MK208: Little Shop of Korners (Oliver & Company, Little Shop of Horrors, Great Things of 2019, Animation, Self Partnering & Emma Watson, England)


Ah Welcome do soon minority corner where we take an introspective. Look at the world during Intersectional Lens. I'm James A queer. Political comedian self proclaimed unsexy blurred about marriage. And each week. I'm joined in the corner by another steig minority where we tackle pop culture. The news news media and history all the little self care and self love sprinkled throughout. We have a very special hilarious episode to help you. You laugh off that post Thanksgiving food if you're fortunate to partake or if you're out in the midst of black Friday. Don't worry we've got some funnies for you with the hilarious Emerald colleague from the UCB Improv team token. Oh my gosh is also from the world animation. She had me laughing and giggling. Sow how much through this week's episode. You're into such a tree and we talk about so many things some really beautiful tangents that are on key. non-point we have wonderful like under so excited to share that episode With you off we dig into those Disney plus archives. I'm ruins trying to everyone's GonNa try to jog my memory all over in company which I know I love that movie but I can't remember speaking Disney plus. They have new disclaimers for culturally sensitive material from their past. Digan that volts. Some stuff that would not fly today. There's a disclaimer. But is it enough and is there another studio showing them up and that department we then also put my theater theory degree to some good use and then my dad's GonNa be happy where we talk about the Brechin acting of act and how it is used effectively in storytelling. What it is and then we also talk about traveling to England and the theat Ta? We're GONNA get real classic on you and also Emma Watson's speaking of England. Did she marry herself. What is that about? I'm curious curious. We're GONNA talk about it and then in my corner I review twenty five amazing things to be grateful for that happened this past year into the husband nineteen was a dope year for Peos the LGBTQ media politics the environment and more. And you're thinking like but what was their hold onto your butts. There was a lot of great things for us to stick our landing on the end of this year. An Emerald being from the world of animation is going to take us into a look at the role of animation in terms of its diversity. The challenges ages where it is where it's going. Who's doing it right? And she has some awesome recommendations for you so get ready to learn laugh and play here at minority corner it because together. We're the majority the House I I. It's a rather Improv team. Token in all the way you know you came on board while I was away in San Francisco shooting fellow. Yeah I remember that. It's always nerve wracking when someone else joins a team or something something. Because I felt like this is how my mind works replacing me someone else's black on the team they're representing the Black Lady. You are mixed. Yeah Yeah So. I'm only half replacing. I but then I found that I. We did a sit and I met you. Yes improv scene. Together I found love. It was literally chemistry because we could just I was like Oh we speak the same language. uh-huh like black folks like you speak the same language a little thing that we could be Sassy together. None of the other teammates would have felt comfortable. Doing no not not at all and then on top of that we could take to like a whole `nother level levels like extreme only that we could like no limits in our scenes at all. When I I absolutely fell in love and I was like? Yeah we we. Now see that if I like because when and you're so used to being the only into something yes I so I felt threatened by your presence as opposed to being happens like it's a mindset like I realized that I try not to go down that whole rape whereas like at first I'll feel threatened. It's like no more we're GONNA be allies and friends it's weird how we get pitted against each other. We have opt yeah. Well it's like almost the most humanistic thing because you're just like all the way on defense just as a natural response instead of being like lovejoy flowers voice and also finally. I think it's hard like it when you're the only for some things. Yes it's there's a split reaction because you're so used to being the only only in this is like your token spy Eight shrouds six ten thirty PM. Did you Komo news to catch up on the calendar calendar. Glad I'm invited. I'll consider it. Oh my God house Oliver. and Oliver's grace companies not the the cultural point of the five guys Almost watching over in company. It's a given. It's totally is not one with the Fox. The Fox News Fox and Hound. Oliver and company is like it's it's the one about the cat and and he's like a kid in at first amongst a litter in a box on a damp wet street New York City and then everybody gets adopted but him MMA LO and behold a packer rat-a-tat. Dogs come along and take him in for for some reason. Here's the thing I remember. The name Oliver and company Lake cheap books they will like will produce. They don't really carry the plot any further. They're like you know like they're just like whimsical adventure. Ray relied right right and it's only half of a book. Having a bunch of those books for some reason I can think of is Tailspin. Though I can't remember this movie at all. It has been blocked out on my mind right now now. That is horrendous. I think we should fix that. Think like the overall theme and that that reminds me of frozen to. Has Anyone talked to you about prison to well. I watch the view religiously every morning. Okay yes and Kirsten Justin Bowel Kirstin cure center. Chris I feel like it's she's like she's fun. So it's probably Kierstead your Austin and then there's Kirstie Alley holidays Kirsten's jeweler and then there's there's then there's tons. Yeah which arguably is the only one who matters shave maybe Bloomberg. Wow Wow bowel. Because she was she was talking about how the writers of frozen to work with taking care of. It's like therapy and like oh the major plot of this one revolves around issues codependency. Who Wow on Sunday? I haven't seen it yet. Okay well yeah. I haven't seen it yet either but my coworker was talking about it. We were all having lunch and he was like. Yeah I who it was great and the next words that came out of his mouth. He just wouldn't expect usually gets totally about colonialism. ANEURYSM question mark. Okay I mean I think disease during thing where they're like cleaning up their closet they are sorry fucked up everything. Let's try to make it better. Yeah Yeah I think so back to Oliver. Yes on a scale of one to ten looking back doc Ho races and looking looking. Yeah it's flake it's always that moment in your head where you're like I love this movie so much nostalgia cry here Pinky but then you're like Oh wait this is actually pretty misogynistic sajjan stick. It wasn't that bad. I hid imagine that I don't know how misogynistic Oliver and it was a lady characters on it though. No there's like one little girl girl who lives in the test I know breaking it. Does she have any wines with other woman she name. There's one little girl follows your like regular plot. Do you remember Jenny and her parents. Oh you're just lumping you might as well just think of Airbud to all these animals very similar all has an orphan and honey so that was not done by Disney. Feel it was really dark. Oh let's go to heaven first of all the titles about death it right. We're we're coming out of the four kids yet. Ready kids for kids. I think it was the same animator who also did Russia doodle was shot declare. There's officers bad. WHOA heaven? There's a great team of Waffles waffles. And they look really good if I remember correctly isn't it yet. All waffles incur tend to slip ridiculously amazing. Everything about auto going to have an immediately want walk. Always want a woman Tom. Oh speaking of the Disney plus correct. Yes exactly now when you watched it. was there a disclaimer talking about the potential like racism of it cultural the pick show. That's really interesting. No there wasn't okay. I don't think that it would apply. So Disney plus does have for some movies lake in and Peterman House like a disclaimer. That is essentially about like there's some Outdated Cultural depictions and Hugh. Yeah we estimating which is about top Ning. Apparently even the aristocrats. Oh what's wrong with the aristocrats hats. Too much wealth thing. I know you're rewind even distribution of class in this film We're sorry yeah. So yeah like they say yeah in Dumbo. It says this program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions. Uh Hello then which is like Oh cool. It's kind of like the disclaimer. That happens right. Right by Warner Brothers. What they're doing doing they have because they have one like racist Ti they say the cartoons you're about to see are products of their time they may depict some of the ethnic racial prejudices that were commonplace in American society. These depictions were wrong. That are wrong today while these cartoons do not represent presents. Today's society they are being presented as originally created because to do so otherwise would be the same as claiming that these prejudices never existed. Oh I like that one You slot like air bb huge Disney. Sorry Right Warner Brothers. who what mastermind rope that really? I think this is why it's important to have diversity on team. Yes I I. It is is key because you got someone that's going to come out and and put this out there right right. Yeah that's so insane. I did not know that wasn't wasn't before Oliver and company it safe right. Oh it is. It's very Pierre Okay. Good very pure receive on the Oliver and company Snapping Evaristo. Cats everybody okay. I'm going to raise my hand and say I've never seen it like from beginning to end here. I I don't know why but I think it's one of those things that like. My best friend had Orissa cats. I'm VHS rotation yes yeah have to watch it yeah. It was. About some Pasha's cats struggle for something. They're really big on the animal. Thing and class animals does in class using love behind or not having a home yes using animals to portray cla- class potentially well. It's if I can dig into my Arts degree yes theater theory and storytelling theory essentially well. It's very breakfast and idea did you is. It's called the alien nation at some sort of fucking. What was brexit German? Some bigger and it's the fact essentially it's the alienate in eight the audience from what they're seeing because otherwise it becomes Humans and being rich or even like five all right yes able to sort of get it in this other way. Yeah like I'm not a mouse But then you can kind of see like Oh oh I see how this kind of reflects and relates back to me But not directly. Because I'm not a rat yes or like when you said something like in a different time period right vive data for me agree goodness yes because for me. It's a not from England Amway because I'm not not from England when I saw a picture of like spoiler alert Big Ben gets blown up and I'm like that as well. What would that be equivalent for me like the White House right right it just because it was also set in the future and it wasn't in my country? Yes you to connect the dots. I need to get something out of it. It's not too preachy. Right exactly and it's not a direct tie so you're not like as a hard hit hard. Hit for them right you. You can sort of empathize. Especially that's why when you Sifi so great for that as well because it's our way and so wait a minute. What's happening? He right right been in diving into a ton of sci-fi recently district nine is also really good for that. No I haven't I haven't talked about like essentially kind of like the apartheid but done with like alien creatures. I was leaning for kids. Not at all I mean kids gotta learn minority coroner kids gotta learn. So you're just aloe hello. Governor was switching. Old Guy was ovo crossed. The why do you know how it was on the East Coast and dip into a Boston accent like he would say. Oh yeah the car yeah. I'm pretty sure there's one for governor. MANASE helped us. Everyone is I talk to who says it's not true. It's not a thing. Okay what are they. I don't know they don't how was it before. No that was my first time. That was my first in London and he never gets you. I Made Mark London. London will never forget me her. UH-HUH I was actually here for work so not a lot of exploring but how fascinating I wasn't expecting to like love it so much huge Harry Potter Fan. So just walking around being late J. K.. Rowling Harry Reid this. She's like I don't know. Oh my goodness yes person. That's a big deal here Hussein. Cleveland Shonda RHIMES. Oh my goodness yeah. Everybody is like hopped up on Rowling. There roads even bigger the news. I'm like she's like a the beach she's there beyond Yes yes it would be like entertainment like music like shake she can it up literature and makes sense because we're still the rambunctious America right right again super. Yeah we're like angsty and they're over their books in biscuits biscuits and tea did you have I did. I'm I'm like one of my favorite parts is so I was recording for an animation project. And there that'd be a runner like a PA who would come in and take orders like what do you want. What do you want? What do you want and he would go around? He knew he would say like okay of T. of green tea of tape player Skates Walter. It's just my favorite to hear more run off the orders and a biscuit cookie. It's a heck in Turkey and skip. Biscuit is a stone. Yes so you'd have that with you haven't with some o'cl cream grey was good for you was definitely not delicious them all my goodness Glad you made it back at you. Like soups diverse so uncomfortable. I wasn't expecting that also. Yeah and also the architecture but yeah I'd also chew it's like I like the like it's up anything that you like about like New York work which was like less buildings a subway. That's like fucking clean guns right emperors. Nice people are so nice. Nice their New York right please. So you also. You're so close. You've been so classy. Went to the saw talk shop shop. I just saw Campbell. Not My goodness she was gas. Yes Co hosting the real which I watch the spin off of the view but we're just like all Melanin. Oh It's like oh my goodness all the VH1 like I love the nineties. Eighties Covers her nickname Lalla. No that's no longer the doing really well for her so I bet she's always had it in her actress now. Run May may fourth has lighted across the table. She also was on the view recently. There were all my goodness it. She says she watched the reboot. David silver husband. No wife this is about to say way God dammit. She pulled his scarred U. S. about this say Hinson has admitted that she did a bad job of listening to people wish she married to Colin Colin Farrell said the first call came Hinson Airways tweet legalize Hanson listening. She's she's walked back because she loves playing part meant for her This challenge Enj- me to really step outside myself Japanese woman in Costa Shop. Oh yes I remember that. And they problematic and then they try to say like no. There's not a Japanese woman and then I fell asleep watched on an airplane. Yeah just like you were Japanese movies. He was like I didn't noise Javanese ooh scarlet a lot of research. And then she was going to play like a trans man and then everyone was like please John. Yeah pleased was like look at all these eligible gotten to do it like. Oh Jeffrey tambor on. uh-huh Hoffman okay. Yeah well look companies lobby off. Those are the circles. You WanNa run then by all means because look at what sexual harassment. Yes Yeah Legal Shit to get her children exactly so there you go you want to be put into the universe interviews. He was like Oh and then I realized everybody had a problem with them doing it to the party. Welcome to the end of nineteen. I'm glad you're able to join us so tangent anyways from the teacher Campbell. Oh yes teasha. We love her for Martin. We love from the House Party. She's in the original original film. She is yeah. I don't know Pam so name I just love that like those two we now. It's really adorable. Really heartwarming. So what you're saying. Oh my God they used to this little little Indian team these little scattered around New York City But what's really fascinating about that is on the plane. Ride back from London in the movie was on the flight so I watched it so and then I landed. The show is that night. Oh Shit was like I'm into her connection connection. That's like fours yeah. A mandatory like world plane. Was this wars you you had no other races are often no. I had options I had. I Shan't welcome. I'm to British Airways the in flight movie will be a Nail Shop Lynn. uh-huh my good days So last thing you have news about Watson speaking of England. It's almost like we do Improv. Like where you're being Were ed where we performing I was about Satanic. Suddenly I`Ma Watson has self partnered meaning. She has legally married herself and her theory behind. It is just like self empowerment and end kind of like being your own person and loving yourself and being the person that you expect to see an partner but for yourself in in such a way that it's official. I have questions so she's married but what happens questions so whatever whatever I don't care what the fuck someone does. That's great but also we want to make some shits and giggles. What happens when she like one less? Maybe she's in like a poly-amorous it's relationship with her. Does she like meet someone. Yeah she's like. Oh my God. There's a divorce meeting on all these questions questions. I imagine that it's like yeah it's like Pollyanna Murray and she's her main person if you meet someone than their second Dan. I'm not mad at that. I like jokes and yeah and then the kind of make sense because honestly unlike any therapists will tell. Hi You I mean you've got an any therapists and Roopa will tell you if you stop. How the Hell you GonNa let anybody else has to be from within Yourself up before you're ever going to be able to love somebody else right and also I'm like nothing else. Has permanently ship is like this. PODCAST has will end. We don't want it to but sort of comes and goes every relationship because as soon as you see couples who've like we've been together seventy two years and then one of them dies in the next one is right out the door. The other person was their life. Yes so sad. That's really sad so but you've got to sort you've had a wild love affair first and foremost Be Your own soulmate. Yep and I think that she disbelieves not so much that she's Ghana officiated at which is like a power move a little bit. I don't know that I could ever do that. Expensive right hardy massage back like you have to do it on your own. ooh I like dope ass like Bachelor Bachelorette Party for though. I don't know. ooh ooh U's celebrating like you. Yeah that is your birthday but then he gets have to anniversary one. Yes your anniversary is essentially your birth thing. I do artists way right now on artists dates at least an hour to myself doing something moving. So it's like I went to I took myself to the Guggenheim onto the theater. I'm doing a pious cooking class. You take yourself are on like a date. So we're not so he'll give some love to watch. It's very important well speaking of attachment. I'm not attached. STAS not moving to the next corner. Double negatives yeah. Here's the next one this week on. Bullseye Lin Manuel Miranda on his dark materials hip hop and life after him. I know it's the first light of my obituary. Sorry so if that line is handled then what else can I do with my time here. It's Bullseye for maximum fun dot org and NPR in in other words ask just comes over and over again. Lean Shop Live Lina Pam and And then Martin comes in is like Damn Gina Gina. Maybe I'm sorry for sexually harassing you. Now the last six episodes ooh is that real yes. That's why I've ever watched last season. A Martin Gina Disappears and they're never in the episode where they're like going on a cruise and she misses the boat and there was supposed to be a back door pilot for Pam. One one of the episodes doesn't even have Martin in that all working at this record company as a backdoor pilot that didn't end up getting picked up in the final final episode. I I Martin and Gina don't share a single scene together in the final episode and then it was revealed that it's because of sexual harassment on his part. Yeah Cheese Listening very attentively to mourn radio messy so yeah there's that anyways now into the corner yeah so it's almost the the end of the year offense always like this year so shoot. He was wrong with the. I'm going to pump the brakes on all of that. And even though I did declare the I did take. DNA tests and turns out on one hundred percent. grinch even the grinch had hat heart. Eleven still grew hurts. This is my gift to you. All NSA wining. So here's my list of things that did happen into nineteen never actually really great gear first and foremost if you're listening to to this you survive. That's Hugh Yeah. This is a winning. You're already that could be a little less like you're here like whatever the fuck happened. You're still here now. That killed because you're listening to his way to go years awesome. Fuck out number two. This is just a random complain. Did you know that military historian and author Dr John H he's the thirteenth recipient of this big military museum and Literature Award anyways. He's the first. African Americans received the lifetime achievement in military right. Wow amazing that is so amazing. Black folks have been fighting for this country and every single one of the Mike good resigned yes despite the country being what it is what it is yeah number three. You have the ability to listen to this We don't have transcripts to the hearing impaired. But you're able to listen to this podcast broadcast win on some device. That's my fourth one on some d'auray right that you didn't have to make That you have the means pert like pay. Hey for accessibility accessibility. So this year is amazing. Number five look at all these Democratic candidates running to make this so so many plethora my God coming out of the Woodwork to survey injury. Yeah great debates grammar sation. There's so so many women yeah and so many topics not discussed prior previously in any other running. Yeah exactly and there's so many there's so many women there's there's two men of color won't count toll gobber mainly because I like her rogue hairpiece. Okay Yeah Counsel Yeah. This minority cornick air and one of them is gay. A serious issues black voters. He's polling at zero percents nine hundred appreciate that. He's a serious contender. Yeah he's slowly. No that's great Number six a record number of businesses have an antidiscrimination policy toward LGBT Q.. Workers and that came into place is year ninety three percent of fortune in five hundred companies include sexual orientation in their antidiscrimination policies eighty five percent have protections for gender identity such as transgender or non binary very and then sixty two percent of the fortune five hundred companies offer transgender benefits compared to four dozen thousand nine. So ow now why yeah. What a climb? I mean this year. This year is pretty amazing number seven. It's been the most diverse class of lawmakers in history to be sworn in. Yes so that's in the especially in one hundred sixteen congress so it has the most women with got the squad. There was like the first native American can female routes to be in there as well there are more. LGBT hugh officials in ever it went from five hundred fifty nine last year to the last the two years ago now to seven hundred and four why the fog tech. It's about time time. So the Q- Victory Refund is an organization that endorses and trains. These candidates Lori lightfoot S- Hershey Chicago. Yeah Eh she became the first black female and openly gay leader Chicago and I think she's the second woman to be elected to Chicago. And the first one to hold the office office since Jane Byrne in Nineteen Eighty three and I think she's now yes. She is mayor of the largest city city in US history to have an openly gay LGBTQ mayor. So wow yeah heard of her from like you were like fuck doc it is it absolutely is exactly what I was thinking in my head is. You're like listening this. I'm like Oh this is the chain reaction absolutely yeah. He was just a catalyst to such positive change. Honestly allow the oldest dirt and Muck hasn't been there and what it's done is allow us down on the forefront triggering people to get active right it is Sandra Oshii At the go the first Asian American American woman to win she also host. SNL amazing funny upper. She did She doesn't watch. I am as a now now within this last year also hired their first Asian American cast member. WHO's also we're and then? They fired their racist one on the same week. Oh let's see who cerise is twinned some white guy and who was the the New Asian American Guy Bowen Yang got it basil areas. He is so good he kills every Scotch because some of those little bit part. Yeah and we'll fair used to always say that he used to take all the bit parts because the part that the sketch isn't writer Diane you we have one line. People will be like that kind of fun. Yeah Yeah Yeah he's been doing like he consistently kills it on the little entrances number nine democracy our constitution and system of checks and balances. They've been working. And Yeah it's been showing up like the impeachment trials as an example samples. Yes it's very true. It's very true. Look at this the federal judge I kept the trump adleman from ending the minute. Federal Federal Judge kept the trump administration from ending. No no cost birth control on Jinyin the fact that trump was able to comment and make all these sweeping changes. I I know because we have our we actually the constitution it. It's really doubt Kinda work work. Yeah a lot of people try to like sell a little Bama. Didn't come in and commingle. Yeah and we purposely like that's the reason why like changes increment yes very true sometimes hits like a threshold where it just has to top over moments summits and certain things but there's a reason why sometimes it does take and it's for the benefit because that's why you can't get it's hard to become a dictator like we're for the better. The constitution is holding strong. Yeah we have so much freedom in this country that we honestly take for granted. It's very true even like you know you you. Can't I use facebook in China. Yeah Yeah I can go on facebook and say all kinds of fucking things trump I can say so on this podcast and I'm not going to disappear disappear. Marie hopefully I can. We have so much freedom. Well there is always there was always that moment where you hold breath in your like. Can he actually do everything that he saying right. And then when it doesn't happen it's like a huge relief. It's like okay. Ah Yeah. They knew what they were writing and seventeen hundred eighty. That's kind of a miracle that this should is like still holdings yes. It's it's it's a it's a well written document they did. y'All did a job. Hey props to you okay. Mostly by we came around we cleaned up not perfect. Perfect Mar Cy Martin's. She is little. She's I think she's fifteen fourteen fifteen. She's from Black Ish. Little girl from Black Ooh so big snaps her because in this year she made a movie little and she made her she was. She produced. What what she became the youngest executive film producer pure she produce Bucko? You saw her money because her shows on. ABC Yeah Right let me put the store wide and then missy Elliott was inducted into the songwriters hall of Banging Amazing Rapper in the bunch which is terrible. But she's there she is. She's the only female rapper. There ooh still work to be done rocket doc in that same history was made this year this year. Grey's anatomy Began at sixteen seventeen seasons now the longest running primetime medical drama and History Serene. I'm grateful for that. Oh my goodness 'cause grow shonda coach Sean. Sean does not so writing it. which is a testament to her? Yeah that she he was able to. She wrote the first six seasons. Be Oh I know that she created created a yes I write something and then have it live on after. Yeah absolutely absolutely. That's dope stained itself. I appreciate it because Greece anatomies that thing. I've had it through college ship. It's been there like posts like living living in San Francisco now here in New York friends. That work on this medical hospital have sex with each other and some of them are dead but like you know which which is just like your life right. Go sometimes Multiple you fell off your watching. Yeah I totally totally fell off for binge. I'm due for. I'm just not ready to open the floodgates of emotions yet. It is that you know like you. You have identified that pocket like I need to cry for five nights street. You're like I need to be darkened. Twister yeah I will say that because meredith the show orders darkened stormy. That was my drink. That was my go to drink while I was watching it for a few years after life and I feel so oh I can get dark and stormy. It'd be like while she's complex. I think the show I think is so impressive because I think it cracked the glass. Ceiling is shaping. What television could look like I think in the pilot? They didn't even have last names because they wanted to. Senator gender like Gender Blind cast. I think that actually I think Baylor's to be a man. Oh Yeah we are white woman or a lot of the rules so they had no assets they could just cast whoever right and I looked credit like I was watching the show I would have wagered that way. Sixty percent of the surgeons must be women. No ten percent of surgeons are women show and then again media can craft like how people view themselves in the world. Yes there's like people always genders or like it could be a surgeon absolutely one thing that I really actually appreciate his that Bailey. Her husband is like the sexiest man. You ever absolutely and I feel like just in that dynamic with beauty norms gender norms like societal standards for who belongs things with who challenges that I agree. Yeah let's see. Let us not forget that beyonce as homecoming documentary. Commentary happened this year. So that was wonderful. La- happens and thank you for that so I didn't have just been countless films this pastor. There's been so good. There's so much media that I can see starring people. Yes it's Oscar season. There's all these films that are coming out like there's the Queen Slim movie that's dropping angels. How did I I cast? No one wins. Go Watch that last week. Always be my baby. came out on that play. I I am a sequel to Christmas prince with Vanessa. Hudgens she is. I know you question grow okay or is that just a good thing in. I know I know I'm trying to search for it in the last name. Yeah well sometimes I thought it was a Latina girl for his time talion. WHOA okay shot me? I didn't know that I am nine looking back at them. Like what some of the question you you just never know. Selena Gomez also pse. Yes I knew that. Selena Gomez good for her also by adding in the Gomez. People don't get confused. Yeah yeah absolutely. Spike Lee finally won an Oscar on my clansmen thirty years in the thus adopted screenplay youth lad climate activism global. So Whitney Houston was right. Children are the future. They've been doing it up. We had sixteen year old old climate activists credit other users. who were protesting? They had their big walkout day and may just really bringing such amazing phenomenon nominal that was phenomenal energy in like here in the streets of New York you could feel it. It's amazing. Yeah this entire extinctions of movement and four but again Michelle Obama's becoming came out this year and it became memoir Ashburn get one with over ten million copies sold. Wow it was so bag everybody on the train was reading it perfect gift. If you haven't already I I love you haven't already who are you if you're already holiday shopping I I did the audio book and it was amazing. Oh really really okay. Maybe I should do it that way. Yeah because it's her telling you see her. Oh my God. Oh my goodness Carrie. Washington got her. And I'll tell you this. I think the book is Lake. It's like eighteen hours or something. It sounds like a lot. Yeah didn't want it to end. I my God five minute chunks. Michelle's GonNa leave me alone along. I'm definitely going to do the audiobook. Oh number eighteen. There's twenty-five right away because it's twenty minutes lease. I remember one of them. The environment made some strides so the European Union ban single use plastic good easing. This could help to change range. Avoid nearly twenty five billion worth of environmental pollution by two thousand thirty mazing. They've dubbed US AAC crisis as it is it is more companies went regenerative only about six because only about Oh and then that's about farming so there's only about six years of our current farming land. Why yeah otherwise? It's going to be shitty soil. So there is new like Ri- a regenerative processes that are happening. Yeah New York went bagless. Cows bagless for lane ten year. Gilt the program New York. Puerto Rico's a new sustainable standard with a plan to be one hundred percent renewable by twenty fifty. This was inspired after Hurricane Maria. Yes okay we got our own countries not going to help us out right figure it out ourselves yeah meatless. Mondays went for NYC schools. What's which alone if you just cut back of like cit Gal? I and it's all such it'll make you feel better standing. Livestock contributes a ton of SIA to own also disclaimers. I watch the latest assange ars episode fast. Fashion is destroying the environment. Like a lot of these closed. People apparently buying so much more close in the US too because the clothes don't last yeah throwing them away and Oh my goodness even the way. They obviously with their process. Yeah Yeah not good. Buy Clothes and hold onto them by second hand. And Yeah when you can hold onto your clothes and what if you WANNA get rid of them make it into something else. I don't know mine the way to give it to like a there has to be like a closed recycle. Yes yes so. Be careful Marie con-going make bands. You Hard Ekondo. Oh my God shy about yesterday. I'M GONNA throw it out the window Robert F. Smith's morehouse student remember. Robert Smith is the guy who paid off all the He was giving the speech. Morehouse doesn't nineteen gene and offered to pay off everyone at school student. That's which is huge because it's like black students and this is one of the hugest crippling thing for any any young I start off and have a good life and especially if you're a POC so that was a big thing. Many did Liz. Oh came into our lives and made our lives Louis. Just blow last year with her. She has the most grammy nomination. Sheet is twenty nine not she. Is Ooh twenty-one Drinking Age the California Crown Act bans workplace discrimination of have natural hair. That happened this year. Amazing no more employees or kids in the Golden State that they can't rock corn rows or locks or an offer to work the crown on average the acronym stands for creating a respectful and open world for natural hair. Pass the California state assembly in April signed into law by Governor Gavin. NEWSOM future president. Watch out in. Yes that's happening had to become law but I An only in California bar. I Love My estate number twenty. Two Kiki Palmer had no idea who dick. Cheney was not so Kiki but I love that live in a world where you're like I don't know I every time when I think about it. They showed her that photo. She's like I don't know this sorry to this man but I don't know I love that. She lived in because because I wish I did. You probably don't have bullets flying around your head right now. So that's a win this year going back to things that are making this year really great. Yeah I was watching this documentary and it was about the vice. I just got someone's. Hbo Jio go past Vice Archives. Yes so Saboteur Council. Yeah because they've got really good other documentaries yeah vice weekly weekly and first of all. They're journalists are Hella cool. You know very fresh yeah show. They're like gender not conforming in there in Syria Syria. Just talking to people getting the lowdown reporting getting this worldwide news coverage that we need. Yeah love it. So they're doing a thing about Yaman in just like the fighting that's happening over there and there's these kids this guy has been eighteen now and he's been fighting for the past six years. It was like again. I don't have any problems problems. I Want my God. I don't have any problems. They don't have any probably don't have the problems you think you are. You're only problem is thinking that you have problems not surrendering and letting go and being appreciative of what you have pre pre it number twenty four two more number twenty four Russian Schnitt. Russia hasn't taken over the US completely. Yeah yet a Russia is like that ominous certain people are not paying enough attention. I know on ten former power. Yeah like that. That's the thing while i. I was watching documentary. Active measures and essentially was about Russia doesn't think their economy is like the size of like taxes. Strong economy royal is Rachel Maddow's book It right now called blowout. I'm doing the audiobook of it. Three fascinating like so many of our issues that were hopping politically globally auken's onto oil. That's like Russia's main moneymaker and that becomes dangerous when that's your only moneymaker right and it's so much cheaper instead of like invading country than going from within and so just interesting now like even watching the impeachment trials and you're having Republicans are saying things straight out of like the Kremlin. Yeah Jones keep an eye out S- but I'm grateful they haven't taken over completely yet. Gave One number twenty five. Somebody loves you. Somebody loves you this year. How beautiful you love somewhere You love someone in some way in some facet so you know what does nineteen great right bucket near amazing when you put it like that great. Hey it's Jesse Thorn. We're very happy to announce that tickets for Max Fun. Con Twenty Twenty will go on sale Friday November twenty ninth at Eleven A. M. Pacific affect. I also want to let you know this coming year. Maximum Con Twenty twenty will be our last Max von Con for the foreseeable future for twenty twenty the and beyond. We're going to be looking for ways to connect with more of you in person. Spread the spirit of Max Fun farther than it's ever gone before in the meantime if you want to join us at the last Max. Von Con in Lake Arrowhead June twelfth through the fourteenth. You can find details at Max Fun CON DOT Com. Didn't the we're talking about cartoons. silliest amazing so you think freeing in my mind media your format well you can do anything. Yeah exactly it was possible. Yes that's why I got into it. Because it's like endless limitations like you have no limitations to what you want to portray you know and also throw village especially. I grew up with animation. I remember so much it was just loses for. Kids is for kids and now some of like. I'm watching big mouth on Netflix the simpsons is still going on also like anime. Yeah and again like you're so you're not limited by the mounds of like what is a human being could do in front of a camera. Yes yes or have the budget to be able to do. Yeah Yeah No. It's very true. Sometimes it can get costly but it sure. Yeah but it doesn't to your point. It doesn't limit what you can do in front of the characters you can essentially really achieve anything. If you want magic you can have magic. Yeah if someone wants to transform into something you can absolutely do that. What are some of the challenges with being being a woman of color animation? Let's dive right in on affects in this corn. Yes so I think being a woman of Color in animation has a ton of challenges because it all starts storytelling storytelling. It all starts with a script and prior to that you go through a development process but at script there are people in the room who are essentially creating creating a narrative and that is the road map for the entire production. That's the tone that you're setting for the next three years because animation it takes forever so when you're in that space in your kind of the only person there to represent that other girl of color on on the other side of the screen you have to learn how to navigate the terrain in such a way that you can say something and it be heard and executed headed and those are two separate things because just getting hurt is one thing and then for it to be executed in enough fenwick way is a completely different thing. Tout's how even have you noticed any changes like the past since you've been working over an animation starting to change you've the the only and who kind of responsibilities that put onto you being me. Only of late yeah. Your only voice waste is going to be so different than you know someone else right exactly and like all these people. Aw they all right right. No it's very true. I think that it's definitely changing. We were talking about that earlier. kind of like how. How Disney and Warner Brothers prefacing all of their content with certain sensitivity messages? So there's definitely a change in tone in the media. I I think that it's a matter of gutting. WHO's in the room from being old white men who are the case absolutely who are very used to a certain style of animation? The same style that that's being prefaced with a sensitivity warning. Now Uh automaking decisions creatively in a room and you being the person to be like do we need to say that do. Does this character needs to have this type of look is the character. That's designed as an Afro really crazy and wild and that's why you can't have them in the scene. That's a littoral littoral combat. Those are all practical examples of conversation. I don't ever think about. I mean with animation. Everything is so specific like breathing. That happens wins is so specific and planned out like the same thing like in a movie but also like with a movie or a TV show. It's like these are humans and you know like a I Davis is GONNA move over here shaking this but you don't have that sort of like you actually like the folks in the room you. You are the violence. Because you're like this character would do this would be in that room and it's all mapped out and planned. Yeah and you have to think about it like because because we are now in a time period where people are. It's it's at the top of your mind to include characters of color right but essentially it all all traces back to institutional ISM. Because here's why as I said before it all starts in the writing room. Who Do you want to feel your writing room with up professionals nationals? Who Know how to write for television? Who are the professionals who know how to write for television They're not that representative of the people on the other side the screen who are watching them therefore when you put in your script I want this character to be a black girl you best have someone in the room writing. According to that black girl we need to get that person in the room that can do that exactly sums unto UCB. And I. I remember thinking living here in New York and that's going to be so diverse my friends who daily show he was like. I'm like I'm going to say it's really why I'm like. That's impossible New York. Then I got there and then super way these are getting stages of how people and same thing at second city these are people build up these the skill set to be able to end the connection. Yeah get into the room to go to get into those writer's room. Yes I'm sorry so disappointing. Go to show and like the stages filled with a bunch like guys still on your team. You don't have more diverse races and I find the the teams that might have more diverse voices. Funnier her oh so much funnier. Because it's it's like untold stories right. It's like the story that you haven't heard again over and over and over which is like Seinfeld how I met your mother frazier. Freezer will and grace. That's where you're tapping into your comedy bucket inside your soul and you're also getting different reference points in different viewpoints. It's coming together and collide. Why the first season the first? Few seasons of the railroad was so interesting because it was different opinions coming to collide right the same thing when you have a team on stage knows how to really work quad together that are coming from different angles and viewpoints. Yes it's comedy soup right exactly. It was funny exactly weights is look out there in animation. Who's what's impressing you? WHO's doing it? Well so I would say. Netflix has a platform definitely finally has a an array of animation. Just from just talking about the different types they have a bunch of duty stuff they have a bunch of threes stuff and all that stuff is great I would say that so. Preschool is my jam. I Love Preschool animation. Why because I have nine? Hi Nick Siblings. So I always and I'm the oldest so I always grew up with preschool and school aged. Are Both my buckets. So I always grew up watching those specific types of animation Like my entire life essentially and then even when I became older I was like well. It's time for me to go out of this. Well no what I know. I love her and company exactly so I would say that super monsters. It's a preschool show. ooh recommendations we have many listeners. Who have kids and are also kids themselves so yeah super monsters? I on Netflix. Also Hilda her. Yeah Hill does a great. I Love Pepe. Pay Is the IT. 'cause she's from England. I think so so much fun. It's all simple ball girl. She's so simple and just so. Oh it's just easy breezy. I don't know if you remember Max and Ruby. There were bunnies just like going back to that line yet. Madeline was not alone. French I confusing. Madeline was very fresh also released did allies action. I was really excited about. It actually did but I mean the the cartoon itself didn't have a lot of action. It's like what are you gonNa go live action over half law for had again oh boy gutter pending seeking out. Let's start star. That happen in the movie or the enemies in the live action is a horror movie. That's actually is away. She falls over the boy and he takes her appendix out urban legend. Okay go back and watch the next movie. When I fly has madeline? Well sign me going so dark times other recommendation. So Hilda as so really another. It's another these simple. Yeah H it's kind of like going back to like little bill frank in Glen those simple times right like right now animations like POW POW boom. Yeah explosive super fast paced because add Yes because the kids who are watching have that type of attention span so the cartoon shows reflect that but we'll because we were eating a lot of sugar 'cause like gushers rushers exactly Sri all the commercials between literally. Just be like thirty pebbles Munwar. ooh tricks now. A toy which McDonald's is bringing back their vintage toy line line ho Ho like in their happy meals also will this. I don't know why but I think isn't Burger King doing moody meals or something. Do not be happy all the time. Dogs like they're like adult rudy meals into Eh. It's interesting because I honestly I I WANNA say it was a rambunctious child but like thanks a lot of energy and so for me. I will say I a slow pace if I could get me like Rupert to watch. No ooh Rupert at that. Would every day rupert I I was he a human boy. He was a bad oh he was but he had other funds was about otter all kinds of animals in the forest but they really like animals but human okay memorial sort of like Anna Morphine. Yeah yeah actual term for yeah there is and more and more or less yes pupil. Yes which Zootopia BIA. I hold up as definitely one of the Best Sogo animated feature film. Because you're talking like it's talking about the again. Braxton knowing you can see how a lot of this happening in Zootopia yes today. Yes and you can tell that. There was a writer in the room of that film. Who wanted to talk about the topic? Would you say that there's probably a writer of color in that room. I would say so. Yeah as you can tell. It's reflected in their. It's in the writing. Yeah Yeah exactly. So come down onto that. So what are your dreams and aspirations or or like I just you had me thinking I would love to see. I don't know if Ernie exists but you know. HBO Just had like two black about black lady. Sketch comedy show something like that of like an animation series like written With black of and behind the scenes. Yeah yeah women of color behind the scenes right. Yeah we'll because I'm I'm pretty familiar with the kids animated space right now. I would want an authentic a kids show that kind of that reflects really like I would say lower class like how I grew up in Miami lower class animated cartoons that can put that can make an accessible window for everybody into that very specific lifestyle but accessible for kids because people do it all the time in adult shows live action and animated. But they feel like it's. It's pretty uncomfortable. Like talking about like socio low socioeconomic anything communities neighborhoods. People who live in that environment man is a little uncomfortable so they avoid it completely forgets and I feel like they should absolutely have access to that. I thought he really is coming to mind. is like hey arnold right exactly exactly. And that was like however long ago was really Kinda just picks. He's very authentic narrative of living in a Brownstone just like his family and how his mom is all the Hamptons. I watched were dissolved. Disney afternoon noon. It was Chippendale. Yeah Yeah Gargoyles yes. Love gargoyles another good Shit I love does he plus Disney was this. Also this thing I forget the name of the actress but she who played a Lisa Maza jace forgot her name sexy directed a few episodes of Queen. Sugar uh-huh I just know. I know her name if I see it or hear it other I always like Argos was so amazing for wine. The Voice Voice of Goliath was a black man. And you knew yeah. Lisa Maza was like a mixed race. She was half black and half Latina. Oh Wow and she. WHO's played by half black? Half brother was also. I think our brother was extras full black. So there isn't a very interesting in the background of this show right. And because in in New York City like ratio itself and also there's all socially people it's such a dope cartoon 'cause it's got like themes of like Macbeth written and smart I'm GonNa Realize Cha and it becomes operatic because every story reconnect slink. The next yeah a lot about stuff like being the other and I'm absolutely going to remind one of the leads in the show was a black Latino. Oh yes exactly and that long ago ahead of the game now sensitivity warning need not only warning is. You're going to enjoy the fuck fucking warning or anything. It was already mic drop so that and then absolutely eventually creeping into older animation for adults that kind of portrays that black lady sketch show type while on a show show. That's doing it really well. In portraying narratives that are like authentic for kids. Is Craig Creek. Also that's on cartoon network super naturalistic mystic literally. No magic. It's a black family. Living in the suburbs and their kids go play at like in the ditch. Wow and they play imagination with cardboard. Were boxes and stuff but nothing happens. It's literally just a very authentic portrayal of. Yeah we WANNA play outside and have fun. This is what we have to Leiria area. So it's not like rugrats where it's like. They became the mega diaper now. Just know this is yeah kids boxes and that's what it really is a fine young John. Kids can be like. Hey let's like me seeing. This is me. That's why it's so commendable all the snaps because again like we spend so much time watching media and it's again the mirror that reflects US boxer salary. Don't see ourselves reflected by especially animation which I think like live. Action Suffolk Ethic. Disney was really quick to broaden like all of their shows having a diverse cast but it was seeming like animation was a little a bit slower. But it's because WHO's in the writer's room exactly so and then just on the topic of shows that are doing it right back to Hilda. Her her mom. It's just her and her mom so it's not your typical nuclear family. You don't see that a lot either. Yeah exactly And she is like it's girl lead. She's the main character bad ass adventures. Just kind of really setting the bar for girls on the other. The screen watching it who are hesitant about their adventure. They've the venture flavor that lives inside of them that they want to like jump on. She's is that for them so when they feel that they see her doing it. It's like an amazing. It's just an amazing cartoon awesome. Well thank you for doing the work that you're doing doing animation and we're coming by and giving us these information tidbits yes Watch Oliver and company remember the music. You love it for the music. If nothing else I wash. Yes yeah me too Oliver company I do remember is one of my favorite ones. I had books on it but I think what happens. I would get the books spin off books confused with the the actual US type of it. So the book now fascinating cat to George Jean. I Love Star Jet Jet Jet. Yes Georgia Oh yeah. And she wakes up in the curtain. Her canopy rises companies. Winnings was the plot of Oliver May. Scream okay yeah yeah okay okay. Your Cat Lion King is just the hamlet in basically all right cool. Yeah because I remember watching Oliver Oliver Company and then we also watch all of these are some alerts are both Gina was my favorite yes she's amazing multidimensional human being perfect. She's not her clever. She's a dog. It don't cats per do y'all berries all the time and and cats cats cads. Did you see that cat trailer. Yes the live action not excited to Jennifer. Say I just get another song. You McKay they do you. Just can't it's so great. Still stand by the production team of the Lion King and the practice cats at a switched. I I think like to do a live action. The Lion King would be more interesting if it was actually like more live action. It's actually an African kingdom. Yes yes I think you could have I think and then they would have. CGI them as sort of like an morph ick. It would have been like okay. This is interesting. They're kind kind of human kind of these animal. Ray were well honestly. They were testing the technology out. Kosov that C. J. Technologies but beyond achievable right now so what they could achieve ways due to because I think these should mcadoo just like have actually cat like this. Let them look at cats. All the cats are singing. Human cats at the box office now too soon goes to Charlie's angels inside uh-huh for Queensland such. Jeez alright. Yeah well that's the show. I hope you had a great time. Had such a good time with Emerald Emerald. Thank you so much for being on the show so much fun just a little bit of housekeeping a little bit of fact checking checking myself as I am doing editing these days so I'm able to year what the fuck I'm saying so one thing they think we don't take an account is that you know England. When is really great but we also also factor in its diverse but also because of all the colonial? Wasn't that did so. Obviously people would sometimes go back to the country that colonize denies them so pointing out that Lala who we love her as an MTV VJ from way back in. She's such an actress. Not only was she not not now but she's also been empower our which I know I've been sleeping on it. which is on the views talking about her on the on the show power? I know. It's a huge hit. Making my way to it. It's on showtime or something. Someone giving is their passwords for that. I don't know give it to me The country's down in seventeen seventy six seventeen thirty which I kind of let slip but you you know words. They're hard sometimes and at Lisa. Maza was voiced by Salli. Richardson who you might remember. I guess correctly that she would be the one writing eighteen episode of Queens sugar way back when when An had queen sugar into the this woman was going to directing episode and I was like at least a Mazda but our real name is sally. Richardson and I know in some ways. This list of twenty five things that are really great in this past year like everyone does have struggled at the gate it if if you were going through some things but I do want us to also look and see. They're always great. An amazing things also happening around us a lot to be grateful for so find in those little grateful things. There's little gratitude things and you can send us an email here at minority coroner or through social media. Get in touch with us. I promise INSTAGRAM MS coming soon. And that's it for this week's episode. I love you all so much and thank you offer. This needs minority corner because together we are the majority. The maximum fund dot org comedy and culture are stoned audience supported.

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