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That's the golden mindset for any intern if you have that mindset no matter what team you're on you're gonNA be usual on the right side of things and I remember after getting mail for two weeks. I said this cannot be my internship for the summer. But if I don't speak up you have to meet people halfway. Hi there welcome to building characters by at twitter you an inside view into launching a career and tech. I'm your host doolittle meadow and a university recruiter here at twitter. I'm here with my co host today. My Name's John. Julius can. I'm a program manager for recruiting and in today's episode. We're going to give you some insight on how to land and enter ship at twitter. We're also going to cover what it's like to be Jack Dorsey. First and only intern. And why you might want to hit that conference you've been thinking of and for those of you who end up interning with us or with any other company for that matter we're going to talk about one. Makes you stand out as an intern? Today were talking to experts on the matter. They started US interns and now they're fulltime tweets. Today we're talking to. My name is diamond young and I'm a career development specialist here at twitter. My name is Beebee and I'm a business systems analyst. Hey do you WanNa know when we're going to be on campus? Let's stay connected sign up for our newsletter at T. dot com slash connect. That's T- that co lash connect. I think that I heard somewhere that Google facebook and twitter get more applications for a job than Harvard or any of the big schools. We totally do. You're more likely to get into Harvard than you are getting an internship. Yeah twitter internships are like three month long auditions to see if we WANNA work with the time for three months and they cost money to like. We'RE SPENDING MONEY TO HAVE INTERN. So we're investing in you because we want to hire you. Well we're rooting for you. And that's probably GONNA be true for most companies. We're rooting for you. We want you to do well because we want to hire you so you can solve our problems. Have you ever sent thousands of resumes to no response or worse? Have you been to interview after interview a not landed the job? Don't worry you're not alone. I know I've been saying this all along but every candidate has a different story. We come from so many different backgrounds and here twitter. We make an effort to find the most talented people from all over however sometimes the road to success can be bumpier for some more than it is for others. Here's diamond. I was attending North Carolina Anti State University in Greensboro North Carolina. And at the time I major is public relations and journalism and mass communications. I was very involved in school. I had a lot of like local internships but nothing out of the state out of the city so I wasn't really experienced in that sense but more so just involved in clubs and organizations and after graduating twenty sixteen took a leap of faith. I moved to Orlando Florida. I had on their credit card. A packed up my car and I just went. I just knew that I wanted to learn something but out of outside of the textbook. I started a youtube channel as well. I was pretty discouraged because I want to interview after interview and I just couldn't land one so I was almost on the verge of coming back to North Carolina and I just went to. This conference met the right person at the right time. In two weeks later I was moving west Palm Beach to start work so I started with that and unfortunately a year later they had layoffs so it was. It was a lot trying to navigate. Okay wait I have to go back home because I was just starting to. What did they call it adulting? I was just starting to navigate that I was like. Oh I'm GonNa Talk Ari I WanNa hear your story so I went to Texas State University so kind of the south like diamond. I studied computer science when I did a minor in math so during my sophomore year I was like sending out applications like crazy and I would get a lot of rejections. Still have them to humble myself to this day so then. I finally got an internship with an oil company back in Houston so after that summer I was hoping to come back there but then it just didn't work out and I think diamond. Kinda like highlighted this where it's like sometimes when things are not meant for you because there's something better out there so I'd apply twice before it's twitter got rejected both time gates okay. Buried the hatchet so then finally Mooney reached out to me and she was like. Hey we have first flight and we want you to come out and like interview and stuff. It's a three interviews one day when in there with like just everything that I had and they actually wanted me to come back and do an internship. Sophomore engineer intern. So I want to take a second here to talk about first flight. Which is one of our diversity. Programs for interns. First Flight is a two day for third year students. And a great way to get your foot in the door if you want to learn more go through t dot co slash I belonged. Here's diamond again. So apparently I applaud to twitter late at night. And actually don't remember applying. That's what's funny because I think sometimes especially being in the south most of the tech companies are in Seattle or San Francisco places that you've probably never even traveled to and you feel like I'm not going to get it so I think that's why I forgot that I apply because it didn't seem like something that I would typically do at the time but I'm sure I was like okay. Let's go for it. I've learned to not get attached to too many jobs because you may or may not get it so I think that's why I forgot in the email went to spam so I know your email for an interview into spam Just the hey. We're interesting you like it. Went to spam so another email that came through. It was a march at this time. You're already considering other offers and other things and I was supposed to be an Omaha Nebraska for internship and of course when twitter calls you have to answer and so a few months later. I was in California for the first time working out twitter been. Apparently I was Jack's the CEO. Jack Dorsey. I in turn that he's ever had so. I was new to California new chat new to twitter. The role was new for twitter so everything was new but it was so exciting and I was able to help out so many times last year and mom meet John how creating an Jay. It was just amazing so for me to get a full time offer to come back now a year later. She is four circle. How does it feel to be Jackson? Inter I'll put it this way. I had to adapt and it was a lot of me coming to the table with ideas as well because this was the first time the executive office has intern and so the first two weeks I was getting mail but I think the highlight wishes having access to Ned and to Jack and just being able to have that visibility and and have a one on one with them and I didn't realize how rare that was to have a one on one with him I just want to take a moment here and acknowledged that diamond got a very special opportunity. She is to date Jackson only intern. Naturally we wanted to know more about what it's like to work directly with the CEO. Up to it. The first time I met him. It was definitely awkward. He's very quiet and you don't know he's thinking so then you start being awkward and we always hear like is he shy. He says he's shy. And he is to an extent and we had a long conversation about being an introvert versus an extrovert and things like that and we had a long talk about Zodiac signs. And we're both Scorpio. So that was fun for me just learning more about I guess Hamas being a normal person and he told me that on the he just doesn't have his phone like totally phone lists in just enjoying being at home. You know hanging out with others. I'm sure you buy some over before. He turned off his phone but just being very over the site turning now. Hey we want to hear from you. Join the Combo by tweeting. Us using HASHTAG building characters and follow us on twitter. You welcome back to all of my fellow. Introverts out there feeling left out of the equation because you like to disconnect deliver. Sometimes we just heard diamond. Give us the scoop on Jack Dorsey and as you can see. Here's an insurer to you are in a safe space here now. Let's get back to being an internet. Twitter here's diamond again. I won't say I was being tested but I believe everyone was watching to see. How is she gonNA fill in this whole issue? Going to thrive what is going to happen. And I said that DERMOT INTERVIEWS OFF. Elga has something to prove like okay. I have to hit the ground running so being able to do something new every day but not run away from it. I think was very important and I was able to work with three or four different teams last year so being able to treat each team as if they were my own because the team that I'm on now was a team that I was helping out last summer. They were the ones that brought me on full time now and they said we love how you embrace our team you showed up. You did the work if you said you were. GonNa do you did it. Because they had interns so someone else could have said no. That's not my team where you're not my manager. But I don't believe in that and I think they were able to see that and honestly. They were impressed with me just diving into things that I've done before in not being too good to do like certain types of task for instance. Some people don't like join administrative task. But you have to have a balance you have your strategic things of your projects but you also have those day to day things other answer. I think it was easier because we were being compared in a sense but he didn't want to do certain types of task but I will always rise to the occasion and they said they could see that early on so luckily for me. I was able to get that feedback before I even went back home of why we love you while we want you back and one thing. I thought you did. Well was you had to really hit the ground running and be like okay working at value and you had to be proactive and like no one was micromanaging. You Manage Yourself. How can I help Jack? How can I help my team and how can help these other teams and that's the Godi mindset for any intern if you have that mindset no matter what team you're on you're to be usual on the right side of things and I remember after getting mail for two weeks? I said this cannot be my internship for the summer. But if I don't speak up you know you have to meet people halfway so I would literally walked down row by row the desk and say hey. Do you need to random teams? I didn't know what time it was or what they did. I just knew that I'm gonNA leave your with some type of experience and I want to add value to twitter anyway. I can and it was rewarding for sure okay so a diamond insane about the golden mindset is really important for all of us to understand even though twitter has been around for a little over ten years. We're still figuring things out. Along the way we still have tweets creating things from scratch. Rowen and learning all the time we're constantly looking for passionate people that wanted to grow face new challenges and create with us. But maybe you're asking what's the secret formula for land again internship with us? I'm here to tell you it's all about you being you. I know it sounds in plastic. But if you're passionate and if you want to create an inspire that's it that's all it takes for me. I think it was not fitting into a mold out there. And just being one hundred percent yourself by this company does a really good job of welcoming that and kind of highlighting that for a lot of people and then also just working really hard being passionate about what you are doing and by the company and wanting to actually be here. It's true that they say that when you get interview they WanNa make sure that they're you're somebody that they can work with every day and that they enjoy being around you and I was like okay. I'm going to be one hundred percent myself in an interview and it's either going to go one way or another and they appreciate everything that I had my beliefs on the company and what it does and all of that they took it all and I was just like I appreciate it. I had my fair share of knows with other companies and I honestly feel like I was trying too hard thinking about it too much. Just being my head in you practice practice and you know you hear a different tips but for the first time. I was myself with the twitter energy and it paid off like I was just myself at all these notes because it was it was a phone screening at first with the manager that I would be working four hours to get the position and I had everything about the company mission and values and all the things I thought she. She didn't ask me anything that are prepare for her and I was like. Where's this conversation going? And she was just asking just random things and would you like to do on the weekends. She was so interested in who I was. That was what topped everything else. She could have asked me behavioral things and of course the next set of interviews. I was maybe a little bit more structure but just that first one and knowing that I was enough to move forward it was. It was amazing and it was the first time. I kind of a hat to go with the flow. Because she didn't ask me anything traditional at all. I think it helps to really know your resume like the back of your hand. Because how can you say? I've did this for the last five years. And you can't really recall or really. Be ABLE TO ARTICULATE. What's up there if you say. Oh Yeah I've been able to do this type of tasks. Okay tell me about that. I actually had some sort of the same experience when it comes to twitter. It's like the first interview I felt like I was myself. And that doesn't happen a lot of interviews that I've been to and I got the job so maybe it doesn't tip be yourself. Just don't be intimidated by the moment. Just go do you Hashtag do you. Hashtag do you. Potential turns of the world. Now you know being your thank you is what it takes. But how do you short keys yourself? Here's our advice. We are everywhere. Yes you can tweet us at twitter you you can also come meet. Us On campus. At an event or a conference we literally have hundreds of tweets going around the world all year round looking for new talent. We really want to meet you. Here's John Talking a little more about this. Like tech conferences. All the tech companies are there a lot of times. A hiring managers are there. And they're they're he really wanted to impress ever-higher manger meets you. It was like wow. This person needs to be on my team. You'll probably get on their team. So that's a those conferences are good places to meet people and then referrals Su. I'm a referral program manager. I was and university for me. That makes you stand dowd. Makes me think that you're serious about this so I took the extra time to talk to them. I looked at their resume. And even if I felt like the resume may be wasn't at the point that they should be for a role at twitter. I spoke with one of them and coach them until them like this. And think about taking this courses when you go back to school so bad you'll have a little bit more leverage when you play again next year. The application opens every single year. So you have a chance. Next year one student. I really liked that. Wanted to work at twitter who applied. He loved data so he got connected to our twitter. Api which is public. You can connect to it. Got a whole bunch of data it's data analytics on it and affirmative paper was about but he published it on medium and then got picked up by some other tech journalists so when. I met him on campus. Hey I wrote this article I was like. Oh Wow this is actually a big article that you just published on your own than people picked it up Mike here afforded the Jack for you. It's like Ford. Jack was kind of cool so it was a neat way where he was being proactive. We HAVE DATA. Science teams look at tweets and draw conclusions from that. So he's like I'll just do this anyway. So that's pretty cool. I think in a way to be proactive. How value how can you add value? That is the most important part of this inclusion lives at twitter we host interactive onsite events for historically underrepresented students in computer science. Learn more at T- that co slash diversity matters that's t- that co slash diversity matters. Future turns this episode would not be completed with an update from current turn. It's time for my favorite part of the podcast. This turn update Akron Exude. This summer. I had the pleasure of working with media studios which is part of the video. Org Periscope all that fun stuff. I come from UC Berkeley. And I'm studying computer science in sociology. Ooh That's awesome. I just like to know about both like how people operate and also all the techy stuff is one of the world doing two very different degrees. So coding yeah actually. A software engineer. Intern accusa tells a little about your engines and cool projects in Costa. Did here at twitter so my project. This summer was in relation to block. Scheduling I was in charge of doing the notification system for it. There's not really a very clear way for users. Right now. To be reminded WANNA broadcast goes live so I was in charge of doing that. Ood So you're the one in charge of reminding us there's something going live right now get to Chris. Hemsworth is Paris giving something live. I get a paying this you. Yes exactly. I love like the visibility being able to see my work and see the impact that it has. That sounds cool. Any fun activities did the summer while you were a twitter. Yes I went wine tasting with a bunch of the interest in cinema and that was really fun. That's a great thing because that means that you really connected with interns twitter exactly and actually the universe. Recruitment team does have a lot of events that help us connect with each other so for example we went to the one of the giants games. We also did Alcatraz tons of fun. That sounds amazing. What's your favorite snack twitter? I'm definitely going to miss just watermelon every single day. I go to this movie barring. Grab a bowl of watermelon. Owner keeping a healthy has been talking about gummy bears. I like to watermelon the house. Thank you so much for coming today. Thank you. I'm so glad that you guys weren't here today. Thank you so much for joining us. Put make sure you demise at at twitter you where to how building characters is a production of pod. People for at twitter you. This episode was hosted by me Judy. Romeo and John Julich. Our executive producer is Rachel King. This episode was produced by Tony. Gannon and Elisa Lambert with production support by skill. Please describe to the show on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Writers are review. It would really help us and follow us on twitter. You for tips and tricks from our recruiting team. You can also follow me at is through tomato and DM me with all your burning recruiting questions. Thanks for listening.

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