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The. Be. It's episode one seventy of the feed the official Lipson podcast the PODCAST, but takes beyond how to podcast into keeping you podcasting with podcasting tips and information for the everyday podcasters, and taking you inside Lipson the largest podcast host in distribution network since two thousand and four. Hello there. Welcome I'm Elsie Escobar Co. host and producer of this podcast as well as the community manager at Lipson an I have. have. Some Exciting News Lipson is stop atrazine Ando's Latin podcast awards. Yes, Demos, overseeing though our special, but all no-shows Latin, EXCA- sang and spinal or English inquiry. Gilpin window, but Lahey start to show I kept God, wounding talk have a monkey Saas knows not ending as he can restore. Gallo is gay see Kier is for he's threat to show bitter. NOPE, weather's bilateral. He's young Liz MOSALA WANNA Baker. Buenos Dias Bakers in total see Kierra ONA, last US Manda. Email Lipson Adra wa Latin podcast awards. Boone, DOT, com, gone hilty to lower Korolik. TORONTO, Kibera lipson scholar scholar as essay say Achy or Eddie SEC- in Bay in order. You gotTA e Solo ideas as PUT IN Lipson is sponsoring the Latin podcast awards. We are offering a little something special for Latin x podcast, English or Spanish speaking worldwide when you register your show for the Latin podcast awards, there is a nominal fee that you need to pay, and we know that for some funds are a bit low right now, so we are giving ten shows a scholarship. If you would like to register your show for the Latin podcast awards, please email Lipson at Latin podcast awards dot com with the title of the email that says lipson scholar. It is first come first serve their only ten, so hurry up and submit. Okay here we go in this episode more new. Year from me and I tested out on the show, a roundup of canceled conferences including some bt S on. She podcast live being postponed until October twenty twenty one. And bed player specific download numbers the Road Castro pro firmware update two point one then caster also has a new update the best one star review. Ever The podcast academy is opening up and we had details apple pulling podcast APPs from China Oh goodness gracious first steps to start a podcast getting your show on IMDB, a discussion on subscription models and podcasting tech coverage fail once again, and of course stats time it's median and mean plus an update on pandemic impact numbers. Are you ready? If so and you don't want to know how to get featured on the show, then tap on that thirty second forward about six. Go ahead. If you do want to get featured on the show? Here's a scoop on that. You can send in a thirty second promo to the feed at Lipson. Dot Com needs to be thirty seconds or less, and be clean as in no profanity, and again do your very best to keep it to thirty seconds attached to your email, and send it to the feed at Lipson DOT com. If you don't have a promo, but you want your voice on the show. Ask US a question or add to the conversation that you hear on an episode. Send US voice feedback. You can recorded. recorded an email it to us. You can call us at four, one, two, five, seven, three, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty four, or you can use speak pipe over at speak pipe dot com slash the feed. We also have a long running blog feature called Rican. Lipson, podcasts every Monday, we highlight one Libson podcast, and in order for you to be featured on the blog email the feed at Lipson dot com. That's it I'll send you all the information. It is again first-come-first-served, so the sooner you get your Info to me, the sooner I'll get you in the queue and now. Let's jump into our main conversation with rob, Walsh video podcast relations at Lipson as well as my co host right after First Promo of the episode from Transmission Times Radio Diaries during co vid nine teen. This the transmission times radio diaries during COVID nineteen lost my first friend Dale to the virus could lose his roommate situation, and then have no place to live I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to look at a doorknob. The same way I did before the lives that are going to be lost people on other countries, nature will go on, and we'll go on where part of nature, but I think grow, get it. To my children just bring me right back to the present nine. You can listen to the transmission times wherever you get your podcasts. Hi Rob. Good generic time, L. C.. How's it going? How are you? I'm good, you could. Yourself I'm doing pretty good. You know what I want to share a little bit like we're going to start off here, do. Test, 'cause I got some new gear and I just wanted to kind of talk through why I have purchased this will actually Lipson. Lipson actually purchased this for me. four 'cause we're going to be doing some more webinars and a little bit more like online kind of education coming up in the next few months, and so in my where my little spaces. It's very dark number. One I'm in front of a window, so it's really lovely whenever there's natural light, but if I do anything that's in the evening, and obviously in the wintertime evening comes very very fast. I'm essentially in the dark with the light behind me. That's so good so I got this. Ring Light, and I am thoroughly impressed by what it does. It is amazing that it makes me look like I. I'm human again like very nicely. It doesn't look like there's a light shining in my face, but it's very nice, so I have it set up behind like literally right in front of the window and it looks lovely. So I wanted to share that there's going to be in the show notes. But I also have a new. Wireless microphone and it is the Samsung. Go Mike Mobile Right now. I'm on the hill. Pr Thirty. which is what I use all the time in that is plugged into the road caster pro, but I also wanted to do a really quick test of the the Mobile Mike. So that you guys that are on the other side of this can hear it so I'm GonNa. Go ahead and switch. Mike's really quick so that you guys can hear I. I probably won't heal the difference. Because in my ears, all sounds good, but then rob is going to give you a little bit of feedback when he hears that. Okay Okay Brooke. Feedback, your feedback Muskie back. Okay, now I'm a new Mike, and you hear that I can hear that little bit tenure right and I'm going to tap real quick lodge. Here that yeah, but I think what the issue with this microphone right now that I have found is not necessarily that the sound is so bad for being a microphone a wireless microphone. That has very low like the power behind it. Is Very low, so if I am having a conversation like I'm with you right now I am essentially i. put the gain up on the road. CASTER pro all the way up, also the microphone itself has again all the way up and. Quieter than the other microphone, still it was close i. Take more. It's more hollows got a hollow sound more hollow than than the other one. The other one was. Always a fuller sound I think this one has a it's A. It's a condenser microphone. It's a you know an Omni Directional one, so it's on my shirt. And it's if I'm sure element of moving closer to my mouth so. So, this is what it sounds like. If I have a really up close to my mouth, a little that sounds that sounds better. Yeah, so if it's close, but that's literally an inch away from my mouth and I don't know good wireless MICS I. To my mom. But this is where it lay my shirt so i. just wanted to let you guys know that that's what it sounds like. So that's a sin Samson go Mike Mobile, and if any of you guys know how I can boost the gain or the the loudness for the person that I'm speaking with. It would be really helpful. Because if not. If I have a conversation with this thing, it's GonNa. Blow People's ears drums off when I talk so okay I'm GonNa Switch it off and I'm going to go back to my other Mike. Okay. Okay well, that was. There we have the other elsie. Go the. Elsie is gone, she's. Superman classes on classes off. To Change. But. I mean I was impressed with the quality of it. I've been doing a few tests with that. Go might mobile and look what you what I love about. It is that you can attach it to anything. Almost so I've used it with my iphone I've tested it with my pad I tested it directly into my computer. And I have also now this one that you just heard was direct into the Road Castro pro directly so I think that the versatility of of how you connected and where you put, it is really great. just wanted to shave that. Now to other things, there's a lot of stuff getting canceled. I know. I mean gaffer's canceling all for the rest of twenty twenty and everything's being pushed out to twenty twenty one, so let's see true crime podcast festival scheduled for July eleventh and Kansas. City is now postponed to to be determined. Ab Radio show national scheduled for September canceled Aby New York City, obviously in New York City scheduled for mid October canceled. In scheduled for June originally then moved to October, now postponed until twenty, twenty, one and Elsie. Just heard from you, jess the cheap podcasts. Twenty, twenty has been rescheduled to Tober twenty twenty one. Yes, so Sadly, it's looking less and less likely will be in a position to have live person in person events at all twenty twenty. The way things are going right now and hope them wrong. Hope to conferences can happen safely bought. It's not looking good for any events until there's a vaccine to covid nineteen. RHYMES! Do you WanNa say anything about sheep. I guess what has been the feedback from those that were looking to attend kind of mixed. Yeah, people are very sad. You know there's a lot of people who are very sad. There's a lot of people who had bought. Tickets and what not to go in there, you know there was a lot of cancellation of the hotels. The hotel rooms that we're already booked over there, so we did have people that were excited to go, but it's just that you know the location over. It was in Arizona and it just it things over. There aren't necessarily looking Viking yes, ever spiking right now. Well. They opened up everything they opened up. Nightclubs opened up. Yeah G. Shocker Spike. Yeah, so we didn't know at. First we were just like. Oh, it's you know it's an October it'll be fine and whatnot and. Just when all of this conversation kept going down, I just didn't know how we could manage that in all honesty, it's like you know who's liable for something going wrong. That's what I was looking at or jazz. Right like we would hate to be involved in something where we cause harm to somebody inadvertently because we just wanted to push through, and thankfully the hotel was willing to work with us to be able to. Move it to the next year, 'cause. That's really you know making deals with hotels particularly conference. I think that's where that's. Where are the possibility of loss in terms of funds or investment could really go wrong because you do have to put a pretty substantial deposit, and you and you and the contracts are really in, so it feels like you're signing your life away. I think that as somebody who runs a conference or somebody who is like a decent to it because jazz, really the boss of that seeing those contracts in going like. Oh, my gosh, okay like. Right, it's it's serious. It's serious business to do stuff like that. So thankfully, the hotel was willing to work with us and make the right decision with us and hopefully continue to support us as as we come back but there was sadness. Of course there was sadness. So many fun things planned, but also it really hard to ask people when you look on the news to see all those cases spiking, and then you're asking people to go keynote, and will you come over and? You know it just feels weird. It is very hard to sell something. We're looking forward to now making a much better event next year and I think we are going to be doing some some great things online I'm not. We haven't really decided what kind of what we want because we definitely don't want to make an online conference. We don't WANNA move. She podcast live virtual, but we are going to be offering virtual. Something's right. Isn't that what she? She podcast facebook group kind is anyway. It's virtual all the time. It's virtual all the time. Yes, so maybe if we can just do a little more of that in a in a sort of like more directed way, each other way stuff like that, so maybe we can do that, but yeah, we don't. We didn't want to do I. Mean it? Says she podcast live so? We want to keep it that way and make it special when it's time so. Anyway yeah, but other than that. That's the way it goes and I think that we we have a new email here coming up. Another email so here we go or are I e mail hey. Rob wanted to ask about one detail regarding analytics available within our Lipson account is their way through our account to get insight into unique plays slash downloads for just the embedded players that we use on our self hosted. Website thinks and are all right so what this person wants to know and I and they really wanted you to know how. How do they figure out which plays came from just their website versus. Other websites that might be out there or wherever it might be so anytime you see safari and Firefox and chrome Missoula in your stats. What they want to know. How do they know which one of those can be attributed directly to their website? And if you're putting your unique player for each episode on your website, you can actually get this information, but it has to be unique episode per each episode. Campy the playlist player what you can do that and Lipson as you can add a custom tracking code for each imbed. So in your account, click on content, and then click on the link imbed button for an episode, and then in the pop up window at the top place. There's a place for you unique code in the in the box in the custom tracking code, so just put something in my website could be that simple one word my website, and then scroll down and get the embed code, and then use that code, and that will be able to track specifically how that embed code worked and the number of unique downloads that came from your website, but again you need to use the individual episodes for your website to do that in players. That in our. Did you get that? Will? They replied back? Okay Great Oh. Here we go thinks this is helpful. A couple fellow follow up questions regarding the embedded player. Eve, we have already embedded in episode on our NBC Web Page will adding a tracking code cause any disruption to the code that is currently active on the paid. Where do I enter the tracking code within our account to get the stats on that player in the analytics module regards and are when you the tracking code, it does not affect any players already embedded. It is a one time at just for you to grab and share. For us for that specific code. If you do not want to use this for any embedded code. Already on your site, you would just need to get a new coat for that specific tracking code and replace the old so another words. If you already have an episode embedded, listen, you're on episode ten and you've got nine episodes already in your website and you want to go back, and and you want to add the code all those previous nine hundred. You're going to have to change the embed code for those nine so. So you can have to put the code in grab, one and the replace adding the tracking code doesn't change are ready out there. Once you embed the code that coats frozen in time and per way you see stats, there will be at the bottom of your main stats right below downloads per user agent section that will appear once you start using the tracking code that will show you the number of downloads so again. This is a way to find out what's happening at your website. Versus other stuff that's out there going on. That's pretty cool because you, you can actually test it in different ways as well like we have a special landing page on Lipson. Dot Com for the feed, and it would be a really nice thing that we could do possibly to have a tracking. We haven't done this I'm just thinking about this. As this was talking about having a special tracking code or saying. Saying that setting that up for that landing page over on Lipson Dot com for the feed, versus what we generally put on the on our website, and then I could even track it as well because we also some of the episodes on the lipson blogs, so it would be really interesting to see if people are playing it where they're playing it where it's coming from because it's all the same, so yeah. PEOPLE DO AB testing. If you're embedding in different sites, people codes for the different sites to see which one's better or maybe one actually design a couple of different pages in AB, testing the other place, people use tracking codes is when guests come on. You give them the embed player and the direct link. The code works for the direct link as well you give them back the direct link and the and the player with the tracking code in there for that guest, so you can see that guest. Does. Promote your episode like they said they would write or even, if their audiences interested because they might promote it and no dice. Okay and we should have actually talked about this while I was talking about. The Road Castro here a little while ago, so the Road Castro pro got a firmware update is now two point one and my goodness rob holy monkeys. Is this so good one? I was like what? There's nothing like companies actually listening to. Deepak! And putting stuff. I've seen online. There's a lot of people giving feedback on caster pro. Oh, my God! Yeah, there. Everybody's in mind. You me too like there's so many things that you just kind of go like. Why does this happen? And why doesn't this happened? But I'm actually very impressed over what they have implemented, and it looks like they're really listening in the last for more update. There was primarily least what I saw to be incremental, a little more incremental, and there were some colorful things visually that came with the with the hardware itself, but this time they're really actually adding a little bit more so now they've added granular controls over processing parameters. You can tweak all the parameters within the. The road cappos compressor noise gate Sir the affects oral exciter, big bottom in high pass filter especially for those of us a lot of us that record or use the road. Pat Castro pro without all the extra funds stuff so like I tend to do that I when I record like what you hear or what you would I record specifically onto the computer on my side of the conversation it's it's got nothing on it like I. Don't have any compression added to my track. Track at all because I tend to do that, but you can. Also, you can do a lot more individually with each channel, which is really great to be able to move things up and down in preset them. They also have a nice love. New Broadcast Style level metering, so you can now look at the precise DFS markers to the to the level meters on the home record screen for greater control over recording levels and I don't know what this exactly Israel, because this is. Because I, don't use it to produce anything I just. Kinda use it as a digital recorder to some degree or audio interveiws, but this sound they have sound pad over dubbing, and that is audio that has been loaded onto the sound pads can now be overdubbed indefinitely allowing users to create layered sounds record voiceover music, and create custom admirals and more, so I thought that was kind of fun. I know. They have post Fader multi-track recording, so we're recording multi-track mode users now have the option to record pod post fader, meaning all processing effects in level settings will be recorded in the road casters pro output again. Some things that I never used. And then this is really great. Improved podcast export processing when transferring podcast to a computer users now have the option to format their files for all major podcast platforms in our name is in their. Wave file exporting has also been improved, so there's a little like dropdown menu where you can pick, and they actually have pre like you can You can make them executive. MP3 because I mean wave file exporting is fine to your computer, but is not what you WanNa do any PODCAST hosting service. Yeah, I think that they have all of that. Set up in their into I mean everything is like you could see the little drop down on everything a setup in the way that you should go out there and then they've also updated the companion up so now users can also tweet out processing parameters in real time within the companion, the firmware updates also now lives within the companion APP so The last time whenever you open the companion APP, it Lik, it really was just to see the sounds like. At least that's how I interpreted it. Because it's got these little like audio sounds added to it, and visually you could see it on your computer so that you can understand which one is which? Move those around there, but you were never really able to look at your tracks and adjust the sounds of the tracks based on the computer. It's off on the APP. You could not do that. You had to do it from the from the actual hardware so now. This is also another thing. That's really nice that they are doing here again. If anybody has used these, we would love to hear feedback. You can go ahead and email the feed at Lipson. Lipson DOT COM so that we can get your takes on what they're doing and I think what excited me the most. When I watched the video, there's going to be a link in the show notes guys to get all of this information. They've got like this incredibly in depth blog post with about an eight minute video and I. Guess what I what really excited me about. This is the fact that if somebody buys this machine right this like piece of hardware. It keeps on getting better like there's stuff that it absolutely didn't have when I first got it that now it it has the option to have and I haven't done anything other than just update the firmware, and that includes all of this really neat functionality now that they have in the little touch screen, and the way that it looks and the way that they've changed the color so. I'm just really impressed with how they're updating all this stuff and I guess for somebody like me that I never realized how powerful software can actually be. When it first came out and kind of look like someone took an age three and assignment game, and merged the two together, and that was function -ality guy. They definitely have opted since where it was when it released. Yeah, so it. Actually made it even more Simon like. I mean. Eh, actually now has even more colors. But it looks nicer like I'm a big fan of that. I'd be looking at this stuff. And now they have colors everywhere, and it's anyway, but they do have some really great. They should add like the Simon game into their into their of next firmware there. You go guys a recommendation for two point two. Simon in there so when you're just sitting there bored. You're going to play Simon on the board on the board and think Ding. Ding Ding Ding. Hilarious. But moving on another update zen castor had also a very big update. They've added video at HD video, so you don't think that they've released this into the wild, but they. You can join the Beta from what I I know you can actually just head over to then Castro. Dot Com and there are if you scroll down the page. I believe you have the option to opt in to that. So I someone said they asked to be in it, and they're on like number eight thousand on the waiting list. What I saw that this morning. Yeah, when you go on and social media that only Gosh that's insane. Wow I. don't know if that accurate, but they like. Yeah I. I requested I requested. I'm only eight thousand on the waiting list. Wow! That's kind of nuts and request early. And often. Arena, Arlene often, I've done only. When it comes to recording with video, only done it with squad cast, and the way that's at least for for the way that I like squad cast in the sense fat you, they really focus on the audio recording and the audio processing in the way that it works, but the off of the video aspect not for recording but four. Connecting with the person so that you can, if you want look at them right and have a conversation seeing each other, but it is not focusing on creating a video from your conversation. It's all audio focused I'm you know. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Because I guess I, I'm old school in the sense that I always thought recording podcast. You don't really need to see each other, but it feels to me that that people who are coming into the scene in terms of podcasting, even though they are aware that sometimes audio may not necessarily be optimal when using video like using skype with video on or zoom with video on it could. In some way affect the audio. I feel people really want to connect with each other and see each other, whereas I've never really I never really wanted that rob. I liked to be. Wants to do video calls I'm like no I mean I. I just have my business card folded now over my camp of my cam. So that I don't accidentally turn, get into video. Call it in want to get into the Gosh, yeah, we're GONNA, at once we get to like. Where have we been? I'M GONNA. Tell you a story, but what you guys are GonNa have to wait till the story, but now we are moving to a segment about one star reviews, and just in case you guys don't know the one-star reviews segment that we have on the show. Is Essentially you letting US know about your one star review and it would be awesome if you read it to us because like Darren does your Darren does here, but hold hold off we're going to. We're going to set them up. Real Nice, but. The reason we do that is simply because you know. One Star reviews often are really defeating. Feel good. They don't feel good when you get them. They kinda hit you where it hurts. And I think that to be able to like. Speak them out or like. I don't know. Make Fun of them. In some way, just really lightens the the way that we all move through this and all of us go through it so I think The one that's coming up as possibly. The best one. I've ever heard. Shall we move on? Now that you've set that up, yes, yes, I. Know I Robert. Elsie this Darren Marlow, the host of weird darkness stories of the paranormal. Supernatural Legends Lore. stereotypes, macab, unsolved and unexplained heard you guys talking about one-star reviews, and how people have been sharing them with you so I thought I'd share this with you. It's from artist Sharon one star, and it has the subject line of every one. Scheme in about a year ago. She said this guy's voice is so boring I'm used to Mr Creepy Pasta Jack Luna from dark topic and knifepoint horror. They really know how to tell a story. Listening to this podcast is like listening to my mom telling me a bedtime story except she even made fairytales more interesting than this. Wow. I think it's interesting that she says every one so I couldn't have been too boring because she apparently listened to every episode in order to get this opinion, right? So to prove that I can beat not boring. Here's the her review again in a more action style. This guy's voice is so boring. I News Mr Creepy Pasta Jack Luda Dr Topic and knifepoint horror. They really know how to tell a story listening to this podcast these like listening to my mom, telling me a bedtime story, except she even made fairy tales more interesting than this. Weird darkness, look forward. We're darkness, dot, com, or search, weird darkness wherever you listen to podcasts. Thanks guys. Love the feed and listen to it every time you come out with a new episode. One of the most informative podcasts about podcasting I've ever heard. Thanks guys well well. How one-star reviews go I would have to say that one was a Supernova. Darren well played well played in deed. That was awesome. Seek I mean how fun is that like I would want to get that? When I started laughing hysterically when I saw I think I just want to listen to him. Say That over again. As Dick. All right moving on. Thank you Darren more of that, please. If anybody has any more one-star reviews or if you guys can top Darren, yes, exactly. Okay, so the podcast academy is opening up on my goodness. Yes, and we. We mentioned previously are Rob Greenlee is the chairperson for that and He's GonNa have a Webinar. That's going to be coming up. does actually be two of them June eighteenth at nine am Pacific noon. Eastern and then June eighteenth at twelve PM Pacific, three eastern, and we'll have a link in the show notes where you can go and register for the PODCAST ACADEMY DOT COM webinars. But they you know from them as a new organization. We want to hear in learn from you. Please share your needs, interests and ideas about how to build community within the podcast industry. We encourage you to join this Webinar. Ask US your questions and learn about the PODCAST Academy prior to membership opening on June twenty second, so membership opens June twenty second webinars on June eighteenth. Link in the show. Notre episode one seventy to go to register for that. Webinar! Yep and they have a couple of times a setup there. They have a nine am Pacific. Noon eastern and they have a twelve PM. Pacific three PM Eastern for those couple of time zones there. And then we're moving on to. China. Yeah well got careful what we say, yes type. Pocket, casts and Castro are no longer in China's APP store apple APP store so this is from an article on the verge. Which of course links will be in the show notes quote. podcast tells the that apple didn't provide specifics on which content violated Chinese law upon request instead suggesting that the team reach out to the Cyberspace Administration of China directly. The APP was removed around two days after apple contacted the developer China represented its seventh biggest market podcast says it was considered to be growing Castro. Another iphone podcast APP was also recently pulled from. From China's APP store, the developers say China made up ten percent of its user base, although it accounted for a small percentage of paint subscribers, apple didn't provide Castro with specifics on what content fell foul of Chinese regulations, either the verge has contacted apple for more information on the matter, including which podcasts China considers a legal, and what actions developers are expected to take, but it's yet to hear back end quote arenas. And I love this quote. This is another quote from podcast quote, we believe podcasting is and should remain an open medium free of government censorship as such. WE WON'T BE CENSORING PODCAST content at their requests. We understand this means that it's unlikely that are Iowa's appleby available in China but feel it's necessary. It's a necessary step to take for any company that values the open distribution model that makes podcasting special unquote and to Owen podcast POKKA. Guess who does very well said. It's a shame that China's censoring podcast at Gator APPs like this. I'm happy to see. Pike casts take strong. Free speech anti-government censorship stance on this. It's just a shame that apple gets bullied into by. Into having to take down, or they lose the whole APP store. Obviously, they don't have a choice, but it all goes back to China and the censorship, and that's the problem here and it's a shame. They don't let podcasts evidently be there certain ones. Can't really get off on the ramp. That I would love to go off on bringing, but we can just like you know we can just everybody imagine right now. Rob On his soapbox. Saying things. Okay here. moving onto another email, hi, rob good generic time of the day I hope you're doing well, and here's a question for you of only dabbled around with facebook ads to promote my books however I am considering using a low level of them to help promote my most popular free podcast campfire. I've always felt that. If I could get in front of a larger audience to consider, it would skyrocket. Skyrocket the people who listen are crazy about it my other content. Yeah, they might like it, but that one just seems to resonate and grab listeners. I'm not taking a huge ad spent here, maybe five bucks a day, which is well within my capability. Is there any prohibition that you know from either apple, podcast or spotify in running ads on facebook that directly linked to your show in their? Their APPs, I knew I could send them to a page on my website that would have links and so forth and so on. However, that's just one more quick. They have to get through. I think it would be so much more effective if I could send them right to the podcast link in Apple, podcast or spotify. Do you know if this is frowned upon by either of those entities? Entities, do you think I could actually say listen on spotify or listen on Apple podcasts? The AD would be a headliner video of twenty to thirty seconds with captions on the thanks in advance for your help amongst the people I know you know more about this stuff than pretty much anyone so always lean on you when I have questions about dealing with big distributors lest I pissed them off. Thanks so much and hope you're having a nice summer despite general craziness and twenty twenty thanks, and this is Fran Herald one hundred, no issues with paid advertisements on facebook, linking directly to your show at Apple podcasts applegate with that. It's when people pay Asian. Click farms for fake subscriptions that there is an issue, but not legitimate ads say hey, you might like my show. Go ahead and subscribe over on an apple podcasts. That's fine. And then Jim replied back. He said Hi Rob. That's great to hear. What do you think about spotify? My thought is to target IOS users and linked to apple, podcast and target android users in linked to spotify. spotify have an issue. Thanks so much. This is immensely helpful in Jim again spotify. Would should be fine with it as well again. Real ads will you offer people? A chance to take action are fine from promoting your show on. BBC, cast or spotify or any other service, but what is not good, is the Asian click farms where you're buying fake clicks subscriptions. That's a big. No, that's not what you're talking about here, but I wanNA. Make sure people understand there is a huge distinction between out there advertising your podcast, and then paying people to do an action that are not real people. You know paying a clip farms. Doesn't even have to Asia to Eastern Europe wherever they are. You just can't do that, and and so he responds, and he says Rob Grade on the news I've always played all that stuff legit. My watchword is ethical capitalism if I have to lie or cheat to get something I. Don't want it if I was listening to the today, I agree with your take a hundred percent about Joe Rogan anybody who would have taken the money. Anybody would've taken the money. I don't blame him one bit, but I agree it. Kinda such podcasting inks. That's been. So I'm actually GONNA. Mentioned something, and maybe you can reach out to Jim as well. The only concern that I have is not necessarily with what he's planning to. Because it's totally right, I've seen many. I actually have seen a lot of ads from other podcasters that are leading directly to I, haven't seen anybody directly to a spotify page, but I have seen direct links to the apple podcast page, but what I do have a concern about is the at the headliner video that he was thinking about. Simply, because I'm sometimes, they facebook gets a little weird about play buttons having a play button. Maybe captions or sometimes emit Dr Image Requirements for certain things, which means that usually you can only have a very small portion of it. Be Actual text, so maybe he can consider the image that he's using and then tested out to see if it's okay to use a headliner video for that videos are perfectly fine like I've seen many facebook ads that have video like plano videos like with a face of people, talking and whatnot but I'm not sure how they would react with just a headliner video with the little. You know audio. Stuff happens on the bottom of it That would be my only concern of it so if they're there. I'm sure that there could be another way to possibly either create a evocative image in some way or maybe test out a different type of video to put up there. That isn't necessarily headliner. That's the only thing that might that the concern is, but it's not based on apple or spotify. It's based on the parameters of facebook ads that sometimes they're very. They're very picky. That's all I have to say very picky about the things. Aren't. Moving onto the next Email here, Hi Elsie and rob just want to say thank you for putting a smile on my face. Whenever rob gets on his soapbox, I almost always smile almost always. Did you hear that from almost always? Okay. So close. I was not having a great day, but when Robin reminds us, no RSS Equals not a podcast. I laughed out loud. Laughed out loud. Because what I'm saying is ridiculous or she. I'm trying to figure that part out still okay. Is it was a role. She laughed that allowed. Goal there goes rob again. Yeah. You take what you can get. Out Alsatians laughing with me, yes, that's right. That's right. Okay? Here we go continuing on. Thanks to your recommendation also released two episodes related to the pandemic one, regarding my depression in one, regarding my positive test results, and didn't mention Cova or corona in the episode titles or descriptions. I'm sad. Rob will be leaving Casey. I've been trying to figure out how to plan a vacation with a stopover on a night. That Casey podcast groups meets I. Guess I'll have to start planning a trip to Nashville stopover instead once he gets a group organized. They're not meant to be stock. Stock I just want to see what an active podcasting podcast group meeting would actually be like since I haven't been able to find one by me. I appreciate all the knowledge you share regards is Sharell, and she is from the hearts of gold. A podcast slash youtube channels as well on on many more. My Gosh sensory strides podcast as well and all my gosh from the growing share network will show. Thanks for the email, and it might be a year before we get to national. We have to get. Yeah. We have to get a house on the market and sold, and then the family moved to Nashville with a place to live all before school starts in national on August seventh. And getting people to work on things is proving problematic. With covid so tick Tock Tick Tock. Time is slipping away and exponentially being replaced by stress. That said it's all minor issues to what you're going through. Show with covid and very sorry to hear that and hope you're doing okay per meet ups I will not need to be to run anything unnatural. There are already meet ups in Nashville and Franklin as well but either in case C.. Or National I hope to see you at one. When well meet up, START BACK UP WHICH? I don't. Think. We're GONNA have in person meet up in Kansas City through the rest of twenty twenty i. just don't feel comfortable doing. Thanks Cheryl I hope you are feeling good. Okay moving on to our next a message here. Hello Robin Elsie good time of the day with thoughts that keep me up all night. You know. I don't know about. With this one's going. Okay. I want to start a podcast, but do not want to miss any steps in the process and I mean any steps. Do you have a guide or place? You might recommend? That would make sure. I don't miss something such as setting up wordpress to support a podcast how to post a podcast. Make sure an episode has its own page, but still be on the main page, creating logos and graphics for podcast and wordpress that are exact size needed. Get listed in the appropriate directories set up a social media page setting. Setting up an email, a mailing list, etc, etc, and in the correct order so i. don't hop around as I. Remember I need to do something or panic later and then what to eat episode checklist is well I. Wanted to start a podcast for years and I have the idea, but thinking about all the minutia I might miss makes me turn on the TV and Veg out. Instead does a lengthy checklist like this exist. Heck I'd even pay for book. That fits this need. Thanks and this is any nonethless. So any. You're just starting off. And you're looking for a web page to support your podcast then wordpress is a lot of overkill and much more work in cost than is needed for a new show or even most shows. With Lipson you get a webpage that will take a few minutes to set up and yes, you get a main page and individual post pages, so that checks off a couple of items on your list per artwork. I, recommend, canvas, DOT, com, another item on down per distribution go to destinations in your lips and account and set up all destinations after your first episode published, and of course submit to apple podcast and Google podcast bloom another item off your list for social media. That really depends on where you want to be social. Are Your facebook or twitter user or is linked in more your cup of tea? If you have those accounts, you can also link them from your lips and account. Maybe you are more visual in- There's instagram or pinterest or even dare I say to talk. But don't just set up social media sites, and then only post new links to episodes. If you set up social media destinations, you need to be you know social on them shocker. For them to have any value otherwise, you're just just nothing. We've had someone email in recently and I love this, they said. They have one hundred thousand followers on twitter in only five lessons per episode. Can you explain how this is possible? Sure that person likely purchased one hundred thousand followers, and they are one hundred percent worthless. I digress per setting up an email list. There are a plethora of instructions on creating emails, but the key thing is this. It needs to be something. People want to sign up for and never list you purchase there are html embed codes. You can add right to your Lipson blog page for building any malice you want sign up for service like male champ Then you can get the embed code and then added to your blog page. You can look for details and Lipson per where to submit There's free I book called podcasting one. Oh one that I wrote. That's free. You don't have to pay for it Dave. Jackson has details plenty. There's a lot of details and free stuff out there You don't WanNa. Spend money. Don't have to on. That will tell you how to get going on podcasting. But the key thing is just start getting record your First Episode Upload in publishing get started. You can't worry about social media and mailing lists now who worry about it later on if you want, but just get started, and that's the most important thing. The other stuff will come in time. Find Your Voice so there there you go. I think that the only like really key things. If I were to say in terms of like the things that you really need to know before you get started, it's just to make sure that you fill out all the information in your. I would say in your lips and account. Right if you're hosting with us, fill out all the information. Look at everything that you need to do to make sure that all of those things are filled out within. Look at the help desk. Look at those videos. Those are fantastic. They give you. All of the bits and pieces. Make sure you connect your accounts to all the different destinations that you choose to and look at those optimize those make sure that you have that set and also make sure that you have you know properly. proper artwork that is nicely done and it's the correct specs. That's also very important. and. I think that that's about it. To? There's two things I actually recommend above a website above social media. Having a g mail account have an email account for your podcast and having a call in number does two things to me are more important than a website and social media, because they let your audience know that they're going to be part of your show having them at launch for more important than being social on social media or having website in my opinion, right and to be able to retail, so yes so. are very important all the other stuff that you mentioned It's it actually even though like. Let's say we would give you this list that you've asked for. It actually changes ally. It changes it changes all the time like if like, let's say when rob wrote his podcasting one a one book, and then maybe he had. You know some basic promotional tips in there. He would have never written audio grams in there because they didn't exist at that time. So you know, there's a lot of very interesting new ways to share your podcasts that are coming out like even just the cross posting from spotify directly into instagram stories like that's a very specific thing that you can do, but that didn't exist before and not everybody knows about it, and some people do it, but you don't really have to do it because if you don't have instagram, don't have a very big following on instagram there's. There's really no reason for you to do that. So it really depends on where you're building and what you're building so as long as you have. Those basic things set up everything else. You have all the time in the world to figure out and what's really great is that you get an opportunity to fail often when you're figuring all of these things out and nobody really knows the difference because there's a lot of people who will. Will listen to your show and never go to your website. Never do much of anything may be with you other than listening to your show, so you have an opportunity to get your visual brand, really clear your whatever website you want to use or switch websites in the middle of it as you as you grow with enough time to really reflect your, and this is the other thing to reflect your ban with how much you? You can do because unless you really actually have people helping you and you have a team. It's really really hard to do all the stuff. Send the email. Put the thing there and did that and the other thing. It's a lot. It's a lot of work so That's why to me I know with Lipson. If at least I can publish, it goes out to all the places that one time of like done that one thing. You. Know what I mean. I don't feel guilty. It's like at least I told them. There's an episode out and I. Don't have to worry about it. then. Everything else that comes after that is is of course optimizing the out read, but that comes with time. And just for clarity sake. Someone doesn't say later on Robson. You don't need a website. That's not what I said just want to clarify I said your email address and your phone number are more important than your website. You still need a website and you get one lips and account you don't need a wordpress site is what I said, but you do need a website But that said growing show. You'RE GONNA find out that getting listener feedback and interacting with your audience is more important to growing show than the website is okay moving on to another. hiawasee and robbed I know this topic has kind of run its course, but in listening to today's episode had something occurred to me I, never considered that not trying to sensationalize. The title might still be a problem, so I have released an episode with Kobe. This episode was one of our show news type episodes that come out every few months when big things are going on that effect the PODCAST, but don't fit into our usual show flow in this specific case I was announcing the height of the show, as we can't record at this time and updating our listeners as to how things are going for us. I tried to title these episodes to capture key point, so this episode was titled Bt S. Four Twenty Twenty Covid, nineteen hiatus and masters. What with what you guys mentioned today I'm curious. Is there a good way to change this? That still keeps the point of telling people what it's about thinks and this is from Damian. Thanks, for the email for listen to the show prior question. If you release the episode and You have not had issued, you might be okay. The initial Russia people gaming episodes with false titles maeve down. As I hope so have episodes offering false cures in really bad advice in calling it planned DEMOC and things like that you just need to ask. Is it really needed to have covid nineteen in the title? Maybe you could have done away would say bt Dash for Dash, twenty twenty, the virus hiatus, and remastered or something similar to that for the title again Mo-, shows that have had an episode with pandemic or Covid. Nineteen in the title did not have an issue with the titles, but there were many, but again not most that did have issues and we're pulled. Think about that, and is it worth the risk, but again already released it. Just leave it be. He'd have it. Okay so this whole thing that coming up here rob I had no idea and this is interesting. How did you find out about this? What's up? What's? So somebody mentioned on thinking one of the facebook groups. So this is submitting your podcast to IMDB. And it's so easy. You simply just go to their cements green. You drop your RSS feed feeding. You're done or no. Okay. No not. Even close. Nad even close. You need you first off, you're going to need. To monitors and you're GONNA put on, put the video on one monitor. I, you need to go and register for and imdb account, and Lincoln the show to register. Then you need to try to figure out the myriad of options on what should you should do for adding podcast? Should it be TV series or movie or or well? There's a great video on Youtube from John Wilkerson and he goes through it. Step by step, and there are many steps including what special keywords to add and you're gonNA WANNA have two screens. Going one screen is where you're submitting and one screens the video and that's what I just pausing going through it because trying to fly, do wow. I edit podcast on the evening June eleventh, and it took me a while. Let's see how long it takes. Actually get added. Links to the Youtube video and the IMDB contribute to page in the show notes for episode, Seventy and John. Thank you for the video? I, don't know. How could have done it without it. Only how? Worded out I, mean just to try to put that in texture. Instructions would have been a nightmare. So oh well well, that sounds very. Wow, but I got Smith. You got it okay. Good 'cause. We'll see if it gets approved I. Don't know what will do, but hey, maybe someone. Maybe it'll pull up the fact that I interviewed Ronald more from. GALACTICA now The for all mankind, so it's a legitimate one, and I had I've had some other celebrities on. On of the past, so that's cool. I wonder I already have I mean I. Have I have I am? I am DB in your pocket for one month. So there's an another example of. Example yeah, but I don't even know if I actually have like. It's been so long. I think I did have on IMDB account meaning elsie as in like I. You know signing up for A. Thing I think I had one a long time ago. Because all the stuff that is in there for me in IMDB I. Didn't put that in there I guess they just suck it up in there, and that's the information, so you fans put it in my. Is that what it is? My fans put it in on my God. Oh my gosh, this is totally off topic, but I was looking because my girls keep ask me about all the stuff that I've done. You know like I'm like I in mind you I never watched I never watched the things I was on other than the movies, and so I thought Oh Yeah I. Do Remember VIP with what is it Pam? Anderson okay okay so I was in an episode of VIP and I never watched that episode like I had no like I went and shot it and then I. I never watched. It sounds like there was an episode I. Kind of what did I. do like what was that. I spent all this time trying to figure out what season it was. What episode it was and all and I wish I could remember exactly what it was, but it was a I think it's called vows wonderful life i. do remember that because when I get my residual checks. It says, but all this to say that. Oh my Gosh I can't find that episode and when I did find a little bit of it was dubbed in like German, but then I saw myself on screen, and I was like I did that like it was really shocking. Because I don't remember that I did all the things I did was on the show, and that it was really kind of fun, and why was I wearing that? That's all I'm going to say. From now everyone you need to go to who plus and you need to find vowels nowhere rob, it is nowhere. Hey, listen okay. Here's a call to action to are the feed listeners if you can find an English copy of vows wonderful life, that's an episode of VIP. Tell me where I'm happy to buy it. I don't need to torrent IT I. I want to buy it. I could not find anywhere where I could find that episode that I could download I, would even I would even by the entire season just to get my episode, so if you find that, please tell me because I've looked everywhere and cannot find it so with bows. Wonderful Life I think that today's call. Okay? Anyway, let's go. Inside podcasting in their newsletter had an interview with an insider at Luminary and what you have to say about this route. The s the insider this question at the end of the interview quote. Is there anything else you would like readers to know about Luminary on quote? The reply from Minera. Insider was this quote? The industry is really hard on luminary. The conversations can be snarky, unquote, Elsie that upsets me that there are people out there still putting luminary down being snarky on them. That's just wrong and now completely positively one hundred percent switching gears, but let's talk about Todd Cochran. July. Is the beginning of the annual podcast awards. This is the fifteenth year for them Todd Cochran less. ISEL is running it again. Thanks, todd seriously thanks. You get grief for this every year and I. sincerely thank you for doing this I. Don't understand why you subject yourself to this. I really do want to thank you for doing it regardless, folks. You can preregister your podcast now. Denominations from listeners will start on July first. Go to PODCAST AWARDS DOT COM for more info and lake is going to be in. The show notes as well guys. If you guys don't WanNa type that out, just link through. Okay this is another message of this. If you don't want to type out PODCAST AWARDS DOT COM. You're probably not going to put the work in that. You need to register your social to say okay. Okay. Okay I agree you're right here. I'll read this one because it's. Really. High L. Elsie N. Rob. Second here I mean. Get my voice right because okay okay. Deeper voice, your because got a deeper voice in me. Hi Elsie and rob. WS intro on episode one sixty nine was a surprise I didn't need. It personally thought damn I have cool friends. Thank you, lips and team regards can. Thank you can. I really appreciate that that was very sweet and kind of you and of course. Goodness gracious a moving onto our second promo of the episode. In this is also from our friend Ginger Campbell this is her second did not sorry. This is her third show. FISHY has two other ones. The desert third show. It is called green rainbows. Dodger Ginger Campbell Longtime Lipson podcasters today. I'm GonNa tell you about my newest show. Grain Rainbows, grain rainbows podcast community for people coming out LGBT plus later in life it's different from my other podcasts, because it focuses on personal storytelling, this a frightening time to lgbt plus in America, and my goal is to help. People feel less alone. I also explore history and the special challenges faced by LGBT plus elders. You can find grain rainbows at grey dot, com or in your favorite podcast. Ask please check it out or share it with someone you love. All right, thank you, thank you ginger, and then we're going to go into something future. Elsie may or may not leave in the episode. So this is about pot hero. In And this is from their site. And for those aren't familiar, and this is interesting from this is what they're. Sight says I pot hero, a monthly membership that supports podcast creators each month. You're five ninety nine months. Subscription gets with shows US support. We don't even take a cut. It's all about the podcasts unquote. And then if you scroll a little further into their site is also this quote. How much of my five ninety nine? A month actually goes to podcasts. And four ninety nine, a month goes to the podcast support. We are proud to charge podcast zero fees, so we asked supporters for an additional one dollar monthly contribution, bringing your total of the five nine hundred a month to help run our service unquote. Well, which one is it? Is it where you don't take a cut or is it where you take the dollar the well? Hey, okay so. Kevin Build letters you don't take anything and then later in site. Say Oh yeah we do. Okay so he said to add said okay, he the language. I think is a little different, so I'm trying to be devil's advocate here, go the warnings if five ninety. Of shouldn't get you get you shared. Gets. With shows and your support, we don't even take a cut. It's all about the big bold letters and a big thing. Right on the front of their side. I know that that that and then later Oh. Okay, so we take a Dalek well, it's it doesn't say cut though it says one dollar monthly controve contribution so I mean I. Don't know. I love to say four ninety nine a month. is is subscription and we don't take a cut. And then Asterix and then fine print. It says but we. By Default Ed in one dollar contribution that's optional, and if you click through a bunch of places, you may be able to. Choose that option. I don't know I mean I. Guess I, you know. I have nothing nice to say here if you haven't figured it out when a company comes out and interviews. Dropping, F bombs and well being very very broke cultures, I find it little. Tough to to like. It was kind of how luminary came into space, but instead of an obnoxious bunny rabbit. They came out dropping bombs. Right what's the difference? But. Yeah, but yeah, okay, so I will comment here in a moment, but you also don't see what problem pot hero psalms road. We'll look. I'll go here. This was an interesting quote from wired. About this quote, part hero is a pivot from curly's previous APP suit, which was a podcast player with social elements baked in. It was mildly successful, garnering around fifteen thousand users unquote. That's less than point Oh. One percent and let's just say wired has a very very generous definition of mildly successful. Also, I don't see what the problem pot hero solves. If podcast listeners want to donate to a show they listen to. They could just ask the show host how to donate to them, or the host can put simple. Donate Button on their website for pay pal donations. Part Hero does not offer anything special to listener at all just another place for them to sign up to a third party that is not in any way connected or even working with populists that the listeners love. I mean they even say in another place that well after we get the money, then we'll try to hunt down the podcast and see if they want it. And if they don't reply to us, we'll just keep. The money was basically what it said in one of the interviews. So again whether future, Elsie keeps US whole segment or not I don't know. But I just. You know if they're going to get a bunch of press and they're going to go on this PR and then it come out dropping f bombs. Sounded like the the the British cousin of luminary what I have to say about? It isn't necessarily about the service. You know I'm about what they're offering. That's not really. Not In any way, anything, I would have blinked at light I just it's like whatever go ahead and do your thing I think what I was. The most bothered with was the amount of coverage that they were getting because I was already disinterested like I start reported in the newsletters. Right, which is fine. That's great. We read this. We scan the headlines and you see all the things happening all the time because there's many companies coming up all the time. That was enough for me. I was like Oh interesting. Okay moving on and then for the entire week. It was in my face. What about pot hero, pot hero, pot, hero pie here all of these articles on my feet on my feet, and I was like. Is it that big of a deal and then I stepped? Because? Of course you know you keep seeing them like what's the conversation like what's happening here I? Thought it was exactly what you mentioned. Rob Something I'm completely not interested in I clicked through and I read the articles and I'm like. Oh. My God this is. So not worth the press, so not worth the conversation, so not worth the coverage, and that's when I got really angry. That's when it was just like. Why is the industry? Covering this so thoroughly when there other conversations that merit the reporting, and the the light cast and the sharing, and all of this press that are happening in podcasting, or that could happening podcast in. It's just the same crap all over again, and you're right. It's a totally put me off I. was just like how is this happening? Why anyway that's! That's what I have to say about it. It's not necessarily about the service whatever I mean it will just do it does it's the coverage that I was really mostly by? Why shall we move on now? Do you think we re? Email here is another email. Hang is awesome podcast. Love it raw talking about the virtual presentation. He did launch a podcast in thirty days. I wonder if there's any way I can buy it from or what it cheers, guys keep up. The great work much appreciated this from Dean Hygiene. You'll need to follow up with the folks that put on. We are podcast. How sessions to see if they have any videos available yet view I. Don't know if they're gonNA make that available. They're going to if they don't wind up making the sessions available free of video. Let me. Know and I might actually do that session again as A. Video maybe put it up on youtube or something but Yeah let me know. But I haven't really neat checklist now that I've created for launching your podcast and thirty days on the different places to distribute in win to distribute to the different places that I've been sending out to people that when customers are asking for that so I have one shows how to do what how to do it your timeline for just apple podcasts, and then I have another time line for thirty days with all the other destinations in their good well, then maybe we can I mean we are working ourselves rob to get some of these things out. So maybe at some point we will let you do one for Lipson. Here we go. This is the last Promo b-e-n-s-o-n. This is again from our friend. This from bill, and this is the stroke cast, but this time it's for episode ninety six, and it has nothing to do with Kobe the time. It's all about writing a manuscript. There will be days when you just WanNa Throw Your manuscript out the window. They keep about writing a memoir. How's it different from an autobiography? What do you need to know to get started? Author, teacher and Stroke Survivor Christine Lee tells us what we need to know in this episode of the stroke cast. The more true you are to yourself, the more you'll engage audience. Learn more at stroke gas dot com slash memoir. Thank you, thank you, so yes, folks you can. Send in Promos not just for your show, but a specific episode coming up But you need to work with Elsie on the timing of that to make sure it's not. Too Far off 'cause sometimes the. Actually y'all it first. Come first serve so if you send it in the sooner you wanted in the better. It is for for me because I don't make. I don't make any exceptions. I'm very firm so first-come-first-served. Send it over, and if it's evergreen, it will always it always be gone, and so are you ready for some stance? We're back to starts art. Numbers to see how your show measures up, and this is the medium me. Numbers are based on episodes released in the month of April with downloads measured until the end of May on average, each was about forty five days old. The median number for April was one hundred, twenty, three down a little bit for marches, one twenty five. The adjusted mean average, where I throw out the top of point, five percent, and any files with three or less downloads dejesus was twelve, hundred, ninety eight. That's down a bunch from March when it was thirteen, sixty four and also down quite a bit from January when it was fifteen hundred twelve so big drop their. Cove. Six point three percent of all downloads for episodes released in April were in the five K. range or greater for downloads. That's magical number from advertisers look for for downloads campaigns. This was down from March where it was six point six percent, and that's an all time low that six point three. For episodes in the five K. range or greater again thanks covid nineteen. but also it wasn't just that there was covid nineteen came out and was causing people to listen a little less, but there was also a lot of people that were releasing more episodes. We had a lot of sign ups. So that also helps drive down averages and things like that. so we had more episodes released in the month of April than we've ever had released in a month. Now here are some numbers to measure against and to put things in perspective. If you show your episodes getting over one hundred twenty three downloads after thirty days, you're better than half the shows out there more than a thousand. You're better than eighty percent more than twenty nine, hundred better than ninety percent of the shows more than sixty six hundred. You're better than ninety five more than seventeen thousand. You're better than ninety eight and more than thirty thousand. You're better than ninety nine percent of the shows out there. And those numbers were for. April and they were all down compared to March. given April was the peak drop or Peak Noe Valley I don't know when he called the opposite of the peak. To Trough, the man made the trough. Drop for downloads overall because of covid nineteen. These numbers were not at all surprising. And what we said was likely going to happen happened. So maze numbers should be flatter likely up. A little bit verses April's numbers when we report next month. And then covid stat speaking of covid set the last few episodes. Basically since. a whole lot down started. We've been looking at the impact of Code One thousand nine stats, and for the most part what we found was versus the base weeks in January Twelfth Nineteen th and twenty six. The worst week was the week of April. Nineteenth was a fourteen point seven percent drop for the whole. And the Tuesday Wednesday Thursday drop that week was a drop of point nine percent, and by the week of May, twenty four th. We were back to close to where we were on the January baseline just drop of five point six percent for Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, and the whole week was pretty much within two percent. So while you know again, that doesn't mean we're fully back not for all shows but now. Now is a great time to be pushing your audience to push your show to their friends and coworkers and family. So as we told you going into this. Make sure your relationship was strong with your audience. Keep going and be ready when we come out the other side. Wild things are and I want to say this by the way things are in no way, shape or form over with covid nineteen. Because we're going back. Just means there's more room in the hospitals does not mean the virus has gone away. We're seeing peaks in different states, but what we're talking about here. Is that there? lockdowns have come are over so a lot of the lockdown over. People are starting to come back. And they're commuting more and an interesting thing is when you look at apple stats on the commune part of things you're seeing more people are driving more now than they did in January, but they're using public transportation less so people are still hesitant to use public transportation that means they're driving more on their own, probably on their by themselves, which is a better opportunity to listen to podcasts, so there is an opportunity again here for your show to grow. Now's the time to be pushing your audience to tell them to tell their friends to listen to your show. All right here we go. Where have we been I was a guest on Peter levene's podcast Avatar advertising stories. which just went up last week? It was episode for an but also. Purpose of the interview Peter did with me from his first podcast. A three sixty view, the original interview, which was a two-parter, was recorded in May or June, two thousand six, and saying just reposted my two thousand six view the first part. But he sent me the links and the files to both parts and I, and I listened to both did a pretty darn good job on my predictions on when things would go and beat today so. I was pretty accurate. So thanks for the original interview and forgery rediscovering and re posting it on your show link in the show notes for the first part of the two part interview the second part he will hopefully linked to shortly, and that is where the predictions and more serious advice comes in. But. Yeah, it was. It was fun listening to yourself from fourteen years ago Oh. My Gosh, wow, that's not well. At least what what is it? Is that receipts? You Have Receipts Rob. Well I was on why influence! EPISODE FIFTY DO I share how my past affiliations made way to podcasting so I kind of like he Jeremy the host. He kind of talk me through my guess trajectory of where I began and ended up with all of the things that I've been able to manage in my entire life, which is kind of weird when people ask questions, and then you go. Yeah Oh. Yeah, was doing that Oh. Yeah. I did that, too. How did you end up here? So he asked me a lot of questions about that and I. Just it was really great. Jeremy did a fantastic job, but this is where I'm going to tell you the behind the scenes of what I was mentioning before when we were talking about video and Jeremy, Jeremy, respect man I love you. You did great he such a good guy. He's so sweet, but he learned a lesson so. So mind you. It's like who I think we recorded early. I think it was like ten o'clock in the morning like we record here like at ten am as well was one of those things, and usually I, wake up, and I take care of the girls and I do all the things that a mom does right, and then I I'm in the middle of working and whatnot, so we he sends me a link to do the interview and I get behind the mic and stuff, and it's a streaming stream yard. Lincoln I know stream yard because we use it for she podcast I. Know It's an audio and video thing so. He sends it to me and I'm like. Oh, it's video. Mind you I'm in my pajamas. I don't think I. Even like brushed my hit nothing just like I'm going to record a podcast interview like who cares right my voice newstalk so anyway. So I put them the video on. Just because it's thought we're talking with each other and whatnot and. As. We're about to begin. He says something like. Is it okay if I record and is it okay if I live stream this? Oh, I was. No No, no. I'm in my pajamas no I'm going. I'm not going to do that and so we had a little conversation that was like. He mentioned his wife when we were taught right before like we were talking just had a really quick conversation. He mentioned his wife and I was like her. Would you wife go live right now? and. He was like no, and I was like yeah. So. It was just like an mind you, it's just all again. It's all learning stuff, but what my suggestion was. If you are going to go live in your, because he goes live to would have gone live to linked in and facebook, and I was like. Thank you. That would have been awesome, but I need a little. Heads up my least, so I can take my pajamas off and put something else. So so anyway that was that was big. New Don't dream. Live through. The Su- not okay anyway in lastly, I'm just GONNA. Share that some of our and team was live. With the typecasting for beginners conference that happened this past weekend on June thirteenth, and both Dave Jackson and Rob Greenlee both have sessions, and I actually because we are sort of future casting here. Maybe if you go over to the independent PODCAST CONFERENCE DOT com slash virtual, there might be a replay. I have no idea how they're going to handle it, but you can definitely go over to the independent podcast conference dot com, and then refer to whatever the proper link is linked to in the show notes if there's anything that you can do either to to watch, though sessions now or Whatever because I'm not quite sure how that's going to be dealt with. And therefore where are we going rob? Of course. I have no, idea. Of Time. I. Don't you know I'm looking at the next month? I? Don't see anything coming up and So there'll be some things I'm sure come up, but I I was trying to find some stuff you know we take out all the physical stuff. It's pretty much gone now. There's still a couple of physical events that you know. There's still podcast movement still scheduled for October. And then I've got content marketing world also scheduled for October, and there's a few other events that are still scheduled that we have some people that might be going to stay. They go through in September but Unfortunately you know again. covid nineteen on over and people are sure acting like it is, and that's not going to be. That's not going to bode well. We do have a dream just a quick remembering remembering that we do have. The webinars for the PODCAST Academy. If you guys want to check that stuff out, and so that you can sign up for that because that's still going to be the week that you listen to this hopefully I mean if you listen to whenever we release this, then we are going to be there. I'm at least Rob Greenlee. Of course. He's the chairman and then I. Am and I'm. This is way out I'm going to be. Good. This is again virtual. Be at the PODCAST. Latin fast, and that's going to be happening a September twenty fourth. My session talk. Tino whatever is from eight to eight, forty, five, September twenty fourth in. That's a Thursday and that is a s. t time so I think from what I remember. That is one hour ahead of eastern standard so. Anyway ast time eight to eight forty five PM September twenty fourth. For Future, talking virtually with people, I think that's it right? Is there anything else that we need to address here? As we close no future I'll see my air conditioned to kick in a few times. I could hear it I. Don't know if it was picked up on the recording. It might be just just finding the dead area and my recording. You can come back here to the end of the episode to find it good segment where the air conditioning was loudest and use. Find and remove if you if you're using anything like sound. So. Yeah, any clearing on that you. Rebel rebel. WanNa. Remind you now so that you know where to go later. You need to find a dead area spot. I think that's it. Until. Two weeks we'll see you for weeks. That's right. Mind you. If you have any feedback, please email the feet Lipson dot com. The feet Lipson Dot, com, you. You can also download our APP from US and Android. Just search for Lipson L. A.. B. S. Y. N. and you'll find us right away. You can also call us at four, one, two, five, seven, three, nineteen, thirty four, and in the next couple of episodes we hope to have special guests on the show, so stay tuned to hear. Some of those conversations I can't say that rob. Greenlee is going to be with us in the next episode of the feed to give you a little bit of an inside scoop about the podcast academy after that first women are. So, that's going to be kind of fun anyway. That's about it so looking forward to hearing from you guys as you email feedback to the show and Bob I. Talk With You guys soon.

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