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AP One Minute Headlines Oct 17 2018 18:00 (EDT)


The White House wants video evidence. I'm Jacky Quin with AP news minute. President Trump says that they've asked Turkish authorities to release any video or audio that could shed light on what happened after columnist. Jamal Khashoggi stepped into the Saudi consulate earlier this month. It is believed that he was killed. The president is calling on his department heads to tighten their belt is like you all to come back with a five percent cut. He says Moore would be even better. First lady Melania Trump toward a Philadelphia hospital today to learn more about babies that were born dictated. She was delayed because of mechanical problems on her plane, which had to land at military base pot smokers in Canada, are celebrating today have is legal in Canada, and everybody should come to k and enjoy kind of. But border protection officials are reminding travelers. It is illegal to bring marijuana into the US National League baseball. Brewers lead the dodgers one. Nothing. I'm Jacky Quin.

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