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The blaze radio network. On demand. This is the news why? Why matters. Hey, I'm Sarah Gonzales. Welcome to the news and why it matters. We are joined by special guests. Graham Allen with. Much for being on for having me. I really appreciate it quickly before we get into the conversation, tell people where they can find you. Oh, so money's grim. Alan host a show on crtv called rant nation. So you find me there. You're funny. Thank you. That's one of the nicer things people. I hope you die. Glenn top story stories Cavanaugh and the way that the Republicans have played this, it's already starting to show in the polls, and it's going to show in the election, and I think it's the first time I think in my lifetime that this is this is almost a perfect way to handle something like this Republicans never do it right. One of Glenn's most famous comments I would say is incorrect. We've run for your life, you know proof for it. You know, you called famously called President Obama racist, and that was that was wrong. We learned today that he's racist against black people and white people. He actually doesn't like either one and we'll show you the. This is their mazing Graham. I think it's the same thing that Glenn said, you know, the cavenaugh thing, we have the FBI the, you know, the, it seems like one million investigation at this point and the fact that it was never about finding the truth. I don't believe the Democrats ever really cared. If anything happened to Dr Ford at all. It's all been a political ploy or chess game to delay, delay delay for their undermining agenda. I don't know if you saw CNN last night, but. I'm sorry. I forgot who I've talked. I missed that. Where we want to make sure to thank our sponsor patriot. So you know, I didn't. I had no idea before I started working here that every day I was every month. 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So you could afford things and you're fighting against goes to the very places oleo wanted to. You can go to patriot mobile dot com slash news. Are you listening right now for four, four dollars a month is starting at you can get select Android an iphone. So patriot mobile dot com slash news or eight hundred a patriot. Okay. All right into the latest and greatest. Are we done with this next week? Monday, we should have wrap up show and then we'll forget he was even ever even a he now, but because I think there will be protests and well, I don't know. I will say this, the left will make sure they forgot about Ford. Never think is here. Here about again is. Yeah, exactly, right. So my thought on this is assuming that it goes through and he gets it, and this is how important it is for him to win this domination at this point. The only thing the left will here on Saturday at the vote is well that worked or crap that doesn't work. And if it's that worked, this is the from here on out. If it didn't work, they may try harder, but they're less likely to do these things in the past. If there are rewarded for this kind of behavior. Relaxed, the country's in trouble. Yeah, the country's in real trouble. Now I just want to. I just want to highlight something because this is this is what my book is all about. And I wish I would have had this example because there wasn't an example when I wrote the book and people say, Glen, you're talking dictate outrage. You got to get rid of your addiction. You've got to be nice to each other, you're going to surrender. No, no. It's about standing in the truth, but changing the. Way deliver it. I've learned doing all the crazy things in leader hosing and everything else I did on FOX. I didn't change any minds I may have. I may have enlightened people and help teach things to might tribe, but nobody who is a diehard Obama where that guy who's funny and making fun of everybody. He's great. Didn't work. Okay. So the Republicans have done it exactly as we lay it out in the book what they do, they were attacked. They were relentlessly attacked. They were called all kinds of names. They didn't call names in reverse. They never shamed her. They never called her nasty names. They said, oh my gosh, if this is true, we should listen to her. We'll go out and meet her. What did the Democrats do? They undermined everything and it's all being exposed. It wouldn't have been exposed. If Donald Trump would have been tweeting, nasty things all the time because all everybody would have been talking about was him or the nasty things. So they played it perfectly. They were deferential where the Republic or the Democrats treated cavenaugh like crap, and they were rolling their eyes and ethic brought in that prosecutor who's an Obama. Obama administration official. That was smart and so and they all said, and I believe them if there is this evidence is true. We wanna know it. The Democrats they're asking for the seventh FBI they get it and somebody asked on television, one of the Democrats. So will this be enough for what for you? Not to vote for him because you were never going to change your mind anyway. Exactly. Because we handled this the right way because we changed our approach with having a spine and standing straight up where we were not being afraid looking in the I know, I'm sorry, that's not it. And moving forward. We, you're seeing a shift in people. You're seeing a shift in people who were against cavenaugh now going, you know, not only four Cavanaugh I don't like the way the the Democrats have behaved. That's the way to win. I mean, look, it's not hard in this environment to get Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski on your side. I mean, it feels I honestly thought walking into this when this starts stuff started happening. It was almost like all you have to show up and they're gonna wind up voting with you instead their nuclear level hackery was. So, I mean, the Cory Booker strain of the Democratic Party who's just insanity. They went so over the top so far were so ridiculous. I mean, even Chris coons, who was the guy who made the deal with flake for the one week, extra FBI investigation is on TV today saying it's not enough. It was his deal and he's saying it's not enough. It's just embarrassing. It's embarrassing and they went, I think they, if they would have been. Under control, they probably would have been able to those people. The environment of today is, you know, people are generally going to go that way. I think because they were so ridiculous such cartoon characters, they talked a lot of Americans out of it, and it becomes a thing even with the Hollands and Mukasey you can't reward that level of. And the thing is they have proven Donald Trump. Right, right. Yep. Because he was quiet and he's been saying they are the enemy, they're, they're not telling you the truth, they're all in on. It look at the way the media's behaved and because they haven't had him to chew on because he's been relatively quiet, they've he's allowed them to expose themselves and become everything. He says they are, and I agree with you completely and you Republicans handle this the right way, but this is the problem that is bothered me through the entire thing. And I think that Cavanaugh actually said something very prophetic in his testimony, and I don't even think he knew that he was saying he says, the repercussions of all this will be felt for decades in the thing that worries me the most about my children in the future generations is all of this. This circus is what it is is going to hinder good men and women for. Wanting to step forward, put themselves in the position to help society to help our government help America. Who would willingly make the choice to subject your family to this kind of defamation and everything? You know, Stu, I have talked about running for office at some point. Maybe after I retire or something I'd run for offers, then I was with Ted Cruz. What did I say halfway through the Ted Cruz? Never terrible, never would I do that. I won't run for dogcatcher, never. It's awful. It's character says is, and we've lost the ability of society to respect people's lives to the point that we would much rather ruin somebody where the truth or not for political gain or political purposes, and it's very dangerous line that we're sitting on right now as a science. On the spot. Oh, okay. You did. You believe Dr? Testimony. I think that I say this as a as a man, you know, I want to believe survive. I know many people in the social media platform, the public platform and said this, I want to believe victims or alleged victims. I want to believe that people would not do such a thing for political gain or for this chess match trying to be played. I think that there is obviously something happened to Dr for his affected her, you know, mentally, emotionally, all this. Do I think that cavenaugh absolutely not. I don't believe that at all. Is that still your view Glen. I said, he just doesn't believe him. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I really did, but I don't think I do anymore. There's there's nothing new that is after that. There should have been something that has come out. There's nothing new that is come out. Yeah, I don't even think I'm not sure that she even had an event. I'm not sure I. So I was like you, I believe at the time that something happened to her that she really truly thought in her mind. She was missed, remembering that it was having on. That still could be well, that's what I thought before. But if I may bring some some things to the table. So when she first stated in her in her testimony, she swore under oath, right? All of this was written down and sworn to she said exactly what her motivations were. And I think we have a short clip. Let's watch my motivation in coming forward was to be helpful and provide facts about hell. Mr Coveney actions have damaged my life so that you could take into serious consideration as you make your decision about how to proceed. It is not my responsibility to determine whether Mr. Cavanaugh deserves to sit on the supreme court. My responsibilities to tell you the truth. Originally, she said, I'm here to provide facts for you. I want you to have all of the facts and all of the relevant information. It is my responsibility to tell you the truth, and then you're the ones who make the determination whether or not he belong. On the supreme court. Now, in contrast to that, her lawyers at the eleventh hour of the FBI investigation, which, again, it's at the eleventh hour they released or they sent a letter to Chuck Grassley and they said they basically were saying, we are withholding the documents that you that Chuck Grassley wanted sent to the FBI which was video of the polygraph test and her therapist's notes that they claim exists, but would never show no one has seen them. So they said, well, sure. We'll hand over those documents. When you agree to interview her now they know that the FBI has already said that they were not going to interview Cavanagh or Ford because they already have their sworn testimony to the account. So if you're saying she needs another interview, then you're saying she perjured herself because under oath she already said exactly what happened, which again, that's why the FBI doesn't need another interview for her. So now you have the lawyers saying. We're not going to give you these documents which makes me question those documents and makes me question her. It's why that's one of the reasons when I saw that come out. It's one of the reasons where like really wrong. First of all, I willing to give her an Ambien kind over a valium, excuse for the disconnect with her emotions while she's still like an just want to tell you. It just doesn't seem real. And I think because she kept saying, I need caffeine. I need caffeine. She wasn't sleeping. Perhaps she was on some sort of medication and that does separate you from your feelings. But now with this and the way it's been handled, I just don't know. I don't. I wouldn't. I wouldn't put a dollar on it actually, even without Cavanaugh involve to say, I believed her initially and I just don't anymore. I think that she's part of it. Yeah, point. I mean, we all want to believe that people wouldn't do these sorts of things like, look at the second world talking about four right. Is is a person who's involved in this. There were five accusers five. The other four have been basically devout one guy recanted completely himself. Another one Redan even put their name on it, and they were never even able to figure who was another. One is avenue client, which is obviously a circus. Yeah, they have apparently the latest, the one that was in the yorker that they went after with Ronan Farrow. They actually found the person who's supposed to be able to corroborate the evidence. And that person said they had never even heard of such a thing for they missed on four of the five, four of the five by all expectations. And at this point, what we can, we can take from them at least four of the five are complete nonsense. So I wanna know why we as a nation are not furthering an investigation on those people. If you lied and you have added to this circus you're, you are a danger to the Republic, not just smearing guy, but you have added to damaging the Republic. I mean, I think you need to go to jail is the repercussion. It's the backwards logical thinking that seems to be this huge epidemic within our society. We claim that we care about certain things, and so therefore we put all this focus on Dr. Oh, we care about me to victims and survivors and this and that. But then we find out about these actual things that were completely incomplete. Lies complete character assassination lies and we do nothing about, oh, well, did you really expect anything else to happen? You know. Of course, those off, of course, there lies, why wouldn't they lie? But but but we don't. We don't fight really for what's right anymore. What's right would be to go after Justice for Cavanaugh of these people that are latently lying about him. And I think the one that says he recanted his testimony may very well get in trouble. The problem with that, of course, is that sentences people not to recant because if the only you can never gonna, be able to prove these other things didn't happen. This guy, you can't prove it because he told you. Yeah, didn't minute. Glenn Beck is coming line to talk about the right path forward and to make fun of the people standing in the way might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down laughing. Glenn back live the addicted to outrage toured on tour this fall. Do you said Obama is just a racist altogether rights reasons. He's a double racist. Okay. So we got a lot to get into their because that's that's. That's up. I'm shell. Actually, when you listen to it, it is. It's amazing. So, but first we want to thank our sponsor wreck house. I have a confession to make did not take my dawn to dusk today. We thought your performance was off during notice. Well, I'm sorry. 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Use promo code greens, fifteen percent off your first order, or you can text greens to four one, four, one. One again, take field of greens, not cocaine. Cocaine. Advocate, cocaine. Brock Obama is amazing. In fact, just let in with cocaine, which is an interesting segue into this particular segment, they say something about the, of course Stu found this this morning, this this tape is released. I was going down the road of Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Cavanaugh. Oh, look, really? Did they say he was, you know, not not capable of being president. We played it in Stu it, no, here's the bigger story. Unbelievable, I, I think it is. It's pretty actually an amazing clip because you're right the way that people have been talking about it and it is interesting in this context. Brock Obama did a lot of the things that they're going after have enough or remember this. The start with the started with, you know, can we prove wreck onto this? And it was like, well, what if we think if we think he did it and it was like, well, we can't really prove that he did it or think that he did it, but is there a possibility that he did it and then when they couldn't get that they're like, well, what if he blacked out and doesn't remember that possible? That's really, we got down to Heathrow, right. So this is Barack Obama talking about. Very similar to the same types of accusations and many times worse that he made that were made against Brad Kavanagh. And if you know the, I think the the initial point is if Brcko become president with this in his past after he earned his life around it breath Cavanaugh if he drank a lot when he was younger, I mean, why couldn't he be on the supreme court? So let's watch the clip and we'll talk about the other permanent. Think I was thug. A big part of my girl. I was, I think I was very typical. Gregarious mischievous child is as a young boy, I think by the time I was an adolescent and had moved back from Indonesia and was struggling with these issues of racial identity in the father, not being in the house, and I think that, you know, I reacted by engaging and a lot of behavior that's not untypical of bike males. Across the country. Played a lot of basketball. Okay. I didn't take school that seriously. I. Got into fights. Drank and consumed substances that weren't always legal. Some of my baby was self destructive might drink a six pack in an hour before before going back to class. Only when you think about it in the the word typical is a, it's a trigger word for him. Only remember of course, white person who doesn't care gigging clings to his God and his guns to because he doesn't like immigrants that is racist. His grandmother had she was the typical white Verson that would see a black person. Yeah. And he says, I engaged to behavior typical of black people. He says, they play basketball a lot. Now, if a white Republicans like, you know what black people do a lot is basketball, just that is enough to be racist if you happen to be Republican, but then he goes down the road up. Don't take school seriously, get in fights a lot, and drinking and drugs. I mean, the picture he paints of the black community is is one that Richard Spencer probably agrees with that is an amazing moment as you see that and you know, I haven't heard anybody talking about that yet, but this guy really when he talks about racial identity, it's really revealing. He looked at everything. Through a racial prism which was the point you were making on FOX all those years ago. And you can see that there he sees typical people colors have typical examples. Now, my impression of the way that you're supposed to think about race in colorblind way, content of character. You're not generalize. White people generally do this in black people generally do that except for movie theaters. Okay, that's good place. I know there's a lot of talking. He's right behind. It's and I wanna. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast today. I wanna tell you about another show. I think going to like it's skull the morning blaze. It's dot com. CIN you check it out right now wherever you get your favorite podcasts. So you all know that I'm doctor, right? No, I am Dr. I've got my doctorate basically anyway. So science is really big for me tomorrow on the radio show. Science stew is Stu. It's the Obama power hour. Six beers in an hour. I don't believe he actually went to class. I don't think you can go to class. We're gonna find out a shop per minute on the hour tomorrow and I think or per one. So don't. Going. Little up next enjoy bonus overtime content from the news in white matters available exclusively for podcast listeners and blazed premium subscribers become a premium subscriber at the blaze dot com slash subscribe. Russian off air that I wanted to go ahead and start with Graham, go to your point about the whole Obama video and everything. And you said while we were talking about why, why haven't we heard about this this this video? Why haven't we heard we'll because rational people and logical thinking adults would hear something like that of a person describing their teenage and college days and go, yeah, you're a teenager in college. Of course, you did things that you shouldn't do now because you're an adult and that's just part of, unfortunately, it's part of growing up and learning and making mistakes, and the way the media handled it with Obama look at cocaine, but it was a long time ago and he's not doing it now and he's turned his life around. I might take cocaine might be a line in the sand for me drinking big, Liz. In your audience. I wouldn't call that just a typical behavior. I will say this though him criticizing or lumping in the typical black person into all these negative groups was happening as an adult. He was making those judgments as an adult and get still gets no heat for. Here's the thing. When did that become available? The video win was video. I've ever seen. I. Something that in of itself is remarkable that shows this been and the media bias. The scary part is what it is that was George Bush, because what did he say? I was so drunk that I, I went to classes after drinking six beers in an hour. Okay. What did they used to say about George Bush in college? About George. Horrible teenager. It was all about how he was doing drugs, how he was drinking, how he just blew by college. He was a bad college student, listen to him. Listen to him. It shows how the media will only show what the media, what helps the media's friends. There's no other way to explain that. Yeah, I like that because I agree with that point completely. Ain't it something I talked about quite often which was Mike, have no point is the fact that I don't believe any of this is about caring about victims or providers or anything. The media social media, whatever it is behind the screen. They do not care about these things. It's the same thing with Nike and kaffir knickknack. I couldn't give a crap less about cabinets stance or his cause or whatever. They just know what pushes the right buttons to make them money to get them views to get ratings. And that's the the younger generation is so blinded by this. I don't know because I don't think they're watching. I mean, I thought it was really telling that Ted Koppel called out Brian Stelter from CNN you have that. Can we play that the ratings are up? It means you can't do with Donald Trump would be lost with a little. True. Ratings with being the toilet without. Not sure you're you're, you're playing for SaaS. You've lived through Nour's and cease to know hold on president's. What will the ratings before Trump and what are the weightings listen to this? I would say we might be up twenty thirty percent. We might be up forty percent if we go back down forty percent. That's okay too. Children for a moment. Let's get away from CNN. Sensitive subject. Let's go to NBC. Is there a moment of the day when they are not focusing on Donald Trump or some intimately related subject? Now there's not people with. Ryan, Brian, he became he came to the media because he had a blog site. One of. Used to just cover the daily ratings, that guy is all about ratings. His job is to analyze the media, and he says, I don't know. It could be twenty percent. No, no, you know exactly how much and then you're like, oh, could be forty percent? Well, that's doubled twenty percent in it. It was more than that's the real, it's and it's, you don't just shed forty percent of your audience and nobody cares. Ted Koppel is right, and we are not paying attention to the things that must be paid attention to because the world is about to change China. You hear about the chip today with China. So China's making make all of our chips because we won't mind for own rare earth, minerals, because it'll it'll hurt Alaska. So China's making all of our chips. Well, we just found out that the chips that they were making for us have a little extra something, something on them, and it's allowing them to hack in and gather all of the information that they want. Why not? Of course, not, of course, want to. Here we are a group of people. China is becoming the most dangerous place in the world. They are rounding up Muslims millions of them. They are persecuting Christians. They are launching the sharp ice program by twenty twenty Google or Facebook. Google is is working with them on their own search engine to turn in any dissidents. The number one star over in China has just reappeared for holiday resort, which is one of the internment camps. It is all this is going on and what are we talking about nonsense. It's dangerous dangerous. So now seems like a really good time to bring up viral video, really great viral videos going around and millions of hits on this one. I mean, it's just one of the most spectacular things you'll ever see young football player. In Texas, actually playing safety here. Look at this mazing flag as he comes all the way across the field. It makes incredible play. Incoming over here. Amazing. You might say that looks like my son, and I would say also. It does. Actually, I flag football game yesterday, and I actually, I did have a moment of life thought in that day. I was watching that happen all the crap that we talk about here every day and everyone get so worked up and your social media all the time and flames going back and forth back and forth. And then you know, you're out there just watching your kid play football. It's like complete escape. And it feels so much more like what we should be doing. It feels so much more so much more teaching teaching young males to oppress pigs. They throw them. And then you know, idolizing cheerleaders, looking at their body, all I know your initiative, what a male should dare get up there you. Yeah, I think you'll appreciate this as a a wonderful family moments. Watch the clip one more time and then look for my daughter in this clip lunch. Comes off. And then. She's not only not really paying attention. She's seated herself to face the other way and his coloring during the play that is real life is others. Just go to his stupid gay of lifted before we get to today's poll question I want to. I want you to tell everyone you said that you have a kind of a neat story about being the blaze always. Yeah, yeah, almost forgot. So I doubt you remember this, but almost two years ago to the day when I first came up with this whole daily rant idea, rant nation, this whole thing, the blaze was the very first place that would interview me. Oh, no, this was my very first interview paid seven hundred bucks pocket to fly out here. You stuck your head out the door. Ted Cruz was here that day and you still get your head out the door and wave to me and it was real quick. You know, I was nobody. Nothing. I'm anybody now, but we were. We were dumb enough to pass on you. Not a good story. But it's really cool to to be back here now. Yeah, it's very full circle moment. It's nice. It's an honor to sit at the table crash view and my grandmother would probably leave my grandfather for you right now. Likes them looking like Gernal Sanders. I grew up a lot of days in my house, Glenn Beck every single day, but your grandma's name, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria. She'll try to figure out how to take me. All right. Today's poll question after the whole cavenaugh spectacle, which party do you think will be more energized to vote in the midterms want wanna hear from you go to Twitter at the blaze. Let us know which think Graham thank you so much for joining us. We'll see you tomorrow. Depending on how they react to this. If they go all on its. People like what you're hearing become a blaze premium subscriber and watch the show anytime anywhere live or on demand, go to the blaze dot com. Slash subscribe start watching today.

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