they decide the quarterback plays not great the offensive play. Let's go to him. The eagles are already. You know seven in one or six into the cowboys or six and two way i ain't going to the playoffs and i think we see haskins for at least eight starts. I think it could be more but i'd be surprised if dwayne haskins doesn't start at least eight games. I've got a couple of more as you're thinking about it. You want me to give you another wondering dot com. It's consistent with what i've said all along and you know it may alter slightly if and when troy oz returns the play. This may alter a little bit but i'm going to stick with it. I'd be surprised if the redskins quarterback who finishes the season is on the roster right now. You've said that for well. That's a good one yeah i'd be most people think i'm crazy when i say that i've had people call the radio station to say because you're predicting that it that you the three quarterbacks get hurt yes. You're always get hurt because i watched it last year. I know that's true you. Did i mean we saw broken leg broken roken leg and then shots johnston mark sanchez. I yet but we didn't get hurt. He neatly often suffered from not able to play n._f._l. Football but shosh johnson at the end of the year was was hurt. He had that postseason surgery right ankle surgery think of another one because i'm going to give you my second one. Okay i'm ready. I'd be surprised if jay gruden actually gets fired hired in season. It's not been the move for dan snyder since he did it with norv turner. There's actually not a lot to gain from it. You know you see you're not going to hire your replacement. In december you may hire that replacement the day after the season ends but you can fire that coach on the day that the season ends and the higher the new guy simultaneously. There's nothing that prevents you from doing that his odds by the way for being fired continue there continues to be even more separation ration- <hes> between jay gruden and the field for the first coach fired jay gruden right now plus two seventy five to be the first coach fired word <hes> during the season the second favourite is no coach gets fired and then the third favorite is bill o'brien plus one thousand so jay's his two point seven five to one in bill o'brien's ten to one jay is a massive favourite. No coach being fired is eight to one is a massive the favourite to be fired in midseason. That's about as good a strong possibility vegas telling you of a coach being fired in season as you'll ever see before the season starts. I don't think it'll happen. I don't think it'll have it's not as a fan snyder ammo. It hasn't been he had he didn't do it with jim zone born. He tried to get him sworn to quit but you know the sore so are looked at. Someone's wife looked at those paychecks instead. I'm not going any. We're not going anywhere. Let me piggyback heke back on that. I'd be surprised if the guy who replaces him and todd bowles. Wow where'd you come up with todd bowles. I'd be thrilled about that but why would you come up with todd bowles because they off season discussions with them about the defensive coordinator ashish yeah and i bet that some of those discussions included just sit tight. There's there's going to be head coaching job. Here's maybe here's the problem with bowls. He's going to have an awful season defensively but that won't steiner snyder won't alsop snyder stated with the the public reception will be a little. It'll be down which actually might be even more of a reason because nobody else will be going after him. He's fixate on them plus plus i think i think the public disappointment will be overshadowed by the fact that he's a former redskin. People will love that. Oh i don't know about that. I hope that wouldn't be the reason. I actually like todd bowles. Allot <hes> i think if they had kept him in new york it woulda worked out for him now that they finally have a quarterback there or at least the perception is that they have a quarterback back in darnold there. That's that's bold. I mean mark that one down erin you know if if they end up hiring todd bowles to be their next head coach you heard it here first you know on september for fifth. Tommy saying that todd bowles is going to be the next head coach. I think actually right now. The odds on favorite to be the new head coach in twenty twenty s kevin o'connell because assuming that o'connell is the guy that release developing dwayne haskins and there's progress there. Maybe it's j. That ends ends up you know developing the relationship <hes> with haskins but remember this too and i know that you know people are out there saying god. Would you guys stop bashing gnashing them. It is hard now for dan snyder and bruce allin. If bruce allen still here wouldn't be nearly as hard if he weren't to attract you know a proven coach that might be available yes and by the way the up incomers whomever they are by the time we get to january twenty twenty will have better options. You know so you're gonna be left. The redskins were in two thousand fourteen with a guy that really not not a lot of people wanted to be their head coaching jay jay gruden mike zimmer was the assistant that people were clamoring for at cincinnati wasn't jay gruden gruden was a candidate gruden was thought to be a potential head coach but the redskins the last two times they've been in search mode gyms orne is was turned out to be the head coach and then it was a well shanahan they were in search me there and that was that was a boatload of money yes but they won't attract their top two choices more likely than probably not <hes> the other thing that i had on my. I'd be surprised <hes> list is. I'd be surprised if the defense isn't significantly improved. They finished twentieth in the n._f._l. Ratings are right which is a better measurement of sort of their overall defense is compared to the rest of the yards allowed stat that everybody uses his not a real. Oh good measuring stick of how good you were defensively. I like some of those simple statistics. I'm not going analytical on you here. I promise i like you know things like rush defense. It's in average yards per. Rush offensively average yards per rush given up allowed turnover margin obviously but the redskins were not the great defense. What's that a lot of people seem to think they were boy. That has been a that's been some sort of level of revisionist history. Hasn't that the defensive so awesome. Last year it wasn't and and the giants the forty points the giants scored should be a reminder in two and a half quarters <hes> but it was improved from twenty seventeen seventeen yes and it was significantly improved from twenty sixteen and i'd be surprised if it doesn't take a major jump this year from twentieth twentieth two somewhere approaching a top ten you know defense and we don't need statistics will be able to see it on the field. We'll be able to see it week by week so anyway. I that that's my other one. I'd be surprised if they aren't significantly improved defensively somewhere. You're a jumping from twentieth to somewhere in that ten to twelve range be disappointed to if they're no let me piggyback on that. Is it a greg gerski. I'd be surprised yes. It's interesting how i can predict almost everything you're about to say. I think people are going to be disappointed in a redskins defense run by a defensive coordinator who they tried all winter to replace and also without at least two coaches from last year's team who basically couldn't get at couldn't get out of dodge quick enough replaced by two coaches who were out of football last year. Greg husky is the one who's going to get fired during the season as it's the defense winds up being a major disappointment and rob ryan replaces defensive. I'd be surprised if manosque doesn't doesn't get fired in season rob ryan replaces them you got the i don't mess around with them i. I wonder if it would be tom similar or ryan b boy. I mean they just have so so much death. Yes they are. I have another question for you. We touched on this. I think or maybe it was when you were out sick. The top op one hundred lists on e._s._p._n. And on <hes> n._f._l. Dot com the top one hundred players yeah not one redskin was on the top one hundred players and the e._s._p._n. List in the only only player on the top one in the top one hundred on the <hes> n._f._l. Network list was trent williams who came in at eighty one. Who are the best s. players on this team like right now. If i asked you to name the three best players on the team who would you name. I would name trent williams okay. That's fair enough. He's not on the team. Let's leave him off. Okay i would name matt. I notice as one of the three players on the team. Yes i think i think he's better than jonathan our painting okay i would name ryan kerrigan and i would name landing counts announce. Okay you know part of what i wanted to do. Here was also say. I don't know that the redskins have an obvious you you know a player like a true player. That would have been considered for the top one hundred hence. They're not in the top one hundred shrimp williams's in a player yes but he's not on roster right now so do they even have a player. You're you matt. I in my opinion not one of the three best players i do like him. I think he's a very good player. I think he's better than than the guys here in love with on the defensive line. I think that brandon sheriff would be one of the top three players on the team without without trent williams on it. I actually believe that adrian. Peterson is probably one of the top three players power. Coach doesn't agree with you. I understand that <hes> but that's because they're going young and he's got a lot of faith. Gonna get really ugly. I know we <hes> you know what got him got to talk about that. Because i forgot you weren't with me yesterday when we did this <hes> and i would probably put jon allen on that list is infatuated with doron pain to me is the most intriguing player to watch the shear because i i have a feeling that it's going to be very obvious by the midway point in the season that he's one of the top three players can't say that now definitively but he looks different like physically build wide away athletically whose whose strongest guy in the team probably i yes and this is what you need to remember about strong on people there are more useful and they're harder to kill <hes> it depends on what you're using but the but so anyway that would be sort of my top three with pain in collins sort of on the outside looking in you know a of that top three <hes> all right the adrian peterson thing <hes> that report came from jason bishop on the junk on your state one zero six seven and i don't don't have any reason to believe that it wasn't true <hes> let's assume for a moment that it is true that jay gruden and the rest of the organization had an argument. He wanted to release adrian peterson and they said no. You're not allowed to release adrian peterson and even take it back to when they re signed him as a free agent and in consider the following going to be fact that jay never wanted to resign him in the first place. This is a big assumption that it is true the report. What do you think well. I think jay's comments comments. Yesterday i think it was yesterday when asked about geiss <hes> and how he was so firm <hes> in in his support of guys jason like there like there was no plan b. even consider for jay. That's a bit unusual. I mean to be so particularly firm in in their decision to go with dyson and it was almost like you know like he. He had a little personal thing going on here. He's sick and tired up here in about adrian peterson in the building so when he got a chance publicly to talk about guys he was firm one hundred percent in dairies geis's corner as is there number one back going into season just to be clear and by the way i agree with you on that he was asked if adrian peterson would have a lesser role but why didn't and somebody asked him point blank in the press conference yesterday if if they if adrian peterson was being discussed as a potential player i mean he would have answered. He wouldn't have answered heard it but i think it could have been asking you agree yeah. He was asked <hes> whether or not adrian peterson would have a lesser role in the offense with the emergence of geiss and he said we'll z. We'll see i think initially we get going. I think you have to start with the first back and you start the game on offense. You start the game with areas skies from there. We'll see where it goes. I'm anxious to see him play. He shown us that he's full go. He's had a good training camp. He said good practices. He's into it meant mentally and he goes on and on about dairy skies. This is not a guy who who he sounds like. He's going to be pulling out every third or fourth running play and replace with somebody else. He basically said you know he wants to see him. Get going and like i wrote about this a couple of weeks ago. I related to the trent williams thing but it it it applies to this as well. Adrian peterson is a financial aw bind he according to a report u._s._a. Today he needs a lot of money. <hes> and that means he needs to play and carry the ball to get some money which which according to jason bishop at one six seven the fan this is why jay wanted to move on from him because adrian's going to be in his ear all season long saying get get me in the game yeah like he was in arizona and like he was a bit with sean payton in new orleans. I went back and looked at the early season. Kerry totals just to to see if there's any indication about with the backup running backs going to get in the opener last year. Adrian adrian peterson at arizona went twenty six carries ninety six yards chris chris thompson as their third down back but also change of pace had five carries and rob kelley who was on the team and healthy at that point had three carries in a game by the way that was is a blowout. Yes you know that in week two against indianapolis in a game by the way that they got behind early in and then threw it a ton to try to come back peterson at eleven carries for twenty yards rob keller grubb kelly. Just have one kerry chris thompson had four carries but they could have been third-down carries. I don't i can't remember what they were but the point here is that jay's not given that backup running back a lotta carries although i would also suggest that adrian peterson is the backup to dairy spices different than rob kelley fat rob's yakup daydream peterson <hes>. I agree with you what you said that it's not just what he said it yesterday or the day before about the offense being in the carries going through geiss. It's been all the talk about some ozzy peering for awhile you know going back to o. T. geza minicamp. He's really building up. He rhine really talked about p. Ryan is quite you know having quite the ta sessions and then when they cut p ryan the other day and he got signed by cincinnati. He said sa- mogae is going to do well. They're almost to say you're going to see we should've kept so maggi and cut adrian. I do think i think there's a chance that there is some truth to this thing. Well you know it's kind of interesting and that shows something that we should be arming to redskins fans. If jay gruden the head coach wanted to keep a backup running back. He should have been able to keep a backup running back if he has so little oh power. I said that yesterday that he couldn't keep you know some odd j. p. rhine on the roster. That's a problem i he should have final also the roster yes actually and the backup running back and less tommy unless there were significant cap considerations which in this particular instance is there really aren't right so i agree with you and i also on the flip side would say you know what jay you're a head football coach in the n._f._l. Part of your job is to manage. Some of these big personalities dairy. Guys had a tornado sale. Last year had a leg injury at l._s._u. He's injury prone and adrian peterson in three carries. He's that he had in. The preseason looked like he did last yet so we need a backup plan and the backup plan should be a._p. He signed for basically a a song and it shouldn't be semi g._p. Rhine so you know manage them. I understand too. I wanna get to your prediction on the season here. Do you have anything else adrian peterson now. Do you have anything else on d hall going from one week saying trent williams and coming back back to a week later saying that trump williams is going to be back sooner than later. Well let me just say like. I don't know anything about what williams is gonna do. I have no knowledge okay but if you're an outside observer looking at this. It would seem like that <hes> the same thing. That's that was obvious to a lot of us. Once the houston trade window closed. I think they looked around and said well. There's no place for me. There's no there's no trae trey partners. I agree you know. I'm really going to be stuck sitting here. Missing paychecks because the redskins don't have really have any obvious trade partner with of this point unless unless somebody drastically gets hurt and my willing to gamble on that to sit here and wait for somebody to get hurt once and you know who knows maybe to use the window was the one trent unwanted law. I think there's a chance that that's true so so i think when that when that bruce should open that damn window yes he should've left that open that that window for them to climb through and say here's what we got for your guy but i hope i hope he listened the he didn't because he wants to win this and he is going to win. Nisa that sense. I mean transferred probably have to come back with his tail between his legs and look i overestimating how albarracin will be but when all is said and done if tread williams comes back. He's gonna look like a fool to look like a child that he threw this tantrum. I mean he could have accomplished the holdout without the whole slandering of the redskins medical staff. He could've done the same same thing to to have brought that into because he would've looked worse from the jump. Had there not been this other issue that created this impression that that he couldn't trust them in couldn't trust them to take care of him medically. I'm i mean i think fans are numb to hold outs. You might be right but it but he but fans would have been much more frustrated with trent holding out with two years left on his deal without the perceived extenuating circumstance i i think i think he's gonna look like a fool when he comes back. He's he's. He's got to look like a child. I who threw a tantrum and got called on it. I don't if if the redskins skins and we may never know this. If the redskins turned down a blockbuster offer from houston <hes> for trent williams. I don't think that they will have won this <hes> by by standing standing their ground digging in their heels and waiting for him to see the houston opportunity go away in the prospect of losing game checks which is gonna lose one this week. He's not back this week <hes> if he does end up coming back <hes> if ultimately the redskins could've gotten a boatload form. I think that the jury's still out i don whether or not they won this thing real quickly stamps dot com. 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It's why seven hundred thousand plus small businesses are already using stamps dot com right now. My listeners get a special offer four week. Trial plus free postage and a digital scale without any long term commitment. You just go to stamps dot com. Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and typing kevin d._c. That's k. e. v. i n. d._c. Go go to stamps dot com enter kevin d._c. And enjoy the savings of time and money from stamps dot com all right <hes>. It's time i'm going to do mine tomorrow. 'cause i'm gonna do it on radio. Show i but the redskins record in twenty nineteen will it'll be with a foot notre to go ahead five eleven not if you weren't the worst in the league weren't the worst in the league certainly were the best five five and eleven. I think that the offense is going to be worse than last year. I think they're going to struggle right from the start. I think they're gonna find themselves playing from behind and they're not gonna have any ability to be able to do that. They didn't have the ability to do that. Last year. When they won they were i usually usually took the lead early and then control the game. They're not going to be in that situation this year which is gonna put and i think the special teams aren't going to be as good as they were last fear. I think the defense is while may be improved is going to have more pressure on them this year. I don't think they'll be able to withstand the pressure. I think they'll start to fray fray as the season goes on and i think like i said i'm still sticking with the fact that the offensive line trent williams or not will not at the able to protect any of their quarterbacks and they'll have a quarterback who's not even on the roster come game sixteen. Do you want even predict you. That quarterback might be now. Okay okay all right five and eleven. I that's going to be right in line with i think most of the predictions about the redskins season this year five and eleven is probably blay within a game either way of what most addiction <hes> this year i have not seen them picked any higher than third in any preseason season prediction so far <hes> you wanna stick around while i do my a._f._c. picks. Yes okay because we're doing a shorter show today. <hes> for a number of reasons as we both have commitments aaron's got a commitment <hes> by the way tomorrow show a will include some college football and my redskins season prediction as as well as a preview of skins eagles smell test <hes> it's cetera <hes> i wanted to mention just a couple of things as people get ready to watch their first n._f._l. Game there. There have been some meaningful rule changes first of all the big one that got all the headlines in the off season is being able to use replay challenge the challenge system on pass interference calls either called or or not called off of the saints rams thing <hes> i. I've mentioned this many times. I think this is going to be problematic in the final final two minutes of the half or game because it goes to the booth it should should have been a coach's challenge opportunity in throughout the game for all sixty minutes but it will go to the booth in the final two minutes of a half or a game or the game and that's gonna create. I think many delays in a problem <hes> there they're too many passes too much contact on pass plays and every time a pass interference gets flagged in the final two minutes of a half. You're gonna get a review on it so just just remember that. Here's the other one i wanted to mention real quickly the other rule change you know how when tommy excessive celebration after touchdown yes and they say fifteen yard penalty excessive celebration. It'll be enforced on the <hes> on the kickoff. Yeah we'll now the team on on defense that got scored on gets to choose whether or not they want enforced on the p._a._t. Or the kickoff if you score a late touchdown down eight trying to go for too tight a game and you get flagged for something stupid in the end zone that two point conversion is going to happen at the seventeen yard line. Wow aw that's a problem yeah. If i'm a coach i am making sure that my team understands this rule that we are not in a late game situation on on an exciting you know potentially game tying play or gives you a chance to tie where the stadium's going nuts and we're going nuts. If you do anything stupid we're going to have near zero chance to tie the game because of where we'll be running the play from also at the very end of the game you know down seven seven. Let's just say you score touchdown and there's excessive celebration now. The extra points going to be a forty eight yard extra point while to tie the game so you gotta be careful. Teams in the area could make that. I'm sorry carry lloyd could make that carly carly loyal caller carrie carli lloyd could make it <hes> so one of those things. I bet early in the season. You're going to see that and you're gonna say you know it was twenty. Seven twenty teams scores. It's twenty seven twenty six to get flagged for excessive celebration eight seconds seconds left in the game and the guy hooks the forty eight yard. Extra point sounds like a redskins lost. I which is stop it. That's by the way that's fifteen yards for piling on all right. I gave you yesterday my a._f._c. picks. Many of you were very surprised that i ended up with the denver broncos in the a._f._c. championship game. That's my god own my god flacco. It's much more about author defense. This is potentially the best defense in football with now in n._f._l. Quarterback with some talent more talent on offense and defensive the head coach and a and a great defense head coach in vic fangio <hes> so yesterday. I had the chiefs over the broncos in the a._f._c. <hes> now let me give you my n._f._c. She picks all right here. They are the n._f._c. picks will lead us to who's going to face the chiefs because i had to cheats over over the bonk broncos in the a._f._c. the n._f._c. the cowboys and eagles are both very good football. They really are hate to say it but they really are and by the way there's a massive difference really going into this season between dallas and philadelphia and then the bottom of the division washington and and the giants there is there is from a quarterback standpoint. There is a skill position standpoint in the giants hat some skill position players. You know obviously with saquon barkley. Clearly the offensive lines are better defenses are better in phillies case coaching staff with peterson and schwartz is much better and they've got the phillies get the best quarterback situation in the division with once. I think prescott is a good quarterback but in the mold of put enough around around him and he can be really good. Yes and i think that's what we've seen at times when they put a lot around him. They're gonna fight it out for the division. They're both going to go eleven and five live. There's a late game at lincoln financial second last weekend of the season in philly. They win that game that gives them the tiebreaker advantage edge. I've got the eagles winning the division at eleven and five the cowboys being a wildcard at eleven and five. I got the giants seven and nine improved. I'm i'm not going to be surprised at the giants are much better than people are thinking and i'll save my redskins prediction for tomorrow but i think you can safely come to the conclusion that i do not have them in the postseason and the n._f._c. north is a brutal division the n._f._c. as a whole is so much better in deeper than the a._f._c. Yes in fact. I counted this morning. I think there are nine teams in the the n._f._c. Nine out of the sixteen that if any one of those nine were in the super bowl you wouldn't be that shocked dallas and philadelphia in the n._f._c. east in the the n._f._c. north chicago minnesota or green bay right in the south the saints or the falcons and in the west the seahawks the rams. I don't think anybody would say that's completely. I great with deep deep the n._f._c. is i got the bears winning the n._f._c. north. They've got defensive talent. I mean with jackson on the back khalil mack and the front you know they're going to miss vic fangio as their coordinator. I like their offense of players. I i love anthony anthony miller miller wide receiver. I think in this second year he's going to step up and be a big time player. I really liked the signing of mike davis now. They also drafted david montgomery corrine from iowa state. They're running back in the tar cone as well <hes> but i think davis is a guy that i would have thought about if i needed a running back in the off season zain. He's been in that seattle mixed. The last few years the bears were twelve and four last year lost a home playoff game ten and six this year because of the division and the schedule. I just think the bears will win it. Though i am not high believe it or not on minnesota being a super bowl or an n._f._c. Championship contender like a lot of people are something's not right there. I can't put my finger on it. It might be kirk. It might be the offense city was in. They are doing everything they can do ensure that. He's got everything he needs. Last year they had a terrible offensive line and offensive coordinator situation that didn't work. They had an offense didn't work for him now. They got some advice vice from gary. Kubiak steph fancies the offensive coordinator. They've got some players. They've improved their offensive line. There defense last year was inconsistent. Better late i just i don't know what it is and i love mike zimmer too. I just don't have a great feeling about minnesota. I think they're going to win nine games and be in the hunt for wildcard and being the hunt for the division. I don't see them making this big. Leap this year nine and seven no playoffs. Second-place minnesota detroit is going to be much improved matt stafford. I've been a fan in a little bit of an off year some injuries. They don't have the greatest receivers. They're not terrible. You like golladay right. Don't you a little bit aaron. Golladay solid he solid valid. I'm a big kerryon. Johnson fan tai johnson stuck on that final roster. You predicted that aaron predicted net tied johnson at maryland defensively detroit's pretty damn damn good and they're well coached offensively with obviously their head coach matt patricia i think they'll be improved at eight and eight and i get the packers coming in last at seven and nine you you know a lot of what the packers will do will depend on aaron rodgers. Yes health etc and the relationship. He has with matlock work in the south. I'm rooting against the saints. This is much as anybody in the n._f._l. This year they did after that championship game the whining the suing the legal action from all these fans in different groups. It's just the the poorest of sports. I think the saints were. Oh my god you still have you still have some of these. These lawsuits suits that are good a late or being looked at. Are you calling me so it's it's a game justice. Oh my god it's the worst in the crying from payton in this this pass interference. It's replay rule shit. I'm rooting like hell for them to fail miserably but they're too good to fail too much. I've got him winning the division at eleven and five but the carolina panthers. I liked the panthers this year first of all. I've always been a fan of ron rivera. I know not everybody he is. There's a reason he's still there. After all this time it's because he's actually a pretty damn good coach. They have talent the key of course for them is cam cam newton's health and how north turner uses them but i liked that that relationship a little bit cam newton's gotta stay healthy if he does he has where's the mccaffrey free going in most fantasy draft's top four got mccaffrey. They've got d._j. More back in his second year the god hopefully a healthy greg olsen back and they've got defensive talent. They've added to it. Don terry po gerald mccoy to go with short with keithly. They've got a good football team. I think this this is year. That carolina makes a run. They're not gonna win the division but they're going to get to the post season finishing second with a ten six record in the n._f._c. South falcons are good to another good football team. I just think that the panthers are going to end up being a little bit better. I got the falcons at eight and eight and i got the bucks four four and twelve out west. Here's my surprise in the n._f._c. Seattle wins the division eleven four one no sean mcvay eleven four four and one is the record. I am predicting to them. They're they're gonna. They're gonna tie the forty niners. During the course seattle's seattle's good okay first of all got russell wilson secondly. They are a well coached team thirdly. They just added davian cloudy to a team that already has johnson and i'm bobby wagner and k._j._a. Right they got a chance to be good. We know what their home field advantages. I know they're hoping decay. Metcalf who slipped to the second round ends up merging with tyler lockett is another really good option wide receiver because that's really where they've had some issues in recent years. I like seattle to win the division because one of the teams everybody assumes is going to finish with one of the four best but right now. It's like chiefs. Patriots saints rams. Everybody's got them as a top. We're one of those teams will not make the playoffs and i've got it being the l._a. Rams won't make the playoffs they'll finish ten and six but the lose the tiebreaker breaker with the panthers seattle division rams tenant six forty nine six nine in one and the cardinals foreign twelve for whatever reason seattle and the forty nine hundred tied a couple of times your wildcards your division winners again philadelphia chicago the saints and seattle your top two seeds are going to be <music> <hes> seattle and philly cowboys and panthers of the wild cards in the wildcard round. I got the cowboys over the bears. I've got the panthers over the saints in the upset panthers of the saints in the divisional round. I got the seahawks over the panthers the eagles over the cowboys and then i've got the eagles over the seahawks in the n._f._c. championship game winning in seattle on the road facing the chiefs in a super bowl where you get andy reid and the protege doug peterson and doug peterson and patrick mahomes and the chiefs last year. I was off them. Remember i said not not enough defence fence this year. They've added to their defense and you get mahomes in year two as a starter. It's the chiefs over the eagles in super bowl fifty four there cowboys and girls there. You go boys and girls. That's it for today back tomorrow. Do some college football in do smell test and all the n._f._l. Stuff breath and my redskins record prediction as well have a great day.

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