NGOPI #18 - Karakter Para Pendidik Sukses (Ustadz Dr. Sujian Suretno, S.Th.I., M.M.)


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Debbie i mean gumbo. Were calendar radio. Piety sudan kenya to be sad debris by then beginning iniquity cope or kogel internet suda de bloomberg rim. Yeah i can put up a woman at the golan nah began. Am percent luneta at pre orders. See lack maliki. Karaka identified would say he line. Yampa angolan malaysia. Dunedin area comedian digestible. Soames who neither niamh will a comedian. Adel salameh one then added to really hand says way l. could end a sooner digest was at reliable guitar comedians. Because he said reclaimed. The della catas- at carlton modiin ranya. Gablers yell you. Early midwest center comedian delete spiral them would develop to go onto the body of idea in guangdong on the with the pre order gallini and economic again. This gordon bonus sticker that wildfire jerry bonus book with zeke pluggedin onto to probably predominant dan lewis mascara. Jerry m were at twist bumblebee per town. I michele edney by ballot snappy stock near about us and they ended up boomers ankle in that idea white pre order. Yeah he did. We end up. Happy stockton is a priori needing and former palmisano bioko negga. Modiin get his meeting with. Wouldn't get his muting number that one subcommittee and get his meeting. Allama getting joe la gang lopin. Sa- bless bless blues bless civilised polos t gaddafi beginning area. Now that if somebody exit of don't buy the ad was that doctors would yet as. Em as they are e. l. He di yes. Pro deal per one can cherry yoga ceremony at the modelo. Do whereas you. But i'll have say. Add less glad guys. I'll have as they said you. Harry had all that could get is that there is a other rumor play numerous. Shell won't be a little better yet. Is that any little can get the the one But one gallini has their name on that allow character para andy. Success is that guitar. Expressive medium buildings existed mohammed solo. Who has all. there're bike. is that good. The resume woolen alana. Some by go. But i at in adult success near windy dick young an arbiter mohammed salah alone one muscles character out by intertribal yoga ahmadian character skip a meal ticket and to get that niro capacity awhile again call of winco away now dan but opening thailand because martin will be needy all opens a blast blessed blues millions. You know lebron's ablaze. Bliss boulos similar melanie gass and harbor a young recommending and they might get the parenting than than. Yeah dan lewis specific temeke the character pot up natick. Success is that can get over the marketing of nari kelly as nydia boko bahrainis. The alum la la land bed. The gone with the Must gus than saito. Sabrina says yes. Then the s lee would is almost of the book the book and upon my race me kobe commodity the way democracy on that lamb among Among the double gold young belong here number. One is in the mirror. The mossy on. Linda d. Hollaender demand bomba darren becky to 'em gundi and general john modiin forget and security optical sarah on my back when local yet and the raiders that delay With the very quickly at the medicine seattle. they silhouettes idea memorial to get the get accredited instability. I don book good on. Thingy does the among gun Commander captain load on kinetic job But one thing. You don knapp on a philosophy on geico modiin the la de Donyo behalf and potato america logan monopoly. Nato malaga difficulty. That adapter concert online will open him. Up to the among the beating. And the serena muslim-muslim monica On my then we i did. Did you got the with them. Done the woollen december. I'm similar modem Nila accurate as with the waterbury modem sir as an embassy wisconsin wisconsin by. Y'all is the the sherry into in a cigar. Lead-up data swaggie. When i see mobile marc's 'cause button karen soon as the then we'll get on with. Yeah don't get on with the semester up to the governor district semester book my atta alabama there My sweaters won't get debt. Now they wanna hear this. Mr come the the semester gun. Deal multibillion lamonica. I'm builds the say good night way back again. Ebbing out of the when As they kept covered daddy e. eligible. Good so i the makita yankee to win and got a theropod up. Niks success kalugin getting gabu but any america critic bizarre the blessed blues milnes. Plenty lebron's bless. Bless polos munoz blend together beginning at anything actively dunia who seuss near facebook. Silicon miss america veggie radio veggie diverse booklet congress marine radio finally livestreaming streaming again thing. Coming thirty column commentary. Geos dr abbasi character character illegally by rap and decanes. There's an alarm dick seventy but select the most can say syndicate something and duma miss minute of him. As monaco multi-level burqa alec. Luhn kuntala aroma. Hilbert okay cool. I'll handle was the whistle lamar to be able to lindiwe early. He was a woman whom be son in. Oh million but the but then but gideon today said on Matter the done button islami Got that'll Successor yes nakir of bloom Get that gun. Bitter up the madeira scalia. Though young but the mental galahad did alum alcohol up To dot up on or until Son that Fidel but had up near the end the missile candy dilemma. As i add in a local fishermen rugby ably enough solely hain. The toivo nya monday on the pm. Sunday comedian Did alum answer animal. Less all over for the man. It'll be an ashqelon. The i'm leah. Isla they were an animal hunt. What the krill. Bill hudnut deka for anybody call solely. Yeah did allom alkyl animal. It's less at all young onto an abusive women. What on them. Up gun an md. Humby solely gordon elliott laghi dough bizarre career dilemma koran. Sulaiman poodle up on not be happily miller. Don't don't buy in augusta Yeah the lamb at any. What on portugal had up. I got up near. Monday are not young by the modiin. Alum forgotten. I had the duplin but all of them up berna huebner mean as you know a luria did not got eun. What jinan lil motor a my mind that. I'm at the knee or on twitter but had up a gut the total anatomy the goroka even though to cut the in matter at this a potato today hat up on her up on yonder dilemma. But up by the buchan up but not up on the senate in the hot up on monday and not get the gun but had up an immunity. The dr doctor modiin manipulate book on the Some either terrible in. Wd and solely gordon Again bike moderna. Di gold up the you get the gun. But a kamaluddin opposite of monarch the napa auto Under the hood up and the solid get the get the good. That'd be headed alum. Sabaot decently retinal muslim. An ib harada and not also loss loss. Alum adam in gutter. I'm lou alarming fell off so sadat jerry ten million tougher. Ob aladdin solely on the Had on the northbound an update up hit did the concord up. Good morning gal. Macaca will not do it does. I'm by on On a on the got good tumbling nobody unsympathetic at the moment. Get get their little. Psa sola to melissa under the law. You're gonna walk the most. Is your gun. Got more unanswered. Lock on did remind al-also behind the whole what did it luck with. Madonna unaccessible macbook Guitar but i think i'd bake bake Though i needed but having come out by anil salgueiro what had a la guardia lacquered or uncles obama number but a couple. I had an ebola monday. Cusack till the duck at the door or What do i need. The none begin monday. What on the sabbath. The abaya ni. So gitta soup of the it empath about at the moment. Ganga off to a negative. Then get the your bawar get. That must the also behind no august what that there I got the muscle entered it. I'm sorta Seborga monica portable at the la de cool. So good there did he do. Wonder gun marcella but not Donald trump on this opportunity to get there dan Not there. They will allendale comedian. Hari kondabolu dilemma. Koran A novelty at the end Simple here. I wanna frequently the bottom at the brian to nato be low. A attorney sheldon corey but fossil duck. Oh me not solely in muscle amongst only gallison then. Yeah although at the moment on tango the cat qadeer this blessed the guy there they're not again solely get the dickel chinetti solar mata get that gun. Nega gun missile. They got eneko dominant. But they don't go but not getting solid any be. Some americans suffer as a gun. The lump civil disobedience. There you call daniel malcolm jenna the conga and kind of come up my supply. Kalinka jenner or la fire. Golden yar up be had the florida. What will my heart. The way up good Bloom book. Will i had any become america or la fire. Tuna mci rented that. Come up minute that were twenty. Four la la molly. ro whom been in the sokaia. Me mccotter jalan tomo muscles little holland. Gordon fulton muscular soda or lack of modern and another fire. Yeah be Will not what will my not yet. Up google but-but-but comey dan you book on me. The modin karla faye goal lewis agenda the anthem masterplan calendar so got summer or any the solid in a can of soda of debate. The gunman hookah to around twenty eight thirty producer among the door muster up the dumpster guys. Don't want padilla get there. Then i'll go the at the casa anthem muck twenty to get the candy subdued seborga mandal got docile but annika but the whole goal. Cheyenne komo dan. But i but the window up mandalit. Odell are not big butts up the what on the model to the ordonio maliki by the puppy and an antidote mumbai gunman docket but still the meaning of all the an the do du donna productive facility ahead at the big. I'll open up near bundles. That the does only get thought. Mandel protected wouldn't get the the audio melissa young solar we did example solely the monica or. I'm going to do it on this country. Come do get nanny did they. The golden under yet utterly go. I'm gonna on at the bethlehem bull in dur or on twitter boot. Mindue get there. They've gordon quadruple around Supplemental daca masala bought up on the dick mama character successor. Can you significant mental here. And i don't want this book and alum. I'll go up at the rim at them. Come the alcoa until mid took on nibbled gunman Then i done the symbol at any. Then abuser dana. I'm new all unforeseen barley come not. I don't let anyone but they had beauty more. Don clark modera. i've been brecca. Did it bring the how long mumble dividend clogged up now. So fan as at the gun. But we're going to be mustered go for sarcoma combine likud nado. It'll adela at the boo whom moore whom. Yeah the demanded. Yeah done Mungo jerry monica petition gordon. Olive been gone amok normally had a dilemma la denman. He did work done on the young. Pope john mccall much could eliminate gaza. Mcmillan me it'll get better mcnutt been thingy. Get the gun gear the burgundy a column Song produced but get their mugabe's manga coming among enter woodbury but bowl here the While a little bit at the house. The uncut dan diaz point what monta and i gotta be some of the doom sadan also go modiin up with them but then the the non diamond daddy not american data get dominic l. in the been thinking. Get their mum bombing. I got to john's much. But i got taught come here good. They're not malemba by blizzard. there any lot for obama. avoid any loudon serrato. Komo's takim get some fire. Yeah got caught the la hokum cutters markelle bernard. Bernarda gunman helen. Helen doron john lewis. Yeah the moon on monday tongue. America depend dr black gun. Derek geary done. Daddy got on america Molly had at the momentum. An unedu again interest the the thing he get the dirty dilem because i don must've been they just depending on muscle get the of bs. I get the mood negative then. Douglas that muslims living with the mcdowell's we have what what did he get. Hurt us. because i've been thinking very the doing on that. Economic data kyrie that depending on what they had to complete the a certain concept also loss allama garden clinton guitar here but knock a modiin Upper mungo jerry. I thought monday dick energy to get them. Monitor the modern in modern here. Monday and aqua net loss poco. Yeah that's so here that it my job but what they did with early in la dula brahma now missile. Almost alum that. The guy at me mash monday bali. Golden government apply jerry. Inman saloum apply jerry on the like. It took project al quran. He grabbed umbrella. Eamonn got me got an uncle under the demand but it can by the muscle. Well it to get the toddler bergamo not in the moment or does he do what god i got. I saw it to what they're beginning to look at. Yeah but at something and blessed to at at alcoa thrown up by nicole kidman. My salah attitude sat outside the domestic not. They did down so it took and get the memo to look into what montgomery does scully on anakena The economy for them do jeweled. Amana the modiin thought the but a lotta australia dot com do. I heard him talking to be moved. There what's up. The young will the monthly the bottle alkyl and good. They're not gonna moody on the the other. Fossil fossil political did alum. Alcohol sorta got the up to did alaskan get the komo reproach people move the lanka deduct. Those opoku did so another saw. The colored deandre manitoba get the not more then. La mambi but narin. You're more than ten. Had the movie. The de lhasa gen though my daddy made buggy on acadia yotam della permanent. But the jan indian woman get retitled should be somewhat. Macabre does at saw mill commodity bliss. Maximo canada up and get the opening. A new look media could under the gun on cotton wool open beside palmer spun up the piloted demining architecture. on digger bucket but Adult supervision the loose. Now they're gonna be some degrom here then i can be. Somebody did At the box. Deepening our new video. Now good i. I thought done with basically are not making We'll see what the kazan idea. it doesn't maxi model. Pundit the the maximal bunny tanya do not that it'll what i'm cutler dong-young laurabeets cosmopolitan bay get the ultimate second Through the massive. But gemma didn't but the but dan readiness a masala data didn't talk until the dog to baton after she had to walk to duplicate show. Get the cella per borton duplicate it. Ammika what alameda did angola. Second down at. The till the bummed had an though ecliptic within gme printer remembers bloch. Cossiga napa guy to see me. Get a mogul get the. How does the monopoly captured. An and ian douglas nickel second get that contact that indian market ken to duplicate see or on marmara so buzzer it because he thought the map a bit walk the walk through the kasey sabeyton etc by the muscle duplicate diana that the that the guy gambling amazon south padre determinant bake potatoes. Deal not gonna borden that up on the internet had they had the muhammadiyah vicinity system is supposed to hold the senate but mamata that but can can be but at the second knock eden. Yes today India della follow up on all the lapin. Modiin looking gear get kamaruddin Sahaba already been liberal deliver on your theory. Young electric been fossil. Can he the The golan they don't but it do it to an wants a book that idea got. I'm going to tell again. Maya and gordon but that you shuttle but pasta and other people applying bucket the one is it again or does the area mobile can pratt the ending so potato saying that. I'm also alleged that did you found that the yet those seldom up town or but besides did this Said the but emotional sympathy. The the the inada foster foster an nba. This is rock undergone monitor and akbar helius golo. I'll look at the applica- into scully modiin Been been metro metrodome. Dr nassar or one the lumps were get up being but a lot of bsn. The limo method the house. Then the Molina ini how does it that. I'm gonna get the then and how to stimulate orrin but but it again successively. I'm under monolithic radin. Did i get to dennen get that. Julian memoria begun. Get them get them online. At their kaplan misao gotta get that. That'd be excellent sought to can Submissive anak near to the septa mandy but will do several months. But it did that. Nearly the bone bone answering multiple talk thought mistaken mo modifier modifies pick but began mama. Monica ticket get. Is i got to dictate. What twirling gunman the begun publicity karma and get on the db s second. Did it daly as you see the movie. It got lucky mart but Yeah lucky here. And it'll be cautious. Stay up walked us all that the and the the duct in butter coffee michigan here. That the modern. I got more democratic leader. Nancy how how that kind of had a gutter and took a look at me. Look w john. Lewis gun with gordon. Melodic number can perhaps open the deep rattigan bug a mutton cut at the salute. The guardian muscle has opened depend on by the panthers. Montreal get the victim who did not miss guman. And now while they auditory but the dakota second markham ito up And more committed by the hell. In islam islam goodyear began to summa mahakam dementia. Montgomery then miss out on michael. The bug in the black and there are some to many exciting. I'm okay mom. Mom marlins that pin number can hook monday. The number countries we go get the downtown area and has the bible some our nasa muscle. Plastic or antonella. Monday it did hula blah guru says so moved down the la. Hwajung bosses swatted alarm. Sakala to go into this accord decoding policies mugabe altamont but this deity. The bake the governor and onto our little began economic near the top legal guardian. But plus the gun. But he had anything to do among them among the mark on a on Alabama mothers through the supper time magazine. The what did the dance. Godiva to get the deputy. Some sculpted alabama scalia. Did the guru. I'd allow to us is what is gonna than autumn portable. Gooby connecticut did Solo alum get headless about gay identity simple allocate so bug at the. Dan seborga up dan. Also they could and that memorial luta. Me mama caribbean alec. Monica took michigan or on the orion only monday decompress. Yaro bunny monday. D an bacon combined solicit atom among to jumping display to get the data to on the atlanta was by jerry beck looking at the basan us up. Again i shall mckinney opening editor of marine ethan. Ilham winds go somewhere game nights kit that in an connec and be began around pos that maliki canal dominic casali tonkin inaugural out the in. This could work and get us than the dementia to get good beating Support and then but a tiny mindy anna lobito. Biden's the young really key candela. Ricky tan detainees. Were not to support the hours that jarrah monday. Dick merica and the patent granted exciting and character is the team is and yet did not allow pets obliged blessed blessed lose millions and together at one event radio factory diverse gum get smearing radio. Vitality that deep in africa remained open radical clinic americans guitar combined. Mon- Komo down gunning. Does this out by job with any any. Joe bob me hurt and shea m noble judging john Or do say a towel to suara. Say mr rashid. Oh shut it off see blue colony any come with on soros asia business rock man came meaning ravi him the mac ini initial adele. Go me why. But in one month all copies housi- sir thirty one. So we're not a young guy here. But you see long as i am gonna stay up in kalunga. Canario cabana Do among komo gun yod topping to migrant radio factory see on so i if i said you getting written dope qaddafi pay concern. You have when you're plus this plus this now abandoned banda. Yeah doing lion dad. D calif lsd. Smarter wooded alumnia breezy empathy. Alcohol and eric aretha nama. Messina's thou pathetic. I'm tanya oh to colorado said you'll come out on flash this model run belinda demand. I'm say a bologna factory. Ok san. we'll be talking about your mom fledged mottled along anyone but he is see key at se. B murrah w. moody cut. Murata yougov this mortal martial law. But don't know i can cobra huggy can't to non our could me cigarettes produce moolah on derek record tournament inch of law account number two under narcan alcoa and carpenter than demon upon deborah under maliki. Neha de la buttocks. Cd memory card. Then these into in for her. Dan thomasson bony normal up and lima to do some billions and billions diga. Some and some some balon pan sakari. Luggy mold lapan lima to some milan. Some bill antiga some be lance umbrella. Some villanova start to spur. Senka took our islam radio. Fudgy j show law allah about vehic banaba any sun broadcast radio factory and in congress now but the but how i ghani would've thought of blue libido gut radio fighting islam. Jd mood deandre. Update info support derek as lama. Dan and their nazi dumberer. Then feed you islami. Darry aradio factory therapy ideal again. Nobody he big mac. Kitchen martin gerber kotaro measly. Then kyrie mullaly was up lonza blass so polo some bill bill anti-gay nobler ponsa blass polo. Some similarity gak. Will johnson doubt that me. Yana off that ruin was when sam. S most of the law. Sola someday mundane ila who than gun love who million ideally new demon tabby layin. Also we can do him shea. Up among identified opportunity matt idea camper halla halla or monique. Passerby kip among jalan maria. Maggiore lawyer up. Am charlotte were tata. The domino's dot auburn. Not this me to conduct. What an japan kobe. Ten percent mysogony midi shop Usa see muck defending our conrad. Iovine dery simulants milan point f. Fm a. sundays. Yep oh any if the broadcast among i jock on what ring. Patio federally fm. Marsha mind benun to well. Goose boggles by buying gas near grad. You'll factory mammon radio dot. Why a government. Demand merica radio factory december overseas lemond. Then member what conuncil tucker bhagwan dumber run. E-e-eh matter told by they come in well. yeah grand live streaming at ubani new way way way dot m. dot com lingering somewhat humber a loss at the either onto marais boonen. Nah my beer. Come up with pollock america. Newly possibility that belongs somebody. An idea book infamous radio finally f. emmett savannah by you're lost. Commodore in jury carnage. You hummed aiding the did not only a loss while hannah. What anna marie. But a summer manure he islam me for three him the saluto who tara suburban in four but a guinea doned up at gannett moved away for for halloween and discipline dunia. When it'd be allowed. I read you finally sweater. Cuban don t slum this bid in chance on the one the even se individual has the one even heavy enterpise many anna and with ecg via noma. city so runs knows indigo perjury. fm's who are market and islam league. No not noble but thing is lamesa had done for november say tober ending dan. God will blue word. Ob will resume. What were he jerry. I'm with the moon. And most at the pierre submenu mark program program that ideal dan. Yin's at anything ending are canada. La aubrey bro. Being islamic must dr seuss retina is their motto. Basically south binding and sudan stabbed innings. Did asking what i got under ringling england you got to top. The patriots were akhavan. Kit then is the does the campus as they are e. l. hideo bogere campus version. Here now be done beginning ten years with that to character. Natick success can bogeyman manager successor. Took mindy actually candy and all of us so blessed polos milnes millennia and the was the the winner tarini here and this is where you see like an air bag kelly anita and lan deng happy but saddam. The made a dachsie year but miss india tablet sanya at all but any was dying yet. Game nejat burana. Examine the again. So i say about buying year dowdy but the disabled osama hanging. I'll let you go at the senior markazi. Their re has a sword. D said yeah. Any any joe dillard cortana issuing any was at college. Oklahoma city thunder michigan john doe nehru-gandhi yeah but i'm undercutting on masala Up amid a martyrdom. I'm gonna gun but the my must've been going on. I don't do. I knew i didn't want their side window. Economic gotta media. Nothing solid the dilemma. But by then but this is about i with you know all those models on the ladder. But i'm more sending their but obama brought up but who are d walked off the step supper. The girl and after media cancelled the naked. Were there cadigan derogate. Joe it'll be set up on the Book done Easter egg the got that he is mcken. Monica knockdown got ridiculous. Moon guru nicola ciclon salami salami at all it we just needed to get blood jareth adding on elmo illinois political anoxia. We'll moving so a demand. Alcoa nestled within the that the garments gone swami joe pinned publicity lower quota now the midge iran some english scholar allan mckay you buddhist it in japan on air currents harry and doxygen bums contract but the abyss among don the back then again. Yeah but the idea on the nabet won't work at you guys who dampier who the suda harris whereas gossiping languidly salon. You could were initially. What's up my year. In annual suda device. That is again. You said this is our area but not about up needed success. It was that that you might you to blue star. Macabre character rabeni good their abundant to the De de finishing. Elliot up by the top ciller isleta wadden automatically among But i'm also alibaba model. Look at yet. I've got the lower class mcardle But at the end panel that i'd up political activity to dip with obama. Muhammed did the gun. Abundant in the bottle. I'm what i'm among mamoulian. Zach what the gull. Monsanto mun latin america character. It does not america again. The beginning of the hamdullah. What's up that he did. He get that gun. Bradley cooper opinons. Kelly knee muscle. what's up. Yeah re anemic lola your daddy. Sumeria the cup. The pope here. Who said salable britannia polka palo around the were dominant golly to recruits jerry king covered beta masala film which i'll grant the bugging yemen. Ski knocked the dam wisconsin yet. Halloween shukran deserve call. Clio similar to the tobac- molly to get the than Set up a similar can get the ends up. The deck on dominated infacy but going on at one end of the roman flat guy on buster dominant goldberg on opening night though muslims up at one modified bake camels. We ask jerry. You're going to the and again solid windy reading. Atkins who says so. Then you radical deputy in derry humble samsung because later annexed their party solid. Walk to slow mean that combine. One gen yeah. Can we began good. Work within llama lama ali to routine llama lama did how about. How does the very common pursue mahanta senior again because he had the bomb. Ya one xhosa. It will be More multifaceted and then had yet athol one with the was but can get that w. la la mongol to blow muhammad balloon some of that panic among mohammed the beker but the bible manhattan the massacre it would be among processing. I did and then Sarah what is that bruce maruska. The i've got the bombardments all american excessively any when boehner penny and that up to give up. I am very busy. P the gaining bike and question statement in that. Some todd woman today they never get the get the to hold onto it Modiin bike than the dakota are union. The i said abundant democrat on the house side. Derek utah donald trump or unplug the macabre. But let a liquor book elena to open and that the and again solid separated the democratic. Be beside on unforgettable on them. Yeah by the began. Granted the nicobar diana's murky thing does the purposes retina areas e ally. Bogota is that unto consulta gaddi. Sas they do it but gao. Gloria i doubt Constant bicycler slam into but some dr firefighters in solid leo panam landing the atlanta Phenomena sending line Support the nine. Yeah but up ninety at the job for the gun and kanye apocalypse of the bake oven coming into hotter can t more guises by nicknamed is a komo double double that i see. But a tiny mogambo magana coleco with madonna. Localize the app nakitije than i had to the rim on as Quick one you kill your harris damage than you're going to kinda talk show in the deep but my son but do li fi jar is that Any adding detail by nature manager memili. We'd be here. Tell us how power known by gita accelerator lung awhile. In my niger there jerry young girl mccain is asia back you get all of them were hidden but opening out of winning at us globe shadowing later on lake not over. He wa- borough. I did the on his own and busy. Ginny kelvin tissue zaven nica of who should never feel for what seven that he was. She had a man under aluminium ideal. Finally did he confides even be islamic. Were dash info media bihar sweater dan islam.

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