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Welcome to bedtime history. Hello this is break. I hope you had a good week here in Arizona, we had fall break. So cute were off school and we were able to spend some time together as a family. We drove to the northern part of Arizona to a lake called Lake Powell. Lake Pals pretty interesting because it's a huge man made lake the Colorado River runs through it, and once it just a river but a dam was created which slowed the river until the lake filled up. Now the water passing through the damn is used to create electricity. This process is called Hydro Electric Power. From the lake the Colorado River runs through the grand. Canyon. At the lake, we played together on the beach and explored the area with paddle boards. It was an awesome adventure. I posted some pictures at bedtime history stories, dot com if you want to check them out. A big. Thank you and shout out to our newest owner a beer from Singapore, if you don't know where Singapore is Southeast Asia far across the Pacific from the United States. If, you'd like to donate bedtime history, visit our website and click the donate link to donate on Patriot on. Also remember we have videos on Youtube check out our youtube channel and website bedtime history stories dot com for more information about the podcast now onto our episode. Close Your eyes and imagine here in the middle of battle in the American wilderness all around you American soldiers dressed stiff blue jackets, load their guns, and fire at the enemy running at them are native American warriors dressed in loincloths and leather there yelling charging the soldiers with weapons raised they clash in battle and fight for Roche ously, around you echo the sounds of metal clashing on metal gunfire and people crying out. Then he turned around here, I catch a peaceful site. There in the middle of the fight scene sits a native man with his legs crossed. He sitting silently smoking a peace pipe while men fight all him. This man is one of the famous American. Indians sitting bull. Sitting. Bull was born around eighteen thirty one. He was one of the Hunk Papa People Lakota Sioux tribe that lived in the Great Plains area in what is now known as North and south. Dakota. When he was born, his family called him jumping badger. Leaders parents changed his name he was quiet and deliberate, and they didn't think jumping badger fit him deliberate means careful and cautious. His parents gave him the nickname slow instead and he was called this as a child. Slows father was the chief which meant someday, he would be the chief of his people. When he turned ten slow killed his first buffalo hunting buffalo is very dangerous but the tribe depended on buffalo for their survival they eat their meat and use their skins for clothes and shelter. Slows family was proud of his first buffalo kill and celebrated to honor him? When he was fourteen slow and others from his tribe snuck into an enemy's village and stole food and other items. This is called a raid and was common for tribes in the Great Plains to fight and steal things from each other for survival. Because of slows bravery during the raid, his father gave up his own name and gave it to his son from then on slow became known as sitting bull. Around, this time the government of the United States wanted settlers to move into the western states even though sitting bull's people already lived there to settle means to make a permanent home. This meant that Sioux Lakota tribes would have to leave and find a new place to live even though they had lived on these lands for many years but sitting Bolas family refused to leave and fought against the government and the people who tried to take over their land. The government sent the army to fight sitting bull and his people. As a young man, he became famous for his fighting skills and people all over the United States heard about him and we're afraid because of the stories they heard about him. In eighteen seventy, two, the northern Pacific railroad was trying to build a railroad across the United States. It ran through sitting bull's land. So he in the Su- people were determined to block it. When they tried the US army was called in to try and remove them in the conflict quickly turned into a battle during the battle sitting bull, who is now a middle aged chief walked into the middle of the field where they were fighting and sat down in front of the US soldiers he invited several other tribesmen to join him. He and his friend sat in the field and had a long slow smoke from tobacco pipe while watching people battle around them. Legend says that after finishing his pipe sitting bull carefully cleaned it and then walked off without showing any fear he was very brave. During the eighteen sixties sitting bull continued to fight against settlers encroaching on Sioux land, he and his tribesmen attacked military outposts and stole livestock or farm animals, her attack, the soldiers living there his group of men were very brave but he knew that it wouldn't be enough to keep back the US army. So he went and spoke to leaders of the tribes nearby and together they worked as one group. The LAKOTA Sioux they decided to have just one leader in an eighteen, sixty, nine sitting bull became their new leader. The group continued to grow and by the mid eighteen seventies, they also included warriors from the Cheyenne in Arpaio tribes even though sitting bull is mostly remembered as a warrior, he was also a type of holy man. He was believed to have the gift of prophecy or the ability to see the future. Sitting bull once had a vision or dream that the soup people were soon going to have a great victory in battle shortly after that the prophecy came true. In eighteen seventy, six, a lieutenant colonel by the name, of George A custer and his soldiers road out against the suit battle they were known as the Seventh Cavalry, the attack sitting bull and his warriors but they were inspired by sitting bull's vision, and even though they were outnumbered by customers army, the sue people won the battle against over two hundred soldiers. This became known as the battle of little big horn. Sitting Bull's nephew white bowl and another warrior named crazy horse fought bravely at the battle of Little Big Horn and became famous for their victory against custer and the Seventh Cavalry? But, of course, the US Army was not happy about losing the battle instead of backing down, they sent an army of twice as many soldiers to fight sitting bull. They wanted to push the native her first nations people off the land and force them onto reservations. Reservations were an area of land set aside for them to live on instead of the land the settlers wanted, but sitting bull refused to leave his own land and move to the reservations instead in May eighteen seventy seven, he led a group of his people to Canada, where he spent four years hiding out. Sadly though the buffalo and the area disappeared. Because Buffalo or what has people needed to survive they almost starved. Sitting bull and his people left their camp in Canada and moved back to the United States a few years later their camp was attacked and sitting bull and his followers surrendered to the US army. In North Dakota. By this time sitting bull was an older man. He spent two years in prison and later was sent to live on a reservation at standing rock. He lived on that reservation for the rest of his life. But sitting bull was famous when he got out of prison, many people heard stories about his fighting skills and admired him for his bravery. When they met him, they were willing to pay two dollars for his autograph. He got permission to leave the reservation to go on tour as his own exhibition or entertainment show when sitting bull was at a stopover in Minnesota he saw starring any Oakley the famous sharpshooter. Sitting Bull was very impressed with her gun shooting skills. He introduced himself in hand. Any Oakley became friends. He gave her the nickname little sure shot and called her his daughter rumor has it that sitting bull gave any Oakley a pair of moccasins he had worn during the battle of little big horn as a gift in June eighteen eighty five, the showman, William. Buffalo. Bill cody hired sitting bull to perform in his famous wild west show sitting bull was paid fifty dollars a week to wear his full chiefs Wa- retire and write a horse during the show's opening scene. He considered the job and easy way to earn money and help audiences learn about his people and how difficult their lives had become. But. Some audience members didn't like sitting bull because they knew he had killed white soldiers during battle sometimes, audiences cruelly booed sitting bull and threw things at him. Sitting bull soon got tired of traveling and some of the mean crowds he faced and he missed his family. So he left the tour for good after its final show in October. Beginning in eighteen, eighty, nine, many native American or first nations people started talking about religion called the ghost dance. These people believe that spirit was going to come to Earth and removed the white people from the area where they lived allowing them to return to their old ways. The US authorities started to worry that sitting bull was going to use the ghost dance movement to lead his people to war against the white people they always knew that sitting bull resisted refused to follow their traditions sleigh believe he was likely to get involved and lead this movement against them. On December Fifteenth Eighteen Ninety police were sent to arrest sitting bull and bring him in for questioning. He refused to go with them. So the policemen dragged him from his cabin. The commotion caused a Large Group of sitting bull's followers to come and see what was going on. One of them fired a shot at the policeman setting off a gun battle in the confusion that followed more than a dozen people were killed including sitting bull. Sitting bull had many hard experiences in his life there's a lot we can learn from him. He showed great bravery from a young age while hunting in a battle. He was also able to stay very calm under stress and pressure. Have you ever practiced trying to stay calm when you feel afraid or angry. What works well for you. Know. It helps me to take deep breaths and try and clear my thoughts sometimes if I go outside or take a walk that helps to. Reacting to stress that way as much better than yelling or calling names or other things. We later regret it's completely normal to feel upset I often do. The question is how we will deal with those feelings. Sitting Bull showed us that even upsetting situations we can be calm sitting bull also fought for what he believed in and stayed close to his family and his tribe. Even when they were threatened and told to leave their lands, he refused he put himself in great danger to try and save his people sticking up for yourself, and your family is a very noble thing to do think of what you can do to take care of your family and the community in which you live like sitting bull we can all be leaders in our communities and families if we stick up for what we believe and for our loved ones, thanks for listening and be sure to tune in next time.

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