Road Head - EP 310


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Well let's pray for a good time. Yes yeah let's pray for Rosin. Cj to have a very successful tour and love that yes. That's so important. Because they're working hard and the running around the United States and you know what it's like to live out of out of a bag and I just hope that they're taking good care of themselves and let's pray for pre sales for the numbers to be really good over the spray for namedrop to be trending hashtags takeout holder namedrop. Please name treaties. You're you'RE GONNA get quality programming need from Mumbo germ load John Name Job name job and it's GonNa be we find all right. How are you by the way? Let's check in you. Ask Ask Great. How are you doing good? I'm happy to be here. Steve's here will show him later he's delicious. We thought floor they bust so cute. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA bring content to the straight talkers because Rawson C. J. on the road we're here in prestige. No darkness is nowhere to be found. It's cracked the people that come over here. The first thing they ask for readings. Where's the mirror I wanNA see? I WANNA see work crash right there. Take a picture of a posted on. Hello Straight Talk Shit Talk Straight top Mumbo jumbo and I'm GONNA fade out. Oh how did you Nikki. I'm class vessel Clarence. So we're not gonNA apologize for how Janki. Hey this is because we think that's part of the charm and also join the kiss kiss club because you'll see this so we we have the Patriots. Yeah you can see us the video and and I think Happy I am to be doing this. There's a little part of me that has fogo. You like fear of missing our half. The families often a vacation. And we're at home right. I know it does feel like there. I had that thought last summer. Many cities that I've never been to that I would love to onto Now but we weren't really invited given plane tickets now hotel room anyway. They should hold on. Wait hold on. Oh man see what happened when I faded out last home in in the world is not All God where in while. I'm and get the help doing okay. Because of the main thing doc check in with them omit Oh my God. I'm driving BIGWIG. It's Rawson CJ. Jay Hi everybody we are in Charlottesville. Virginia and I am. We have a rental car. We're going to get. We're going to update you on the tour so far. But for starters starters thank you nicky and flaxseeds for that. Why did why was? TV's name I though because it's like three months a yeah. I support that okay. So here's here's the deal We've been all over. We kicked off the tour of fourth in New York. If you're watching this on the Kiss Kiss Club on Patriot you can see the video. Go of us. Were sitting in the biggest pickup. You've ever seen I'll get to that in a second so we were in Newark then. TORONTO SEE Jamie in Toronto. Then we went to Boston. Oh my got getting to Boston. From Toronto guys was the worst travel day of my life. Art Customs so we had to get their her tongue. Ten o'clock flight we got there Seven we left seven in the morning to two hours in customs standing walking we get on our plane and then it goes on the runway for how long it's like an hour and a half is sitting there like oh we gotta go back. The plane is broken flight canceled. You have to get off the plane. Go go through customs back. ca-canada get your bags. Then go through customs again and then try to get on flight. Meanwhile I had to show four hundred people waiting for me in Boston. So we left-candidate twice in one night and barely made it like running to thing. I just grabbed my secret jacket and was like wanting to the airport like I've got to get to Boston Home Malone looking for Kevin it was Oh my God Boston then Philly then. DC they're in where we can. We know that we're back to New York. Good Morning America then Now Charlottesville and now we are in the rental car. Now let me get to the rental car We get to the place and they go. Oh we only have one thing left. What is it? It's a huge Ford F.. Seventeen pickup truck four or four wheel-drive. GimMe that truck kimmy actress. GimMe Gimme Dat. Let me tell you something. Have you ever seen anything. Butcher them me try this truck roll. Please describe people into like big. There's a big pickup in back. Like if you want to put like some deer or meet back there I'm Gonna I'm GonNa get me. A dear is so big and look at the front of it looks. It looks like we're in the woods. I think. Let me. I'm going to take you report. I'm taking outside so you can see how big this truck is. and how hot I look at it. Look if you are if you are watching this on Patriot you really should be. You can see it Aw Hey hop in my rig on sorry Ma'am Oh my God. That's that's on me on. I apologize for that. It's this truck just makes or am I in their way holden. Sorry guys we're also park somewhere and she couldn't get out and then I was swearing in Charlottesville Virginia. So now I'm pulled forward anyway. I've decided that maybe I I was GONNA get it. Tesla do they make Do they make this truck in a Electric can you afford. Can you do that because I really. He loves driving this big rig. I remember when I took my driver's test. Cj Back in nineteen ninety. Whatever I learned how to drive on my dad's nineteen seventy eight suburban truck and there was no I was fine? I can handle a big rig if you know what I'm talking about size queen. How's it been on the road with me? Talk to so fun. Actually I put it up on all the fields of called on the road across so the whole thing. Well listen to on the field. I talked about everything. That's the Patriot club to listen. We are trying to keep this all going the podcast going and I have to say we saw so many straight talk so me everything. It's been amazing. It really is Joe Comeback and go straight out there over time so it just been extraordinary to like get to meet you and say thank you and thank you all forgetting the book going to target getting the audible. I see you see all your messages. We try to comment on everything thing and we're gonNA keep updating you from the road and we're going to be really we've been just trying to inland survival mode right now so now we're thriving not surviving. We're thriving so we're going to be doing a lot of my social. Hello Ross. I make sure you taggart's across the country at Hello Ross pod For more of our adventures. Thank you so much We'll keep the PUCK is going. I need maybe a starbucks because we have a three hour drive to North Carolina. Lena I got some skinny pop popcorn and some Turkey jerky for the road Ross Mathews not doing a roach over another snack. What am I actually actually like? What's Rhody oh I thought like road? Head retro gotTa go this detour just picked up by going to drive this fucking truck. Yeah GonNa put it in drive bro. mm-hmm now okay. Cj I pull that off everybody all the way to get all NATO roader okay bye can have. Is there something that interferes with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals so better help. Online counseling is there. Refer you better help offers. Licensed professional counselors who are specialized in issues such as depression stress anxiety relationship sleeping trauma anger family conflicts. LGBTQ matters grief self esteem and so many more. This is all this stuff. We're dealing with right all all of us. You can connect with your professional counselor in a safe and private online environment. Anything you share is confidential. So it's so convenient. Get help at your own time and your own pace get you can schedule secure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with your therapist. This is how how they do. Therapy in two thousand nine hundred people. So if you're not happy with your counselor you can absolutely request a new one at any time for no additional charge and best of all. It's a truly affordable option and for straight talk listeners can get ten percent off your first month with discount code. Ross so we're not get started today go to better help dot com slash Ross. Simply fill out a questionnaire to help them. Assess your needs and get matched with a counselor that you'll love that's better better help dot com slash. Ross Promo Code Ross wonderful I love it fascinating. Thanks for guys that that was glad so glad. You're having a great time on the road. Shelat Metoo Mall fulmer Jenkins we early bad sitcom writer. Horrible horrible horrible. You don't have the left track it anyway. I actually really glad that they're together. We can still do the podcast even though there there are here. We're kind of merging together. It's it's jacked attack mass and I think it's kind of great. Yeah if Ross would ask you to go on the door. I don't think he would have been able to do it because you're so right. You didn't have everything that's on your plate right. How would you gone now? Now I mean I would have gone for a few days have gone. I could've gone the Disney. Yeah what about you. Would you got you well. I lead the fantasy is that I would have wanted to go over the whole time. That would have been but you know Steve is here so he kind of the. I couldn't leave him my dog but you wouldn't. I will do a couple of week right. Well maybe three days still waiting for the invite the plane. Tickets yet should be in the mail any day so we want to show the people from stuff over that you got a little notes here legally notes okay all right so I'm GonNa talk about Nikki. Ooh Ooh I got but my professional glasses all right. Did we talk to the beginning about how I just loved that. The straighttalk posting about their purchase on the district top Roskam Ross Fan page on facebook. I love that is such a community. And everybody's tagging people commenting and posting pictures with their kids in the book. Look how they bought it. They went to target. I just love I love it too and I love to support to support is really wonderful and touching. I just love that everybody's posting about getting up and are but if you thought about the like remember how last week we talked about the Barbara Walters Buzz and then the Matt Leblanc and map airy the story got buzz today. What what did you think? Oh my gosh. It really is intense intense. Like I haven't read the chapter but from the post host on the focus group when I saw that people are responding to that chapter with. What does it Matt Leblanc? And you watch it on Youtube. And it is really million tents we million tests. He is such a good idea. I didn't think to read the chapter and then to go see the proof on Youtube smart. Yeah go do that. Yeah does is like an added bonus so smart a wonderful okay so congrats. We're excited. This is so it's weird. It's like when someone in your family does something. Well you kind of feel it's partly you like for some time like what we've done is like you didn't write the book erode the you're saying though because we know we did so much about we talked about it on the show so much and we're still talking about it continued to talk about so we do feel apart and we are rooting for Ross. The Inter and it's GonNa be a man. I don't know what that was. You guys joined join the club dot com slash color. You can see this. No I don't know what you have to keep an eye on my balls are I have I was GONNA say my balls are dying for how does how are your walls or okay. So there's so so much to say it drops on February twelfth. All six episodes will be available You guys that our listeners. On a part of this whole family you know the whole story but please rate it. A five stars subscribed to eight review. It the more we talk about it. The more it goes up on the chart that chart arts the top forty charts and we're GonNa see what what is the process right dying for sex is most people already know but if you're listening for the first time today it's a podcast cast about my best friend molly when she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. She sort of did what the opposite of what everyone does. which is she left? Her husband her relationship of fifteen years ears. She went on a sexual journey to sort of explore who. She isn't finding out about herself and kind of relief twentieth. A little bit at makes me think like what would you do like. What would you do with the time that you have left in life? How would you and you know we all think we know what we would do? But then when that actually happens happens we could change our minds. WanNa do if somebody said. You have a certain amount of time left which we the end of the day. We all have a certain amount of time. But what would you right to do. Well what am I wouldn't be sex. 'cause I've had enough of that so it'd be like I would want it to go travel like I'd probably because the Caribbean and Harris I go to all those places. Okay that makes sense to me just sitting here and the conceive look at my dog Cosio do. It's a big question is a big question. I think I would. Oh God I don't WanNa have family and friends and lots of parties and get togethers where I could see. All the parts of my life merged together like my friends from La. My family from Saint. Louis I would have a straight talker party where we all meet. I would just want to connect you can really connect people like human connection and for Molly. That was really important to her. In a weird way the sex kind of got her that type of connections she was craving. So I can't wait for you guys to listen. Also want to tell you I did a podcast audacity this morning. It's going to be dropping on the twelfth of February called Pain in the pod. Mary pain is this woman. And she reviews podcasts casts and how much she loves them I was on her podcast. So if you guys get a chance to chat payne P. A. Y.. Any in the POD. She had me on today. And she's lovely. You're and she loves straighttalk withdraws engineer here and they were like. Oh my gosh. You're on street robbery out to them or questions. So as of of a Bosnian the buzzfeed with I need no more. uh-huh give it to me. Give it give it to Bihar. Give it to me Baas deep faculty we forgot to see you. Whatever still there all right so we're on the subject of press were dynevor sexual are what what's coming up? I are you going to be on Wendy Williams. You'RE GONNA BE YOU'RE GONNA be on. Ah Yes on the. Sometimes I don't even date is February seventeenth. I'll be on Wendy talking about inside scoop and also for right panel at the Soho House. We're doing this big event like a panel where you sit and ask you and able to listen to but dying for sex. I'm doing other podcast. I'm going to New York for like five days. It's really kind of exciting but I have to say it's you know it's it's bittersweet I have on my notes here bittersweet first of all. I'm going to watch everything you're on as far as I'm excited about it and this is your time really happy for you but as far as you working you've been working on and and you're you're doing now is it bittersweet. Is it hard to go from like thinking of Molly and knowing she's not here anymore and having to be in that realm. Yeah and then go into your real life into your life now do not your real you know. It has earned to switch back and forth because because that's a very heavy d you lost your friend. Yeah that's a big deal. I left a meeting and I always high like I was like so ecstatic about it and and I got in my car and I did the ugly cry. I couldn't even control it. It was just coming out and all these meetings that I'm taking which are amazing in the middle all of the meeting. I sometimes cry so I'm still in the in the process of grief and weird feelings around it but at the same time. She's really with me do you you get you feel her hundred percent. And when I'm confused about something that I kinda just opened my love and I say come through to me and actually which brings me to I. When asked you some things about you and your automatic pen reading because when I went on to live the other day you were tapping into things with people so accelerate the alive? Tell people what you're doing and I just you're really helping people get closure nation from the other fine you bring that up I it. I always tell people this amazes me as much as it's amazing it's amazing that person reading. I'm always like shocked that I'm able to do this so I I started doing it with Spirit. Driven started doing insta- lives and doing readings like quick readings. Like I will just see comes in and then the comedy will and then what's great about it. I'll find who the message is for. You know through the comments freight. Is that the people that are on the live we'll start chiming in like. Oh It's Mary sorry it's Mary. It's Mary help me like find. Find the person it's four almost no. It's not overwhelming thank you for asking. It's not overwhelming. It's it's kind of like what's the word for hard is that I think people start to joke and and I love the joke right but I'm trying to focus who the messages or so. That's a little challenging verminous. Stay focused and to read all the comments as hard. That's why I so appreciate but yeah it was the thing is I'm opening myself to a larger. What platform the other day? I could get something dark come in but I had to tell it to leave. The girl did not WanNa talk about it but it was for her and she knew what it meant and I had to say. We're not going to talk about I understand. I have to tell the person because it's turning into medium idiom ship so I had to tell the spirit that was with me to go. So so aggravating. No so it does open highway on Insta- life so follow me on Instagram gramma. Thanks for joining. Every time you go watch many live instagram's always like in the middle of that but when you go live I always planning on it. Ah voyeur coming for you. A voyeur voyeur. I kinda I kinda cock for a second. 'cause I like everyone here and they're like Nikki Indian. Let me get back into what you're picking up on and I love any love it so glad you're doing that. I think you should messages. Come in for you. I'm I'm hoping but it's a new thing I'm doing and I really love it and try to do more of them. Yeah you you've done one with me. Oh you haven't done what with CJ. The you've done. John Henry Withdraw. Yes remember when you came into the Crystal Shrine and writing and reading I've been wanting to read Cj. Because I get a lot of gets with them like out of the blue. Yesterday I was driving and I started thinking of him and I'm like I need to call. Cj because I have messages for him. So but I've been there's been spirit bumping procedure for so so long as divining with him like. There's a time that I'm going to this is all going to happen between. Cj Night. But I don't know it is but it has been bumping for cj for a long time. Gosh interesting isn't it. Yeah we go back to molly really quick. Go to family contact with her family. I love the asked me that actually Yes yeah I mean her family and I were very involved in you. Know her her process either. Talk about a really interesting way like her process. Like I don't want to stay out. Love is a process of of her her her her. My God fags to help me here my brain right. Who's playing with Kurt? Or what do we call it. Her exist her. I don't Wanna be called her when she left when I don't like seeing moving on when she moved on moved on and it very much felt like a balloon on thank you for helping my brains a little. Have mercy from all of it because it's really motion for me. But her mom and her father had been very supportive and excited. They know how much molly wanted the story out. It was sort of her legacy. It's what is she wanted to leave. Behind was her way of living on so I love that I text her mom regularly about her. Yeah I feel like I'm kind of the daughter I'm like what's I like her daughter now in a way that she's like when I talked to you I feel like I'm getting a piece of molly so when I reach out I reach out to them regularly because they only have one child and they weren't together anymore they live on opposite ends of the US. So I feel like I'm kind of a little bit of a connection to their daughter which I can't even imagine what is like excited for the podcast. They can't wait. I'm sure they're also you'll like the hell like it's all about sex king. The might build a the big question there. I think there is ready as any parent can be but they also know that that's just her like this. You get it all later. You don't get just the sweet part. She get the raw nasty the gritty. And that's what I loved about her is that she was all of those things in one game so proud of you. I'm so happy I think it's your time. I think this is going to be huge. I think people are interested in death and dying and they're insects. Those two things are always now. They're kind of interesting weird way. I know oh I don't know I would love to hear what the straight talker sink like. Why is sex death sometimes linked maybe because sexes Sometimes begin skin life. Not that sex is always about making babies but it's a beginning. A three two bodies together is a very intimate. Yes it's but it's also very very primal. We do it and we don't really we do it. I think for connection. We feel closed of many reasons. Why behalf but as humans I think as we're just built like a primal thing that we do and there's no explanation for that so in a way it's sort of a mystery as to why? Yeah we do. I mean I guess you could have babies but there's many reasons but like like death it's a mystery. Sex is kind of a mystery in a weird way if you think about because you know I like that. Now the interesting thing about The birth of the reason being like light where it comes like life comes from that not all sex is tied to bring in life. But it's like the beginning of it and like sexist never in the end of life right like who has sex at the end of their life. Well I oughta go too tired like my age right now. I've been to the dance and now I'm just tired right but I'll be there. I don't know I'm contradicting myself. Like they're connected but they're also like worlds worlds apart but molly was able to find like sexual interest at at the end interesting but but how did she was she. How did she have sacked when she was dying so wish she did she ever have to leave unnoticed? We'll all be on the PODCAST. Even have the desire to go have sex. If you're not feeling well she would like. She knew based on the cocktail tale of medication that she was on. She knew how much time she had before it kind of laid into her right. Like oh she because she knew she'd have time to like date on certain days and she knew the ups and downs of her medication. What it was going to do to her so she would time out her? Sometimes she'd go on four or five six days in a day because she knew the by Thursday she was going to be later on bathroom floor so she really like navigated this whole sex journey. How did she go about? Finding the socks was an All dating a tender bumble. There's like if offered dating but there's common underground like people go for Fascist and hookups. That are on there and I would go through with her. It'd it'd be like yes. No this guys you guys ever nervous go meet like be careful with who you're meeting. She'd always say what's the what's going on. What are they gonNA kill me kill? We don't care about more excited than she was nervous. I think she was just bound. The she found comfort in uncomfortable moment she liked that all. That's known as interesting and we were talking about me too much but we love it. I really know what else we have on. Our list is going to be like. Stop talking up up I WANNA be. I Nikki Believer Bowl. This is as good as it gets. You believe of the you May Remember a couple of weeks ago when we my gosh it's going to be uninterrupted by the Nikki. Believable there's going to be corruption. I'll interrupt you okay. So you should Ross happy. Look look so you remember. We were talking about those the things that people say wrong. Like blessing in the sky is to bless Ya sky. What was the other one? Add salt to injury instead of insult to Injury Arabia. Did you have any of them. No no brilliant. No those naked. I get mixed up all the time. Yeah we violet for this week. Please tell the people to pollinate talking about really. Yeah so what does it call to politics. I still don't another labor for the longest time I was buying japodlay and nobody was correcting me. Nobody I don't know if they were laughing inside my friends but let's go to Takato. What is own I was young? There was this magazine. The magazine still exists called madame assailing the no the real names Mozelle a monthly. What I found was made my salt? What is it? It's Mademoiselle still around Madame. Mademoiselle that you thought it was made in voice so it was. It made no one no that it was different. Do you read muscle and in my head. I saw magazines down. Oh made myself so letting supply and songs like I hear stuff like it. Sounds like you got to be starting something I always thought it was. It's got to be honest. I got to be done. It's gotta be her beyond. Okay so cool. Chris Eighty he decided to instagram. He's like Oh some of the things that I've heard incorrectly one was nip it in the but but instead of cue which is really cute bullet but the bud means what does that mean. That in the bud like Wordstar doesn't mean and I should have looked that up at bat an eyelash instead of bat an eye. It's the sexual in your window instead of sexual Innuendo of sexual innuendo. Actually your window. Either really good. It was a sexual innuendo and then the last one is a cup of soup loop instead of a cup of hot tea. Cup of tea like It's not my cup of tea. He would say it's not my cup of soup and you're like no that doesn't mean the same. Oh and black horse instead of dark horse like. He's the dark horse in the race. He yeah that's kind of but you know what my favorite one is. The Sexual Innuendo the window my window to the key believable happening. This is good as it's not so we done well. WHO DID BALL STEVE LEAVE ABOL to? We thought we evaluated. You couldn't find looker. The message me. Yeah so she'll be out for the fact that I had when I'm GONNA take for it I'm GonNa do you remember that though I love it. Two straight talkers that you guys remember everything up to so. Do you need some axes Jew because I think we should do a call out to people so if you have any things that are said wrong things that her sexual in your window to Nikki be at straight talk with Ross Dot com also any spooky stories I love those riddles and professing a vaccine. Excellent GMAIL.COM VACCINES DOT COM. Set Me Free. You WANNA go ball Steve. If you want us to ask questions to ask why they're gone. Whatever the heat from the United Rubber? Send me your questions. But for brief acsi anything goes and we don't have Ross here too so I don't know if anyone was ever come off of was ever ever off. There were moments where we there was some poop involved. And now it's always always gonNA distance the poop poop. POOP poop clue player. We there you go. Go Get poop playing when all those poop story now. One of the microwave. One I can't I I. Yeah I have to say even on some of my life coaching calls. Sometimes we actually dip into podcast. Talk in. The microwave story has come Emma so the fact that I'm talking about someone else's Freaky fags during life. Coaching is like merger girl. Never met out the people in the street talkers that come come into the crystal shrine in there every Saturday that Chris Right here in Burbank California. I'm the pupil coming in using. The first thing they say is how much they love bags. Yeah because I've gotten negative stuff online but people love it. Some people secretly love it too right. Yeah Aso's Samir. freaky facts are we. I think this is a did it. Nikki I hope we did it. We love view. Thank you so much for listening. I don't know if if if you know we're GONNA be here next week. I don't know where Rawson. Cj are going to be where in the world we'll see us land in the world is diverse. Always always is okay so thanks for listening you guys make sure to follow us we are hello. Ross pod on also media a Sign up for Patriot. The Kiss Kiss Club. We promise we will make more exciting content for you. Nicky Life Code Jazz. A show you avid shots right. That's right and thank you for your patience. You know with this. This is just temporary and bridges. Giving you like Nikki but we will have guests. We'll have Tehran on yet. We're GONNA have Bellamy beyond that whole girl. Give us ingestion Russians. We want to send us emails and let us know if you want to answer questions. I don't know if it was like Burrito girl. I have not met really here now. It's not working. She I think she was there for the holidays so she told me this she said the last time I started going to be here anymore but her family owns that. Always look the we're going to get her and she's going to bring Rio says she asked. Would you do the show and she goes absolutely. It's mandatory that when you absolutely absolutely okay. Good girl so make sure to follow us. I'm at Nikki. Boyer on all social fatty acids and let us know what you're thinking. We love you on you. You know being on the road is a whole lot of fun but you missed most of all I mean. Of course the dogs I miss earl and Selena and Audrey and I miss you know being home in all of that but really what I really miss. Is My mattress my purple mattress. These hotel beds. Just don't and add up purple mattress different from any other matches you've ever slept on their soft on their farm. 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The only way to get this free. Three pillow is to text straight. Talk to eight four eight eight eight that straight talk all in word two eight four eight message and data rates may apply.

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