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Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host, Jenny Taft. This podcast is the full show. From today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Good morning. Welcome disputed. We are live from Los Angeles. I'm Jenny Taft. Here was skip Bayless, Shannon, jar happy Friday, guys. Boy, I missed the gold mask is it gone forever. To is it retired. Did you burn it? I don't know. Math on a minute restriction, really. We'll cover tied. No. Okay it. Oh back the backs. It's not gonna come out. Really interesting. On cowboy load management as long as I don't have to talk about David Irving today. I'm okay. Roman Coppola here. Near a lot to get you on today's show like this. Does anyone want and Tonio Brown on their team? And did Rajon Rondo send a message to this guy? Start willow Braun he reached a huge milestone on Wednesday night when he passed Michael Jordan for fourth place on the all-time scoring list. But Bill plash the LA times wrote the Laker fans had a lukewarm response to the moment. He also says a combo of LeBron's quote failure to defense make free throws and display any sort of leadership has drawn the public's I r- in addition, LeBron's newest milestone would have played better in Cleveland since he scored so few of his career points in LA, so Shannon. Why haven't Laker fans embrace LeBron? Let's start by saying that Bill Plaski. I don't know him, you know, him better than I do. I know Koby guy. He they don't do. This don't do that. You know, that that I do cover the Lakers for a long, they Koby gap. Then probably a shack guy. And a will guy coast off Corinne? Golly. Liberal by LeBron was the enemy of the Lakers for very very long time. He was yes. He scale couple of Brown was the enemy of the Lakers. I don't think I don't remember that. I just don't you? Let me make my art. Go ahead. I really appreciate that. Thank you. But when you look at this. There are some fans that love the Lakers there, some Koby fans LeBron comes, and I said this in the beginning some fans will never ever fully embrace LeBron because they were byu that is turning on Koby. And the one thing that could always hold over the Braun if that five to three Kobe has five championships LeBron has three LeBron wins more championships than what are you hold? Lebron has more MVP's more more regularly than MVP's more finals MVP's. He will have more points. He has more rebounds more insists he has more all MBA teams. So what then will you be able to hold? Right now, the defending. Vacant say, well, at least Koby has this Kobe has spent every minute taken every shot every file everything that he's ever accomplished in that uniform LeBron seven years in Cleveland, four years of Miami for years in Cleveland. So fifteen of his years was spent elsewhere. Than LA. Kobe spent twenty years in one uniform which numbers, and he was fabulous. And that's okay. I don't and some people look if LeBron accomplishes something it will diminish Koby, it won't nothing Koby has done can ever been to be be diminished because etched in stone. Whatever LeBron does LeBron does he with a championship? You should be happy. And I get it skip. I get it. Most people don't realize that people let you really really all. They remember is Corrine play for the Lakers, but he played with the bugs most people don't remember that shattered point point shack is mainly remembered for being a Laker. But if I four years was an Orlando. Okay. So with that on will win for the Sixers go ahead. All the paint young a lot of Antion grades played elsewhere. But Koby is you need call the plays such a long time. And until Dirk broke his record. He had the longest tenure with one franchise twenty years. Lebron is only spent one year and another things get this season has not gone light a lot of Laker fan. Even they were almost see what he does Hetty gone to the playoffs. Had they won had. He not gotten injured. Maybe the recession would have been a little more warm. Maybe not. Yeah. A lot of this playbay wells camp. If that you remember these billboards went up, LeBron overlooking the king, but they made it seem mural EROs, they make it might LeBron was driving around, man. There's a mural of Kobe jumps out of his car. Start painting over and then put a mural of himself up. Someone did that they they hold Bron response. Able because it's a picture of him. And they look at him an into Looper you wanted in here. You're not real not a real relate Laker because you're only gonna spend short amount of time with the Lakers. So skip I am not surprised that this you, and I we talked about this earlier because when they started vandalizing the murals, and then I guess they moved one of them up a little higher because I was down in area town and I saw play place on the billboard. So someone would have to climb up the high. He's happy and be down there. I just have to be willing to see I wanted to take your stocking. Lebron I just wanted to see the the Lakers used a championship. They'll lose used to winning and for the last couple of years. They haven't had a championship. They haven't even been in the playoffs. And they thought LeBron was going to change their fortunes, and he has not so. I I'm not so sure yet with some of the fans if that will ever change the blind can win championships. But they're going to be those that hold out that will still say, this is Kobe team this Kobe style Nobis bedroom. Lebron brought I think LeBron understood that when he came here is heart difference. Get it even when he went to Miami. It was still ways t- the problem with the best player. Lebron have no county. They way county. I got it. Not Bryan county. There wasn't a rich. Deep basketball legacy in Miami. When he got there at one had one. But when you think of the Lakers and the history behind it some of the greatest. Yeah. Been there have played in that uniform and in order for you to fully be embraced if you wanna be Laker legend. Yeah. You gotta win titles. Well, we gotta win isn't simply that's why I don't care who you are. You gotta win. Just look at the top. Ten in scoring start with Kareem and call Malone did play here for. Yeah. He second Koby, obviously third next on the list wilt as is six and shack aid. So so it's just loaded with Laker Brown. We haven't even mentioned the one maybe the greatest Laker Magic Johnson. So he's in there also homegrown. Okay homegrown. But LeBron actually had magic on his side. Because magic did choose LeBron. I mean, he went to LeBron actually went to his house earn on the door driveway. I our early. Hey, so did not LeBron have that going forward when he came here the greatest Laker arguably, I mean, you can argue between Kobe and magic I take magic over Corinne Boyd. Okay. And you can you know, what that's a good point. I'm just a big magic fan. But again, one of the greatest Lakers knocked on LeBron. I will agree with that. Okay. So tha you done so to me LeBron made too early glaring miscalculate. Here. Number one. He told Naji he wanted playmakers instead of shooters that was just a bad idea. And I went back and looked at all the quotes. And he was LeBron was very defensive when the media kept asking him early before the season started. You don't want more shooters. No, I want. So he was adamant about that. And then number two, I truly believe that deep down. Lebron is so beloved nationally if not internationally the he thought he would step into Hollywood. And that Hollywood say, thank you, welcome. We love you and embrace you and it's not going to happen immediately. Because I do know this town, I know this town 'cause I worked here for three years right out of college. And I covered the Lakers, and I covered the Rams, and I covered the dodgers. So I kinda get the heartbeat of the city, which is what Bill Plaski really knows what you wrote about in this piece, and he has been a columnist at the Los Angeles Times for which I worked for he's been the columnist for twenty plus years, but the point is fans are different here. There's an. Arrogance about the fans here, they are don't tell us. We don't care. What you what you did before? Do it for us. You do for us. We'll love you. But it's all about performing in Hollywood. And and when the lights go on now now you're starting over now performed for us. Do you? Remember the opening early press sessions he had before the season started. Remember, he wore a number his number six jersey in a pre this is a preseason workout and one of the LA reporters dared to ask him. Why did you wear six and he's like? Don't you know, who I am? I I've worn six for years in practice right in the quote was after that. I'm starting to figure out a lot of you guys are just not recognizing who I am. No, they're not. They don't care who you are intil you do it for them. So that's the attitude of a lot of people who were sitting courtside and Bill Plaski sort of differentiated between the heartbeat is city is the non Hollywood people. But but again, I think Hollywood and not Hollywood have not bought into LeBron because they're just waiting for him to do it for them. I think the hardcore fans. Yes, the Hollywood fan skip they give him much love and appreciation because they recognize greatness and say the regular pants don't recognize his greatness, just cozy for the record. I spoke yesterday to a very prominent national reporter who's been many Laker games this year, including the one on Wednesday night. And he said that he he's always kibitzing with a lot of the people around courtside. And he told me yesterday that a lot of those Hollywood people are out on LeBron because they're now convinced as I feared from the start. They think that he came here more for Hollywood than for the Lakers that that he didn't come here with winning as the number one priority now maybe next year, they'll change if LA for. I don't know shacks. No shock your milk when he came in. What did he start doing movies? Okay. What Tarim come here? And what it start doing on the basketball? Okay. Hold on. I mean shack became the most dominating offense and force. I have ever witnessed on a basketball. We got here in ninety six. Guess it was. Yeah. Didn't win ninety six then when they wind in eight. But when they started. Okay. Okay. What Corinne okay what Kareem doing when he got here came here before he even entered his prime la- blonde is in your sixteen. So so it's like, what are you got left for you making my point my said fifteen okay before he got here not gonna buy in. They don't care. How old you are? What you've done before they need you to do it for the. Yes, fluently. So I'm gonna read a quick paragraph from Bill plaschke's column even six months into his first season as a Laker James isn't yet a Laker. And I think that's a fair assess Willie ever be if he wins will he ever embrace. They embrace Koby a magic or Shang. What if they win the next championships? Yeah. Yeah. He'll get up in their next line. The fans don't consider him family. Obviously his team doesn't consider him their leader. Will there's been a disconnect between layers and LeBron right? His lack of physical and emotional investment. In the basketball portion of his great, Los Angeles. Venture is paying the sad dividends of a man who on the court appears very much distant and alone. I do think that's a fair assessment. And I didn't is that yesterday because I thought it would be kind of like dirty pool low blow, but plash key points out that when LeBron went to the bench to celebrate he again separated himself from the team there were three seats between LeBron his next teammate during that time out after he passed joy, if you don't mind me, he dammed up everybody that was on the more. He did any. Hi fi people. I got it to get him right between them. I don't know just way. Lebron is it seems like it's me. And then when he got here and impart because he he's way better than they are. But again, that's not leadership. Are you moving forward? I'm gonna make sure I watched when someone have historic moment gonna make sure that they're sitting in one of their teammates left. Mr. Plaski would LeBron to do. But I'm gonna make sure moving forward because I'm sure they're gonna beat them historical accomplishments, their baseball, basketball and football. And I'm going to see. Well, unfortunately, the next storm accomplishment involves one Kobe Bryant. Right. So if you pass Koby maybe better pass him on the road. Why I don't know. What I don't know. I'm just not sure how that's going to go depending on how. Now, you miss doing? You make my point no matter how many championships he wins. Coby fans will never embrace. Lebron? You're making my point. I'm not there up pathetic. I soar of a basketball team when everybody expected great. I it if LeBron with two titles K, you co these the majority of Koby fans will not imply, well, I don't know about that. Depending on listen one title can like cure ills of the world and deal with byu skip even though the. A lot of these guys be at Corinne bid a shot. They played a lot of their career here in L. Right. Lebron is gonna play the majority of career elsewhere, right? Final line. I'm gonna read from plash. While LeBron stat line remains strong as you always point out his failure to play defense. Make free throws in display any sort of leadership has drawn the public's I r- in Los Angeles, not nationally. But in Los Angeles. I hate to say it. But I sit here day after day, and it sounds like I'm cheap shotting piling on. But I have been disappointed in lot LeBron because this is all beneath his dignity, but that's all true. True. True. True true. And the fans here are maybe Kobe, but they're waiting and seeing enough that when they're not stupid now, there are sophisticated basketball fans, they've seen great basket. When Kobe demanded a trade from the Lakers would that leadership when Kobe refused to shoot the ball in a game seven against Phoenix game that lead us. But did he redeem you keep fan he redeemed himself? Are you going to give opportunity for Dame? I am next year. Okay. He's gonna be in year seven does that matter year eight, but you see what you see what you're saying? You see what you're saying? At the point in time. You said I ask you a simple question whether leadership win Koby adds more trae a win refused to take a shot that leadership when he demanded shot. Going leaves you asking I'm not the biggest Kobe fan never have been. I like him personally off the. Court. But there are a lot of instances on the court that I got no use for the powder being refused to shoot game against Phoenix. I don't like it. He ran Shak outta town. That lead us, you know, I never considered Kobe the strongest leader until finally they had to start over. He got humbled in got knocked on his behind by all this because they this the playoffs. Right. And then they went out ingloriously in first round gets Phoenix and Phoenix straight years, and then they got soul and that was a magic move. For like three year stretch. Andrew bynum was not a slouch that makes Andrew bible. I Bohm liked him. He went out and whatever happened by that. But my thing is is that the problem that I have with some people if that beholding in remember, I'm gonna finish. He went to the eagle, Colorado. ES co right, right? And somehow he came out of that in a weird way better off than he was before. Some people started be sympathetic to his plight in it seemed like it re-ingratiate himself with some fans because he came out of it on the rise as a basketball. Am I right? Yeah. And then they end up winning two championships. Right. And they ended up losing because he went back and forth. Linden detroit. I would agree with Ben again. I'm not validating. What he did in eagle? I'm not saying that I'm just saying he somehow came out of that on the bright side going upward, right, right? When I thought his career was teetering because of that he came out of it in the irony was, even he even got a better sneaker deal out of the remember blue in the deed of going tonight. He did he went to Nike lost his Adidas deal. But my can skip is for me. The problem that I have is that we hold LeBron to a. Different standard than we hold any other. I'm just talking about the NBA. I'm not talking about NBA player the different than any of any other superstar in any other sport. Yeah. 'cause you see their entire face all the time. They don't have on pants. They don't have on a helmet baseball players when they're banning. They have an ailment, and you can't see them. And then then when in the outfield unless they catch a file ball ball company them the basketball court is so confide you see all the time do, but LeBron is the only guy is that we hold him whenever he does something wrong. Even if he did fifteen things, right? We always go back to the wrong that he did will always go back to that. Well, you keep saying he's the best player on the planet. So we're gonna get graded by the highest curve. My right. But when Kobe was the best player on the planet. Do we grave? Great him on that Kurt was he considered that? I guess it was maybe for what about George. Did. We go Drake just wanna know one. Thank you covered him. And you love him. You might not be the biggest Kobe fan or the biggest LeBron James fan, but you are. The president of the Michael Jordan fan clue. Did you great him on the curb that you gray? Lebron a simple or simple. Yes. I don't need you. Explain a simple. No or simple. Yes. When did he ever do anything wrong? So he will say it. A win was ask yourself that very questions when I don't know. Okay. Are you talking about often is talking about nothing? I'm going to go off the court. I got lot. I I'm not I'm not going on core asking. But see there you go use that he never ever did anything wrong. Even on the court sits in Owen, the files with six MVP. That's pretty hard to top. How many years did he die? Well, I only count through Chicago. Okay. So so, okay. We want to disregard even though we want to disregard a watching it took three years off and came back. And he was just aside. How how who is that? Hey, chose to do that. All right, okay. With that. So what about the other year that he didn't make the finals? In Chicago is Chicago any other place that he happened to be in the NBA? We'll see hadn't been forced to take two years off in the middle of that run. He would have gone to eight straight with eight straight. And there's no guarantee of that. I'm just saying. Tonight in taking by usually what you did there who was going to. So who's gonna beat him? So who forced him out of the finals from eighty one from eighty four tonight who forced him out of those finals? Well, all time great teams Showtime lane. Boy, Pizzonia Larry bird's at lake you. You told me if LeBron James and the best player on the planet. Yeah. He should be able to take down Golden State. He should have been able to take down the San Antonio Spurs. But when Michael joined the best player on the planet. Couldn't take down the big three good take down the bad boy pistons now heating appraise on them. Somebody is changing the subject off what's at hand. Because we're still talking about LeBron year sixteen trying to become Hollywood's Laker, right? Let's skip. He may never do that. Because they look at him that you deliver becoming fifteen years. Let's just say for the sake of argument's give he plays twenty years. Only five of his years would have been only what bar. Here's what a bit by fixings eighty nine until five years would have been with the Laker. Yeah. Dream how much long career with the of she's loaded Koby sodas shack sewed it a who came here magin. So you talk when you look at it in that came banks, some people will never ever embrace LeBron like they did the past great Lakers. Lebron could it onto the Sixers? He his onto the rockets the things when you free agent, and you get to choose he chose to come to the Laker. There's some era that's on his part of I got this. I can do this. And you don't got that. Because that is too big for you yet up the whole objective about being a free agent is about having choices. I thought when you got draft. You don't get the choice. Well, sometimes would I tell you money can't buy Appier if you choose Hollywood, and he was gonna get the same. Wherever he win. No. He was not because he wasn't gonna have direct access to Hollywood. So that he could be making deals on a daily nightly basis. Right for me. I don't believe. I mean, maybe there are some situations will brawn James shows up with a maverick Carter or or Randy. Maybe those are situated if you're in Philly. You can't do the to change. You can't be his what did you call? It. An are. Yeah. Okay. You can't do that. You're not gonna have it's not acceptable to you can't roll out of bed and Brent wooden and hop in the back of the car and be driven into Hollywood and fifteen minutes. Okay. Get but what about we are you talking about that? We're talking about basketball. Okay. He's still give it to a lot to prove. And you can't really blame the fans for not embracing the ultimate was the first facing of the first mural when it was splashed across that. I did not have anything to do was it, and this was probably born of Koby love. But it was we don't. Want you three and six in the fine. Yes. No king. Okay. Well, that's that's the attitude. You're going to have to defeat. There's it's harsh. This is this close. Okay. This guy got right now. He has no closer. Yes. He right now he has been exposed for all of what? Well, I just read it when his them eight native exposed no defense free throws leadership is you know, he's gonna have to have a few more chapters duty role defaced of mural was together do need it. I I'm fine admitted on he's still I admit it. Yeah. I. Scale believing all the tape. Okay. Lot of drama around this guy and Tokyo crown is he actually gonna get traded today. We'll discuss next. 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I didn't see and I don't see someone giving a giving up a first round for Antonio Brown, especially skilled because it's gonna require you to give up compensation and then reward him with compensation because he's made it abundantly clear agents roads and houses made it abundantly clear. He wants guaranteed money. He wants to rework that contract. Yeah. Everybody knows that the Steelers cannot bring Antonio Brown back into that locker room. They know that if I know that I know you have to discard something I'm not going to give you the. Price that you're asking for you crossed living Tennessee now, I know you got to move 'cause country, and you got you're gonna move into say a thousand square foot apartment, but you had a home when you're in Tennessee, you had a grand piano, you had a big old big oil ten by ten by ten 'cause I got will head to leave it in Atlanta, though. But anyway, I get what you really you leave it. I know that. You won't be paying for the grand piano. You won't ten thousand put a bed. I'm not giving you that you got a thousand square foot apartment, you take that with you this what I would do for you skip or you can take it with you and try to sell it. What you get out there? Now, you gonna make the mistake because there's a draft coming up skip why can get players, and I don't have to give up any compensation, and they don't have the bad habits that in Tokyo Brown. So with that being thirty one years of thirty one which is not always get Antonio Bagri got by four or five great remaining, anybody still thirty one. But go ahead. He's thirty one. But with that for me to rate the raiders have the compensation skip, I didn't know this. They got four picks in the top thirty five and Gruden raved about his workout. I've never seen guy. We'll go up big for me. I read yesterday the raiders are out out. Now when the when the. When the price falls down a little bit. So right now, I think the values is to heighten that price to come down. But in Tony Brown is done himself. No favors did himself. No favors. Skip steelers. Look, I think the Steelers have done some things wrong organizationally. I think they've been able been robbers burger to feel emboldened to say into do things that is rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, maybe Antonio Brown and the only one that's come out and verbally set it. Yeah. But in Tokyo Brown has handled this awful and teams are looking at this. How many teams have the structure organizationally locker room ride wise to be able to handle a situation. Like this can't be called one hundred four balls for thirteen hundred yards and fifteen touchdown. And he's unhappy. How do you make him happy any may twenty million dollars last year? So how do you make him happy? Skip. Some team is going to have to ask themselves those questions, and yeah. But for a first round pick in round pick third round the fourth round come over here in Tony. Okay. So I'm on record as saying you would have to give me round pick. Give me a third round pick to take in his baggage and his contract off your hands because that contract is gonna count twenty two point one against your cap next year. But to your point you just begun with him because remember his little posted. He did he was on the elliptical machine when he when he Kristen himself, Mr. big challenge. I remember this do and the line was if your team got guaranteed money, tailed them. Call me aby can't do. No, more unguaranteed. So he's he wants up front restructure guaranteed money. You knew the contract that you signed with Pittsburgh. You knew your to your three years ago. Had no guaranteed money in it. And by the way, it has three years left on it three three years left. So now, all I know is what I read in here. Right. So I heard we we even debated. We did our topic one day about Arizona Cuyler an AB they're out then we talk about Gruden. We just talked about their out. Then a lot of people going off Aaron Rodgers needs him an AB right there out. These all reportedly out buffalo was the big talk last night. And now they say they're out titans are out the Redskins are out. The jets are out the market will dictate your fate. And it's shrinking, and it's showing you that you're worth on the open market is not what you declare. It is on your market on your internal. That land could make Julio generals available and the going rate in the first round pick. Yeah. Houston Texas, make de hot de'andre Hopkins available the going rate of the first round. And you know, what my boys gave from Aren Cooper. They gave a first round pick people mar played unbelievable once he got Dallas. Yeah. He was straight up garbage in Oakland. That's there's not not not early. But the last year was not good. Not good at. All. Right. Even though we have some good years. It was the consistency that concern people. All right it. He got a first round pick on a first round picking. It was highly. Controversial. But he got it. So that leaves the locker room that you're talking about that could. Could bring him in and sort of make him part of the whole. And that is the patriot locker we've seen them try this before so we saw they brought in derail rebus on a one year shot. Remember this in twenty fourteen and they gave him for the year twelve million dollars just a one year deal. Right. So would agree to just tear up the last three years and say, I'll do a make good one year. And you give me fifteen million or whatever to play for a ring with Tom Brady. I don't think he would do what he had been ver- right based on your deal because he got no guaranteed money. It's not going to hurt us. Yeah. We basically it was twelve point three five. That's what he's gonna make this you. Yeah. When you're deal. Now, check just doesn't do this. He's not going to give you a draft pick on top of having to pay a drag. What they give for any skill. A third fifth round the fourth round. I can't remember. But he was on the outs with Al Davis. He quit on the Oakland Raiders. He was a steel on the open market because a lot of people thought he was done. He had just quit on football. And Randy Randy's make much money. Not not for what he was. Right. And that's the thing. Okay. People aby quit on the Steelers. Okay. All right. You got it. So what did Bill check do a couple years ago? He did go into free agency. So he didn't have to have a draft pick for Stefan Gilmore? Yes. Model citizen who's now only twenty eight years of age right now. But he gave in five years sixty five million with forty guaranteed thirteen a year. He's scheduled team. Did he live up as he'd been worth? You would say. Yeah. Absolutely. Because you were making the case he could have been the MVP in the super baps, right? Yes. Okay. And he had eight not a good year last year. He had a great year last all pro. Okay. Robo you mix and match a lot of interchangeable call. On defense. But you got you need one corner, and you got one right because you let Malcolm Butler go, and you wouldn't even play him in the Super Bowl a lot of. That's a look you won't guys that can play. But if the guy that can play really, well is going to destroy your locker real process you don't ever want to guide us in your locker room. That's impressive. Because sometimes guys are so talented guys will naturally gravitate towards them. And then they like hold on the act if I act like this if I get good I can do that. You don't want that Antonio Brown? Learnt I'm telling us what's going to happen in portly. They're gonna come in time to Antonio Brown's gonna lose a little bit of lateral quick. He's not gonna be explosive was absolutely know what happened to those guys. They go quick. Quick. All right. Larry is euro is not the lamp is that we know and love moved inside. He moved his lot. But he can't his mouth show. He doesn't criticize anybody. And granted like I said, I believe the Steelers organization are bare lot of responsibility. And I got I got it. But speaking of that organization is it possible. This was their game plan all along we ask high. I they wanted I and a player on his right in that's not going to happen. Maybe they asked high thinking will if somebody's crazy enough to give it we'll go ahead and part ways. But the odds are we won't get it. And we can turn to Antonio at the end of business today and say, you know, what we tried and we just can't get back. What we think you're still worth? So I guess we're gonna have to try to figure it out going forward with you here. I don't know. I don't see how to happen skin. He's moved on. I don't see how that he is clearly moved on. I'm not sure they have this not how do you go into the you said that about the quarterback after you said what you said about the head coach said all these things how first of all how. Lookout treated labor. Yon wasn't even there. And they moved over that locker room had moved on from labianca. I'm just trying to figure out how does the locker room embrace him because they realize Antonia walked out on them and seven teen when they absolutely needed him. The most I agree is when he pulled that. All right, then my plan B would be one of these teams. I read that are out out that they just wait, wait, wait, wait, wait until zero hour. And I say, well, okay. I'll give you a third. Yeah. Okay. Okay. That's all we let's take the right? Something is better than nothing. Feel good for a be either. And he will not be happy. If that's what goes down because a lot of this. You know because remember when he and this reported got into it. And he said the porter said a lot of the reporters that a lot of your success is based on been rocking. Burger don't know. How fortunate you are? He said trade me and Seton. So former PR guy tweeted there. Right, right. Exactly. With the thing. So his ego is tied to getting a first round pitting. Oh, you didn't think that somebody gave them ping? It ain't the same. Somebody give third or more around the same. And let's not forget what Larry FitzGerald said. You never know. How good you have it until it's gone. And you might be the case for a minute last night. It looked like his next quarterback was going to be Josh Allen in buffalo. Right. I'm how I don't think he compares to Big Ben quite on. This does big band big band the clock in London that one to that quick is that he does he can run. Now really lead didn't eat lead. Have a couple of hundred year on help quarterback run really helping. Nice look Braun. He did pass Michael Jordan for fourth place on the all-time foreing list this week, but the milestone took place in another Lakers loss and when the game was basically over Rondo sat in a courtside seat instead of sitting on the Laker bench talks about this. Plenty he was criticized in so many places so yesterday Rondo ripped the media that focused on his act and not on the bronze achievement Rondo wrote on Instagram quote. Most of y'all have made a career out of LeBron James, y'all can't pay the man some respected. I hear your, Shannon. Did you? I want who we were talking about all, you know, who's y'all was the president of y'all have a point. Yes. Absolutely. Within night was supposed to be at that moment about a great achievement. And we should have given him credit for what he was able to do granted. I get it team hadn't had success. And they're not where they thought they would be LeBron James is the most dissecting athlete, I think I can ever remember. But we can't mention his greatness without dissecting misteps. See if I'm a musician and I win a Grammy. I don't want somebody get up there. They give me my war talking about yet. But that lasts with terrible. That's what we do in. Lebron? This moment was not about twenty eleven failures. It was not about two thousand and ten failure about with the Boston Celtics. It wasn't about the step that he had against San Antonio or. For him. He collapsing Golden State land in game one. But that's what turned into how about LeBron James is the fourth. All timeline score, his his consistency. And the way he's played the game on the court in the way, he's had no misteps off of it. But that's not what we do with him. We take every opportunity when he does something good. But you remember what happened in twenty eleven. He had the ultimate all time down for superstar. You remember you remember lashing game one Janney. That was the biggest meltdown. He was so king. Yeah. New he was wrong wrong over pointing that out Rondo make some very very compelling point. But Rondo do what you did you brought this own LeBron? We not only do we have to talk about LeBron when he did we had to talk about you. Liberal rage on Rondo said, he did what he did eight ten times. He said magic and rob linka called him on the day off and told him what they expected of him and as an NBA rule that he can fit there. Now somebody's lying. It's hard for me to believe that rage on Rondo had done that thing eight to ten times. And in the NBA had not called and told him or him a letter. I didn't see it. Jenny salon. I didn't see said. Also who'd ever thought Rondo would come to LeBron James defense. Well, that's the other part of this. That's introduced rooms they hate Ray Allen because Ray Allen joined him in south beach, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett. And Ray on Rondo led to group that wouldn't accept him to the cookout offering to be oh, Jesus Shuttleworth. Now, we've got to be able to come out. Rondo is champion the calls now. But he absolutely right. That was him sitting on the in in the fancied battle side him joining LeBron lay out the his hatred. Lebron him that aside? But he's absolutely right. This was not the time nor the place to take shots that LeBron about misteps that he's had in his career. It was about the magic genie. If I get I I get awarded FOX I legis. Legis cute. You hypothetical. Give this time. Expense basic get up there and say, well, you come a long way, you you were tell. But when you first started this job, you remember that you can get your you can get together with someone has an accomplishment being on the work. I don't want somebody come up there and talk about the misteps. It's about that moment Dade how remember all those cases at diet do. You know, what's? Go ahead. That's something that you would actually do that point but regime, Rondo Rondos, absolutely rice killed. This was not the time to try to take shots in a lot of. We'll talk about your guy. Michael, jordan. That'll. What he said, wait. This was not the time to take shots about LeBron about it was time to praise the accomplishment, and Rondo is absolutely ruining just just a quick aside. A bit of self defense on my part, if I might there was a time when I made a career out of Terrel Owens, and then I made a career Tim tebow. And then I made a career out of Tom Brady. And then I made a career out of anybody who ever wore the Dallas cowboy uniform so just for the record. It's not always about this guy. But this guy is I say this every year. He's the most fascinating player. I've ever observed observed because he's so all-time great. But he does have his flaws and that makes him fascinating. Okay. Okay. Go back to this to your point. I think you were trying to arrive at at the end to what you said. This was the ultimate blame deflection. On the part of Rajon Rondo because I just in my career, I try to rack my brain. I don't remember. Any basketball player any NBA player ever college? Pro whatever. While the game is still being right sitting in a court side seat. Some I don't know twenty seats down from your bench and appearing to salt appeared to me. But but something was not right for Rajon threat. One right. Yeah. Okay. That makes you a side show that people are going to report on and talk about in respond to. But does that mean that all the focus game went on Rondo? No just a little bit of focus Rondo and just to defend our show yesterday. We did do the Rondo topic. We did it in. And it was one of our shorter topics of the day. We did LeBron four times yesterday the two and a half hour show. It wasn't like Rondo dwarfed. Lebron we leave lead lead with Rondo and during the game. Remember LeBron past Michael five thirty eight left in the second quarter. Correct. So it got celebrated at. At the moment, more nationally than internally and Staples. But it got celebrated certainly on ESPN the confetti affectively fell on ESPN felt like it fell ESPN presenting it, I'm not bashing being they should have because it was a big milestone and because he's been chasing the ghost in Chicago. It looked like he had caught and passed the ghost on the scoring list. Well, that's a huge story that got made huge at that moment in post game. That was the biggest story by far. So it's not like everybody decided to. Oh, let's let's blast. Rondo and listening to Glenn to celebrate. Lebron? That's not what happened we celebrated. Lebron? You did. I did. Okay, right game. Maybe you should go mask. I couldn't believe you didn't. I think you knew in your heart hearts. It just wasn't Ryan. We just. Getty. Stop it. Right. You have come out here with the mass. I mean, they're four and ten since he came back from injury. Am I right? But I missed the gold mask. I I was I predict. Would I predicted? I predicted before the show Chris Ely, our producer that you would come out in the goat mask and the candles. I like that stuff candles brings candles and handle break here because you can't hold a candle to me those. No, the aroma draft, bitching. So I'll be smell. Sure would. All right. Okay. So again, this goes on. I don't know. How many words this like a couple of hundred words of blamed affliction like what are you talking about? You did this. We didn't do it. I didn't tell Rondo go sit in that seat. If he wasn't on the Lakers. If let's say for the sake of argument's, he's a Memphis any does that it's not a story. But you did it on the night that LeBron brought Michael Jordan record. And you did it on the very team. Okay. But if Rondo is still Rondo, and he does have his Celtic heritage on his legacy. Right. And he did play in those finals final. Okay. Bye. And that's why I'm saying he played in the two on one. Okay. And he's still in Memphis. He's a grizzly. And he does that we might do it at our number ten top last topic in the show because he's Rhonda like he's added again, right? Not have a history of sort of off center behavior. Like like when you least which is would you point out yesterday? He's been on. Five times in six years. I think six and five he did this on the very night on the very team when the gap pass, Michael Jordan. So what did he expect to happen? Maybe it's his fault that he took a little bit of front is off. Lebron? I I would agree. I would agree, but he is shooting the messengers, right? Or in the media. Like, how dare you talk about me on his night? You jump started. If he does any other night. I don't know if it's the story because all it is a story to LeBron story. But you made that that okay? Why you get why are you getting upset with something you created you created Franken's, Dan? Now you upset that he's destroying the lamp you Rondo, but Rondo make some point. And look here Rondo is not without phone. He's ninety five percent phone. But there the fire percent of him. That's right. Because you yesterday. And your celebrate or, but you still found time to bring twenty eleven you d do that because you're doing a topic of who's better between Jordan, and no no, we did a topic that will by him that was by itself band alone. Okay. But but that was when I brought it up. Now, you know, bring it up. Oh, sweep it under the carpet. If we didn't you should've vetoed. The top pre show meeting to say, I don't want to do that. That's not fair. I won't you did not say that topic is not fair because you wanted to make your case that he is better than no. I'm going to unmake your case if you're gonna make it he's not I'll need a truck. Fuck you wanna Trump bigger? The case all the cases are on this will get back bow. But what it is? And you know, I'm telling the truth. You know, when someone has a historic accomplishment is not the time to come up there and talk about their misgivings. Okay. If you wanna take tomorrow, you know, what tonight? We've heard people say tonight your night, I met you'll night up the night Mara. Okay. Help me out with this. I'm gonna help you out much as I can. What happened early in that game on Wednesday night? Lebron? Four point just a second. I didn't do this. But it was reported that he was roundly booed Staples. This is on the night when we know what's coming. He's going to pass Jordan. It's going to happen within the first half. Right. Yes. And yet it was reported that he was loudly. Booed for missing four straight free. Throws to start the game that up. Okay. Well, I can't help it happen. I didn't do it. I didn't miss four four free throw. And he doesn't break the record. Maybe you can bring that up. But the celebration him passing him passing Michael Jordan. We need to talk about that. Okay. Very small narrow path. What are the most free throws? Lebron is ever missed in a single quarter of his career. The most he's ever NIST talent four that night that quarter. Wait a second. That was a historical milestone. So you have to report. Now, I want to keep that same energy cabinet rant missile for MS two free throws because miss too. Bill the night. I know everyone wants one. Oh, yeah. What would the want would have done? It was over time. I got it. Okay. All right. But I'm trying to have to question. Those four free throws what role did they play in? Lebron James passing. Michael Jordan, delayed, the unenviable. That's what happened. Okay. Delayed it so should have been. We don't even talk about that. You know, what that was unbelievable of complicate Ron James had been a been a model of number on change this year. I didn't do this. He did this. He shooting sixty one percent. So the point is the re started the show today talking about how Laker nation cannot put its arm yet around LeBron and making a made man make him part of the family because he can't even make his free throws here. And so they take that personally. Like, you can't even make your free throws for us while we have. I mean Kobe fan we hire them imposing them anything. Okay. We're gonna get to what MJ had to say about this little bit later, but her should skip. Now be scared of the Redskins. Yes. Yes. The N reports the Broncos have agreed to trade case keenum to the Redskins for a sixth round pick in twenty twenty keenum, led the Broncos to a six and ten record and became expendable. When Denver worked out a deal for Joe flacco, the Redskins QB situation is in flux since Alex Smith suffered a compound fracture in his right leg last season. And it's unknown if he'll play next year. So Shannon is a good move or bad move for the Redskins lateral move. I don't I don't improve Washington when I owed. I don't view him as any better than Kate then a Colt McCoy we saw a not liar season. We saw case keenum get the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC championship games when they had a historically good defense. Especially on third down. They had to one thousand yard receivers guys that can make plays all over the field. We saw when coat when cocoa when case keenum. Did not have that. We saw what he is Colt McCoy in case keenum, I bleed there won in the same skip. I believe they're good backups three or four games that hold. They can hold the hold it in the role filled sodas, cliche or steady state the ship. But long-term, well, we need these guys to play for an extended period of time. And they're going to take us to where we need to be. That's not happening. There is elated incidents in one hundred year history were guys have gotten better later in their career. I'll give you rich Gannon. I'll give you Kurt Warner. But we're talking about one hundred years, and we're talking about two guys normally at this juncture guys start to get into the thirty. We know what you are. Yeah. We know who you are especially at that position. So for me skip. I don't think they've improved. I think better move. They say you can have Josh Rosen. Boy, second or third round. They will. Try for that. That would seem like a better option to me, which means. A Kingsbury relied. We had made no decision if you thinking about trading hill, you major decisions we know you had made your decision once calamari selected the same engine that represents you. Done. I am a case keenum fan. And I am here to tell you. I now fear the Redskins next because of case him because of case keenum. I know he's a gutty little overachiever undrafted out of the university of Houston, the faith thing that what called me what you what you say to Kirk. What would you call it? Over. Under confident. Yeah. Overachieved? A little taller. Case keenum is better than Kirk cousins. Eight years. I can prove it. I got this isn't small sample size. I got twenty seventeen and I got twenty eight in Minnesota aren't helped me out who looked better in those two years case keenum or Kirk cousin same team same with that. The things was aim receiver defense it should have been. But it wasn't lose anybody know, but they weren't very few deep comeback better than they were the preview. Yoon, you know, that case keenum is better than Cole McCoy, and I respect Colt McCoy because he's pretty good. And he is beating my Cowboys on a Monday night, pretty bad. Well, he did it and he is capable a lot. He would have beaten Alabama and the national champion Fiene got believe I do believe that. I think I picked him. I'm pretty that's why you believe that. But that would so case keenum in the NFL is twenty six and twenty eight as a starter. It's not it's not great. But it certainly not bad. It's bad. And it's. Better than what Washington had and he would be better next year than Josh Rosen. If you do Josh Rosen into the starting lineup in Washington next year, you better hide your eyes because they were hidden last year in Arizona, if I'm if I'm a fan, and I gotta wash cave keenum Colt McCoy, I'm plugging my is I want knowing your eyes out our no part of that. Yeah. Case keenum can't operate at quarterback. Case keenum has vision kale has mobility. You watched him in Denver last year. I didn't watch much because Denver was sorry. Oh, really in the quarterback. With Elway allowed the whole roster to get sariano and John Elway picked a head coach who was not really commanding head coach. This is not about right? John Hassel missed in age and in the DRAM spatially at that position. I see erosion of talent across the board in Denver. Okay. And they closed their is plunged on Joe fluke. Oh, really, Joe fluke. Oh, win does not hold up. Ron them up. And so I. Close the case as in keenum, right? Know case keenum twenty seventeen he went eleven and three for the Vikings receivers you better believe receivers Kirk cousins ad receivers last year, Kirk co the number. I'm looking at these numbers. Because would you believe case keenum had the second best QBR in the league in twenty seventeen finished second? Hello. What about twenty eighteen we're talking about twenty seventy white? Wait, wait. I'm not finished about twenty seventeen. He threw for three hundred eighteen yards in a playoff game, albeit at home against a really good New Orleans team. And what happened on the final play of that game? Green buffalo, right and key left seven heaven. That's what happened that. Did. He not make a great decision on that play. Because remember what what the a bunch right formation, and you got Kyle Rudolph. You got Jerry's right? And you got digs over there at you split the lint as the X over to the left by right? The play is designed to go to Thelander. But case keenum looks up. This is this is huge guts pressure now. Because this is it this is the football game. Any looks left to Phelan who is like triple covered. They thought he was going to go to Phelan. And then he comes back to the right? And he goes to the receiver. He wasn't supposed to throw it to on the deeper quarter out. Remember? Marcus Williams takes a bad angle. I don't know what he was throw at a bad angle. And the reason why he didn't go to field. You said it was triple feeling had one on one coverage. I know 'cause I played in the system. You did when you got X receiver in the hail, Mary we now okay trips set if he's single cover. We'd beat we beat Washington that play rod with single covered by Darryl green and John through. He got Darryl green. You got Darryl green one on one with with. Well, he was undrafted he beating deep one on one. How thirty our ties down ball. Oh, a jump ball. Yeah. Darryl's like five nine where the what is your thought about that before they put him on? Rod rod wasn't undrafted rookie with their agreeing that stay still. Rod was really he was really good skip stop making. Okay. He he made an all time. Historical play. Throw a with the catch and run on the hat. You make a great choice on the throat. Yes. He was joint. He make a good throw. Yes. He did. It was right on the money. And they're still talking about it, Minneapolis. It was good. Think she remembers? She was remember you on your shame yourself. We're talking about case keenum latkes like that. I'm just saying he's better than Cole McCoy needs better than Kirk cousins. I nev- what did I tell you repeatedly? Religiously I never feared Kirk cousins. A you not gonna fear case keenum when he was a Redskin Kirk cousins one and six against my Cowboys and beat Kellen Moore and the one good quarterbacks decent quarterbacks. Don't move team team. They don't and you keep I look at case keenum, and I look at Colt McCoy, Jen, if you don't mind me asking you good, which is which is heavier a ton of bricks or feathers. You want me to answer that? On this spot. No answer that. No. You can't. Yeah. So they're the saying a ton of bricks trick questions. Trick question. Don't put the put her on the. Do that. That is not fair. Non just violated the undisputed. Not fair that what you you hype. In Washington thing is to make. Got a much better shot at do. Dallas one time at home. That's what they gotta shot a much better shot of getting the number one overall draft picking twenty they gotta shot also told you Alex Smith is better than Kirk cousins. I was right about that. This is the situation. Skip I would not be disappointed. If if the NFL said, you know, what we're going to give you can't relief because Alex Smith is not going to be able to play. But the reason why the NFL won't do that. Because team will find a way to start just like the our route. And you know, why the Jimmy and all these other teams started hiding players on our did. That's why they let it come back. Now, you have to be on eight weeks now, but it used to be if you win our done for the year. Okay. 'cause teams circumvented this rule. Also. Okay. We're talking about case keenum for one year and one year only they will be a better football Denver though. There were case keenum was going to be better Trevor siemian he'd be better than Paxton Lynch. He'd be better than Broncos Walla. But Denver thought John Elway would be John Elway. And he GM not hold on. Hold on. He's been pretty good hasn't two Super Bowls because Peyton Manning came and knocked on his door and said can I play we got it? Okay. Well, you got the thing. John took a big risk. Cause painting could barely throw the ball for to you know, I got it. But I'm not being twenty twenty hindsight. I said this will be the greatest move. John Elway ever make aunt outside DeMarcus ware. He's a key to leave him as he draft him and Chris has undrafted but bomb I mean, everybody what have you done for me lately? You're right. But hold on that you make it seem like everybody had MRs in the draft up. I mean, it's not like coach Belichick has been talking about the bar. He hasn't. I get lucky with you know, you get lucky with Brady you got grump. But for the most part, Julian element was what seven okay. Yeah. No. I agree. Minnesota I asked for cheese. Over want consistency. Please just be happy. You make it seem like y'all be going to the playoffs every year trying. Okay. Well, lebrons spend the rest of the season on the vent. Go even back. Lakers. Well, basically out of the playoff hunt. So we might be seeing less LeBron for their final seventeen games Walton said yesterday that he will quote me monitoring his workload from here on out. In addition, the Brun might sit back to backs he's averaging over thirty five minutes a game this year. But that's expected to go down to about thirty. We're joined by episode NBA analyst seaman, Jan look this is out styling you again. I got to keep up with you guys. Always is. Okay. Even is this the right approach. Why playing it makes your him at all? Oh, really? Man. Listen, listen, listen, right now was more important for his team is the guys that you think that you want on this roster. You wanna see what young guys are gonna be professional? You wanna see what young guys gonna finish the season the right way? You know, what you get with Brian? You know, what he's gonna bring you worried about next season. You know, you're not making the playoffs. The young guy that you that you want on this team the guy that you have on this team the young guys that you thinking about keeping a trading. Let them go out and play and see if they can fashioning heart not all of them. The Gaza's hurt. That's the guys that might not be there. Exactly. I'm talking about the other guys. They have on the roster those they gotta feel that Rostov. So bring the D league is bring some of the guys that you might bring in the fill in the roster next year because you're you're gonna make some trade and give them opportunity to learn some professionalism and finish the season the right way and see what you get. I'm not surprised by this. I said this skip I believe you'll be playing somewhere between twenty thirty and thirty two minutes. Okay. But that's that's pretty many. A lot of men and not I mean for most people he would averaging he was averaging thirty five point eight. Yeah. Since he returned from injury. He's averaging thirty eight that's the third most in the league behind Paul George, Bradley Beal, hey to go down from from from thirty eight from thirty six to thirty thirty two. That's a heck of a lot of minute. And guess what? He's about to do. He is about to do something here the ad and done in fourteen years you'll have off to completely off. What about Space Jam to he worked heating? You'll be jumped on the knows it. No. We're going to get an early start. Right. Need is risk. Exactly. Eight final strain. Kyle. So he had missed the playoffs. At all it has to make sense. Make plan them right now does not make sense which thinking what you keep that. It could you don't hit last you remember when the to LeBron was rested. You have that energy? Why you rest it because he'd gone to the playoffs. No, no, no. He going -cational. He would read it in February. And everybody's like ref their home don't rest on the road. Because these teams only get one chance to see LeBron v planted the Western Conference in debt now. Now, you ain't got no problem when breath did not you wanna take up all year home, aero fans. Can't see play the Bronco. I definitely your basketball player you make it thirty five million go give it up thirty thirty two minutes. 'cause also get we got a pitch at the end of the tunnel to Corinne oil capitain k-. We won't we need that. I on get that. He's is on that prize. Right, debris. Don't be surprised if he said a Brayson, and they don't okay. Well, that's a whole nother. So I told you yesterday if you're is still on the Kareem prize in the management is suddenly has gone down down down to design prize. Right. You need to your cross purposes for the rest of you got seventeen games left. So what you wanna do is? I'm okay with him because he's not gonna play in the playoffs for once. Playing thirties is usual thirty five minutes thirty thirty thirty five minutes because he needs to score to keep on pace to pass cream. If that's your goal in life is to pass cream and be all time greatest score in the history of basketball. You better keep playing minutes in the seventeen games. And yet your teammates should be Alex Caruso and on. John Williams and Isaac Bunga. That's you should be my right? Yes. I am. Right. Because you need to go Owen seventeen. Because if you do you're gonna plummet all the way down to near the bottom of the west you'd be one rung, probably just above Phoenix. Right. Would that not greatly increase your lottery chain? I mean, right. Well, that's they won't came. Can we get up? Can we lose enough game to being contented to get Zion? Well, sure, you'd have to hit the lottery now we get on. What we do. We do not gonna win a championship having wait another. You know, we get we trade him. Okay. True. Have to because I be enough with we go trade reload trades I on we'll trade Ingram and cool as I on Kouzmin Ingram for AD and holiday, that's the only way it makes sense. What hypothetically what if Kevin Durant and Kyrie do site? Let's join forces with LeBron LA and you have Zion with that. Not. We're always do trade. We you went on top of the. Well, then it's not fair who cares about fair you go. Get candy. Go run fair. Okay. So I'm going to ask a hard question here. Remember at age thirty four I'm gonna say it one more time, Michael Jordan and Chicago not only made first team all defense, but he won his ten scoring title and he won his six finals with his six files. MVP? So that was aged thirty four LeBron is now thirty four years. Okay. I'm just asking question. Here. Are we seeing LeBron slowdown is father time starting to at least just tap him on the shoulder because I see a little slowdown because he doesn't play his heart on defenses. He used to am. I I'm just trying to be objective about it. Right. Is that where we are with him? I want to know where we all can't fit down on the chair and he defense extended stretch lackey wants good. Okay. But remember you're only talking about a thirty four year old, right? I mean, it's not like he's forty two. He's not the normal thirty. After this. When Michael Jordan was thirty four years old. Remember, he has two years I year LeBron James than you think at thirty four. Michael Jordan, thirty four what year thirteen but father time don't really really affect your defense by the time affection athleticism. Yeah. Defense is here. He all into. Defense is one to play defense defense is making its forcing yourself to do it. It's not nothing that athleticism does imagine. Now that is a deep. Good point. You have to want to play deep. Imagine. If you know what I ain't got to worry about rebounds, Dennis Rodman. Go get eighteen. I don't have to worry about Cisco Scottie Pippen going dole out seven. I just have to worry about Lee, though, date has automatic you have to everybody has to play defense. But look what you had. He had Ron Harper. He has got a pimping he had Dennis was still defensive player year. That's what I'm saying. If you don't think it's easy to play defense with other great defensive players. You have a better defensive team. Yes. But individuals the why he just wanted that one year then, but I'm saying. Defense every year. How many times per team different the plans all defensive teams ninety nine. Burma Rami six nine six plan. Here's what it's over. Want get you don't put that f- in. Oh, he didn't put that effort. He the only thing he chased down sides. He was never great on the ball found. Oh, my right. Oh, okay. That was a long time ago you well. I'm doing it because it's the truth eight times. Okay. But it's over that's not happening. You already said he case sit in a chair anybody can sit in the chair if they really care to they got. Not at that age not doing that. Nobody's sitting in the chair doing what he has to do this fit in the chair, but Rosa web getting double digit rebounds in says who getting double digit rebounds. Lebron? Well, he should be whether reason why he passes so much because he got these normally used to have guys that can pick up the scorn he used to have an about him. He said he wanted play makers and not shooters that's on him. And I'm looking at you like LeBron you only in sixteen years only play with two playmakers. Okay. That's carrion D Wade in even with those guys you had shoot a surrounding. He all this time without a serious. Andrea, shannon. I don't think they need to put him out these last couple of games trying to get his points. You can get hurt and coming into next season missing the first he that's why next. Weights doing that. Ball. What do you plan for we play for basketball? They thirty five. Meet I'm showing up thirty five five being you have other guys that can play you need him. Oh, the Lakers wanna win championship. I worry about the big pitch. I'm whereabouts pitcher right now in front of me wants saving you heard. What you going to say I'm gonna say are you going to say they should have sent him down. It's not new. Right now. Nothing. No, it's so, Shannon. I got family. We don't take time set example when he was coming in a random wine. That's the example should've said. Oh, you lucky you lucky coming without ever player job? And he should have strolling honest. I never walked in with it. You've done a few things, but I never walked one might have been own. Whatever happened iron, man. That's all I ever heard. He spends ten million a year on his fitness in his nutrition. Okay. Why why are we now we're talking about him? Like, he's decrepit old man who needs not that skip. I don't care how much being I got some of the best healthcare you money can buy. But it doesn't me from getting sick y'all be three million dollars a year on his body. He can't get injured. No. I'm saying I'm trying to refrain him from getting injured by sitting him though. We don't sit down. We don't play these thirty minutes. We don't keep this twenty seven average, eight assists, eight rebounds, and we're gonna move so saying, it ain't beneficial is artificial beneficial. You don't sit down. No. I know he no, no. He can't sit down in that chair. And do all go side. But Ashra holiday can they do it for. He's shocked me scared. Day. Can do it all game? That's Beverly that's Bron. Beverly tonight, but that's not his job. Like you say the on Shannon box up. Why don't you chase down? Lou Williams at night when he made that bad cross-court pass. No, I know. No. We don't even have to chase down today. Thank you for joining us. Right. A Cowboys player called it. We explain why amount. Cowboys defensive end. David Irving is already suspended indefinitely for violating these substance abuse policy. Now, he might be done in the NFL for good or posted this video on Instagram yesterday while smoking saying he is done with football because of the league's marijuana policy, so Shannon. What do you make of this? David Ervine realized how ridiculous. And how ridiculous sounded apparently not. And I was reading some of the comments abundant that. And you write bra. No, you not don't don't encourage this foolish nece skip. Season testing for marijuana. They give you an advance note. Okay. They're going to test. When you go back to me and Cam they're going to test you for marijuana. If you clean you good smoke away. This high worked one positive tenth get referred to the program. A think about elation to game checks a third by listeners four games. A violation is four games a bit by ten games six violation. You get the spending four year. Okay. So how many times have this man had to have failed to get the spending for year? I get it. Skip. I've talked to a lot of people in some of the retired players. They say, Shannon, this godsend, and I used to be stunt advocate. No. No, no. But I believe there's a way to go about all things you smoking a blunt on Instagram is not the way to go about it. You're talking about medical medical in hairs, the Feng every every medicine ever come out has a purpose. If the abuse of that because this what we knows give for every five players that really needed to tolerate pain. They're going to be fired or ten that do because they can skip. Forgive me, if I'm wrong, I do not believe, and I could be wrong that David Irving is doing this for medicinal purposes. If I'm wrong lawyer for gifting and hair, the fine line that we gotta walk because he Josh Noah, Josh, Gordon, or is he doing this pleasure because I have impotency, and I sympathize with someone that's going through this. But it just goes to show you all these people marijuana is not addictive, boo. John because you can make fifty million seventy million eight you can't stop doing something. That means it has a dicta- person be it sex or gambling or shopping gamp. Whatever the case may beats you can be addicted to a lot of things I just I just believe he went about it the wrong way not saying that he doesn't make some compelling points. But until the NFL dot your point of view, say, you know, what guys we're gonna loud this. But we're going to have to gonna have to come, you know, your to our doctors. And yeah because you doctor about your prescription for anything. No matter what you need the opiate crisis. Give they were giving him a very good reason. It was when people started abusing it. Yeah. When it became a problem, then it became a problem. And I'm afraid that especially a lot of the retire plan that I've talked to some says it helped me get out of bed. I got a problem with it. If you need it for that. But for me skip for you to do this to be suspended. I don't believe this is all pain if I'm wrong outcome air, I'm wrong. But to be suspended six relation. That's what we're a results in. And when you knew when they were going to test you for the very first time man, you still do it. The L we face get to dis when it comes to the marijuana paying to dis. You either dumb or you dependant, those are the only options and. So I'm going to speak as obviously a Dallas cowboy fan just washing his last night. Just tore me up because I have talked him up so many times. He's an extraordinary talent. We had rob Ryan on the show last year. Just raving about him. Rob says he's the biggest human being I've ever seen in pads football field because he looms six feet seven on what he weighs three three tamp. Yep. And I have seen him in action. I'm not going on potential. I'm watching performance where I saw that game. You'll remember the game at Green Bay. This isn't twenty sixteen Dax rookie or they went up to back. Dak outplayed Aaron Rodgers, and they just did a number on them thirty two sixteen guess who the the NFC defensive player of the week was David Irving? He just took the game over and he forced three fumbles and recovered one and he had a sack any Batu down on Aaron Rodgers pass. And he only played nineteenth snaps in the game. And you could just see it. You see what happens in the middle of the line, a defensive tackle? He just creates havoc in the middle of the line. Because he just looms up everybody. Okay. So I'm sitting last night. I'm thinking am. I watching his whole NFL career literally go up in smoke. Right. Go up in smoke, you watching it live relies. What what what are you doing? Is. It addiction dependency. I don't know. Is it sad? Yeah. Yes. Really sad. Because I just have this this fear in the pit of my stomach for this kid. And he's still he's twenty five years old. He's going to wake up at thirty five and say, what was I doing right? I had it in the Paula my and. Talk to skip when they made bad mistakes. They've done something wish they had the money that they had lost. Yeah. Through the decisions that they made. And I'll agree with you. I think he will look back one day. Like, man, what the hell was doing on that thirty forty million dollars. Go in in the fame of it. The the achievement of it. We're as you know, you become. A made man in the NFL forever. You would always be what if he made five pro bowls. Who knows if he could make the hall of fame, but let's say he becomes a Pro Bowl player then for the rest of your life. You're known as a Dallas Cowboys star in Dallas trust me. You can trade off that amount of time. A lot of the guys have very similar background. If you listen to the hall of famers all overcame, something, and you get to level everybody's overcome something some more than others. For me getting out of the environment. My brother when we talk a lot. But the only thing we really talk about with getting our grandmother out of that environment. I was unwilling to do anything that we jeopardize that. Now, I've been very fortunate. My father my father died at age of thirty nights because he drank himself. I have yet to have uncle to reach the age of seventy on my mom side. Not one has ever reached that age. My grandfather didn't reach that age. So I'm thinking to myself if you know that about yourself skip, David look, I understand. But I believe there was a better way that you could have done this better than I g live smoking a blunt in the offseason talking about you quitting the NFL because they don't see outta I with you on what you think marijuana should be viewed. That's something that you go to you go to the players association, and you ask them to to have a panel discussion, and you try and talk to the lead eventually skip. I believe the league will see to this because they see what happened with the pain peel in everybody. Everybody can't if you say one every more I was skipping. They say take one every four hours. If I go in and take two. Yeah. And then to leave the three four five, right? Come on. David rock. Okay. You don't wanna play in NFL eight send out a letter says I retired from the NFL. You don't even have to say what? But goal I live. Yep. I don't know how many people are gonna become sympathetic to you plight. But the simple fact, you're smoking a blunt offseason, and you're talking about pain is that why you got suspended all the other times. In in every time, I hear speak. He has intellect to like like he has the ability to think through what's happening because deep and the points. He's making about the painkilling drugs. They're smart because they're real. They're by absolutely. Yes. The hypocrisy involved. They're forcing us to take these painkillers and this is wrong. Right. Well, if you just wait awhile, it's might be legalized the next few years across the country. And then all bets are off. Exactly. Okay. We we understand. But I just don't understand. Does he think by him doing this live that NFL say, you know, what that pose data? Neighbor urban. Yeah, we now we really need to take this under consideration. Sometimes I just wonder what the look I don't tell guys how the spend their money, but I always advise guys. Don't miss your money. Don't do things that's going to put you because I believe that most of these guys everybody is taking care of somebody other than themselves. Mom, dad. Grandma sister, brother. Everybody is doing that to some extent. Yeah. Why kids? So when you do things, I just can't think about Shannon. I had a grandmother sister had a mom head keys. I think about them. You need to think about other people other than you, and I hope h-h-hope skip. But it's hard for me to believe this. We think about you got the fail. Six tests. You do and the very first that you fail. You knew it was coming. Yeah. And by the way, you didn't even mention the failed PD test. So we got that. Would that about paying too? Don't want a video like this to be something that he lives to regret. And that's what I think everyone. Yes. Regardless of how you feel out there. It's going to live in infamy and people are gonna worry about the future. And just the social media era. You have to be careful he'll be able to get back deeds. Doing the word spoken. That's a deed. I mean, you might as. I mean, you might as. He didn't think about it. Like, you know what hold on? I want to do. This thing will be up here for Evelyn. If knob not do that. I think there's a better way to get my point across that Don that even crosses mind bra combo, David. Don't miss your money. I guess he wasn't in his right mind. It'd be played in bars. We are gonna move on to Michael Jordan because he did make somewhat of a excuse this one. But to the actually some at. Right. Exactly. On wednesday. Lebron said that passing Michael Jordan on the all time scoring list was right up there with winning a championship. He even thanked MJ on his shoes. All Jordan responded yesterday. Very short statement saying, quote, I want to congratulate LeBron on a cheering another great milestone during his amazing career. I read that. Right. Weird to by rob Parker. But first, Shannon. I. All was in war to that on that get cut off really read it again. I mean, what have read it again, one more time gradulate LeBron unachievable another great milestone during his amazing career, David Stern. Former Commissioner who is that. The tone that was relevant. Right. You ought to be ashamed. But your guy you should be ashamed that he put this out. This is embarrassing. And you know, what this is typical MJ though, because he's done very little when it comes to knowledge in LeBron James, you know, why? Because since he retired. This was the only guy that's been viewed as a serious threat to him Colby made it abundantly clear, he tried to end you late everything. Michael Jordan did. Emulation a copy can never be better than the original. Never Toby Eddie serious threat because you trying to be like me and Shannon. If you ever close your eyes and listen to Kobe talk sometime he would swear was Michael Jordan, same inflec-, my rights. He did he copied not only did you copy. He copied away. He won't he did. He copied away. He hung his tongue out of his mind. Every the sleeve on his down. The only, but he got a lot closer to Jordan. No, no, no. You know, he didn't you can't be you can't be close with only one regular season MVP. You can't be close with only two finals MB me about five championships. So that was basically, our you see you see you see what you did. I didn't do anything. Go ahead. Now, this is what Michael Jordan did for Koby in his final season when he came to Charlotte one minute and party second video tribute, not know this. Oh, congratulations. Lebron on your nother mouth. Pride. You couldn't be me. It couldn't be me. Because he now. Now, I got going Instagram, and I got the tack, you know, hack was a response you can't attack Michael Jordan job. And that's and skip this ridiculous game. That's all you got that generic blow job of a message of a man that's done that come on might you still you always going to be Michael Jordan because you did it. I your shoes going keep you own Mount, Olympus. But remember to it and. Yeah, but you gotta do a a combo that rob Parker. No. I hear you, Shannon. The only thing more Barras in that was the whole reception and ovation. Coby got here in LA, the Brian LeBron got here in LA and just think about how that went down. And I think that says a lot it was totally. And I'm gonna say I totally disrespectful. But. To LA fans. I get it to season went awry, you could say LeBron as this wasn't a good leader this year, you could say all of that. But in a magical moment like that when a guys wearing your uniform, and he's one of the greatest players period whether or not he's played here long enough. What they did that night was terrible. And the same thing with his teammates. I mean, LeBron had to go. Find Caruso to hug him and said, hey, what's your name? Again. Are we suppose walking over to write out what you know what I mean? But if it wasn't it wasn't like where was the players to come surround him like, no and the go, no other nugget. I'm not saying, you gotta go crazy out of respect big moment. Trade half the team at the dead low. But owner reminded you of when Barry Bonds hit the home run, and they didn't poor guy. Everybody hug it and home plate. He had to come in. He had to come into dugout to get the praise adulation. And then the last offer that team. That. And the last part is I blame the Lakers as well. From this standpoint, they claim the NBA Thome. We don't want you to stop the game. What nonsense lebrons Jim gonna pass Michael Jordan? What what fine? Could they have given them if they stop the game and did something? So for them. They just say, oh, the league said don't do it and buy into that. That's disrespectful abroad as well. But when it comes to, Michael, Jordan, it's obvious. They don't have a close relationship. But I think is because LeBron really is more like magic. Then LeBron Michael, Michael. And I think that's what it really stemmed for from. That's why a lot of other players when they talk about the goat. They include Koby even know most of the conversation is about the broad, Michael. And LeBron, but you know, this because Kobe had more that killer instinct that you talk about skip. That's what players and that was wore like, Michael. And I think that's part of why maybe Michael hasn't had the same connection win. Lebron? And you're right. Probably the closest guy really challenged, Michael. But, but I also believe that it's more about he's just not like what Michael was Michael was a killer and LeBron friendly guy wants to get to know everybody. Hey, hey, the games on the line. I'll give you a chance to hear you go you shoot the ball. That's something that you didn't see it. I'm not saying that Michael never did that. But LeBron has done that way. More man. Everytime. Magic stepped on the floor. He had a a million dollar smile. It was taking people out. So this this notion that you gotta scou-, and you gotta wear a frown your face to be a stone cold killer. Magic Johnson Larry Bird with being now. And I'll say this to you to stretch shut that down the game is on the line. And you give the ball to Michael Jordan or LeBron James and win the game. Would you give it to? I'm giving I'm giving the ball. Lebron? No, you're not gonna give it to somebody else. He's going to pass it to George hill. So he could miss free throws. You know, what Shannon? Stop it. You would not give the all of the ride. No, you you want to. I wanna talk about Michael Jordan. I'm going to read this comment that came down from Mount, Olympus, different way. Yes. It is lives on the top. I'm going to give you this is the way it was in ten oh his real store. I wanna congratulate LeBron James on Chieveley another great mile zone during his amazing every year period. Send it out. He said to the PR person who type this, right? Yes. Get this is what you say when you feel compelled to say something because you're an NBA owner. Right. And you are that guy. And so you have to say something, but you don't want to say anything. So that's what you say. He is fortunate that yet Michael Jordan has not yet gone full on hall of fame acceptance speech on LeBron James, I'm remember that speech do that one. Yeah. On. There's a big part of Michael because I think I know him well enough to know this who would love to just unleash unload on LeBron James right now all in the mode of how dare you. How dare you right on your shoes on that night? Thank you MJ twenty three. And then put a crown on it. Thank you for inspiring me to be greater the you. Because I am the king. Not you. I am negate yet. How dare you do that? But you remember he said he was the go. He knew when he was the golden crowned bothered you that much really. And yesterday. I was looking bronze Instagram aren't even follow him. But I looked it up just to see what he's doing. And they're just crown emojis all over it is ground ground ground, and then he dares how dare him to to post a photo. Shop picture of can we see that? Like like their equals there. They're sitting on the same. Oh, he's got a little edge. A little bit mystic. But who owned by laughing going to right? Yeah. But I had line. Yeah. Do. To right. He's saying I'm like, Mike exhibit. I'm better than mine. Saying yes, we we will know he's he is lucky that Michael Jordan didn't call a press conference yesterday. And just unloaded all over him for the audacity put himself above migrants on destiny realize. Okay. Well, that's what I'm saying. But he went the nice way out because he felt like he ran I'd rather. And you know, what this was nothing big. Nothing shannon. You should go. You to win Kobe past Michael Jordan and go see what they did in Minnesota for him. They go watch that video the game. And the fans went crazy then own Koby anything. They understood the moment. Thank you. Thank you. Do not yet understand Los Angeles fans. It is what have you done for us. They don't care about anything. That's happened outside of Hollywood. I done for Hollywood. I get input. My only thing is in that moment you have to if you are basketball fan recognize what's going on. You gotta give them more than that. I don't care about the fans the fans if you know what when he broke the record if they wanted to turn it in for the exits soapy it I'm talking about an all time great NBA player given that little acknowledgement best left. That's nothing. That's nothing nothing. This is embarrassing. Michael Jordan should be embarrassed. What is a pretty? What is pretty good disks, right? Like, a subtle diz. I got one question will will day when he passes Koby, LeBron and it happens in LA. We'll they boom. That's how would they embrace that? Do you think if LeBron on a hold on it out there by hey, I'm going higher wait until he makes his run at cream? If in fact, he can last long enough to pass Kareem Abdul Jabbar in staple, I don't know, man. Even more I'm saying, here's the thing blew not boo cheer cheer progress room rats. We roll it scale not you can jump on the train around where you'll get rolled over. Just left the track. The train is four and ten since LeBron came back from injury. We had to Rome conductor. We got a coke. By joining on the warriors rain about to come to an end. That with no. The warriors have the best record in the west. But they have been struggling at home. Golden State lost by thirty three to the Celtics at oracle earlier this week that's the fifth home game. They've lost by at least twenty points. This season. Seager said yesterday, quote, I think we owe it to ourselves we owe it to our fans, and particularly we owe it to our fans in Oakland to give them our best stuff for the coming months. Joined by who senior NBA insider, Chris Hanes, Chris. This is good because you know, this team. Well, as anyone so why they've been playing poorly at home. Look, I don't wanna make excuses for Golden State. I really don't you know, they have some minor issues. We saw Kevin Durant had the say in post game last game. The kinda contradicted what he contract at the end of the day. The issues that go to state goes through can be withstood other teams can't take on those type of issues and problems and still get through their deep and town that enough. They could over come on that little drama. So the SEO question they're born. This is March. This is. It really is covered this on a day to day the last couple years not this year. And they would talk about just how bore they were how they wanted to get to the postseason. How that's all. That matters. Remember last year, they wouldn't even they wasn't even tripping about getting that number one seat, and they didn't fight for it. They let Houston go and take it. Right. And then what happened? They go through Houston gave a battle, you know. But they ended up getting ultimate goal. That's what that right now. Man. It's just a team. That's lacking a regular season goal. But I think to curse point this last year this team is going to be in that arena. And so they wanna put on a good performance for those for those people in Oakland. But it's just boredom. What it is twofold? I agree with you that I believe their regular season there unconcerned about the regular season. Just concerned about getting to the playoffs because. Yeah, we'll lose a game here there, but we don't believe someone can beat a four times, and you weeks and teams aren't afraid of them anymore. Teams going there and they play their butts off because Golden State of the measuring stick you'll be. Okay. See? Okay. You beat. Okay. See, but you'd be Golden State now, you can say look guys we beat this team. This team has won the last two championships. This team had the best record, and we beat them. Now, you see how good we can be. If we play like this on a nightly basis, though Dole's guys are the measuring stick this number one. See they're still trying to figure out how to play with boogie different team with boogie on the floor. They don't play nearly as good as defense. They keep boogie in the pick and roll claims. Miss some games. Steph missed about sixteen games. Kevin Durant missed the game here there, but I believe fully healthy fully engaged, which the playoff. They will be still believe it will be difficult for someone to take them down four times in two weeks, though. That's what it is. But I they should be a little concerned losing one thing losing by twenty something entirely different. I think that should be a lot concern. I get where you're coming from because they're all still there. And you just look at it. And if you do the step back just say, yeah. But they still got Kevin. And they got clay and Draymond looks beat up a little bit. I don't know what if he's got some other issues. I don't know what's going on. But what alarms me for their sake? Is you don't lose five home games in a season by twenty plus points in just sweep it right under your little carpet and go onto the play offs and start annihilating people. There's something wrong there. And that's what Steve Kerr is starting to sound a little desperate about like he's he's pleading with them to. Let's get serious. It's time to get serious. Right. Because it feels like, and what are your thoughts on this feels like Kevin has one foot out the door? That's just what it feels like it probably feels like that to them. In fact, you've written some about that. Well. There's some people within the organization who feel that you like that others optimistic and say this that's just a the rigorous annoyance of a two-game season. Okay. But with all that being said one thing I can't say about Katie skip is that whatever he puts on himself as far as the drama that he brings onto a self with what he says or how he acts. He goes out in the Courtney place, he balls it never affects him on the court, and I've never seen like greater the stakes better rises to the case. So I have to give them that. And so that's why I say maybe there is some level of concern. But I seen this team skipper sent I seen this team. I seen how they get down. I know what moves in what motivates them? They are just not motivated right now, they are maybe I should be because of cinema. No. Value. What the what the last season in Oakland everything? But they're not like, I really do believe this. I'm gonna take it a step further. And what you said whenever if they're healthy motivate going to the postseason. I think they had a potential sweep through the conference if they're motivated and they're healthy onto the postseason. I don't think there's a team that can beat them when I mean beat them. I'm not talking about seven game sued. They can't beat them a game you like Houston. Look, if we're talking if you're asking me what team has the best chance is Houston quick point of order. I'm watching TNT last night at halftime, they Oklahoma City Portland game. No, those trailblazing. Every well CJ those guys and all of a sudden Kenny Smith says, you know, what I'm gonna go so far as to say, I got Portland in the Western Conference finals and Charles says, well, I'm going to do you want bad raisin? He says I got Portland winning the west. So they put it up on their board of bone statements. Post on the board. Okay. So now, we got hinny and Charles bullish on Portland, which then proceeded to go right back out on the floor and losing overtime to Oklahoma City at Portland, and it was a it was a battle late in shoot the ball. Well, but but again, you know, that team very well. I told you off camera last time you hear I'm starting to like them. Do you not love them going forward? Would they have no chance against Golden State? I love Damian Lillard. I love CJ McCollum. Yeah. And period. There's no anyway. Hold on not the disaffected anybody else. So that same great guys Meyers. Leonard those got cover that team. I came into first I covering the blazing. But overall a team and we're talking about championship coming. Those boys need some help. Then sees them. Call need some help they and I'm so hood, but he went so good last night. He had one game Charlotte game where he goes twenty one twenty seven overall, but he occasionally have one of those game now ham you can't count on him. But another Nurik company gold, seventeen rebounds, anti tripped. Russell trip. Game. But his lack of composer down the stretch cost them that game here. But in Paul George when out he would have made those those free throws at the end, but they pick somebody else, but narcos is play. This is best season. I definitely want to see what he doesn't oppose season. But look I wanna see Portland thrive. I think Damian Lillard Jim contact those guys served as to be able to advance and be able to get some notoriety. So it's good that Charles and Kenny feel that confident in that team to say that they're going to go to the final. But look man, we gotta take baby steps gotta be really really that saying they need a little bit more help maybe chosen in Kenny or just burned patriot burn out in the NFL. Maybe Golden State options out there like, you know, you get voters fatigue. You know, the MO now I mean, Houston Houston looking legit to me James hard till about aid. You gotta try to put him under wraps because he will get up thirty shot and he'll get fifteen threes. And you've been hope he's off. That's not up he'll route forty on everybody. But you think in your heart-to-heart right now. Golden State is capable of sweep in the playoffs. They're healthy going into the postseason skipping. I think that's a real possibility. Okay. Well, big one tonight as they host. That's. For me to go from the warriors could go all the way to LeBron might spend the rest of going on we go, Nick knack. The Lakers are basically out of the playoff hunt. So we might be seeing less LeBron for their final seventeen games Walton said yesterday that he will quote be monitoring his workload from here on out. An addition LeBron might sit out back tobaks he's averaging over thirty five minutes game this year. But that's expected to go down to about thirty. So Christine's is still with us. And Chris you broke this story. So you do and that's my having your around here. What are you hearing? Now, we'll look this. I'm dubbing this of cool down because it's not a shutdown. It's going, you know, it's going to be it'd be tough to get LeBron James to shut it down. You know, he has a bunch of milestones. That's in this path here, he'll be leaving points and stats. Come on now. So this is situation where I was told that leaves sources told me relates Yahoo sports that after that clipper game lead at clipper game was was it Monday Monday that was after that game man the front office met with LeBron James's trainer. Mike messia? Who is you know, wanna top athletes sports frames in the country met with him and they propose this ideal and how to limit reduce LeBron James role moving forward. I was told twenty eight around twenty eight to thirty two minutes and on back the backs they will see if he can go. But most likely he may sit out the first or the second half of that back the back, then it was related to his agent Rich Paul, and which they brought this proposal to the bra which approve which I you know, I'm surprised now that's one thing to get LeBron to approve that's the plan moving for. But I've been around the abroad a ton. One one. Begin approve actually doing it execute is another thing. So that's the plan. So we'll we'll see how tight game comes aboard. When you know when he's got when he has it cooking. Let's see if he sticks to the script in what's your gut? My gut is he's going to stick to the script. That's my gut because he has to preserve what's left of his prime to this. This was a waste a year. And I think we all knew that this wasn't going to be the season that where they wouldn't get it done. We didn't think it was going to be like this. Right. So he has to preserve himself and allowed a team to build a formula Barossa around for next year dog rude, you I'm not surprised at this. There's no reason for him to since he's returned. He was already about thirty minutes a game in his return. He's averaging thirty eight minutes, which was the third most behind Paul George brand new Bill. There's no reason for him to play that amount of minutes with really nothing on the line. I have no problem with them. I thought it would be somewhere around thirty thirty two minutes twenty eight to thirty two. And I I don't think it's etched in stone because you know, late in the ball game. If he that thirty two, and we got a two point lead to poise down with a couple of minutes to go. I can see him getting the thirty thirty five minutes. That's just that's just a competitor. In him that he's not gonna leave that. But I just didn't all the Brian. Go ahead and shut it down. I didn't see that happening. Because like you said, it's I'm here. I'm so close to pass Kobe. I'm so close to pass car not really close, but he's two years, and you missing games that sending you back 'cause notably is not passing. Kobe is not passing carb alone. That's important him. Capitan corre- is the Krim de LA creme and to be the all time in anything's get bailing is saying something and Sola Brown would do this. But like I said he gonna get his twenty seven eight he can do that in his leap hitting free throws. He'd be happy about thirty five. We will debate that. What's the ultimate goal? The ultimate goal is to play to stay sharp. You stay shot by doing what you do. Okay. Basketball player. And you can't get that in practice. You can't get that on five on five. Yeah. Get that. In simulate is the ultimate goal to pass L copy, Don or is it to win another championship? I believe we can do both B O F L quote. If you wanna win another championship, you you don't cool down, you shut down you. That's really if that's what you wanna do you shut it down right now. No. 'cause they're Woody win. It what his sure he close up. See nobody hold that against mine might. Know, let let LeBron take seventeen and we see what the story will be next year. If they wanna win. I'm glad you brought up Mike center. I was about the ask skip. You know, Mike Mike was never in a situation like this though. But if he was win champi. But if he wasn't a situation if they told Michael Jordan, he should shut it down what we might do place. He will say hell, no skip. Can you wanna? You compare Chris behind don't take he broke his foot and Reinsdorf at crown trying to shut down. Well, he broke his foot and you had to miss a bunch of time. We don't want to come back because we wanna drought better position. And he said, no, Chris Haines aged thirty four Michael Jeffrey Jordan made first team all defense won his ten scoring title one his six championship and his six finals MVP at age thirty four which is LeBron's age right here right now chronologically they're the same. But we're talking about LeBron James like he's a decrepit old man skip as father time tapped, LeBron James on the shoulder. Yes. Skins tapping keys. You just use? You can't keep doing thirty four. But at thirty four Michael Jordan within your thirteen. Lebron James fix eight straight by like on this planet for thirty four years. Just as LeBron has been on this planet for thirty in basketball, all those -secutive year. They simple simple. Yes. William -aseball. He's doing a lot of things you LeBron's. And that he is not sitting in and out. He's not shutting it down. He won't allow for again. I tried to come up with a solution for this. And I presented it to you. You're at cross purposes because you need to chase Corinne and chase Zion because you can still chase. I on there a bad basketball team right now that could lose all seventeen remaining games. They could plunge all the way to second from the bottom of the west if they lose their last seventeen with that not greatly improve your chances. We to have on eighty this is what I would do. Okay. But I believe that LeBron's ultimate goal is Corrine more than a champion show. If a championship happens it happens. I thought you said, it's awesome. It goes Hollywood chasing the Hollywood huge goal. And he's got it and east chasing, Michael Jordan down. Right. We. Rundown. Creep we run down, Mike. Okay. Here's how you can. Do. You can serve two masters at one time you can chase Corinne and chase Zion. If you allow management and Luke Walton to play all not just the kids because the kids have checked out like lonzo's just checked out for the year. He didn't wanna play for Luke Walton. And it sounds like Brandon Ingram is checking out kouzmines hurt right now. So now you start on's okay long. I said Lonzo he's he's out. Okay. Oh, okay. He's gone. So the point is play Alex crew. So at the point play mo- Wagner play Bongo play John Williams. I know I know. Ron play his thirty two minutes and night. Whatever you want him to play somewhere in there and score his twenty seven point because I keep telling you he can roll out of bed and score twenty seven. So you light recruits you see the argument they make they say LeBron. It's me. Yeah. Yeah. Alon credited bra skip Bayless and a lot of Michael Jordan apologists. They LeBron knowledge. Just he's hilarious. Maybe you don't have power jobs for the greatest. Say that LeBron does not have the killer instinct and Michael Jordan. Hey. Now, see I told you he ain't the competitive, they aren't you? Remember Kobe would Kelly may not side that why never said you remember joined broke his foot the I fifty five sixty game. And if teeth and Jerry Krause, Jerry Reinsdorf, they no you can't play here on your. Oh for the love of the game calling hand. Well, love ball into the in. Nobody could have that in their current scale the Brian. It is. All. Here varies. Going to be the fastest quarterback here as. No, I'm or our final topic of the day. NFL network reports. Cuyler Murray will run dash and participate in passing drills and his day on Wednesday Cuyler did not work out at the combine. But his coach Lincoln Riley was quoted as saying that Keiler will be the fastest quarterback in the NFL, Shannon. How fast the think you'll run up ago me looking at him road? I think you'll be somewhere around four four eight four five two four five two. Yeah. You've been watching. I don't believe on your TV is slow. I don't believe you'll approach Vicks four four three four three three. Now. Put this in context. Get believe he's going to run for two. How Rick he'll at his pro day because he wasn't invited to the combine ran four to eight in poor to nine. Do you believe calamari cannot run tie Rikio? Maybe give says he got time a couple of years ago. Cuyler did in four three three I'm thinking. Yeah. De que four three flat came mic that he at one point six body fat. All right Lincoln Riley said when Cuyler steps on an NFL he will be the fastest quarterback by far by far. Lamar Jackson at his pro day ran four three four. He was one tick off Vicks four three three. But they don't they won't give him credit for that. Because they didn't do it at the combine you have these are pro and again RG three at the combine ran four four one. So that's that's Blake book. Okay. But this kid is amused that word again, he is rare. And I promise you if he does the twenty yard shuttle or the three cone shatter the wreck because because the choppy steps I mean, he I. Oh, yeah. I've ever seen on a football field including varies. I believe. He's more quick fast might be. But my test off television tells me when he gets a step on somebody. He is gone gone in would happen so fast. He accelerated so fast. Now, maybe you could be right about he's got a first and second gear, but he doesn't have the third and run with gear that you need to cap off the forty, but I think he does I think you when you got him running I go for three flats really that would be a little red, no four three plants three flat. I'm going for five four three five says, Jenny. I five baby. I believe this man. Can I run tired Ricky? Well, I didn't say four two to four two eight. Yeah. He doesn't have world class speed. You know, RG three ran college track argue with the legit knowing mileage. Thank you for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Jenny Taft. Keep an eye out for the weekend edition of the podcast tomorrow morning, featuring this week's best segments have a great weekend. Everyone. Of. Of one.

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