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Michael Kissed listening again. Benjamin Solon it's the kissed in Seoul action presented Ashby nation and bleeding nation. So you are flying high on the kissed and solex showed this episode one sixty five brought to you by the five okay espy initiative and bleeding nation. I'm your host. Michael Kissed. Follow me on twitter at Michael Kissed. NFL that's K.. I S. T. as always joined by the best dog on Co host in the Game Mr nine in your streak without a bad day. He is Benjamin so follow him on twitter at Benjamin so like that's Sol. Aka Ben. I didn't tell you in a pre show but this is the five hundred episode of BGN since the relaunch door brother best. DOGGONE CO host is right on big MAC and sound awful to the five hundred episode Highly debilitated I am on drugs so I've also mentally not. It's a fun show. Excuse me the five hundred shows chows where it's GonNa be is that's what it'll be. It is what it is everything might be delicious. But I can't taste a lot of things because I I have strep. So there's that Happy Football Ben's going to have a good time on this one. We're going to have a good time on this one. We have a lot of different topics to talk about up first off before we begin and I wanted to mention something that I linked in the show notes for this episode by Good Buddy coach Bass had to deal with the misfortune of his mother passing away on Christmas and the expenses that come along with that have put him in a bit of a tight spot so if you can find it in your heart. This holiday season to go to the show knows click on the link. The help him out we would really appreciate it. Fast has been extremely helpful to both me and Ben throughout the season as his podcast make defense. Great again is something. I utilize all the time. I'm in prep for these shows. He's done free coverage clinics that me and Ben have been able to get in on and he's been great teacher to us throughout the season and Nali that he's like a gentleman genuinely great dude. I play video. Oh Games with them. I chat with him every day and to have this happen. Him On. Christmas of all days is just terrible. So if you're compelled to do so please click the link included in the show notes. Help our a guy out thank you gentlest ner for your generosity all right Ben. There is a lot to talk about today with the season and as since we last spoke spoke we had not only the Eagles being crowned the NFC east champions but also the giants have fired head. Coach Pat Shurmur while retaining general manager. Dave gettleman and his four new quote unquote computer folk. Also Washington has fired Bruce Allen as general manager they have hired Ron Rivera to be their head coach that also brings goes to the Dallas cowboys. They are having a meeting with Jason Garrett to determine his fate that's happening as we record so we'll keep an eye out for updates but the feeling is. Is that cowboys. Boys will let go of Garrett or really led his contract expire which is basically like firing him. Then a lot has happened Any thoughts on all the shakings and moving savings and ups and downs in the NFC. East including indices champions Philadelphia. Eagles your member. What's Doug Doug is bad the EVERY NFC east coast. They came into the season. Besides Doug is GonNa get fired. Jay Gruden Patron has been fired. Gary is I would say pretty probably fired. Yeah near making the playoffs three times for four seasons. It's like him and Mike Tomlin. The only two coaches in like forever to make it to the playoffs times of the first four four seasons and go to a super bowl The first ad with Tomlin it was like cowart retired or whatever bearded inherited a roster. That was gutted. By the Year of Chip Kelly Jab the dark ages the rating of the team. Good Beila Shawn McCoy like this was not a good team. When he got it he obviously allow Roseman credit as well able to build the team out to be something much better than it was but the the the coaching job the pearsons Don has been delightful at another way that you look at this Carson Wentz entering the playoffs allots going around only Through for over four thousand yards not a single receiver went from five hundred yardstick. I think that's wild. Hasn't done interception the red zone all year. Great Sixteen touchdowns one interceptions in the nine wins. There's tremendous Carson's not out here. You're doing like unbelievable. Ungodly on crazy things right. Peterson's Peterson yeah the one who is has scrapped together enough of a team to win four straight games in December a hard thing to do against four opponents very hard thing to do with the division on the line bear hunting to do to make the lesser thirty in aerobic. Hard thing to do it would win. You and I watched this film. Like there's better play for Greg. Ward Dante Burnett. Did a couple of things was second game incarcerated. Great stuff grade stuff. Boston Scott got Heck yeah brother. But the gestalt of the the Lynch pin of it all really should say is Peterson and what he's been able to manufacture on the office side of the football with spare parts and so I'm continuously blown away by the job. Doug Peterson dozens skiwear designer and then as a motivator and a leader in the locker room is a fantastic head coach greatly. Join him make some decisions. I don't like so what every head coach in all the world world forever included like myself. I shared on black Monday after the eagles had won the NFC East I shared an article was doug. Peterson was early December. It was the Doug Peterson after the Miami loss loss. As one of the top five coaches on the hot seat in the NFL. And I was like this is how quickly these things can change it. So bored say level headed through the losses because because all of a sudden four winds that were reminded of what a great coach He is shadowed. Doug Shadow Jay shot up pat and eventual shadow. Jason Ron Rivera. Now the head coach of Washington Redskins can. That's a big win for Washington in my opinion. is gonNA Cobb the analytic powerhouse yield appealed to fight with the Ravens the eagles the Patriots for the next ten years but Washington probably wasn't going to be that they hired so Rivera's a good high. He's going to get you to to a place where consistently competing level you out. New York Dallas who knows By Washington had a great step forward with the higher and they still got to figure out the general manager situation nation. They've got a whole search going on for that. But I agree Ron Rivera is a good. NFL coach might not be a great one. He's not a bad one. Let's solid hiring somebody that can deal with the the roster that they have there. I'm curious to see if Washington's GonNa Organic neither I sit side is gonNa want to bring in John. Dorsey was fired by Cleveland. I began riders GonNa like Dorsey Lot. But also I don't know if Rivera's GONNA WANNA work with doors is that's the tricky thing yet. Exactly you gotTA figure out those dynamics but like you said that a lot of turmoil going on right now in the NFC east and a lot to talk about with them going on throughout the offseason. But Doug Peterson no questions about him. And it's not the e offseason for the eagles. They are headed into the playoffs and they have a roster moved to one. That was a heavily talked about player between me and Ben Heavily debated baited player between me and Ben and Elijah Holyfield the Georgia running back. Who is with the panthers for a bit has been signed by the Philadelphia Philadelphia? Eagles was the guy who are really loved his tape of their moat. Both me and Ben loved his tape. I think we both had questions about his speed and so on and so forth of course he runs a four four seven eight at the combine and completing chases thought on he'll be which was the big concern with him coming out but when I said I think I tweeted. We did this out earlier in the year. s at the running backs for the Eagles next year GONNA be Mile Sanders Boston. Scott and two random madden generated no pig eighty plus trucking players and Elijah Holyfield. Is that eighty plus trucking type player. And what do you think about the same. There is one more to come by the way before. Kick it to you. There's one more signing to come because they're going to move brandon brooks unfortunately too I are so that's going to open up another spot so there is more moves coming but right now we know that Elisa Holyfield is an eagle bend. Your thoughts now holyfield. It was previously on practice squad. Panthers Yep Right now this is actually. I was wondering about this I was like can we take players off the practice squad. Awed of other teams were not in the playoffs. While we're in the cloud I do not know if we could or not and became his great news because these are in a very Britt spot where they're still competing in the playoffs and also have a ton of roster room because of injuries to just grab young players for the future. You know much like Boston. Scott Lay the twenty thousand season. So yeah I liked holyfield coming out on. It was great running back then. He tested booty. And that's problem love gardens. He's got a fantastic vote. Work loves visualize. The decisiveness graded stinks and the time and space if he's going to be anything of the. NFL level is going to be a short yard. Guys going to be a ground and pound between the tackles big body leverage average with power fall forward pick dirty sort of a player but once you have the terrible jobs that he did in the terrible forty that he'd it's pretty evident you're able to create explosive plays and obviously obviously what the NFL wants is explosive plays in eagles disposal. Plays especially out of the running backs because they're not gonNA explosive. Plays out of anybody else right now. Which is why you have multiple ten plus conceptions for Boston? Scott templates runs from ZANDER's in the game against the giants because the eagles need to generate explosive plays with their running backs. That's their only option in so I don't foresee him taking significant snaps. Though I guess Jordan Howard could still be not ready to go. He suited up from seventeen. Obviously we've heard mile L. Sanders low-grade sprain. which is great news if you believe anything? The Eagles Medical Department says which I do not so we'll see But I'm not going to be counting my eggs until they've hatched hatched matured feathered. Whatever the heck however all chickens get? That's how I will wait for my eggs to hatch when it comes to the Eagles Medical Department. This doesn't make any sense. We don't trust the Eagles Mile Santa's might not apply. I don't think it's going to be necessary at just grabbing a guy for practice squad you you want to see if you can develop and make him a good player while let's transition over to the eagles a giants game talking about film review. We both broke it down and whatnot and real quickly. Give some quick thoughts and then kick it to you. Because I got to do the RECAP SHOW WITH BILL G may for rain because you are at a wedding service and did not get to watch the game. In fact the last is play that you saw was the Barclay Sixty eight yard scamper house and begged panic mode and then you come back and you see that the eagles win but I mean you look at this offense overall their scheme you see a lot of trips and whether you want to call it eleven personnel or twelve personnel. At this point it really does not matter because they're using Goddard and Perkins in a lot of receiver type reps for instance Perkins Ran Forty one percent of his snaps from the slot. Got It was thirty seven percent together. They combined for twenty three reps out wide. Now it's great to have averse. Oh guys like that to where you can line them up all over the formation but the problem is without the natural separators to compliment that you see a lot of cases in this game from where I felt there was nothing open for Carson. There was airtight coverage and as such giants defensive coordinator rewards you about this and the bring the preview shows. He was not afraid to leave his guys in man coverage and sent heat and you saw the eagles money down numbers four for thirteen on third and fourth down combine. The Eagles saw a lot of long distances. On all those downs that quite frankly they are not equipped to handle so. That's a problem that I saw on the film. That's going to translate to next week because there are issues there and look props to Josh Perkins Arkan's again props to Dallas. guttered looked at excellent not. I'm not sure we need to be saying such hasty things as perhaps the Josh Perkins that feels low and vicious I mean. He's doing a better job than Mac Collins so McCall's was so good at lining up a different places. How dare you? He wasn't though he was out but Josh Perkins's but now Dante Dante Burnett comes up with a big catch. Robert Davis. It's called back but he had a fantastic cat so there are guys making plays but at the same time you do worry about this offense and I think you said the same thing during the game that You know this. This eagles offense just can't handle third and long situations they're going to have to have early down success moving forward. What did you see from the offense overall when you took a look at the film yet? Another main anything that you experience offensively is. This is a team that for the past few weeks has needed to nickel and dime their way down the field in order to be successful foale nothing against the giants so then that begs the question. How do the T. managed to score thirty four points Zaibatsu? We've been talking about them successfully nickel and diming in the context of like you know long drives and scoring twenty two hundred points in game. Well the eagles had seventeen twenty points. And nen. You have a mouth Jenkins fumble recovered by Fletcher Cox. The two that becomes a touchdown. And then you have the giants go for it on fourth and three from their own thirty nine and that becomes a turnover on downs. Which then because the touchdown gel you have yourself short fields generated by turnovers and this is complementary football? This is unit helping you to this. Is the defense offense as short fields. And now you don't need a string together. Three third down conversions fourth down conversion began the scoring rage. You're already there to begin with that. 'cause like that drive after the turnover on downs were the eagles were up. I believe it was twenty seven seventeen at this time I attacked A negative run a loss. Second and thirteen is an incompletion third thirteen. The Eagles get the whole field out of Boston. Scott all all they needed was one third down conversion big third at thirteen well-suited screenplay. This is the famous spin move by Boston's dot but it got down to the to Scotland's abandoned and they're not only does this like thirty nine yards screenplay not have the same effect if this Dr Starting at your own twenty also probably not even calling it on third not. You're probably probably calling something that has more down throughout the first place. This is the advantage of being able to play on your opponent side of the field on having those fields so the eagles offense didn't really they they did create thirty four points. Short fields helped a ton but this was again a team that mostly succeeded by nickel and diming down the field by saying ahead. The sex by getting into manageable second third downs once we got the third of laws it was a very frequent prayer Team right like we're GONNA hold this one on one coverage we don't get it the punt. The ball away goes to the defense thought played better than I anticipated the doing in this match up. That's what helped the eagles put up those thirty four points. They got a lot better individual performances from from the defense than I think we've seen for for a lot of the season as it gives the whole unit played well together in this game I thought and but but to go back to your point here. I mean news flash drives and sometimes it's not always on the quarterback you look at the fourth and seven talking about the struggles with this offense and there's a lot to dissect in this one by this is just a blitz from from James Becher. He brings a lot of heat there. Is Nobody Open. And that's something that the eagles are going to have to deal with also on this play. Big The just gets planted. Lead by the rookie. o'shane Zimmer says and puts up on his but here so we're hoping we're hoping for the return of Lane Johnson very soon. You're out out of some of these some of the offensive players. I think we'll we'll start with Carson wentz dial in on his performance I think the big thing for the eagles was letting the Bronco Buck Doc Carson Wentz on the move in space off play action also extending plays as well when you get him into a position where he's not sitting in a pocket with all this chaos around him you'd get him out in the space and you give this unit of wide receivers that struggling to separate a longer period of time in which to separate I mean the touchdown down to Perkins the twenty th the at the Quarter to to a one the first and ten rollout whence on the hull with time to survey the field and pick his shots while also affording in that group more time to separate and his decision here to cut across the grain with this throw is interesting because typically you don't want that but he makes this decision as Perkins is covered by the outside outside corner has hips open to him whence knows that corner is going to have to turn and run with Perkins to get there and at that point. You'll have his by. Yeah right you said Oh you don't WANNA put your hands against the grain and produce all right. That's not what's taught as dangerous play. Why are you doing that but also to me this like this is very clearly designed right so this play is hip to model three level? Flood Vase the twenty four yard. LEVERING play actions on flow lasts longer bowls in the right. We're going to have what looks potentially be tight. End Screen Green release. Maybe a tighter Flat we have great war being the deep there should be. The intermedia caused the side of the field of Josh Perkins should fade into the back. Pylon that quarter of the endzone. He instead gives that quarter luck and then cuts to the post and flags across the field. And what I think is the read here as Millfield close middle field. Oh bed did because what you expect. This is a quarters luck from from the giants. What you expect from the middle of the field safety here is potentially sit and robbed down? autocorrect ward cover three. But because the recorder's he continues to bail continues to build backing continues to bail back. And that's what gives outside quarter twenty seven Devon Beal may not. I can't remember anyway when he thinks that that near quarter is going to be able to eat up what looks to be a corner post. You think sat fatmir safe. He's going to eat up the corner post. It's going to go to the middle of Tony's going to be fine. So he keeps his bail deep bailing deep bailing deep and then perkins flattens this route off and screams it to the opposite pylon which is a great way to be a check cover to middle of field crossers because that corner to the outside who has across her running away. Hey from Greg. Warburg away from him. He's responsible for middle of the field so he's going to be closing middle of the field because he's expecting you to go corner post. BYU A quarter post. But then you flattening out you go directly across process face. The by the time they Carl starts gathering his weight the second. UC's that that quarter dropped into the deep. biddle knows he's GONNA throw this aid to space and ask Perkins to get it around the corner. That's what he does. I think so supersonic design if you go and you watch the Robert Davis and deontay burke net deep balls which were back to back place to one another aw twelve seconds left in the third the first play the fourth they both follow similar ideas in that bay present flood in one direction. But they're really trying to go the other way with it. It with Robert Davis they ended up getting Peterman coverage to leverage throw against man was crosswinds. Put in Saint Spot. And then the Deontay Burnett. Bob Is my favorite player in this game. This is so fricking became cool. Alright Yeah WanNA throw so so. It's like sale. Rate is that is that so. It's it's three level flood right. Yeah but what's cool is the plaque clashes when you're running play action flood. which way do you savvy offensive line but if you envision it in your head is going to be a play action fake under center? It's going to be a bootleg. Would you envision it the quarterback boots away from the office of wine the off line zone blocks one way. I opened my hips that way to the back. That way turnaround ironic to unblock doc space. That's your typical look for zone. Play action deep shot three level flood cool the eagles and we talked about this like five weeks ago. Run a concept sites Seagal back power. That looks like zone. Initially are the footwork of the backside. The backside of the Office of Michael the Eagles here rug three level flood with a plaque should look that is not zone. It's a play action look of same side single back power which means that Carson wentz boots towards where his offensive line is. He does not boot away from offensive. Line you've got prior hopefully about vitamin right now best the right side of the line. Carson wentz boots behind them but at the snap they all initially worked to the right side because this is pretending to be saves as comeback powers prior polls goals Jason. Peters look what he's GonNa Combo climb up to the second level. But everybody's safe. When you're online Scrimmage and they'd say Lou Kelsey Vitae Josh Josh Perkins of the tight end or all in place with leverage to the boot side which is huge. Because nobody even sniffs Carson Wentz on this flight life you had ten thousand years to read this or choose to run with it because you did not pedal to wine away from the boot you you got to move towards the boot because the plan your game was adult of sensical back power which you've set up because you've rented the entire year so this was this is such a nifty little design in what what it gives the box and how that allows the eagles to boot Carso went into protection into space with always gonna be near him and then yes you have to level flawed. Plot underneath deontay Burnett Burnett gives those slightly like you just want to clear out route down the seam and then he snaps back inside for the deepest quarter out you've ever doggone saw Carson Wentz put a ball on the young man from yard completion. This is this is is is the levels to describe how cool is is our top two to reach. This is awesome stuff. I agree I agree yes I thought there was some great stuff from Carson especially on the move it feels like the eagles have gotten his legs involved more in recent weeks than they had in the past and he's been very accurate in those situations Carson can sling it when he's on the hook and brother. Let me tell you to talk about some other quick offensive performances performances. Here before we kick it over to the defensive side of the ball but the catch up we gotta bring up Dallas Gutter the catch by Dallas got hurt in the third quarter three thirty eight on third and eight with the the score tied up at ten. This would keep go ahead Dr Alive which is the type of heroics they need on third and long this guy got her has come up big big when his number has been called in these situations late late in the season. He has a gorgeous toe tapper on this one over the shoulder just a beautiful catch. He's over six hundred yards on the year now ranks tenth among tight ends. He has top ten for yards per route run out of the slot on this season per. Pf a disguise being being absolutely productive. And you ask well why do you draft thous God if you're going to extend jacquards and all this other stuff will number one. They run twelve lot number two. This is the type of production that you can get with Dallas Goddard. When he's put in a situation like this where he has to step up just another tool in the toolbox of an offense that is severely lacking playmakers occurs so seeing Dallas guttered? Step up like that in a big time moment was fantastic to see anything else that you saw from the APP so point on that one of the things that happen which blows this is that Erz out and we should reasonably expect urge to be out in week weeks the weekend for the rest yes it is maybe less rate getting which is what we believe happened than he's big beaten up. What happened with socks is on a lot of the two-time concepts eagles ran a and they didn't put Perkins into his job and then leave got in garnered shop they put Role Than Perkins in Ghana troll. Like like if you go to fourteen thirteen in the fourth quarter This is the second in Tan. They run the little vertical. Release out of the NUB set of why weighing but got it has to be on the inside Purgas has to go the outside of this route because Perkins cannot be on the inside in line because he cannot block and so now got it runs the over which attracts the sagging linebacker. The whole defender in the middle of fuel safety and this one does and in a hurricane does running the little seem route with the outside bend. The daughter run so successfully. Anthony could be passed. It gets broken up on. The quarter does a nice job sitting on it and he makes Password got but that's commendable and everything like that. That's great whatever but the Eagles tried a couple times with perkins in the Red Zone. They never got it with him. This this little bender route. They're so used to doing because he simply is not ron and not as good runner Dallas Gutter ends Acura Tarpon. Also he doesn't have the same physicality of the data is not as big and so. It's harder for him to box out with these cadets. He does the catches relative to what garnered usually do so. That's a little frustrating. But they do a good job getting got her involved in other ways I e screen game and then they get involved him involved. A deep breaking routes still pretty consistently which is something they never do his actors He kills that's that's fantastic to say another thing. I really loved from a ski perspective. The giants can't early in this game. Were giving the eagles troubling there blocking scheme by What's called like lagging or leaking the nose? Tackle the backside eh gaps. So you line up your nose in the front side a gap and what will grab a quick plays example. We want to go to thirty nine. I was going to be a rush for nothing Mile Sanders under center at the snap. We have number ninety. Four Alvin Tomlinson. He's in the the frontside egg with the play wants to go but immediately immediately at the snap he is going to shoot into the backside. A gap right with the snap. Three mealy crosses David Kelsey space and in the Middle Linebacker who wasn't backside. A gap immediately immediately closed down Hill frontside egg APPS. You're switching the nose switching the middle linebacker. Neal's make a lot of checks calls based off middle linebacker most but the the leverage of the nose is what's important here because Kelsey goes to seal him off on the zone walk. He overshoots him because he's shooting the backside a gap he penetrates upfield while Brandon Brooks has to try to make this angle on the middle linebacker. And that's a really tough able to make because he expects them to fill backside Jay which Brooks's gap but it's as the front side is so that's over near mall is. The Eagles are out leveraged by these players Will Renzo Carter absolutely murders is same all play for nothing. Whatever if you go just immediately to the second drive right like they had one meeting on the sidelines? About this you can go to Mile Sanders. A twenty one yard run. This is seven twenty eight a in a in the first quarter. What the Eagles do? It's a very similar concept. The running zone frontside again to the left once again. The nose. Tackle the son. Dexter Lawrence is in the front inside a gap this time when he spills backside a gap kelsey comes out infect and POPs of Yongbo blocked pop. Some right over to brooks lap and then Kelsey gets off the block. He's the the WHO handles the the middle linebacker closing the frontside gap instead of trying to outreach into the playside he distaste his backside shoulder. Driveway wants to go by all standards cuts up. The gap is a twenty one yard gave the the the giants spent the entire first two drives leaking lagging the nose tackle to the backside a gap and then after this Aboard Board. They gave me. They were like less than we're screwed. His own reads this way. I had literally. Jason Kelsey adjusts Algebra. Like yeah we're just going to cobble block best instead of asking Brandon Brooks Club in the the second level and it's not gonNa work bore and they completely lost it. They trapped up. They didn't allow two really good stops with that nose tackle. The giants had to abandon it and let the Eagles get back into their base package running the football pretty quickly so the really nice odd sight adjustment. At least what I want. That's what I think happened For Kelsey BREXIT's outlet to go to the sideline for prescribes they listened. They're doing this. They're going to trap this guy that we got to be able to scoop block instead of asking me to take that. That's the that's the advantage you have with Brooks in there with Matt Prior. That's a much more difficult conversation. Because you don't have the chemistry between calcium brought at prior that you have a Kelsey. Brookes harder to pass that block off Ben crushing the offensive side the film review even while sick. It's very commendable. You hear how bad this got go to break. We're going to go to break so that Ben can blur. Will we'll be right back. I'm Jillian Weinberger host the impact a podcast from vox about how powerful people affect the rest of us this season. We're looking at the big ideas from all the people running for president in twenty twenty hit this opioid crisis head on public option. Move away a proposal to energy efficiency. And it's GonNa be a Great Wall and it's going to work. A lot of those ideas have actually been tried before like that. Wall trump wants to build the gallon. Zona has had one on its border for decades. I don't understand why individual people they have a right to have a fence and yet a country can't senator warrants proposal to end the OPIOID crisis. It's based on what we did to fight the AIDS epidemic back. We would like to name it the Ryan White Care Act and the green new deal. Germany tried something similar in two thousand. This solution this season on the impact impact. We have those stories how the big ideas from twenty twenty candidates worked or didn't work in other places or at other times. These are the stories that will help us understand what might happen if these proposals get rolled out here in the next four years. Subscribe to the impact on Apple. podcast cast or your favorite podcast APP to get the first episode on Wednesday January eighth. Hello and we are back. You're on the kissed and so late show episode one sixty five and five hundred for BGN since the relaunch. Thank you for joining US gentle listener. This of course is all brought to you by espy. Chablis degree nation Michael Kissed here with Benjamin Solex. We cover the offensive side of the ball for the eagles. Let's wit side to the defensive offensive side of the ball which had some changes in the middle of the game of automatics was beat up but I thought he had a really good game overall like I said before as far as like the whole unit goes I felt like a lot of different players had some really good games. I think Timmy Jernigan really stood out to me and timmy. Jernigan has had a kind of volatile season from week to week. He can be you know he can be pretty much anything he could be high low even be in the middle. This game I felt was one of his better ones and he He got a sack for for trouble for it about say maddox good game by him even even though he was banged up Malcolm Jenkins continues to perform. Well Rodney McLeod was bringing some thump at thought overall as well that he had a good one brand grand mates and splash plays plays and played strong throughout even guys like like Nathan Gary. I thought had a decent game and then Derek Barnett hits to successful spin moves in the same game and if he would have had a sec Ben was going to have to buy his jersey unfortunately often inside spin move against native solar council right. He's a star. The highest paid Spin cycle the league brother. It's funny because I was like Yo. Vinnie Curry's the good inside rusher game against this fan protection. Meanwhile Derek by Ned brother did his film film study which was which was one on the pros on scouting port coming now but he knew less getting wide some coming inside on folks that he really really good job reading sets in the tackle with the inside account. That's exactly what you want to see from this player. Given how he's developed thus far that's their of his game that he needs to win with and I thought he did a good job. They're not. I agree in the eagles that a lot of different things with their blitz packages packages and they use the Brandon Brandon Graham. Derek Arnold. SOM stunts the stunt from branding grant came on a while they got a sack on inverted cover to would you believe it. Ben Yes I mean the. The the key was the three-man stunt with Brandon Graham coming from like kicked in like four is spot all the way across the formation but on third and eight the coverage had things pretty well covered too. They weren't stress in a manner that typically gives them issues in inverted cover to receiver coming from one side to the deep middle. But we'll take the small victories overall Overall bump player I I felt that was kind of up and down result DOUGLASTON. We might need him in the playoffs. I thought he got picked on a bit in this game especially to start. The third quarter touchdown to tate was one where he just couldn't make a play on the ball and the next drive. They come right after him with an orbit burner concept so he has to to cover this deep route. But even that one at then if you're following along at home on game pass that saw seven thirty in the third quarter second six. He's got a truck all the way across the field and he just can't against Darius late in which no surprise because Layton has four three juice and the blog is to blame here too because they're asking crave on the blog to to come from the line he then rotates a deep safety and he just doesn't get advocated either teams of figure it out if we motionless slot in they'll kick their slot cornered a single high that. Ah Ah Safety. Slap foreigners aren't good place being high which I was trying out for the Washington a game because Washington got the Eagles on the couple times. There was the the player. Von Demata swinging single. Oh Hi Jerry. maclaurin touchdown was off of that. There was debate on twitter about how well maddox played the responsibility in the rock and roll. Where were the safeties rock and roll? Where a motion? The corner who was on the jet motion player drops the single high safety than the single high safety goes to cut off the most player that gave up a big touchdown. Then you have a big play on it with the Darius slay throw it wasn't it wasn't Hopefully there's you know somebody in the analytics department Barbie being like Hey Jimbo when you do this good things happen to the other team. Yeah but I I struggle to blame. So for the Golden Tate Touchdown L.. Man I mean so. It's yeah is deep crossers. They handed off really nicely and then he he physically cuts off golden state. He outlived him dangle. Adults ban on the pocket for three three and a half seconds scrambles jolt a great throw go take makes a great catch big sufficiently physical with Douglas. Douglas obviously not able to get his head around which is which is disappointing thing but no way was he in a poor coverage position or did he do anything technically wrong but even to pass interference penalty was stupid in my opinion so I have no issue. I don't play best us. There's probably he probably cut off GonNa Tate and fell asleep a little bit and stopped flying at a hundred percent late in the play but Beyond that like I didn't have any biggest with a sleigh right is like that's what he's GonNa lose tail but the issue so he loses to slay in on that hugh started for yard catch and run and it's like this is how we remember it the same way we could remember so Douglas's the reason we lost to the cowboys number by Tape Austin. Meanwhile everybody's talking about extension a city Jones on the very same frigging drive five four thirty four sitting band coverages does not move. His feet gets unbelievably toasted by sterling. Shepard Markaz accepts isn't even in the same zip code as plight but what you there. Yeah and is it adds being incomplete because data Completely shorts hit city Jones in the back as he's trying to recover Cabraha so we got our quarter play. We gotta be a little bit more process-based Jones. I don't know like he was. Here's what was tricky about Jones. Jones was so oh good press coverage coming out of Washington but you can play that. NFL level here is an off coverage third year. Obviously it's been a generally insane career for Jones but he's struggling off and he needs to be good offer. How correctly is which he's activated feet like this is just day one? Install stuff I I thought overall Jones because a lot of people ask me. 'cause you know a big Sidney Sidney Jones guy coming into the season. They asked me about his performance. Look at and here we are. It is December. Thirty first is going to be two thousand twenty win this era so still in two thousand twenty. We are going to be tried to figure out what to do with this quarterback group and said he had some plays. I really love her. Though the one where he drove on the slant I put that up on their on twitter he got up nice and Titan and made a play and they had the interception in a cover to zone where he kind of Luke apply. Yeah it was a solid play. That's that's what you should do with no threat in front. Have you get depth and you end up putting yourself in a position to make a play on the ball as exceptions on the year and has had come up with some huge plays but overall as you said there are are some flaws on this film as well some consistency issues. I mean the one where he yoked Saquon Barkley trying to get out to the flat. That was weird and go back to like Russell to restore Seoul wasn't all bad like I feel like I'm picking on a little bit so i WanNa bring up a good one. I'll given credit on the long ball on fourth quarter. Thirteen minute mark against slate and who gets on top of him a little bit which again. Slayton four three but resold as a good job while not in phase of playing through the hands and earns a break-up so that wasn't all bad and he had another break up up like that closing down Kate Smith from zone Reagan. His hands on the fifth. I was go play or overall shaky with some of the same Unsurprising issues us. But some solid plays mixed into of maddox had a great Great break-up on a I forget the time stamp. But he had a nine ball that he stayed in phase as war looked back leaned into the receiver. made the made the break-up so like there were some plays there to be made for the secondary and they They they came up with most of them so it could have been in a lot worse than it wasn't so thankful that we actually got some ball skills in the air from the Eagles corners in this game which has not been the case from the outside corners for the majority season. The other corner who deserves mentioned for ball skills is slow Akra von. who was good? I don't know if there's a way that you can create a roster spot that exists just exclusively for the post season or just generally like play important games despite season but obviously we did see the log of the year because injure whatever but it's just insane how two years in a row they have been massively strong at the corner position in riser in the playoffs this cat Cremona vaseline. I was like what if an I actually really good. And you're like out without it'd be awesome. He's gotTa be good for these football games No you didn't have the greatest game against the bears in the wildcard round but like he was like a legit like starting quality impact nickel quarter. I mean the the third seven pass break up in the first quarter odds like eight okay sex or something. At the time stamp. This is golden tate on shake route in the slot. This is like a nightmare for us. Law Corner Leblanc just sits with them. Super Patient Physical flips lapses. Hats handed over the cashpoint meet. Its textbook coverage like this. If this is healthy Leblanc Alto boxer starmer. We'll eagles have too many good nickel players. Negus get some good outside. Players Malcolm Jenkins von Mash Cremona block is the best possible nickel defending trio people. You could ever have. They have no outside quarters to go at whatsoever so yeah thought As well for quarters ball skills make an impact lies. I wanted to Get your thought process. What was going through your head during the game? We'll talk about the SAQUON touchdown here will break down for someone to get your thoughts by that. That was something else in quarter three to sixteen first and ten. I play of the drive after the eagles go up seventeen to ten. It's the most eagles thing ever to do to immediately give up the big one. This one goes sixty eight yards and look Barclay special. You get gary kicked out Bradina Bradina sealed-off Jones's locked up grandma's held up just long enough and McLeod takes what I think is a bad angle from is a pretty bad angle isn't it. What is he looking at a Tokyo? He's like going inside in a is it's obvious in any way but all these things happen and allow Barclay to scampered nearly untouched. I mean the Guy Right through the peace sign at the eagles forty eight yard line. He knew that nobody was catching them. Then as you're at the wedding service about to go in and you see this play what's going through your mind positive. They'RE GONNA lose a football game. I was so sure the whole time all the well so sad that the eagles are about to lose this twenty two seventy get over it will die by the time I got out of the service it was don thirty four seventeen Happy I went through all the place and I was like deep deep past complete deep last complete D. complete. I was so surprising. Jake Elliott hit a fifty yarder at nobody. It'd be screw you guys with room to spare you freaking Elliott's every single. She does not miss the clutch all the names of all you cowards. Words who failed in left at forsake the okay. Whatever he's really good? I liked you so I saw that. That was good. I actually when I was like. y'All Malcolm Jenkins fumbles was such a cool play much all the data don't vested just dropped the ball on the guy that's still fine. I'll take beggars can't be at this point. That was the big rose rose like holy crap. How good of a Game Boston Scott had how critical he was until I saw his first got the player of the week? And then I saw a stat line and then I watched the film and I was like all Mao sanders like it might have mile. Sater's dislike part second half no. He was like three quarters and Scott was like yellow bell cow. Now how you can deal with that like this is what I do. Right is what I was built for us. Why I'm five? Eight put worldwide shoulders. Sanders forty-five scrimmage yards and like by the middle of the first quarter. He was balling and then he goes on my honestly honestly. What's going on idea the low key? The clutches play of the the entire game was the Boston Scott one-handed screen okay. I am I tand. I'm looking for where it is. 'cause went under pressure in. He's got. He's got a float. One and Boston. Scott is like four foot seven so there's not a huge target to deal with the fact that he was able to wrangle this thing in this pretty the incredible considering some of the drops you want some like awful football analysis right just like not good scouting analysis but just fan analysis on this supply. When Boston Scott takes enough out of the linebacker he liked goes like yeah? Let's his body and it was. It was going to block up in the GEICO Lazim right here like spins him and that makes him over pursued Carson and then Scott able to survive that contact flips still get into a screen path in time. But he's obviously a little bit behind bog floated he caroused one handed while spinning in the air. Like one handed catches are hard. He does it wall rotating so he landed a position where he can run up the field. What you watch this play? You're like yeah this kid's the man like this is like the you can't make plays like this without it's like being like inflow like we were just like I could either good football player. You know this is not this is not a backup play like all should be good. This is just like Boston Scott by position on TV sound down. I'm a big deal on the reason. This offense running call me Carson Wentz. There was such a good quality fun play and he deserves all of the celebrations that he got afterward. Word the multiple touchdowns fakes booth all staff. How big do you think his hands are did he was he account to make a one hand he combine he was He had so. I I see here your values from the. I think it's from the Arctic Rodeo. If I'm not mistaken but his arm like this. Twenty nine and seven eighths. So he's got like the of automatics. T. Rex arms arms. But I don't see don't see hand size. I was interested when I saw the catch. I'm like he's gotTa have like the tiniest hands I will say but anyway nine and seven eight for five seven is one thing. Maddox five nine. Five ten twenty nine and a half. He's a hero as anytime. Madison makes a pass now to be his arm. Length causes so proud of him. But anyway now okay. It's time to start messing around. Mike's hard to be serious time to give the people what they want Weeks ago this podcast. I may or may not have said that. Anti Russia my favorite player in the Philadelphia Eagles and they should have cut him on the very next day. So a half of that was correct. He is my favorite player. The Eagles I I would buy his Jersey tomorrow if not for the fact that I think he will not be number sixty six immediate future cause more harm Saiki him because he's not bad add. Now he doesn't fit the Jim Schwartz mold and so they probably aren't GonNa get rid of him but he has played clearly well enough to be a rotational national player. Somewhere he's a great film. He's throwing low pass rush moves. Look at the Anthony Rush. I'm not here to over SCO for it. Every single rushing the ball rush works because he's massive and he also continues to be one of the most impressive hustle players on the team. But only if you watch it very closely because because you're not watching for him you just think he's at the same speed as everybody else because he is but he's trying so much harder to Stops and I love him unconditionally. Italy would you still die for him. Yes I feel like the second. He stops counting number sixty six in number like ninety five. I'm going to like him way. Less but sixty fifty six is. What kills me? How long do you think it takes him to get his first sacking by how long I mean from snap like not I like what gave you be like? What's the duration of quarterbacks time the pocket like honestly the probably got The Eagles if they have good rush lane integrity like he'll probably get a cleanup Sackett Consob Boyd. If he continues to play this snaps he's taken like thirty snaps agape. I don't think you'll be this year. They're probably GONNA play wargames maybe tail all man. He's he's gotTa get cleanup sack is going to be one of the most hustle list cleanups is one. I wanted to get like a sack like the quarterback like trying to escape up the pocket. And just like you don't like like Tries to fly into the be gap. See Somebody's there. Tries to bounce back in the air gap and Russia's standing doesn't even expect them to show up quarterbacks rugged did Anthony yard sad but it goes into the statue doesn't sack at Russia's a huge celebration Anti rushes my hero. I love him to death. Eagle should should never cut him ever. What made that very clear? That's the new policy all the Pong. He's been playing Decent rotational ball as late. Like you said during the playing well. The defensive tackle rotation is shoring up pretty nicely that is going to do it for this film review. Recap of the Eagles and the giants. We're going to have preview shows coming your way all week. QB Scotia will be out later today. Of course we'll have our regular set of to preview shows of the upcoming war with with the Seattle seahawks maybe we'll have Some special guests from seahawks better. Maybe like a wreath Hassan or something like that to come on and give the Seattle side of the of the matchup but then for for now for the five hundred episode here on. BGN would you say goodbye to the gentle gentleness. I don't know why you're making me do this. Okay I've got to announce at out so many I said. Hey thank you for listening to this show can be generated and we appreciate it appreciate you. Do we appreciate this whole year. We appreciate this whole decade. We are so appreciative of all the things that we do with you and with each other for you for work. So thank you and Ray our podcast and review it subscribe to it. Talk to us on twitter. Michael Guest Bedrooms Abacus. NFL Abbot was like well. Okay who knows who enjoy joyous celebrations be safe but be fun. Make resolutions make those resolutions to listen to us all the time that execute and would be proud of yourself for doing your job. Enjoy the next decade with a super bowl ad for the Philadelphia Eagles in which I start at wide receiver given how things are going so thank thank you again. Send Me Madison. Eagles and four them he was at five thirty play a recreation game against the AFC teams. They're they're gonna be the ravens chiefs just shown we all we all. We need fly. Eagles fly

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