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AP One Minute Headlines Jan 10 2019 11:00 (EST)


Border. Visit I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute. President Trump will be visiting an area along the us Mexico border the app flute player emergency. That was the president speaking before he left. He is locked in a dispute with congressional Democrats. He wants money for a border wall included in a Bill to end, a partial government shutdown is is in my vocabulary, very strongly. So we're either going to have a win make top from is because I think a compromise is a win for everybody or I will declare a national Vermont Democratic Senator Patrick layhee wants to know what the emergency is. We talk about next -mergency. You're usually talking us nine eleven or something like that. Maybe there's a national emergencies and where then. All arrested, America's Naga aware. And I'd be interested to see what it is. This is day twenty of the partial government shutdown. I'm Ed Donahue.

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