Episode 28: The Wheel Of Torture


Why did you not wouldn't that be a Larionov? That's on your vagina makes when it's ready. Math. He's gonna divorce. I don't know why that just popped out because you are becoming one of. Thank you for that. See we're in the middle of meeting, and I'm gonna pop coke and Tiffany. It'd be like deputy gonna look over and Tiffany she's going to cross lakes. And welcome. Ladies of strange. I'm Ashley I'm Tiffany. I'm rebecca. You never play along. I Ashley I'm Tiffany Weimer. Thank you for joining us each week as we forced Rebecca to do things. She doesn't want to discuss this -tory mystery theory, all these questionable odd and airy like, yeah. Poku? For me there. We won't at your radio voice. I mean, Tiffany had like the Schwedt balls host. And you sound like a Basset. Yes. So watch your point nothing at all separate love, you dearly items here that is my point. I'm glad your friend. Sure why. I'm not sure either. Would you say that sometimes being friends with us is them cashiering what? Yeah. Sure, occasionally, I do have to walk out on conversations with Tiffany often, your well you walked out yet while we were recording not while recording. But it worked I walked out on like four or five times a day care about how often she walks out on you. She's never walked out on me. Well, maybe I don't know. I I don't like this. You're like the wife, and I'm the mistress. How you doing? I'm the one with the ring how you doing by them. I have a cat. Tried to make a fancy said you oh fancy so you with the torture. Are we discussing torture today? Is it the sexing? I don't know what people are into it could be I guess, it's more of the medieval kind. Ooh, I'm sure. I'm sure. So could be sexy. I guess it is wasn't it does like an interested in ways, not a snow. Apparently. I'm I'm interested in a lot of things. I know you make I started to go into the whole spiel. And I like I'm going to do like the history of the medieval times, and blah, blah, blah, and the different torture, and in the fall of torture, and then it got really excited about the different types of torture. God, I love you this my build up a whole lot of ending to it. We're gonna talk about different types of medieval torture. Cool. Look if the final product is good enough. You don't need a lot of build up. What she said. Yes. So no foreplay today. Ladies and gentlemen, straight to talking about as she throws her. The different types of torture devices. I'm so happy. Now when you say medieval give our listeners timeframe as she picks. Her piece of paper backup. So the start of these devices and forward with basically during the middle ages saw like the dark ages the fifth century up until the fifteenth. All right. We're the main time that these are really used but again. We're gonna talk about how they tortured these bitches. So you have the different types of tortures that leave a visible Mark versus those that do not tortures that draw blood versus those that do not, okay. Apparently, the Catholic church was a big pusher of torturer, but they didn't want it to leave marks or draw blood. So a lot of these devices were created with no agent, basically passable that these people the ones that passed passed on natural causes. As a sneaky a lot of times torture is used to extract information versus tortures Hughes as an additional punishment to prolong death. So you had the tortures that were used just barely get them to like that edge to where they would confess or provide information, then he also had the tortures that would end in death. And this just prolong the agony, basically. Go to ready. I'm so ready. No foreplay needed diving on it. Use loop. Petco, so comfortable. So the first thing we're gonna talk about is the barrel pillory. Okay. So continuations. Do you need rage hint? No. I do you need a restroom pass. No, okay. I need to not have that image in my head. So a barrel would be fitted over the entire body with the head sticking out from a hole on the top. The person would be kept locked in the barrel and force fed which would force him to kneel in his own filth. And in some cases, be placed outside to suffer from extreme hot or cold, depending on oh, oh, I feel like that's a very like moderate torture back. Then I'm sorry. What for a short time? It was merely unpleasant. However after long enough this would allow or excuse me encourage insects to breed and feed on the victim's flesh. Sorry, I'm laughing. In Tiffany phase is she got from real excited to real on the defenceless individuals feces accumulated within the container attracting, even more insects, which would eat and breed within his or her exposed and often gangrene flesh. Do we have a barf bucket a handy for later? No k. We have more wind to dull the that works death. When it would eventually occurred was usually ruled as a combination of dehydration starvation and occasionally septic shock. You know, buffets. Sounds awful a less deathly version of this was called the drunkards cloak, whatever. Someone was punished for public intoxication or out Gaullism. They would be putting a barrel, but the feet would project from the bottom their head would be out top. And basically, they would just be forced to walk around the town basically, and like a sandwich board of the day saying they were drunk, and it was like drunk tank until they sobered up. They couldn't get out of the barrel. That's fantastic. I like as a portable drunk day. Yes. But their hands were inside of the barrel. See anything that were outward. They're feeding their heads. This is me met like imagining Tiffany like in one of these barrels and tripping down a hill. I actually spinner white again. I was picturing when I fell over the ditch inside the box costume, so. Yes, that's right. And I'm the gift to the world. That's funny. So our next mode of torture or discover liaisson. Okay. We're was called the scolds bridal or the gossips bridal. These were usually use to punish nagging slandering cursing which craft and criticism of Christianity. Okay. A bridal sometimes also referred to as a Brink's was a punishment device. Usually for women also used as a quote, unquote, mild form of torture. It was an iron muzzle or cage for the head with an iron plate projecting into the mouth and pressing down on the tongue. No, the plate was often studded with spikes that if the tongue or made in a lying calmly position, it would only inflict minimal pain. But if they tried to scream or fight or talk it would Pierce their tongues. I will say this medieval folks, were very creative. It's pretty impressive actually looking at some of these devices and thinking about how long ago that was and they thought to create these things and how they created them. People are messed up. He. Better way to scribe it. Once it was placed on the gossips, quote unquote, head they would be led through the town showing that they had done something wrong or scolded too often. And that's what he million them into repenting the richer, richer, riotous actions. They used to make some of these look like animal faeces variance might be shaped like animals head, for example, a cow for lazy bones. I don't give her fool or a hair for an east dropper and a pig for glutton. Oh, well, that's fun. The next is the pillory, and it was made of a wooden or metal framework erected on a post with holes for securing the head and hands similar to its nineteen. Okay. Not Cheah teen. I was picturing stocks. I got ahead of myself. So I got ahead of yourself. But chump she's got jokes. Ladies jerem. She's got jokes and cats. So similar to the lesser punishment called the stocks, the pillory consisted of hinged wooden boards that formed holes in the pillory the head and hands were incision inserted in these holes in stocks the feet were inserted. Oh, so what I typically think of as. Is actually cooler. Okay. Gob it. Now, we're going to be those obnoxious people going actually technically called a pillory your feet would be in the whole. I'm going to go back to our first episode incorrect. Ashley when she said that doctor Kevorkian should have been stocks to his court date. Okay. When you figure out time travel, correct tweet how the hell do you? Remember that? First of all. What I want to be. So pillories would be set up to hold petty criminals, outside of churches marketplaces, crossroads, basically. It was a form of public humiliation unless they were starved or stones wouldn't ultimately lead death. It was more just a form of public humiliation. Ridicule so stocks they were abused to partially mobilized its victims where they would be exposed in public places. Did you do? That's what I thought. So in with the stocks like we said their feet would be locked in place, and sometimes their hands could be locked in places. Well, basically, the only difference was doctors that there is another board underneath them where their feet would be locked in. So I guess pillory stock they're pretty much hand in hand. And nother form which is a opin me of us. What you've got. It's just let the rats take care of it. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. No. No. No, no, no, no. There are of course, many variations to this. The most popular was called a rat. Ribcage? Basically, they would lie them down onto aboard. They would fix an enclosure that went over their shoulders, basically a five point harness, but a cage the cage with rats. No. After long enough the rats would begin to get hungry. Based on what was a little boy. Oh god. Everything I'm glad we already ate everything tickles now. And if you got a little work stream of the situation, of course, because that one was just my would take rats that were previously deprived of food cut slits in the person's abdomen. No place, the rats in the house, and no no, no why. No, I'm glad you wasn't vended TV was people at other things has stuff to do. Now thinking stuff like this. Thanks. This is saved us from a lot of torture. I really wish I could just sit and watch how your mind works play out in front of me, especially the monkey with the tambourine. Oh, golly. So you also had your traditional just being torn limb Tiom up compared to the rats. That's almost preferrable but could be done on a man-made device. Such is what they call. It. The wreck where all of their pinta jobs were fixed and gradually stretched and stretched and stretched. So used horses kind of like the guy in the Salem witch trial. But he also had rocks on. Yeah. He had the wa or whatever it was where he gradually which is in my notes. Okay. We'll get there. Right. Radio. Oh, right. Yes. We'll get there. So they had a machine called the rack which would gradually stretch them. A lot of times was not used to the point of actually being torn. But more for the torture to get a confession. And where that wasn't available. They would just use horses. I feel like that would be here is my like quality brain going to work that would be really hard to make that like uniform like you can't. That's why it sucks. Yeah. Like, the the man made machine would be preferred because horses can't control how quickly. Well. No. Because what they would do is. They would rather be torn apart the thought, well, no they would put again tie each appendage, so wrist and ankles, I guess attach them to the horse then envir- gun next to the person who is tied which would cause the horses to freak out. And that wasn't usually for torture. That was usually for an end. That makes my joints hurt. I was listening to think it was stuff. You should know they covered this and the guys were talking about how the wreck for the first like couple clicks, probably for really good. Like, you're getting really good stretch popping everything. And then it would not feel so doesn't exactly what I think. Because there's a scene in James and the giant peach is there now. Yeah, why we're the Senate Pete is put on the rack by the pirates that live under the because that movie made sense. And there's at one point like you can hear his bop. His back popping goes. Oh that one felt good. Yeah. So I would imagine for the first couple of clicks, she'd make up at bed. Okay. This little bit. The search a lot of it Odom dying. I would imagine it was said just like that do that calmly and everything. Wasn't there seeing in Braveheart or somebody was tortured like that towards the end hanged drawn and quartered. I I haven't actually seen Braveheart. So I don't know it has been years since I've watched it. And the only thing that really stands out to me is the mooning scene. But I'm pretty sure let's just remember a bunch of attractive men in kilts. We wanna know how Ashley's in Tiffany's brain works for it. All yeah. And yes, but just throwing that out there. I think that happens if it doesn't correct me, I'm probably wrong. It's been years. But I'm pretty sure there's a scene at the end where someone gets stretched to this next torture. We'll she's still she hasn't moved on it. But we throw page it. Mom, dad. Don't fight. Story. And I am ready to move on to the extremes of heat and Colt. Oh, yeah. Like boiling. So Tiffany about time got it. Yeah. But usually it was with either water oil tar or molten lead. Would be allowed to be back. I don't think they wanted to be easy. Could I do you know how like when you stick your finger and a candle and yet it's led that would hurt a lot. Yeah. Except your flesh melting. So they would either be placed in a large cauldron or excuse me. The liquids would be placed a large cauldron in the person would either be placed in there and secured until the water liquid came to a boil shit. And again that was used more to extract information to give them a chance to where they couldn't stand it and give them a chance to confess or extract information or wouldn't use for death. The liquid be brought to a boil and the subject would be placed usually head first. Into the vets. Oh, no. Which again was used more for execution than confession. Bruce picture like going feet. I being lowered fi first of how excruciating that would be headfirst. I sounds worse yet. So the main like I said the main to they would be placed in the liquid and brought to deal or as close to a boil before they find the confessed or they would just be put in headfirst into a VAT of boiling do of the names of their choosing. Somebody else the torturers to hip. So the stream cold you talk about. Hold on them without burning. That's one of my least favorite ways to getting injured burning it sucks. It's really likes to be burnt. No. I wouldn't say nobody true. Do you wanna talk to someone? I'm good. There are kids that appreciation. I'm okay, I'm very happy with where my life is. I won't engine on this things that there's a difference. But a lot of these things as I was researching that's like a kink. Yeah. Into these things wonder if it's like an ancestral thing. Like, if you're Gregor familia was a torturer like he died that way as fun. Like, I mean, I don't know. I mean. Call me limit. No. I'm just curious. Also, that's best knitting to think about right? Burning burning it could be used either as a form of torture, or is capital capital, our capital punishment as a form of torture. The victim's feet could be held to a fire or trapped in metal boots that were gradually heated up. Strapped into an iron chair with the fire-lit underneath. Hot iron, Tiffany applied to their buddy just thinking this through. I look over you have a face on that should not be the phase that you have on at that point. I'm trying to think of this from all aspects. Okay. And like was mentioned earlier a lot of these things she's going to mention or have mentioned, please continue Ashley do kind of stem into kinks. There's I mean like I said, we don't you can you. Now, we use at no point not mentioning it because it's out there, and it's estimating. If it's safe if it's legal, and it's consensual you do you? Safe sane and consensual the Serie that are to be acknowledged. And you do my sanity could be questioned a lot. So I'm gonna say safe, legal and. Metal instruments that were used for torture would often also be heated such as pinchers pliers bull. Go into more detail on that in just a moment as I was saying. The burning liquids or molten liquids which kind of goes back to our previous subject could be used to dip their limbs. Or even have them poured down their throats. No. Should've seen me trying to finish up. My research at work. I could only imagine the basis I was making could not have been pleasant. And then of course, the number one burning torture killing method is being burned to the stake for convicted of which craft and was the tree was true the horror. And did you do so going back to the being burnt to stake or being burnt alive? Death would often actually come from the smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide poisoning before the flames would actually cause harm to the body to kill them. That sounds awful. If the fire was small, the convicted would burn for some time until death from heatstroke shock loss of blood or thermal decomposition, vital body parts victims sometimes and most times took over two hours to die from being burned to life. Good fire guys come on so to help with that situation. Okay. Oftentimes, the person would be attached to a noose which wants it burnt. They would Hank. So you know, they're thinking these things through and trying to do right by their people. They probably initiated some sort of corrective action plan, and they really. You know, what this would work this fix this hang them? So they would basically have a knot tied at a lower level. And once the not burnt than they would be released on the news like, yeah. Okay. Well, I mean, I don't condone any of this. But I would imagine that would make it quicker than two hours. So I guess there's snaps their maybe moving on. Have to keep these because you guys like to go back and ask questions I talked about twenty minutes ago. Then of course, you had your brandishing irons. And to get keeps. It's weird human branding or stigmatising stigmatizing stigmatizing. Maybe maybe that makes more sense is the process in which Mark usually symbol. Or no mental pattern is born into the born. God bless America is burned into the skin of a living person with the intention that the resulting scar makes it permanent so like kind of branding, but not branding, branding, branding irons. I didn't hear that the week. This is a cheap by using a very very hot or very very cold. No. I think I'd rather have the hot do you like being hot though, the cold the frostbite how all feel bad? I mean. Yeah. But I feel like because there's a point you just get so cold it feels like you're burning. I would if I had to choose. I would choose fire over ice. Have you never like grabbed for some reason like aluminum panel the freezer? No like the heat leisure hands so fast. If you'll like your fingertips are getting burned off you never did the salt and ice challenge. You know is not it's not good. I don't know that I would want either personally. And I'm glad that a lot of the stuff is radicchio at now. But I'm probably gonna go with hot. I am too. I'm gonna go with neither said it's not an option canopy. If you were approached by Brander, I don't know when you had to be tortured with one, which would you choose? Own the fire. I don't like this question. I mean. Okay. Fair branded in the dark ages. Didn't like it there. We that was the point. I think of either of you ever heard of the brazen bull. Yes. No. She's not going to like this. Oh, no. But you're warm. Yeah. You'd be real toasty here. It was invented in h int- Greece. And he did it was proposed as an ideal of painful means of execution to a tyrant who had rung him. The bowl was made completely of brass came hollow brass train. Furnished with the door on the side. K a victim would be placed inside of the bowl a fire would be lit underneath and they would be roasted to death. But that wasn't quite enough. That does aren't pleasant perilous. I think is the name of the guy who invented it sounds, right? He decided that he would use a system of tubes. That went through the bull's nose to make the victim screams sound like an infuriated bowl. Oh that is. Inventive. A lot of times the victims tone would be cut from their mouth before the fire was lit to make them sound even more like an angry bull. That is. Okay. It's awful. But going that extra mile. That's should not have been followed with. But. But okay, I'm surrounded by minions. Right. Touch base since we did kind of mention cold, but exposure, people would be placed in cages neither extreme hot or cold left today with rats sometimes he comes no big deal on that one. So going towards the more physical damage side of things you have the instep Borer. This was a German instrument that on the outside resembled an iron boot. It was hinged to allow the insertion and removal bare feet a crank which concealed a long thick serrated iron blame. Why are you laughing so much? It would protrude to inflict maximum damage and promote liberal blood flow, turning the crank slowly advanced the blade into the boot punching a hole through the center of the instinct. That's that's crazy. Generally the result. Wound was so large that it was common for the prisoner or person to die of tuxedo soon after paying I just. Yeah. That like I'm sitting here rubbing my. Yeah. The chair of torture, which is basically a chair that was just covered in legal spikes, how all over the number of spikes, but range from five hundred to fifteen hundred and the victim would be tied down to the chair and wait would be gradually out cat it to them to cause the spikes to in pale. I mean, okay. Can I make a comment on this one? So when you sit down on it at I probably not gonna be that bad, adding the weight yet it's going to start to suck. But I feel like that out of all of these. So far would be like the boast, maybe not the most. Let me just make sure I'm not talking like just the little like embellishments Mike's that people have on sweaters. Yeah. This is like spikes that would pin it. It's like an iron maiden chair bed of nails. Not even nails. They were like extremely sharp. See I'm spikes, I'm passionately in pale your vital organs. I'm picturing nails. So that's probably why like the actual spikes, even like nails would not be good. If they actually impaled your body. I mean, but basically this is basically like a early version of the iron maiden iron. Maiden was like a sarcophagus that you got locked into like in Matilda. Yes, effort, the spikes would gradually in pale in like they had spikes that were specifically said to be I level growing level and. I mean, this would visit bother me that much apparently the Catholic church had one that was shaped like the Queen Mary and wanted enclosed her arms EPA around you arms were covered in spikes, really little wicked. Look if you're going to be sick and twisted, go all out. I'm so excited. We'll be sacrilegious exactly. It's my wife motto except. Just keep digging Tiffany just keep going do. So next we have in payment. Oh, yeah. It was a method of torture and execution in which a person would be pierced with the long stake. Penetration would be through the sides through the rectum and through the mouth it would lead to slow painful death. You don't say me and Tiffany both like puckered up though, one of multiple ins oft often. The victim was hoisted into the air after partial impalement, no and gravity and the victims own struggles would cause him to slide back down the poll you loving so much. Death could end generally did take many many days. Oh. Yeah. Hilarious. Isn't it giggles? This was the preferred method just as little side note of Ladimir, the third also known as Dracula. Ooh. Ooh. Which a lot of people believe plays into the whole wouldn't steak. Okay. Because that's not where you're going with that like hand, wishing I Jack off hand motion. So we already talked about the iron maiden, which I think a lot of people already similar with. I wasn't supposed to drop you. Sorry. So back to similar with the boot. We also had the Spanish boot which was an iron casing for the legs and feet. Okay. Wedges would be driven between the casing and the victim's flesh overtime. This was also known as the shin crusher. That just kind of gives you a little detail. Oh, I feel like death when I Nick on a coffee table other. Variation squeeze the calf between two curved iron plates, which was studded with spikes teeth and knobs to fracture, the tibia and fibula how how. How they're twisting. Why do you sound so impressed? The also had the foot presser the foot screw which would gradually consisted of two horizontal plates, which would gradually be tightened fan to the foot to basically to Lhasa rate the flesh and crush the bones in the foot which coming from a person who's broken off. I've metatarsal Zain her foot heart. A lot. There was a version that not only had the crank mechanism to compress the plates, but does the plates compressed a drill bit. No, no, no. Sorry. Okay. Can I just like make a side note on that one comes to torture? The thought of you know, the game where it's like would you rather do this? Or would you rather do that? There was one though, it's like would you rather have somebody take pliers in peel off your fingernails? Or would you rather have a boot lined with nails? And when you kick a wall. Do they go under your toenails? I wanna barf at both thoughts. And that's what that reminded me. I don't prevent myself from kicking a wall you say that. But how many times have you accidentally skipped a tow how many done? Done after day for so long. I've lost because I've kicked stupid things. So can't prevent yourself from kicking thing. What's your points? I'm uncomfortable. More about Negra torture next door. Welcome to the wheel of torture. Get to the wheel in a moment. Okay. So next we had a Spanish form of torture, which was the tab us. It was specifically used to crush toes. Oh, that's rude. The prisoner would be bound face up to Iraq in stretched into the tension and his bare feet held his toes tense and stiffly pointed. To wouldn't small wooden tablets featuring five narrow holes through which the toes were forced and immobilized before asking each question towards the prisoner. The torturer would position a sharp wedge of hardwood over the tip of one of the prisoners tone. No, no, no, no, no. If they found the answer unsatisfactory, the tortures sharply the torture sharply. Struck the wedge with a heavy mallet driving the wedge head on into the toast. So you get ten questions is what you're saying. They would start from the smallest to the largest. On the same line. You also had your thumbscrews or Pilly winks. What are these noises you're making she's still a comfortable love it? Tell me more about these. It was an instrument which was first used in media year up. It's a simple vice simple NBD like vice face sometimes. But yeah, script sometimes with protruding studs on the interior surfaces the victims thumbs or fingers could be placed in the vice and slowly crushed. They could also be applied to the big toe. In case, you were curious if they didn't have to believe tab, Tableau tap, Leila. About was to- one last one. We talked about the tab. Leila where they squish the toes into the holes and squish them today. Already blocked that out. Okay. Along the lines of the thumbscrews also create larger heavier devices with the same designs that could be applied to crush knees. And elbows. That doesn't sound pleasant. No. But I feel like I'm more bothered by the toes and fingers and the news too for some reason those really small appendages like just think about it. Okay. If you take, and I think this was on another one on the podcasts that I listen to if you just take your finger, and like squeeze it just above the quick, you know, how we always just do that where you squeeze the out of your finger. And then you'd let it go and it hurts. Yes. You haven't done that where you like that down near nail. Just imagine some. Oh, yeah. So Tiffany were talking about the d- nailing devices is who basically the forcible extraction of fingernails toenails or both. Of course, as you do everything hurts if you're gonna do one why not the other and its simplest form. The torture would be conducted by constraining the prisoner on a tabletop and using metal forces for sips or pliers. Which as we remember from previous torture methods could be heated to be red hot all that would be. Well, I've been affiliate that would may be. I wasn't that rationalized the torture devices just thinking like it would be used to grasp each nail intern and tear it from the fingers or toast. A cooler variant used medieval Spain, introduced sharp wedge of wood or metal which could be driven between the flesh. And each nail a splinter that got Lucile huge splinter. Like, why are you concerned about this peeling your nails off with a wedge of weird nail gets peeled off? Yes that sucks, but you're left with this giant splinter? So after like, you get past that you've got this nasty gross splinter that's going to get infected, and you're gonna gain greed, and then you're gonna die. It's just a awful thing. Go with the medal wedge. Two. Your logic to defined this. My brain goes to a dark place to try and adjust. A, hey. The next. No, more one you need. I really every. Just a little just lucid conduct something to give your mouth something else to do. Well, that's why need her. So next we have the Judas cradle what the Judas cradle. What it was a tall stool like device with a metal or wooden pyramid on top. No, no. I heard of this. No, the victim would be stripped bound with ropes and suspended above the device. Nope. They would be lowered usually very slowly onto the device making the pyramid. Inter some sort of cavity down there. The amount of pain inflicted could be changed in several ways. The victim could be rocked. They could be dropped repeatedly onto the vice one leg could be lifted. Oil would be spread on the pyramid or brass weights could be hung from their likes. And you know, that it in cleaned that inbetween uses because that's what I would be concerned about infection. Yes, we have to move onto the next one before I give my thoughts on this sometimes to prolong the torture. The victim would be suspended above the device overnight and the torture would continue the next morning. The device was rarely if ever cleaned. Victims did not die from the device. They almost always died from infection and the following days. Torture with the cradle could last several hours to several days. No, thank you this one in specifically if not used to kill the person if a person blacked out from pain or fainted, or whatever they would suspend them, but it until they woke up and then lower them back down. That's cruel. Can I just make a quick side note? Oh, no, no. I I assume they're going to people who listen to this who think that I'm being sensitive. I using humor is way to cope with how uncomfortable. I am. And I coached a lot with that one. So next we have the pair of anger the pair of anguish. Yes is also been can refer to as the pair of confession and the pope's pear. And after Tiffany's reaction them real hesitant to talk about this one. For. Because people also referred to as the oral payer. The vaginal pair the anal pair or just the pair a pear shape instrument consisting of four leaves that slowly separated from each other. Oh, as the torture turned the screw at the top. I'm picturing the tools that the gynocologist used. An early age specula-. It was used during the middle ages as a way to torture. Women who conducted a miscarriage lied or cheated lied to or cheated on their husbands and homosexuals. Okay. That's real. Yeah. There's my least favorite one. I can't know basically, it'd be inserted into the orifice, and it would slowly turned to gradually open if rarely calls death. But it could cause disfiguration. That's that. Oh, shoot this place. Missing actually looked back and forth between her notes on the floor in her hand. This was supposed to go back with pale -ment, but they use a method called the peak at which is basically a tall wooden spike would replace into the ground and instead of them actually, impaling it. They would have the person stand on the top of the spike barefooted. Slide if they tried to shift to their weight or anything it was positioned. So they would fall onto the spike. I feel like oh, and they would be so they'd be hung. Sorry. I forgot this part. They would be hung from a tree by one them. Just one just a thumb how so they'd have their hand up with their thumb suspended. They'd be trying to balance on the spike with one bare foot. Whenever they tried to shift their weight or anything or let go thinking that. There would hold it would rip their shoulder out of place. They'd fall down on this. Oh, that's sick. Not that. No, no remarks about that. One. So of course, we had the rack which we've already touched bases on. And then also tarring and feathering. Yeah, we're familiar with that one. So it's a physical punishment usually didn't end in death. So it would usually be that would be more of like people against a person, and it would be more like a attack say it'd be stripped generally from his waist up. Tar would report or painted on the person while he was mobilized and the victim would either have feathers thrown or he'd be thrown on them or they would be rolled around in a pile of feathers. And some manure often the victim was paraded around town on Carter on a rail. And sometimes their head would be shaving tarred in feathers often times a match would we held to the feathers to light them. Oh, no. I want to go back to like, the no the humiliation. Oh, I thought you might you wanted to go back to these time. Nobody like the radon girl's best friend is concerned that no I wanna go back to the humiliation. Tortures? Do you realize that of Tiffany your? I went back in these days. How quickly we would have one of these done to God. Already be dead. Yeah. Right. We would just be punched by some angry man through wall, and then tortured for retaliate into a torture chamber. Yes. And I'd have specific tortures and they'd be like, nobody you're a husky. You get the pair. So we have the ducking school school school ducking stool ducking was a form of punishment. That was mainly reserved for supposed witches. The victim was tied to a chair elevated by ropes Bova. Ponder river. She was lowered into the water until completely submerged the chair would could be raised in the victims about the pass out giving the victim of chance to confess, basically. This was does she flew? She's a witch if not sorry. Yeah. So this one was the only one that I've seen, and I'm sure all of these have been used in recent days on Horton really is that Garrett. I don't know what that is. It's a hand held weapon. Most often it is like a chain or rope or scarf or fishing line. Basically, something thin and malleable attached to either two handles or two pieces of wood. So it can be wrapped around the person's neck and twisted. Again, could be used as to force confessions. They gradually increased pressure or ultimately be used for beheading fabulous. I mean, not. Great love it. And then you have the pin forte. When Tiffany was bringing back to us, which weight is just gradually added onto the chest. You can hear all about that. In our Salem witch trials position episode number something before this. Wait, wait nineteen. Yeah. Episode nineteen. How did you do go sexless twenty? And it was the one before that episode eighteen math and history. See I'm like, really pretty. You're so sweet yourself. So you had the wheel which is also known as the breaking wheel where the Catholic. Due to dead. I did at that. At that win that year when the Jerry. The wheel was a torturous device used in the middle ages and modern times for execution by wording something. Toga link to death by what cuddling to see you D E N G and bingo was his name. Precisely. Basically, they would be placed on a large cart like wheel with her limb stretched out along the spokes and over two sturdy wooden beams they would slowly revolve and through the openings between the spokes executioners would reach soon hit the victim with an iron hammer. Which would gradually break various bones joints. Oh in the buddy. That's not good. I don't know why we're always apprised at these end the way they do. But like it's just crazy to me how they came up with these things again TV y'all so other would be coffin torture where the victim would be placed in a cage just big enough to accommodate their body, but not large enough to allow for movement. This had also be used in place with the rats, and for public humiliation, the victims that also be hung in the streets and left you die of starvation thirst or exposure, they would often be hoisted high enough and unaccessible to prevent help or rescue. That's awful the hair heretics fort was a form of sleep deprivation. Oh, no. It was basically a byproduct forks had two prongs very sharp prongs on the top into prongs on the bottom. It was placed on a job. No, it would be placed on basically a choker. Uh-huh. And placed with two prongs under the Chen. No prongs on the chess is no. And basically if you put your head down. Oh, no. So the person could not fall asleep person could not move cough. Sneeze. Make any sudden movements or Pierce their through in chest. Oh, honey. Oh, I sneeze. A lot. Howler g season salary. Damn you better figure out how to sneeze upwards. No. I do that downwards like we hope bodies nieces. I know Rebecca mentioned earlier, but Tiffany are you familiar with what hanging drawing and quartering us hanging is. I'd imagine quartering is where you chop something up in drawing, drew I'll like one of your French girls precisely. So yes, yes, I do so in one particular trial. The victim was drug petanque four horses to his place of execution where great fire was lit. He was stripped naked and biblical verses denouncing his sins were written on his skin. He was in hung, but cut down before he could choke to death. He was then tied to a ladder in full view of the crowd had as genital sliced off and burnt his entrails slowly pulled out and finally his heart cut out and thrown into a fire. Oh my God. Finally, his corpses. Beheaded his body was cut into four pieces in his head was mounted on the gates. Oh my God. No. I just everything on me is like clinched. Usually, it would read doesn't them hanging fire and quartering. So your body we cut into a minimal of four action. Just plus it. The face would be better. If we talked about the intestinal crank. No, yes. Couldn't be any worse crank. It involves was where you made an incision in the indomitable area and attached the upper part of the intestine to crank the crank could be rotated to extract to the intelligence and two from the gastrointestinal cavity of still conscious person. No now, come was always death. But never immediately. And lastly, my favorite oh. But the. Victim would be hung upside down left there for an extended mount of time to allow most of the blood to rush to the lower part of the body. None of them alive longer than starting at the groin. They would gradually slowly start sawing back and forth. The victim would remain conscious until the Saul severed the major blood vessels in the abdomen most times even longer. Oh because all of the bullet is in their bottom part of their body, which is why I stayed conscious. They would be sawed basically from their growing at least their belly button. Ashley for any major veins would be would be caused. Oh. Inflicted. They they after being late, and that's not all of them. I just. There's so many more methods believe it or not. Oh my God. Yeah. Well, next time. I stepped my toe I won't complain as much I will still complain. But not asthma because at least you don't have a boot with a nail in it. Yes, or song coming up or your foot? I. Why did you do this to us thought? It was it is fascinating. And I am actually intrigued by one thing. That was well, I'm intrigued by a lot of it. But I am intrigued by one thing that actually mentioned and you cut us off a lot. But I'm going to bring it back up. I think it's kind of interesting how a lot of these things kind of developed into kinks not necessarily like a tune taly extremes. But right, and I also there's a lot of different variations that were used in different parts of the country at the same times. Oh, I thought it was really crazy to like how did they travel back and forth or did it just so happen? Like the stool that had the pyramid on top. Sometimes people would just take a piece of wood and turn it on its side. So that the F was and put weights on the person's feet. So that they were just, you know, variations be I notice a lot as I was reading through. I'm like, this is a lot of people's like your. Them as I say, so maybe for like back, then how different parts of the country. Did it different ways? Maybe it was one thing. We're like you traveling. And you saw this one thing you mentioned it when you get back, home and. Things. So they made their own various just depending on what they had available in the places. But yeah, how cool will. That's fascinating. Hell isn't the FBI summating? So there's a little bit of mini will torture for all for the day. Thank you wanna go home and hug, my cat. Just don't get kidnapped and tortured. Don't do that. I was not the plan. Good. I mean, I don't think that's over the plan. So be village village. Flit legit. Vigilant. One way over. Well, we're member. At least we don't live in the dark ages where you could be sold in half through your visine still couldn't beat or genitalia. If you have any questionable topics. Like us to discuss you can share them with us on any of her social media's links can be found on our website the latest range dot com or you can Email them to us at ladies estrange at g mail dot com. Don't forget to subscribe rate review. And if you think we're doing a great job and want to support the show you can find us on patriots. And before Rebecca cuts me off. Yeah. All that stuff gets still be done today in theory. So also on patriotic. I don't remember what the level is right now because we've had two bottles of wine between the three of us, but there's a certain level where you can donate where you can pick a topic. So if you want me to make them as uncomfortable as I did tonight bring it on keep a strange lovely. That is my line. Keep a strange lovely. I hate you both keep it strange. The least.

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