Best of The Herd: 11/15/2018


Thanks for listening to the best of her podcast. Be sure to catch us live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine Pacific on Fox Sports radio and f s one find your local station for the hurt at Fox Sports radio dot com or stream it live every day on the iheartradio app by searching heard. Is the best of the herd with Colin cower on Fox Sports radio. Here we go to Thursday. This is the heard wherever you may be. And however, you may be listening live in Los Angeles. Iheartradio, Fox Sports radio and f s one joy Taylor is joining me today in a Thursday tonight Packers go to Seattle to take on the Seahawks. Loser. It's an elimination game. So it's a huge NFL game. Tonight. Cannot wait to watch my team from the Pacific northwest against Darren Rogers. He is rarely in this situation. But I want to start with the Lakers in the Bronx. Joy, I went to the game last night. Yes. He said many times today we're going to the game. And and we'll big j journalism always representing now after the third cocktail it didn't feel like journalism to me. And LeBron did talk to me, but let's not get into that stuff. Right. It's ironic that I went to the game that LeBron surpassed. Built and we always compare quarterbacks. And we always compare basketball players to me. It was always obvious is that Kobe was MJ. Kobe came into the league Emel sounded like him. Jay, they played like MJ they had the same games. But LeBron because he's the only person to ever threaten Michael Jordan is the best player of all time. And I do think analytically it's not close. And I do think he can do far more far more than Michael ever could. So I have LeBron number one all time Michael's number two. But they're both great. But that's not what this rant about. This rant is about. Lebron James has never been Michael. He's always been thirty percent. Magic thirty percent wilt and forty percent alien. I've never seen anything like him. My two takeaways from watching LeBron person number one is. He is so much better than everybody else. A six foot nine two hundred fifty seven pound forward should not also be the best ball handler. And last night the best shooter and have the best vision and be the best leader power forwards. We're supposed to physically dominate you. Lebron can do that. That's what we'll did. But when you watch LeBron Damian Lillard the second best NBA player on that floor last night, and the gap is the Grand Canyon times four bigger stronger faster last night, a better shooter than the guard. And by the way, if Tom Brady with all his passion with all his pre snap acumen. If Tom Brady had Aaron Rogers arm. Russell Wilson's feet and Cam Newton size. Imagine that that's what LeBron is LeBron just broke Wilt Chamberlain scoring records. Now, I want you to think about that LeBron's not a score. He's not he doesn't have an iconic shot like the skyhook the George Gervin finger roll he didn't play with a top point guard to get him freebie points like Karl Malone. Michael Jordan's a score Kobe's score. They should be the all-time scores. Wilt was a score Kareem with a skyhook. Lebron has none of that. He is not the flawless natural gifted shooter. He's a six nine freight train who has developed into one of the great clutch three point shooters in this league. So my first takeaway whenever I watch LeBron. And especially when I watch him in person he is so much better than everybody else. And the second thing that I've really noticed the last couple of times, I've watched them in person. He's really smart the. Game. Now comes to him. He only has to put the Cape on and save the team and go superman about twice a night. He has these sort of turbo microbursts for two or three minutes. He had them last night. And then you realize oh, he's taking things over. He's allowing the game to develop the young players to develop. And then he kind of feels like ooh, Brandon Ingram just hit a three. Oh, we just hit a to let me take over for four minutes and change the game and win it. But he only does that. Now at times he doesn't chase people down for the shot blocks. Like you used to his first six seven years in the league he is super efficient. He doesn't need the ninety nine mile an hour fastball. All but about nine times a game. No wasted motion. No wasted energy. It's brilliant. Really? And not as a prize from the smartest player in the NBA for the last decade or more. Here's LeBron surpassing wilt last night, let's watch. Macron drives is fouled. Away from passing table. From. James number five all time on the NBA scoring list. This guy is passing ledges that. That one name based unbelievable pointing this great. This. By the way. I always felt that Michael Jordan sees a lot of himself in Russell Westbrook. When I think of Michael Jordan, I think of relentless great athlete. Incredibly insanely competitive. That's westbrook. Michael's just a more efficient version of Westbrook. That's why Michael loves Westbrook, by the way, I've always seen LeBron James as a more mature, a more focused a more driven version of wilt. And watching him in persons in absolute pleasure. And my takeaways are always he is so much better than even even other great players, and my second takeaway is he has now matured so well, he's as great as he's ever been. He just now picks his spots and let the game come to him. There was one of those little microbursts last night. In their quick. He does it two or three times and he seizes on the opportunity Portland led for much of the game early. Then they started to falter. Here comes the burst. The. Crowley, thirty percent will thirty percent magic and forty percent. I dunno incredible hulk let me shift gears to this Aaron Rodgers tonight. This is a nother joy. This is a nother big standalone major TV game with Aaron Rodgers facing one of those contemporary star quarterbacks that we always put him ahead of you know, we always put him ahead of Matt Ryan it was put him ahead of drew Brees. We always put him ahead of Cam Newton. We put him ahead of Matt Ryan many of you put him ahead of Tom Brady. And we get a couple of these year. These these big Aaron Rodgers games. And here's what's interesting when Aaron Rodgers faces the other great quarterbacks that you always put them ahead of Brady Brees Matt Ryan Cam Newton Andrew law. Doc. Russell wilson. Oh, always put him head of those. It's funny. Guess Aaron doesn't win a lot of those games. Let's take this year. He faced Tom Brady week nine. He lost and any faced Jared Goff week eight. He's one of the great young players any lost that one. And then last year he faced Cam Newton off the injury week fifteen and lost. And then he faced Matt Ryan in week -tuni- lost. He did face. Russell Wilson last year at home in one two years ago, he faced Matt Ryan NFC championship and lost vase Russell Wilson in one. And then he faced Andrew luck and lost face. Matt Ryan and lost. When is winning a matter in these big standalone contemporary star quarterback verse contemporary star quarterback when when's the winning part gonna matter? But is defense. It's eleventh I in Saks Fifth in past defense. Those numbers tonight are even or better than Russell Wilson. When drew Brees who doesn't make excuses faces. His contemporaries, the last ten times drew Brees has. Faced you know, those great quarterbacks he six and four. The last ten times Tom Brady has fast based contemporary quarterbacks in that small group is nine and one. Aaron Rodgers lasts seven years. Green Bay's get a losing record on the road Owen three against Russell Wilson. Seattle phases. Him again tonight. I am by no means not saying Aaron Rodgers isn't great. But God you hold LeBron. And Kevin Durant and Tom Brady Cam Newton and big band. You hold all these stars in sports to actually winning games. Hell you hold him to winning championships, which I championships is about luck and timing and your coach in your roster. I'm just looking for more Aaron Rodgers wins in the regular season against contemporary star quarterbacks. The guys you always slot. Him ahead of Matt Ryan came Newton, Andrew luck. Russell wilson. Drew Brees Tom Brady. It's time for some wins. I don't wanna hear excuses. They're number one in the NFL and top top-five past events. Number eleven total defense Seattle's ten by fifteen yards time to start winning these. We hold everybody else. Every other quarterback. We hold. We where the timing tips or the titles where the play I'm not even asking for that. With Aaron Rodgers. I'm just asking, you know, when you face these big stand alone, TV games that don't aren't always at home and comfortable lambo that you have to go on the road for these that you have to face a team. That's also got some good players. I'm just asking that you could win some of these. I'm not demanding Super Bowls. I'm not demanding NFC championships fans. Do we hold everybody else? Accountable in sports LeBron. Kevin Durant Steph curry Tom Brady, drew Brees. Big bet. We hold everybody accountable. Can I just hold Aaron Rodgers accountable to win one of these big television games that stand alone against the contemporary quarterback? Be sure to catch live additions of the heard weekdays at noon. Easter not an Pacific on Fox Sports radio affects one and the iheartradio app. So now, you go from like rumors till legitimate rumors to while something happening, right? And there have been discussions that. Kevin durant? Not happy with, you know, the whole vibe in Golden State, and you know, you heard rumors. But now, they're intensifying Stephen a Smith yesterday said he's told Lakers lead for Kevin Durant. I don't know that to be true. But he's broken some stories. We also have a source a couple of days ago an anonymous warrior players saying Katie is out of here. Now, we've got this from Marcus Thompson of the outlet. According to multiple sources dream on green reminded Durant, dude we won without you hear green let out his frustrations this is part of the impending exit. So we've got multiple sources. So my first takeaway on this is there's probably some truth to it. These are legitimate people. We don't make stuff up. That doesn't mean guys like me are wrong on our sources, but we just don't make stuff up and I'm not a reporter these are reporters often their job their livelihood their blood their legacies on reporting stuff. So I trust those. If you're tired of Golden State's dynasty, you should be happy with this. Right. If you're tired of the Silicon Valley smugness, the the political progressiveness the smarter the new Steve Kerr, the great Kevin Durant leaving. And by the way, if he does go to Los Angeles, LeBron Kevin Durant would crush the warriors. It would not be competitive two guys in the NBA of averaged over thirty against the warriors in their career. Kevin durant? Lebron and let me tell you something even when he loses a final they can't stop. Lebron? Lebron is a hot knife through butter against the warriors. And Kevin Durant would eat Draymond green alive. And the warriors would be then led by increasingly brittle Steph curry who I love. Love but he's brittle. You'd now have to overpay for hot and cold. Klay Thompson low skilled Draymond green who plays defense and not much else and the enigmatic boogie cousins would probably sign a deal check. Please. I second round it's over. But never forget this. If you don't like cold move to a warm place, and if you don't like heat moved to Alaska, but don't complain if you love the NBA about dynasties because in the sixties, the Celtics won eleven titles and thirteen years long before player, mobility, we had the most dominant dynasty in NBA history. And then in the eighties magic in the Lakers bird in the Celtics one eight titled combined and then in the nineties six of eight years Michael Jordan's bulls won the only time they didn't. He went to play baseball. Then Kobe and check one three straight the Spurs one five. And fifteen years LeBron got to eight straight finals and now Golden State looking for the third straight. This is what the NBA is. This is what the NBA's always been you do get this as basketball at the U level. There's like six AU teams in the country that win every year. And in college basketball, there's like six programs that dominate the tournament and like in the NBA because you've only got five starters in eight guys in the rotation. Basketball relies on the fewest people, and when you get one or two stars maybe three that converge. It's over, but it was over in the sixties, and we had dynasties we had dynasties with red arbox and dynasties in the eighties dynasties in the nineties dynasties in San Antonio and dynasties in big markets. Dynasties small markets. So if we're going to have another one, here's my only question Lakers. Katie lebron. You don't like that? Take time out. So you're so fascinated with Jaylen Brown and Al Horford you want that one for seven years. Oh, my bed that sounds fascinating. You're so fascinated with Janas Chris Middleton Eric Bledsoe. You want that dynasty for eight years? Sorry, not that interested. You're so fascinated with Kyle Lowry coli Leonard and Jonas villainous you want that dynasty for eight years really bra to go to the steakhouse or the best rebuy. They have it is inevitable. Basketball at every level is the sport of dynasties because one or two players can dominate the game. If you're giving me an option on dynasties. Knock yourself out with the Al Horford Gordon Hayward one with the with the Chris Middleton one with the Kyle Lowry. Coa one bra all take k de Braun and the Lakers in the palm trees one be sure to catch live editions the heard weekdays at noon eastern, not an Pacific. I understand the media. You're looking for stories. I don't even consider myself part of the media anymore. I don't I just I date journalism gone. I know I'm doing my own level journalism. They're doing fake news. I'm doing journalists. This story stupid. Headline passing stats are up around the NFL. But Tom Brady's are down. Let me continue Brady's averaging seven point four yards. A pass this year. The NFL average is seven point five. What does he throw in left handed out there? The story continues Brady's completing sixty five point two percent of his passes. The NFL average is sixty five point one. What is going on? He was the MVP last year. The story is asinine. Ever seen the TV show chopped its that food show. They bring in a bunch of people four ingredients, they give you liquorice an avocado maple syrup and horse meat. And they ask you to make the world's greatest pork chop. Let's just say this out loud. Tom Brady's leading receiver. This year is a running back. His slot receivers coming off ACL surgery. His best running backs a rookie who's been heard all year his tight end in his last year and has one touchdown and his best. Deep threat has played sparingly the last five years and joined the team in mid season. And you wonder why Tom's not the leading MVP guy. Folks. Tom Brady this year has beaten Houston. They lead their division Chicago. They lead their division. Kansas city. They lead their division. Only beat Andrew luck. Aaron rodgers. Are we kidding here? Saying out loud. He's got an old slot receiver off attourney C L A tied end with one touch down in his last year. A rookie running back who's been hurt all season. His leading receivers are running back and his best deep threat has personal issues perhaps some addiction and has played sparingly. In the last five years, and you wonder why he's not tearing it up the media now make stories up to take shots at the current NFL dynasty. Patrick Mahomes has the best play designer in the league as coach the fastest player on the outside and Tyree. Kill a top five running back in Kareem hunt. The number two receiver. Sammy Watkins is a number one on many teams and Travis Kelsey is the best tight end. Yes. Patrick, Mahomes, should be tearing it up. The patriots receiving leaders are number one running back number two guy that played sparingly for half a decade. Number three gronk who Sunday may not play again number four slot receiver often ACL surgery and number five Chris HOGAN who can't outrun me to that camera. Okay. No, no, really the media. It really is not fake news doesn't exist. That's fake news. Guys are real bummed must be throwing left handed. I mean, let's be honest here. We're just making crap up. We are just making crap up. Well, people have been wishing for the downfall patriot. Yes. Crack in Tom Brady for many years. So any kind of that can kind of maybe point to the Klein is happening. If we have to we have to dynasties in football right now, we have the Alabama one. And the New England won the Alabama was very easy to root against Nick Sabin refuses to go on the road out of conference Nick Sabin play citadel three times a year. He could play real teams Nick Sabin. Oh is conveniently has a by before the biggest games, they manipulate their schedule. Now, they're very very good. But never forget his fourth year. He lost three games. And then he stopped going on the road out of conference, Nixon manipulating the the the better part the decade been been he has been manipulating. Last five years of this dynasty. I'm not saying they wouldn't still be great. But they're manipulate New England's beating people they don't make their own schedule. It's not their fault that dolphins can't get their act together. I mean, I'm never going to root against a professional dynasty college. Dynasties are easy to root against the better. You are the more games. You win the better. You are the better players. You get the coach has too much power. He can manipulate the schedule. Mike, shefty can totally manipulate Duke schedule thirty percent of the schedule. They can play all games at home. I mean the big game for Alabama. This year was in Orlando against Louisville Louisville since fired their coach it was such a mess. New England beat Houston leaves their division. Kansas City leaves their division. Chicago leads division beat Aaron Rodgers, Andrew luck. And that's hard for me to hate them. What's up John Middlecombe from the three and out podcast? If you liked Colin show, you will like mine. I talk a ton of football coming up on today's show dive in the couch tanning. What makes him a quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys? They're not done yet in gronkowski. Why villa? Check should have got rid of him last year, again, the three and outlawed guess where ever you listen to your podcast with me. John middlekauff tonight Packers and the Seahawks play and my feeling is field goal game. It's an elimination game. It's contemporary quarterbacks meeting errands beaten, Russell a couple of times Russell's never lost Aaron in Seattle. And here we go. I pry coin flip it and go with the Seahawks. Let me just say this though, I don't want to hear any excuses. We all make choices in life. When Aaron Rodgers decided to take thirty four million dollars a year deal. He made choices and the choice is. I'm going to play with a younger team for the rest of my career. And that's okay. Aaron Jones very good young running back. And they've got a couple of really nice young wide receivers and a really good rookie corner. But that's a choice. He made. Okay. Years ago. Drew Brees took the money and the saints went seven nine seven nine seven nine because they couldn't afford an offensive line or a pass rush. And then drew Brees to pay cut and got a break back to back years. The saints hit it out of the park with two great drafts. Nailed it crushed it. And that's how they rebounded. So right now the MVP of the Packers intern Rogers the second MVP of the Packers their scouting department. But I don't wanna hear excuses about. Well, you know, errands, really smart. I always say about people, you can't be brilliant and tell me, you're brilliant and then get conveniently stupid Bill. Bella check is too smart to say. I didn't know anything about filming practice. Now, you knew film and the jets was not right Bill. You knew that you can't build ballot. Check. And that smart. And then say no idea was filming the jet sideline. You knew deflate gates bunch of hooey spy gate was real can't be as smart RELEX Aaron Rodgers. And then complain about young receivers. Okay. You decided to take that money. And that's fine. I back on that. But that means go play with younger players free agents. Don't go to Green Bay to begin with. Now, you can't afford them. And that's fine. But right now Green Bay's got two second year running backs one's really good too rookie corners a second year corner. And that's their new reality. That's what they chose. And drew Brees. Once got a big contract and his offense of line deteriorated and his defense wasn't as good. What you need. If you're Aaron Rodgers now is for your organization to nail some drafts. And they're certainly capable of it. I love their young receiver. I liked their young corners. I love this Aaron Jones kids second year. But that's what you need when you pay the quarterback of fortune. You're going to need two years in a row of home runs in the draft breeze. Got it New Orleans with his GM Mickey Lomas cross your fingers if you're in Rogers again there in Seattle tonight. One more heard the herd streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio app. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you like if you like the NFL if you bet the NFL if you play fantasy if you really like football and wanna get smarter. Nobody does a better job than Greg Cosell thirty plus years NFL films, and he joins us today. Let's talk about drew Brees for a sec. Second. The numbers are off the charts. Some of this is rules driven seventy seven percent completions Twenty-one TD's one pick. But you look at the film. Greg is this the most impressive drew Brees season? Boy, he's been good for a long time. Call in you know, I think the interception thing is really interesting. He's only thrown one. But I think he's always really played like this. He's so good before the stamp of the ball to great quarterbacks in today's NFL Colin win before the ball snapped. They're so good at investigating the defense. Researching it understanding what the defense is doing. And then there's the tempo element. That's a major part of what the saints do selective use of tempo, which is also really helpful because it gets defenses in a predictable coverage. Their offense is really quick timing base. He does not throw the ball down the field. Very much. No, it's it's an offense. That's based on completions. Getting the ball out completing passes staying on schedule. Staying ahead of the chains. They have Camara who is as good a match up weapon as there is in the league because of the position he plays. So he's he's playing at a really high level. But there's there's a lot of scheming involved as well. Yeah. And by the ways clearly coach -able because he's smart understand. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, this is a guy that's really embrace Sean Payton, there's so much fun to watch. And we have missed the number one team in the NFL for three straight weeks. All right. I watched Tennessee in New England and Tom was not throwing on platform. He was rushed. He was uncomfortable. Tennessee now is made Dak and Brady and obviously wants better than the other highly uncomfortable. What a Tennessee do that the Texans defensive front. Couldn't do the bears defensive front couldn't do but Tennessee's defensive front. Did it? Well, I don't think Tennessee did anything tactically or strategically. Let's put it that way. That teams don't know about. They just happened to do it. Really? Well, and what that is. They showed multiple front looks. They focused all their pressure concepts which were also very multiple up the middle and they had great success. Jess and Brady was very uncomfortable. Right from the beginning yanking. Yes. And when he gets uncomfortable. He starts to play a little faster, and he doesn't see things as clearly and that's exactly what happened in this game. And they were you could go to the first series of the third quarter, Colin, and that said everything you want to know it was the second play. They had a blitz. It was what we call a form in zone exchange with that means is you only rush four, but one of them is a linebacker or defensive back. They got in clean then on the third down play. They did the same thing another for man's own exchange and they ended up with a sack those two plays on the first series of the third quarter. Where totally Representative of what the titans did the entire game. Andrew luck. It's so I feel I'm so happy that he has protection. It's not a perfect team. They need another. They need a number two receiver. They could use help it running back. The defence just doesn't it that the the past. Russia's evaporated in the last month. But this offense of line is giving him time to throw. I mean, do you see this? When you look at tape and film is this a team that feels formidable enough to beat Tennessee this weekend the win. Well, I think they're very interesting in this regard number one we've talked about Frank Reich in the offense of coaching staff. And what a great job they've done with the quick time and quick rhythm pass game. Look is a comfortable player. He there it's not like years ago, and he dropped back and start moving around with those deeper drops the ball gets out. But I think they're also playing in some ways to what the NFL for some teams has become multiple tight insects. So when you line up with two and even three tight ends more often than not the high probability is the defense will stay with their base personnel. And then when you have Letica tight end like abra n- like Swope like MO alley. Cox players who can line up all over the formation against base personnel. And you can spread the formation as they do at times you 'cause matchup problems, and they're really doing that affectively. Yeah. They really don't think any team in the league has more solid Tida EIB. Ron by the way, has been a massive get for them. And you probably because I know your big college football, you probably remember him coming out of college. He was highly athletic. It did not quite happen for him into Troy, but there were people talking about Ibran as if he was that new wave tight end because he could really really run. I mean, I remember I think he had a seventy five yard touchdown against the you when he was in college where he just looked like a big wide receiver who could really run. All right. So Dak Prescott goes on the road beats Philadelphia. And I said, you know, I've seen this with Dak we all get a sugar rush. It's okay. This deck is great. And I always say, it's a little fool's gold. He had a great running game. He plays with a lead. He was more comfortable in the pocket. The secondary for the eagles was all beat up. I kind of feel like this deck win was sugar rush. And there's always a crash after that. I think a little bit of it. It was perfect circumstances in my opinion. What are the film say I would agree with that based on Cape study? And I think the tape study tells you about that pretty much every week. He he always leaves throws on the field that are there by not turning it loose because he's not a true into patient anticipation thrower. He needs to feel very comfortable that the receivers open before he turned it loose. Now, he is an NFL quarterback. So he's going to make throws you know, he's a starting NFL quarterback. But for the most part, he he doesn't have great vision in the pocket and he waits. He's a waiter. So that will always be a little bit of a hindrance to his game. But I think getting Amari Cooper will help because he can win one on one. And that's the way they're offense is built it's an individual isolation. Route offense, and Amari Cooper is a really good route runner, and he can win one on one by the way. Philadelphia one game. They've scored over twenty five this year. They did it a dozen times last year. It does seem to me that Carson Wentz doesn't get quite the protection up front. They've had injuries on the perimeter in the backfield. Is it just a personnel thing? Scheme thing. What's wrong with Philadelphia health scheme based? And don't forget they they lost Frank Reich and joined Filipo they have Mike grows in his first year as a coordinator, you don't see the same staple route concepts and combinations. As you did a year ago last year, you could say, hey, what are the eagles Staples? And you'd immediately come up with four or five route concepts that they ran every week and in the run game we used to talk last year about how diverse and multiple they were in the run game. You don't see that this year? So I think it's more scheme based because I personally think Carson winces playing very very well. I do I I love Carson Wentz. But to your point, you know, NBA dynasties die because of egos Kobe Shaq don't get along NFL dynasties die because you have injuries free agency, and you lose really good coordinators, and they just don't would they just don't quite feel the same. Now. Speaking of feeling since asional Rams chiefs will put on his show this. It was going to be a Mexico City. They've moved it now to Los Angeles. I do feel like now hear me out. This is weird. I do feel like not that the league's figured out the Rams, but the way to beat the Rams is run at them. Like Seattle did twice take golf off the field, and they don't have a wildly complex offense. They do few things brilliantly. Well, I like Kansas City in this matchup. Not that the league's figured out the Rams, but I think we're a little ahead of ourselves on the Rams, they're not the warriors. They can't mail it in and win games. What is the tape? Sam these two. Well, I think it's a fascinating sort of combination of inches because they're different obviously, they're both very good. I would say that the Rams are not that complicated sword. I don't like to use. But it complicated. They line up in eleven personnel. And almost every snap three wide receivers on the field. They run a lot of tight splits. They were in the outside zone run game and they run jet motion. So with they're trying to do is expanded defense. Azzawi stretch the defense vertically create voids in the middle. That's what they do. And they minimize the pass rush with his own run game. The chiefs on the other hand are incredibly multiple win their formations their personnel where they line people up Tyree hill can line up in the inside slot two trips. He's really hard to defend they are for more multiple in what they do. It's not a gimmick thing. But they they line people up all over, and then makes it harder to defend. So they're different to really good offenses. That are totally different case. Seahawks tonight host Green Bay you talked about Russell Wilson this year being more of a complementary piece last week. I watched them against the Rams in boy there they had clearly put in several quarterback run situations. They had spotted something with the Rams not only running the football against him. But Russell there were several plays a half dozen where I felt like even though he dropped back to pass. He really wanted to run the football. Like his mind was made up which I don't know if it's designed or not you still feel that he's mostly complementary piece this year. I do I think that's their approach. They've run the ball more than any team in the NFL. They've got the most shotgun run of any team in the NFL. There were running team. Now, I thought last week they had its own read elements to that. And he did have some zone. Read runs. A lot of his runs came later in the game. When they were coming back if he saw open space he took it figuring gained some yards. But my sense is that they want to be a running team a physical attitude running team, ideally, play good defense and Wilson can sort of be a complement to that. I don't think they want him to be a runner as a priority in their offense. Yeah. By the way, Green Bay tonight, errands, never one in Seattle. And I said this the other day, and I'm not sure it's right. But I said it I said listen certain things in the NFL travel. Well, running games travel running games mean you have extended drives it. You quiet. The crowd. You take their star quarterback off the field. Green Bay doesn't run the ball. Generally with great of Acura n- over the last four or five years. I don't think it's very hard to win this league. If you have to throw thirty eight times, that's my takeaway, white Green Bay last seven years is sub five hundred on the road with Aaron Rodgers. That's my whole takeaway. Do you buy any of that are due and in fact this year up until I think this week Aaron Rodgers on average was dropping back more than forty five. That's terrible. That's not good for anybody. No. That's not good for anybody. You're right. That's too many. So we'll see how they go moving forward. Obviously Jones last week had a big game. I like Aaron Jones I remember. Watching him coming out of you tip. I don't know if you saw him. I did not I thought that and this is going to sound crazy because who I'm going to compare them to but only in one regard. I think he was similar to Frank gore in his ability to get through small creases at the point of attack, and then reaccelerate to the second level. And I think that Jones is very very good at that. And I'd like to see their offense, be more balanced. I think it needs to be. I think he green base forty two and eleven. When Aaron Rodgers throws fewer than thirty times and they're much closer to five hundred when he throws over that. So to your point or my point a running game makes everybody better including Aaron Rodgers now. Everybody loves Sean McVeigh he's in LA the Todd Gurley. It's the entertainment capital of the world. But I'm watching Matt Nagy Chicago with Trubisky guy. I didn't love how to college still not sure I love I could make an argument. It's way more impressive. What Matt Nagy Trubisky and that offense and those pieces the one McVeigh's doing in LA your thoughts. Well, here's what always sort of bothers me not about what you just said. But I think that it's the coaching staff job to put a scheme together that enhances the skill set of their players that doesn't mean a player is a system player. That's the coach's job is not. Yeah. No it is. So you know, I didn't Mitchell Trubisky coming out of college either. I don't think he's a purely natural. Or the football Goth is a much more natural thrower of the football Trubisky is but clearly scheme wise particularly again zone concepts. They do such a good job that it presents to find throws and reads, four Bisky and the one thing he showed. He's very good seem thrower, those can be tough throws. But he's made a number of those throws. I'm very anxious to see where this goes because they've got some weapons you like their weapons. Well, I really like Anthony Miller coming out of Memphis. That's your big play of the week. So give us your play of the week. It's. All right. Let's let's run it. Then right now, and we can started right away. This was a touchdown to Anthony Miller. And it was a forty five yard touchdown. I believe obviously, he's wide open when he catches the ball. But there's a reason he's wide open. And what they did here is they ran what we call trips. Bunch. You see three bears. They're Alan Robinson is the point man in the bunch. So now he's being played man-to-man by Nevin Lawson. So now what you have with the rest of the bunch is you have Tyler Gabriel on the outside. And right now, he's being played man-to-man by Sean shed. And then on the inside you're going to have Anthony Miller played man-to-man by quandary digs. But with the bunch does is it can cause some problems for how you play this because you can either play stay in man coverage or play what we call the releases of the two outside receivers so to speak. So what happens here is you see that digs allows his man Miller to run by him. Playing the inside release of Taylor Gabriel. So he gives up his man to play the release now to show in shed. He doesn't play the release. He stays with his man, which was Gabriel. So Miller's wide open. So they got caught playing bunch. They got caught playing one guy played man all the way through the other guy played the release, and they got caught. That's what you try to do Colin when you do the trip. Sponge, you can't count on that happening. But that's one thing that could happen. You get them. Stuck mixed between playing the man and playing the releases. Yeah, they're clever. I mean, I watch them they're clever. They I mean, they all say again trubisky's ball dies to me. He doesn't you know? Right about that. You're right about that deep balls lose energy on the back end. Yeah. No. I mean his ball dies in. It's like Mahomes gained steam his dies. That's because he's a lot front leg thrower. He locks his front leg when he throws. And you can't drive the football. When you do that Greg Cosell. Great stuff, fifty minutes NFL meat sandwich, talking to you, Greg. Thanks gone.

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