The July Playdate/The Short Neck Giraffe (feat. Lauren Holt)


Hey there everybody. It's leave from the story. Pirates back in action with a brand new episode. That will knock your socks off with such force now. Your socks will enter a parallel dimension in create a new life for themselves as -centia an sucks but seriously today's episode has all sorts of fun stuff like edible leaves trombones underwater graffiti artists and our incredible special guest the comedian. Lauren hopes all that. And more coming up right after this. Quick words for the grownups. Wow wow if you don't mind my asking. Why are you out of here in the ocean staring at the side of the ship. And saying wow a bunch. I'm looking up his of a balloon and a jellyfish iphone on the starboard of the ship of europe of our work. That's been painted or pie to a wall ceiling or otherwise permanent structure. I know what a mural is. I mentioned like I see yes a mural. It stopped me right in track as i was out for my afternoon swim. This mural is extremely beautiful. Why it's funny insecure goal clinton so smart. I can't believe i've never noticed it on the ship before this is definitely a bureau would've remembered swimming by at some point. I mean look at the detail on this thing. I know that read loon floating away from not young black and white jellyfish just immediately go completely the spree paint even looks frisk is if the wall was weeping to just wow kiss move out here. Give him any. Whoa are y'all okay. I didn't mean to swimming on your cry. Oh why we do mike right. Time is actually later in the day. Were actually just firing this beautiful bureau of the jellyfish in the balloon that we've never notice here on the start of the ship. Yes of course the beautiful mural of the jellyfish in the way the second what. What mirrow this here. Oh my goodness crowd has ever had a mural on. I mean i should know this is where i have my cry time so i look at it. The starboard is angry. Place for grad time using the kitchen as anyone touching it asp. It's still somewhat has secretly moving satirical art piece onto our ship. Wow wow dory neck height of dinu. I make my own music carry pirates To the story. Pirates podcast everyone. We take stories. Rick kids and turn them into sketch comedy and sunken. Hey we heard you doing the without us. Then it's firmly and satirical twin smart. Why am i going. I look at this. Jellyfish is something. I'm filled with the feeling that it's going to be okay painted this well. We'll surely get to the bottom of who tagged the ship but first let's do a story and here introduce it is the author. I can't even usual and my story july. i'm home. Perfect timing honey. I just finished baking these brownies. Time to celebrate with a celebratory guitar. Riff on my guitar guitar. Riff mom thanks. These brownies look great. Ouch honey be careful. Those are your tar playing fingers. Mike at tarpley sure. What else would you use them for that. As important as playing guitar our families fingers were built for guitar playing forever and ever on guitar. Mom how come you're so passionate about the guitar. As far back as i can remember my family have been guitar. Players me my mom. My mom's mom. My mom's mom's aunt my mom's mom's aunt second cousin twice removed and that rube woman. I met at the bank. Who turned out to be my long lost twin. So we're a guitar family. That's right it's like the old saying goes eight. No family like a guitar family because guitar family can play wonderwall together whenever they want. Okay great hey mom look. Something's happening outside. Oh love outside exiting to outside riff. Now the my mom's outside. I can secretly practice my other instruments the trombone trombone i hear. Hey it's your old daddy. Oh checking in to say. I am so proud that you've been practicing your trombone. Proud dad trombone lick lik is like a riff but for horns dad. Why do you love the trombone so much. Everyone in my family is a trombone player. Me my dad tommy trombone. My grandfather. bill brachman My third cousin manny. It's like a longer trumpet miller. We've always been a trombone family. I guess he did. I think there's something wrong with the downstairs. Computer the computer. Maybe you should go and check on it. I can fix it. I'll go turn it off. And then again i don't wanna hurt my dad's feelings either. He'll never understand that. I played two instruments trombone hon. I'm back from outside and wouldn't you know it. I found a leaf that looks like carlos santana such noble mustache. Did i just hear trombone nope that was just a bird a plane. I mean i mean bird. Playing i mean is that a squirrel out. We're gonna to see this sense of wonderment at nature's beauty. That was closed. I better just practice my guitar. Aw back was that a guitar. I heard nope Check out anyway. See you later now to the trombone. I'm back and i'll tell you. That squirrel look deep into my soul. It moved me. I was just playing the guitar. So proud leaving obliviously ref okay. Back to the guitar for real. I'm back. I'm back and i'm sad to report. That's squirrel and i are now and amies mom and dad stop it. I don't even know who i am anymore. What do you mean emma. I have something to tell you. I play the guitar. I know what and the trombone. I knew what i play both the guitar and the trombone. That's outrageous it's unbelievable. That's it is of course. Why would you keep something like that from us. You're just both so passionate about your instruments. And i felt like you wanted me to choose between them. We would never want you to feel that way. The guitar and the trombone are both lovely instruments. I just happened to play the guitar. I'm a natural you know like jimi hendrix or memphis minnie. Or me and i love the trombone just like vic dickenson or kai winding or trombone. Shorty making those names. You've never heard of trombone shorty hon. It's like you don't even read my newsletter. It's well if you guys want to see me play. My best friend. And i are planning on doing guitar trombone concert at our plate today. We'd love to do the july play into the biggest musical event of the year. Introducing on rhythm guitar emma's best friend you in on guitar. Thank you thank you. This one is all tars out there what to what to be beyond got it. Just like vic dickenson. You don't know vic dickenson. He played with blanche calloway's orchestra. I send the newsletter out twice a week and you know what emma this is your day. Now it's our day good are and now. These speaks with the author. Hey teddy how are you how you i'm doing great. I'm so excited talk to you. Mikhail how did you come up with your story that july play in my head the characters in your story play instruments. Do you play any instruments. You're actually pray to instrument while you're just like emma the girl in your story. Why did you decide to play two instruments and not just one about my dad saxophone and i. My dad had to get a new saxophone because he's trying to get off so i cited. I want to play the old one. What type of music do you play on the saxophone. I make up my own music really. Do you think that i could hear something on your saxophone. Okay wow that's great. How do you make a sound on the saxophone. Can you tell anyone listening. That doesn't know it's crowded. Nasty you blow into it and then it makes music is the mouthpiece just a piece of plastic. Or is there another part to it and crowder reid others a read on the mouthpiece to what is read it would. Do you know what it does how that helps you make a sound and libraries. Oh that's so cool okay now. What about the ukulele. do you have that. That was gorgeous like a cool tropical breeze blowing through my hair. What's the feeling like when you play an instrument kind of makes me feel good. What do you think will be the next instrument that you add to your repertoire piano. That's a good one. What do you like about the piano. You can like make it sound different like on one side you can make it sound like willie loud in the pails at the bottom. You can push one down and then get like keep going for a long time. Oh yeah the sustain pedal. Yeah that's interesting. Pianos are cool because you can play them soft or you can play them loud. So what inspired you to put a trombone and guitar in your story. And he's got the idea to instruments. What's the special thing that a trombone can do gone out. And what sound does it make when you extend out that slide. Yeah like it bends the note right teddy before we go. can you play us out with some more sacks. Thank you for taking my story. You're so welcome. Thank you for writing it. Sending it in iraq by raw sorry the graffiti mural sex being again if i look at it for more than three seconds. I honestly can't control the tears. I hope this doesn't throw off my cry times. Kit will visit tiny breakaway injure fishy at the bottom of the museum. You know a lot of artists topped their own personal tag like that they use instead of signing their name. That's the signature the order to dip this. You said angel fish boy. This isn't just any random secret. Eighty this is c. Art done by the incredibly famous and hugely anonymous. See artist angel. Okay what is a c. artist. And how soon can i join. The union yard is any art that a sea creatures created for public visibility. It's free and give me a joy by anyone and everyone and angel fish is one of the best and most famous anonymous artists and the whole ocean. Alright that rules. I'm sure it's super similar to acting in singing so i'll probably pick it up very quickly. Wait a minute. If the paint is still wet that means it must be recently painted. Which means angel fish could be nearby they are. I can feel them. They're brilliant energy. Is something only another artist consent. Begging i wouldn't leave on that wall like that. The paint's still wet. It's my way of connecting with the artist and drawing out their energy again sort of ruined the mirror. Guess he's a good thing that age officials never shown their ideally. Not for any reason ever casper the flash fish i spent days on. That minister pays. No i didn't ruin. i'd just added my contribution to the peace artiste artiste. Angels dish doesn't work Art angels is a alone. Anonymous scattering wisdom in the form of all over the ocean. Always talk about yourself and the third person because if you do and it's a the artists thing that i love it and make it is going to start doing it. No i don't know i'm just frazzled. You're not even a major fish. Just fish don't give me. Wow that is ironic. a catfish cat. Fishing as an angel fish identity is supposed to be hidden never been discovered more. Never though i mean someone must know your identity. Nope not even. My mother knows what i do. I've always been able to keep my identity completely anonymous. Well okay. There was this one pop radzi who managed to follow me into a sunken tried to snap a picture of me while i was grabbing a coffee. Oh yes i remember that headline news angel fish citing famous artist sells out for cup of sunken coffee. It was just like i never went back again and ended up moving across the ocean just to throw everyone off. My said didn't stay under the radar. But now what is it better now there but have seen my face and my identity congress by piece and i just something who even human deficient. I'm eric shoes fam. And that's me making peter. Ritu rollo sixty bibi with a mustache news story pirates. And we promise. We won't tell anybody who you are so you can just keep doing what you're doing. Well i might tell. But it's because i'm awful keeping things hidden surprises candy mewa. Okay so other than rachel. We won't tell that's only one person and the kids who write stories. Yeah we'll probably tell them. All 'em folks who listen to our podcast. Excuse me our podcast. The one stream all of the world to millions of people where we take stories written my kids and turn them into sketch comedy and songs. We said six minutes ago. According right now All right okay. Well that's yeah that's it then That's it my career. As an anonymous artist is toast. If i can't do my work then i i had to quit heart. We'll be right back. This episode is brought to you by paramount's plus a baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do the iconic nickelodeon tykes are back in a new cg animated paramount plus original series exploring the world from babies. Polaris point of view rugrats is now streaming exclusively on paramount plus casper one hundred episodes of the story. Pirates podcast well almost on june tenth. We're celebrating our one hundredth episode with a huge interactive party on zoom with mini. Peter meghan in me. Plus andrew and alex are stopping by to celebrate the rap of season. One of sp t. We'll have qna played games and talk about our favorite episodes. The best part some kids are going to have the opportunity to come on screen and tried to dump peter with their own knowledge of the story. Pirates podcast rsvp for free at story. Pirates dot com slash news. And while you're there you can also register for two special editions of the story. Creations zone improv. Comedy show celebrating juneteenth and cried. Also sign up for our summer camp featuring random house children's book authors in free ebook bundles all that and more at story. Pirates dot com slash news. Now back show. I cast equipment. Crt angel fish. You can't quit if you quit than who's going to be my ticket into the sea artist industry yes. I can't quit by anonymity everything to me not privacy but for the health of my heart. My last non anonymous exhibition was so void of emotion. And inspiration that. I was laughed out of the gallery. Have been making independent poignancy art anonymously. That doesn't need a gallery or museum to let it move you. Wow i didn't realize how much public cr could mean to see creatures intention to create art with your identity attached exactly then people just get so obsessed with making celebrity out of artists these days. That's a bad thing. Not necessarily. But i don't want to be a celebrity. I don't want people to know it's me because then they're going to stop thinking about the art in front of them and more about and how often the bee's really i want anyone who sees it to ask how they fit into the peace. If i can't have that then what's the point of making art. What's the point of making art point. All the points are points and reasons to do it because even just the act of creating art is a positive force of good for anyone around it whether it's acting or singing or the art of thank you or funny yet. Poignant cr what are you know about funny yet. Poignant cer shirt. I may not know a lot about see art specifically but i know a lot about pressure and making mistakes. When you're trying to share something with the world go on bad art happens just does but that's okay. Sometimes the point of making something is not the end result but the experience itself. Yeah i hear that. That's always been my favorite part of what i do. When it's just me in the zone lying a scrapie take me wherever wants to go. Yes just because that curtain might get pulled back. Doesn't mean you have to change what you are doing to accommodate the people. You're now aware a watching you. Wow sorry i'm feeling a lot of feelings right now. Then when you do the people watching now expect something and let them expect something and do something different or do whatever you want. You know what's important to you. And what you want to say. Trust that and prestige talent and i think you'll be just fine. Sorry i'm not crying speech. I was just looking at the balloon jellyfish again. I did play the character of mom once in a local car dealership commercial. And i think i really developed some wisdom. We make very different types of art. Oh definitely well thank you Meghan right everything you said makes so much sense. And i think i'm ready to maybe try putting my face out there again and let people know the cr is mine. That's what i'd like to hear and no problem. I love talking artistes artiste. So you're existential. Crisis seems to be pre wrapped up. Can i just ask one question. Angel fish if i may call you angel fish. My real name is jennifer. call me. Jennifer jennifer would you work to join us for a little bit of our art story of that okay listeners. If you've ever felt that what makes you different also makes you great. Then you're going to like this next story here to introduce it is the author. Hi my name gabriella. And i'm ten years old and i'm from virginia. This is my story the short necked draft land. There's nothing like being a kid at the zoo. On a saturday morning what offer their excuse me zookeeper a spotted horse off you silly kid. There's no spotted worst. That's tyson him the short necked giraffe. And if you'll excuse me to deliver him these leaves hey can't reach them on his own. I'll keep his secret. Hey tyson leap delivery. Those leaves are looking yum. Thanks sukey per guimba. Being help i know. Leaves can be hard to reach on account of your super duper super short neck. Wouldn't call my next super duper super sure. Your neck is shorter than small. Fry pete my third cousin on my mom's side really nice guy really very short. He's always making this funny sound. It goes. I actually even thinking about it. He might be beeping. That's definitely abate. You look at that mystery solved. Okay will have a great day. Super gamba is right. My neck is super duper uber short. I'm the lamest attraction at the zoo. Might as well drown my sorrow in these leaves. Shoop who. Hey dad was that zookeeper guimba delivering freshly trimmed. Leaves again. it was how tyson zookeeper guimba is extremely busy. She doesn't have time to deliver. You leaves every single morning one. We always tell you need to grow up and learn how to get leaves for myself tyson. You're smart giraffe. There are ways to get leaves with a short neck. I guess i could. Douse my neck and plant fertilizer. I wouldn't your aunt cast tried fertilizer on her nub tale. It got weird. Finish up those leaves son. I don't want you to be late for giraffe school. okay here. i am at school just in time for lunch. Now where's the lunch line. It's hard to see over all these long necked giraffes. Excuse me this the lunch line. Watch the matter. No neck can't see above us. Normal netra apps. Yes that is exactly what's going on. This lunch line involves grabbing leaves off of trees threes. You can't reach now. Graham fine i will scream goodbye cruel school. Those arrests were brutal and all that screaming has got me hungry. I'll have to settle for this. Grassy field. trump is straight up yup bill. Usa and the mayor. Why can i just be a normal draft. Who eats leaves. I happen to have a fresh bag of tree. Trim leaves right he. Oh hello there. i didn't see you. Or that's because i intentionally snuck up on you. A dramatic effect or you. The names rexy. I recruit talent for the local carnival and you are talented. I can spot it from a mile away in fact that's what happened. I spotted your spots. Spotted your spots catchy right. I'm also a poet in my free time i'm tyson. Nobody's ever called me talented before will allow me to scream it after. I can see your name in lights now tyler. The spotted horse spits tyson. also. I'm not a spotted horse. I'm a giraffe with a short neck. Spotted horse sounds a whole lot more spicy than giraffe with a short neck. A spotted horse gets all the leaves their little neck. I mean heart desires. My parents did tell me. I needed to find a way to get leaves on my own. I'm in get ready to be a star. Welcome hands and patrons to the carnival we'd got into. We've got snail puck on for the first time. Ever we've gone so i see the world's only spotted spotted horse. That sounds street up five line pow. We've been waiting hours to see spicy along. There's a line out the door rexy or all these people really here to see me get used to it baby you're living the rockstar lifestyle. Now i want you to name like you've never seen before. But i have never need before exactly goes nothing no spies e scienc- get ready to do this every day kit as per usual. There's a line of fans at the door waiting for you. Here leaves it up by for the last time. My name is johnson. What's gotten into you star for three weeks. And now he's a diva. I don't understand why. I can't be called tyson because alliteration cells. Take it from me. I'm the alliteration queen. Sure no really. That's my copy written pen name anyway. Five minutes though. Thank you five. I don't know how much longer i can do this too spicy. You're ready waiting all morning. Here's one tickets. I'll give you a boost spicy. Don't owners day perfect now. isn't that fun it's all right. Don't get me wrong spacey's school in all. Just this whole experience makes me miss tyson. The short neck giraffe moose. Tyson is awesome giraffe. I used to see zoo. He's got this unique short net. My best friends. And i love him so much. We made a team. Tyson group chat chat dedicated to me. I mean tyson. Let's talk and and spicy do this. I'm not spicy. I'm tyson the short neck giraffe. I'd rather be adored by three kids in a group chat for whom i truly am beloved by hundreds for who i'm not. Omg i've been making you live. I i've also been. I am the alliteration queen. Poetry is my heart's calling not the carnival by all that was unexpected but no time to dwell back to zoo. Mom dad back keith tyson. We missed you so much. I missed you guys too. I ran away to the carnival and became spicy the spotted horse. we know. We got your postcard. The point is i'm done being someone else from now on. I'm only going to be thais kick you keep a guimba. I'm done relying on others to get them for me. Tyson for yo but does anyone to do with all these extra leads me crazy. Thank you know what they say about. Leaves keep jimbo. They're not just for giraffes anymore. This story was brought to you by. Leaves leaves not just for giraffes that him on. That's it for today's episode. Thanks for listening and a big. Thanks do today's authors teddy and gabriela. Before we go. Here's today's story spark kits right. It's a story about a character from your imagination. Who is different from everyone around them. You know like the short neck giraffe. What makes them different. Actually makes them incredibly special as always. Grownups can submit stories at story. Pirates dot com. 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