The. She's a young woman. She's for Melvin she studied psychology. She likes the bachelor TV show, she posts about the backstreet, boys. She's just seems like anyone else that you'd say walking along in the street, and you wouldn't take second glance at this is a portrait of a catfish person who creates an online identity in this guy's famous actor persona tormented at least two women over years. Well, I think many people are looking this story wanting the the person who's been found guilty these stalking offenses to fish assertion, mold, and she doesn't and they don't always fit a perfect mold that we think that they should. Yes. This week on download this show, we taking inside the world of cat fishing. Plus the election is also very on electric vehicles would be such a big debate. So really where are we at with electric cars? How long does it take to charge one? How fast can you get with them? How much what's find out? This is your the week in media, technology and culture by name is Marc Fennell and welcome to down by this shy. Yes. Indeed. It is a brand new episode of download this show. And it is big welcome to the editor of junkie ride. Johnson. Welcome back to download the Sean thanks for having me on download the show. I said it three times now. Taken johnson. Who who has been adopted by ride Johnson takes his child. Brings back memories. Joins from what I meant to say. And I'm keeping all of this in. So, you know, just half professional IM nephew for having me on this show. Together again. So we are in the top end of I five week federal election, which for the last week has felt like it was going to be a referendum on electric cars now is notably Gaza. Do not wanna get stuck into that. But I do talk about electric cars. Right. The live about even ounce the national vehicle electric policy and the idea is that by twenty thirty. Of course, fifty percent of Australian vehicle sales will be electric. Let's start off with tolls ability. I think it's entirely plausible body viability for those charges needs to be far more commonplace. I don't think we're going to be able to do something like that. And and have a reasonable for the average person to be able to have an electric vehicle in charge it unless we do install more of these super fast charging outlets, which the liberal government had funded proposed and advertised to everyone. There was a press release that went out by the energy minister less than six months ago, talking about a super fast charging network running all the way from Brisbane to Melbourne Brisbane to Adelaide actually going via Sydney and Melbourne. So if those projects continue to be funded and continue to go ahead. I think it'll be viable for papal where the majority of the population ease, which is. Which is capital cities. However, it does kind of ignore a lot of rural people who would need access to something other than just their homes. I think there's a lot of misconceptions around aviation Australia. I think most people or at least a lot of people kinda distinct as Tesla's, and that's about it, which definitely isn't true. I think that it's outside of people's press bracket this idea that if they get an electric car they going to run out of juice somewhere and be stranded in the middle of nowhere. And it takes a really long time to charge and pretty much. None of that. True. There was a gaffe that long ago Bill shorten did Cy on CD radio that can be recharged night. Ten minutes. I know there are different Mike's models. But actually, how long does it take to charge electrica? It all depends again on the make model even between different Tesla's. It can vary. But if we take them as an example, because that's what you're most people in this country have at this. Point you're using an ordinary plugging into your wool silk at year. It's going to take eight ten hours overnight. Absolutely. But supercharge is we'll take your from zero to full about seventy five minutes. You can do about half the amount of time. If you just need a bit of a top on the guard. But even by the end of the year that bring out the near supercharge, AVI three, which is said to do I think about one hundred forty kilometers of charge in just five minutes or it's getting better. But my issue around this isn't so much how long it takes to charge its actual availability that see you sure that having a sterler at the moment, especially as an apartment dwelling myself, I want an electric vehicle. Absolutely. But I do not have access to garage slur. Even taking out the fact that I can't go and install a giant has Labatt on my wool, even if I was using a normal electric charger every night just plugging into the wool, I do that. I don't have a garage. I have to park on the street. That's the problem. When you say supercharge, in my mind, I have something let's like a Tonka truck with lightning coming out. Which is what is always in my mind because I'm child, but what exactly is super target? So the tesla supercharge is you see around the place. There's a few around Sydney, for example, where any tesla earn can just drive up in charge. How long they want to? So it was a big charge onerous looks like a petrol pump. Really it has a nozzle that you attach to your call. But it's actually, of course pudding in rather than petrol. It's also a whole lot cheaper than running petro. Call one of the concerns around this that we've been hearing this week is gonna take all yours, which is this idea of a visa note performance vehicles. But you look at something like, you know, the Reynaud e pace it's literally a call that's being rice, Nick and two zero to one hundred in three seconds and has two hundred Columba's maximum speed. Even the the modal s I think it is. It's like zero to one hundred four point four seconds. So this idea that you're not gonna get a performance vehicle in an EBay. I think needs to be. For an audience ter-. The argument though, that a petrol car that could do the equivalent of that would be likely significantly cheaper than the. But also how many people need to be going to hundred kilometers an ala? You can't even take that across the Nullarbor anymore. Sound so pissed off? Accidents when you can. But I think what people really Nate in electric vehicles, which is something that we're not really talking about is a reliable school to play while you'll in the electric vehicle that makes it sound like revving because this. Yeah. Code sound. Ryan you can hear and feel if you can get the seats rumbling like some little rumble is in that. Yeah. Like with like those like four day time zone game and have that sound pumping on the speakers. I reckon you've got a chance of selling electric vehicles to the average. Australian I think it's also worth noting as well that what you may be paying more full in the actual vehicle itself, you will mold and make up for with what you're going to save on petrol costs. I mean just last year has brought out a study that you can actually charge. I believe it was a modal eggs for this Tootill is forty four day. And that's if you're charging it every day, which comes to believe about eight hundred ninety dollars a year. We all spend way mole that the not owned petrol. Sorry, there's not just cost saving we need to notice be looking at the vehicles. We need to be looking at the water cost saving as well. Anyone that even has solar a power and they're in batteries. Save more. Again, one of the biggest reasons why people would want to invest in an electric car is the notion that it is inherently cleaner than combustion engine run. One of the that's come up in the last week has been that. Well, if you'll electric car is powered by coal filed post Palestintian how much cleaner is it. Really? Can you break that down to me? Like is there a sense of whether you making a drastically positive impact by driving electric car compared to even powered by Nicole passed. Yes, that's definitely a valid argument to make in that we really need to be pushing more into energy policy in general. I think that hopefully by twenty thirty that won't be the case in most people will at least more than now will be using some Paladin, and she anyways. So, but you know, I think that's a valid argument, especially if you're going down the grain route is it is it a valid argument for many throat, my hands and guy. Well, let's stick with petrol. I mean, a using a bunch of coal already now. Hates call. But only children at Christmas show that kind of thing is no perfect at first. But I think it's the least step in the right direction. It's always a payoff period. It's always like a bio period. It's what we say with the manufacturer and installation of solar power. Yes. It's labor intensive it's cost intensive it is intensive on the environment. You get these things up and running, but the long term benefits, obviously, outweigh it. Otherwise, wouldn't exist. Honestly, the reason why I'm not because I've never spent more than a thousand dollars on a call. Gonna happen. This is what you're listening to you. All listening to the voices of Johnson from junkie and taken giants from his Modi. Mock Fennell is my name. And there was an incredible story that around LA this week came from the say, it was a tragic case of online deception a twenty nine year old woman by the name of Lydia Abdelmalek was found guilty of stalking after she impersonated celebrities to start on relationships. She mostly impose netted the foam in wiig Lincoln Lewis via Feick Facebook account. She struck up online relationships with at least two women convincing them to send intimate photos and videos. She also bombarded victims with abusive messages from anonymous numbers, the catfish incase absolutely stunned court reporter, James and who turned it into this. Phenomenal baseba IBM news giants joins us. Now. John thanks so much for talking to us. Thank you. So the story that you've written it starts with two. Women one nine one. I'm Jess and Emma went to school with Lincoln Lewis. And I guess that sort of attitude degree of plausibility in the first instance, right? Yes, I people are obviously asking why would anyone accept requests from celebrity? Clearly, it's not then. But these two women knew the real Lincoln Lewis Emma went to primary school with Lincoln Lewis. She dieted one of his friends of hue us earlier. She was still friends with that person while Jess had met Lincoln Lewis on a flight as well. Now, it's a little bit strange with 'em story because it appears that Anna was added by this Feick Lincoln Lewis account, and what we do know from the court cases Feick Lincoln Lewis account did have many friends and shade friends with 'em as well. Which would have added to the plausibility that this was the real Lincoln Lewis? And we know that that account has had conversations or the Ps that count. Has had conversations with other people all there's been other Feick Lincoln Lewis accounts because Lincoln Lewis himself said that he was in Bali once for instance, and someone walked up to him said hi link how you doing friendly hip and shoulder, and he just is this person who you and person. What do you mean talking missing, look and choice his person week's worth of messages. You know, this is a mile thought he struck a friendship with this famous guy and Lincoln Lewis lack? I'm sorry. That's not me. You know? That's definitely not may. I'm sorry. So we know that this Feick Lincoln loose account existed. Am I being more than one? But in terms of how it added gems of how emigrating it appears to have added while Jess after having this very friendly conversation. Abol this flight has often woods gone. Well, look all this ad Lincoln loose. If I spoke French on Sino, you might ignored. Pines out exactly have a punt an in the end the person accepted. It wasn't the real Lincoln Lewis that she added. It was this catfish one of the amazing things about the pace that you've written is how the perpetrator went through great lengths to avoid physical matings. Generally, the the person will just pull out because they're busy. They're an actor. So they're always busy. And when they would say sorry, I've got to go to Sydney those even photo sent to one of the victims that are in hospital. Those even one particular creepy story and that hospital follow osteo quad till it's photo shopped like some photos that used to tell these narratives of clearly photo shopped doctored others, I'm not so sure about because as one that looks like Lincoln Lewis, but it's his person with plaza broken their arms, and it's Lincoln Lewis Feis, but it's pretty grind. So it's little bit hard to tell. There's another one way Lincoln. This fight Lincoln Lewis said in response to this. Jess who had got her daughter a bubble abuellah's cream a few hours lighter. There's Lincoln Lewis posing with the bubble abuellah's cream, and I'm looking picture on. I think it started. But I just don't know so one particular eerie story, which kind from the court case is at Lincoln Lewis Feick Lincoln Lewis us, just don't come for dinner. Now this at this stage jesse's pretty convinced. It's not the real deal. But just just a little bit of hope is still keeping touch to this person. Of course, cancels last minute. Sorry. My mum will freak out. If you come over, look all have my birth idea. And then I'll come to you to she whites to the way out of the morning this catfish science, I'm lost. Where I now the JPS isn't working all these little bit singers as I'm going to bed. Now, this is where it gets really creepy. The died after and doesn't quite make sense to a lot of people the morning after this catfish, miss messages, gist and says. On here. And she's like really finding gonna make whoever this person is and looks out the window. There's no one day now Jin so she messages him or her in this case, of course, messages Feick Lincoln, those where I can't see you and the catfish says on behind the Bush freak me out on building up the courage outcome at all come. And then these Justice had enough to your Eliah you full of it you not here. No, you're not here. Leave me alone. The person responds that acknowledges Jess is wearing a beautiful blue dress. And that her daughter is wearing a school uniform. Now, there's no evidence to suggest that Abdelmalek is even bane to Queensland, which is where Jess was leaving. She's from Victoria. She's from Melvin Abdul Malik was evidence that she's Spain there. But she somehow correctly told Jess what she was wearing as a result of that message just had to break her lace with the help of coins police and move homes and had to move. Her door to school. Has it changed the way you think about social media? I think one thing I've been surprised about these stories how wide spread cat fishing is from the feedback that we've been getting on law, and we've are sold the documentary easier, which is why I interested in this case before I knew the full extent of of the deception. I'm quite surprised how widespread these of heard a lot about love scans where people are trying to get money. I'm quite surprised that these a young intelligent women that a lot of the people who've come into to us a young people as well. I think we like to assume about that the perpetrators fit a certain mold. I think we often think that the victims must fit a certain mold and in this case, they don't so it's it certainly a reminder. We can all be confident that we know how to protect ourselves Bosch. It's a reminder that what you put online yet you photos you died of birth unite. It can be used by people for very cruel purposes. And it is a scary. Reminder of how easy it is. This this catfish person track down her victim through the Optus online chat at the time using just nine died a birth and phone number. And this person kept changing the number and the perpetrator would get back on office and said sorry, a forgotten my number. I just changed. It can you tell me what it is. And we'll get through the security. So it's just too. It is concerning with what he's up the we'll have these top of things out there. And that was enough for this person to build up this entire us of stoking rating, the interactions of many many years, what do you take away from that? What what do you think underpins activities like this what what sort of value? Does it fade back to the person doing the cat fishing? Do you think the whites been described to us the type of people who get involved in stalking not talking specifically about this particular cases, as an expression, cold, the resentful stalker, which is in a story today? And that's a poll Mullen, just professor at Monash University sighing that while each different these people. Essentially taking out some frustration or anger on the world that they live hasn't turned out. The why they wanted it to be that they essentially take some power out of the stoking dad doing and become addicted to it, and they can do it to strangers. But of course, I can also do it to those. I know well, and they almost get a a double whammy, I do it with someone. I know well because I can say both sides can kind of almost relish if I can paraphrase him in the and the confusion that I can call because they saying it wrought day, and they almost guess some a hope I'm paraphrasing. He Macura leap, but almost kind of absorbing relishing in that kind of harm their as well chimes. It's really fascinating stuff in it. He's a phenomenal pace. Thank you so much token to us. Thank you John in there, and you can read more about the case eighties cold catching catfish, it is on ABC news and the big welcome back to palace. Ride Johnson from junkie and taking John's from his Moda. What I didn't realize until I read this. 'cause I mean catfish that had been this movie about catfish a couple years ago. And then of course, it was the series. And I guess it's one of those things where I knew it happened. But it's it's much more widespread than I think people realized right? Yeah. Absolutely. And I think one of the reasons why people can kind of get away with this for as long as they do is that cat fishing itself isn't a crime. Yeah. It's all of the peripheral things that you're doing that make it a crime so for to crime. Yep. So that's a legal, obviously, the has to be deception and dishonesty that has to be evidence that the person doing the cat fishing is receiving some type of financial benefit or causing a disadvantage to the person that they are fishing. It has to be proven to be intentional and reckless which also of defenses full or in the case, they have been a couple of cases where it's. Been used to engage in sexual activity with the people that have been catfish. Also, it can be against the terms of use of the specific sites of the of course. Social media platforms. If you impersonating someone on that you can report profiles for impersonating you so enlist that happens in less all of this is exposed it can kind of fly onto the right eye and a lot of people will engage in cat fishing in completely benign Weiss. They don't actually intend to ever get anything out of anyone. They just want to reach out and talk to people although I wanted to Vella relationships with PayPal. That's I I am quite obsessed with the MTA series fish as well. And you do say so many cases of that. You know, it's it's people that alone Lee reaching out to other people little lonely and engaging in these relationships in order to have that human connection the powder. Namic of it. I found really fascinating disturbing uncomfortable. Take you pick really. And I think one of the surprising things particularly that emerge out of these stories that the perpetrator in question did not make any significant financial guy. And I'm also sort of there's an an additional quandary in terms of how it gets reported on to because the. Victims of this in many instances it same. So tapley compromise to barris see on top of everything, it's Barrasso. And it's been so interesting to say dimes is talking about just the huge influx of people writing into the say about their experiences cat fishing in it system. It's it's really really really uncomfortable. But you guys junkie you've done some putting on the stuff as well absolately because we were looking into actually identity theft of PayPal as well because there's another side to this gay. You've got the person that's being catfish. But then you've got the person whose identity has been taken over in order to reach out and contact PayPal. There really wasn't a little not as well that something really interested in hearing more about life. What happens Lewis's perspective as well? Absolutely. So one of the things that we've reported on junkie recently. Jared Richards, one of my music ride is he uncovered a fake music produce. So so the real music producer is. Petacci? And there was a fake one called Dunnett. She. I mean, that's not even trying it's not even trying and it's not even trying intentionally but the fake had sit up a totally different online. Social media presence using totally different images that turned out to bay from a model in LA uploaded ripped and Ray uploaded music from not only the real Donut. She but also some other musicians in a stroller as well relatively unknown ones and proceeded to make an income from the music that they had loaded two things like soundly cloud and Ben camp and to the point where music promoters, actually, going contact with the real Donna touchy was like, oh, we're promoting this this point. And they like, no, what are you even talking about? And it turns out that this is something that's quite prolific. It's funny. I'm gonna talk to you guys that I talked to James Elliott, which is does it change the way to have this stuff? Highlighted in shop relief, and so much of the material that that this particular perpetrator was was manipulating to sane to victims was stuff that Lincoln had just posted on Instagram. Like initially, my thought was well, he's been in the public license. He was a kid as a result. There's a lot of assets out there that you can manipulate those images. But the vast majority of what she seemed to be sending stuff that he had posted on Instagram, and that sense, he's not that different to the for the three of us. Well, you know, we have into accounts pigs the time way not unusual incident uses does it change the way you think about how you face leaves on the internet. I don't think anyone really expects that their identity is going to be used to catfish someone, and I think that that's one of the psychological things that play here, and no one look, I'm sure a few people have that sense of self importance that I think that they'll be ripped off all their public enough figure to think that that sort of thing is a risk like that like the episode where. Beliefs that they were gonna relationship with tiny Perry, for example. The three of us on Katy Perry the regular. Download the show listener is no Katy Perry. So actually more likely to base someone whose identity is stolen full the purposes of these things, I don't think twice about it. And maybe I should I don't assure him that anyone is going to like high. I'm taking from Gizmodo because frankly who'd be interested, but someone could very easily take my voters and say that whoever catfish someone I I mean, even I've written about this for a love ACA Cullum that I used to do on life ACA where someone in and I believe the headline was my wife is getting catfish by Texan acapella single. So that goes into the whole music thing you're talking about right? And it was intense. Yeah. And I mean in that case they were using like a real band furnace from it. But I mean, the same thing could so easily happen any of us. But I'm like you. I haven't thought about that happening before. And I think people are more likely to be tipped off that it is something that's quite legit. If it is a mobile in person. The regular person is more likely to be a victim of having their identity stolen for this. Like just listening to these otherwise, which you could like basic tips what you could do to sort of suss out if you being catfish. Yeah. Absolutely. I actually have this advice from the most incredible source, which is a mouse pad from the TV series catfish that belongs to incredible junkie, Rajon Richards. That has the top tips to spot a catfish. He would let me bring it in as a pro. He cold it. He's most valued possession. So I'm just very healthy. From the photo that I told this mess pad. The top is if the profile pic resembles a modeling shot or photo shop job, and this is actually super good tip pocket puppet into Google image. Search and safe it comes up anywhere else on any other side under any other name. And that's tell you generally catch out the ones that you know, on impersonating famous celebrity if this story appease overly dramatic or too good to be true, not saying mistrust, the general. But mistrust the general population of. If your relationship becomes extremely serious extremely quickly. That's always a bit of a red flag. I've been known to move in with PayPal a couple of weeks off to mating them. But I've met them in real life. So that case says. Joel. And my husband will say nor. If they're avoiding video chat with you. You're talking on the phone or meeting in person that's always a big red flag? If they have very few other social media connections or real friends, you can usually tell if that's a dummy of count if they request personal favors all loans of money is Evan any money. Asking to be exchanged. That's a huge red flag as well. Even if they want to send you money. That's also a weird way that they get. Trust. And if they rarely mentioned this sorrel life, if they are not doing anything else, if not talk about any of their other friends or their work or basically. If they're not talking about anything in their real life, other than how much you mean to them that is being cut fished. That is the best advice of mouse pad, right? Same Johnson from junkie and taking joins from Gizmodo. Thank you coming back on the shard. Based on this Shire? Thank you. Very specific. Thank you to Katy Perry who I believe does list the Shire that is all we have time for catchy next week. My name is Marc Fennell, and this has been this show.

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