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Hello my name is Jesse in this podcast number. Four hundred three for wine APP where we teach you for rules to help you. Stop living paycheck to paycheck. Get outta debt and save more money. I want to ask you a question and if you would please write to me at podcast at you need a budget dot com. So I can hear what you think. I am curious and I've had this thought for a long time. I'm curious if you are rowdy listeners. You people that I never hear from ever argue there. I am curious actually to know if it would be of interest to you to have a separate podcast that that I would host. That would be more business focused. I would want it to be two pronged. I would want one prong to be How to use wine APP for your business because does it is the best tool for gaining total control of your small business cash flow as well as your personal cash flow and there is so much to do there and it would be a lot of fun so the first part of that podcast would be in effect to talk through talk about discuss unpack Jack using one APP for your business for rules? Still apply and they are very meaningful. When you apply to velocity that is all the cash that flows through a small all business number? Two second prong would be to just discuss business. In general I am a small business owner. I might be behind where you are. I might be ahead and I mean mean that in the sense of experience you know for whatever it's worth. I've made lots of mistakes and I've gotten lucky I've worked hard. I've surrounded myself with fantastic people L. and I've picked up a thing or two that I have found useful that you may find useful as well I would want to interview potential thought leaders. I WOULD WANNA interview people that have been there and done that so to speak. I would want to have a podcast. That was helpful to why numbers that are running their business online 'em we could talk about anything from culture core values hiring firing obviously doing the books How to do the books out of set of controls so that the money stays where it's supposed to stay stay and how to do just about any kind of internet marketing? I have a good bit of experience with that. Also it would allow me to interview you other team members that have very specific roles here at wine up and that have tremendous insight into all kinds of things everything from copyrighting to project product management to customer support and Anyway this is all just. It's not a pitch. I'm just curious would. Would this be interesting to you. Are you a business owner or are you a freelancer. You part of the GIG economy and are you using wine APP for your business. Would it be helpful to have me focus on more business topics. If that's the case right to me podcast that you need to budget dot com and let me know until next time follow one apps four rules and you will win financially. You've never budgeted did like this.

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