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Radio. you're tuned in to the Connecticut. Sports is on blog talk radio call in to join the conversation live at three, two, three, four, one, seven, six, seven, zero, one. We're live every Tuesday and Thursday night at seven. PM. Let's head into the studio right now. But Connecticut sports guys are on the air Right Sports, guys, and I'm rolling in Knoxville Schmidt Right. Now, as we get ready to get you two hours of lively sports debate on this Thursday evening, the thirtieth of July how you doing tonight, nate. I'm doing fantastic Joe Happy to be here and I am happy to be watching some LOB sports. I gotTA gotTa admit it's making my life more happy. It is it is it is I and little bit of benign. No basketball's going on tonight for the first time I'm looking forward to the weekend I actually bought the package last night. So I'm looking forward to really when that case in this weekend and basketball courts back in baseball. Even with the spending play of the Marlins and a few other things It's good at the baseball players back although this week it's kind of like it. To me even with what we've been through over the last year watching what the Yankees did to the Baltimore Orioles just. Having an extended batting practice against them and then you got Jacob degrom visiting well, just well enough to knock it a to get a no decision the Boston it looks like the New York. Teams are back in midseason for. A week on the right. Yeah I mean you know with the Graham was trying to continue his thirty one inning scoreless streak which was tied for third in franchise history. It didn't have his greatest stuff I didn't think but they let him go a little bit longer I think they'd been holding them below about sixty pitches. In his previous start but they let him throw six, eighty, eight pitches. It certainly wasn't his fault that they lost and You know it goes back to what we talked about last week I mean the Yankees have a bullpen and the mets don't and I know Alex? Loves. Lugo. But he came in and the seventh and gave up a home run to Bosca's and. Then Justin Wilson. Came came in and the aid and he didn't pitch horrible but he walked three people and then that's when those bloopers You know the bloop single that he gave up. That's that's when you get hurt when you walk a bunch of guys and then you give up a little bluebird and that gave up the lead in and dig ROMs pitching performances. wasted. So you know it's it's the exact same thing we talked about on Tuesday the bullpen of the mets was looking. Bra. But the bullpen of the Yankees. Great you know we got to see Garrett Cole pitch again and he went six in two thirds and gave up the runs but he had seven strikeouts and then the pen came in and gave up zero run. So they were able to be the the lowly oriels which you know was nice that they get to play them. I. Guess. Yeah I did I mean. By the way so people know Alex will be tuning in later on with us he's he's busy coaching across right now but anyways Yeah but you know the whole thing with the with the Yankees and maybe it's just my bias against tonight night. Admit to it I mean I mean really they are just so much better than Baltimore? It's almost unfair. It's almost four watch Any I mean even even against other teams, they have such a huge margin for error with that team. That's so loaded and as you say has the bullpen and order has apparently at least a. An ace now with a solid starting staff where everybody else is going to be the The the the narrative of the year for the mess is GonNa be the margin of error they they. They have to play their best and we talked about the other day I'm for getting guys go with younger town taking your chance Jd Davis maybe at third putting you know You know the other guys in places when letting them play everyday and establish team. But then again when they have nights where they can't big plays. Where they're not getting you're going to have those kind of. Waste. Great pitching performances like we did with the Graham and we've been doing it for now we're going on for years I mean he's won two cy young just because he's been dominant and people had to recognize it you can't look at his record on another team would have great supporting cast. You already have one hundred wins in his career and he's still thirty four victories away from having is hundred win in the major, league? That this is related aimless mazes. Not mean great pitcher and Syndergaard to He'd you know he's not throwing right now but he's a great too but he pitches her the mets and he gets no help behind him and they can't generate runs either. So it's you know they gotta get it together the season's not over they got a couple. You know they got they got some time but you know this is a shortened season that sixty games, and this is what we didn't want to see coming out of the gate was exactly what we're seeing. Any you know the whole thing is you know, I know the mets are going through transition or trying to sell the team they're trying to you know Brodie, van wagon the only been on. The job for two years. Now they've got a new manager you know they're trying to implement all kinds of changes, but you'd like to see some kind of a light in the tunnel where they're building towards something like the Yankees had you know a couple of years ago when you to going through the building, you know they still all automatically. So Gary, Sanchez takeoff, you saw Aaron Judge Take off you know bonds almost like you know he's the real deal but I mean, you'd like to see a little bit more consistency from a Conforto like import out he's very, very streaky. NEA's it's hard. Play for the you know to the bands to get behind him when he can go through a series like this where he's non-existent and all of a sudden in a week, he'll go in a seven game series go something like you know Twenty for forty two. You know you're you're sitting there going well now you know why we got him and it just WanNa see consistency from this team you WanNa see it. Generally is be able to take your business. I mean. Right now, the Red Sox aren't that much better really than the Baltimore Orioles a Lotta in a Lotta ways and the mets good. Sweep the series. And they're GONNA win three out of four whereas you know the Yankees would've taken care of business and that's that's the difference. When you sit here, I know you're banned from an, you have a passenger to mess with really is a painting. But when you're around here and you're running into defense right and left and right and left and you feel like your tv I, don't know I don't know if you get that feeling down where you are I mean I don't know if you have back in Anno inferior already complex I guess I have up here. Oh I do because my dad's a Yankees Fan. So you know I have to listen to him you know laughing at me and it you know I it just it. It hurts a little bit and I was excited about the season I mean, let's be honest. I mean can Ford does he's hitting the ball he's got seven hits Nemo hitting the ball spit is is hitting. The ball I mean we we've got some decent bats, but it's just can they put it together and can we Can we survive in the later innings? mean the this bullpen is scares me and Alex is a little more optimistic than I am but that's because I'm jets and mets fan and When you're Jetson mets, it's you know there's a lot. There's a lot of clouds. You look back at at the Yankees like we were talking about. You know they had beyond green and Christie come in and gave up zero runs, their bullpens getting done, and they don't even have Chapman Chapman. You know as we talked about it in the preview show tested positive for covert and has not yet to pitch in a game I don't believe and They're still they're still doing it and getting it done in the pen. So you know. We talked about there's probably not gonna be that many many trades They'RE GONNA have to get it done with the guys they have. But you know maybe getting another arm in there wouldn't hurt him I. Don't know I don't know what the answer is. It's kind of like a Tuesday when we were talking about the Knicks I. Don't know where to start with that roster and the mets they're going to need a little bit of help but there's just not going to be a ton of trades I don't think as you mentioned. I don't think it all. The that's that's you be little with Yankees doing but I mean, I've seen some bad pittsburgh teams. I've seen some bad Kansas City team I help scenes bad met teams but I don't know if I've ever seen a team as bad as just Baltin orienting. It's almost like no they belong in the major leagues. It's usually you look around team and even on your worst here have one or two or three maybe maybe a picture you can build on maybe a you know a couple of fielders. You can see that that are gonNA form the core of their batting order. This team is just horrendous I. Don't know have you ever seen team then this bad. I don't know I don't know. I have to admit I. watched the game was was it last night? Yeah. Last night I can't I'm getting my days confused coming back off vacation now being at work I'm running around like a crazy man trying to get caught up and I'm confused but yeah, last night. I've got to be honest I watch a lot of sports I watch a lot of baseball I'm more of a football guy is you know but I've always baseball I didn't know a lot of those guys I didn't know may only any of them I'm like where's Adam Jones whereas anybody that I've ever heard of on this orioles roster I mean who's Their Star, WHO's the guy that brings people to Camden yards I mean obviously, you can't go there right now. But I'm saying WHO's the superstar? WHO's the leader of that club I have no idea and then I looked at their pitching staff just to see if there was some guys there that I knew their pitching staff might be worse than their lineup. They may be the worst team. They're definitely the worst team in baseball in my opinion, and they've definitely got the worst lineup. Maybe they'll come together as a team in wins and games I don't know. But I definitely in my opinion going from top to bottom up and down that roster, they have the least amount of town in my opinion. And by far by far, I've never seen this team that I really, and that's why I in a way you know and not to do you know do the servicing Yankee but it's almost like it's uncertainty they have the Yankees. Game and it would be more and. More competitive for sure because what they're showing out, there is nothing we you know baseball continues deal with the fact of the Marlins and the Phillies, and you know how they're gonNA, Rearrange your schedule. If you're GONNA come back now they're talking about maybe if they have to make up games having is a double header having both games or at least a later game, the seven inning game how do you feel about that? I don't like that I don't like I mean I I've been I've been pretty open to change considering I. Am a tradition you know traditionalist as you know I like I fear change but I've been accepting of with all that's going on I've been accepting the no fans understand we gotta do we gotta do with the pandemic I've been accepting of the putting the guy on second base I get it when we don't have three you know we don't have single. Aa. Triple eight going on that we can call guys up send guys down and do all the. Normal stuff. So I kind of understand those things. But what are we doing now playing high school baseball and going seven innings? We're GONNA have coach pitch next and have these guys dads come out there and throw to him I mean give me a frigging break I. I don't really like that and I i. think we're already short in the season to sixty games from one sixty two. That's a hundred and two games difference. We've already added a guy running out there on second base I mean what are we gonNa have four outfielders I I just I. Think it's stupid. I do tuning in in the worst thing I can see it coming down to is it comes down to a team qualifying for playoffs and they get to play a seven inning game I mean we you have a team competing in nine any game you can't do that I mean you can't scenario and football and saying, okay, you only three quarters. know exactly you know we can't. You know you gotta play. Just to keep it all above board on the same page, you can't start messing around I understand we're in we're in. Uncharted territory and we don't WanNA put these guys in new farm quite as it's you know as it turned out, it was those guys going out and and breaking the social protocols they got them in trouble wasn't anything that went on in the field if they had. Done what they're supposed to do obey the rules we wouldn't be having this problem with the Mar- The marlins. So I think they got to really push the fact that these guys is you guys at three months of your life is you know you know you look around this country there are people have been sitting home because they can't afford to dinner for three months. You can. You can sit there if you really want to play baseball in, obey the rules and. Do the stuff you gotTa do to make this happen. So I have no pity for them and I. Hope I hope that they they get this thing straightened out What is your feeling about nick? Marquess you think maybe we might see a couple of other players make a decision to come back or are we still going to be like an elevator some going out some backs I'm going out some going back. What do you think about? Marquette decided to come back. I don't I don't really I'm kind of against it I know at least from what they've talked about. In the NFL if you opt out, you're done and you can't come back. You can't decide after watching two games that you want. You know you WANNA be out there and you WANNA be on. TV like these other guys are that's exactly what he said. He said he's been sitting at home watching Games on TV and he you know he just got this bad feeling in his stomach and he wanted to come out and play with his teammates well, then you should have done that from the beginning bro and it's like. I I i. opted out because a health risk. Well, guess what we're all facing health risk right now I you know I can't opt out of going to work. I have to work every day to feed my baby and you know pay for you know the bills are still coming. So I gotta you gotTa go the everyone's taking risk right now and I just I kind of feel like I liked the NFL's attitude towards it and what they've kind of worked out with the players union, they're giving these guys some time to decide. They've got a little way where they're doing the tolling, where their their contract basically tolls over to next year and they're getting three, hundred, fifty thousand if they're at risk and they're getting a hundred and fifty. Grand if they're not and they're giving these guys a choice and they're saying either decide to play or don't decide to play and I and I'm not, you know I'm not belittling anyone's decision that they make. But I I just feel like if you decide that you're not gonNA play in you opt out I. Don't think you should get to come back. A couple of. Weeks. Later, I just feel like either need to do it or not do it and I don't. I don't really understand that baseball's allowing these guys that kind of go back and forth are you? Are you aware that they have a they don't have a rule against this they're just letting guys come back if they want to or what? I think it's uncharted territories and you know you don't baseball we've seen from baseball since this whole thing began as they did not plan anything out. It was all about the money how they were going to split them money how we're GONNA get they did not look into. Well are we going to give these guys the option of look at the sitting home taking yourself or taking a leave of absence and coming back doing this I? Don't think they never sat there and put any contingency plans You know John. Wooden would say you know you know failing the planet is plays is cleaning out the anything. This is what we're finding with. The Major League baseball all the way down the road and and I think it just shows from top to bottom that they they're commissioner is kind of a rookie in. SAFE, state. So we'll see what happens but I. I mean I would in part of me would love to see some of these guys. Want to come back but I agree with you you know we don't want that either where you know you have these guys all of sudden you know in week. Eight week nine, decide well, I can play twenty games. I can go what it looks like. It looks like everything's settled down now and all of a sudden you know some of these guys get to add some. Ryan Zimmerman, comes in and becomes that player that Washington needs and prevents the mets from making a run. You know you don't want. That kind of thing happening. So yeah, I totally agree with you that. Or David Price. I mean he's as as Alex mentioned, he's not the pitcher he once was but let's say he decides to come back after the dodgers you know make the playoffs and I hate the dodgers the last thing I wanna see them getting better once they get to the postseason I mean I just I I really don't like that and I think you know you need to you need to decide and. As, we've talked about all along the MLB is just Seems to be the least prepared of any of these sports. I'm not saying that basketball's plane is imperfect and You know that they're great or at the NHL has no flaws in it or anything like that. This is all as you mentioned uncharted territory, but it seems like baseball just kind of thought about the money and then. decided well, we'll figure everything else out later and they're finding out that that's not going to be quite as easy as expected You know as they as you mentioned, these guys decide to go out to a club. They're already taking the frisked by traveling way more than these other. Guys that are you know doing the thing and the bubble or playing up in Canada like the NHL they're traveling around hopefully, you know more regionally than ever but they're and they're going out to the club and and picking up chicks that are giving them Kovin I mean absolutely ridiculous and these guys I hope they learn from this because I hope the other teams learn from this because if this continues it could be a you know I it could be a stop season real fast. For, sure you're talking to you when we're talking on the phone before about the football players I didn't see any new names come out today. Did you see any new names commander of of people opting out? I did then they still have a days. A lot of people are waiting, but there was they. They're having everybody come in for testing right now in the NFL and I guess they're just trying to get an idea of where they are but you test positive you're automatically put on the cove it I are is what they're calling it and I know for a fact that up in Detroit Kenny Gallaudet who's their? Maybe their best player, but their best wide receiver in their biggest offensive threat he he tested positive. For Kobe. So he's on the the cove it I are which I'm not the language was a little bit tricky I read it but I'm not sure if it's a three week, I think he's out maybe out for three weeks I think it's a twenty one day thing where he has to Kind of go into quarantine, and then they kind of ease them back in They also had TJ Hopkinson who's their second year tight end who's another big part of their offense he tested positive. So there's been some guys that have opted out, and then there's been some guys that have tested positive and what that does is it you know it puts everything even more kind of behind the eight ball in the sense that these guys are GonNa be. Late, getting there to the conditioning lot of camps are starting They reported reporting on the twenty eight and yesterday other teams started and today was the last day that team started. So guys are showing up getting, tested and some of them like day and Hopkinson are popping, and that's just pushing them back from getting. You know they're not going to start wearing pads hitting each other right now but with no OTA's with no off-season program with no mini camp. This is when they need to start getting into shape and it's just making it more and more difficult to try and get You know a team together to get things rolling. Now, I don't think Freeman is still out there as a free agent right now right? That's correct. what do you going down anybody trying to make a move towards him? I mean? Right now I'm here. Go ahead. No I was just GonNa say that apparently he He was offered a contract I. believe it was in Seattle. But. It wasn't the he wanted more money, and so he said and I I heard this from his agent that he's willing to sit this year out. I don't know if he's just going to opt out or if he's GonNa sit out based upon contract, but he's wanting more money than people are wanting to give him I mean the guy's been banged up for two seasons. Now are the better part in two seasons he's still a good player and I think he's got gas left in the tank but you know he he was holding out and he turned down some contracts based on that and then I did you're asking if anyone else opted out I did see that the chiefs running back Damien Williams who was a big part in their super bowl run he opted out of the season. So that was one that was probably the biggest name of the guys that I heard that opted out today. Yeah. Just wondering if you know Freeman with with people opting out if that might open up the door for him a little bit it looks like Seattle trying to put together a run. They're they're really serious. Of Atoms and things like that, I think pe- Caroline. He's getting You know he's those this team back up again to compete but I mean, he's not getting any younger. I. He's getting towards seventy or not seventy already. So have that he's he's pushing it off to the center table going all in. So might not be a bad for Freeman end up if he was willing to take some kind of an incentive, laden contract kind of Cam Newton and go up there and make money that way I mean. I don't know he's these players they a you know it seemed like when like when Bell Levy on bell sat out for a year and then you think he was gonNA end up with the jets and all of a sudden he goes back to the jets and he finds a coach that doesn't like him at all sitting out for A. Year and getting healthy may not be always the best solution the I I don't think it especially, it'd be a chance to join a championship level team like Seattle. So Freeman might might end up regretting that we'll see what happens there We'll come back to the NFL with a wild because WANNA. Go over. We had the NFL players voted on. The top one, hundred player of all time in our last half hour I wanna get to the top twenty there, which is kind of intriguing a little a little bit but we also have to get to our NCAA top twenty running back of all time and my I don't know how your list came together. Man is a lot of players. On that list, you have to go through a lot of grief running back from in NFL AARON NCAA history we got that to get to, and of course, you're GONNA, call it three, two, three, four, one, seven, six, seven, one you send over something we quick about Tennessee and their schedule. It looks like they're putting lsu old misunder scheduled this year. Yeah, I was just mentioning how the The sec they finalized their plan today to go with a ten game you know in we talked about this before that they were leaning towards this but they kind of finalize the plan they're going to start their season. The whole SEC conference is going to start their season on September twenty six and they're gonNA play ten Conference Games, and basically how they're going to do it is they're going to add two additional opponents from the opposite side. So like using the Tennessee example there in the east, they're going to add ole miss and lsu to their scheduled to make it a full ten game slate and. I mean, this is GonNa. This is GonNa make it really interesting I actually more intrigued now after hearing this I think it's GonNa. Be Kinda. Cool. I. Mean There's GonNa be no Alabama versus you know Montana state there's GonNa be no Alabama Birmingham at Auburn you know this is GonNa be Conference Games every week we already talked about in our preview segment how the SEC my opinions just gotten better I mean look at the coaches they've added. Lane Kiffin and old Miss Mike Leach. Mississippi State you got the lsu coming back You know after the national championship with Miles Brennan quarterback with Joe Borough Gone I mean this is going to be a conference game every single week for ten weeks You know battling all the way up to where they play the SEC championship. The only thing that I didn't catch in my research was how they're going to figure out who the national you know who the four teams are that go into the you know the National Championship College Football Playoff. This is what we talked about to several weeks ago when we were saying this would be a great. Time where they had an eighteen playoff, you know I mean if you took all the teams you know you've got basically five power five conferences. If you could take the best eight teams at the end of the season after they play their ten games I think it would make a really cool tournament this year but I'm not sure how they're gonNa do that as far as picking maybe they do the same thing. They always do where they they send it to the committee and let them choose You know the top four teams but I think it's Kinda interesting how this this conference schedule thing is shaping out. I totally agree with you I would love to see them expand a little bit more and have a semi final final in the conferences. Get the top. Yeah. Have I have a fourteen tournament in the conferences have a semi-final final weekend now later. The top teams are actually playing twelve games or they're playing twelve with Jit Games, and then set that up for like you said an eight-game tournament i. think that would make this a while wonderful NCAA season I think it would be phenomenal the. Could see. The ATC Clemson. On Notre Dame, North Carolina and Florida State and Alabama Auburn Lsu and you know. Named one of the other great team Georgia. I mean when to his aid a week I think that would be. I mean you could sit up into a Saturday Thursday combination uneven which would be great I. Mean I. Go ahead. No I love it. I love it. I think it'd be really cool to once again it's because we've got the NCAA still involved. is got You know these idiots in charge I mean they if we had a decent organization actually run in this thing, they could do a lot of things here and get creative and make it really cool and really fun where you know hopefully the pandemic slowed down a little bit by the time the seasons completed, and then we could do something like that and take the. Top four teams and play a semi final and then play a championship game because it's you know, what are you GonNa do at the end of this if Georgia's Teno Bama's tend to know they play in the conference. Championship. Game. Georgia wins then Alabama's out I mean I. I. I think that's ridiculous and One thing just real quick. We were talking about you were talking about Freeman he when he turned down the sea hawks offer, they immediately went in and signed Carlos High. So like Oh talked about Pete Carroll and all them, I know I didn't want to get off. Because we moved on but my my brain wasn't working at that time. But yeah, I think they're primed for run here in last year with all those injuries at running back they wanted to add one more guy. So when Freeman, turn them down they added the old Ohio. State Guy Carlos? Hyde. Ran over a yards last year for the Texas. Coincides equality back I mean even he's never gonNA. Make you you know forget about the top action in the Imia Nfl, but he definitely knows how to get things done. The other thing ACC came out I got this from Jason Bomb lose the s I. D. for Boston College and The most incredible thing is you know they are doing the same thing with their their football wins and the team I mean to get the Catholics to agree to split their money is really is really something strange and for Notre, dame to agree to ten to. Go Catholic Church and ask them for money. They're always asking for money for you come on. Really I mean. Come on tithing don't they? They must. They must increase the hiding. Take take a little something that everybody's pocket a little bit more out of their paychecks. Subway they're going to get it back for them to split their NBC money and agree to come on board and I mean I don't think any alternatives I mean it would have been ridiculous seeing Notre Dame filling out there a schedule with a bunch of mid you know mid American teams or Yukon or what are these other teams I mean maybe maybe it sets precedent would come up your high horses and You know become a real part of the ACC. I mean I'm a Notre Dame fan every note about me, but I also don't like the. Of Notre Dame with their you know we're more and more we're more. They're not more powerful than anybody anymore been a long time. Since Notre Dame has been a real legitimate. NCA football power the you know days of air procedure in you know win a national championship are long in the rear view mirror right now. So maybe if they would. Horses and join the ACC on a full-time basis. They could set up a recruiting base where they would get. Better players and get. quarterbacks like we've talked about to make del happening, and also it helps the ACC. Now to have them in the mix and you know they should. They can maybe put together a schedule where it won't be Clemson on a extended victory lap. So hopefully, it works out down because. We really want this to be a good college football season and. Without. Further Ado I. Think we should probably get into our top twenty running back for. A long time to get through because I got I got a bunch of honorable mention is well. And If you want to start out well, we start with the monorail mentioned. Go ahead. Give me your honorable mention guys. I you. meet. ME. Can you hear me out there right now? Need I duNNo. Lost you out there. Please dial back in. I think we might have lost need for a few minutes we're putting together as we been doing last few weeks the top twenty and CA list we've gone through the top defenders, and now we are in the top wide receivers. Now are running backs in i. believe we got an eight back here. Let me see. We got him. Yeah, I'm here I I was there I got kicked off but I called right back in. But I, was I was on mute or something but can you can hear me now? Right? The, I got you. That's good. Okay. Now, the other thing I was GonNa say was I was agreeing with you I think it's a win win for everybody I mean Notre Dame was already playing a six game ACC schedule I. Think they saw the writing on the wall they were GonNa get chucked out of this thing if they didn't join the conference with teams with all these teams and all these conferences only playing conference games they were in the big world of hurt 'cause they probably just get left out so and and like you said it's GonNa make the HEC stronger. Hopefully, they'll put them in the opposite division of Clemson and You know that way. It's not a ten in one or or excuse me ten to eleven clemson team against the you know eight and four Virginia like it was. Last year the year before it was Clemson Virginia Tech who was like seven and five I mean they need another team in that side but I think it'll be good. Yeah they definitely do you. WanNa start up the runback lists you start with the. Your Honorable Mentions Yeah my honorable mentions are two guys that I couldn't really actually. There's three guys that I couldn't really leave off one of them was gentlemen who just passed away recently Mr Johnny Majors I had him higher on my list, but I, you know just based upon I didn't really get to see him play I didn't WanNa take somebody else's spot but I was unbelievable football player. He was the runner up for the heisman trophy probably actually as we talked about Peyton should've winning Johnny major should win the Heisman to that was the year that your boy from Notre Dame won the heisman when they I think they were two and seven or something and They still gave it to to your boy from Notre Dame but he was a football player. Jim Around round was in that year to David Hammer Jim br ninety made. His Yeah they heisman. It's always been like that but I put johnny majors up there. I also wanted to include my boy Travis Henry from Tennessee all time leading rusher in Tennessee history he had five, hundred, fifty six carries for over three thousand yards, twenty six touchdowns, and if you think about it, the guy battled from injuries and then he also played in a. Backfield with Jamal Lewis, Shawn Bryson and Travis Stevens. So there was four NFL running backs and You had You had the guy come out being the the all time leading rusher so I had to put him in my in my honorable mention. So those those are the two that I that I included. I said, it was three but I was two guys. I'M GONNA go a little bit more extensive in my. Mentioned because I. Really had trouble poke going. Down I tried to keep it to the players I saw there's only one I I. I can't say I really saw him in college but I was you know I was a little kid when he started fleeing trophy also. But he made my my mean draw. So we'll start quickly ricky bell US's one of them for two years. I mean the guy was phenomenal seventies Darren mcdaddy with Arkansas another guy gap I almost thousand yards forty one touchdowns. Melvin Gordon with some concert. Another guy you know you talk about five thousand yards and forty five touchdowns. Through Diversity Eddie George I had to have money rb two years. thirty, three, hundred yards, thirty touchdowns. Davis of Iowa State even though he played on a terrible team, I mean Russia two thousand yards twice is pretty phenomenal. is awesome. Yeah. Cedric. Benson made my honorable mention sixty five under yards and sixty four touchdowns DeMarco Murray of Oklahoma. Thirty six, eighty, five, and fifty touchdown and then Derrick Henry that one year twenty, two, hundred yards and twenty eight touchdowns. I had to slide them in there because I go Doberman honorable mentions and believe me. I put fifty on this list they kept going for more. So if you want to start out number twenty, we can start a week and started of now. Yeah This is a guy that probably a lot of people wouldn't tap on this list because he got in zero credit. But when it was all said and done he had seven hundred and twenty five carries for forty four, hundred yards, thirty eight touchdowns. He finished sixth in the Heisman last year and he also finished second all time at Ohio State University and that's Jk Dobbins one of the best running backs I've ever seen in my life I thought he was by far the best running back in college football last year I. Think you're GonNa see I just I'm I'm pretty I'm putting my sports reputation on this guy because he is GonNa blow up for the Baltimore Ravens in the next in the next season or two and i. Just loved watching him play Ohio state he he was so strong and so relentless run the football. He could. He could get you those one or two yards on third down in one or fourth down in one but he also wants he ran over one or two people could race and you know just get past the defensive backs because he was so fast and I love watching. This guy play I'm GonNa Miss Watching him play at Ohio state as he's been there the last three years and went over a thousand yards. All three years he was at Ohio state and just ended up you know coming in second there's been a lot of great running backs up there and to to finish second all time I had to put him at number twenty online. Good. Really good choice I mean. I really I. I saw him only in the big games last year. But definitely, any definitely in the right spot in the NFL with the the Ravens and that offense and I mean he'll fall right in there and I think a very productive pro-career. My number twenty is Kind of on the wacky people the NFL over the last thirty years. But his time in labor longhorns Ricky Williams. With a productive back sixty, two, hundred yards, seventy, two touchdowns Is brokering maybe had highs and lows, and maybe the he liked to smoke the gun a little bit too much. Yeah. Definitely. More highs than lows with ricky. And all. But as far as being a productive running back in the NCAA I had to put him in my number twenty. So I'm going with Rick Quick. Yeah. No, he's. He's on my list. He's actually pretty high up on mine because he was just unbelievable and You know I I kinda misunderstood too mean. He's got a little quirks to his personality but really he's a good guy and You know I think there was a lot put on his shoulders when they saints traded away like eight players forum in their entire draft You know they just kind of expected them to win every game at running. Back and it was you know I understood why you may have had some issues with but unbelievable guy, my number nineteen is a do that is the all time leading rusher in NFL history but also had a really good career at Florida was one of the first players to come to get Florida on the map and football people forget you know Florida's been around for some years now but before spurrier got there and before they had those National Championships. To wasn't really a you know a powerhouse back in the day but Emmett. Smith. Had almost four thousand yards and thirty six touchdowns and and was just a a bad ass when he was playing for the gators. Have moved higher up I. Totally agree with you I mean they were third class citizens, men Miami was so great and win Florida state was there you had to work harder? You were a gator to get noticed so you're definitely was he was maybe the best back whoever came out of Florida and I definitely agree with you I got a little bit higher up my number nineteen I went to North East undersized croker ended unfortunately a controversy what for a guy for Scarlet Knights Ray rice a small guy almost five thousand yards where nine stands with rutgers Had A quarterback there to work with him never really had a great team around him and He was just quality college back and as good as maybe the best teams ruptured ever had were were because of him being there there centerpiece. So when we're Ray, right? Yeah my number. I think he's got to be the best player ever to come out of rutgers isn't he? I? Mean? I don't know I I can't think anybody else. I can't even I mean maybe you know somebody would argue somebody back in the late eighteen hundreds or hundreds when you know when you alison a program but not in my lifetime nobody near Rice. No he was really good player and was really good player in the. NFL to help, lead the Ravens to? The Super Bowl. They're I mean obviously. He kinda got made an example out of by by punching his fiancee in the face but you know. GotTa deal with them and we made right. There yeah exactly. I Made Up Discrimination I. Think we. I see Louis here on hold I'm going to bring him in for a quick. Shout out, and then we'll get back to our at number eighteen hold on. Let me get Louis up here. Sounds good. Louis. Is You Here. I mean nate how you doing Alex is doing some coaching McGraw's right. Now how are you doing Hey Louis? Right So you're working on the list jumped in late. So this is this. Is the top twenty NCA running back of all time. Yeah. That's A tough one. But at least we have everything coming into play you know basketball's back I'm actually watching the jazz podcast game right now. Hockey starts And don't Walk College football because I think we're onto something here. Because they found out something very interesting. which what's at? Four out of five. So called power conferences have now worked on schedule. It's like ten to eleven games of conference. Only schedule a conference only opponents but there there's still gonNA. Do it hey I got no problem with that beyond. The full cost at all. Okay. So it's not GonNa Labor Day weekend. Let's turned. That's fine. Yeah. We just we were just talking about that and We kind of think it might be interesting. You know you're not. GonNa have Alabama Plane Florida. Am this year you're going to have all conference opponents and even the lower level conference teams. They can come up and get fired up and you know maybe steal one so I think it makes a pretty good football. Well sure because you know, let's say like open please Florida. Or Texas employees like UMASS, I mean it doesn't really make for compared to football. Anyway I mean nobody wants to see that I could just see the score now Alabama eighty to. Florida. Three. Yeah. Yeah I mean there's probably wants to see that come on those. Yeah. There's always one or two of those games to start the year where you know Clemson plays Louisiana, tech, and beats him by seventy. It's like who cares play extras And bring the Conference Games on. Your we should is bringing Notre Dame in the ACC fulltime now, making them like that see and you know, I, always go. To be honest. Well I agree with you that would have been better all around. I mean, it would ideally would Maryland back seeing so You know these Catholics nowhere to go to get money and I, think they they don't want to give the ACC money for basketball tournaments. Had that kind of thing. And I was. Like super. Vantage I. was a kid nate. Remarkable to get Catholic give up half your money to play. And share that in indy money so It'll be really thing. When they ask you something before we go I mean Prediction Rangers. Re. Freund. Yeah well. I think it's a fairly even series. You know I've said I'm. GonNa see ringers. How did the islanders? Think they. Do that in four. So those survived survived the first round. I'll tell you there's a match up I'm really looking forward to is Edmund in Chicago I I think Chicago with some fresh legs might be able to get past Edmonson but we'll see what happens i. don't know if they'll have enough to get it through, but they do have a wealth of experience in three guys when the conn Smythe Trophy on that team, which is rare to have. So it's going to be All of that. Yeah exactly. So what you have going on this weekend Louis. When you're? Well. Let's just say we got the good. The Bad Oh yeah. We've got the ugly I mean the good guys We got Haagen basketball back. Hopefully football. The bad is you know with baseball ugly because you know with the Florida marlins right now it's looking really ugly and so it's not doing much better because they got they got in trouble too. I also have ridiculous I the week that I'm sure that most people in this area could agree on. How to find out what's going to be? Okay. Yeah, we'll talk. I never I don't like to play spoiler. Great. That Yeah. So it's ridiculous the week. We'll take a look at the other things, the NBA because the stays in the NBA to get that last spot is going to be very interesting. So You know I'll be discussing bad for so much on your own conclusions to that. Okay. do you ever see to the shadow of the show? The enhanced sport shows Saturday five to seven phone number? Five one, two, five, four, three, four, six, six, two. Thanks for. And we'll talk to you later. That's our boys we in. Yeah. So I mean I do the same about the way football meet. Maybe we'll finally get some some traction on the figured out. Get rid of these. Games and really get that. We're always talking about so. Good seem pages. No not and he mentioned that you know Notre Dame should have been in the big ten or whatever, and and I agree with that I mean. But you gotta you gotTa live with the now I mean the Regional Ping. Is Kinda gone I mean Tennessee's playing Texas saying them and you know rutgers and Maryland or in the big ten I mean the regional things already kind of gotten. Screwed up I mean Colorado's in the PAC twelve I mean it doesn't really make any sense anymore. So yeah. Order to get rid of the NCAA and their their dictatorship of their basically free Labor that they're making money off of if we've got to create these little Pie power conferences that have teams from all over I don't care do you gotta do to to get it right? I agree with you. All right. So who's your number eighteen? Number eighteen is actually one of the I. had him kind of high on my list because. As far as like the greatest running back ever I don't know but he's definitely one of the greatest running backs and he's one of the greatest football players ever in definitely one of the most exciting players to ever watch and that's your boy. Out of southern CAL you know four, forty, four, hundred, yards thirty, eight touchdowns won the two thousand, five heisman but he was so much more than stats I mean he was the best player on the team he could take any play to the house and was just an awesome football player and. I just love watching him play into think this is something that some people don't know. But something that I think about all the time you know he played a high school football and southern California Helix high school his quarterback in school was Alex Smith. And just think about that those two guys in high school team together. Oh. My Gosh that's a lot of talent for a high school squad. Well. My number eighteen is from the same school backed Reggie Bush has my number seventeen but this number eight times with before Reggie Bush and actually kept Marcus Allen on the bench for two years. His name was Charles White. Sixty two, hundred yards, forty nine touchdown passes where you touchdown so. the heisman trophy winner I, mean, it seems like if you played tailback at USC between nineteen, sixty, nine your own to thousands of your your. Predestined to win heisman but Charles White with a phenomenal player didn't work out in the froze. He was one of those guys who four to Cleveland where careers go to die and His his I dare but as far as college career when I'm. Yeah I just missed getting to see him play but. I've seen some tape on him. He looked pretty amazing mine number seventeen is a guy. You may have a little bit higher and probably have them low run by list just due to my bias, but I couldn't leave him off and that's Ron Dane. I mean, the guy let's he definitely had the most carries of anybody that I looked at when I was doing my research the guy carried the Rock Twelve over twelve hundred twenty times but he had over seventy one hundred yards and seventy one touchdown he won the nineteen ninety nine heisman had a decent. NFL. Career I couldn't leave Ron Dane off. I got up at nine A. Yeah. Like you said, seventy one, hundred, hundred, seventy, one touchdowns at phenomenal offensive line in front of them. You know the winning first came out with the giants he was going to be the sundered to barbers lightning but at Wisconsin, there's no, there's no putting down what he did You know the thing about about Wisconsin is I can't really think of a quarterback's is being I equal equal partner I mean it's not like he had a wider you know I don't like liner as a pro and maybe not as number of quarterback. Reggie. Bush. At least had a quarterback that could. Show some kind of a passing game Usually, what do you mean? You're not a believer Jim Sergey. No not not really maybe. Maybe maybe high school career but not his college career. So I. Mean I I don't get it all the great players that have played it Wisconsin and name me one like all big ten first team quarterback I. Don't I. Don't think they've ever had one I can't recall one. I can go back. If Teen Guy I can name you fifteen running backs that we all conference, but I'm not a quarterback. I can give you one, but it's a guy that played their early before I was even born is they run band they're telling in that's. The only reason I know that because I read a book and he was in it like when I was growing up and. I think he led Wisconsin to the Rose Bowl first time in years early in the sixties. Indianapolis actually. End Leave the time I. Don't know if you've heard of. Pollstar state needs. Beings. Yes and His team. At soldier field. And he upset the green. Bay Packers he was a quarterback for the college all stars. So. Read this that game that's only reason the sticks in my mind. So One, they have one guy in a hundred years. Yes. But it's still. Not that not that good a guy. So anyways, we know my was ready Bush. Okay. Who's your next one? what are we are? We are on sixteen. Correct. Correct. Sixteen is actually went with a guy that you had in your honorable mention list and that that was Derrick Henry Just I mean we look at him I mean the guy's just he looks like chase young I mean he's just. A physical specimen. Really when he was there. They almost every season he was there. They had at least two guys that they were kind of you know doing two guys in the backfield and I'm thinking when he was a freshman, it was mark Ingram was there and then he was sharing Kerry's sophomore and junior seasons as well. But I mean still put together over thirty eight, hundred yards and forty two touchdowns I mean the guy was just a monster and ended up going and winning the the heisman trophy. So I had to had to get their can remove boy on the list. I don't blame you a great player not like you said, I mean it. It's it's hard with some of these guys could they wait their turn in a share, the Backfield, and then all of a sudden they give their time in the in the really got really be watching him to catch them all on. So I'm going up. My next guy is going to be sixteen is Monte Ball Wisconsin. Fifty one yards, seventy seven towns, phenomenal. Wisconsin town I mean the worst thing about Wisconsin is kind of feel. You know I. It's almost like Okay Wisconsin back man had a lotta yards did this is that okay so Wisconsin did it but then he never seem to do anything more than that. It's not like they would national championships. Benji of Egypt's I on a consistent basis it's not it's just they've seen that the place where offensive linemen and running backs go to thrive and get contracts in the NFL but Monte ball quality running away while he was there and belongs on my list. I. Agree I mean I I you can't discredit what they do. I mean you can say, Oh, you know they. They don't win national championships whatever but they have won some big ten championships and when they play in the rose. Bowl you know they beat Oregon this past year I mean they always compete and they do they do what they do. You know they're going. To, run the football, you know they're gonNA hand it to Jonathan Taylor you know they're going to hand it to Monty Ball. You know they're going to Brian Calhoun. You know they're going to give it to Ron Dane whatever. But they say lineup we're GonNa do what we do. You do what you do if you can stop us and ninety nine percent of the time you can't. Number. There there they can run the damn football up there. my number fifteen is another USC guy I had to put. Marcus Allen on here. He won the heisman and eighty one like every other USC running back But you know forty, six, hundred, yards, forty, six touchdowns dude was a baller in college and in the pros and is a great guy definitely on the list for top twenty Rhinebeck. got. Marcus. A little higher. Is, up there on my list like I said, he set behind Charles White for two years you know it it was such A. Job, I was A. Young kid watching that in the seventies and it just seemed like it was tailback you and and Marcus Allen was phenomenal player thirty, nine her yards or thirty six sets them in two years. So I had making her yard one year almost need the two thousand mark too. So definitely agree with you. I got him a little bit further on up my next one is gonNA raise some eyebrows because he's so well part of he was a great player in college and he's proven out in the throes although though he's had a little controversy off the field which is affected and a little bit but he he's still eating quality running back now but the redskins and that's Adrian. Peterson. Yard touchdown. People might look at me and say it's a little bit low. But as you see, you'll seem to rest of my listed. It's it's not an insult because like I said, this one of the harder list you can come up with when you think about heisman trophy guys, they're probably relieving off I mean Mark Ingram, you brought him up I was sticking me night and I forgot to put him even in my honorable mentioned so. And Peterson's May number fifteen in I'll stick with him. Yeah he I've got him a little bit higher on mine but you know whatever you wherever you put in these guys, they're all great players. Adrian. Peterson is one of the best football players of all time. There's no doubt about it college football pro football. However, you WanNa cut it the guys what thirty, six, thirty, seven years old, and he's still running people over and if he had an offensive line in front of him, he'd be doing it even better. So Love Adrian Peterson, I've got him on my list to my number fourteen is another guy that probably should have been higher, but I just had to put them where I. Put Him and even though you played at San Diego State He ended up finishing second in the heisman trophy in nineteen, ninety two and when I was a kid which I was ninety two I loved watching this guy playing what Marshall. Faulk you know ran for over forty five, hundred yards fifty seven touchdowns. had had almost a thousand yards receiving to wasn't really a dual threat kind of guy and in college because they didn't have anybody can throw the ball but he was just unbelievable and had to put him at fourteen because I had to put them somewhere and when it was just unreal running back. Yeah. I haven't further on up I just remember him. I like you said, San Diego state the aspects I mean. Like you said, there wasn't a lot of stuff around him and. They still could stop them I mean phenomenal player ever see his senior year. There was this clip played I. Think the first three weeks you'd like to back to back to back role where I remember it was Randall Cunningham and watching him and it was like was just giving the hyper. Now he was that good talented that time but unfortunately, it didn't get the is. But. We saw the pros. He was well worth anybody's time in. The nominal player. You'll see where now I, think he's up in my top ten. So we'll get him on my nice little. Were there see my next move is going to be ended Smith. So go back to you who's your guest number thirteen? Thirteen is lt Damian Tomlinson Nine, hundred, ninety three carries. What's that? I got him there to. Do you owe. Well, then we can talk about him a little bit I mean unbelievable. He kinda put Tcu on the map nobody really knew I mean Gary Patterson's done very respect job and and TCU's been competing at a high level for the last ten or twelve years. But it all started with Thomas and he put that team on the map he made them a team. In Texas people had to account for I mean fifty, three, hundred, eighty, seven yards, six touchdowns. He finished fourth in the heisman. In two thousand. He was actually up for the house in a couple of times in the top ten but fourth was the highest guy. But I mean he was just unbelievable one of the greatest running backs of all time in college and the pro's. Say. He was Kinda get a lot of Walter Payton him. He could do everything could blocks catch passes he could run. He said he was a you know we haven't seen Diego with his best years. The worst than you could say about him is the fact that Sandiego you backup game and didn't win enough to where you really got to see him. Every time all the time unless you had to write, you know there they're red zone package or stuff like that. You see them highlight films that they would have been nicer to see him. Maybe get you know what a super bowl or Gatsby a national. The national promising desert, he got a lot a town hall of Famer without without question. He's got a lot of respect throughout football but my God when God made football Daniel Thomason. The mold. So He's right there and go my number twelve has been done away with Marcus Allen. So who's your number twelve? Twelve I have the guy you had in your on your honorable mention that Eddie George I just. I you know. What can you say about it? He George Man I mean just one of the hardest working guys. In the business i. mean he just grind it Wasn't much couldn't do from running back. He could block he could run outrun people I mean he was a huge guy but really fast for how big was and ended up finishing his career with thirty over thirty, seven, hundred yards and forty four touchdowns ran his way to the heisman in nineteen, ninety five and just one of the greatest. Ohio State Buckeyes of. All Time. All right. So you got Marcus and your next one we'd be eleven. I believe we're at eleven. Yeah Eleven. Yes sir. That was your eleven. That was my. Eddie George was my number twelve. Okay. Because we my Gun market already. Miles. Peterson. Okay. So he's done him. So I'll go with my eleven. Then comes from the same college they Adrian Peterson a little bit earlier flashy as they come baby the back of the Barry, Switzer era met Billy Sims billy sims was just a phenomenal running back at speed. To burn dramatic, feel thirty, five, hundred, yards, forty, five touchdowns in you know playing for that multiple that wish going attack of Oklahoma where he just share the ball a lot says a lot of billion I I just love watching him run when he was at Oklahoma for the sooners Even though it's hard to root for sooner various with. made it made it were my day. No doubt he was kind of a little tiny bit before my time but I've heard the stories and I've seen the tape, the guy, the guy was phenomenal and I'm not a huge. I was not a big huge Oklahoma fan back in the day. But I gotta give respect to him my number nine I think is where where are we? Right. Now. We're ten. Yeah. Ten is another guy from Texas. It seems like we're we're hitting the the old southwest conference a lot here, and that's because they just they did they had some of the best running backs and this guy was of the best running backs of all time in college and the pros, and that was Eric Dickerson from smu seven, hundred, ninety, Russia's forty, four, hundred yards forty seven touchdowns finished third in the heisman and eighty two was the number two draft pick coming out in the first round and. Just man that that team, the the Mustang's there I mean I know they were they were getting paid. Dickerson was driving around is Transam, and you know these guys were making more in college than they were in the pros but who cares I mean they were so fun to watch and he was just such an unbelievable running back. Everybody was like Oh his his upright styles never gonNA work and he's GonNa get hurt and he just kind of laughed at him and and just ran over or by anybody that tried to tackle him. and. You know he is my exact number ten. It's yourself and other thing is you got to remember his he had those yards and he had Craig James in the in the same backfield cranking out just many ours almost yes. I. Mean. You think about that I mean the Pony Express Back Heel Greg, James in an Air Dickerson I mean phenomenal running back running a phenomenal. Team unfortunately, like you said, it was Martin scandal eventually but I mean. What can you say I? Mean that's what happens in college. Sports Everybody gets a little pink somewhere along the way, but it doesn't take away from the kind of player he was. So Eric Dickerson is my number ten is well, my number nine was Ron Dane. So we'll skip right to your number nine. My number nine is Earl Campbell earl the Pearl seven, hundred, sixty, five carries forty, four, hundred yards forty touchdowns won the heisman trophy in seventy seven we've all seen the tape man, the Guys Jersey would get ripped off I mean dues would be hanging on him and earl would just keep on running unfortunately, he never seemed to go out of bounds and that's why you know he has so much trouble getting around these days but oh my gosh I he just was a powerhouse and You know when I think about Texas football I think about Earl Campbell and what he did when he was there. Before where definitely wasn't a little bit higher I list but are always an unstoppable for some. You know he was one of those guys that. You could. You could run you over your run past you. He was just a rare combination of the power and the speed, and like you said, I don't know how many shirts he went through a game but I'm sure it's a record of the SEC good and I'm sure there's there's absolutely the place right girl went home with just moved to that on. The tower roses death in a list. for my number eight. Unfortunately Right now, he's a controversial figure in American history You'll get mine for Mary's the. I really great USC. Back. For two years he would then the best running back in the history of the NFL of the NCAA A lot of people's time will tell you. Thirty. Two. OJ Simpson. when he was at USC when he's been in and actually putting John Mackay's USC on the map, he was like the Mike Garrett before, but they still were not the team they needed to be and then. McKay wanted to beat Notre Dame so bad he went out and got OJ Simpson, the top junior college runner from San Francisco in. Notre Dame would have a tough time beating. The Trojan. mctavish. O. J. Simpson, his mind number A. Yeah My number eight is staying right there in Texas and that's a ricky. Williams. I had to I had to include him. I just will never forget watching ricky, run a run ricky run I mean the dude was just unbelievable seventy, two touchdowns I mean. Broke out his freshman year that last game of the season ran for two hundred, forty something yards and just ever since then we've all remembered ricky, Williams and how great he was and you know I like we said misunderstood maybe didn't have the career that everybody thought. He should. But he had some great seasons even at the end there when he was playing for the Ravens, he's still could run the football and I will never forget watching ricky run the football and you know smoke a little grass I don't care I still like the guy and he wanted to high trophy and will always be remembered. you mean the one thing I do wish he I think he probably would even say he wished she could go back and change was the wedding dress dicap- quota. Bad. I can't get. My head now that you said that I really wish hadn't done that and I bet he wishes to. Rodman in the wedding dress. Okay. My next one Marshall Faulk with my number eight, we've done that we what was ricky or eight or seven. Ricky was eight for me. Array so We did OJ Marshall Faulk would be my next one. WHO's your number two would do. Would you number say? I'm on seven seven Tony Dorsett one of the greatest running backs in college football history hands down held the rushing record for years sixty, five, hundred, yards fifty, nine touchdowns. One, one, the seventy, six, heisman just unbelievable in the college ranks as well as for the cowboys put Pittsburgh football on the map and man I just love Tony Dorsett. Tony Little bit higher up on my list. I'll go I'll I'll give you my estimation him in a little while but as we are now we're up a number six I believe for you. Number six. Six. Tony was seven six. I've got doak Walker. smu Back in the. Di D D Walk I mean they named the you know the best football the best running back every year is called. The doak. Walker award in. That's that's for a reason I mean even as freshmen in this is back when freshman didn't get to play. But for some reason in nineteen forty, five he was able to play five games in one was able to get the. all southwest conference on honors and then played you know went to the army came back forty seven won the won the Maxwell Award and then forty eight. He won the heisman trophy I mean he was one of the first great running backs and I had to put him up there because that's that's what running backs strive to do is when the Doak Walker Award. Yeah. It's amazing when you see those guys interrupted your college career to. Serve our country and came back and still we're able to complete their careers and tyrod was in the backfield with him if I remember right and Smu a hell of the team back then I didn't using my my list. But like you said, if they named the award after you gotta be pretty good, it's like you know I think cy young with a pretty, damn good pitcher. Know Down to kick. My number six guy is you know I love this guy in the pros although I'm not I don't WanNa see overrated. But I. He he surpassed the guy a lot of credit for in the NBA actually held the rushing title Y'all rushing title for. Awhile. And he was phenomenal flashy back and. Amazing speed amazing movie opens the Barry Sanders You know that one year ran for almost three thousand yards for two touchdowns for Oklahoma state. I mean speaks volumes of the type of player he was He you know the thing about Barry Sanders was I mean I I I just I just I respect them I loved watching them play but. I. Always thought there was a bit of a better back to him. So changing my. View of him in the pros but as far as a college back, he's definitely in my top just a little bit outside the top five. Well. Yeah, and if you remember, he played behind Thurman Thomas and split carries with him and so just to think about what he didn't college having to having to sit behind Thurman and share carries with them there for a couple of years it's unbelievable and You can't really talk about You know who the best running back all time is without mentioning my number five and that's Jim Brown I mean I know I still think he's the greatest one of the greatest football players of all time and you know even though he was playing to sports at Syracuse he was an All American in nineteen, fifty, six, he ran for over nine hundred and eighty six yards in games He like you said got snubbed the heisman trophy when Paul Horneck one even though. The. Irish were had a losing rock record, but you know had that one game against colgate where he ran for one hundred and ninety seven yards and six touchdowns and lots of people don't remember. But Jim Brown was also the kicker for Syracuse and made seven extra points to score total of forty three points by himself in that game. So you can't can't talk about the greatest running backs in college without putting on the Jim. Brown there. Yeah I know I. Haven't seen them play but I mean, definitely he definitely I mean it'd be number one. You could be number one I mean to remember threes, and before he's definitely the best players ever might number five guy. Hey Bo knows. Bo Jackson Auburn forty three hundred yards forty three touchdowns. The legend of go. Oh, there's no bigger legend in the south. Didn't Bo Jackson and maybe bigger sports legend in. America. I'd say maybe Mohammed Ali and Michael Jordan. When you talk about American athletes Jim Thorpe I. mean he is mentioned in everybody's argument as the greatest athlete of all time in. American. History and bows just. What a player is it what if that gift didn't get injured in that game against Cincinnati who might have been in the hall of fame and both Canton and? Down I mean he had. He was he was probably the best players ever played those two sports at the same time. So my man was. Yeah. He was Derrick Henry before Derrick Henry, I mean just a big huge man but was also the fastest guy in the field a lot of times. So it was pretty amazing and you know I I loved watching Bo play and I actually have him as my number three number four is Barry Sanders and we already talked about him but I had to put him in my top five as well. So four as Berry. Sanders and then my number three is Bo Jackson so. Might number four, zero Campbell mind number three. Is That guy out of Georgia Herschel Walker. fifty, two, hundred, yard, forty, nine touchdowns His Freshman Sophomore year when he came when he turned the NCAA on its on its year its collective year, there was talk when he when he was a freshman of winning per heisman and. The first time. I ever saw him was a famous game against Florida where with the big passed from duck blue to Lindy Scott to win it But Herschel was the man who really put him on his back and helped them Vince Dooley get his national championship at Jordan Herschel Walker Maybe throw career didn't turn out to be the greatest thing in the world drive best known for being the centerpiece of that trade that with the Dallas cowboys back in a mess and maybe that's a good enough reason not to like. But I liked him Georgia and also like yeah. Is One of my favorite Benjamin, Franklin but blue, what's the better college football in that? You can't beat it. It's like a sore one. You cannot beat it and I actually had Herschel Walker as my number two also just because of the guy could still play. He's what like fifty six years old and he's still does five hundred push ups and five hundred sit ups a day. I mean the guy is just an absolute beast and you know they. It was like a it was like was contemplating sec per year The guy The guy knew everybody knew getting the ball, but he just was so strong and so fast and so powerful they they couldn't stop him. So I had to have Herschel Walker by number two also. Okay. My number two is GonNa make you proud and you're gonNA eat prob your number one He I mean the only two time heisman trophy winner. Archie. Griffin. phenomenal player to type is a trophy where it just seems. Crazy to be able to say that you've dominated football for two straight years and I. You know the young player are not young player as a younger. Saying back then so I know the players he was going up against and the Michigan teams and the dude teams and you know th the winning against USC I mean. The guys are playing for USC. You're there were no were no slouches either and he was dominating heisman trophy balloting and so I go with Archie Griffin might number two guy. Yeah no great pick and that is number one I made and I and obviously I'm biased. But let's be honest. There's been a lot of great guys. That have played college football and as me and you love college football. We'd love all these great players I love going through these lists and getting to hear your opinions and my opinions about these guys and just getting back to go get into, go back and watch the film and look at the stats and just sift through 'em is spun is can be for me but the thing that really jumped out for me, I mean to heisman trophies all the games that he won all the national championship he won for woody, Hayes and all of that. The one thing that really jumped out for me at at as far as Archie Griffin is the consistency, let's talk about thirty one straight games thirty one in case you folks who are out there and radio land can't hear me thirty one straight games with one hundred yards. Nobody else has ever come close to doing that, and that just shows the type of runner he was, and this was before you know the Buckeye nation started throwing the football a whole lot. They knew they were running the ball but this guy still ran for over a hundred yards and hit the century Mark Thirty one times and I had to had to put him as number one because he just. You know pro career didn't work out just exactly how maybe a lot of Buckeye fans would hope for but. Definitely one of the greatest college football players of all time in thirty one games where he ran for a hundred yards in a row. Guy, my number one you mentioned down on your list already I got to see his whole for years it it. Tony Dorsett four years over a thousand yards When he showed up on the campus pit became a national power they didn't. Yeah. I, mean, I think Billy Daniels the name of his quarterback. Thing that cabinet on May have been there for a little bit of it I mean he didn't have a lot of talent around him or say and the kid came out. Any like they used to joke used to be whenever he played at Notre Dame during for years, they wouldn't cut the grass to try and slow him down I mean. Just. Like that to direct in hosted, slowing him down because he was just so fast there was just nobody in in in any great pro-career to I mean he luckily wanted to a great team I mean he luckily got drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and one super bowl with them there, and of course, was a perennial thousand yard rusher with them but td I mean the great in the initials td that. Better than running backs Oh. My God I mean but you know the worst thing in putting together this list. I still go on and on I mean I'm proud of the list I put begin. Together. But I mean, there are there are teams we didn't I I mean I I couldn't come up with a couldn't find room for a Penn State Back Michigan back. Lay back. Notre Dame back I. Mean. There's so many great runners out there. But they're just the top twenty is is is it's if there's you've just gotta put those guys in there I'm proud of both are picks I think we we we covered it all I think so far we've been we've been hitting the mark with our fix here. So proud about that now we got to. Go. Ahead. And now we got we got some great names on here, but there's you know there's so many unbelievable running backs out there. There's dudes that we didn't even talk about that. That could be on this list I mean Anthony Thomas at Indiana I mean Indiana football not a a big history that guy won the Maxwell Award and was one of the greatest players in college football for several years and and he played at Indiana. So I mean there's guys that we didn't even mention out there but but what fun to get to go back and go through these great runners. I just saw I just got a text from Alex home it'll be changing and. Becoming on a few minutes. So we'll finish up our NCAA portion of this and bring him on for the NFL portion like store touch an top one, hundred list when he gets here. To. See Beginning score days Let's see. WE GOT NEW ORLEANS SIXTY SIXTY OVER UTAH. the Yankees. Baltimore's within a run running the Yankees five four. Oh. Oh. It's only the spending now. You. Remember that senator to nothing Boston's over the mets three to thank you mets for ruining my name. In. Kansas City Detroit are tied at two and plant leaves Tampa Bay to nothing. So that's the scoreboard so far as the NBA comes upon US along with Baseball, and looking forward to I'm I'm definitely looking forward to hockey we get as I said, I bought my package. So I, gotta see workings are going to be interesting to watch Saturday and Sunday and another reason I really look forward to I. Really WanNa see ice skating and people having to wear more than shorts and a tee shirt because I'm getting kind of sick heatwave is driving me crazy up there I'm I'm a North Eastern guy and The hotter to summer. More mid Wyoming I usually get here here that would are fans out there. So you helped you to the weather. Yeah come on down to Tennessee for a little while buddy we haven't gone below eighty seven since I can remember and you know it's eighty seven going on about one hundred forty degrees Celsius with the humidity down here and you know one of the reasons I love college football is that's when the fall bigly ends and I can start to read outside once. Again, so yeah, I'm with you I. I I just watching people skate around the ice is going to be pretty cool and I I did get we. We talked on Tuesday a little bit about my reds and they they came out last night and sunny grey pitched another gym. I mean the guy had ten strikeouts and seven innings was hitting ninety four. Ninety five and was throwing the ball exactly where he wanted to. So really nice to see the guy that me and it's talked about a little bit Nikki send zeal came up came back from having some symptoms Kobe didn't he tested negative so got to play last night and had two hits had a home run and also had a double. And drove in another run. So he played pretty good and casinos Got It. Got Another grant had a grand slam. So starting to hit the ball down in Cincinnati and with a maybe a true ace and Sunny Gray I've been just blown away by how he's been pitching in his first two starts and starting off to know is a real good sign from reds. Is, so funny when you think about sunny great how he failed with the Yankees you know you would think you know pressure would be off of Mitchell would that kind of a lineup behind you knowing mean for most of the last twenty years at least with the Yankees going back to the mid nine I mean not to put down or put on the Yankee pitchers but I mean any pet at one almost three hundred or two hundred games with a plus for five Vr, a I mean and the Yankees. Have had a line of submitted ninety that could put five or six runs up. So to see this guy grey struggling like he did in the Bronx and now finding himself. In Cincinnati where you have to pay as well. I, it just boggles my mind. is so covered too. When you think about a hitter default part related there you know. Let's. Tenders Bar hitter of ballpark. You to be so much more relaxed in the Bronx in in so much more under pressure in Cincinnati but is the exact opposite I guess maybe he's just not built to pitch in the bright lights of Broadway or appended race and I'm going to bring Alex right now he's He's chiming at the bit in the bullpen. So we'll bring him in for to be part of our closing segment as we get to talk back about NFL. Allegations. My brother. I Miss I. Miss You like no other brother Yeah. No we actually. Like to raise were brick were brand new with kids from West. Haven to Stanford we we mix it up with an ECLECTIC melting pot of players and yet we just one twelve, three against the established. Established Newark New York Yankees like we just rolled up on people. I'm so happy my my team kids were are. They worked on. It was awesome. Well, that's what makes. It doesn't make coaching fun when you see a workout on the field for you, that's great did. Someone. Young Joe in it and so much and note and You got always on point as always no no. Big shocker. Yes. Sonny. Gray man. He was not built for the Bronx. Some people don't like the spotlight. Some people don't WanNa play them as. Some people don't want to be a Yankee, thirty days. He's a very county guy he's built. For kind of a soft like not I don't recall soft but kind of a a different you know mid West five starting grades one of the top ten pitches the world. So. Yeah. I agree. got that. You know what I'm saying you know you know. I'm not gonNA miss a dirty name. Some people just aren't built to the Bronx. Hey Man, it's all about the environment here men and it's all about it's all about the mental aspect of it a lot when you're pitching but the guy's got the stuff. If you watch the game last night, I was throwing ninety four, ninety, five miles an hour exactly where he wanted to his fastball was moving his breaking ball was down around eighty, four, eighty, five. So He's dropping at ten miles an hour in breaking ball looked exactly like the fastball. So when it comes out of his hand these all these. All these cubs batters were thinking. It's a fastball and they're swinging as fast as they can the ball's not even there yet because he was mixing it up so well. So you know didn't do the greatest in New York but let's not take away from the kind of this guy has he can. He can throw Brady he's got multiple pitches. He's really good talent, and if he can keep this going the reds have data shot. You know. It doesn't make you better or someone worse a better than near you or Joe or anyone receiver anyone you know he he feels he does at home in the Mid West and never. A couple. Begs to the question is you know? Is it the Yankee fans? Is the way of doing things is you know? House to house their new. If he has a couple bad outings there to. Worry, about fans now. But when the New York press's, that's the problem I mean it's really weird that that you know you would maybe to concentrate more maybe the factory relax too much with the Yankees but it's funny and I I just I hate to to buy into the New York myth of you know the pressure of New York tearing up players because. The the pressure just to get to the major leagues and and to compete. So I. Just I decided very weird doing and when you see this contract, the guy was a star out in Oakland. Bad in the Bronx. Now, he's GonNa Start. Again since the oranges anatomy and in China makes no sense to me and it would it wouldn't hurt me to if the mets don't make it all the way through to see Sonny. Gray for a couple of shutouts and busted Yankee bubbles that would that wouldn't be bad for me I know you guys. I would take. That's a that's a great point. Show you know You, dial it back. You brought me back to reality I'm always the awesome and maybe it's not him. Maybe it's not the best place for him. Now you're right it's not these guys for royal. It's not their first high school. Dan. They've been to the show before you know you're right. He starts by New York. I but I I still I honestly honestly I'll bet she chuckle two minutes. I honestly think that guy is built for somewhere not New York so I really. That certain certain players are not built for New York. I duNNo. took. The change of scenery change of scenery you can really help guys sometimes and I think you know I think it brought him down back down to Earth a little bit just struggling a little bit in New York and it just made him focus that much more and I could tell on opening day that he wanted to prove that he was that picture that was out in Oakland Strike and people out left and right and that's always done so far since he's been thrown on the mound for the reds, he's just been striking people out and just being almost dominate out there for the what else. They started me what what money Greens contract is. He is he on lock for like three years is a one year deal. I'd have to look on that I. Think I think. It's more than one. I think they locked him up for at least three or four. Okay Before we were where we're GONNA. Look at Alex before we again because I don't know if you missed like part of the game of the show when I saw I, WanNa see anyone who cover anything before we get into. WE'RE GONNA take a quick. At the NFL top one, hundred list of top twenty players as voted by their peers just lost the last hour. We're GONNA. Do that get our opinions on that? Is there anything else you wanted to cover before we get into that? No then dies I'm the party and love like everyone. So let's take on. All right wouldn't We'll do it. Let's start from number one The MVP. So it's hard to go against him Lamar Jackson number one as voted by his. Not Surprising to me. was going to be surprising comes after that. What do you guys think about? Lamar Jackson, do you think he has the game to keep this up at this level or the flash in the PAN? An. Rg Three. Without injury I'm saying, but you think Lamar Jackson got the the game to keep getting giving some of the top of this list. Yeah I mean. The one knock on Mars you know people some people think he can't throw the football, but that's that's not true Lamar Jackson could throw the football and college and he can throw the football in the pros. The one thing that I. Kinda worried about with him was how can he read defenses Can You? Can? You can you? Go off that I second read and find the third guy that was the other thing that I worried about with Lamar. But let's be honest. Last year he was the best player on the football field for the entire sixteen games. Let the Ravens a fourteen and two record I know they struggled a little bit against the titans but the titans have a good defense and they had a really good game plan but. He's proven that he can run the ball he can run the offense he can hit the open receiver and he's just going to get better as he goes on I mean the guy's gotta live arm he can. He can throw the ball with the rest of them and if they can keep you know running running an offense that is built around his strength. I don't see any reason why he can't keep doing it. Yeah I totally I thought it was made You know you never WANNA be like. Go over that time when third and one we saw what happened Cam we saw. Him. I. Know. Eagles Eagles Lord No. You can't put up you get hurt Lamar smart and like. Athletes that. He's not just a scramble. I Joe. Player I would say he and Patrick the future I mean, that's what I got. I, I totally agree with you bows Lynette an ad issue but I mean Pat Mahomes, they got rated as number four. By his peers. Would you really? Kinda shocked me because the number two guy that got his Russell Wilson never go do anything at Russell Wilson Total respect for the guy he's shown Rum's decade that he's one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL he's got a gun he knows how to play the game he no one run. Veteran Russell Wilson little surprise it. He number two ahead of PAT. Mahomes. And that MOMS is behind him in Erin Darnold Donald So. I don't know. How you look at those three players why is happened homes? Behind those two I would put in great behind Lamar Jackson I don't know about you guys. Let me. Let me grumpy out here. We'll hear man. I I'll be from you know kids, cities, all the people that drum. Yeah I. Don't that does not make sense to me. My home is not only humble guy he's the leader. I don't know where you go if you did not get injured. He could he could be. The Best quarterback in twenty years now I don't know. No I I think he's the best he proved. He's the best player in football I mean the he led the I mean, don't get me wrong. Steve's Magnolia. Figure things out. He's a really good defensive coordinator and he made that city defense at least respectable going down the stretch I mean you don't win the Super Bowl unless you can at least stop somebody. So their defense got better but Patrick Mahomes, the reason that the chiefs you know that they want they've got a good team that got Andy Reid is the coach he's got some weapons. With tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins and the Travis Kelsey and the boys. But let's be honest if you go back and watch those games they've won because Pat Mahomes his creativity is playmaking ability his arms, his legs he's he's the he's the total package. He's the best player in the NFL in my opinion I think Lamar Jackson had an unbelievable season. He's really good I think like I said I think he can keep doing it but pat mahomes is the real deal and he's the number one player in the NFL in anybody's list or should be. And one of the, neither of your brought would be brought up. He did most of last year on one leg. Between me and. The toughness he showed I mean that kneecap injury would have kept mostly people out six weeks and he would he we? Yes Joe Joe just to build on your point just sheer fortitude like a level of of no fear. Let's go. He was rising and rapid regular at around pain and what the next day throwing spirals I mean that guy is so tough. Strong. Guy In a player character. That's mom did. He dislocated his KNEECAP and You know he was available two weeks later I mean they they kept him out I. Think Three Games at least But he was there and stayed on the sidelines. You know two weeks later and just the fact that he did that shows that he wants to play in that he loves the game and and with his kind of talent the the sky is the limit for that guy. All right. Number five they got Michael Thomas and nobody would go against him as a wide receiver. But, The number five, the little fly from Waco. Thomas here with is there somebody else you'd expect to see a higher than him? It'll high for wide receiver Michael Thomas. May Go for Yeah no I mean he's a Buckeye. So I, I love him. But I mean wide receiver as far as wide receivers goes I think he is the best wide receiver in the game I mean setting records kidding catching passes I mean didn't matter who was back there. Is Teddy Bridgewater. It didn't matter as long as they threw the ball out somewhere near where Michael Thomas is. He got it done. I think he's a top five player in the NFL he's definitely paid like he is the only thing you could maybe you know make an argument that maybe drew brees or somebody like that could could be up ahead of and drew brees is back down there twelve. So I think I think he's a top five player and I think right behind him you know Christian McCaffrey and I think Michael Thomas and Christian McCaffrey those are definitely two guys that could be MVP's in this league and have the talent to do it. Real quick I mean my coupons. You know sexy is one way model all all the guy does show up on Sundays and catch thirteen balls run hundred, fifty yards the guy that's not drop I mean what does the elastic on and he doesn't drop a cat guys. So officiant, he's quietly incredible player, but I love that. McCaffrey agree with six? That's a good thing. But here's another one I've found controversial number seven because there's two guys I could see that are as equals and maybe better and that's George Kittles. As number seven, I mean, at Travis Chelsea. I would have put over him. I know that Alex is rated jumping 'cause boy urges them there. A little you guys attacked what do you agree with Kittles or Joe Kills in bits of at seven? Go for from about the no. I mean Georgia, great tight end and You know he may be the most complete tight end because he really is great blocker and I, like his game but I think that seven is pretty Dang high especially for Thai dead. How can you? WE'VE DERRICK HENRY DOWN AT number ten and put Georgia tiddle at seven. I mean you take George kiddle out of the lineup for the forty niners and yeah, you're going to see it is the run game going to be affected maybe is their passing. Game GonNa hurt a little bit. Yup. But if you take Derrick Henry off of that titans team, you're looking at, you know six and twelve team or a six and ten teen I mean Derrick Henry is the reason that the titans made it as far as they did Derrick Henry is the reason that the titans beat the Patriots beat the Baltimore, Ravens in Baltimore beat new. England in New England and then had a two touchdown lead on the super bowl chance in Kansas City he's. He's one of the best players in the NFL it's not. In the NFL I just think you gotta put their Ken re somewhere near the top five if not in the top five I just it right now as far as last season goes if you look at it, there Kendrick dominated even when everybody knew he was getting the ball. Brilliant I mean to build on that I mean that's a great way to look at the other day styles back looks to Wasser so like. If you take him out of office, the titans baby or her six win. Five Win No kill out. Matters are GonNa be the niners they'd beat up on assault teams out west the most of the big. So. Derrick Henry would be much more. Than, a tourist I kid overall I know Joe you you poke me I. Love You right back. Yeah I'm I'm I'm an urge Guy Decker block, it's not The world he doesn't he's not a complete tie that he he's he's he's a you know a bigger wide receiver pretty much. They hired him uncertain fourth without. He's not he's not mind walking of it. Kindle I. The best in the world is trying to tell I mean that's what I mean. Hey I'm the. I agree with you there. The next to guys wearing Travis Kelsey he what eighteen on this list I mean Y- think about things he did last year he won some games. All I'm self and You know the reason they came back and beat the Texan if you go back and watch that game when the Texans were up what twenty four To nothing Travis Kelsey was the reason that they were able to get know with with obviously Patrick Mahomes but I mean Travis Kelsey was just dominating. He's a problem for any safety to cover. He's a problem for any corner to cover and to not Travis Kelsey his do I think is ridiculous. The guy is just he's an unbelievable football player he's A. And Real quick conclusion on Travis. That guy's a Leader you know he he passes homes, wives hang out like they're like best buds. So. Crucial I mean that I Saw You know if If I, better circle or. The traffic comes about implant. Well especially, when you look at it kills in Hopkins Than Gilmore. I. Think. All of them have been dropped down I mean and then Audrey ahead of Derrick Henry I. I I'm not quite sure how nick feels about their can read kind of like waiver little. FEEL THEY I'm not afraid to admit it. I was talking talked and yell that I love Derrick Henry and if you go back and you watch the tape. Tennessee titans down the stretch and you come back and you tell me that Derrick Henry wasn't the damn reason that they won all those games. Then I'll ask you to explain why. I think about it. If you look at him the second half of the year, you could really. If you could have been the MVP two week I mean I mean. Lamar Jackson get to such a big lead earlier especially with that six touchdown game he had that he had to grow the Kinda ran away and hid, but there cannery the MVP for probably five on. So yeah I definitely agree with you there you know Julio. Jones. Couldn't do a whole lot when he was standing on the sidelines watching Derrick Henry run teammates over and step on there. As he was marching. For his two hundred plus yard and most touchdowns I mean, let's be honest you. You can't even get on the field when Derrick Henry toting the rock though. Basketball soccer off your crop. They seem more sticky all the. Henry was dominating people use he not love your team gets the ball there was a man boys. A top player come work outside. Yeah I mean. The definitely sure I mean I don't see these these picks this with either where we're list just caught my eye because I mean number eleven believe accounts no one ever take anything away from but number eleven in Germany's number twelve. Wagner number thirteen brady number fourteen Aaron Rodgers who Aaron Rodgers had a good year last year ball. He's been kind of shaky and then you put Nikko said Seventeen and Travis Kelsey and eighteen. I mean, it just makes. Sense that it takes away the liberty of this this list, those two both and Kelsey should definitely be tough tin really five pushed the other guys back down. Yeah. Tell seen I mean I like Chandler Jones out in Arizona but let's be honest they want five games and Travis Kelsey won the Super Bowl. So who is more important in this league I mean I, and also if you look at Cardio Mac I think Khalil Mack is more of a game changer than Chandler. Jones is I mean I don't I. Don't think the defense is sit up at or that offense to sit up at night worrying about Chandler Jones the way they do know Khalil Mack I mean Khalil Mack is unblocked. Right. Yeah, I mean I. Drove Joe Gimme a hot second on Air Rogers wake me up to Janika PAT to. Legal. Yeah, I, know whenever called color me whatever amodio saying no I've never weeded up at night. Worried in woke up nervous about Aaron Rodgers he never just not perform plus I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Eddie always says. Not Hey hey it's not my fault. You kind of. Grin and look I. I'm not a Airbrush Fan. I'm not an Enron stamp. And You GotTa give them the reason he's on his downside. He's under downsize career I mean but. You know go back for years ago three years ago he was a guy. He didn't want to have the ball with under three minutes left in the game because I've seen him break a lot of arts winning when you packed any doesn't have it anymore. mean. He say if you're going to look at this list, I mean the thing is we're coming down to the end of the show and I want to go over Lamar Jackson. Pat Mahomes Joey Bosa Derrick Henry I would've gone and then Russell Wilson that would have been my top five. If I was speaker with these guys got they're all younger players often do their new wave of the NFL and then like you said, maybe bring Khalil Mack into like the six slot tells people I mean I I just I look at this list and it's it's kind of like I some of it is kind of a joke I mean Michael, Thomas Top ten McCaffrey blooms top ten maybe not half can so much anymore I don't know about Stefan, Gilmore the top ten. No. Way of agreed defensive back but I mean he. You know Dionne. No I don't I. Don't think he's dirty shutdown corner. He's not a shutdown corner I? mean. He's a good cover corner but let's be honest. He looks a lot better in that in that bill belichick defense than he did playing for the bills and let's talk about Malcolm Butler I mean Greg I was he was a shutdown corner for the Patriots in that Bill Belichick defense and then you take him in, throw them on the titans and it does not look the same so. I I'm I like Stefan Gilmore. But I'm not I'm not one hundred percents sold that he's a top ten player. Where but Joe, there's no ways belongs in that on top ten. Privilege and honor there's no way that need. I'm sorry I'll take on the eagles tomorrow trust me I'll driving the airport. But I'll pick them up but like no, there's no way up cat come on. But that's where these lists you know when you. Become popularity contests I remember for years you get the MLB list and again believe me everybody knows how much I don't like the Yankees. But you have people rating Derek Jeter as the most overrated player in baseball and. Maybe say into a point that he was. I dare cheer was on a different team is this the we might not have been the star of the magnitude he was in New York. City. Because was the president for three thousand hits and everything else he did speaks for itself. So I mean a lot of these lists it's speaks against about you know professional jealousy and stuff I don't know how you feel about it but those. The. ME A lot of. Guys. You know what you know obviously I I I. I. I wake up and go to bed I live in came ask but no you you can love. And a Lotta people or things. And then I grew up and I respected. People. So Jesus someone who respects. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not, GONNA WAKE UP, in jeered jersey, but I respect. You jeeter top. To. Put. Your typical either. Do you think a top ten? I'm sorry. Three four south long time or. Overall. I mean, let's be honest the game dude I mean he had the pressure on him from day one and he loved it thrives on it. He's the opposite of Sunny. Gray you wanted to play in New York he loved playing in New York, and you know let's be honest when when it came down to it if there was a runner on and the Yankees were now you know tied. He. Would get hit and it just shows. You know like that lasts a bad hitting that home run I mean maybe the Guy Group that I. Don't know but you can't take your jeeter. Did He He had an amazing career might not be the greatest shortstop of all time but he got he did what he had to do out on the field fielding ground balls and he got the big hits when he needed to you know I'm no. Fan Overall but he did he did get it done. He's not great at is being an owner. James Dole's Jim Sullivan up. He's not authorized. All right we're coming up to the end of the game of the show. Tonight we're going into the weekend when I'm GonNa, give you Alex since you were here. Let me give you the last word we got about a minute gives a last word on what bothering you would you like it about sports and and then we'll say our goodbyes and editor weekend. Give us your your impression what you're worried about the weekend when you're looking forward to go ahead out. You know the best thing is optimistic I'm so happy you know you dress up with my bs I jumped in after big game no like you know the state of affairs is never get better. So you know. We're all going on. Right, now, so I want people I I don't know big fall out I. Want that. You know the big game. Show you know that's my little crush. I I'm just so hungry I'm so happy. That people are getting out there and perform and that's What do you got? Yeah no doubt I want to won't sports to continue I. Think it's good for this country all the stuff that's going on the bad things that have happened this year if we can have a couple of successful professional sports seasons and give people something that they can watch at night and relax and enjoy I think it can only do good things for everybody. I Ray. We're going to end it. There people everybody you tune in tonight. Louis who called in we had a great time. We got our we got through our top twenty running back tonight we did a lot of football a lot of baseball I'm looking forward to the hockey this weekend alone baseball and basketball you guy said so. Bag and is the Connecticut Sports Guys Joe Ryan Alex Azar and Nate Smith with you. All good happy weekend. We'll be back on Tuesday night at seven o'clock hey doug. Easy Bellas Talk to you over the weekend. Keep it keep it Gergen. Love Go. been. Listening to the Connecticut sports guys on blog talk radio live every Tuesday and Thursday night at seven PM. Keep the number handy, three, two, three, four, one, seven, six, seven, zero, one. You can also listen to the entire archive of past shows right here on blog talk radio. Follow us on facebook just search for the Connecticut Sports Guy. And Join US every Tuesday and Thursday night live at seven PM. Keep that phone number handy, three, two, three, four, one, seven, six, seven, zero, one. Thanks for listening to the Connecticut Sports Guy

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