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11/05: Waiver Wire - Some Great Options This Week! (Fantasy Football Podcast)


We've all been there when the strangers next to you. Suddenly become friends for four quarters. Tell them or do calls. These friendships fan ships. So next time the game is on strike up a fan shipping order. Attali for the person next to you. Tell them what to do as the original triple blended smoothies sipping Irish whiskey made exactly for these great moments in fandom when it's gametime sometime it's tally time teller. Do Irish whiskey forty percent alcohol by volume two thousand nine hundred thousand imported by William Grant and Sons Inc New York New York. This is fantasy football today from CBS. Sport email us at fantasy football had. CBS I dot Com in the waiver. Wire here so combination of data. J. T. well it is Ronald Jones olds week. Or if you're not quite as lucky if you're in a deeper league happy Kaelin Balaj welcome. Yeah well to the show. Happy Paschal Week. That's not bad. He's like twenty five percents better better. Yeah waiver wire five ten baby week ted out of as her Dave Richard Jamie Iceberg. How you guys feel about waivers? This week I don't think names. Yeah so bad. This tweak it's good DSP's you know the two of them maybe but yes. There's too great one great ones and then there's like that giants jets game. That's interesting interesting that's it. That's the giants dolphins jets dolphins last week. We're going to have some high fantasy expectations for that game. Hopefully won't let us down all right so you know the deal. Mark Mark Walton. Suspended for four games Preston Williams out for the year. Obviously Ronald Jones Bruce Arians calling him the starter saying he's going to get more work levy on bell had an MRI on his knee and at same time. Montgomery got dinged up in that game at Miami. So the injuries suspensions or going to play a role in the waiver wire and Kareem Hunt is going to have a role according to Freddie Kitchens. I'm GonNa give you some players who have noteworthy schedules coming up both good and bad. Here's your stat the week before we get into the waivers upset of the year. I guess the cowboys outscored the giants thirty four to nine after the black cat appeared on the field so as Zoe right well we. These are things we can't plan for and fantasy you know like it's just makes our job very difficult by this week. Houston New England Denver Washington Jacksonville and Philadelphia. So of course guys. We'll do the top three at each position in a little bit but just overall waiver wire priorities priorities. Who we look at at Jamie? I mean if you could still get Ronald Jones you know the fact that percents And said what he said. You know. is is a good indication that hopefully hopefully continues to get the work. Because we've sort of been down this path before you know Don's if you go back to the week three and week four. When he was trending in the right direction it seemed like he was going to take over then it went to games of him with a combined? Thirteen carries so. Hopefully this is A A commitment to him. And that's something I think that would be nice to you. See specially with a matchup against Arizona this week and you know if you're just looking ahead week. Fifteen against the Lions Week. Sixteen against the Texans those matchups if he continues and used play like this Their receivers I think are the more interesting ones just because there's three. I think that could be Startled this week devante Parker has been very consistent. Then you have Jamison crowder. Who Shockingly enough is ownership percentage did not change from? We'll make the next despite you know Touting him last week and he had a great game against Miami has another table matchup against the giant. And then Zach basketball you know. I think just looking at his setup as you know. He didn't really distance himself in terms of targets but he certainly distance himself. I think in terms of production and he's been the most consistent secondary colts receiver. So as long as you. I think you could buy that. Dave is anyone. You'd like to add Ronald Jones. Zack Paschal Jamison missing crowder. Would I miss devante Parker. Yeah devante Parker should belong in there too just like Jamie said what about if you're streaming dreaming quarterbacks Brian Oiler Nice probably not the best one that you can find off the waiver wire but he does play Miami and I still believe that any quarterback against Miami has a chance to get you some good fantasy points. The heath brought up a good point on video yesterday about how player that what the colts tend to do. Offensively is a conservative if they have the opportunity to and you know even though percents some good Games along the way he hasn't had a lot of past and they could just run on the dolphins. Now while you're you're talking about there Don Preston Williams Down Mark Walton. Are they going to allow Hoyer to throw twenty six times like we saw in this game last week for was twenty six thirty point. Six uh-huh That's not six times. Yes I think he'll throw twenty. Six thousand himself was that it's entirely game. They're chasing point. I just thought it was an interesting point that he made that. You know they don't probably have to do very much the win this game. So are they going to let the backup quarterback who obviously some good moments with three touchdowns is but also had you know the the flaw of the picks the other way well then quite frankly dolphins. Yeah go ahead that that should maybe scare you a little bit off Zach Pasco because look doc right. It was that game against the chiefs past played. Two Games without T. Y.. Hilton one of them was was a disaster because all they did was run against the chiefs in one of them was really good because they were truly rarely but only twenty six pass attempts for Brian. Hoyer in that game and Paschal still came through. I don't remember how many Gobi percent through sure but I mean pass only had five targets in this game anyway and it's not like a I wouldn't take him as the first receiver of no right. Now crowder crowder just has amazing match-ups coming up. I love crowder. If Lebanon's out I don't care the way I just pretty obvious anytime. Sam Darnold has a chance to have any measure of success. CROWDER's comply And Sam Darnold is going to be. Look people need quarterbacks. Six extremes on by Sam darnold is going to be someone we talk about as well fab how much not really well look I. I think you know what I think that you'd be singing. A different tune if that sequence with Ryan Griffin wasn't different. That's that's an eight hundred wing and a twenty point. He he's thinks that teams thinks. I know the giants come on. How bad are the giants a very good first half the blackhead yeah the giants actually the giants? DST DST they have three sacks per game in every game not against the cowboys. So I think that they might actually be a worthwhile streamer this week. yeah yeah more on that later. So how much are we looking at here. Sorry Ronald Jones and then everyone else I think I think we're at the point in the year. Where if you haven't shot you're shot yet? It's time to shoot and if you need a running back and Ronald Jones is out there you spend a lot almost whatever where you have left. Save for a few bucks if you WANNA try and compete for guys later on in the in the year. I don't think you can do the same thing with Devante Parker. I think it's Kinda crazy to spend and twenty plus percent of your Fab on him And if you need a tight end Gerald Everett maybe you can spend ten twelve percent on him other than that. I don't there's really a guy that I think is worth even ten percent of Fab so the I'm sorry Dave. I was looking something up. Did you say Gerald World Ever you date or fifty nine percent. Yeah I think he's worth yeah. He's got he's worth one percent. It just depends on how desperate your ten percent if if you're competitive high. Is that because people drop them. No I don't think bumpy dropped him but if there's a situation where you're looking get him with Brennan Cook now you have to spend the money on him because he's going to be good. I don't know if that's a guarantee or not and there are some other tight end. There's no guarantee of course so all the more reason why you shouldn't spend so much but he's the best one out there and I don't thinks close. I agree with that. So that's why I'm okay. Spending Double Digit Fab on him. I'm not going to spend double digit Fab on guys like Mike Ryan Griffen even know a fan. You GotTa wait a week to get him back. All those other guys are more speculative anyway. Although Kazuki has been involved in that dolphins offense agree the last four. Now you have personally right but I'm gonNA spend going to be spent a lot of I agree but the thing whatever it is. He's proven that he could be a weekly started for you. So you'll get began agreed. Okay L. Percent I do want I see. I don't know about that like you really think you really think Gerald efforts going for more than twelve percent of it doesn't doesn't matter it's so it's so speculative with what we're talking about here because every league is different. The Leagues where people are going to go get him already probably already not worth discussing. See I I don't know about that. Because he's on he's fifty nine percent right or whatever it is and then people in Competitive Leagues definitely dropped. Would you spend more on Gerald Everett or the colts. DST DST because colts play. The dolphins bigger the dolphins ever. I think I would too but I think it's Kinda close. Well I'm going to tell you about Gerald Everett. He's got five of his next seven. match-ups are against teams that are currently in the bottom. Ten in fantasy points. Allowed to tight ends. You look a little bit more closely at. That doesn't mean that every week. These teams are bad against tight ends. Sometimes they've had really tough matches. They played really good tight ends but he's got a very favorable. We'll schedule. Going forward and jailed Everett so keep. That may not play anytime soon. Yeah absolutely I think about a guy that could be a top ten side unrest the way you go get him if you get the dance but it doesn't matter what don't you think that helps Josh Ronald's more than it does old never know it helps Reynolds. But I don't think it's going to make him better than than whatever it has been. Then he's been involved in the offense with books field. Okay if you need a tight hold on on ever and if you need to receive or you're GonNa get rattled last thing both interesting last thing about Everett here because you you just said go get him no matter what it cost. I think that's a little strong. He's had three good games this year. They've been against Tampa Bay Seattle and Atlanta. You know it doesn't get it doesn't get much better than that when you compare them to Greg Olsen who had two good games zero gets Tampa Bay and Arizona. Just a lot of things that play with whatever it get Adam but all right like twelve percent I mean I think that's pretty. I think I think we're just GONNA leave it at that with Gerald Everett. Apparently I didn't realize you'd be so controversial so noteworthy schedules etchells Jamison crowder sixty percent owned. And we're talking the giants the redskins revenge. Game The raiders. The bengals the dolphins the in the Ravens in the steelers. It gets tough later but whatever who cares worried about that and weeks fifteen and sixteen crowder schedule is great. devante Parker is on the other ahead. Not so great. devante Parker at the colts this week. They'd done pretty well against Sutton. And Juju Smith Schuster the last two weeks. They're getting better offensively then. He gets buffalo than he's at Cleveland. And then it gets better for Parker but in the short term. I don't know he was pretty solid against One tough match-up can't remember off my head but it's it's not great for Him Apple Buffalo. That's what it was. Thank you Gerald Everett I mentioned. Jared Cook also has good match-ups coming up including this week against Atlanta. They've allowed four touchdowns in their last four games. Too tight ends and quarterbacks is hard to find a streaming quarterback that has a lot of good mashups. But Kyle Allan this week's okay. Okay Atlanta at New Orleans Washington at Atlanta in weeks. Eleven twelve thirteen and fourteen Kyle Allen. Look at the graphics guys people drop up Derek Carr. That's the one you want to get. Okay Yeah Kyle look at the graphics guys. Every time I bring up a new team. They got their schedule. Ray To go good job video crew and and make sure you're watching on YouTube dot com slash fantasy football today. So let's get to the big news here and Levian Bell with the Marianas knee. Who is the jets running back to target if there is one and do we know anything about this situation in a ami the jets have talked about it a lot? They'd would have great match-ups coming up. Did it matter no doubt really but well he was actually great. NPR let's let's say that but anyway jets jets running backs. It'd be below Powell. I mean he's passed by Montgomery at this point as the second guy and would it be good probably not but You know if you're talking about him in comparison to Galen Balaj if you know that bells out. I'd rather have Powell Milan. How can how compound over? Montgomery we just passed in the last three games. Yeah he's been the one operating as a second guy. Montgomery got banged up in their last game too. Yeah okay so so power play. That's hard to get fantasy points. If you can't play fans knew that we might get an update on Levy on bell hopefully on Tuesday but after the show is finished so if you knew bell was out how much are we talking like. How big of a priority is blow out? I'd put him If you need need somebody for this week I probably put him third behind mckissick unless the lions add somebody okay. But I'd rather have like if if I'm just picking up running backs I'd rather stash. There's guys do you think it's a timeshare between him and Montgomery if bells out if bells on Montgomery's healthy. You'll probably see some of Montgomery but pull out pulp allow. The Lao will probably be the main guy. Well I gotTa tell you I I mean if he's the main guy you know you look at like Jalen Samuels caught thirteen passes. Why can't believe how will be a must start? Pr Guy he could be. He could absolutely be a good flax and low in number two P.. Pr But I think people would have a tough time trusting them one because allow Powell. We've been in this spot with him before and he's leads down and number two. That jets squad is just so bad especially running the ball. If Lebanon had a hard time running I don't see how Powell's GonNa go out there and tear it up okay. Bruce Arians said Ronald Jones or more playing time hand like what. What do you guys think about him going? Forward some good matchups. Some bad matchups not involved in the passing game. Let me do that to catch his last week. So that that's something that could second time in four games he art start to turn a little bit. I mean th. They're not a very good rushing offense belly so I wanNA. He's believe it or not topics on the show yesterday was he's he's a starter fantasy running back and and I I took issue with the words like I think he's somebody that you want to add. I think he's somebody that you WanNa have on just to see if this happens but we've been fooled by this once again. Weeks three hundred four. He was good the workload seemed to be trending in the right direction and then all of a sudden they went back to the timeshare again and it was. It was frustrating now. That was that sort to the point when the offensive line starting to fall apart too. So take that into account. But it's just not an offense that I think is going to be. Okay let's line up and run a run. Our Guy Twenty Times is just as you know their defense and let them down. They're gonNA be chasing points. It's a he's not a a Premier Pass catcher in that role that you typically think so I think you know flex yes this week with teams on a buying the match against Arizona. He's startled but you know rest of way for sure. Guaranteed no Kareem. Hunt is seventy eight percent owned. And and he's he's coming back this week and he's going to have a role so Ronald Jones or Kareem Hunt Jones. Yeah no Kalem Balaj. Kareem Hunt Take Balaj just with the hope that he gets you know if in touch. I don't think that's going to be the the scenario ron does. They'll get like thirty yards on fifteen touch but I mean he has scored twice this year yet. Look I mean the yards precarious solo for his average two yards per carry Caitlyn Balaj but a lot of his work. There's been short yardage so you'll get last year. We had a good yards per carry. But he had one seventy five your run you take that away. Everything else was point. Six three point six yards precariousness fun. He doesn't appear to be that good and he's got the colts who've been very good against running backs lately then he gets the bills and the BROWNS that they've been bad against running backs lately early and then the eagles who are very good. That'd be the four game save if you wanted to take a look and deeper leagues. No miles guys can be somebody that they look at no. He hasn't played at all this season. They've actually gone. Patrick Laird. Who is the other guy that they have as a running back to to the to depth guys blared plays on special teams? So if they're going to maybe give somebody a chance. It could be miles gaskin so I don't. I don't think you go anywhere. You know both the getting excited about Kaylynn Balaj but you know if you're just looking at total workload and the chance of him just you know falling into some decent yardage totals with potentially scoring. You know that's kind of what you're hoping for thought. Would you drop tied Johnson Kayla. Balaj sure okay. mckissick over both why. Why mckissick had because the way this offense is gonNA operate? They're gonNA ask him you know he's not going to be actually a lot detaches but You know again. You're talking about four or five cats on a weekly basis if things go right You know so i. It's it's kind of format specific. I think PR versus non speaker. You actually look good running the football to on Sunday against Oakland. But he might he might get the next opportunity if they don't sign somebody this week. Okay Adam feeling. Do you think he's GonNa play this week. No does sound like it thereby coming up and we twelve so or loving. LISTEN TO SEAN. Jacks yes in is not sounds like he's done done. Yeah you drop surgery where Adam Phelan. They have their by coming up a week twelve. I thought I got them at Dallas Than D.. No that can't be right. No I'm sorry I'm okay week. Twelve yeah so they have to for their by Peres. Campbell's having hand surgery so that's another obstacle out of the way for school problem. Let me just run through these oppressive Williams out for the year. Dave Ramsey brandin cooks gonNA play again to co percent MC l.. sprained a couple percent has not been ruled out for this week. But you know we don't is probably not gonNA happen but he hasn't been ruled out. David Johnson is expected back this week and Oj. Howard what is expected to play this week and he might be a priority because he's facing the cardinals and Cameron Braids beat up? We'll talk about tight ends in a little bit. But as far as David Johnson coming back you know a who on waivers this week. You actually drop Kenyan Drake for. I dropped Kenyan drake for whom maybe around Jones. But I don't think you know unless you need a receiver that's probably not crowder. Then say if you need a receiver then I think it's worth it but you know we don't know. Oh how long David Johnson stay healthy for you know. He's now got back ankle You know banged up Are they going to make it a timeshare is he gonNA take the chase. Edmunds role when both healthy and productive in that regard. So I don't think you want a job can dig it. Okay and do you expect the following players players Matt Ryan at the Orleans. Yes Patrick Mahomes at Tennessee. I hope so. I didn't write them. I don't think any of us did but I hope he plays his Alvin Kamara against Atlanta. Were expecting him. James Connor against the rams. Nope T. Y. Hilton now. Aj Greed Against Baltimore again. Another guy training in the right direction. Let's see with the bengals say jared cook against Atlanta. It sounds like he's got a chance. Jerry Cook Yeah. TJ Hopkinson in Chicago not as of now Okay I thought I thought the they said it got you got the wind knocked out of him. So I'm hopeful for Hawkins Concussion. Recently so just keeping Delaney walk after Delaney Walker gets Kansas City. He's also turning the right person. All right fell. You know what time it is. It's time it's time. The top additions presented attended by Tullamore dew players. You should pick up off the waiver wire to help make your game time better. So we'll get to the top three of each position. Jamie who the quarterbacks the bags were looking at this week. It's an interesting group because I think you know there's Matt Moore would be very good if he has the chance to start but The best one is is Daniel Jones. Right now you know. I think he just look at the math of against the jet. They're terrible last week's they've really shown their laws of the defense and I think he should play. Okay well I'd put Ryan Tannehill second just because he's been consistent as a fantasy quarterback in the chiefs especially on the road. It'll be good situation for him. They've given up For the last five three three last four opposing quarterbacks to score at least six fancy points and then I put Matt Moore third. If you can't get Matt Moore if you just concerned about Matt more than Brian where it would be the third guy but you know both guys were dealing with potentially really being replaced. Where do you have Ryan Fitzpatrick on right? After I think I might like him the best because they they're not going to be able to run the ball. They're going to trail all and he will throw. It doesn't matter who is doing votes. Have Been Good against quarterbacks over twenty points since we I'm sorry nonsense week. The last one they is it was right in week three. Yeah and then that includes Mahomes and Watson both failing to score twenty points against the colts. That's Ryan Fitzpatrick's matchup I think he can get you like around the way I wrote it in in the waiver wire story was like you're helping rating points with the Patrick. And he could probably there okay. So so Daniel Jones Ryan Tannehill against the chiefs four of the last four last six scored twenty six fantasy points against the chiefs and six points passing touchdown leagues. They're all pretty good A Stafford Watson Rogers and cousins and then Matt Moore if you add Tannehill. I think you're hoping that MOM's place they're chasing. Yes yes exactly. And we know there were away from Arrowhead. Daniel Jones at the jets and the jets were good against quarterback until two weeks ago. In the last two quarterbacks face Minhsiu you in bits Patrick. Twenty nine fantasy points and six point passing touchdown leaves and really no interest in Sam Darnold. Okay we will talk about that a little bit later all throughout Mason Rudolf Brian. Hoyer we'll see how you feel about them. Dave the running back priorities will start with Aaron Jones. Who Else Aaron Jones? Wow He's out there in your league. That's amazing yeah I drop and and you're fab him. Yeah Funny Ronald Jones would be number one. I don't think Kareem Hunt necessarily qualifies. Because he's already owned in seventy eight percent of the league's mckissick would be number two for me. I Blow Powell might actually be number two for me if if if we learn about Lebanon missing time I think I'd rather have 'em then and mckissick but I'm not really excited about either one other than I. I'm not excited about either. One Jones would be the one that I would be all in on That's really so you could stash Darius Geiss Balaj I can't well. Here's the thing. He's he's a warm body. Who might get you on a good week seven non PBR fantasy points and seven P PR points? Because I don't think can catch the ball. Well let's play the hypothetical of Balaj versus Geiss. Guys comes back and as the jets into we'd week eleven eleven and blossoming. He's ready to go. Yeah Yeah Balaj has the bills and you know who do you think you're gonNA prefer obviously see how things play out but you Adrian. Peterson is playing. Well and Balaj might get a lot of work. Mark and the bills have struggled against Mark Walton Jordan Howard Miles Sanders. Adrian Peterson all in their last three games. So you know like talk about prioritizing Balaj versus says guys right now is a matter of like they said if you need a warm body than you WANNA have laws. Because there's the chance of him getting those fifteen touches or so that's it's been vacated by Mark Walton and again he scored in Wasn't out two of his last four games so if they get down there they've been using him anyway. The the the the preferred choice again. I wouldn't be surprised if it's miles gaskin nor Patrick Laird as the guy taking over for Walton just to see what they have because Balaj stinks and so it's just it. This is the argument of talent versus total touches so opportunity versus you know so. Am I mean by opportunity. Not like you know mckissick and his opportunity is better than Gamma Balaj. Allow Powell at this point like you know as I'm going through it during the show You know you you. You probably want to speculate on Bilal Powell more so than half these guys just with the chance of we get to Wednesday or Thursday and bell goes out to practice and they say you know what his knees bad in their plan because the the law season in why would you waste your investment. In fact. He's going to be on the team next year. So you know there. There's a lot of things play and so I think if you're just talking what's what's going to help your team more long-term clearly picking up. There's guys like Balaj is just. I'm Leah Duck. I have nobody Ronald Jones his own already. Yeah well I mean you know a AH when we we do sixty five percents really more to help date intend team leagues most of the waiver. Wire guys that we're talking about here are the ones that are fifty percent or less so for Balaj I think thank you know. It's the The sixteen on a by an and you didn't plan right when you did your draft and then there's you know oh I got Mark Walton. He's going to you know. Help me through this. Oh bleep you know. Now I got a pivot to somebody else and orderly you know or or the Levy on bell owner. You Got Pivot to somebody else like you'd rather take a flyer on blogs than guys ice because he's GonNa get presumably. Well I think on the levy on bellowed or I'm going for Powell. I agree that that's what I'm saying like you know you're you're taking a chance on what's the better situation but I was was just answering the question you know you know. So but how would you rank Balaj versus Powell and I think you know if you're the Bell I've already I've already switched so I put Powell ahead of them. Just you know as again as we're talking through it's just if we get to Wednesday or Thursday you'd rather no that you picked Powell already then picked up blush. You know so you know I I think you can probably turn like I. I don't know how many people as we go through. A twelve team. League are definitely especially non. Pr Are picking up Balazs and mckissick and Powell and edmunds you know so. I think there'll be one of those guys that pass through waivers on claimed that you even then turned back to if Powell's not going to get any type of Buzz Levian okay. So let's talk about wide receiver. Also look Damian Williams Kenyan drake. These guys might be out there. David was must own right now for sure anthem. Yeah Yeah but like I WANNA press you a little bit on the kiss secure. Because he's got he's got seven touches. Last week he had seven touches. He hasn't had more than seven so I don't know why he had to catch L.. Pass you're you're you're you're talking about a team that can't run the ball right now. So what's the what's the guy that's going to help you the most. If you're stuck of that group you know and so it's not a I have to have. Jd mckissick to start dating guessing. I don't think he's GonNa all of a sudden morph into getting fifteen touches per game. But you know think about the the type of players that you want to compare to three Cohen. Good Times not Great Duke. Johnson's come on of late. You know that's the type of guy that he is. He's going to be a minimal touch. which hopefully does something with it clearly better and PBR the non PBR? So it's format specifically. You're talking about with these guys. Yeah and he is facing the bears without the six. Most receiving yards per game came to running backs. That's Judy mckissick are wide receiver is going to be a little bit more exciting but you know what people you cannot go and make waiver claims. If if you don't have a good night's sleep right. Getting sleep is very very important. And that's why I wanNA talk to you about sleep number and we all know how important sleeping is but consider Someone when you know. 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And this is a little bit different than Ceylan Balaj because you think dolphins and you get the willies but Devante Parker has been pretty good this year. A good safe floor scored last week and now with no pressing Williams. They're pretty clearly. He's the number one guy for Miami and there's a team that's gonNA throw in every single game. They've they've got that bad run game bad defense they're gonNA chase points. Parker is GONNA get targets so he's number one for me. I would put crowder number two if if we learned that Lebanon Bell was out because I think he can continue to get targets certainly consistently with eleven on there and then after that. I just think you're if if you're looking for a receiver maybe it's just for the next couple of weeks. Pasco make sense. Aj Brown makes sense. Then I think there's a drop off and you're looking at guys like BBC. Johnson it's really like Andy Isabella's on my list. But I don't really feel great about him I don't know th- making one big play on Thursday night is going to catapult him into some serious playing time. You'll see Josh Ronald's Josh Reynolds. You'll see you know what Josh Ronald's needs to be on their thank you Adam. Joshua Reynolds should be I. Honestly he should be right behind devante. Okay Parker because Brandon is gonNA come back and he's going to be that third receiver in passing offense. I'm okay making him the number two priority. That's so interesting. I think he was such a disappointment last year. After Cooper Cup cut guy her I was so I'll pick up pick up Josh Rela Pickup Josh Reynolds and he was such a dud. I Know Cup and Cook. They play the different roles in the offense cooks. Excuse me and really I'm surprised you're so down on. JBC grabher even though you did have like up to the top like contingent on Levy is surprising to me. Yeah and I'm excited about run. So that's why I said what I said. Yes I would put crowd or ahead of him But I think there's a chance brandin cooks misses the rest of the way. Yeah and so. That means a lot of playing time for Reynolds and I don't think he's a must star receiver like I think devante Parker at this point is a damn good flax. Yeah I don't know crowder's a damn good flex at least NPR leagues. I don't know if anybody else that we're talking about would be a damn good good anything other than a damn good bench guy have okay so just the staffers Zach Paschal so remember. I thought it would work for Robbie. Anderson ended up working for Jamison. Listen crowder now. We have ten wide receivers who have had between six and nine targets against the dolphins nine of them at seventy six yards or a touchdown so I hope hope he can get their Paschal at six targets last week. He's had seven two seven two and six targets in his last five games. If you can get that six targets arquette's he should have a good game against the dolphins. Jamie tight end priorities this week. JARVER's one and then it becomes a little bit dicey after that doctoral. You know he's played well now in two games without health and so hopefully that continues I Still Jonah Smith. You know depending on what happens with delanie delanie Walker is is worth a look. You know again. I think they'll be thrown against the deep. I like that setup for him Howard is look at the match up. You Know I. I think we're GONNA find out that Cameron break a little bit. More banged banged up than they let on. He went into the week hurt. He didn't play very much last week against Seattle. And so getting Howard back against the cardinals. You know. The hope would be Venezia's distillation tame thing with Derek Book coming back. The tight ends for the saints have been trending in the right direction. Cook with the two touchdowns before he got hurt. And then Josh L. Scoring as well Kentucky is interesting you know without Preston Williams in there we'll see if he continues to build up what he's done three of his last four games at least eight or more points. But he was spotted touchdown yet and it is the dolphins though those would be the guys that'd be looking at Rhino R.. There's a lot of Everett Doyle Jonah Smith. OJ Howard Jared Cook and honestly it's not that bad it's really not that bad of a week For streaming tight ends and then you have to rank them with guys like Jason Witten and Eric E. Bron and and Greg Olsen. You know our would you put Everett ahead of all three of those guys who is. Do you have a definitive number two this this week doyle do you like him. Better than e Brown. I like it better than ever NPR. But I wouldn't I wouldn't pick up doyle over Everett but he has ever got more of a long-term no love for Ryan Griffin now because earnings probably gonNA play at this point. He's back that they made an active. I know it was a procedural thing. But he's been spending playing so you're gonNA play. Yeah he's another guy that you could consider picking up. I mean the is facing the giants. Yeah sure but I think because people are concerned learned that and rightfully so that Chris earned could come back. He won't be as popular. So let's just say you put in your waiver claims in unison. Everett emits on. Jared Cook who I think would probably still be good. He's taken on Atlanta. He's got a chance to score. You Miss on Casiraghi all these guys you can double back for Griffin and Cross your fingers that ca-catch touchdown accounts. Okay got some good options here. Mcginn Atlanta's been awful against tight ends and Jamie mentioned the saints tight ends have been coming on lately. So Jared Cook if camera breath is out or limited and Oj. Howard gets the cardinals maybe he could actually have a good week You might not be so desperate this week at tight end on the waiver wire. Let's talk about some football Sunday night and Monday night and will start with Monday night football and the the giants in the cowboys cowboys. Thirty seven giants eighteen day of any big takeaways from this game. Well Look you've got you've credit to the fastest player on on the field and that was black cat cat unbelievable agility rates speed and was smart enough to know that when it's time was up it went in the the tunnel and the game was over much props to black cat who. I don't know why you haven't brought him up Jamie. I think he's an interesting way proclaimed this week next week. Doing okay all right. Would it be great if he did this before Halloween. But but fair enough Michael Gallup saved your bacon with that touchdown. He was started in eighty percent of leagues eggs. Three straight games with less than fifty yards for Michael Gallup you know do you think he's droppable. No no I think that's too strong. Okay like an maybe an eight team league were the waiver wire loaded. Sure but he's he's still a big part of this offense. He had six argued that I know that wasn't that was fourth best on the team on Monday night. But it's still a decent crop and when they get into games where they I I just think when they get into more competitive high scoring games. You'll see more from him. You saw Witton get nine targets. And after the Game Jason Garrett said that on a lot of their play action plays. He's witnessed the number one option though they want to try and get the run going. I which makes sense if you're Dallas and then after that when they faked the run and go with play action whitten in is the number one guy. They're kind of nuts when you think about it. This game wasn't competitive by the end. It wasn't competitive. It was obviously by halftime. It was awesome. It was crazy. I mean this is happening. Giants like they're in the game and then they lost by twenty one. I think the Patriots they lost by nineteen to the cowboys they saw. They run out of gas. Yeah Ed turn the ball over. If you own Ingram what are you thinking right now. I'm thinking I still have a fantasy tight end. But he's not a top three guy. I'm big he's going to destroy sure. The jet six catches for forty eight yards for him. He has only two games this season with more than fifty four yards but he does have seven or more targets and all but one game. This season All right. I think we're pretty much good. They're Baltimore Golden State is he. Dropped a bull. No well I showing shepherd. It sounds like he's coming back. Golden Gate had kind of a rotten game certainly non. PB wait a second jet. I I didn't know that it sounds like shepherds coming back. I don't think we don't know if it is or if it isn't he practicing full all week and it sounded like he was gonna come back and then they pull him Sunday morning. They made the announcement back in the concussion protocol that that scares me a little bit. Yeah I don't think you should expect too many okay. The maybe tate's worth holding onto. I don't know how you drop them anyway. Well I think you can just you could maybe justified in a non PR NON PR. That's always golden tate right but Naish I mean I think he's going to be a must start this week against the jets these tough match-up cowboys have been very very good against wide receivers this year all Right Baltimore thirty seven twenty all right. What a what a game and that excitement I hear for us ask no no no I mean look I think I really want them to play again? 'cause I really WanNa see the adjustments that Belichick that the Bella checks will make going up against against large. Because it'll be in foxborough and yeah well maybe. I don't think maybe ravens are a game behind him now. They have the tiebreaker. They finished with the same record. That game could be in Baltimore. The game will be in Baltimore. Yeah we know. The Patriots schedule's not that easy coming up by at Philadelphia Dallas at Houston in Kansas City at Cincinnati. Buffalo Miami. So all right anyway Sony Michelle going into his by well. Is there anybody there. Anybody Eddie Patriots part of me that you think you actually let go of right now going into the bye Dorset is an easy one. Fifty eighty percent ownership. I don't think anybody's dropping Michelle or white Burke has not old enough. You know you're not dropping MOM's new after the game he. We just had the if. Brady's you're only quarterback and you like your bench. I think you can drop out ready. I think look at his frigging schedule schedule. Tom Brady could be great at Philadelphia Than Dallas and Houston Kansas City at home at Cincinnati. Once that buys over where he's got four great matchups in five games. I I actually I call him a bilo yesterday and I like. He's not like delete. Here's an F.. Huge Games but they cannot run the football and not only that their next three opponents after the bye they all maybe not Dallas but I think all three of them have good run defenses Philadelphia and Houston have been great lately so I actually see some pretty good production coming up from Tom. Brady Jer could be. Do you think it's don't drop the other thing. So okay I think if you had to you could. I don't think anybody wants to dot drop founder any no Markey's Brown how. How do you think he should step? Seventy-three seventy-three percent owned. He should be owned. Yeah you know. He was dropped because of the injury and thereby so look. He's our best receiver. It's not close you. They don't have anybody besides him at the Receiver Position Observe Andrews. You saw them get created with nick boil but you know at at at some point. We're GONNA you see the targets. Go back up there. The first couple of weeks this season. I think we'll start producing. Yeah I think there's some Bilo potential here just because he he did get a lot of Stefan Gilmore. Which I think tells tells you how the Patriots feel about Mark Brown? Unfortunately you do have the rams the bills coming up but you got some good matchups in there as well and same question I asked about Ingram mm Alaska about Mark Andrews. How do you feel about Mark Andrews? He has fifteen to forty five yards in five games. I think seven this year No eight sorry. Sorry so Yeah he's been kind of a dud. Since the first couple of weeks he has but again you know. Unless you'RE GONNA move onto Everett for it or you want to start streaming and go doyle this week or until Hilton's out you know you can go that route but I think you know you're still buying into a team. That's lacking consistent. Assistant Pass catchers in at some point. There'll be a stretch of games where he starts to play well so I would stick with them. He plays at Cincinnati this week. So he's got a chance. So are you telling me that you would prefer for You'd still prefer Andrew over Everett or would you make that swell. I would still stick with interest but they're back to back in my rankings for this week both top eight are. Let's take a break here and when we come back we'll We'll talk about who to drop and then we'll get into every position and I haven't said it yet but the Ravens in the course also the two teams. That are the top priorities this week. Who Do you like better guys? Ravens Colts Braves. Okay and we'll be right back. Fantasy football ultimate okay football fans. You're at the bar watching the game having Tele More Irish whiskey your team scores and suddenly you're best friends with strangers next to you now not the kind of friends you drive to the airport more like the kind of friends who you exchange stats with argue ref calls with and dry those post-game tears with all without knowing each other's names telephone calls these friendships fan ships so next time the game is on strike up a fan ship and order Atelli for the person next to you tell the more you who is the original triple blended smooth sipping Irish whiskey made exactly for these great moments in fandom when it's Gametime it's tally time tell them or Do Irish whiskey forty percent alcohol by volume two thousand nine hundred imported by William Grandsons Inc.. New York New York. We are back here on fantasy football today. All right guys. Let's go through the potential drops I wanted to how you're feeling about these guys. Some going into a by some coming off bad weeks some great matchups and instead of drop them or keep them. Let's call it. Poll them baby went. Hey new name so look our producer. Ben Shrager is is is standing is looking at me. Do you know the Song Ben Trigger your sit okay. He does good young. I don't know this is a song by Kenny Rogers. letty okay. Holdover Fall Robbie Anderson Robbie Anderson with a good matchup against the giants. What what type of confidence do you have in Robbie? After he couldn't have a big game or even a decent game even so-so game against the dolphins. You can foles matchup. I think hold them or fold may sound too similar. So we're just GONNA go dropper keep but at least we got the play. The Larry Fitzgerald drop them. Or keep 'em you can drop. Larry I hold him for weeks to see what happens against sample. Would you start them against Tampa. I need somebody you Carson Wentz Carson Wentz. I go back and forth on Wednesday because After the bye he's got the Patriots and that's not going to be easy on him but he's got some great matchups after that so it could I say drop him with the intention of getting him back. Yes you can. He does have great matchups after that. Right so I I don't mind dropping him and then going right back to him You know ten twelve days from now. Okay Adrian Peterson. Oh keep this is. This is another tough one. Because he's been playing so well but we know dairy skies is gonNA come back right. I I would prefer for. I would prefer to hold them Terry. mclovin I don't know how you ever GonNa feel comfortable. Starting Him with Haskins Askins as quarterback. Well might not be Haskins right. That would be the ideal scenario. That's true Hokkien if you can hold on hold on tight but a If you need to move on then move on hold on for one more day. Torri Cohen Threes College up dry. Yeah I think so miles sanders old. Hold you know. I knew you guys were going to. Oh what are you mile. Sanders is the worst type of player. He is too good to drop not necessarily good enough to start and it doesn't. He's a great bye week running running back and also by weeks and he's in a bye week so that's what I'm talking about. You'd have miles sanders and got the opportunity to get Ronald Jones You know or or don't get running back five civic in situations like that with all of these players but if you can hold them all okay frank or you can drop 'em Philip door stab time and that's part of the reason why you want to hang onto mile. Sanders is because his time will eventually maybe Out Injured at that and because of what the eagles typically Howard's playing too. Well that's the problem. Yeah I don't see you make Santa Okay Felt that we were talking about. You can drop him de onstage Johnson but preferred a whole. Okay Curtis Samuel I I would. I would kind of prefer to hold him. I could see myself dropping him. Would you drop Curtis Samuel for your favorite wide receiver this this week. Be Parker Parker and crowder in Pasco Right Greg Olsen job you can count. I don't like the matchup form this week. cana-don't hate him this week. But if you can get your hands on Gerald Everett you make that move all right Greg Olsen I. Let's so let's get back to the waiver wire here and we've given you sort of the shower options. We'll get a little deeper quarterbacks All right so let's start with two guys who as I say deeper who are more than eighty percent owed. Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo car facing a team that gives up the six fewest fantasy points to quarterbacks teams. Run on all over them. And then Jimmy Garoppolo who is facing Seattle. They give up the fifth most passing yards in the NFL seven of nine quarterbacks of scored nineteen eighteen to twenty four fantasy points. How much do you like car Garoppolo this week? This is not about this week for car. This is about. What's coming up for car? So if he somehow manages is the play while this week then that would only be a better situation for him because he asked what at least twenty three fancy points in his last two games but after this week he gets. Cincinnati the jets and Kansas City. Three Games in a row. That's what you're hoping for. Derek Carr okay. Garoppolo is a good start of this week is he better is Garoppolo better than Daniel. Jones Matt Moore Ryan Tannehill et Cetera. Is I don't but right after I say yes and Garoppolos better than car this week to okay So so you're looking at Matt Moore for. It's not a great match up but he's playing pretty well Tannahill against Kansas City. Better matchup yes absolutely. We like China or more better tena. I currently have more one spot at a tannehill but I'll go back and the reason the reasoning tannehill over. Moore's two the reasons wants a better matchup for him. He's been playing better as a fantasy quarterback and there's the obvious situation of you. Don't WanNa Pick Matt Moore and then we find out by the end of the week. That's for sure Yup. Okay so then we also have Ryan. It's Patrick at INDIANAP- or home against Indiana no add. Any of that was Brian. Hoyer home against Miami be added instead of Fitzpatrick over Fitzpatrick. I agree okay. You just have to keep an eye on the same thing. With that more you could stash nick foles. Would you wait to pick up hoyer then because you don't want to add him and then find out that he's useless because percents back says wasn't waiver claims in your order that how that goes if it's Fab I think he's been the the buck on wire just to him. I would rather spend the buck on Fitzpatrick or Tannahill. I'd rather spend the book on his bed on Tannehill anyway. So so yes sure but If you're talking about the the rush to get Ryan Fitzpatrick I don't think it's there so I'd rather just get where now. Okay what about Sam darnold against giants. You've talked me putting him in the story as a close your eyes and fray. That's how he played quarterback and basically Yeah I mean I wouldn't one spot ahead of full. It's really how bad he has been Mason Rudolph against the rams no interest. You'd you'd have to whip on everybody else so we've talked about kyle at Green Bay. You'd have to if on everybody that we've talked about except Mason Rudolph. Okay and WHO's Baker Mayfield. Have this week. I'm sorry Buffalo Buffalo. Okay we'RE GONNA so we're going to say you're going to run like crazy crazy in that game. WE'RE GONNA say they're running backs okay. We've got obviously Kenyan Drake Damien Williams Kareem Hunt. And they're all seventy percent owner more ty Johnson. We haven't really talked about him as an ad but he did have twelve touches he had nine carries aries and three catches. And so that's fourteen eight and twelve touches in his last three games. The bears have been bad against the run. And since the air's there's injury or and Sorry since the Hicks injury my bad Eddie Goldman got hurt again Philadelphia. So just WANNA throw tie Johnson's name out there. What's your level of interest not? Nah I'm not interested and I suspect the lions are going to try and find a better solution and then tied Johnson. I'd be surprised if he led them in touches this week. Okay about Daryl Henderson. We've talked about him. Forty six percent owned. He's had eleven carries two straight weeks. I'd be shocked if Malcolm Brown back and you think he just he just Kinda take that job back or they split it just becomes a muddled situation as the second in Guy Behind girly. I so we've given you a lot of the runningback priorities Ronald Jones can stashed areas guys like jd mckissick. He's got a good matchup as a pass catching running running back against the bears. And maybe it's more work j.j Is a name that we keep getting asked about. Do you think he surfaces this week. Is Jay Ajayi worth getting. I would imagine by the time you're making your way claims we'll know because they would probably make that announcement today. Typically that's when these moves happened on Tuesday so you know if he's added added than probably prioritize him. Let's say over Balaj. I'd probably take a chance on Powell over him and again. If you're looking long-term I'd rather have guys. Jones is in a different category. But you know he would presumably step in as the lead running back for Detroit in that would be something you'd WanNa at least a flyer okay. It's been spent so fruitful so far. I mean that's why we that's why we haven't really been that excited about John Because nobody seems excited about a guy nobody in the NFL and if he goes to the lions it's just not a good situation if they sign who you need to know about. They feel about their other running. And there are two teams. That need a running back doc. And he's not going to those two teams and that's Miami jets so if they signed J. A. Would you rather have jd mckissick or or J. J. J. Blige Yeah Blah. We like Powell more than Balaj. Now right we establish that Trey edmunds. Twelve carries the only good run of the game for the steelers. That was a forty five yard dash. He faces the rams. They've been very good against the run lately and three point eight yards per carry running backs so not a great match but trey edmunds get some work. There's always Alexander Madison. There's Gus Edwards Gus Edwards probably gets more carries inside the five than than just about any running back on waivers and he did score converted when he finally did it whereas marking didn't it was a big role reversal and this could be a game where they're playing playing with the lead and they may be given some carries lays special short. We got the Bengals we know how how good of a match up. That is All right so those are running backs wide receivers. Well you could okay. We haven't talked about Christian Kirksey. Seventy eight percent owned first of all. I don't drop them sagging if you the if you see him. Available is Kirk the top priority Nicer have park but he authored. Yep Okay he's Tampa Bay. They give up the most fantasy points to wide receivers ten wide receivers of scored fourteen more fantasy points. NPR against the bucks six nine of them have had nine or more targets. And Kirk had that in three of six game so you might. You might be starting Kirk this week. Mike Williams is another guy. You could look for. He's at Oakland. They allow the second second most fantasy points. What's his ownership percentage? Adam seventy four percent. Yes so yeah that would be a pretty good one to look into how you guys feel about a Christian Kirk Mike Williams marquees Brown. They're all owned in about same Natalie's about seventy five percent kirk album. I think I'd feel best about Mike Williams from that threesome. And then I. I feel like you're taking a chance either. Way With Kirk and Brown probably prefer Kurkin. PPO and Brown and non. Okay devante Parker Jamison crowder Zach Paschal Paschal. Then we've got Josh Gordon. WHO's sixty percent own Cole Beasley? WHO's caught a touchdown in three straight games but he only has two or three catches and four straight games but Beazley is facing the browns BC? Johnson Assuming Adamski ones out he'll be at Dallas. Dallas has not allowed a touchdown uh or more than ten PR fantasy points to a wide receiver in any of their home games. They're putting how about that so BC Johnson Josh Reynolds Hunter Renfro Alex Erickson who's been crushing it for the Bengals and Ted Ginn. Ted Kuenz Fun because like Home Against Atlanta at obey Home Against Carolina Atlanta. Ted Gets a little. He's a he's a Nice Fun Flyer. I said a lot of names is there Josh. Gordon Beasley Johnson Josh Reynolds Hunter. renfro Alex Ericsson Ted ginn thoughts. I don't I don't stay there. All guys that are that there isn't one there that's a go out and get him now not reynolds. I thought you okay now. Reynolds you seem soak. Okay exciting item. I take it back. Reynolds would be one of that guy from that group okay. I've got a bunch of what abouts so what about these guys. Nobody named Bob Unfortunately Davis and AJ Brown against Kansas City. So hard to say that either one's going to be good brown the better of the two especially against all of a sudden a team. That's been very very good against wide receivers Kansas deebo Samuel Seattle Saint. Yeah I would rather trust. Aj Brown than Deebo. Can we bronze giving you at least nine p. p. r. points each of the last three weeks. Can we get to Monday night. Football Ready Ready. Yeah Seattle San Francisco Kit. That's going to be a lot of fun Taylor Gabriel. It's been pretty involved only three targets but sixty nine yards of Philadelphia Taylor Gabriel against Detroit Liqun Treadwell Dallas. He's had Gabriel's had nine points each of his last two games. It's you know big plays more so than volume so little bit risky with him and Treadwell. I don't know if anybody feels good trusting him. You already talked about the stat of receivers going up against Dallas. Yep Now we're talking about a guy who was fourth year breakout. Yeah we'll say now zero for the first three years were to say though Cena all right. A lot of tight ends so so Darren fells. Jason witten fell fellows worth holding onto. No no I don't think so Just depends if he can if he can and I would. He's part of the conversation right. I don't think he's locked in starter. I think he's on the high end of the streaming conversation and I think he's a lone star so he's sorta default that purgatory spot of. If you don't have a good tight end. I still stick with him purgatory like that. I like. That's every tight right. And if he's your guy the only guy waivers is still stick with fells. I'm not going to drop felt you might have to though the after story by so you need someone at Baltimore. Indianapolis Home New England and homers three matchups. After his Bhai after the bye and fell fells. Does he lied all does He. Still all tight ends touch that. Yup you got the most touchdown catches among tight ends but gets like seven target too. Target's six dollars once every other week. He gets targets Jason witten would you would. What does that count as the I think I I hope so? No I hope not because this would be a high target week coming up house Jason. witten just had his his his best game of the year and now he will face Minnesota. They have been okay. They don't allow touchdowns two tight ends. They haven't allowed one yet but they give up some yards F. score touchdowns yes that's true priority. List is Gerald Everett Jack Doyle Johnny Smith OJ. Judge Howard if Cameron Braids out whereas OJ Howard. Go on this list. Same about all right. No one's GonNa want to trust OJ. Jay Howard Jared Cook Mike Sickie Jacob Hollister bad matchup for Him San Francisco the fewest fantasy points but they too tight ends but never who hasn't been tested and take a look at Chris. Herndon gets giants fans McDonald. The so the rams actually been brutal. They've allowed seventy four yards or a touchdown down to a tight end in six straight games. The Rams and that's that's who danced McDonnell gets so that's a good match grade. Some good tight ends in there. But also the meteors Harris whereas got touchdown came and break caught a touchdown. Tyler I for I think seventy four yards and no offense may be stash any interest in stashing Dallas. Got Her know how coward offer Irv Smith Dallas Week. I would prefer to pick a different tight end. It is in in the two games where Phelan has either. Two of the three games were either left or missed. He scored touchdown. IDs's Ravens Colts chargers. Ravens and colts are ahead of the pack by far. The chargers got better with with Melvin. Ingram back last week as we'll Brinson pointed out on Friday there at Oakland can't be that good of a matchup opens you know they're solid Would you go with the chargers or would you drop down like the giants or the jets face each other or how about the Lions at the bears. I'd probably go giants. I would too okay and your thoughts on the saints this week. Seventy eight percent owned facing the Falcons. I love him. Yeah Okay we'll get some turnovers will we'll let's zing Gonzalez Chris Boswell kickers you can pick up. We'll sing SPA browser. Where's the money Badger on waivers uh-huh he had what four field goals Badgley? He's good is good. He should be on this list. Yes Yep he's only two three while do mm for. He's a hurricane do four. We've heard it. We have with that shellacking of archrival. We've earned it. Oh my God game and we've earned it. I I

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