Best 3 Stock Trading Patterns That Work In 2019


Hey guys welcome to the in Penny Stock podcast. I'm your host Mubarak Shah Superior and founder of Penny Stock. And on this show. I help people around around the world. Take control of their finances. Understand the markets you know regardless of your background experience and help you get to a place where you don't have to worry about checking your bank account forever living paycheck to paycheck again now. If you like the show I love it. You can click subscribe so that way you get. My new episodes automatically likely downloaded and sent to you as soon as it cut out so you can stay fresh on the hottest investment opportunities and education and now finally before we start. Today's show if you're interested in learning more please feel free to text the word stocks as TLC KS to the number four two two two from your phone on whoever you are and you'll automatically be subscribed to email list will you'll get our free masterclass on how you can get started learning the market and taking control your finances all right. Let's get to the show in this episode. I'M GONNA discuss the best stock trading patterns right. What are the strategies that are working working today for you to be a successful trader? There's a lot of different methods that people use when they're trading so that way they are able to strategically digitally maneuver and manipulate their pricing action. And what that means essentially is you can either go long short or a variety of the two in order order to make profits alright over time. The Stock Market Got Criti I don't WanNa say complicated. Because the more you participate the more you'll understand and but if you feel any type of intimidation or you know nervousness Zayed about trading. That's totally. Okay all right. The system has set it up in a way Wall Street has spent billions of dollars on marketing to make. It seem very complicated. They want you to pay them. Their Commission. Fees their percentage fees are management fees. He's in order for them to operate your money. And you know what on the highest scale if you multimillion dollar billionaire entrepreneur and you have tons of funds. It's worth at that time to give one to two percent of your profits to another you know adviser because at that point you're times better suited but if you're like most people you know middle class upper middle class lower middle class whatever trying to figure out how to make money trying to support your income. You're tired of living paycheck to paycheck in this method and these trading strategies can really help you get comfortable with making profits in stock trading. Okay because it's not a complicated sides it's not. Ah something that requires you to have insider information in fact that's illegal But the whole key is understanding. What are the methods that people are using using? That are working today. Okay so the most classic one is Pumpkin. UPS are that is what the penny stock markets rockets are all about. That's what they came about from in in the nine in pie in the eighties. Even when companies going public and to be honest probably even before then there was all these manipulation schemes popularizes. Probably what you've seen both of Wall Street where people were essentially pumping stocks right. They would buy a cheap stock. DOC pump it up to a large value where they felt that they could get a prophet offer and then they would end up dumping it at the top and in the meantime everyone else is kind of left holding onto the stop so let me show you kind of a simple example of how that looks like this is finbar's dot com really cool stocks doc streaming platform and the reason. I like it because a lot of the times. It gives you the news as well and I'll tell you how this specific news impacted the stock price around on that time as well. So if you've ever wondered what influences stock prices this is it right here. News is always a major factor on how stock prices mouth all right and Another popular platform that I use. This can sometimes be a little complicated if you're new to trading even though it has a ton of information A great platform also trading view dot com. That's another great platform. That makes it really easy. Ought to kind of dive a little deeper into the stock. So let me show you kind of the basic concept of pump it up Actually x net is a better for example of it if you look at x net. It's one the stocks that are being pump and dump right now. Look what you see. Here is the price chart all right. Hopefully if you're been watching some of these videos you're familiar with it but if not I wouldn't be too concerned because all of this is is a shows you the change in the price on this little out of the way all it does. Is it changes. It shows you the price at a certain date so if you see here on the right side these all price points. US dollars at the bottom is the date. That's all it is. And so what you're seeing here is in the past even exit somehow up pretty much pumped up all the way to twenty dollars twenty five dollars enough and then he got dumped over time and so we must have happened around this time around October ninth even see on the bottom twenty seventeen a lot of websites promoters and stockdale the email lists right. So if you've ever google hot stocks or penny stock alerts or tips you know. There's hundreds of these websites any stock alerts or any stock up. Picks you know if you if you google this. You'll see that there's tons of websites that are basically asking you to put your email in right all these guys. These are all basically just most for the most part all pumping ups these. These guys collect hundreds of thousands of people's emails. They'll have to look you can even see kind of spam nature of the site by old school. What they'll do is they'll pretty much JUSTA STA showcase it's always easy to look in rear view and see you know these guys got the best pigs and what they'll do is they'll send you an email on? What are some great stocks Fox? And that's when they're pumping it right began either being paid. If you read at the bottom of the email that you'll get from some of these Stock sites at the bottom bills have have a large disclosure in small. Small Font thinks oh where We're getting a payment. In order to Discloses closes or promote this stock right. We have a certain percentage of shares. And so. They're pretty much telling you that they're pretty much just manipulating the price. But a lot of people who are. You're not advanced. Traders are just beginner traders. You probably have fallen victim to this or know someone who has they'll just end up buying the stock price rent because they think you. The stock market is a lottery or gambling. Were just some you know. Some sort of mysterious force that they think that they have to get lucky with and really. That's not the case you you know once you spend some time watching video if you check out in Penny Stock University you'll start to learn that there are very simple. Strategic Methods and patterns. That happened over and over again. So this right here. This pump and dump. This is the most popular trategy. Okay and what we utilize so pump and dump right. That's the first trading strategy. But I'm GonNa give you two very special rules at. I've been able to popularize and have had a lot of success with my students now. Over over fifty thousand across the world and just in general. What's working in our chat rooms in our VIP group is the double catalysts rule? Okay that won't necessarily work with this stock because x net had a different circumstance. But I wanted to give you an example of a stock where the double catalyst rule really showed A large gap right. So the cool thing is if you go to finish his DOT COM it has. There's a lot of information on the front or I so what I do is I'll go to this website. Sorry Internet's a little slow here in the middle of traveling but Finn Kim visits of having a lot of information on their homepage at the stock market. What are the top gainers top losers and all of this information about different different stocks? So what you can see here. Though is at certain stocks after certain piece of news comes out. This is a bit lower margin but The the double catalysts rule was basically taking to different parts of a stock tray or of stock and using that information to make sure that you're going going to get a good amount of profit here so let me show here is very easy to see that the pump and tactic has been used on this stock as well. And what you see at the bottom bar here his volume okay. That means volume is as fancy word. For How many shares were actually bought and sold that day. So clearly if you see a law and if it's green that means they were more buys that day if it's red that means that there are more cells stay and so the interesting thing here you can see that. There was a ton of in volume out of the ordinary. That happened on this day. A caused this bike up. So what you have to make sure. Though and the reason it's important to understand stock doc. Trading rules is to make sure you're never caught in the middle of holding up here right so the best way to profit is make sure you get the gap up and you're able to sell before it kind of crashes and this actually is it's a great chart actually I'm going to open it up here Because I want I show you guys another stock trading strategy right so I had the double catalysts and now what that basically means is you know a lot of times people. I think that just because of one piece of news or one contract or one action that the stock will go in that direction and and so for example. Let me give you example Apple. Some people think that. Hey listen apple is going to announce a new iphone at the end of the year right and so oh I should definitely by apple because a lot of people are going to get excited about apple wants. That conference happens once they launched that product right. It's now you would think mentally that makes sense. But unfortunately the market as a whole is all psychology driven. And so what that means is that if you had the idea I bet. Thousands of other people have that same idea and with that concept of hey six months down the line. The IPHONE has been released a new version. I should buy today because the price will later. There's tens of thousands of traders up. Think the same exact way and so you need to be you. You'll you what you you might end up seeing. Is that the around the time that apple ends up doing the user conference but price of apple might actually go down all of a sudden and you a lot of times traders get confused like what is going on. You know. There's some great news and the price of the stock has gone down. You know penny stocks ridings garbage but really that's why we talk about the double catalysts because news is just one certain catalyst that's called fundamental analysis. Right when you're looking at the stock understanding what they do how they're trading that's understanding everything about the company when you're doing day trading or penny stop trading utilizing a lot of strategies in this video. You're not really that what were worried about. Even with the stock or the company does are there six and seven figure traders are able to trade simply by looking at these charts here and and watching the news because the news is still important but not knowing anything about what the stopped us again. Let me show you exactly how that could have happened in this trait specifically breath so right here so what you can see right here is a great example of how to protect actor self while traded now some people are always wondering. How can you tell when the price of the stock is going to go up or down? And that's it's a key aspect of trading strategies which is understanding support and resistance right one of the main and I'm sorry I'm trading on with a lot of different strategies in terms at juice will make sure that you re watch this video so you kind of understand it and I'm going to do a part two of this video. That will drop actually on Wednesday because I want to really go into detail of the different strategies right. So we're going to conclude this video talking about the double top or an and that'll help you understand Stan. Technical analysis the support and resistance right. So what you can see here actually is at seven twenty one or so the stock price hit there and then went all the way down for some reason and it was crashing but the interesting thing is you can see in the past that there was also an exact exact point like that are and so that is going to happen all the time in stock trading so I would have never bought this even during the gain rights breath. I would've never bought this because of the double top rule which essentially means that if you're doing day trading now usually. The WTOP rule applies in a smaller interval interval. If you can see here at the bottom. This is a large trading for these over multiple dates but the double top rule would apply something more in say the one day range. Where if we take a look at the stock price? I'll be able to tell when it's going to shoot up or not based on how the stock is priced out. So I'm just loading up the one dollar one. I mean the one day one but right here what you could have seen is that this was I guess even the five day this this is kind of just on a peak right here but the the whole thing is something. A concept called high on the day right fifty two week high. A stock price will usually stay within the barrier that trades within the only time. It's going to go out and break out right is when there's a catalyst analyst that happens which is when a new high on the day so right here again. We were confident with the double top rule that it went up to here and then I went out and now when here again if it was to have broken this price point you could feel confident and by. That's when you should set your shirts on your stock or your trading platform that. Hey let me know when this thought Hof is the ticker symbol right here. Goes past this point because only once it breaks that point does it become. I'm going to quote the wild West Right now. There's a new high on the stock and the Cup people are having confidence or there's something on the market that's causing the stock price to go up if it doesn't go there then you know the you know a lot of people wonder like hey. Why didn't we couldn't have made money here? Sure if you are interested in getting short small small prophets but I wouldn't have bought this because it didn't have its prior peak if it doesn't pass a private that means people don't have confidence in it and people are just at at this point setting their sell orders to be able to lock in a lot of profits because that was a previous hot at this point and goes out so you. I don't want to really go into depth about this because this sock trading strategies are important. So I'm going to be doing a heart to release on Wednesday so keep an eye out for that. But in this video video you know we briefly covered Hump and a pump and dump stock trading the double catalysts rule. And the double talk rule. And I'M GONNA go more in depth about other talk trading strategies in the next video so hope you enjoyed that podcast and we went to a lot of detail but if you have any questions please reach out to to me admin eighty I N in penny stock dot com and feel free to

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