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From NPR and Wbz go, this is wait. Wait don't tell me the NPR news quiz. Somebody's knocking at the door. Somebody's ringing the bill I'm Bill Curtis and here? Is your host making a chase bank auditorium out of his mash potatoes, Peter Sago, thank you bill and thanks once again to our fake audience. WHO This week are! The computer generated artificial people that foxsports created to populate Empty Baseball stadiums this summer. That is absolutely true they did that. These fake fans amazingly realistic. Now Watch how they all leave during the eighth inning to beat the traffic. Later on. We're going to be talking to pod Moloch me. WHO IN HER TV show taste? The Nation traveled the country to understand all the varieties of American cuisine. We don't really care about the food. We just want to hear her talk about going places other than the spare bedroom, but first we want you to join us virtually of course and play our games. The numbers one triple eight. Eight wait wait. That's one eight, nine, two, four, eight, nine, two four now. Let's welcome our first listener contestant. Hi, you're on, wait, wait. Don't tell me high for Shelby Dini. Shelby where you calling from Denver Colorado Oh what do you do there on the public defender? All my gosh, so you know. Have you been doing that virtually, or are you still having to show up in court? Virtual for most of the time. Going back to court in July and how did that feel going back to court well and good, but it's really weird having to be in a mask and on six feet away from your client and everyone else. Have you ever been tempted just to show look? He's guilty says he can get out of there. Working not guilty. There you go. That was very good. You're good at your job. Shall me. Let me introduce you to our panel this week I up. It's an any winning writer as well as the voice of Jesse on the animated hit Netflix show big mouth. She's the author of the New York Times Bestseller. You'll grow out of its JESSI Klein. Next a writer for the current season of at home with Amy Sedaris it's Peter Gross. Hello And finally, making her debut on our show correspondent for the daily show with trevor, Noah and host of the new podcast that black ash show on Star Burn's audio. It's dull, say Sloan. Shelby welcome to the show. You'RE GONNA play. WHO's bill this time. Bill Kurtis Right. Here is going to read you three quotations from the week's news. If you can correctly identify, explain just two of them. You will win our prize any voice from our show. You might choose on your voicemail. You're ready to play. I'm ready. Let's do it. Here is your first quote. Person Woman Man. Camera TV those words might be the ones inscribed in marble above the door of the future presidential library devoted to whom. chomped right. Yes, it is in fact Donald Trump. convoluted, but you got there a few years ago. The president took a test given to people suspected of having dementia, and he aced it now to give you a sense for what that test is. One of the questions is to look at a picture of an elephant in say what it is, which is fine. Yeah, it's good to know. Our President can tell an elephant apart from crocodile that comes up a lot in bilateral trade talks with a Richard Scary picture book. This test also required him to draw a clock, and we imagined the doctor, saying no no Mr President clock. And draw, not show exactly. Why did he say those five words? Because if I'll ever see in that test is those pictures and beneath that it's not those five right, so he's been. He's been bragging about this test for a long time and when he was talking to Chris Wallace on Fox News, Chris Wallace not that hard so now he's got. It's hard, so his latest Fox News interview. He went on for about two minutes describing how difficult this was. They make you say five words in a row, and then a short while later. Make you remember them. When you don't have to say them in order right well. He says that if you say them in order to get a certain offer, you get extra points run. We actually asked Dr. if that was true. If on this very standard test, you get extra points if you say them again in order, and she said and I quote her in full. No. It seems like if you leave a dementia test bragging about all the extra points you got on your dementia test, you have dementia. And now the reason I should say that he keeps going on about this test is that he says it proves he's brilliant and he says Joe Biden. Could never pass this test no way and he's right. Because no way Biden could be limited to just five words, it'd be like. Man I met a man in a factory and he said to me Joe. They called him belly. Can he do that? I'm that old art school tests that used to be on TV where he ended. Send in a drawing of a turtle. Try to draw turtle, and then he could just go to art school like Hitler. All right. Let's move on to your next quote. Don't shoot your mother. That was a chance aimed at federal troops were now. Patrolling the streets of what city? Portland Oregon. It's under siege by anonymous federal troops with military gear and portlanders. Did what any of us would do in that situation. They called their mom. Portlanders don't like being seized shoved into unmarked vans. They prefer to be kidnapped in more environmentally friendly petty caps, so enter the wall of MOMS. A group of middle-aged women in Bicycle Helmets who are locking arms and taking on the riot police. Oh, the moms are here and they are mad well as they put it. They're not mad. They're disappointed. Chan things like respect, the constitution and speaking of that it's not too late to go to law school. You know what I would say. It was very interesting. Has I've been to port on multiple times and to be anywhere. That has more black lives. Matter signs in black people. Is Always suspicious, but when I started, the city was like I was like Oh good I realize there's no black people arrested shoot. I thought that would be a life. DETROIT CHICAGO, but they're just like shooting at White MOMS very music man make street. Oh. Yeah, the anonymous Athena. This is the woman who walked up to the riot police, the federal troops whatever they are. We don't really know stark naked. And sort of sat down and I don't know how to say this showed her glory eagled, she spread Eagle. If. That's helpful I think they were just like all right Ma'am I mean I don't know why he would want the street to give you a pelvic exam, but Haven't you ever heard of a street, PAP? It would be a bummer if you if you had. Like forty of your girlfriend's Raleigh. We're going to do it to. Got Down here guys. That's why you don't see that picture is her turning around going? Okay? Ladies were all here and now everybody. Take your clothes. She could've caught sitting on the ground at Portland. Was He got organic? All right shelby, we have one more quote for you. It is from a woman looking back after four months of lockdown I. Don't think I'll use them until the actual end time. So, what are Americans not using as much as they thought they would back when all this started Oh Yeah it's kind of the magical fruit. The more you eat or rather, the less you eat. I guess the less you. Hand being yes, beans. This week NPR's all things considered reported that after months of lockdown. Many Americans are now experiencing being buyer's remorse. As they realized they did not actually need all the beans. They hoarded back in March. All those Tinos pizza rolls though gone by April. One. Company reported a seventy percent increase in being sales back in March along with harmonicas and sticks and Bengals. Maybe it was, we realize. Gorging on beans was not a wise thing to do. When we were locked inside with their loved ones, it did not want to give them any more reasons to hate us. Did you guys? Did you do this? Did you guys run out and buy all the beans you could? Because you thought you'd end up surviving on them. Well the first three weeks of the quarantine I was on the Daniel vast. So it's the IS A. Old Testament Biblical fast, and basically the only things you can eat. Our vegetables. And you can only drink water is. That sound like a pandemic friendly di-, did you ever find yourself searching through the old testament like looking for a cheeseburger mentioned in the book? For example, you know you can't big meat and dairy. Good, the woman is good. I was just going to say. I continue to eat one Hershey's bar day in addition to all the other food about. Were just like a one Hershey Bar Day. That would have been impressive. Bar Plus On the Milton Hershey, diet, he wrote about in eighteen ninety. Five chocolate addition I'll throw eggs. CHOCOLATE BILL! How did shelby doing our quiz? Unanimous verdict for shelby three rights to translation shelby. Thank you so much, shelby, take care, stay safe. Detail by. Hey Right now panel? It's for you to answer some questions about this week's news. Dole say lockdown has affected all of us in different ways according to a new study, fourteen percent of men say they've grown attracted in a romantic way to what? By here. No, and I think you'd have to be locked up for even longer for that to happen. Can't hit. Yeah, it is a wonderful companion. If you ask you for anything, she orders it from Amazon. If you share your secrets with her, she just tells Amazon. Alexa yes yes. Alexa now. Researchers speculate that the rise in men falling for their smart devices is likely of course, due to the forest isolation of the pandemic, plus it's Nice, have a partner who takes an active interest in. You constantly asked me interested questions like I'm sorry I didn't catch that. Can you repeat it? Yes that is never happened in most marriages. No, no! That's what I forgot. What you were saying because I wasn't listening I'm out here single. Try to catch me a husband and he's. Speakers that tells you saying how? You got to change your name to Alexa. Make at. Bet You if you make media LEX voices, GonNa these full show. Temperature talk yesterday. Girlfriend, house wrong but you. Yes! I'm falling in love with you to. His he he food. Coming up practice save. Everything in our bluff, the listener game call one triple eight. Wait way to play. We'll be back in a minute with more of wait. Wait, don't tell me. From NPR. Support for this podcast and the following message comes from best fiends this summer. Engage your brain with challenging puzzles and collect tons of cute characters in this family fund mobile game. Best fiends is a five star rated game and has over one hundred million downloads. It's updated with new levels in new in game events monthly, so grab your family and download best fiends for free on the apple, APP store or Google play. That's friends without the our best fiends. A Minneapolis business owners daughter is called publicly for racist anti-black tweets. Fighting to save his business and trying to make amends. He calls on a prominent black Muslim leader for help. He's an Arab Muslim. I'm here to. Tell me what to do to hear. What happens next listened to code switch from NPR. From NPR and WBZ CHICAGO. This is wait. Wait. Don't tell me the NPR news quiz I'm bill. Curtis were playing this week with a dual say, Sloan Peter Grows and Jessi Klein and here we get is your host. Let's hope. He remembered to UN mute himself Peter. SAGO. Thank you bill right now. It's time for the wait wait. Don't tell me bluff the listener game. If you'd like to play, call one chip, wait, wait wait. Hi, you're on, wait, wait. Don't tell me hey. Kathy from over Alabama. Kathy from where Hoover Alabama Hoover Alabama I can't say no Alabama well, but whereas hoover. It's where it's supposed to be. A I would say a little north. Four fifty nine runs right past us all right the next time I'm only fifty nine. I will absolutely look direction. Well welcome to the show Kathy. You're going to play the game in which you have to tell truth from fiction bill. What is Kathy's topic reopen? Sesame businesses everywhere are reopening for five minutes until after close again. Our panelists though are going to tell you about a business that figured out a new way to be safe in the age of Covid pick. The one is telling the truth. You'll win the weight waiter of your choice in your voicemail mail ready to play Oh. Yeah, well, then let's do it first. Let's hear from dual say Sloan Miss Kathy. Hat your northeast of what Mobile Tuscaloosa Birmingham well. If you come up for mobile pretty much, stay straight, you'd be right. There I'm from Georgia to Alabama all the time. So that's why I was like. Yeah, you, you go to Gulf shores and stuff like that. Yes, ma'am, I go down to the Dolphin Island Oh. How wonderful my family loves! Southen Allen and we discussed straight down sixty five and the mobile, and then right over there came and know your state highways. I am impressed I'm from New York I. Don't know any where you guys were talking about. Don't you wish you did though, didn't you? Didn't you listen to them talk? ended. The mobile that's beautiful. Cat Gamete starting got telling me if I'm telling the truth now. Okay, so Geremek's has partnered with Oregon to create a spray sanitizing system for retail stores and restaurants that disinfects customers as they walk in. A spokesperson for the system stated. This is a match made in Heaven Jerem Max is the leader and sanitizer in organism expert at sprang unwanted pests. Our current unwanted pest is Kobe nineteen. Like the Water Mr in the section of a grocery store, customers will be sprayed with a fine antibacterial Mr, twenty seconds the same amount of time. We should be washing our hands. Unfortunately, there have been a few hiccups in this well meeting plan while testing the new system at a CBS. Some customers complained of the miss ruining their clothes, hair or makeup and left him dripping with. One customer was quoted as saying. This is ridiculous. Everyone is soaking wet and flammable. One static shock and this whole place will go up flames I came in for allergy medicine, not indoor slip and slide, but it did make my shopping trip faster though I was able to pick up some items as I slid through the aisles, a customer that threatened to sue because her desire suit was ruined as she barreled down. The makeup style was informed that she couldn't sue. Do the damage injury waiver that was on the last ten inches of her CVS receipts. CVS spraying down their customers with disinfectant before they're allowed to come in making them somewhat slippery. Your next story of a safety solution comes from Peter Gross. The Dunkin donuts in Clinton Connecticut has been opened for drive thru service ever since the pandemic struck in March, but when the state move to phase three of its reopening this week, the store was finally allowed to have customers come inside. We were really excited to see some of our regulars face to face again, said store manager Lisa Kobe. Her franchises smaller than most Dunkin's though in Kabul was worried about covert exposure in such a tight space, so she asked for a little leeway from corporate and came up with a really intriguing idea. The six foot doughnuts, which was introduced on Monday is the perfect combination of edible food item, and once in a century pandemic safety protocol. How does the six foot? Don't work well if? If you've ever been inside of an inner tube than you know what it's like not to just order, but also wear a donut upon entering the store you were given your choice of glazed chocolate, vanilla or pink icing with sprinkles customers simply slipped the six foot donut over their head until they're comfortably encased in the six foot in diameter, forty five thousand calorie twenty five pound. Fitted with suspenders to help keep it at waist level. You can either start eating your way out of the doughnut in the store or take it home with you and enjoy the equivalent of seven hundred and fifty donuts at your leisure so far Cobo is thrilled with how it's working out. People have really been enjoying coming back into the store, strapping on a donut and bouncing. Bouncing up against other customers like they're in bumper cars. The CDC is proclaimed the six foot donut as ninety percent effective at preventing transmission of Corona virus, but one hundred percent effective at giving you a new malady called type two donut. Beatty's six foot donut served at a Dunkin donuts that people put around their waste to make sure they keep safe distance from the other. Other customers. Your last story of protective measure comes from Jesse Klein, a speed with which the pandemic has changed. Every aspect of our lives has been stunning, but at one pub in England. The changes are quite literally shocking in an effort to enforce social distancing among boozy crowd. One tavern owner in Cornwall installed an electric fence inside his bar to keep an abbreviated clients at. At Bay Johnny McFadden owner of the Star in tried several different tactics before going with the fence, but apparently things like ropes, floor stickers, and the fear of covert itself were no match for customers consuming one pint too many, so finally inspired by the electric fences, commonly used to keep sheep together in his rural farming town. He plugged in an apparently the threat of electric. has worked fairly well, says McFadden quote people are like sheep sheep. Keep away, people keep away. Some might be concerned at a bar owner whose installed a live electric fence and his establishment is opening himself up for many lawsuit, but as McFadden sees it quote as long as there's a warning sign on an electric fence and you are warned about it. It's totally legal McFadden, maybe no lawyer, but he's got a doctor's concern for the health of his customers and cheers to that all right gaffey somewhere there is a business that is opening up with. With one of these concessions to safety in the age of Covid is it from dual say CVS that started spraying down customers with disinfectant before they come in the door from grouse Dunkin donuts that selling special six foot donuts that you actually put around your ways to make sure you keep distance, or from Jesse a pub in England that has installed an electric fence to make sure that nobody gets too close. Which of these is the real story? I'm really think story that sounds plausible. Is the bar all right Kathy your choice. Then is Jesse story of the bar with the electric fence while we spoke to the innovator who came up with this new safety precaution. As long as there's a warning sign on an electric fence, it's totally illegal, and as the fear factor it works. He says in that accident. It sounds true. That was Johnny McFadden Landlord of the Star in the bar with the electric congratulations Kathy. You got it right year into point for Jesse. You've won a prize, the voice of your choice in your voice. You did it. I love it. Thank you so much, cathy thanks for playing and stay safe. Thank you. And, now the game where people who amazing things try out the Monday in for once is called not my job, so Pablo lock me is a model actor and author, but mostly she's famous for doing one thing better than anyone else, and that is eating. She's been a judge on top chef. From Within fifteen years. She recently released a series on Hulu. Called taste the nation where she travels the country to try different kinds of American cuisine pod. Lakshmi welcome to wait wait. Don't tell me thank you. I'm really glad to be here. That was sort of a joke, but I'm told that you actually do have a superpower that you're a super taster I was. Yeah I mean it's. It sounds more impressive than it is. It's like you know the human version of Len. Dogs can hear whistle set humans can't. That's awesome, so, but you didn't technically know that you had this ability, but did you know there was something different about your growing up? Did you know that you were special? Yes, I did I. Don't know about special, but definitely my family thought I was weird or strange, because even when I was a toddler I really enjoyed very spicy. Spicy foods very spicy for Indian cuisine, and so I would always seek out really spicy pickles in Chile's in my grandmother's kitchen, and they kept moving those jars, higher and higher on the pantry shelves, and then I would just climb them like the Monkey, and basically you know one times there, and the glasses oil the in it slipped from my hand in it now and I'm just hanging there for a really long time, because if I jumped down, I would've jumped onto Glasson, oil and. on save need, but I always had buried keen. Sense of taste and smell, which is not always great if you're dating me but I. Guess like my partner tastes like four showers a day. We were talking earlier on the show about what we've been eating during the pandemic. How have you been doing? Have you been cooking at home I? Assume you're quite a good chef I was. Else cooking five minutes ago. you know the first thing I did in pandemic was go out. Twenty five pound bags of rice and lentils, whereas you know my daughter was hoarding Cheerios and my partner was hoarding weirdly dried apricots, peanut butter, and we still have like forty seven boxes of cereal and I'm pushing the Syrian. who she and all of Diet because I need space in my answer is a possibility got like the dried apricots and peanut butter. Because he thought it would might make him smell a little better one can help. I, consider myself a decent cook, but I've gotten so bored with my own cooking. I just can't think of anything that interests me to eat anymore I'm like. Can they invent a new animal or something? Just Aga- my own cooking. Believe me the other day I was I. Can Somebody Else Cook please? Your daughter is like I'm going to make a cheerios castle. You are going to love with topped with dried apricots. You must have been at some time in your career in in a situation where somebody lovely. Who You love has made you some dish in. It's terrible. And you're not going to tell them that. What do you say? I. Don't say anything. You, know I. Just like I made it, my mission to to not ever lie to my daughter and I just talk around difficult questions. On I I just don't say anything I mean. I'm thinking of a particular Passover dinner at you. Know some my daughter's father's relatives hours. and I just didn't say I. Just you know I I hope you listen to the show. If she's an older Jewish woman. She absolutely does. I'm sorry. So I wanted to talk to you about your show. Taste the nation, which is awesome. You travel the country and you immerse yourself for the episode in various communities and talk about food as part of their culture, and it's great. What do you do if you're eating somebody's cooking and you really don't like it on this show because I've created the show in, I'm choosing where to go I'm going there for particular. Reason I, I have to say though in the native American episode I was very nervous I was shaking in my boots. Beth a pack rat. It was my first rodent. Scher I'd never had anything like it. I've been a lot of funky stuff over the years as you can imagine I had pack rat glaze with US Samak a sauce and it was divine. We're going to have up through thanksgiving. Traditional at being, you should have your in-laws over and having. Hop Rat. Is that what you say? I don't know what kind of. I. Don't know you should describe a pack rat for everybody. Akra is a very small desert animal. nests in bushes of it has its tail. It's very. Unique about eight of them full. If you're just eating the LEGS I. Personal experience now and you know when it's done because you boil it until the tail falls off, my aunt had passed them for Thanksgiving one year. You just go in the kitchen. It which is a skin possum in the sank and I'm just like. Okay I don't I don't know anything about your personal life, nor do I wanNA private. The one thing I would guess could break up a relationship between Jew and non Jew was Manischewitz wine. Like you drink this stuff? I gotTa tell you after snazzy over. The food was I was begging for. Managed. That's really bad food them. When someone says past the MANISCHEWITZ, you're like you must hate my food. Well Padma Lakshmi. It is a delight to talk to you, but we have invited you here to play a game. We're calling top chef. Meet top breath, so you know and work with the best chefs in the world. What you know of the top refs. We're going to ask you three questions about sports referees answer to correctly, and you'll win our prize for one of our listeners voice of anyone. They may choose for their voicemail. BILL WHO IS PADMA? Locked me playing for Christopher price of San Diego California all right. One of the pioneers of refereeing was hockey Ref Fred Waghorn was responsible for what important innovation in refereeing was it a? He introduced these striped uniform because quote I. Find It quite slimming. Be He was the first ref to check to player by picking him up and carrying them off the rink or see he was the first raft introduced whistles to the game to replace the traditional referees Cowbell. I'M GONNA. Say he should use the whistle. You're exactly right now. That's what he did apparently. At that point, referees use cowbells to indicate the start and stop a play, and a fans started bringing their own cowbells. Confuse them, so he said nobody else will have a whistle. All right next question. Joey Crawford is a legendary referee in the NBA suspended for the season because he did what a he grabbed the ball from Chris Paul after Paul missed, two free throws and said. Let me show you how to do it be. He challenged him Duncan who was sitting on the bench to a fistfight or see? He called a technical foul on Steph curry just because his drooling mouthguard was really gross. Say. The first one. You're say the first one that he walked up Chris. Paul took the ball and said. Let me show you how to do it after Paul Missed Free throws. Yeah knows actually number two challenge Tim. Duncan to a fistfight. This was after he had already called two technical fouls on Duncan for laughing at him its all bad, but this is not for you because there's one more question. If you get this right, great NFL referees went on strike right before the two thousand twelve season, resulting in the league bringing in replacement. Replacement, refs, who were not good. In fact, one of those rafts had done want before he got his chance at the NFL A. he had his driver's license revoked because of his poor eyesight be. He applied to be Aref in the English football league because he didn't know they meant soccer or see, he'd been fired from the lingerie football league for incompetence. is there in lingerie league. I. Think you guys made that out. No, there really is a lingerie football league. It's women playing football, football and lingerie not man. This is GonNa Shock. You not men playing football. Well, you know there you go misogyny. The men get to have all this padding doesn't seem fair I'M GONNA go with number one. You're going to go with number one that he had his driver's license revoked that he was so blind that they actually took away his license to drive, and yet he got a job refereeing in the NFL. Yeah! It was actually number three. It was the lingerie football league. In fact, there was an entire crew referees from the lingerie football league who ended up in the NFL and we're blamed for some of the worst things that happened during that brief period of time. Bill, how did POD MILWAUKEE? Do in our quiz is not only. Got Technically she got one out of three, but let's cover an extra point for bringing such spice to our show. Very Padma, thank you. Bodmer locks means new show. Is Taste the nation on Hulu? It's wonderful, but warning it will make you hungry for food. That's hard to get right now. pod Malaysia. Thank you so much for joining us. Wait until me an absolute joy to talk to you. Thank you so much. Thank you guys for having on such a huge fan of the show. You give me great joy I'm going to go back to took in my chicken. All right. Go do it. Just a minute just when you thought it was safe to go back into lyrics on triple eight wig way to join us on the air. We'll be back in a minute with more way way down Zombie for men. Support for NPR and the following message comes from talk space lately. It seems there's something new to grapple with every day, so it's important to get support to keep moving forward. Talk Space Online therapy matches you with an experienced licensed therapist. Right from your phone or computer for the price of one in person therapy session you can message your therapist twenty, four seven, and here back five days a week, visit talks base, dot, com, or download the APP today and get one hundred dollars off your first month with Promo code wait. I'm Jen White. The new host of NPR's one a a daily show that asks America what it wants to be here from people across the country listeners like you with conversations for the relentlessly curious on the issues that matter most join me next time on one eight from NPR and W Amu. From NPR and WBZ, Chicago this his wait wait. Don't tell me the NPR news quiz I'm Bill Curtis. We are playing this week with dual say's Sloan. Jessi Klein Peter Guard was at here again. Is your host celebrating two days without a work from home injury repeaters, seagull, thank you bill in just a minute. Bill's favorite Egypt Pharaoh. Well. That's Rameez. It's our. Our listener limerick challenge. If you'd like to play, give us a call at one triple eight. Wait wait. That's one, eight, eight, eight, nine, two, four, eight, nine, two, four, right now panel some more questions for you from the week's news a Jesse. It's not just weddings that are moving online zoom is becoming a popular place to conduct. What other religious ceremony It's not no, although you have the right religion. Oh No this is mine. This is my pieces. People I'LL A. Yes. Gone Brisk. Talk about how the other panelists will all? The Brits of course is the traditional Jewish ceremony performed by a special rabbi on a baby boy's babyhood and one of the most important Jewish traditions associated with the Bris is that attendees never actually have to watch it? As, one recent attended virtual brisk. Put it quote. I'm usually in the back bagels, but in a zoom brisk the Cameron, the action role centered on the very act unquote especially. If you forget to switch off speaker view, there should same you my audio, please. There's just not be like. The camera should not be pointed down. It should be at the moment that I don't think you wanted the morals face, either, because what if all of a sudden he starts doing nothing with what's the first thing to do? Or he takes out a book in his leg starts reading and directions. He wrote down on his hand. There aren't there aren't enough password to protect. That event if you attend a brisk virtually on Zoom, make sure you put it in gallery view because you don't WanNa miss the moment where you hear the snip and all the men in the audience Winston Cross their legs simaltaneously. Here the snip your at bad breast. chainsaw. And then a quiet wolves. Then you know it's gone very polite going through butter. We should change the expression. How how did it go? We'll cut knife through a forest skin. Peter Peter Peter this week. ABC News tweeted a video of huge stingrays mere feet away from unaware swimmers, but viewers were more concerned about something else in that video what? There was lifeguard. There was a shark behind the stingray. A there was There was a concert going on I'll. I'll give you a hint. That lotion came in negative SPF numbers. How Sunburn and everybody was how? One guy was. ABC tweeted an advisory to Florida beachgoers with a picture of a school of stingrays near a beach and people freaked out because of the fire engine red man standing in the water nearby. Presumably, the man was severely sunburned or just really mad. He didn't get a callback for the mascot job at red lobster. Super. Sunburn Guy Yeah. I remember I. Did see that Guy Stingrays, and then I saw that guy and I was like. Get it together read. My God I'm looking at it right now. He looks like a human beat. Radio active. He looks he's the color of Clifford. The big red dog with integral in filters. Is Not real. Do you think on the stingray international? The stingrays are watching a video of how close they came to this. I'm not read freak. God Close Call Yeah. Larry almost eight that Weirdo and yeah, talking about the stingray Internet and it's real. Could see creatures. Don't do that. Vance lose like black. Twitter and gates stops. Coming up, it's lightning. Fill in the blank hits the game where you have to listen for the rhyme. If you'd like to play on air caller, leave a message at one triple eight. WAIT WAIT! That's one, eight, eight, eight, nine, two, four, eight, nine, two, four, or click to contact us link on our website. Wait wait, dot, NPR, Dot Org. If you want more weight in your week, well, then check out the wait. Wait quiz for your smart speaker. It's out every Wednesday in. It's your chance to join the other fourteen percent of men who have already fallen in love with their Alexa, and with bill and me. Higher on wait wait. Don't tell me Aloe. Hi! WHO's this? Is Jen Bliss I live in Litchfield? Maine but I'm in Jamaica plain right now. What do you do what you do in Lichfield when your home in Lichfield I mostly create community festivals and this year we're trying to plan a light streaming event where the locals can come and participate, even though they they can't actually be there. So it's it's hard to eat enormous. Turkey legs over zoom meeting. I'm hoping that they bring their own. Well welcome to the show, Jen. Now Bill Curtis of course is going to read you three news related limericks with the last word or phrase, missing from each of you can fill in that last word or phrase correctly to the lyrics will be a winner. You ready to play. I'm ready. Okay here. Is your first limerick. The waters I in our dark, but from Lucca I. Get a nice spark. That's why I won't say no to one hot volcano. It's home to this hammerhead. Shark, yes. New National Geographic special focuses on an amazing discovery volcano sharks, this sound amazing like vicious killers, brief fire, and swim and molten lava, and they're SORTA like that. Scientists sent robotic cameras to examine an active underwater volcano in the Pacific Ocean and were amazed to find giant sharks swimming through the acidic lava filled water, which means I'm afraid to say. It's no longer safe to go swimming in an active volcano. Handle another thing. But like the volcano shark makes me think that can only be. Can go to like other places. That doesn't have to live my guesses. habituated itself to that environment. If we're to believe, it would be in trouble I guess I don't know where they're not coming to a story It's too nice there. Baby can't get me. Although it will be a great. It would be a great pixar movie to see like. He was Volcano Charlotte. Regular, water All right very good. Here is your next Limerick Jen. As the doctor, my hands I still. Because water, and so have some power, but as each day goes by. My bobby stays dry. I've given up taking A. Shower yes backing up years of research from the nation's stinky teenage sons. A doctor in New York says showering is bad Dr. James Hamlyn hasn't showered with soap and five years. It's the kind of background Info you want in the guy about to do your annual exam. He stopped using body products altogether claims that thusly he was able to recreate the natural buyum of his skin surface. Finally answering the question skin-care, no skin don't care. Does Dr James Hammond also sleep on a Futon. Right or a lofted bed her. Painting a picture to me to see a world hacky sack champion. White man with dreadlocks. Grams feeling away dreads. Would you test? Would you trust the White Drag Dr? Whiteness doctor Dr Hamlin's written a book about the science of going on natural, which was necessary, because only the doctor and author Combo could even out the never showers part of your profile and tinder. Date with a guy, and he starts explaining how he's recreated the biomass literally. I'm in an Uber. Imagery, the words recreated and bio about I mean even if he took just baking soda right fine the heating using those. Toothpaste Shampoo yet. He's really design. Tom's of Maine Nightmare. He's using that crystal. You know he's using that. I was just thinking that that would be the kind of thing I the odorant. And, Apparently Crystal Meth no showered at six years had slept in six. Jan You're doing really great. Here is your last limerick cooper phase new thankless tasks, who's under their editors ask. One half of a phase is just too hard to place. We all suffer because stars now wear knack. Right right now, celebrities are just like us. They're stuck at home. They're super boring and they're wearing masks when they go out. That means tough times for the Paparazzi. Who have a hard time? Selling candid photos of is that Jona. Hillary Matt Damon. If the Paparazzi want to get back out there. They should consider rebranding of its sure. Shalit's the Ronin. A mass going to the grocery store doesn't interest the Daily Mail but shall these thrown and face Thong on her way to feed some buzz. Saw I was reading a story about how like banks kind of freaked out, because everybody is where everybody's walking and ask Papa, it's either. They should just take pictures of anybody it'd be like. The tro whatever? Bill had agenda in. Our, quiz. Superb, she got three straight. Good going. Congratulations. Thank you so much for plan. Thank you. Support for this podcast and the following message come from K. Buxbaum in support of the David Gilkey and Zaba Ulitsa Mata Memorial. Fund established to strengthen NPR's commitment to training and protecting journalists in high risk environments. Now it's time to move onto our final game. Lightning fill in the blank. Each of our players will have sixty seconds in which dancer many fill in the blank questions as they can each correct answer now worth two. Two points they'll give us a scores say has to, Peter has to and Jesse has four. All right dual say and Peter are tied so dul say you're new here. We'll let you go. I fill in the blank while delaying a permanent name change the Washington. Football team announced they would be temporarily known as blank Washington football team. That's exactly right this week. California surpass blank. Is the state with the most Cova cases. Exactly to solve a dispute over their property line man in Maine blanked his neighbor's garage. Cut In half exactly right on Thursday. Electric carmaker blank showed a profit for its fourth straight quarter. SLA Yes on Thursday blank throughout the first pitch to open the twenty twenty baseball season. Doctor FAUCI AND IT WAS A. Terrible pitch this week. A student at the University of Georgia was given a second chance to take an online exam after a falling blank, and did her first one early a filing ceiling tile. A falling meatball from the sub she was eating that landed on her keyboard. She students says she had barely started her ECON examine. The meatball rolled out from the sub. She was eating, landed on her keyboard and submitted the test early in a panic. She wrote an email to her professor. She explained that the thirty nine percent score in the exam was the fault of the meatball. The professor agreed to give her a second chance and told the meatball he'd see it in summer school. Wise Bill. How did doing our quiz? I think she did really well very very well. She got four right for eight more points, and she now has ten. You're up next. On Tuesday president trump signed a memorandum aimed at excluding undocumented immigrants from the blank from the. United States of America. No the census this time on Thursday, a judge ordered that former trump lawyer blank be released back into home confinement. How Michael Cullen yes, this week. The House voted to remove confederate blanks from the capital. statues right on Tuesday vice. President Biden unveiled a seven hundred and seventy five billion dollar plan to provide a blank programs for parents and the elderly. Health programs or caregiving, yes, we. Man's attempt to fake his own death to avoid going to court was foiled when he blanked. Actually died, no made a TYPO. His forged death certificate after his campaign rally on Sunday Kim Kardashian released a statement addressing her husband Blanks Mental Health Kanye right on Thursday AMC. The world's largest blank Jane. Once again delayed their reopening. movie theaters right this week. A photo of a couple wearing masks on an airplane went viral because they were also blanking joining the Mile High Clo. Yes, they were making out in the photo. The woman is leaning into the man's seat, and he has his arms around her waist, while his masked faces pressed really hard against hers, other passengers were shocked and confused by the site, but it's pretty clear. The couple just wanted to join the Mile Y club bill. How did Peter Doing our quiz have very well. He got six right for twelve more points. He now has let me calculate. He has fourteen and the lead very well done on. How many men does Jesse need to win? Well, she needs five. The tight end six to win out dries alright Jesse. This is for the game. Fill in the blank on Wednesday. The White House agreed to a two billion dollar deal with Pfizer for one hundred million doses of an eventual blank. Right for Co that according to the Treasury Secretary Payroll tax cuts won't be a part of the next blank stimulus package yeah, Corona Virus Relief Bill this week. The mayor of Washington DC announced that blanks will be mandatory went outside your home. Right according to a new study, only eight percent of Americans agree that blank should reopen in the fall. School right plans to open a floating hotel in Wales or now on hold after blank volcano sharks after the hotel sank on Tuesday, twitter said that it had banned. Seven thousand accounts associated a blank conspiracy theory. Cunanan yes, on Wednesday photographers captured a picture of blank, being struck by four bolts of lightning statue. Liberty yes, has a message after accidentally damaging sculpture family in China regretted their decision to let their kids play a game of tag in blank. Museum yes, the civically the Shanghai Museum of Glass. That's right last week. Someone in Shanghai said lockdown. His left the kids with so much energy to burn off. I know. Let's go to the Glass Museum. And it went about as well as you could expect to. Of. The kids bumped into a stand holding a sixty thousand dollar replica Cinderella's castle causing it to fall to the ground. Museum has yet to share the extent of the damage, but is inviting guests that come view their new exhibit Cinderella. Favourite. Glass Shards Bill did Jesse. Do well enough to win. Jesse has a big score seven ride for fourteen more points. She now has eighteen points. She wins she. is working. In just a minute, we're going to ask our panelists to predict what will be the five words. They have to memorize on their cognitive tests, but first. Let me tell you that wait wait. Don't tell me is a production of NPR WBZ CHICAGO. Association with increasingly urgent Haircut Productions Doug Berman Benevolent Overload Philip. Limericks are public address announcer. Is Paul Freedom in our house manager? That's Jonah Dona our intern is Emma Day our web guru is Beth. Novi Vj Liederman composed our theme programs produced by Jennifer Mills. Milestone Boston and Lillian King. Senior Coke was played by Peter Gwen. Technical Rationalism Lorna Whiter business ops managers Colin Miller Reproduction Manager is Robert newhouse. Our senior producers in Chile in the executive producers wait. We don't tell his Mike. Dan For now panel. What will be the five words on the test uetake to prove that you are not suffering from dementia Jessi Klein. Zoloft to Tequila up vote November third Peter Gross. Judging by trump's answers, it's five things that are around you at all times, so it'll be wife dog. Son, no pants. And say Sloan. Then, what you conscious and conscience because I have a hard time saying those way. Well of any of that happens, we'll ask you about it ought wait. Wait. Don't tell me thank you. Bill Kurtis. Thanks all said Jessi Klein. Peter Grows in a wonderful welcome to say Sloan. It was great to have you great job. They'll say thanks. Everybody out there from listening. I'm Peter Sehgal yes another week in the books. You think you can do another one. Yes, we can. We'll see you next week. This is NPR.

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