Ep. 44 Coaching for Business Success with David Bradley


Welcome to make the grade with the success. Dr Steven Green were. You'll discover actionable strategies to help your student to reach their academic goals to excel at standardized testing into bland for the college admissions process painlessly. And now here's your host Dr Steven Green Dr Steven Green Hair the success Dr podcast time. It is podcast time. Thank you for those who are listening subscribing supporting the. Make the great podcasts. My goal always is give people actionable items. They can use right away to maximize education. My goal is you can listen to podcasts positive and turn it off. Go do something immediately to help yourself or your child or your students to move forward and get better grades and all that fun stuff so today. Get your pencils. Get your thinking caps. Excellent guests in attendance today. David Bradley I think this is going to be really interesting discussion. So as a matter of introduction. Welcome Dave Steve. Let me. Dave gave me a copious Biography here but I think it's very relevant shared with the audience. We'RE GONNA Dave David. Twenty five years experience in the architecture design business founded blueprint for living coaching with a mission to help design professionals to seek access their untapped potential develop their leadership and create great things in their personal professional lives draws upon his skills as a coach architect leader Motivational Speaker Mentor and businessmen to inspire excellence in his clients and call them to be their best to two thousand fourteen graduate of accomplish coaches training program comprehensive intensive yearlong emphasizes an onto logical approach to coaching. I really don't understand what that means. You can wait an extensive hands on leadership experience. I get that that sounds solid state on the leadership team for the coaches training for Chicago. Seattle Washington DC Victoria British Columbia and the United Nations always a member the international coach that ration- in a PC certifies coach prior to being a coach. He brought a successful career an architect my dream job growing up and I as a principal Bradley architects leaders a Managing Director of the North American operations of off from saying that write offs. Yom german-based design engineering firm specializing tensile structures up to explain to me what that is a still actively engage in both firms. Active never the American Institute of Architects and in two thousand fourteen he was. The president graduated from Georgetown University with honors Basser Science in Foreign Service later with honors versus Chicago Master of Architecture degree licensed to practice addiction and state of Illinois avid cyclist. Just like me twice. Complete the five hundred mile. Whoa TWIN CITIES TO CHICAGO AIDS. Ride raising over thirty seven dollars for each of a sport organizations. I find this very interesting. And he's Certified Rescue. Diver been lucky to dive reefs from the Caribbeans. The Great Barrier Reef fluent in Deutsche German conversational in French and Dabbles in Swedish and Portuguese Avocado. Thank you very much. I forgot it. I think the three Portuguese words. I will dazzle you with my words right out of the gate here for my audience. There is so much value here. They've bring so much the tape to break this up and like eleven episodes but where do you WanNa Start David? Let's start with. Let's start with your background it is. It is impressive. You've obviously worn a few different hats in your in your life right so we'll talk about where you are now. I happen to know I know a little background. Here Davis on a big adventure he is uprooted himself from the corporate world in Chicago and is living in Lisbon Portugal right now on a of discovery journey which I think is a really a great positive sort of risks. So this time. Let's talk about your personal mission for a Secondary Personal Journey into the coaching. And the counseling. How we can help students to reach their potential as well so yeah. I think it's a Lisbon a production. You know what's funny first of all? Thanks thanks for having me and I'm really excited to be talking to hear your audience in on the conversation we're going to have you know what's funny when I've listened to Obviously I wrote my bio but when I listened to somebody else read it sort of objectively from the outside. It's like I have won a lot of hats. It's been a really. I've been blessed to have an extremely varied and differentiated background. I've dabbled in all sorts of things and I think to if I think one of the things that really strikes me about my own background is just renaissance. Man Sort of experience. I've really kind of run. The gamut in terms of educational experiences work experiences life experiences and yet somehow all of it has managed to coalesce and put me where. I am right now So as you mentioned I currently have basic nutshell is. I'm a licensed architect. They still you practice of working with sufficient Out of stood guard Germany And we do have very specialized type of architectural tensile structures that's structures that are all stainless steel cable in Stainless Steel Mesh netting. So they're all under tension rather than a compressive structures which would be like brick and concrete and wood I those are under compressive strength whereas tensile structures held up by being under tension. There actually be pulled into place like a bridge. Kinda very much so I think it's on the Golden Gate Bridge actually is a great example of a tensile structure. Leon's we have them in Philadelphia and one of the projects that might firm worked on. The German firm is D- currently under construction suicide prevention barrier for the Golden Gate Bridge Air currently hanging stainless steel mesh nets off the sides of the bridge to prevent people from jumping and might firm in Germany was responsible for the design of that. So the very niche kind of architecture. Most people could architects designing houses and buildings. I just happened to be in a different branch of architecture. That's unusual and extremely interesting. A lot of fun so. Let me ask you one question here. Yeah the the the sort of renaissance concept right. Which is I think something everybody would like to be able to do. But sometimes the trappings of a house in the family and all that sort of thing and this is something. I think parents relate to more students but just to start. My audience is students and parents students. And I when you were in high school or college or even graduate school. Did you see a linear any sort of linear connection from where you were then to where you are now is just sort of like the boat going across the ocean in the current? Took you where you were going to end up because obviously you need. You need it the academic credentials to get to where you already can't just walk in an office the architect of cool so there had to be some combination of a book. Track of courses right some sequential architecture architecture to whatever tensile strength advanced pencil strength but then also you're driven by your own passion. If that's the word I can use and this is this is I get with my students a lot? I'm sitting here with the tenth graders. Why do I need to learn geometry when I'm ever going to use it why I only like history or you know what did learn Spanish where we speak English United States? Yeah and I try to explain to them and as far as the same thing their parents would say. Hey you never know be sometimes learning for the sake of learning is important right but but from counseling standpoint. I mean you're you're also a certified coach. Who who are you looking to work with? What's your ideal coach? Abol person here in Ohio. Well let's see. Let me start with the first part of that which was Backup on step in your mind for my audience. Let's define coaching. Let's make sure that is because coaching baseball coach in orders and is coach so awesome professional coach at your levels is that is doing what it yet. Seven addition to being an architect. I'm also certified and trained as a professional coach an executive coach and what that means is that I partner with people. In my case I've I've chosen to work specifically with architects and other design professionals because those are kind of the people in my community and partner with them to have a conversation about where they are now where they wanna be and what's in the way of them getting their policy and quickly so it's a it's coaching is a professional partnership. I can't come in objectively to be able to point out. Behaviors thought patterns speech things. That people are doing that are getting in the way of moving themselves forward policy so one example. Just one example. I was approached by a husband and wife both architects who were working foreign architecture firm and they were being offered golden handcuffs. Basically they were being offered a partnership in the firm but in order to do it they were going to have to be constrained not really do the kind of work they wanted to do. And they approached me and said hey we actually want to open our own firm and they hired me to first of all figuring out how to extract themselves politically diplomatically from their current situation. And then how to lay the foundations or building their own and over the course of six to eight months we worked together. They now have their own architectural practice in Seattle. It's actually really really successful. One example of a client is the classic conundrum of life right security versus right versus on the other side unknown right exciting sometimes boring Boring Security. A little bit sarcastically versus or the excitement of the unknown. But you know the scary. How do you do it? So that's one example of the kind of client that I would work with us a coach but what I think your your listeners might be really interested in is a task when you mentioned it. Being sort of the boat with the current. It's much it's very much like that. I did not go into college either. Wanting to be an architect or wanting to be a coach I actually wanted to work international and I've sort of had it in my mind. I knew that I loved languages. I loved history economics and politics and Georgetown School of Foreign Service. Their program was very multifaceted and really spoke to who I understood myself to be. As renaissance man sort of a loved a little bit of everything and their program was very very well rounded liberal arts education with an international bent to write. I explored all the time in school. I had economics. I had some business classes. I was required to pass a proficiency in the language which I did in both French and German I think let's see history classes politics. International politics was my nature and I minored in German and none of this was really targeted. Like somebody who says I'm going to be a doctor or someone who enters school and says I'm going to be an architect. I really was getting a well rounded education then. I think the thing that worked best for me was that in my undergraduate degree I learned really basic foundational skills like critical thinking how to speak clearly an intentionally how to write well and with clarity. I gained those skills and I also gained a lot of general knowledge and I think that sort of Laham really solid foundation. So I know that there's kind of a joke out there that if you're an English major you're never going to be employed. I DON is out there. What is it fair to send? It can't context because as an English major you're taught to think critically you're taught these skills that are incredibly valuable in any any. Let me put this into slightly. Different language were you. You have a very strong foundation education. We're I'm going to call life skills. Yes but sort of through the lens of learning through Book Knowledge Critical Thinking. I don't think anybody's going to say is not as valuable skill and listen to. I don't care if you're ten years old twelve years old fifty thousand years old right in my sort of world. I use these terms anonymously. Coach teacher Tutor Guide There's probably other words throw in there but because some people compartmentalized world like coach is almost like an esoteric is sure to teach your sounds more accessible. Yeah maybe because people have teachers their whole lives tutors like Like almost as quasi negative connotations. Sometimes 'cause you only tutor if you need tell that which isn't true audience. It's not true but all right so I would put coach in in the. It's it's it's interesting where you're where the definitions live because find on compartmentalize. I you know just from people in different people from a different perspective even though the four words a throughout their kind of have the same role right depending on where people are and what they're ready for which is a coach. I know you'll understand that they're going to look at these things differently. Maybe almost graduate from a teacher to a coach in a sense because coach might be more specialized one thing she said I found very interesting was kind of like. Here's now here's future and you're trying to help you create a path to get there. They might already know what it is. They don't well they might want to know what it is but they're things in the way there's things that are preventing them from understanding there's inhibitions holding them back negatives fears So this is going to have to explain to me onto logical versus. Yeah Facultative couple as you can wait distinction so let me get abducts and I think your listeners will appreciate this so ontological is the study of. And they're two different types of comes from the comes from the Greek and there are two different types of coaching out. There one of them is facilitated. Coaching TO SILICATE. Coaching is a lot like consulting so a facilitator coach at here. I'll give you the best example. Say that a client comes to name. They say David might finances mass and I wanted. I wanted to retire in ten years. Okay as up facilitative coach which I've got training to do. We're going to take a look at their income at their expenses. Were GonNA balance their checkbook. We're going to get them on A software like quicken or quickbooks. We're going to connect them with a financial advisor. We're going to put together a budget to set goals for them right and give them practices and things to do that are going to get them from point. A. TO POINT C. That's a facilitative approach Gary very badly bins term. It's it's it's sort of a structural. Yes and it's a it's an it's very much like consultants that you would hire to come in something you give me a plan. I do the plan. I get the results. Exactly okay. Difference is I'm also trained as an onto logical coach. What that means says we start asking other questions that are broader. Like who are you being about your money? What's your relationship to money? How does money work? In Your Life by motivation. There'd he s but they're also it's it gets to the root of their relationship to money power all of it finances. Fat is at the root cause of why they are where they are quite a breakdown in the finances and once we can determine what their relationship to money as and shift that then you actually get the results but think about this like somebody who tries wants to lose weight for example right you can put an. We've all seen it before and I've gone through it before you join you get on a diet you do all of this stuff and you lose the weight but a lot of people gain the weight. Batum is the reason is because they haven't actually dealt with the on typology they haven't dealt with their relationship to food in their body and their Celtic. Let me give you an example. I think it'd be very close to him with my caseload. Most of the people I work with even if I'm starting with them eight or ten years old ultimately their goal is to go to college a lot. You Know Tutoring Subjects College. Prep so really. There's exact same thing. There's the facilitator part. Which is here's how you do math. Here's how we're GONNA book and then there's the why right so the easiest example would be. Sat Prep doing sat. Prep is is arduous. It was a good language that comes from Moscow. Latin somewhere in it it's annoying. It's not fun for kids. But they're why is bigger is announcing the overcome right. I want to go to college. So I'm willing to put the work in to do the structural things to get there and the ontological part would be. Who Do you understand yourself to be as a learner? Do you walk around for example from a coaching perspective. What's your thought about learning do you are you walking around saying? I can't do mass right. I'd say he's a marine suit up that you've got that story. That context of math is hard. I can't do math math Stupid or whatever. That's in the way it's it doesn't matter how much you practice math if you don't shift your relationship to mass and your relationship to who you are as an intelligent person it's GonNa be a heck of a lot harder to actually achieve the results that you want. You might get there right. Facilitative coaches and there's I'm not bashing facilitative. Coaching at all. There's value to it but like I said with the if you you can put all the structures in the world in place but if you don't shipped somebody's core beliefs about who they are. It's going to be a heck of a lot harder to get the results and the results may not stick so think about it this way too. I took the SAT's. I'm a really good test taker. I'd something in my mind. Just I I take us well I always have. I have friends who are no There in many cases I think far more brilliant than I am but they don't take tests well and they have a story about it. But they're brilliant people so if they could shift that I watched a couple of dude is they actually shifted. They're they're being around test-taking where they stopped. The story of kept repeating of. I don't take tests well right. They started learning how to become a person who takes tests well so it's trying to for sure mindset. Dan Very very attitude. That doesn't guarantee you're GONNA get a sixteen hundred on the. Sat right in my world. I talk all the time when I student aware. However I'm working with about reaching potential. Not Everybody's going to get an a plus right. That's our goal right if you're capability is A. B. or whatever twelve ten eleven hundred fourteen twenty. Sat that's where we WANNA be so so in coaching situation. Because I think what we do in this way kind of similar whenever I started with a student or a family. There's an assessment point right. Where are you now? What's going on? What are you good at? What are you struggling with your here? You WanNa get here. What are we need to do to get in between? It's not unlike any sort of coaching guidance. Tutoring you know the the walls all of it so sometimes you just define a goal. I Want I wanNA sixteen hundred and then we work towards it. I think it is sense. What you're doing is on a bigger stage. You know. People sort of changing their whole lives around but possibilities. Let's talk about that fit into all of this. Just pick that word out what? So here's the thing you mentioned earlier. I'm in Lisbon Portugal Right. I decided about a year ago after twenty six years of living through Chicago winters that I did not want to go through another winter in Chicago. I was just Kinda done and I thought I don't have anything to prove. I decided I wasn't going to be in Chicago for the winter and I didn't know what it was gonna look like but I told my coach because I work with a coach. I told my coach. I said I will not be in Chicago this next winter. I'm just done my and I created the possibility of traveling outside the country. I didn't know how it was going to work. I didn't know how I was going to pay for it. I didn't know where I was going to go. I just created that possibility an over time with my coach we created a project around with milestones with goals. To kind of narrow things down make checkpoints. I call them. Yeah absolutely and I moved here January seventh. And I've been here now for about three months. We don't know you got adventure on the horizon which we have a huge adventure coming up but part of this lies and I have to say you have to create the possibility and learn how to say yes in the face of all of the reasons that come up in front huge Will be nut you job. You're going to hell the problem. Is WE CREATE POSSIBILITY? And it's we can get really present some terrific possibility. Like I'm GonNa go to X. College or I'm going to go into this industry in this field and that possibility gets distinguish it gets extinguished like that it just it's very very fleeting so you've got internal reserves external both we're wired wired to be at the effect of the circumstances that we experience it's almost as her mechanism survival thing to keep us safe right right when. I said I'm going to move abroad for three months. And in Singapore on your subconscious says immediately. The question starts a pop up. How can afford that? How are we going to keep your business running? What if Blah Blah Blah like all have no friends and there's all stops most people? I'll tell you something when I guess I can't tell you how many times she said this earlier in the call when I tell people at a cocktail party that I'm an architect if I had a nickel for every time somebody said God. I always wanted to be an architect. I wanted to be an architect. We'll tell you don't make wine a second but finished yet and so what happens is and you know what the reasons that they give. I'd I couldn't I couldn't deal with the mass. I couldn't deal with Max so they do the math to become an amber. They fought. The math was too hard or they didn't like math. Or whatever else right so what I find fascinating about that conversation his. There's a possibility somebody who in their education sauce something that inspired them the I would love to be an architect and the great reasons for it. They wanted to impact society. They wanted to design things. They wanted to be created fright and they let mass get in the way of their dreams. I and I four hundred word right but that math is context. Math is hard is a story. It's just a story but we lead stories like that. Squash are possibility constantly. So if somebody out there wants to be a doctor and they have some story or maybe their family members have story about why. You can't be a doctor. They'll start to. They'll start to believe it. We believe these stories because we think they're real. Math is not hard. It's just not we have a story. That math is hard and we gather as much experience as possible to prove ourselves right see. I got that problem wrong. Math is hard. I can't do math. There's the really insidious one girls can't do mouse. Well that's a bunch of that. But but how many women has that prevented from becoming mathematicians? Were going into the science strike. These are dangerous context in some respects This extended to anything right. I mean you're talking specifically about mad about math but I mean it's saying with language. Listen I'm learning Portuguese right now because I'm living in Lisbon and I can tell you all these by Portuguese might be difficult but it's also a heck of a lot of fun and I just keep pushing and challenging ourselves so I think when you talk about possibility we do this everywhere as we create we have dreams. We have aspirations of things that we want and we are wired unfortunately to immediately put obstacles in our own way and back away from our trains. So may I ask you a question And just as a digression you know I wanted to be an architect to every show growing up and this'll date me was the brady. Yes I think Mike Brady did more for the architecture world absolutely than than than IEP around Michelangelo. And here's the dirty little secret actually. Do you have to know mass to become an architect idol? No Yes yes. You do missing trigonometry energy. I know I had to have a college level course in calculus so and for some people Calculus that's way too way too steep curve. It's fine I took a calculus class. I happen to like Calculus because to me. It was puzzle. It wasn't it wasn't it was like solving a puzzle by. Here's the dirty little secret. You don't need math today. An architect when career. Yeah well once. You're there in school. I used math sewing frequently. I needed it for my classes. Honestly you need more. You need more geometry than you need anything else because you have to understand how materials shapes work right but to this day. I haven't used Calculus in twenty five years so it's really interesting fallacy for most people. Yes you need mass to get in to be to get into school to be accepted to start architecture by-in-large once you're there and that's true with so many things. Let me tell you a comes up a lot in my world And this is true with younger children. An older one is the gap of time the gap of time Later in life. It's it's easier to pivot right if I'm forty three. I Dunno whatever just unhappy. I can pick up and go somewhere if I'm fifteen. I'm in ninth grade. I pretty much have three or four years. I'm going to be in high school of a ton of that ability in your life Obviously at that age Becoming more independent at least intellectually. It's really more a parent child relationship at that point but That that that is something that I see a lot is is is idea of. I want to do this. But it's going to be four five six years out. Were were the inability to connect when you do the work. This is one of the big challenges I have with prep kids for the. Sat if you think about it. We're not roughly through junior year Zyppah. Well by the time you take the test. Let's just say it's May Junior. You're right now. It's march but then you're not even GonNa apply to college till August or September October Hear from them until December or so. You're not going to go for a whole nother eight months so there's whatever the polar opposite of instant. Gratification is is very very very super prolonged gratification and in our society our world or whatever That doesn't always fly the I what what when you were talking about the whole possibility. Pc on top of my head was the whole field of dreams idea right. The bill that on created you modify the thought manifest the action the so. Let me ask you this. I think by all standards. Most people considered you successful in your career yet like you could've stayed in Chicago So to speak maybe been mostly happy. Had some frustrations of things you know. You always wanted to go to Paris or whatever but when when somebody's younger they don't have that same what we're to use angst that too strong word Is probably a German word for 'cause they have all these fancy German words at least emotions. You can't capture as well as English. But but from the perspective of my audience how important is it to just trust your instincts to just you know within what you can control? Because let's say you're talking to a fourteen year old. Listen I know you don't love school or maybe love school and you want to preserve that that the curiosity WanNa preserve that sort of childhood innocence. Innocence but yet. We need to be aware of the realities. What's going on under this kind of push into the opposing forces right is like the Peter Pan Complex versus you. GotTa pay the rent right so I know you. You're talking about trusting yourself and all that but how can we kind of put that from a parent perspective as motivators Like how can apparent positively influence? Their Children Some type listen. I got kids. I wish they listened to me and if I appear knows it yeah you could say your kid one hundred times and somebody else's say it to a once in the listen to him but if I'm a parent and I'll try to motivate. My children. Were child whatever Any message will give him language they could use workouts out so this is where I would actually turn to the ontological As an end in all honesty I'm not apparent show. I have the wonderful ability to stand outside and be judgmental without we call that objective. Okay there you got the objective. Here's here's what I think you know we were talking about this series here if I knew then what I knew. Now which is coming is just ask if if I at the age of thirteen fourteen. Fifteen sixteen You've got your entire life ahead of you and everything is super immediate. You want answers right then and there you WanNa. I wanted so much to just decide. What am I gonNa be on with your life or I'm going to be a doctor. I'm GonNa be a marine biologist. I'm going to be. I wanted that so much that certainty so that I could just do it. I got very frustrated because I seem to like a whole bunch of things in my future seemed so muddy cycle. Where am I going? I have no idea what I'm doing if I knew then what I know now I would say enjoy every single thing that she loves pursuit. Follow it have fun with it. Enjoy IT and don't go choosing something because you think it's the right thing to where somebody else is pushing you into somebody else's idea of what she should be doing. Follow your own path. And that's where as parents I think one of the hardest things that most parents I see have to deal with is having faith in their kids ability to to survive. Parents love their kids. And they want them to succeed and thrive and everything else and oftentimes have their own agenda for what's GonNa be right for their kid. The hardest thing that you can do that I've seen with my friends in their kids is trust. It's all going to work out all going to be okay and allow them to explore and have fun and enjoy what they enjoy and experiment and try on all different hats because it's all valuable at the beginning of my career. I knew I wanted to do something international. I had no idea what that would look like and there was no particular job path. There is no career path that I was following per se. I just started doing things that sort of pointed in that direction. Something International while I've traveled. The Globe is an architect and currently living abroad and my plan next year is to do a world tour of cities around the world cities in twelve months. Where I'm going to be interviewing architects and design professionals as I go working as digital nomad exploring the world. That is nothing that I ever could have imagined when I was in school but it all sort of came just sort of worked out part of it is trusting your gut. You're very right. I could easily well. Technically I could easily chosen to live a mediocre life and career being semi happy. Maybe or just feeling unfulfilled. I'll tell you honestly in some of the jobs that I've had if I had stayed in that job I'd be pretty miserable right now and part of my work as a coach is to work with people to get them. Un- miserable because they spent their whole life doing what they thought they should be doing rather than actually following their heart. May I ask you this David? Do you think you would have been unhappy because you obviously have a kind of a wonder lost right. You've you have this innate curiosity about the world you had since you were little of wanting to do it. And you're very fortunate debatable. To manifest it now right there are some people. Were perfectly happy with this. These companyman only absolutely nobody saying that's good or band is not. There's not something my own personal choice is exactly. Everybody has their their pass if Only you gotTA follow your heart. Let me ask you this. Let's let's if you want to expand because I I know a little bit about your twelve in twelve idea. We're let me ask you this because we're all finding very interesting here. Is You got from A to B to c to D to Now? Where do you see yourself in? Let's say five years Or do you even know. Do you even want to protect you know you know what's funny is? I'm actually going to ask Peter Fifteen year old and I it. Yeah what in finding overtime stadium is? I think as I progress through these various stages of my career. I'm becoming more and more attuned to uncertain of what my skills are. What my purpose is what? I'm doing all four and what I want to create and so I went from very muddy in high school. Like oh I WANNA do something. International to now at actually For my career as I move forward but it's taken years sorta trying out different things and taking some leaps of faith and now I would say in the next five five to ten years I definitely see growing my coaching practice with architects actually becoming the Goto the go-to Guy Amongst the architecture community for coaching. I see creating an international community of coaches. I'm sorry international community of architects. All of whom are committed to impacting the environment society culture. I see myself giving motivational speeches. Traveling the globe interviewing other architects exchanging ideas creating an environment where the nobility of architects actually against expressed. I think I love. I love the the industry of architecture because architecture some of the most creative people I know they have a real mission for having an impact on the world. They have a vision for how things could be which is just brilliant and in many cases. There're people wearing the white hat. They kind of come in with this broad based knowledge of how the world works how materials come together what spaces should look like and how they should funk to and I don't know an architect who went into the profession wanting to be a millionaire. It's a really tough profession to be honest It's very demanding. It's not for everyone but it's also incredibly satisfying one too when you walk into a space that you designed and you see how it's impacted the environment the society around to I'm once I'm going to be five years from now celebrating those people because I think they're heroes of our society. Hey Listen I go down. You're GONNA get there. Let's do this as sort of a at least coming into closure here Is I know I sort of another way before but My hope for this conversation was to learn more about you but also to give a very different perspective to my audience chairman. This podcast often as you would say. Very facilitative right. I'll do you manage time. He hears techniques to help you study. Who's techniques up you prepare for tests So I'm GonNa Kinda group this one in the ontological side of motivational. It's almost in psychology world sort of cognitive versus other types of therapy on. But I think I think we're really asking people to do. Here is just explorer. Their motivations right her and I think part of that is you just have to accept the fact that you're going to have to do some things maybe majority things at times. You don't really want to be doing or don't seem important at the time to you but are going to get you to a larger goal. So the example was you had to take calculus which wasn't such a horrible thing as you described it but you need to. You need to invest yourself in that to get to your bigger goal right. That's the message. I'm hoping student parents can transmit to students. Is that what you're GONNA do in seventh grade? Six Grade Eighth Grade Ninth Grade even in university studies may not always directly. Seem like it's going to lead towards GonNa get you. I mean the way I got to where I am a kind of a rambling story like yours as well. I do day to day. Just out of curiosity Can you say something fancy German just to wow us with your language skills? It's actually Say No funny math German. How would you say telling? Journalists put like eleven words together. They want big word. When I can tell you along those lines I took German because I had in high school. I had an extra an extra class that I needed to take. And they gave me the option of language or Jim and there was no way that was going to take gym. I chose I chose German. I started it. I really liked it because again for me. German was like a puzzle. It was figuring out the grammar structure. In how the words I'll go together. I didn't know where that was ever. GonNa take me or whether I would ever use it now. See what you've gotten the job with this German firm if you didn't know German while it's funny. I did get the job without knowing German but when I showed up in art and I walked into the office I was able to say can Allah here stretching Deutsche. We we can all stretching by Deutsche Went Been Americano is most larum rights. We we can all speak German here. Because that's your language. I'm an American. I'm here to learn and they probably said Hey. We know English am I. They all did no English but what was amazing. Is I heard my boss later at a cocktail party. Telling one of his guests talking about me he said I had no idea has. German was so good it actually stood me in good stead. When I got there and IT facilitated. It wasn't a requirement for the job. But it actually really really was a great thing and I never would have known that was gonna but here's the important thing Matches there is not that you could speak German and it was that it helped to establish relationships with people who are going to be. Your coworkers might spend a lot of time with that. You know not uncommon in the workplace It broke out some barriers to major more accessible and made it right. I was able to function in foreign environments Yeah you know. I got to the point where I had people in stood guard came up in were Germans. Were coming up in asking me how to use the ticket machine at the Metro because they thought I was. German responded back to them and they never said anything like Oh you must be an American so I think the thing that I would say and I understand where you're asking with your students who are like. Why should I have to focus on this thing? Now because I don't see the benefit right or forget Wash focus on a period. I am address. This is to do whatever I hate. Design everything everything is an opportunity. Even a setback is an opportunity. If you can start to shift. You're thinking to see the opportunity in everything if you think. Math is difficult. Look at it as an opportunity to expand your ability to be with the challenge. I look at. I don't know if it's language science sword even English class. Look at it as an opportunity to learn something about the world's because that information you will never know where that's GonNa come in useful but I promise you at some point in your life your bank yourself for having taken the time and you never know you know. I have a friend recently. Who contacted as an architect? But he hadn't taken his licensing exams. And here's the deal you can't you can work in architecture firm but you cannot call yourself an architect until you become. License and becoming licensed is not easy like a bar exam for lawyer. It's like a bar exam. You'll it costs money. It takes a lot of time. There are seven different exams. You have to take. It's very intensive right. And this one friends I was talking to. He didn't have his license. Said you know I could just continue working for this farm and I. I don't know that I actually need it. And I really gone on his case about it. I said because how many opportunities are you shutting down right because you're not taking a not even know because nobody would know what opportunities could be available to you if you apply yourself in you. Take on this challenge. While he finally went any got his exam and because of it eventually was able to go out and create his own business. He started getting side jobs. He started getting hired to design things that he couldn't have he couldn't have done it. You don't know what opportunities you're shutting down by not taking on opportunities tremendous advice. Make that the title of this podcast area now. Everything is not There's another t shirt. It's all about possibility. And so that she things I would actually say to ask people to walk away with three facts Francis another one you're if you're a parent of a kid who's in school right now. Who's searching I would say? Trust them love them and support them in whatever they show interest in and really teach them to say yes to anything that shows up the interest and really fostered not so many possibilities are killed off by people who tell their kids. No No. You can't do that no you're never gonNA make a living doing that. No that's not the right thing to do. Support Your Kids. Love Them. Let them explore. Let them play. There's going to be plenty of time for them to figure out where they're headed and permission to work to at least have the vision open create possibility. Teach them that. It's okay to say. Yes in the face of everything. Else Analogous now. I'm going to start forgetting what three points. Were not number two weeks and she wanted Portuguese. You Go Number. Two is actually create possibilities for yourself and notice how quickly. Where're you shut it down? We walk in to create all these beautiful dreams ourselves in our kids in what we want in life and we very very quickly shut the possibility. Because we've been trained to do so to keep ourselves safe and playing small and if you need help with that talked to coach because the Focused on staying in the possibility of moving beyond the objections. And I'M GONNA I'd forget the third one was so I'm just GonNa make something up added and it really is just dare to love what you do passion. I'm the thing in your life that makes you passionate and don't settle for less if you're unhappy if you're unfulfilled Change you can choose anything outside of that and I am always devastated by the number of people who choose to play small in their lives or choose to settle because they think that that's worth so trust yourself believe in yourself and create something pretty phenomenal. Because you're worth it. This is Steve Green on the eighth grade. Podcast I have had the real pleasure of speaking David. Bradley for this episode You can get a hold of me at s Green S. G. R. E. N. E. It makes the grade dot net's or on social media at make greater at facebook and all that jazz. It'll be shown it's I. I talked about it every time. You don't know by now you should Do you have anything or plug? I mean? Obviously you're coaching. Why don't you let the audience on how they get hold of you? Thanks yeah I mean if anybody has any questions or they simply just WanNa talk about either architecture or coaching Checkup a website. It's www dot blueprint for living dot coach Luke. And that's a great way to see what I'm up to and learn a bit more and happy to talk with anybody about hose it with this What what's the what's the next big thing for you? I mean what? What are you going from here? Like like like these to say with the entertaining in Vegas this week in Mexico. We're going to and I am super excited so I am hearing on in Morocco. That sounds at Lisbon until April twenty eighth. But there's a three week period between now and then that I'll be traveling to three different cities in Morocco. A good year. Marrakesh and then. I'm heading home to Chicago. At the end of April to be there for a few months unless the conferences cancelled. I'm going attending a conference in Rio in jar as an international union of architects concerts. April is not winner right. April is not winter that clear here. The next End of November is set off with a program called remote year. I'll be joining twenty five to forty colleagues from all over. The world. Were traveling to twelve cities across the globe. One City per month living and working and will be hitting Hanoi Vietnam. Let see chow mein thailand kyoto japan kuala lumpur malaysia santiago chile lima peru magazine colombia mexico city mexico split croatia lisbon portugal valencia spain and then finally ending up in cape town south africa. So it's GonNa be a year of International Travel and architecture. Coaching and Roy. Off-line Kyoto's one of my favorite cities in the world. I was fortunate to spend extended. Can I'm so excited I can give you all. I'll tell you the best rom in Japan where to go excellent fabulous. I still miss it all right. So let's let's wrap this up again David. Thank you Opera Gado Sharon there. You GO COO multi-lingual speak Vietnamese. You'RE GONNA have to put that in your portfolio is. It adds a mind. I think you've given a huge amount wisdom perspective and knowledge. I hope people take advantage of Of this in their lives. A little tiny it all starts with a small change right and small changes. Add up big changes in. That could be a whole nother discussion. Check out the next podcast. I appreciate all my subscribers and listeners. My goal is to get this into the ears of as many people as possible. I really feel the more people can get this sort of information. More people can get helped and and move forward in their school lives in case it's as discussion may be in their lives in general so until next time. Dr Steven Green the success Dr signing off. You've been listening to make the grade with the success Dr Steven Green. If you enjoyed this episode we shared a subscribe for more resources and support. Please visit make the grade dot net.

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