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John. Hello everyone. Anthem I a muted. Already. K.. Hello everyone. Welcome to Dr Ginny W. T. F., and tonight's episode is going back in time for me. Insofar as the intention of the be the cause mind map, which was originally intended to heal global disconnect I have been concentrating on healing human disconnect just because I'm a psychologist and. Because I now that it were, he'll globally, we have to heal individually in our having a situation that is of crisis nature. So I thought that I would revisit my original intention at mine map and outline some global solutions for healing on a macro level. So I don't know if any of you are aware I have another website called healing global disconnect dot com in off at. Half my global message I would like to start by reading at you. As, a human race, we have become fragmented into nations, religions, social classes, politics, racism. I can go onto name several other fragmentations. This fragmentation has resulted in clash in fallout in the form human atrocities. Although he added although we have been able to sort unlimited heights in many areas of human endeavor we have not yet accomplished the final and most important frontier. To come together as a united humanity, the show tonight is titled Global Clash in Lineapp Solutions and I hope that you buys will call land that we will have a very lively conversation about global healing and what is needed and I will start. Putting out some ideas that I've thought about for many years and one of those ideas is that. We as a human race are only humane. If we follow some guidelines, those are going to be some of the suggestions that I'm going to outline in what I put together. As living the mind map way sodden going to save that 'til later because I wanted disgust a little bit about how macro model connects with the micro model. So the macro model is a map that I labeled quite differently from the micro model and you can see it up there and if he would be so happy as to put it up on the screen, I would really appreciate it. and. So let me know when it stopped because I caps I can't see enroll. Okay. So you can see that it's a little bit different. The images are the same, but it is labelled off from darkness to light. Let there be human beings and I'm going to describe metaphorically what I meant by that back in two thousand one when I started talking about a global unity and concepts like joined the human race which I really. mean. To say joined the humane race because we're already members of human race So peril one from darkness. Is a metaphor for how we were at some point one human race in the fragmentation of it is what happened to us as a human race we fragmented, and then he became from darkness to light and we created human beings, and then those human beings because of our inability our inability to to to come together and hold it together improperly bond we fell. Apart and we fell into chaos, and then when we fell into chaos that could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. But right now, our current chaos is the pandemic in the facts on of economy. The effects are psychology, the beck song every aspect of our life, and then as we volunteer chaos, we align ourselves with certain defense mechanisms to protect us in. This case from a macro model, I label panel five, the `Isms and these are the essence the political `ISMs the racial `ISMs social class is announced the. The religious `ISMs, the national `ISMs, ANS- so. This is amazing is fractured factory, US, and these systems are leading to what is inevitably a clash of the seasons. So the idea behind the macro model was somehow to unite us as human beings come together as a united humanity I know very ideal is just that. If, there's no pathway within it'll never happen. So I'M GONNA put my idea in my pathway into this this healing on a local level and then I'm GonNa go now to the micro level, which is the map that was born out of the global mind map and it's labeled different way for those of you who are familiar with my work. panel one are the wounds of childhood which there are five of the concentrate primarily on and those fly bar physical abuse sexual abuse were will abuse. Neglect abandonment and smothering, controlling, and those who are affecting us on individual basis than I should add instep getting us on an individual basis, and then we react on an individual basis in the code, all of the wizards of the fiber of our being. This is the negative core beliefs that I speak quite frequently about this is the negative view of self in the world and were activated or let's say we are triggered in this area than we do breakdown that looks like a what I describe described to be a w t ap of what the Freud chaos defenses and breakdown somewhere the pivotal point right now and so we need more than a breakdown we need to. Become Rake throughs and the only way that we could do this is on an individual basis, and so the show's really about being the costs because nobody's going to do it for us not our politics not our. Money not our is sometimes they're just not gonNA be. The cause of a owning our own stuff, are us taking responsibility for ourselves in our healing in our our consciousness so this is what I want to talk about, and this is Colin show everybody. I really am very excited about the collins tonight, a three, two, three, five, two, four, two, five, nine, nine, and feel free to interrupt me as I get into this. New High have calling and who am I speaking Hello. You're on. Air. But my I'm for. Sorry was your hello. What's your name? Katie, how are you? Supply. Out Along Commerce to. Actually. Nicholas show. So I'm so glad walk about it and. Yeah please please Adler box commentary in anything WANNA say about you individually and the macro picture of healing locally. Yeah, I think I told you the story, the other day Signature on the highway was backed up traffic in The people that were getting onto the right had a yield sign because they were coming from you know emerge and I was on the highway and everybody in my lane was not letting those people go. So. you know he's like every other person go in traffic so that people don't get jammed up. Well, I. Just like for my own conscience decided to let one person go and I was like still good about the little thing that I did wherever inside myself on the back and I looked at my rear from years I was driving away and everybody honey had followed suit and traffic everybody was leading one person go at a time. So it was Kinda just like microcosm of like. It's just do your part everybody Kinda. Odd. Credible. Credibly powerful example because. It may not be a earth shattering event right leading cars has in go before you knock earth-shattering like somebody launched a rocket ship to the moon been in some way you did because through your consciousness of generosity and the conscious I think I remember the phone call we called it the consciousness of of just yielding correct Jim use that word. Yeah. Yeah. He mentioned that. I, like that. I really liked. This. Are. To me. So we had a long chat about just yielding sometimes we don't have to be stubborn is we don't have to be right we don't have to. Copycat other people's blueprints in consciousness. So this is what I mean by being the cost. So how do we be the cause is that we have to? Adjust our consciousness. That's where it starts. Consciousness is causal in Nick had the consciousness of yielding the generosity of allowing for other people to. To go in of him very simple but. There was a domino debt. Remember the butterfly effect. Okay. So you created a domino Thac people watch that and they modeled after you and they also yielded and then the next car yielded and the next car yielded. So if we were to look at this on a macro level, imagine if they didn't feel perhaps how much. Nervousness would have created or how many accidents you prevented. Think about that when we are the cause of being of. What were the cost of being a person of transformation? A person of a synergy with the planet were setting a model in motion And I thought that was such a great example on an unthankful that you're sharing it because again I want emphasize this is not about huge changes we could all be the cost and we are in a global pandemic in this pandemic is affecting every single one of our life and this is the time where we must come together as the united humanity because we cannot do this alone. So any other thoughts were actually this nick. Wow you just brought up one like this endemic, really kind of. Flip by the fact that we are all kind of tied together more than you could ever imagine. That's right. That's right. So doesn't matter anymore queer American or Canadian or Chinese or any other nation or what religion we are, what race we are. At the core, we are human being. So uninviting everybody to become a humane being and to become a humane being we have to have empathy. And if we lack empathy, it's impossible to put ourselves in other people's shoes in feel for the other person in this case. Nick you weren't example empathy because you could feel the tension on the freeway you knew that people are going to just keep. Shoving in shoving in shoving in line laughs could be it's Day can love the accident. They can end up a very, very nervous short with their family, and this has profound reverberating effects on a many many other lives. So again, it's not about making a huge You know I think it was huge, but but I think your understanding that it's not about some some grand. Gesture, it can just be a simple is that sir any other example that you'd like to bring up where you felt that you were the cause in I have one for you nick of pay. One, like to hear your. Were the cost of my doing the show today, Outsca, do this show at some point but you kind of pushed it a little bit further and because of our conversation decided to. Do this show on global clash in being the cause and a coming together in a synergistic way and creating a system where we can all get on the same page because we're never going to get on the same page if were fractured were a bunch of `ISMs operating as `Isms we are never going to create synergy. And Synergy is what it's GonNa. Take to move mountains. Synergy is what's what is GonNa take to have a break through because if we're not a sitter just stick than we're during the the very obvious fact that we are all interconnected and if we ignore that then we're going to act in ways that support the `Isms, and if we act in ways that support our `ISMs than we cannot come together as a united humanity I wanna just add one other thing I'm not saying that isn't cannot be beautiful in up himself. What I am saying is that if you don't use our `ISMs to contribute to the human race that were not using those `ISMs in a synergistic fashion. And I love your comment on that one nick. Casino. We talk a bit about `ISMs and in macro and micro-. So what what are your thoughts on that? Was Funny I-I Kinda I I'm skin I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood. So as far as like dividing because it systems and stuff like that I've seen it firsthand people trying to do that to a negative effect. And I've seen people. I've seen people come together like under you know different skin colors and not judge me or you know family and stuff like. I just think you're absolutely right with that. We all need to start thinking what we have in common more than we have different than. because. You WanNa have my up quotes in in in my book be the cause healing human disconnect, which is available. Via PDF chit everyone to sign up, and you can download a copy on. Asked me for. It. How do you like the book? I'm going to read this weekend when I'm actually up during the day 'cause I've been reading it when I'm falling asleep and every time I feel like start over. So interesting. I'm I'll let you know after this weekend. Yes. Please do and. Where are you from? Where are you calling from? Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Gorna raid. I really appreciated any other comments that you want to act to tonight's episode, and as everyone knows, the show is going more global and deeper in cross cultural and. Not only are people listening in the United States and Canada have listeners from all over the world's So grateful for that because I really want to address this global issue, the scoble issue of coming together as the And creating some humane principles by which to live that are not necessarily culturally based or politically based or. A. Nationally based, but just simple humane concept's around going to discuss later on in the show. So if you had one humane concept that you wanted to include in in what you think human humane way of living would be, what would what would that be for you? I think it's very simple for me, and for most people do unto others as you'd have done on you. But I think the question with that is like we're narcissistic sociopath coming to play with that you know. Today. That right. So So admitted that down. So that will be the next part of the discussion. If you WANNA stay on, please do or you know what I'm going to give. Other people to call in. But I'M GONNA, take it from there near cocaine breakdown Ross, system and socio pathy also, thank you so much for calling in. I know we will speak again, hear from you about hanging like block and just in general how you're doing. So I'm going to Segue to narcissism because narcissism lives in Hannele number five narcissism is. Hits a big. Ugly is. That prevents synergy prevents empathy and prevents unity, and where we are in our narcissism of a, we are in a place where you don't really wanNA share we don't really walked. A united with anybody. A. softish expression. It's unhealthy selfishness that is worn out of his system gone wrong and this system gone wrong starts with the blueprint. Family of origin usually mother and father and capitalises. Warren. Deals. You think it up on Youtube and. This now also discussed it in my book fever cost human human disconnected. Now we have a program hosted by my life coaches sdn on recovering from our cystic abuse in please be in touch. Aw. About that because we have nailed it in A. Way That is very, very understandable. Very Very. Up pointed to the problem of apathy and so what causes apathy well, think that the parents are responsible for putting. empathy or blueprinting empathy into the fiber of the being of the child, and so the system gone roller was simply assisted where appearance with their needs before the needs child what happens there is the child lures to either please the per of the of parents they emulate the Perez in this could be as a result of. Neglect abuse or smothering in controlling to the point where the child becomes an extension up the parent at words that they're doing pleasing and fulfilling on their parent's wishes is more important than than south actualising in developing their own. Autonomy in their own identity. So this is an injury starts with the causal level, and then what happens out of this is that it starts twisting and turning into all kinds of horrible. Outcomes. Outcomes such as horrible parenting that injuries children are leaving them with negative core beliefs that they aren't good enough that they are not lovable of that. They shouldn't even have been born. This is some of the these are. So the core beliefs here in treatment and on a much more extreme end of. People who go a above and beyond that may not be able to contain the anger of the abuse of their childhood Traumas, and then what happens is they either implode and fill their whole in the soul with. With drugs. Or the explode and a literally spe- you their anger on society and this is where you see a lot of tragedies of of of schools being blown up or theaters being blown up or buildings being blown oppor. People. Spewing their they're uncontained van Damme on complete strangers as a result of unprocessed childhood wounds that have now escalated to the point of of. Explosion. On on very grateful that on I, have now a possible connection to the prison system. I'm really excited about this because one of my goals is to be at the my map system into the prison system not only in America that hopefully will start here in America spread globally because one of the issues is that when people are in prison they they. Some of them will will will. Present and they will do the same behavior because they are not. He'll. So I want to offer. People a second chance of healing so that they can. Learn and they can grow and they could heal psychological wounds and get out of psychological prisons. So I'm very excited about the opportunity to provide our our society, our world with a healing process for those who have clash and broken down so hard they broke down. Society and then on the other end of the spectrum on still very, very passionate about getting the my sister into the school system. So I'm back to healing individually. So before we can heal globally, we have a job to do and that shop is to heal individually and star by taking a journey into your wounds of childhood so that you can. Shine truth light on these wounds and expose the lies in misperceptions misconceptions that lead to what I call a perception. This crack Lenz of perception is an example of racism. So while we look at another human being through the Lens of racism were cracking where we're looking through crack land of perception at that person were projecting all kinds of things onto that person and this could take the form of racism. It could take the form of a looking at any is on a religious is on or Nash. Political is or A cultural is on if we're not see schrage, we project in worry project it creates a distance between human beings. So now you're not really seeing the person you're seeing the person through a filter of culture religion races, anything that isn't ISM and that is. An example of how these disconnects. Four and of US down even further. So I, want to read an article here by William Davies and Let me see Will you JB's is? On trying to see his background here on. Made. A note of. Willing Davies is a sociologist and political economist, and in his article he talks about crises, which is A. Word derived PC's meaning decision or judgment, and it is also a critical condition. So it's a critical condition that could go either way and so I also see it as an opportunity I want everyone to see a crisis as an opportunity it could go either way. So we leave everything in the hands of other. While then we're not being the costs were being at the effect of if we're going to take matters in our own hands then we are being cost just like. A Nick decided to take matters in his own hands in. So he decided to be the cost when he was sitting on the freeway waiting to. Find a way onto the freeway. So. This particular economists about the severity of our current crisis and the uncertainty. Of Our situation and all of us are experiencing this globally. Again, we are interconnected. This is a global crisis up is on a national crisis is not. A crisis strike some not others it strikes everyone and that's another reminder of how deeply are inter connected. So he talks about the corona fires exposes societies fragility. and that opportunity because if we're exposing our human fragility than hopefully, we can step up in have a pathway to global empathy. So, this global recession is a breakdown because of this, there's a on a global recession, a breakdown of labor markets as we all know, the evaporation of. Spending, and of course, people are. Knocked circulating money in the same way, small businesses are shedding their employees at a rapid rate in everybody is feeling the effects economically, which translates to stress at home in we've got children that were homeschooling. We've got I have a lot of calls coming in from couples that are feuding in. Families that are feuding because they're forced to off socially isolate in the same environment. So this is a pressure cooker for everyone so that you can see how important it is to a half, a pathway, the healing so that we don't explode. It on our family members and our. Our society or implode and. A soft harm or even on a on more extreme level. I believe that some people cannot take it anymore they snap and they suicide. So if you know anybody who is that fragile someone who a needs more support than someone who's talking about killing themselves, please help them out happen call given the number of the suicide prevention hotline which I don't have fingertip access. It's an easy number. defined, but we are in a crisis. A little bit more about this article. We are in such a crisis that there's A. Presen- crisis is fueling close search a war than a recession. We could already see that happening people are heating up in people are off exploding on each other in. It's really really sad to see. Government policy makers will ultimately be judged in terms of how How many people die? That's GonNa be a marker and. In so we obviously need systems in place to. Prevent lots of life. Wearing, a mask is one a assisted in place. It is an effective system to prevent the spread. Socially distancing making sure that you wash your hands but you know all this stuff ready. Okay. So Health services are overwhelmed, but you already know this and. Rishi soon, axe astonishing announcement that the government would cover up eighty percent of the salaries of workers if companies kept them on their payroll, we can't do this for law we just can. So we're going to have to find other means of of economically staying viable in. A whole. `nother topic. Maybe I'll do a whole show on economic viability. There's so many areas of life that are being affected by this global pandemic again, exposing the fragility of the Human Race, this is Colin show everybody. So please do call in and that number again is three, two, three, five, two, four, two, five, nine would love to hear from you look to hear your comments and. please. Suggest any ways of which you have. Personally. Created consciousness where you've been the cause of shifting. Other people's lives and being a support where you have shown empathy and so. This. This is a very simple thing to do is that All can make a difference in some small way in if everyone listening here pays a foreword by creating a consciousness of generosity a- consciousness of extending a little bit beyond the Saaf, the consciousness of empathy toward another human being maybe we can just start there and see what the reverberating effects of this consciousness is on the human race in imaginative. Everyone did this where would we be while a lot further along? So on rapid you this is a crisis is the sort of world making mant it's a it's also the beginning. It also allows for a beginning of a new structures, new economic structures, new intellectual structures at hopefully new psychological. Pathways to healing human disconnect and. Global disconnect. I want to share from this article. That the profound philosophical influence. CER- Immanuel Kant. said that if God had a plan for the human species concluded Kant. Was for us to acquire individual and collective autonomy in. That's what I'm trying to say Cox said this. Well, we've got to acquire individual and collective autonomy. So a couple of things that I'm doing to acquire individual and collective autonomy is number one I'm starting to plant some that Chaba Olsen fruit trees and trying to become viable because there might be at a time when there won't be a the ability to get through to the. Market or to to to get our guests troubles from the market. So we have to be the cause of becoming strong and independent in my book I talk about sustainability few top free tough copper talks about sustainability. So whether sustainability is the ability to sustain oneself in. So couple of things that I've done to become more sustainable bond solar and my car is now hybrid. Hopefully, all switched to all on a solar powered car at some point To be proactive in my food supply. So I plan on getting a lot of viable products that could be stored for longer periods of time beans and rice. And so on. I've also. Gone Egede -Tarian so that I can live off plant based foods, defy me too, and so these are just some of the things that I personally am doing in. I want you to think about what you can do to become viable and sustainable so that you could become heartier in and be prepared for. Being. Independent not, Thomas and Then, of course, sharing your sharing yourself with other human beings finding a way to extend beyond who are even if it is as simple as asking the neighbor, he could shop for the. Baby is simple as Volunteering to talk to elderly people who are in old age homes, you don't have to go there visit the bet certainly can call and get on the phone with them and chat with them, and there's so many things. It's it's analysts what human beings are capable of doing and it's endless. How Amazing? Anything that is coming from the consciousness of generosity in sharing it's endless what a global. Impact it creates from individual it reverberates to the outside circle then the community and the the people that are influenced by that and then hopefully globally. So. With all of the. Ability we have to. Get out there and talk to other people. We can be the cause of doing a lot of good in the world. So this is Colin show I'm hoping that we will have some collins in love to hear from you and These to call in. So enemy time here's an article by James Chan. April Twentieth Twenty Twenty I tried to get me soon articles because of the recent global pandemic. An economic collapse is the breakdown of national regional or territorial economy that typically follows a time of crisis. I would say that were there So an economic collapse occurs at the onset of severe of version of events Contraction depression or recession and Daniel Talks about a black swan events which are these random events like the corona virus is a black swan dead. It just kind of swoop down and. Created a bunch of global chaos which we are now. Dealing with. So he talks about some key takeaways. He says e long economic collapses not part of the regular expansion and contraction is more clearly identified by a widespread rake down of everything. And then he talks about the extrordinary event and a WanNa tied again to the opportunity we have an extraordinary event in it is time for us to be calm extrordinary in. I. WanNa hear from you how you have become maybe ordinarily extraordinary conflict what rick victim did he was ordinarily extraordinary love to hear from you. So please do call in a three two three. Five, two, four, two, five, nine, one, nine to five nine. So we are expanding contracting, but this is breaking us, and hopefully we can break through this rantiss breakdown and going back to the initial point. Weird restart we have to start with ourselves because this is where we become causal and. We have to start by healing our own childhood wounds so that we're powerful healthy We have to own our own stuff so that we could be soft responsible could become sustainable, economically sustainable and physically sustainable. So sustainability hits every area of life, our money area, our mental health area are. Are Physical Health area. So this is the time to exercise and be ready for a for for the stress. The undue stress that is upon us in this undue stress can cause flareups in in in our symptoms, those of you who are suffering from. Autoimmune. Disease people who are suffering from that cakes and other aches and stomach ailments and in. So on. The stress is something that breaks us down. So this is the time to be a sustainable hardy in pro active while we're proactive than we have the opportunity to be repaired and when we're prepared, we can withstand so much more than when me are blindsided by by more events blindsided in in other areas that might come upon us. So he talks about a post collapse analysis, Ami are not gonNA posts collapsed analysis because we're in the middle of the crisis sauce only afterwards that we can really see what toll it has taken on us. So what's not wait till the post post collapsed analysis was be pro active now in dot is the best no way that I know how to on. To prepare myself and increase my emotional physical bad with so that I could be strong for myself, my family, my patients and The rest of the world, and so I invite you to do the same. Also. WanNa get a little bit more into. This. Way. Have outlined a mind map solution to the crisis in a few would be so kind as to put up. My Mind Map. Pathway to healing from all of this, and it's called living by a mind map. System. Thank you very much and there is the mind map began and I am suggesting a system, a human system, they strong the mind map system. I have labeled in a little bit differently here and so on. Go through the entire mind map as a pathway to sustainability a pathway to global. Healing so the first step is. Our word, our word is our contract. If we make a promise to somebody if we make a commitment to something than we are either verbally contracting or we are contracting in writing a contract should be a binding a thing. So we can push forward with a plan unless we have a solid committed word the next thing is keeping the commitment to that word. And so we have a word or no commitment it's not sustainable because then we could just keep breaking word or changing our words or so the commitment is a really really important part of solidifying that and the other aspect is to apologize. So if there's any rate in the contract while fix it. Fix It right then there are not only apologize repair it. Repair it and make sure that you learn her so that you don't rake the bond again. So this is where the south correction in soft reflections starts to. To happen is that we have to oral stop and begin to see where we broken something. That is really important. For the fabric of a system gone, right. So this is my idea creating the system gone right this assistant gone wrong of course, and then the keeping of your word, which is your commitment. So you have the commitment and then you have to keep the commitment and it it's not a casual thing. It's not like while today I feel like it tomorrow I don't feel like this is the action thing. So the things don't fall apart you could see that the image above the words. Keep your commitment is the image of chaos, and if we don't keep our commitment, we're GONNA have chaos, and then the other thing is to own up to wrongdoing in this is where we own our own stuff because we. Own our own staffer acting like a a an individual narcissism. So then it becomes about Mimi as opposed to a preparation for a we. So we've got own our own stuff in order to of be a sustainable humane, human race, and then of course, we have to be trustworthy because a lot of the the injuries that I work with with the patients here the psychological healing center is a breaking of trust and when a child is not able to trust their primary caregivers than they no longer have a sense of trust in the world. That's because the mother, the father usually the mother and the Father America caregivers are the blueprint for trust and if he cannot trust, we don't. have. The opportunity to come together and Ciller Jaaz, with other people on the contrary we will live in a crack lengths of perception of paranoia and we will be more prone to clashing with other people and breaking down at exploding on other people and creating wide a breakdown. Of Be you the the seven hell here is in healing process and the global. Halfway he elaine soft reflections. So you could see that one we selfie flack were able to make space for. Others. Were only laurels stuff were not just being stubborn ISM selfish `ISMs, epithets, `ISMs we are self reflecting so that we're able to come together with other people who are also on the same page is a really really important heart of living by the mind Max Sista as a matter of fact is so important that I have created something called the peaceful healing dialogue for suffer flexing and then healing into south correcting. So the peaceful healing dialogue, which is also available in the book and. You can also a get a copy from me, Dr Gdn Psychological Healing Center be happy to send you. This peaceful healing dialogue and it's way of self correcting so that you don't rake the connection with other people and finally healing individually to feel globally, we have to be responsible because how can we expect to get along with other people that we haven't even met other people from different cultures and religions, different philosophies and so on. If we're hurting in if we are stuck in our own pain for stock in our own psycho pathology like to refer to it, it is impossible to be synergistic with others if we can't even be synergistic ourselves. So that's why I decided to concentrate my energy on healing individually in order to create a more sustainable. Mentally fit a human race and extend this healing hopefully into the school systems on one end of the spectrum and the prison system on the other end of the spectrum and everybody in between so that we could all be part of responsible for our own Jalen. So I think with that said I don't think we have too much time for Colin. But if anybody wants to call in and comment I would love to hear from you and. Again I WANNA thank next for being an influence cer- in pushing this subject were a subject that I have had in my in my heart for decades really and This is now time it's now time for me to start talking about healing on a global level in have another website called healing global disconnect dot com, and we're working on that website. Popley could make comments there I love to hear your ideas on how to create a humane. A humanity, a humane humanity and what we can do. All individually to be the cause of creating. More pathways. To healing ourselves and being there for other people and being. Of Not only healing ourselves but extending that to to other people as well. So would like to end the show with shrinking choon in this shoot is called if everyone cares. So. is a song Bein nickelback. From underneath the trees we watch the sky. Confusing stars satellites. What's interesting? Confusing stars, satellites, I never dreamed you'd be mine but here we are here tonight. So here we are together the human race. We're watching the scour all interconnected by the planets in the stars in the sky above everyone on the planet could see stars everyone shares the skoll seeing a man I'm alive. Aren't we lucky to be alive? So many people have not made it and we are lucky to be alive. Man I'm alive if everyone cared nobody cried if everyone loved and nobody lied. Everyone shared in swallowed their pride love that line everyone share swallowed their pride. Then we see the day when nobody died in I'm singing and I'm not odd maturity. This nobody died in a different way because of course, we're all GONNA. Die But that we're not going to leave anybody out we're not just gonNA ignore someone in this in mind reputation is that you you include people that you care about people you don't just let them die literally or figuratively eat aren't just abandoned people and I'm seeing a man on alive are only light in paradise will show the world they were wrong in teach them all to sing along in this is the The intricate. Sing along that, we're all singing along that we're uniting. If everyone cared nobody cried if everyone loved nobody lied everyone shared and swallow their pride than we'd see the day and I run end this show on the tune of. The costs because we're all the CAUSSE. Thank you so much. Everyone a look forward to more shows on healing global disconnect, and hoping to hear from you at my website healing global disconnect dot com, and please feel free to. Call and request a free consultation and. Any ideas that you share about how to become more humane as a human race on very interested in receiving your your thoughts on that. Denied every while.

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