100th Episode w/ the Jonas Brothers


What's up everyone it's chicks in the office with Rian friend we are giving you that Friday energy on a Thursday presented by Hundred episodes we started this podcast in like July of what twenty eighteen yeah we were doing once a week we way to go especially for this one hundred episode Fran One hundred one insane yeah it is I think because everyone but typically obviously for us I mean Monster Energy Friday energy it just makes sense yes and I know you guys are thinking like the usual taste of an energy drink obviously you think of the normal black and green cans with monster energy but not this time around they now have sugar free drinks it's a whole variety my personal elaborate by kind of explaining so I guess we can kind and just start from the beginning we'll give you a quick rundown Ria that friend Monster Energy Ultra that's right we've been talking to you guys about these drinks honestly were justice shocked as you are that monster energy even has these line of drinks it's true it's like candy can but without the sugar and it gives me the energy that I need plus low calories as well yeah the Monster Energy Ultra have that's the ultra zero there's Paradise Sunrise Violet Red Blue we really love the way that these drinks tastes we have them in the office we have them is the healthier choice for energy on the go like Ria said low calorie zero sugar they have so many different flavors the white can it is the perfect way to tell everybody how we got started here yeah because I don't think we've ever even talked about it on our own show so I don't think we ever had favorite is the violet first of all because it's a purple can in purples our favorite color and also it has this beautiful grape flavor and also tastes like a purple pixie stick I know I keep saying jumped who may be aren't as familiar with Barstool or know where we started where we came from I met a great grow I was watching the eagles game a few weekends ago and she was episode because it's really about them but for the next ten minutes I'm GonNa make it about us is like this is a huge milestone for us it's not like that and sugar free and it gets your day started even if it's the middle of the day whatever you need that energy boosts monster energy ultra is the they facetime may come to the office so I went to the office I was going to fit at the time And then I got hired as soon as I walked in as Caleb roles working at the company at all besides Erica at that time and then I congratulated Glenn because I was already a fan of Barcelona I followed I think maybe and I don't think we did in our first free weapons to know we didn't really never did and we have got it a lot more of new listeners or people you can start because you got here I yeah okay I'll start three years ago probably around this time I actually actually I know the date September twenty-ninth Israeli anything I get my hands on and I was going to fit at the time like I said and I barely went to class because I always wanted to be could save us for a little treat after the Jonas brothers if you want but people always ask Fran and I we even got yard checks in the office which I think the one hundredth episode switched to two which is how made it to one hundred at this rate yeah and I mean it's just been awesome yeah it's awesome I want to say like if you've been waiting for the Jonas brothers end Glenn's intern and then from there I just I did a lot of different things part of my take I did Larry's picks doing a lot of background like I was in the and Smitty are Philly Blogger tweeted out one day that he wanted or needed a New York City Internet could be in the office draws on this episode that it's like not taking over the fact that like taking it away from us it's our two thousand sixteen isn't that weird it's just because okay anyways I won't get into September twenty nine th two thousand sixteen I was hired as an Internet ourselves he is actually looking for another intern because he's leaving right so it was like a joke you're gonNA be Glenys you're going to be my intern who's actually Glen's boss is like a whole joke so and I went back and forth like so much and if I wanted to do it if I didn't WanNa do it and so finally I did send an email and it was like a legit background of their videos like random videos parcel idol was a big one I was doing a bunch of different stuff on the business side as well random content that I can get into ORC and they were looking for interns Glenn had just got hired as an intern on there were looking for more in terms they were looking for girls obviously Erica was here but there was really no yes yeah I would really love it for you and free had to explain like how the hell you are where you are and I was like that's awesome that's a great idea for one hundredth episode because what a way Micheals and I came in February of twenty seventeen I was at Marymount Manhattan and it was it was interesting would KFC and clam because of the mets of mets fan So that's how I got into it and I congratulate and Glenn and then he said Oh well Caleb who hired obviously we didn't have the actual radio so it was like a podcast the whole thing was tough but I basically was helping with that show and episode just skipped them and then come back to us what you WanNa do 'cause I recommend you know let's listen to both of us but I know everybody's waiting for the Jonas brothers so you could save us his I feel like people ask us all the time like how he got hired what we had to do an honestly it's such a joke like I feel like people probably get so pissed at our answers because our whole radio channel we only had our so radio in the afternoon and that was it so like the idea was there of having something in the morning but because I went to High School with Glenn Aka Glenn e balls if you fall Barcelona you know who that is I went to high school with him and Barsha just moved to I don't know like things here and there anything that we could like I said like like you said like you loved being around the office so did I you send to resume that you're like the only person that you're hired so I sent in my resume spend he was doing a show called drive time rip it was rigged we're kind of spent like all of our time here and then we I don't it was weird because we were really like the only girl is many the he wanted to a morning radio show which was grape like there was there was no we had you thought that we were like going to hate each other but Lincoln that's that's not what happened even though I will say to this day that I was absolutely horrified of Ria you've truly were hired on like whims it was there is not really anything other than that like I I was going to school in the city living on the upper east side Smitty allowed me to be on that show for a while I was on the show with them and then uploading it and whatnot and we were kind of just like doing oh yeah I wanted to do a show with the please don't read a friend embarrassed really probably cute no but Askari like you had your spot here everybody knew you as like the girl and like it and it was intimidating because everybody was like email like wow this is one of the only emails at like wasn't like somebody saying Kay go fuck yourself somebody like so the guy sent him my resume and he was like you I like for me it's not how isn't embarrassing I don't know because I was like this is three years ago we're talking about I was probably worded yeah I just I actually for some reason I don't even think I have it wow disappointing I remember remember what it was but I don't remember spending I remember like the gist content like Sei we were interest like it was still technically on like the content and so right away like they apple because it was just so much fun the guy was nineteen intern just wanted to be at the office at all times and worked out in the end yeah had a little help from Kevin clancy and Brendan clancy who they were like you guys should you know you should do videos together why don't you answer some KFC radio questions the other girls toes I'm like I don't want to do anything that she's doing and yeah but we weren't like it wasn't like you had to step on my toes because we both were doing like yeah yeah I was like and I was like I am older than you I was just like she is the scariest girl I've ever seen I don't know if that makes me feel good or bad at all like I because Emoji of like it's a small figure I would say crawl woman laying down yeah so on her side sexually side look on video just just four something to make a video out and then Dave Saad he thought it was funny he was like you guys keep doing this the first video we ever did was and I don't know how we got on this I don't even know how this one came up I gotTa Watch it back 'cause I haven't watched it in a while but there's one while we were interns and then the DM happened and then broke the ice because Fran I just like started sitting next to each other every day yeah and that's why I was like well let's work together and that's just the way to go and I mean turns out we were right because now one hundred episode but we on this one girl literally like every day on twitter and so I'm just all these groups have all these groups I can't find your individual message because I don't think I so differently than how I have to say I don't even know no because I reached out to Fran because I wanted to learn I wanted to do stuff with her I was like we should make videos together we're the only two girls this is the long time but there's a point in time where we got DMZ we can blake she said they were like Ooh two girls what's going to happen they kind of not as a joke they would kind of make me Oh France here now like what are you going to do what are you gonNa do like reality does all this stuff yeah so it was like I kind of had to find my own thing 'cause that I didn't want that that's also tough you're coming in there's only two girls you don't WanNa step on Maria because I honestly Ari a little bit because honestly my whole life goes on CNN very nice person no not scary like you're me he's like that is like a baby crawling on the ground like that's like not that's not a sexual thing that's straight up Abebe emoji lie on created the instagram and we started we were like well we both like pop culture a lot so let's just take the biggest stories we create instagram had the instagram grow before we showed it please leave out friend that when people ask US I wanNA make sure we talk about it okay so we started doing the videos the videos were doing great on instagram we started posting them on the website amount of time at this point in time of our lives yes just picking up steam the amazing race reaches out to go yeah I mean that might be a whole different yeah why not work together and do something together so I guess it was a good Dan Bongino embarrassed I mean you broke the ice before I did talk notice 'cause we were doing it on our own for a while I I want to say that emoji video was so funny because we were doing all these emojis I remember the Jessica and I think we should do something together we have the whole Blonde Brunette Blonde Brunette like we should just make a video series unreal was just like oh no that's like you know like sex like like my my ex boyfriend would like send that yeah we signed up back and forth and I was like sex gas gas is just like he he runs a lot of the social partial but like he really kind of does it all and he's been around for a very long time here and they had an at all actually literally at all so you here we both dropped out and we both dropped out and got a full time job here bank because I feel like we dropped out ourselves yeah we took it for ourselves we just made it our thing which I'm proud I'm proud we did that and then on top of we started doing this is an interesting part that we ask I don't know if we have time to get too fast and then maybe we can get into it next podcast you guys really want to hear about it will tell you the full thing short we went to La you guys we went through like every everything we got to the point where we were vaccinated shot six of those so many shots grace this time we we didn't have full time we were like what do we do here we're not full-time employees we're not obviously not getting paid like full time employees to Dave yeah o n chicks and the office like the name fixing the office they came from it was a joke Lake Gaz who runs I mean Gaza run David posted everywhere right and then we started doing I'm trying to think was radio before ones that did that we were like oh boy this could be something very funny that video I mean it was just hilarious since the first one yeah and then we did it on her own then the radio show I'm haunted by the I'm haunted by the Thailand Visa I have my passport I know it's just sickening I could have had a full like we're supposed to be on the amazing race we didn't go on Blah Blah Blah we like recently just like just got and they've been begging us to this day but either way for some reason I'm the guy even have it in him there is one detail that when people get people ask us how we actually 'cause we were interned when we're talking about now like this was all going joke of anytime a girl would come into the office he would be like all there's chicken the office chicken the office so that key obviously they did that when we started working there and then we just kind of took it for see radio and I remember when we didn't really know yeah I mean it worked for us no but he did what he did well or this was January of twenty on okay so this was after I mean this was before radio so we're posting checks in the office for a short because of the amazing race was why me and friend didn't go back to school because we thought that we were going to be on the immediate we've made it they made it pretty clear to us so you guys are going to be on the the first one I one it was like translating emojis and like when girls yeah a what oh no I'm not allowed to leave this hotel early allows any of our room we couldn't look at any of the other people we took a ride in the car to the studio is we're like we would like and what socks is like if you get eliminated you can't just go back to your normal life you get eliminated and then you're sequester for weeks on end here and we became friends then I realized you were sticky falling in love with Hank like Oh damn yeah yeah anyways but like other contestants and we had to stay completely had to stay he wears out let's say one war and it was like get in the car get into the studio still in college but we might be on the amazing race but we're because we're not yelling at us you know we we both have a one point zero g as like like really not going to class don't ask me and when we got those passwords meal back to us there's a fat whole page of like a travelers visa for Thailand for out and begging on the amazing race the amazing race fell through but then we got fulltime exactly that's that's exactly what happened so thanks yeah it was a blessing curse owed yeah just quickly finish the timeline radio started radio star still got their full radio station in January of two thousand eighteen twenty three months that we just obviously never got guys in August two thousand seventeen mean for an were locked in a hotel in La for seven days yeah we hired a show and we were like yeah sure if we could do something maybe like a couple of times a week like we thought maybe like late at night we had no idea and it wasn't till like four days three days has crying so now am I so now I'm not GonNa look you either if only knows recording but oh man I know I know I'm crying too he should I thought our relationships were over like once we go to the amazing race like they're gonna not we're going to talk to them for like a month and there is truly realized that I do not want it now there's no reason we would leave all our listeners dry with no checks in the office while we're gone yeah and and the thing is really if you listen to like I can we talk I want to say though like if you listen to the timeline of what happened here like yes we did get hired and whatnot I monster energy on our one hundred episode this is our one hundred episode guys it's so important for those Friday energy levels be off the charts you know how we're going to do you know who were the whole thing was just ridiculous it was so ridiculous looking back on it and that was to we didn't we didn't make the show but then after honestly thank God thank God without a yeah I mean we did we did the radio show for seven six seven months before we thought like we do podcast or other people that we should do cast and we were pretty worried about it and we were worried that nobody was going to listen we were we were very worried about it so thank you guys a hundred episodes it's actually all because of you guys thing we'd ever done was the one minute checks in the office video so we had no idea how to do radio or podcast or anything and then we were thrown onto the air and and we figured I met my boyfriend at the beginning of that summer and then like by the end of the summer like he was like what do you mean like you're gonna go crazy yeah there's going to be gone for months like no community started dating we both just we we both started dating yeah our boys is the same time you're a couple months before me because I did like when I started working back into the card games like you weren't allowed to be outside like hide are they wanted us to wear like barstools stuff wear sweatshirts to hide the bar so logos at the other contestants like did it's GonNa be good no no shot shot but yeah it turns out we didn't go so now we're here one hundred episodes that's Whoa I'm actually really nice I didn't know that I didn't even know you like when I made that video doing stuff for all the show's over the wholesale just see like in hiding for a while the good month where Moon Fran thought we were going to be on the amazing race was fun that was a while it was also when I first seven twenty eight two thousand eighteen January twenty eighteen we were offered we were asked if we you didn't make the show and afterwards they regretted not having us on the show reached out a couple of times they're like before the station launched that they were like you as beyond every day from one to two and we were like Oh damn okay and me infra never recorded a ravage on any of the problem sniffling I will say I'm going to get this out it is because of the people listening because truthfully like were two people who dropped out of college I had no idea what we were doing just talking just love talked about celebrities talk shit in them came together like two weeks ago like not like it was I would say we found out we were going to Denver ten days before we left weirdly beautiful and an Alantic yeah like an awesome coincidence that this ended up working where we could have this hundred episode and interview them of a of a podcast I would have laughed till the like I would've just collapsed probably fainted on the spot it's so unreal because if you listen back to the like we had absolutely no idea that this was going to happen that it was going to kind of like work together with our hundred episode so it was just really like saying it seriously so shout all of you we hope that you really enjoy this episode obviously we've built a lot of hype behind it spent a wild ride but we are so excited the honestly guys I really never thought like if you told fourteen year old friend that she would be interviewing the George Brothers for her one hundredth episode second time we touched them but we had physical contact with them it just it's amazing and is whole podcast like starting from the beginning we talk about how we got here and then you listen to the Jonas brothers it sounds like the most fake like thing of have you told either view the close going to sit there and I mean honestly like this I am backstory like this event and going to Denver and meeting you guys so much name you we love you and a lot who love us and I was about to take like a quick pmt like last month like six months ago when you were like dancing on the table when they got like oh you're going to interview them like Oh and I also want to say that we did you really wouldn't even have this at all we wouldn't have the radio show we wouldn't have the podcast we wouldn't have the videos we would've just failed we would've went back to school we wouldn't we wouldn't be yeah so definitely what happened Mation of rory affiliated doctoral decide if you're eligible for prescription if prescribe you'll get fast and free two day shipping Maury an ongoing support from your doctor every you can do your online doctor visit from anywhere you'll create a rory account answer standard questions about 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that there's an FDA approved eyelash growth serum you can get a prescription online from Rory Rory offers the only FDA approved eyelash growth serum that the James Brothers Manager Alexis she's great and also shout out to David Arca for giving US jobs yeah because truthfully we wanted interview the Jonas brothers without that now it's very dry mean women have it all happened in at one time and shoutout Kelly are talent booker for helping at the House and you like we we don't tell you guys enough love you do we don't though we don't we don't but I don't say that as a joke saying it seriously yeah we're the finally you made it to the one hundredth episode you guys have been waiting for yeah the Jones Brothers on this episode I'm GonNa Cry Again Yeah I'm GonNa cry again because just thinking about the fact that like we touched the Jonas brothers and not in that way but we like hug them for that is on everyone's list and most will try just about anything to get them from eyelash extensions to Mascara that promise extra lengthening to add home remedies like castor oil them win saying and I and I wanna say that no I did not ask them when they be lost their virginity joe like are you kidding me out and have that big of balls it comes with a Rory Brennan Pouch that's perfect for other cosmetics or to keep all your makeup brushes in one place right now you can get a special offer from Rory Goto Hello Rory I'm back and I'm like I don't know why the hell they hired us we had no experience we know what we're doing is giving radio show but you know what that's the beauty and the it is that's why Marshall Works Uh This we've been teasing who's it going to be making guesses we said it's monumental and here they are the Goddamn Tony here I wonder who your guest is intelligent Oh yeah yeah so we want things together that even we don't know exactly yeah so finally our fans are they're engine so we literally said we're going to Denver the people were tweeting us your tour schedule and there were like wow it looks like the show Denver well we did the box we were times we did I went with my best friend who has been my John's brothers the episode no we wouldn't have and we definitely wouldn't have had the judge the join us on this episode so well I got really yeah sorry I but oh to fan claire we went to Philly Yup we went to Philly Philly MSG I went to David Webster Hall her and you're back on tour obviously been to a few shows what's it like being on tour now because you guys went from kind of just showing out a little bit and now it's just it was one of that was that was awesome we have been to multiple shows now on on this tour general note I mean it's question I have never done the math but yes I would say somewhere in the iser here this has been a long time coming for us not for you guys I mean we've been watching coming to the first things I said when we talk about very hectic every day it's a big change I mean for all of us at different points in our lives at this moment the biggest I think kind of common thread is balance Yeah and then I have tickets on November for Oh yep well thank you guys for getting back together because because of that we have you here twenty ish by I think you know the number really thinks they really don't because I've done like I've done the reality is that we build a community on the road of New People we like spending time with we really conscious this tour to to make sure obviously joins brothers but then I saw nick times I've seen an added altogether yet it's a very high on pull the numbers thriving and that's our our wives kids but also you know the people that we have around us but also have were inspired and doing cool shit and that's kind of what's happened right Kevin How's it been it's a real disappointment down no it was actually very funny because we have been teasing this one hundred episode and the price been Randall as purchase tickets for one hundred shows right how many were you at this year for us obviously it's everywhere you go yeah there's school in school now she started kindergarten Alina did it's changed they were with us all of August which was really cool this is the first tour they've ever done we've ever done with the kids who is definitely a different environment my room was just a playroom full of but it's so gratifying seeing the fans every night and they know what I'm doing and they're very supportive and they come out as much as they can yeah that was what I wanted to get into obviously the first show you guys got back together it was way too much to ask do you remember that I remember at the box we had to do it time in but it's it actually helps me a better job yeah right it's all about the balance totally and it's it's hard there isn't much about we work a lot we do a lot of shows in a week just go and do cool things like this making sure that you know we're concert fact that our show is going to be better every night if first of all our relationships are zing our lives at home and specifically our our families outside of our our family is as that's that's new and take some adjusting the fans I haven't seen you guys on tour in a very long time how has the fan response been at the show is what you expected is it more than what you expected off like not yesterday but a couple of days ago get up at five am fly home turn around the next morning you know be home for eighteen hours but at least you're there right and you got to do it and that the quality of life admits everything else was was high and that we were doing things that kept us inspired now we're having fun and also taking some time off within the tour schedule with these shows has been insane I mean we've had to add shows as well which you guys are aware of and it's been really exciting for us and overwhelming and it's flying by pretty fast were just what the jurors brothers you want you'd be able to bat those clashes jars was batting though bag the heck out of them yeah so always and like fake kitchens and right on we used to have the right on toys used to have segues now it's just our kids my kids having right on toys accusations great but it's definitely something used to being away from home because for like five years I really was just kind of home living that life which was amazing and I'm so happy I was able to be so I think people have that confidence to just be excited to be a fan of music and so to see the gross the amount of people that we've seen the marketing the whole campaign was we gotta do checks in the Office Kevin Nasirabad this is why we called you we did a Kevin Chan to find out that there were so many fans out there who maybe were like embarrassed to say they were fans for a long time or were secret about it and to see those fans definitely more than what we expected we put the initial announcement out that we were coming back it was kind of immediate fans that were really excited but thirty more than halfway through this year of touring but it feels really nice to do it on our own terms I mean that's the biggest difference of when we were younger at a few drinks before the show just to cut the nerves nervous get back I hadn't maybe more than field though fake shots now the old enough to just love them kind of music that they love throughout high school years Middle School using a lot of people even for myself I would have my CD player in the bus with that but now having them experienced this part of the world of our world is is really nice but also it's hard I fly home as much as I can say we have the drink drink with your fans what's that like now because everyone's growing up it was kind of shocking you know you mentioned the show at the box which which was the when they were back then and the big difference at the end of it is that are fans of drinking and hanging out with us you can tell these are people that work really hard they're they're you know in college that's the biggest difference I think so we are actually at the chorus brewery right now and really cool cool does so you know I know that when I go out with my friends and go see a show I'm going to have a drink and enjoy I'm so glad that we get to share that with them and We obviously always encourage response fun way to hang out like I have a group of girls that I have become friends with literally just because we have all been fans for so long you go to shows together we'd sucker was was you know came out and I think people thought we were new band that's not yet when we first started so you know there's there's a younger fan base again as well which is so great sensible drinking of course of course everybody shows it's important but I think that you know special to to be in a spot where fans have grown and then there's this whole other new fan base because it was that things were happening so fast for us than we had no time to stop and enjoy our our daily touring life like Nick said we now take the time to and I would have a collection of CDs I've listened to but everybody would see what you're listening to me now you have your iphone your well was I saw an iphone and doesn't really matter what you listen to Eddie Yup I saw you there I was right in front yes hopefully were higher showed tonight look the new sub show episode is with the donors about a hundred episodes chicks cool yeah but now you guys can special to actually have that moment after the song of ours I believe where we talk quickly about like our experience in the city or you know how different these shows are now too from the show with their friends ready to party great time and enjoy music that they were probably embarrassed to enjoy back in the day and we're kind of in on that joke with them in a sense of like it's cool hang out good friends and fly with them to the next city or just say you know let's go do a coal tour of course like were big fans and we actually do those instead of talking about them and so I show in Fermanagh we played back and we came out and it was a small room moves two hundred people and to be honest we had see them learning the old music thinking it's new and you know it's like a new generation of of John's fans that really means a lot to us yeah it is greg because it really is such a finishing college or they're working adults who have spent their money to come to a show and have a great night out with friends and that means the world to us they would take that time out spend their money and but as you get older like like we all do you start to become more comfortable with you are not worried about people's opinion of you if you'd like a song sung and it's so great look out and see guys took another sip of this tastes like six out of the office and you guys now I like to Nice though I think you were taking real shots ever mind didn't take any such is we looked out oh my God these fans Aziz is so good so totally and I want to talk to you about the settlers because you have made like a fan request part of the show which I think is really at the other part of it which is amazing is that you know the biggest learning curve for us has been I think Joe mentioned it you know I think back in the day given the fact that we were in some ways I grew up miraculously grew up as well they did and then you know at these shows that the happens begins tour the bigger show it's been really I know my little brothers always laugh because my loza serve always been huge fans and when soccer came out he texts me was Fran sucker is a box we freaked out because what we thought was so inspiring by that concert and this was during the break up for us so they can just as brothers cool because I think a lot of people go to shows of bands or artists that they've always been a fan of and they want them to play the new stuff but they want to hear some the old stuff ace or three times because that's what we heard in the audience some people make signs people call out hey please play this one and we tried to also mean grades will here personally I was like that's really impressive but we we challenge ourselves on the storm we said we should try to do something special to make every cities different whether we play the same song enjoy the show have fun yet we recognize you really WanNa do then and you're living your best life now you're catching word that like years we thousand and burn up become kind of became like college in Denver you said you didn't have tickets I guess you're coming to the same guarantees bidding friends to see this concert we kept saying to him that so incredible what he did he does a fan call at moment and he'll ask people questions what's your name where are you from what's one of your favorite songs the time and we just you know we had that going for us but with out you guys and the people listening subscribing liking and following chicks in the office the and I'll say that even our guy friends like when we go to your shows they're jealous they're like Oh shit we buy tickets quickly like they should my job is kind of weird how people that come in greed or won't meet out that you say I've met some best friends just being a fan for so long and it was impressive that he got up there and just started playing it and he song from any point in time I mean it's more impressive could remember for me they will request songs and we'll be like all right we've got like five today requests of bb good for example and if we feel like in the moment that's the one we'll play A boy band even though we we play instruments rider songs a little bit different Not a lot of corey hours there was some guys that I think we're embarrassed to admit they were fan to make sure we do justice so we every once in a while sit around ray a bunch of these songs just in case but we do feel inspired in the moment to just play them how did you guys kind of manage the Balance Joe sorry they were GonNa say the

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