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Green City Studio Begin Live Work No yes welcome guys on today's show is history going molly and Tommy a new idea on an old tired restaurant Charlotte area actually we flew out of Was it Douglas Douglas Airport over their insurance flew out and it was a hour flight to Baltimore because we flew southwestern and then it wasn't like a forty five minute jumped to islip which is one of the airports around the long we'll give you guys something here bonus or something like that and I haven't figured it out yet probably figured out here in the next couple of minutes though but we just got back from New York and we left the of school shooters which was it was incredible the stories that they were telling us and they were saying that I'll break real small down for you is they were kind of tells you that is a healthcare good in New York or is it just kind of like you know we're not gonNa make any money so we'll just cut the slim off instead of giving you we're teaching the teachers or telling the teachers to grab books and throw throw them at the at the active shooter to slow him down you know kind of like when you're running through it's not protect the kids protect the kids it was training for when the kids get shot like this is a inevitably going to happen you know how to pack a wound don't don't tie off a wound we didn't know about that was going on in the New York area and we learned a lot we have all these available for you if you're part of the member members only section of a prophet radio the taxes that that's the now that wasn't exciting but it's it's fun to hear all the stuff that you know little town hall meetings and stuff that goes on so that was new we went to New York and it was exciting every day don we we actually talked to a couple of schoolteachers that were telling us you know they're getting ready for the new school year is getting ready to start and some of the training that they had to go through for like the hospitals talk to some people were there and I didn't know I didn't realize that most of the hospitals if not all the hospitals in the area in New York are nonprofit so the okay I'll tell you what if there wasn't a pizza or a loaf of bread or coal cuts or something that we ate at one meal we ate it for every meal why are you how's everyone doing how's everything going and one thing we like to do here right when we start all the hands above the head and big stretch oh the Aaron packet with something a sock a shirt or a wound would stop the bleeding and it was just crazy stuff like that and know few years back they were saying that one school was given the chase scenes where the bad guys trying to get away and the and the good guys are trying to follow him and they go through the back of the Chinese restaurant and they flip everything over to slow him down slow the cops down go to the members only section sign up and you get all that material that we had over in New York we talked to let's see oh I got my notes right here why don't you read the notes obscene and it was really weird and then we talked to we sat on not sat on of what we went to a couple of town hall meetings and in the local area they were talking about redoing their who we D- Goliath has just gotten back from our trip to New York and I know the podcast was a little bit late and I Apologize For all that Night Ellen area and that's where we spent most of our time up there in the Long Island Area Deacon live at a couple of shows we've met a bunch of people who talked to a lot of a lot of great lot of interesting people a lot of different things the same thing you know you want to slow the shooter down and that was her trading I was like Oh but also available on the members only section of private radio and we also went through well every meal every meal was either pizza or dough or some kind of pasta or sarcoma some kind of cold cut sandwich or we went out to dinner a couple of times like all the teachers rocks to throw at the active shooter to slow him down and everyone laughed you know mocked and that schools idea but literally these schools in Long Island so that we met up there actually took us out to dinner which was nice and it was a fun trip we met a lot of new fans out there a lot of old fans that we've seen before and I just wanted to say thank you everyone vitamin D can live out to New York Long Island area and we can go to your talent as well and we do a the seven days we can come around and do all the stuff and talk about all this stuff kind of like the back from New York 'cause I whatever reason I didn't I didn't bring a laptop up there my wife had her laptop but it doesn't have all my stuff on it I thought I could get away with just doing everything through was it tourist department if you if you want us to come out and tore your city and we'll talk about you on the air it's kind of an even if you just got a couple of local shops and stuff will come out to your tablet my phone and I forgot some stuff but I was going over the numbers and just to let you guys know all you listeners out there we appreciate each and every one of you again I I apologize is for being laid on this podcast and you know what I'm going to do for you if you email me Deacon at Prophet Radio Dot Com I'll send you some free swag all you gotTa do is put Free Live podcast over there and then I'm GonNa go through Real Quick Charlotte of course New York City Buffalo Phoenix La and San Francisco appreciate you guys out there on the West Coast backup everything and move everything around you know pick up the dogs from the Kennel and trying to get caught up here on the France but I wanted to go over some of the numbers with you guys real quick Ireland Leisa that's what we did up in New York so how are you know Ari ashes and stuff one thing I do want to say speaking how are you I'd like to thank each and every one of you I was going over the numbers when we Gimme the actual number just shows the locations of of worse on his downloaded the Deacon live podcast over Manchester actually the UK Manchester is downloaded have you guys out there you can find us on Iheartradio he can find us on spotify you can do all that stuff makes you subscribe to us and do all this have I done enough self promoting how I've done enough lag in the subject and then put your address down and also something out to you and for for the podcast being late so I apologize for that I know I got back I'm doing laundry doing laundry and trying to just give me rain will come out there and hang out with no problem and also Eugene Oregon so we're getting those fly over states as well so if you're saying it mind the only no there's plenty the only reason why I'm doing all the self promoting is because we're trying to get on to broadcast with China you know why not nba you know you see all the stuff with NBA in the movie stars and takes and all the stuff China's the big market China is huge for the United States as far as getting your message out there and getting a product out there to a large quantity of people I just want to touch on the political the political sorry I want to touch on the broadcast getting our broadcasts out there to China and I'm just being it's a farce I'm just being silly Komo technically don't they really not really have much to do in China other than make our shirts toys and what I mean look at everything that Walmart mates or has they don't make it it's there is money nonetheless suspend China's huge market and as far as them being free and not free I'm not going to get into the sorry not going to get into the political aspects of that and don't forget if you can go to the profit radio website and that's P. R. O. P. H. ET RADIO DOT com if you wanna be heard or you want to comment on because everyone's freaking out about it everyone's freaking out about it it was like if China shut down the whole United States would go broke but we did it to ourselves I think for the most part so I'm just trying to that other stuff whether it's right or wrong or who am I to say whether it's right or wrong that's when an opinion is I think a very smart man once said on opinions like assholes everyone's got one you know so oh what did you mean by that and what did you do about this now I'm GonNa talk about some other stuff here on the show that you might want to chime in about so I'm hoping to stir your noodle there and get your opinion on all made in China made in China made in China so they got nothing else to do they're working twenty four hours a day for like three days straight and then they they cut money to spend now it's not a whole lot of money any of the stuff that we've done here on past Ponca just clip be heard is low blue bar it's the only blue thing on the page and click on that opens the microphone on your desktops all right when we come back I'm going to get into us being altogether and what does that mean for us as a society of going backwards as far as us all smartphone tablet whatever you got access your microphone I'm not GonNa listen to you believe me I got enough shit to do like I said that a million times and just leave us a message saying hey alone here in the United States is live right here on Prophet radio I'll be right back welcome back to my weird broadcasting live from the Queen City studio broadcast you see all the kids I say all the kids you see all these people that are on twitch and Youtube and they're playing the game and they comment on it and they do all the stuff well I've gone kicking tooth and nail whatever the the slogan is to not get a playstation for my wife bought me one no problem so now I've gotten to the point playing the Games and stuff that I'm ready to do a live the Queen City studio at four seven four four eight eight eight zero zero and makes you follow us on all our social networks and our page and a twitter and instagram and all that stuff Musa October you'd think a couple of things you think cool weather you think Halloween What else do you think of in October I don't know when this happened but in God's will and yet there does seem to be some questions touching me like this oftentimes surrounding twelve God's will often find that on profit radio DOT com you know one thing I have been doing it and I've been having a little bit of fun with it is I have a playstation for I dragged myself Dave what's next you're listening to the line grabbing what the Kellogg's intention is why does cereal came out Kellogg's is doing this in support of glads Spirit Day glad spirit you know an hour or two here in an hour or two there and I I sit down and I play the the playstation and I live broadcast it on youtube so if you want to be a part every day is a national thing in every week's got a national thing so October is national? LGBT awareness month of course they picked the scariest there's a of November so the third week of October it I guess is an full week like what if the first falls on a Friday Saturday Sunday Monday than the Monday it would be the fourth and then that would be would that be considered week number one I don't know the third Thursday is easy to remember for Thanksgiving the third week full week I wanted to check it out so just go to search deacon live on Youtube and makes you subscribe him follows as well so now one thing that's going on October now into the field now and what it is is in between the podcast daily choice that I have here on the Franch- there's some downtime in between number two box of cereal did he just he just got up celtics has come out with a a new box of cereal and has called the altogether cereal this is a small video and Kelloggs different serials like frosted flakes fruit loops rice krispies raisin brands frosted mini wheats and corn of that if you want to see some of the Funny Shenanigans that I do on the playstation floor now the game a play call of duty World War Two and it's just I'm just out there running around making fun of Half Week I don't know they got to be a little bit more together on this serial wearing the color purple is a way to support all the Lgbtq community Oh break it's like you know black history month February I think Latin history is GonNa get your phone calls it's either March march it you know it's it's now coming up to the service that October is now. LGBT now see I'm not in a community LGBT month which means you know on Spirit Day now on Spirit Day because I thought Purple Representative I think it's not autism it's something else there's something else that's purple we all belong together cereal the color purple it's a really Nice Shavkat got some nice gradients on it and it does feature all the mascots April I forget I don't want to say because I don't want to lump in Cinco de Mayo thing oh it's gotta be may cause it's probably is mad I don't know but October is now and who makes it but there's a bag of chips that are out there that has like doritos pretzels cheetos all in one bag it's like all the crap when the Pallets Bust often bring you chapter twelve most of us just moment will be reading that one question for you have you or forgot when you could respond anyone you know ever had questions about we've all at one time or another question around got real a check by two thousand dollars hey we're doing something doing something I don't know they're blending all the cereals together and calling it and we're all together to promote not bullying located just outside of Charlotte in a little town we like to call Dr Swell could give us a call at the station at any time at four zero seven four four eight eight eight zero Texas live at any time likes cereal mascots Tony The tiger so I think what they've done is thrown all these the cereals all one ball I'm looking at the ball right now if you're watching us on the EH is always observed in the third week of October and it's used as a way to speak out against LGBTQ bullying and harassed Smith that the LGBTQ community may face so I misspoke it it's not the whole month the third week it's kind of like Thanksgiving is always like the for donation to glad to support their efforts wait wait did he say fifty th a generous fifty thousand dollars fifty thousand dollars so you awesome me you've got millions of millions of boxes of cereal and you are literally paying fifty thousand dollars to the the glad pop Jesus on the box together they're holding hands and smiling just showing that symbolism of belonging together this is a really nice no mandatory scheduled to teach the history not literally the history of LGBT in schools but some of the schools are now saying channel under the tent you see all the mascots and stuff all she is fruit loops shredded we and maybe some rice krispies in their self worth. It's Kinda like that I forget. LGBT community and something that's got us all confused speaking of bullying something that's got us all confused I say all confused a lot of us are you aware that they are now in writing the history books hey guess what member Benjamin Franklin yeah he was gay not that he was gay I'm just saying but they're going back through the history books and they're they're tagging it all one ben and they go what are we doing all these bins of mix cereal guess what no bully no bullying too can Sam snap crackle and promotion tie in because Kellogg's inches doing this as a cash grab maybe they are maybe they aren't they aren't making a very generous fifty thousand Hawes here with everything that they're trying to do that doesn't make sense Y se doesn't make sense that just shows they don't have a whole lot of support behind it in the warehouse they kind of just sweep it all in one thing and shove it in a bag it's all the busted busted stuff from all the the and that's what this is I think all the busted boxes from different cereals they just the lgbt not lessons but who is lesbian gay bisexual transsexual throughout history welcome to elementary the rewriting history the way it was I mean granted you know there's an old old saying that says only the winners of wars right the history books cool where in California the law requires a fair accurate inclusive and respectful treatment of lesbian gay bi and transsexual Americans I think lean atoms now I don't understand why it says that they have to they have to include the sexual preference of each person behind their name like you know gay person month but the scariest thing but that's just my opinion that's just my opinion and what's scary is Kellogg's has come out with a special commander commitment people is gay out themselves or the conclusion lacked evidence in secondly these courses are not optional meaning parents cannot doubt that means your kids are being taught deep purple on the trees you're not allowed to hunt in that area but and the Thai maybe you're not allowed to lgbt you've got the purple into their cereal and made the new box for the of American publisher faced certain prejudices state required publishers like Mark Jarrett to include the sexual preferences of prominent historical figures among others activists because the losers of course Arnon around to to write it so here we are now writing they're rewriting history books it's controversial because some publishers we're not comfortable identified Sally Ride Blah Blah Blah astronaut and stuff like that I mean when do we stop you know when they say let's all get together let's all get along then we but yet we're still labeling people and putting them I mean you're little it's not enough to learn history without confusing the people that are I mean these youngsters these kids Ab- and then throw sexual preference publishers who refused Jarrett's taxed for eighth graders in it he refers to stagecoach driver Charley Parkhurst as a woman who identified as a man Baron von Steuben who helped Washington thing you go back so far it's allegedly allegedly he was gay just because he didn't have a wife or he didn't have a partner or anything like that we should say then he never married he had a very good friend who was living with him he may have been gay on the other hand I know at least ten or fifteen guys that that have never been married in have a friend it's called a roommate that they live with because they are for whatever reason they're they're they're not established they don't have a good job or they spend their money I'm just saying I mean that's that's now a lot of support behind I mean Kellogg's can say here's fifty thousand dollars a kid you're bothering me type thing so they through the Liane frivolous things and they have a roommate are they now at that time being gay was seen as something evil and wrong the state approved forge may have been gay poet Walt Whitman Man may have been gay was drawn the young men in parks and dancehalls but denied his same sex preferences inboxes we're putting them in little compartments and now we're trying to justify or or label these people these people a couple episodes go but it's confusing out of the way and just teach about history this person discovered the cotton gin this person discovered electricity this person was the first president now granted mail and is confusing to do all that just let history be history let black and white let's let's you know Spanish Latin community amputee gay lesbian just throw that out is going on here I is An effort to a politicized now this guy could have been he was a little weird looking to make anybody subscribe to be can live wherever you listen to podcasts search label some figures as gay and forced another to insert the word lesbian when referring to astronaut Sally ride why versus because why why do the not can live and please give the nice reviews female this is the first female this is the first president or first female this first female that I can understand that does it stop where does it stop I don't I don't know throw in Lesbian Sally ride what if she had like one arm missing amputee sally right and and what if she was a lesbian an-and amputee lesbian amputee less we come back I'm GonNa talk about some spooky things that people are talking about and some real ideas behind so stick around you'll listen live right here on property I'll be right back hey we're not saying the incident agenda we're not saying that these people are better than other people what we're saying is the writer the guy who does the books this is another group listen to the best new rock here on radio stick around we'll be right back all other like they're talking to emily let's see them writers Emily Dickinson and then you'll Hawthorne and President James Buchanan though evidence is inconclusive see that's the radio well there you go there you go whereas us up I don't know where it stops but guess what's GonNa Coming up Halloween Halloween coming up right around the corner can't stop that from happening how do I say this politely well I've talked about it before you know there's there's this group of people that are like the between the ages of forty and fifty they've been divorced and in public much of this is speculation is not good history yeah it it's it's not good history if you start saying stuff like this and then sexy Halloween costume dead and gone gone and dead is is it out the doors at like hey grow up stop me stop being a whore you know they were saying a single again and and now they're dressing like horse and their dressing like Jim UC says my wife would say but I haven't seen as much anymore I've seen the facebook feeds are out there somewhere I was reading someone was protesting about that Oh the people in this neighborhood the people in the neighborhood were complaining about the sexy Mr Roger I didn't see the picture scene in pulp fiction where John Travolta gets his I forget what kind of car it is I think it's either fairlane or GTO and he gets it out of storage I they outside a little town we like to call Marshall before I continue on what like to think some of the people some of the restaurants out there that had us kind of catered to us at Deacon live and that is you're listening to live right about ten days out or a little under ten days out and you know normally this week I betcha what I'd I guarantee you right now this weekend is a weekend that everyone has the Halloween the PJ lobster house over import Jefferson we had some great food they like like a fish market on one side and then the food on the other side and we had a good time there also rum mostly for the kids for the most part now granted you know Halloween is another what ten days out from where we at what today's date while I look here on the screen so they yeah it is a shot and you can see these videos now watch this there's no sound to it so here comes this woman she's got one of those some women carry them on their keychains it's Kinda the it's at long a desert as bagels over and sheldon supply breakfast for us and also banker tes supplied most of the pastries that we had for Deacon live while we're out there parties and everyone shows up in their their hor outfits sexy nurse I'm a sexy thing was it Mr Rogers there is a sexy Mister Rogers outfit I guess I'm for a while that the Halloween costumes for adults or the getting to be more adult holiday than a than a kids holiday you know the people that are like I don't know why why why would you be Tesla car they're saving the environment is it because of the price and what you hear this article too I'll in tweets a halloween ride here for charitable and that'll happen here in the next two weeks for the local equine rescue center that were part of one thing that scary it's you know there's uh-huh by now she's a composite right here she's a larger woman and I don't want to say that she's young she's probably mid twenties maybe late twenty you just heard in borrow from somewhere else but one thing that is scare you can go through all the Halloween haunted houses on Halloween this and that stagecoach rise we were doing he's early thirties maybe she's got like an adidas shirt on and some running pants maybe she just got done working out little good power to her but she walks by always coming around scary time of year is scary are you guys ready are you in a scary you know what I'm not seeing as much anymore on the facebook feeds and makes you follow us on facebook I think is change she walked by this car now what I didn't know is Tesla has about nine nine twelve nine cameras around the vehicle itself watching it at all times so this woman Camman proper radio gives call here the station at four zero seven four four eight eight eight zero zero we're live from the Queen City Studio located just outside of Charlotte North Carolina and it'd be edge when he got home that's when he decided to test his car's newest feature nine motion capturing cameras placed in several strategic places and then found one where and why can I get you out of my head and why do people all of a sudden hate tesla all these questions and topics will be discussed on this episode of Deacon live in Long Island area and banks is located over incinerate who we were eight so much damn food over there okay Tesla and literally just takes the key or that thing and scratches down the side of the Tesla car and then gets in her car and takes off why is possession is his two thousand eighteen tesla model three he uses it to commute everywhere in never had a problem until Saturday morning when he parked at Legacy High School for in high school thing in my day back in ninety s and then it just went away but unless you have like a eventual lover and you could tell how angry someone is uh-huh by in scratches at now there's a thing going around I don't know how it started a why it started or or what the case is but there's a lot of cars out there now now this is another tesla car that's been keeps daughters nearby soccer game you can feel like down to bare metal and you can see it's scratched all the way completely threw the paint tweedy says he found the tesla that are being damaged literally like they're walking by and scratching him now on what you watch this video would you go to Youtube type in Deacon live all one word or something like that and here she comes with her actual key in the side walked all the way up very angry very purposeful you know definitely trying to conceal it you can see yeah maybe what sand it down but then you could tell when someone really hate someone I mean they really gouge the side of car and just write down in the metal and just like the shavings a woman distinctly came around with a key in her hand again it's a it's a larger woman maybe big women don't like Tesla's because I can get in McCain Fordham Chrysler million dollars fight that's like solid metal that they use you're going to be attacked like if you're a single woman or just a woman walks into dark places and stuff or even like places she's got it on her soundbite hip tweedy was shocked he says he doesn't recognize the woman or know why she did it but says there's no way it was random now let's funny keying cars was like black box some hose this report when they keep your car like if it's a light scratch you know I hate him and I still love them or whatever and it's just a pain like you could buff it out you know sitting at Santa Down Are you scared to flat it off so there's two types of key carton at that I'm promoting king a car but since filed a report with Broomfield police but decided to take matters into his own hands too bigger for a crime like this that so many people are willing to spread it and share the word in trying to help us find it because nobody likes this this is my car but it could be years next because his video of the king now has more than one hundred thousand views on facebook really speaks to the and this and this video here has over a million views so the level aw there's a thing that was going around there's talk a little bit of facebook right now there was a a little one of the Inspirational words Diane Proud to be an American I love my country and I stand beside my president if this causes longtime high school friends to remove me from their friends list than we were not friends expensive car I mean like I said it's trying to save the planet and hear these big LGBT an kidding kidding they're not big LG lgbt unions if you do not like what is my page or what I choose to share scroll on I am not asking for your religious political views I was raised a Christian look I got my point across or in calls anytime at four zero seven four four eight eight zero zero or Texas anytime at that same number inspirational things you always see them all the time inspirational you know have kind in Jesus in Jesus just kind of this and that and behold they are big and they're key in the car so much stuff out there when we come back I was talking about getting in my head I there's sometimes you get something stuck in your head and you don't turn yourself in do the right thing be a better person than you were yesterday when you're gouging side of my car now if you do recognize the woman in this video broomfield police asked that you call their non how it got there or why it's there we come back I'm gonNA explain that a little bit so stick around listen live right here on public radio I'll be right back all this stuff as it happens as I'm talking about it I saw this this inspirational quote setup in it actually says it's got some scary figure to begin with I never tell a true friend to see things away or else everyone has their own opinions and everyone makes their own choices email address and I'll play right here whether you hate it whether you like it whatever the case may be it'll come right here to the radio station all played on the next podcast and you can say hey let's see line and asked for offices go yeah I mean this is Broomfield in Colorado so this and the other one was here in Charlotte the woman with the Anita Shirt on so yeah people are taking they can eat a writer first and foremost this is my facebook page. What I choose to post does not require anyone's comments welcome back you're listening to dig alive makes you follow on our twitter pages all our social pages in some way do that as go to profit radio DOT COM oh normal experts say are ghosts watching you sleep now of course they're gonna say that because there's no scientific proof that there's an afterlife there's no sign typic- proof that there's anything outside of is open heart starts beating brain stops moving and then there's nothing no no proof no proof okay E. T. radio DOT COM and make sure you click on the be heard section I know probably brother ruffling probably ruffled some feathers the past couple it does and Miller hits geeked slash worked for him You're listening to the mark the ones that says Taco Tuesdays much better than any pumpkin spice and I'll I'll fight you to the grave on that something when it makes sense you know everyone brags about the pumpkin spice but I think Taco Tuesday would trump that in any court of law now one thing that I did see screens for you make sure you follow us on Youtube to the others and being natural to the bub-bubba garbage they're all harm at hallmark cards and they drive me insane especially those people out there just that's all they post teams are faces of ghosts that are watching you while you're sleeping did catch on on that so the people that you see in your dreams a hard technically what they both love and tender just make up your own words make up your use your own can you tell it bothers me just make up your own inspirational thought or or stuff I like the I like the funny cream are not they're not people watching you that dead that stupid they're actually in the room with you but you've gained these images destroy your everyday life of a walking around revenge revenge or just going up against Tesla cars so you guys out there that have trusted cars and I wanNA get one you know is it is because of the Eh did and and if I if I've stirred your pot let's put it that way I'll go to the beach section and Click on be heard and leave us a message comes right to my somewhere someone has either smiled or had some kind of emotional feature on their face your mind unconsciously grabbed it and locked it in it's what they call the pictures are of like a goofy face an angry face or happy face her or some kind of emotion people to go back through those faces again would recognize the emotional in a study that was shown if you show one hundred faces to a person and some of the faces just blank dead on stare and then fifty fifty having a dream or whatever you you plug in these unknown faces to your dream so when I see the paranormal experts say that people in your dreams that you don't recognize awesome probably GonNa get flagged for that stupid thing but yeah I mean that's the scene from wizard of Oz and it is her family was the scarecrow the tin man the cowardly lion there's in some you know it's all the spirit of Halloween it says the human brain cannot make up faces in your dreams paranormal experts say that unfamiliar faces you see to the forefront right now so think about say back in June and July the big buzz the hot topic the pit bull the religion are horrible segue but I mean for the most part something that's gone away at we don't even recognize anymore recognize that it has gone away but I'm GonNa bring it in my opinion but think about it so you have these parents single mothers single father whatever the case may be they have the child summer break so the kids out of school kids out of school now you've got one more responsibility during your day as a single parent or some you know single MOMS singled out whatever that you you weren't expecting so it's kind of there was then it's all big hope anyways but I mean that's how paranormal people make their money they it's it's a big game Kinda game now something that you don't know when's the last time you heard about kids being lifting cars are sweltering heat and all that stuff now I I did see one I will admit I did seat not actual kid in the car but line and the the wizard and so she was you know the dreamscapes that's what you do your mind brings in these these outside pictures and if you have 'em don't you hear about anymore and in my opinion and I want to hear yours if you've got a profit radio DOT com click on the be heard section here here's kind of like my opinion this is just when the addiction the you know the hot topic button in the summertime is kids being lifting cars now here we are in October store and that's what's happening people are going to the store and they're forgetting the kids in the back and they're they're forgotten kids you don't see that anymore so I mean what kind of parenting aces before they recognize the blank stare faces because it kind of puts an imprint on you now somewhere in your time you know whether you go to Walmart you go to the mall you go the gas station or pick up your kids okay so you don't know so this is the same thing basically by response to the post was the faces the unfamiliar faces that you see in your all cam log I just saved a catalog that's what is Cadillac and here's a prime example are you familiar with this movie here structure there that's missing or some kind of I don't want to say routine there's a joke going around about new says we'll put something important in the back of your car like take your left shoe off they're not stacked on top of the journey and

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