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Formation a trivia podcast for ladies and gents who love coup Trivia and sticking it to annoying teens at pub quiz Hello and welcome to Mrs What is wrong with her voice see she's not fooling anyone he's crazy I late night radio delilah voice yeah yeah you're listening to misinformation so remember we're talking about just she of Bohemia Bohemia's name comes from a Celtic people known as the bow I who were in the region around the first century BC ooh that's cool struck me and made me laugh through the entire thing was her super deep voice when she would talk like this and we really believed that everyone thought her voice was this team which is so we start okay we're talking about Bohemia and religion who's over were we've gone back in time we're six hundred years I don't think I know what this is right so usually if anybody says were defenestration the Mitochondria is the powerhouse I mean that's all I know yeah so yeah I decided to pick one of those type of thing Grace Week Czech Republic it was an imperial state in the holy Roman Empire Okay and that was a complex of territories in western Central Europe that developed during the early Middle Ages with Charlemagne just in case you hear any of those terms great in thirteen fifty five Charles of Luxemburg the king of Bohemia became holy Roman Emperor Charles the fourth he's remembered profound it's in the pastorale okay so the Kingdom of Bohemia which is also sometimes strangely as the Czech kingdom was a medieval and early modern marquis in central Europe it was the predecessor of the I have a transition for that I'm sorry I threw you off that's on me so you know sometimes there's like attributed Bohemia was founded on the south by Austria on the West by Bavaria on the north by Saxony and Lucia on the northeast by S- Alesia and on the east by Murray so this week is called right out the window the defenestration of Prague I think I'm ready to John Wayne State continued until it was dissolved in eighteen six during the Napoleonic wars anyway the kingdom of Aquinas was established by the permissive dynasty in the twelfth century from the the University of Prague in thirteen forty eight and for increasing the boundaries and importance of Prague which he made the capital of the Holy Roman Empire Oh so basically from the mid fourteenth you're automatic like Levin responses means throughout the Winter Czech Republic whatever but like what the hell was this yeah okay that you just know that that's the answer yeah and you're just like I don't know what that thing is oh yeah all the time Triano was a principal center of intellectual and artistic activity in Central Europe Bohemia is the center where the reformation began so the reformation Graham yeah that's one hundred percent Elizabeth homes voice so we were two and a half seconds Steve paused it and he goes inside note remember we were talking about the Elizabeth homes documentary the blood thing that blood bad blood and finally watched it and the thing that was the breakway from Catholic Christendom that's where we find the theologian murder and national hero John Who's in the early fifteenth century without getting too much into it removing the existing hierarchy and the secularization of ecclesiastical possessions that seems like a tall order agree yeah right optimal factions of who sites who held different views and even opposed one another later on the main categorisations were moderate who sites who sought to conduct reform while leaving quality between Church officials nobility peasants I they were key predecessor to protestantism and one of the most important forerunners of the Protestant Revolution. I'm it's important to note that there were eighteen fourteen it maintained that the Eucharist or communion should be administered quote in both kinds so that's as both bread and wine the whole hierarchical and liturgical or of the church untouched and the radical Hussites who desired to return the church to its supposed condition during the time of the apostles which meant revenues enough win thirty rockets trying to get out of jury duty yeah she's just as like Princess Leia I don't think it would be fair if I was on a jury because I'm post was burned at the stake for heresy against the doctrines Catholic church in Fourteen fifteen who's sites they were a religious group who had called for reform of the Catholic Church who all congregation including the lay people so the practice among Roman Catholics at the time was for only the priests to partake the wine okay so you could have you know so you trek wisdom U. T. R. A. Q. U. I s. m. it was a Christian Dogma first proposed by Jacob of Mies who is a professor of philosophy at the University of Prague okay this section is called defenestration the first brick it's July thirtieth fourteen nineteen oh man that's on procession through the streets of Prague new town hall and Charles Square the town hall building dated from thirteen seventy seven but new parts were added at the beginning of the fifteenth century since comedian is in was considered a sacrament and the Catholic Church this was a big deal so the name eutrophism comes from the Latin Sub Utrecht spacey meeting in both routing them and a stone was thrown at the priest Celeski from the window of the town hall and allegedly hit him so the congregation with him obviously oh he mea upon hearing the news was apparently stunned and died shortly thereafter supposedly due to the shock so this is what I love about the past Pacific Time yes yawns Lipsky or moderate Hutus priest at the Church of the Virgin Mary Snow's in Prague was leaving his congregation so the moderate who sits we're talking about them so one large group under under the moderate who sits where the requests they were also called the Kayla cts tines common person going to church you could get the bread of Christ but you couldn't also get the wine that was only for the priest so one big thing that they were pushing for was that you should be able to get both of them yeah Ooh I didn't see you there you could just drop boom drop dead so weak willed such weak constitutions we all had I note here that apparently the angry mob also had pitchforks and spears and we're waiting at the base of the tower so what some of them went up and they were they did not like this no and they became an angry mob so stays bay storm the town hall once inside the group said including a tall tower with Chaplin side and a large bell of the top okay so this group they wanted to have a word with the town councillors they'd previously kinds in the signs also comes from the Latin Word For Chalice which is K- lakes so you might see oh sure okay a little background very are all right so bad at these counselors and threw them out the window and then the other people were just oh my God was sharp implements up their pitch for so activities will be geared toward children and families well we want residents and visitors to the city district is spend the summer day with a return to the Middle Ages the current mayor said don't awesome event with a reenactment when they threw a medieval counselor out of the tower bid wait like a real Amana case several loves it lifts keys who site followers and we're holding them in the Tower of the town hall oh trees while they were marching there were other people in the streets bigger or members of the town council were defenestrate these threw them out as oh really right out the Ding Dang oh my gosh I should that while the event is historically controversial it would be a mistake to ignore the anniversary it would be a mistake so yeah if you go quote there will be a camp in historical marketplace all day starting at one pm the period music dancing plus fencing demonstrations and displays of weapons many prolong who site wars so these words broke out shortly afterward around fourteen twenty and they lasted until about fourteen thirty six as a series of wars between the WHO sits in the combined Christian Catholic. I don't like this your people are bad you took aren't people hid them yeah throwing stuff at us so the burgomaster who was the master of the town really in the mayor the judge and several bird this is of the holy Roman Empire as well as the papacy in various European monarchs who were loyal to the Catholic Church whose words were arguably the first European were in which medicine mannequin but I haven't seen any pictures I just kept reading like up reenactment got town councillor out the window so according to the press release that was released ahead of the affect the inventory revolution so in the end though it was essentially like an inconclusive war so it happened for about sixteen years people were mad religion initiation the second asterisk though some people tend to not count this one chronologically this was the second defenestration happened on uh-huh gird yours that was defenestration the first okay by the way in July two thousand nineteen prog celebrated the six hundred university under abuses of the system of indulgences clergy benefited by selling indulgences and the pope gave official sanction in exchange for fee luther argued that indulgences lead eighty three which was a couple of weeks later actually three proud municipalities signed a treaty on unity and common action which led to religious reconciliation and the declaration of the Reduce One's length of stay in purgatory for one sins so Laura talked a little about purgatory and episode forty-seven Burn Baby Burn Dante's inferno out rose thrown out the window were killed yeah there's about seven seven people still kind of a lot of people so King Wenceslas the fourth it's more wide ranging religious movement remember those ninety five theses fifteen seventeen also call the disputation on the power of indulgences a professor of moral philosophy Martin Luther listed his positions against what he saw as an abuse of the practice of clergy selling plenary indulgences those were certificates believed they tried each other and then they were like I right it's winter now yeah all right we're done yeah so the some soup a conspiracy among the town councillors who dominated the town hall overthrew the municipal government of the old new and lesser towns which were the different divisions of Prague so the the town councillor was thrown out of the window and then they stormed the recently restored monasteries killed some of the month and then level though symbols of the Catholic Church so I mean number twenty four th fourteen eighty-three under the reign of Wladyslaw of the colonial dynasty whose sites were feeling jeopardized by Catholics and claiming to have discovered mm nothing there wasn't like a revolution afterwards or war anything it was just that happened right okay one hundred years after John hus Martin Luther in Saxony started Albert of Brandenburg who was bishop of Mainz on October thirty first fifteen seventeen a date now considered the start of the reformation and commemorated annually as referee Prog to that building they still do they still throw about it yeah yeah so the first defenestration was the turning point between talk and action leading urge Christians from giving to the poor and performing other acts of believing that the indulgent certificates were more spiritual valuable. I'm so louver sent the theses with a letter guest seven people died didn't really have much of an impact though I mean like besides those seventeen counselor died on October six fourteen eleven over Switzerland and various Anna Baptist leaders Anna Baptist where fringe movement of the reformation who were opposed to infant baptism and believed in the separation Earth Majesty which granted religious tolerance to both Protestant and Catholic citizens living in the states about this is an important document all was well until quality of both churches so Catholics your quest who sites at the religious piece of couldn't Ahora in fourteen eighty five so religious intolerance helped for the developer of the land but it contributed to the future conflicts of interest between middle class and nobility so that one some people don't count it okay because it didn't because nothing archduke of Austria was elected King Muhima in sixteen seventeen and just two years later he would become Emperor Ferdinand the second Ferdinand believed with all his heart that dynastic I was concerned Ferdinand had a more material interest with its flourishing agricultural mercantile and industrial activities not to mention its gold and silver mining bohemia was the wealthiest person Shen Day Lutheran may have also posted the theses on the door of All Saints Church and other churches in Wittenberg in accordance with university custom on October thirty first or by mid November mm-hmm and by sixteen eighteen the empire had become not only a political patchwork but also a religious mishmash of states following the doctrines of not only Martin Luther but also John Honor the letter of Majesty going to grant religious tolerance both Catholics and Protestants The new king gave formal assurances that he would do so but surprise this hand held gunpowder weapons such as muskets made a decisive hundred wish him the warriors were basically inventory and their many defeats of larger armies with Heavily Armored Knights helped seven and a vital contributor to the imperial coffers all of this was known to the national leaders in Prague who viewed the new regime with apprehension the question on everyone's minds was whether Fernando Christians to avoid true repentance for their sins and true sorrow believing that they could just forego it by purchasing an indulgence exam so he thought that these indulgences also the Catholic Church and when the local people staged a protest the Catholic deputy governors arrested them in response the defenses appointed under the letter of Majesty's ally intended to put the nationalist author guard into by time until he was ready to strike so this brings us to defenestration the third to`real and religious unity were inseparable he never deviated from his conviction that he had a divine calling to restore the glory days of the Catholic Empire so as far as well safeguard the Protestant rights called in the semi Protestants at Prague they were planning to accuse the king of infringing their rights to own property in to enjoy freedom of worship the Protestant leaders demanded the release is that people died like that if you were surprised Ha if if someone walked around a corner too four Catholic Lords region who are Count Yorislav Martin Niece Count Villeneuve's Levada Adam the second von Sternberg and Matthew Leopold Poeple but also since the one right before this wasn't a big deal this might also sometimes be called the second defenestration of Prague in sixteen seventeen the Lutherans after preparing the meeting hall members of the Dissolved Assembly of the three main Protestant estates gathered at nine o'clock am led by men named count objects they must not he insisted be allowed to escape with their lives wow at those words the mob again angry shirts ear the feces were quickly reprinted translated and distributed throughout Germany in Europe but a century after luther other teachers throughout Europe followed with their own versions of protestantism search state they considered adult baptism to be the only proper form of baptism in sixteen o nine holy Roman Emperor Rudolph the second issued a document titled the Letter Catholics maintain the men were saved by angels or by the Intercession of the Virgin Mary who caught them yes later Protestant pamphlet tears claimed that they survived because they as of us in of our religion have desired to deprive us of our letter of Majesty have horribly plagued your Protestant subjects and have tried to force them to adopt your religion against their wills or have had the mix is to see whether these four Lords region were responsible for this is say so the Protestant leaders demanded to know whether Fernande had ordered his Bohemian subjects about who is on the pain of death or whether the Catholic deputies had encouraged him to adopt the stance two of the deputies convinced circles of their innocence and were allowed to leave the church Oh left behind Count Villains Levada and count Yorislav Martin he's so count Thurn addressed both Martin's Levada and said quote I guess you're the of the prisoners and when this reserve us they campaigned throughout the land for their supporters to converge on Prague for a mass demonstration to take place on May twenty third sixteen eighteen love quits who was the grand prior arrived at Prague Castle at eight thirty in the morning now everybody's GonNa die they wanted to erect to new places of worship just was a freedom that was covered by the letter of Majesty but the king sequestered the land that they plan to build on and instead gave it to me UNCON- desperately to the window frame but one of the assassins struck him with a blow on the head and he fell into the abyss for good measure. The attackers took the Deputy Secretary Philip Square twelve of their heads were impaled on iron hooks and hung from the bridge tower as a warning so this contributed to the resentment that gave rise to the thirty down on November Eighth Sixteen Twenty there was plundering and pillaging Improv for weeks following the battle and several months later twenty-seven nobles and citizens were tortured and executed in the Old Town Third Oh yeah that's a bad a bad side of Saint Lawrence Agenda was to clarify whether the four regions present were responsible for persuading the emperor to order the cessation of had fallen onto a dung heap that was coincidentally under the window that sounds right that sounds like good propaganda right there the Secretary Philip for BCS was later and noble by the Oh the dog sometimes called the second defenestration of Prague was really like the event that sparked Ya that did all thirty years war wow all for throwing people out a window it seems like such a unique way that over the course of spelled for this reason third and then turned to his followers and urged them to show no mercy two men who had urged the king to wage religious were on his own Protestant leading calvinism in son-in-law of the Protestant James The sixth and I king of Scotland England and Ireland because they depose properly chosen king the Protestants I forward pinning the deputies against the tall windows someone on fastened the casement and Flung Martigny South Window Slovakia apparently put more refined similitude reaction famine and disease cities became empty smoldering shells and farmland took a generation to recover a years were eight yeah okay so just quickly during the thirty years war which took place between sixteen eighteen and sixteen forty eight different are and granted the title Baron von Hole and fall meeting Barron of the high fall okay that's no but sure so this all became a signal sixteen thousand nine hundred and the second was elected holy Roman emperor and at the same time the Bohemian estates deposed him as king of Bohemia and replaced him with Frederick v Elector Palatine the process church construction on rail and so that the two Lutheran churches that wanted to build in the amber was like nope and he gave that thing to the to the Catholics instead so this was the three guys were thrown out but they didn't die they did not die yeah I wondered so they open the windows first and then threw them out for breezy and he tossed him out after him Oh my God these three men survived the seventy foot fall from the third defenestration the fourth so this term defenestration has also been used to describe the Twentieth Century Death of Yon Masonic who was the Foreign Minister Czechoslovakia from nineteen forty to nineteen forty eight his body was found below the bathroom window of the building of the Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March Tenth Nineteen Forty eight logistic political groups vied for control of Central Europe killing more than eight million people in the process God the combat nations between twenty five and forty percent of their population minister or by the Soviet secret services a police report in two thousand four concluded after forensic research that masonic had indeed been defenestration to his death the could not gather the international support that they needed for war okay just two years after the defenestration here Fernanda Catholics regained power in the battle of Whiteman it seems like a very long time yeah they were like this is our thing this is this is our we get rid of this is our religious persecutors with the first one I think it was the combination of height and also the people the bottom with the pitch for I I agree with that part of the whole thing there yeah all for the beginning of a Bohemian revolt okay immediately after the defenestration the Protestant and Catholic Habsburgs started gathering allies for war sure is they don't really count it was a lot of people fighting and then maybe some people were already dead before they were thrown out the window and then the third one sometimes called the second one news we're your hosts time Lauren I guess I'll talk now I'm Julia I'm sorry we do a back and forth I was just really digging into the official report listed his death as suicide however it was widely believed that he was murdered either by the literally forming communist government in which massage served as a nonpartisan for me ask frank tried to throw them at the close window that you would kind of be Atarot also glasses expensive originally in that time period -actly you want to open it up first and then you know I know so what officials up with iced ranking soviet-bloc intelligence defector Lieutenant General Yang Maha Passaic Pat described his conversation with Nikolai Ceaucescu who told him about ten Internet channel leaders the Kremlin killed or tried to kill and Yon Miss Arc was one of them so a little bit Lou little big gossip here I think they'll I thank you guys and thanks so much for listening we'll catch you next time stay on the ground floor yes please by true or false in humans there is actually no such thing as blue or green pigments in the Iris of the first Windows Ninety five second windows ninety eight third windows. XP In three order order Microsoft's intelligent assistant named after the AI companion from the halo video game which is is called what floor just in case you get defend a straighted it's terrible wow that was amazing so that's that's the story behind all that question for what is the abbreviation for the phase of sleep in which a person is likely to dream vividly accompanied by sharp electrical bursts in the brain stem which question I was going to ask something about eye diseases here but I changed my mind insent tell me the six letter term for the White Mike 'cause sleep researchers to ask what's that frequency question five it looks like your writings Trivia questions introduced why question seven is a three part question I'll name a Microsoft operating system and you tell me the year it was released so in its entire history the nationality rooms program which was founded in the nineteen thirties at Pitt is only two directors the first one herself corporation question one Microsoft was founded in April nineteen seventy five by childhood friends Bill Gates and owns and photosensitive ganglion cells which of those three are responsible for Color Vision Fund best in Bright Light Hutton affair with Yawn Massara no sheet did she oxyde what and part of her memoirs she talks that's it yeah all right Sir quiz is called windows to the soul a quiz on the human eye and the history of the neuro epithelial cells found in the retina that is capable of visual Soto trains deduction that's basically relate is converted into electrical signals in the rods on Ruth Crawford Mitchell was there for like forty years the current wind maxine bruhns she's been there for like another forty years so ruth Crawford Mitchell Asaf in one thousand nine hundred six what was the name of the bouncing sentient mascot designed to help users home their word processing skills questions part of the I the opaque fibrous outer layer that contrast with the Iris in humans questioning the I see about like this relationship that she had with him when when he was found killed she was one of the people that I was like no definitely didn't commit suicide because he was like in his back with your answers that was great I had no idea thank you Julia that was on a religion yeah lot of religion that's like just the history of Europe is just Protestants and Catholics if you haven't been there before it's so teacher learning they have all of these like classrooms that are based on different nationalities that help to settle the city of Pittsburgh it's very cool Alan in which US city where Bugs Bunny Shoulda made a left turn question to a photoreceptor cell is a specialized type of would've aptly named owner of the Los Angeles Clippers is the only other person to have held that role in question ten Jane Is Fifty Five Oh of Microsoft was Bill Gates the Currency Oh is Sacha Adela who has been in that role at Microsoft since two thousand fourteen which American businessman and Jama's like you know why would someone of that like highest seem like WanNa be CEO himself window in his pajamas. Mad those Czechoslovaks aw aw I think I got it all right for five to ten days before surgery your question what does the A in lasix stand for I'll give you about a minute to think wrestled and has negative three doctors of Myopia in both is her ophthalmologists recommends that she got a photo refracted Karateka me and is instructed to stop wearing contact lenses he loves throwing people with you so the moral of this whole story here is if you're in Prague spady stay on the ground yes stay on the ground no I don't know a lot about bugs bunny so I'm going to go with a funny city name that sounds like something bugs bunny would say and I'm going to go with Kalamazoo Nine hundred seventy five by childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen in which city were bugs bunny show to made a left turn I I don't automobile traffic data that's pretty good traff oh data travel through data from Bill Gates and Paul Allen all right hurted into electrical signals in the rods cones photosensitive ganglion cells which of those three are responsible for color vision function best in bright light gates and Allen had founded their first company in nineteen seventy two they named it TRESCO data which sold a rudimentary computer detract analyze into a photoreceptor cell is a specialized type of neuro epithelial cell found in the retina that is capable of visual photo transaction that's basically we're late is Oh my my options are rods cones Ganglia sensitive ganglion cells okay I'm GonNa say invest bright light rods are almost entirely responsible for night vision and they function best in dimly and the third kind photosensitive retinal ganglion cells play a role in Yup. Okay that's cool I like a lot of stuff in your is talking about question three order order Microsoft's intelligence feeling good I'm feeling pretty good about eyeballs I feel pretty good about IBM Computers Yellow songwriters question what Microsoft was founded in Yeah uh-huh assistant named after the companion from the Halo videogame franchise is called what that's Cortana it's Cortana according to Microsoft's by

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