The Homer and Hater Show: Devin Bush's upside is something to get excited about


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What's up home or how are you? I'm fine I'm great. I mean it's going to be a fun show based on the headline because I just know that even in our text message discussions prior to the show. And Hey we're GONNA talk about. We already kind of getting into a little bit of back for Mike. Well let's just saving for this show because Joe what we're GonNa do this shows. We're going to have steeler topics as most shows We're GONNA do a rundown of the week that was in our podcast platform so that basically something that maybe he missed a show you want to go back and check it out and I have an interesting ending here for lands that I told them about and we'll talk about that the very end of the show so stay tuned but the headline of this episode is all about Devin Bush. You know it's funny. Everyone talks about Mingka's Patrick. You know everyone talks about making fitzpatrick rightfully so TJ walk. It's a lot of publicity as he should but I was writing an article for behind the Steel Curtain Dot Com and I was reading about the two thousand nineteen draft class and NFL DOT COM writer at the four AFC. North teams said. The steelers had the best two thousand nineteen draft class amongst all four teams. They were giving bleak B plus grade while the Ravens browns both got bees and the bengals got a C plus. We're not here to talk about the grades itself because as Lanson is said to each other before we went on the air. It is so subjective. And they've had so little time in the NFL. For instance. I was looking Guy Justin Lane. The sealer spent a third round. Pick on cornerback from Michigan State. Who did nothing but play special teams? So how are we supposed to greet him as a cornerback? When he saw absolutely zero snaps their So you just don't know but this deal you know like I told lands. It's the slow season when it comes to content so until March eighteen around the new league year gets here. They talked a lot about Devin Bush. The steelers number one pick and I sent lands. It's actually I think we should talk about his upside and land said what I have. No idea what upside is. And that's like the hater part of me because I know upside is so amorphous. Like what is that like? Does that mean I just have no idea when guys say upside? I mean because the assumption is never that guys it actually most players typically Cata stay the same or actually get worse in reasonable. Why say that is because you know part of the NFL is that guys? Don't play law. A lot of that is due to injury and so forth but guys get recycled because they aren't good players and so a lot of times guys 'd have no upside and I guess we're assuming upside. Is they continue to get better. That when you have upside your ceiling is fairly high. I guess with a Devon Bush when you talk about upside you're talking about. Does he have the potential to be the best inside? Linebacker national football league given the fact that he was a first round draft pick. I think he was what the second inside linebacker drafted last year after. Yeah after the The Tampa in Tampa Bay. So I guess we say upside I mean I guess that means Pro Bowler let all define it. Let me tell you what. Let me tell you. What my upside is you. We've seen it I I think with Brookies. Even if you're talking about potential upsides I look head if you can't have this discussion before. They've stepped on the field. A lot of people try to a lot of people. WanNa talk about projections for rookies when they've never even played a professional game in their entire career. I'm saying the fact that Devon Bush's played sixteen games in his NFL career which is not a lot we have seen flashes whether it is plays like I think about the interception in coverage against the Baltimore. Ravens a he is covering Mark Andrews. That was a very good play. The guy that made me say wow. That's upside for me. That's potential there are. Sometimes you see rookies. That don't even have those flashes for instance. Benny Snow Junior did he have those flashes that made you say wow any of them at all strike in two thousand nineteen now of course. Oh that's one of the things So for me. It's one of those situations where Devon Bush when I think about like upside. I'm not even thinking about long-term projections of pro bowl or all pro or the best inside linebacker. It's the steelers made an aggressive move. This is what I wanted to talk about. The steelers made an aggressive move from twenty ten last year's draft. They traded away a Lotta draft stock. In what are they? What are they getting for that? That's a good question there. Mr T. steeler fan. Says upside will be better than shazier before he got her comparing each rookie season. That's interesting lance. What do you think about that? I think so? I think so. I think it and I'm going to get killed for this when I say this in Indus- I I don't I don't feel like I'm forced to be the hater but I feel like naturally leftist. I say we'll be as being a hater. I always died that Ryan Shazier. It was overrated. I thought Ryan Sheer was a physical specimen. I thought Ryan Shazier physical skill. Set is what the position was going to morph into in a national football league. Being a lighter guy in the box with the ability to cover tied in to sort of be a will backer that will backer. That was a little more dynamic thing your typical wheel backer because of coverage ability but I thought that Ryan Shazia was off injured unfortunately got injured in a way that may derail his career forever. I thought he was an inconsistent tackler. But I think at his physical best his upside if we're defining it like you were saying Jeff was through the roof however on a play by play basis. I thought there was a level of inconsistency to his play that I did not see demonstrated by Devin Bush. I think when I look at the two in their rookie seasons there were things that Chaisiri did that. Were just like wow. Did you see him do that? There was some things like that for Bush. But not to the extent to me as Zere but on a play by play basis. When you're talking about being in the right places being more of a short tackler and just being more consistent I think Devin Bush will be the better player thus maybe he will have more upside. I agree with you. One hundred percent and I guess here's a question for you. This might put me on the spot here and it's not an easy question to answer if you were to say. Hey here's a that. I could see Devon Bush developing into I saw that comment by Elliott. Who's a player that's currently in the NFL? That the season veteran there. You say you know what we could actually see Devin Bush potentially turn into this type of inside linebackers or anyone that you think of or comes to mind that you're like if I'm trying to give you a visual of what I expect. Evan Bush if everything goes as planned if everything you're in terms of his overall preparedness in his development and all that stuff the naturalization process. Who's that cop actually as you ask that? It's not anybody currently in the league but it's a former gold jacket guy. A recent gold jacket guy. And that's Brian Urlacher. You know when I when I when I look at Bush. His physical his physical ability epic in stature there around the same size. I don't think urlacher was too much bigger than Devon Bush. Maybe about ten pounds different. Maybe urlacher was around to fortyish to forty five ish Bush's probably around two thirty five. You know in a to forty range. But their ability to play side to side sideline to sideline also their ability to cover. I think urlacher was probably maybe a bigger hitter but I but I think if erlanger put on the spot I think urlacher. I don't WanNa put the pressure on him to be brighter lacquer but I think he has the physical upside since we're talking about upside to be a dynamic player like in early lacquer. Hopefully he won't be as injured as Urlacher but I think the the physical skill set and using your definition in terms of upside is there. I think physically depending on all the other intangibles if he stays healthy if he continues to work if he continues to grow in the defense in if he's continuing to be put into positions where his physical capabilities can be utilized to their utmost. Then I I'm thinking Erlich see I don't. I don't see that calmed personally in. Everyone's entitled to opinion. I see more of a Lou keithly type because he's I think he's more athletic than or lacquer or lacquer. Was that old school. He reminded me of like the. You know the neck roll on that. He didn't have it. But you know the these the neck pad back in the nineties and stuff. He's used to have the neck pad. And all the big collared downhill does. Go and get you. I guess I expect and this is tough because expectations are different for everyone. I Expect Evan Bush. To be more dynamic was a great linebacker. He was a hitter. I don't remember him as much of a coverage DAK backer and unexpecting Bush to be more of that I guess. Is He struggled? There's a rookie. Not Going to say that but I look equally was more of an all around back a linebacker. I Guess I expect Evan Bush to be more of that ilk than it is a bryner lack reality. I understand what you're saying though. So we'll we'll see if he's either one of those guys. It's a good thing it notice we're about an IRC urlacher right. We're we're talking about. Yeah great inside linebackers. We're not talking about average guys. I mean we're talking about great guys why I would say another guy he might remind you of is Vander Esch you know he might remind ender ash in the two inside backers for Dallas who are two very dynamic physical. Guys that run sideline sideline. Is that Jalen Smith. If I'M NOT CORRECT. Who's the other inside the van your story now? I think he's in that mold to vander ash. I Love Your I love your compares into that's that's lacquer but to the out starting inside linebacker for Carolina. I love that Comparison a little bit better than in mind Unfortunately he retired. I think a little premature. But maybe not premature for him since he made a decision but Yeah I mean that that but that's what inside linebacker is starting to look like so you know with comparisons like if you've ever bought a house in real estate it's cops right. It's just common three Bagpipe. Math this four hundred twenty five grand so I could see where people are looking at his physical capabilities and trying to see what that matches up from a comparison upside potential with different players. One thing about keithly and the same thing that said about Bush keithly very cerebral as well and the funny thing about Bush. Bush might be better athletically than keithly. So Sky's the limit for. Let's talk. I have one more question about the inside linebacker. Since we're talking about Devon Bush. I just feel like it's appropriate. Mike Tomlin openly said multiple times during two thousand nineteen in his press conferences. How with rookies like Deontay? Johnson and Devon Bush primarily the need to kind of rein them back a little bit. It's a long season much longer than a college football season. And that you later. In the season Devon Bush was wasn't the full-time linebacker. He was kind of in their in certain spots. Let's assume they keep Mark Baron and they don't cut him for cap space. Let's just make that assumption right now. How would you see Devon Bush's role from year one to year two? You see him being in every down linebacker and if so who's playing next to me has to play every now we're talking about upside if you can't be at every down linebacker then There's issue right. There's an absolute issue so my assumption is if you take him. That high in. He played as well as he did in his rookie season. You hope that he grows in terms of what's between his ears and his understanding of the defense that he can stay on the field for three plays you know that. He's an every down linebacker In terms of WHO's going to be next to him I would guess it's going to be Itchy I would guess that is GONNA be Vince. Williams given where the steelers are from a CAP perspective. I think that Mark Barron is a player that could be a cap casualty. Were replete with Devin Bush. This year's rookie. Did you expect more kind of neutral on it kind of neutral? I mean I'm a guy that likes to give rookies times to grow. I'm sort of a check that with me after three seasons and we can give. There's a lot more female WANNA player. You can give a better accurate Breakdown of what the play areas and what is potentially could be I think is pretty tough after a year. Because I think it's actually especially tough for players in their rookie season at bust out in a really good in their rookie season. It's like where do they go from here? You know. How do you add to your game? If you had that dominant rookie season you know how do you? How do you add those different layers dimensions to keep you at that level? Freezing up a little bit lanes I think lands is first areas all right. We're having some technical difficulties with Lance. Let's get him out of the Stream real quick glance. You're kind of breaking up there a little bit. I'm not sure if that's just on my end or if that's in general will make sure he is all squared away. Fryer to bring him back in The next topic that we're GONNA discuss. And if you're in the live chat right now you can certainly talk about it. I'll go ahead in. Bryn bent. Says he's technically difficult. He's difficult on more than one way. All right let's see if lands lands you. There we go on are you there. You're muted there buddy. Get your On major microphone on the screen. They're lands believe or not I. This is our first episode. But it's not as first time using the software. I'm yes it's the word in the corner. That says on Mute. Shocker all right so now we have the next topic. Which is we're going to switch from Devon Bush and we're GONNA go to Kevin Colbert. Kevin Colbert spoke with the media this week and he talked about a lot of stuff He talked about everything from Ben. Rothlisberger his recovery. He did that so far so good everything that he's heard everything that he is. You know gotten from coach Tomlin as well as the medical staff is that everything is good right now. Now is next appointments. Five days from now this is being recorded on the sixteenth. That's the twenty first of February That is when you have a the next step for Ben Rothlisberger. He talked about how everything's good there he talked about how for instance he is happy doing year by year with the Pittsburgh steelers and he stated even that along as the steelers will want him to be there he will be there because there was some speculation that when he went to that year by year contract that you know maybe he was kind of coming to the end of his rope that he didn't really do that anymore and I think people understood that he's been the general manager for a long time dating back to our time in Pittsburgh that he was extremely excited more so excited this year for this upcoming season and last season. That's not that we talked about on the preview. Lance want to get your thoughts on his comments. He is more excited for twenty twenty and he is then he was for twenty nineteen. What are your thoughts on that? Don't those are weird for first of all his contract situation feels weird to me he'd Air Lance Yom there. Can you hear me okay? Garrett accentuation feels weird to me. Why don't you just signed a long term deal? It's not like if you fire the guy it's GonNa be a capulet. It's not like it's GonNa be dead money against the cap so that that seems weird in terms of him doing it year to year. It's I mean it feels weird. So that's my comment about in terms of him being excited. That feels weird to but I but I can understand it because they have to do a lot of work to get this team ready to to compete for championship and I can understand the excitement. There from the offensive side of football like there are some serious questions. You don't know about your quarterback. I think from a talent perspective at the skill position. There some work to be needed to be done. I think at the offensive line. This is a lot of trench it there. At a rare transitional spot to me on the offensive side of football. So if you're a competitor understand why he's excited to build this to try to build this and try to get back to where he feels. Steelers should be in that's competing for championships. I loved it. I loved that he's excited. I think as a fan base. We wouldn't wanNA hear him not be excited because you better be excited If you haven't made the playoffs the last two seasons I mean you'd better be chomping at the bit to figure out whatever you have to do and I think for him. Less is more for him possibly. He has to do a lot more with a lot less this year so I think he's probably in a weird way excited about that. Like how can I get the most out of this? Draft with limited amount of draft picks. No first rounders. I'm excited to really show the league. That really good at evaluating talent and I'M GONNA make this draft one of the best even though I don't have a first round pick so I get where he's coming from. Yeah no I totally understand it to me when he talks about being excited for twenty twenty. Yeah more so than twenty thinking about what happened in Twenty Nineteen Antonio Brown Richard. Gummy gummy richards gone. Mr Thirty Fifth Gone But Negative Rob Latium Bell gone and so already on offense. You're losing two of your biggest playmakers and so you're still thinking okay. We're GONNA have a younger wide receiving corps. We still have that offensive line. Ben Rothlisberger GonNa be there and it's one of those things where you look at the the steelers now on twenty twenty and you have albeit a couple more proven commodities. James Washington showed a little bit and see doesn't nineteen. I think that obviously deontay Johnson showed a lot. If Ben Rothlisberger can come back and be healthy but especially the defense in twenty nine hundred nineteen. The defense was not what it was Oh I should say going into twenty nineteen. It was not what everyone thought it was going to be until we talked about the MINKA effect. And when they got Mak- Fitzpatrick everyone. Things seem to think that you know. It's IT'S INCREDIBLE. How one person can change defense but the stats. Don't lie so I'm kind of interested to see how this draft will pay play out A. We've talked off off air before about how we're kind of can we've convinced ourselves. Day should be going offensive. Line that second pick and the oftens line is where they could kind of transform this offense you want to speak on that a little bit. I if you guys have listened to my yeah I said it's over the last couple of weeks and I think this goes to what daddy is. Kennedy is saying about Dynamic Offensive Weapons and we've talked a lot about how it it's key to score close to twenty eight points per game and sort of have a point differential of about eight to ten points in how the passing game is where you win. I think in the National Football League. Now yes but all of that starts on your offensive line. If you're offensive line is good. You can be anything offensively. If you have a quarterback you can be a pound out team. You could be a passing team. You could be a play action offense you can be any type of offense you want but it all starts up front and I think there's a point where they have to make this offensive line as good as it can be because I think we saw you know an passed several years when he offense of line was very good. And of course it helped to have Mr but naked and Rob Mr Third and Fifth Aka Mr Comey Richards in all the other cast of characters but that offensive line was much better as well and so. I think they've got to get that offense of my back to humming top five in the National Football League status and then we can see where it goes on the offense aside football. I agree one hundred percent. So let's see how that plays out. Now let's go to our rundown and looking at the episodes podcast in the past week and like I said you might want to go back and check out if you missed. It gives you a little bit of our glimpse into those as well as our takes on the topics discussed in the headline of their shows. We'll start off at the steelers hangover. The ED show is going to be transitioning to the STEELERS Q. And A. Brian. Anthony Davis antennae diffused. Said they would like more of a free flowing free for all style show and so they'll still be a topic that they're going to discuss right off the bat and after that it's kind of your show they're going to get to it. Live chat and Brian. It might be a little little for talking about bad he he might actually be Hanover from the weekend. He might we don out. But anyways on this episode of the hangover they talked about how they believe and lands. I'll get your take on this that the positive strongly outweigh the negatives for the steelers. Heading into twenty twenty. This is looking at the entire team. Events offense everything he combined. Do you think the steelers positives outweigh the negatives heading into twenty twenty. Did they what what particular positives did they did? They name defense was strong obviously David went to special teams. Chris Boswell's playing kicking back in the two thousand seventeen form compared to eighteen Jordan Berry Sucks We know that They just talked about the offense though and in how you know you have a wide receiver like deonte Johnson. James Wash and you hope. Juju Smith Schuster comes back healthy And then obviously Ben Rothlisberger another are some negatives. The offensive line didn't play as well. James Connor gets hurt every season They couldn't run the ball. They didn't score even twenty eight points in the entire season so they weren't all positive they just said today today feels that the positives about this team outweigh the negatives heading into next season. Well in in light of the name of our show the homer in hater. I'm going to disagree. I I don't think there's not the out on. The defensive. Highlights are bright enough in positive enough to hide the fact that there are offense in transition. I don't think they have in the running game. I I think. All the backs are average The offensive line is aging. You have a quarterback going into his seventeenth year with A. I'm not even GONNA say Tommy. John I'm GONNA say Ah Bob Jackson arm injury which is coin it with some name because they won't say. Tommy John You you have a team. That has some cap issues because said quarterback count seventeen percent against the CAP. And your backup quarterbacks are they don't give me warm fuzzies whatsoever so I would disagree with those guys I think at best. It's probably even. I would agree with them if we knew. The status of where Bin was from a health perspective but I think not knowing where bin from a health perspective. I don't think the positives outweigh the negatives. Because if he's not healthy. It's a wrap your right and we've talked about that before. I do think that the positives mainly on defense. Because I just don't see a lot of weak links on the defense. We know that can make up a lot like you said it all comes down to Ben Rothlisberger Health. And that's going to be the ultimate in my opinion that's going to be what's going to sway in one way or the other from contender to pretender is going to have been on one person. Then you will see In the twenty first is what about three days away now? Twenty first next Friday next Friday. Yes scary so check back with us on. Yeah I said it yes. I said it You know I WANNA see. Beng throwing peanuts considering. He can't any foot barring any row. It hit throw anything. Except people under drove IGA. Throw Beerbaum balls. He could be throwing cornhole bags. I don't care. Just let them throw something so we can get a gauge as to. What's going to happen? Twenty twenty so all right so then the Tuesday show. Disco Field was joined by a special guest. Kevin Smith who is also known as Cliff Harris is still a punk. Who's a writer for behind the curtain? Dot Com very educated does a lot of film room breakdowns for us. He's very very good at what he does. He writes one Article Week. Typically runs Tuesday or Wednesday may talked all about the running backs and the question on hand and Lance will ask you. This question is should the steelers. Look for one stud running back or should they take the running back by committee. Approach something that I don't think they've ever done in my Tomlin's tenure. Although Smith MR SNER DID DISAGREE WITH THAT. He said that the year they went with. Isaac Redman. Jonathan Dwyer and Chris Rainey was the closest thing that they had and they were running back by committee approach and it was bad. It was not good but that was so your thoughts. Do they need to go out? And get a star running back. This is assuming that you don't think the James Connor is that start running back or is it running back by committee in two thousand twenty. What's the famous you know? I'm the cliche killer if you guys don't know but what's the Cliche jet when you talk about? When you have two quarterbacks if you have to quarterback you don't have one what is that cliche. Yeah when you have to. You really don't have one. Well okay well if you have three. Let's just extended to running backs. I mean at some point I mean I hear running back by committee but I think the talent has to be better. Like like you're GONNA do running back by committee. I I think the assumption is you do that because you don't have as the back but how about having a couple of good backs if you're going to do running back by committee have better ones than the steelers I mean. I just don't have. I don't have confidence in any of the back so I think the easier approach is to have a stud in impacts that complement. The Stud a third down back you know. Sorta win. I just just you know a good lead back a good backup in a good situational back pretty easy how you find that. Guy. I don't know but no I don't have confidence in the back so I would rather have a very good back into situational backs a back to catch it out of the backfield so on and so forth I really I mean they were much better. I mean when they had Mr Buck Naked Rob. I like that approach. I don't think they're going to add to the running back depth chart at all this season. Here's the way I'm picturing it. You can agree or disagree. Let Me Know James. Connor is going to be the guy as long as he's healthy. He's the Guy 'cause that's Mike. Tomlin does whether you like it or not Tom. Legs have is one guy nats guy. He's a run the wheels off and we talked about that Ad. Nauseam on these episodes now second is the backup is going to be Benny Snell Junior. He will be the guy that comes in and spells connor. And it's going to be. Maybe that that depends on the you know how much how they decipher the Labor there. That's going to be up to the situation and the health of the players all that stuff. I think you're GONNA see here's Jalen Samuels and if Cara White makes the team they're going to be used in specific settings and situations they're not gonna be any in any type of running back by committee where it's their series go in. I don't see that happening. And that also to me makes both of those players expendable meaning if they do get a free Asia running back even if it's a guy on the cheap or if they do go out and draft a player one of those players is deemed expendable because they were not going to be in the plans as well. So that's just the way I see the running backs shaking out this year. I don't think they're gonNA go running back by committee. James Connors their guy until he gets hurt again and sadly unexpected. Let me ask you this. The way this is sounding the only the only prominent free agent or not free agent the only prominent addition to the offense as it stands right now before the draft would be the return of Ben Rothlisberger right probably. Yeah if that's the case is the return of Ben Rothlisberger alone enough to get them back to The year that the year before he got hurt. Twenty seven points per game so they would have they would have to add they would have to average not basically nine more points per game to get the twenty seven is his mirror addition enough to get them to that point or. Let me ask you this. How many points is been worth to that offense per game? I'd say lease a touchdown so touchdown get him to twenty times to touchdown. Okay now it'd be right about where are expected to be anywhere from twenty three to twenty five game in the if you look at the defense if they can keep off twenty you win. Games is going to be close. Yeah that's the steelers at this point. Yeah unless you're playing natty they're not gonNA blow anybody out. You know what? I'm hoping that it's twenty six more sodium twenty three That that field goal differences big in terms of how many close games at play? You know that gets you possibly to possession leads late as opposed to one whereas we've talked about it in the past the way the Pi is called it a national football league. You put yourself in position to lose every game when the rest make bad call. So we'll see so it's interesting that you say Ben is worth seven points. I hope so I hope so. Ca Seven points to get them close to twenty six. I could. I could see that that. That doesn't seem farfetched to me. When you say that were the reason I say. Seven points and a touchdown is based on the fact that I watched last season. And how many times were the drives just completely stalled in the red zone or turnovers in the reds? And I'm not saying that Ross burgers and prone to turning the ball over. We know he can be. He's also smarter in the Red Zone when the field gets short and can make plays and there were times where Rudolph and Lord Dot Com which is literally knew that they weren't going to solve the equation and they were going to have to settle for fuel and that that was the offense and twenty nineteen having rothlisberger brings a different different element to the offense. So I think it's worth a touchdown I really do so. We'll see if that plays out moving along. The Standard is a standard. Go check out our show from Wednesday. We're not going to rehash the mink of his Patrick. Talk about does he need to do more. Now is hinting at his comments. Made at the Super Bowl about how he wants to be. More of a Swiss army knife moved around the defense more so go up. Check that out. We talked about on that same episode weather fans appreciate Ben Rothlisberger in on the steelers preview. We tackled that topic a lot and it was probably the majority of our F first episode was based on that and I know you watched it and call it the Dan Le Fast and I get it. I understand that you don't like that. I Love Ben Rothlisberger. Yeah yeah that's true. You hate him. You can't stand him so that's fine the time we don't need to talk about that we don't need to talk about it again but the one thing I do as he was. I don't hate one of the after party. Tavist I WANNA ask you an after party that we discussed and this is a the after party is a second podcast that we run. After the preview that starts talking football and then we kind of just go wherever it goes that led us to talking about old school. Wwf wrestling this past week. You'd never listened to that. You like crazy off the wall stuff. We've talked about. How LANAI TAG team against Bryan and Dave would be a very entertaining match in Lance? You mentioned it on your show. How you're going to be thrown. What did they call the? What do you call bricks alley biscuits I learned when I was living in Atlanta? They used to call bricks alley biscuits. So yes I would have alley biscuits stuff to throw in. There is The razor in my trunks. I'd have all that stuff to brass knuckles. I would not fight fair because I think as big as Dave is. You might have to hit day with a bat to trash. Cans BRASS KNUCKLES. Yup Any re- thing. I told him I said if we're doing this match. It's an old school match but the the skirt on the rain where you can go into the ring and get chairs and all that stuff. Those are always fun. Doesn't match all you WANNA do a hell of a sale or we just talk about old school. Helen sell roles cage where remember the the cage was just around the ring and it was an open top? Which when he talking about open-top? That's old school right there. You can jump on Top. Yes you can do the snooker leap from the top of the cage. I saw him. I think hit by back with that. And I've been Bob back out no way so well. I want to ask you about the after party. The the question we started the after Party with and Daddy says he should join the after party. One time. That'd be great The after party question was is there been a player in the NFL. The you've ever watched alley. Apples preserving employer the watched in the national football league. He said Man I would love. That guy was a member of the steelers. So never played a snapper Pittsburgh but just always had that steeler field to him. Is there any player that comes to mind? Yeah Yeah there's a player that comes to mind. Nothing you know still fans might be upset when I say it But a player that comes to mind for me was a guy in the division. And that's Mr Deer. Antler themselves Rayleigh Man Ray Lewis just he imagined Ray Lewis as that Ray Lewis plan for the steelers man. He had been deified in Pittsburgh statues everywhere and he'd have just been in the long line of steeler. Great Linebackers Lambert Lois Ham. I mean he'd have been great as a stealer even awesome. Imagine a defense with him and Troy Paula. Malo in the same defense and have been crazy. That have been crazy watching him. Just go nuts and kill people. Oh my goodness well. Let's let let's not. That does. Excuse me loops me. Let's not get into the The Atlanta situation with the white the white suit. And all that stuff but yeah. It's funny you say. There was a division rival actually went in division two. I know that day said Michael Stopped. The fullback was always a favourite is odd Stanford and Anthony Davis said Brian. Anthony Davis said ROB Gronkowski. He's put that right in on his team. I want to see what that would look like and that's dangerous. I said I went with the fun route. Because if I'm writing articles about the team and I want someone that's interesting but fun and I love the way I love this guy. I really did I Love Shadow. -Ture Cinco Man. Chad Johnson was Jericho to me. I you know what he was playing dangles. I thought he was so he actually made the game. He brought some some. He just made it lighter. You know it wasn't so serious for him he sent i Taylor Pepe Abysmal before the game. You know and I asked the guys on the show I said. Who's the last player that you can remember the national football league that just joked around with the media? You know the just had fun playing a game and they could think of anyone. They couldn't think of anyone because it's gotten so serious and so crazy with the business and the money they're making. I get all that I said. GimMe Chad Johnson. He'd be great for the website he'd be great for the PODCAST. I love to have on the steelers if we could go around again every troy palmolive on the same defense get at tandem. Ever how about this one? I guess it's the one well you know me. And clicking how about this guy for the steelers derail and he's from Pittsburgh whip these aliquippa so that that have been nuts so to sizzle would have been not for the steelers to sizzle. Would've been nuts on the field as well out. I would've loved to have sizzle. Plus been might not be hurt right now with sizzle hadn't hit him so many times So sizzle would have been great on. The steelers consider was funny to like sizzle fully embraced the whole rivalry in sizzle. Brought it. I mean since O'Brien every time out when he played the steelers and steeler fans could appreciate Lewis and sizzle because they play the game physical fashion. They gave their all. And you know just hearing Ray Lewis say the steelers were overrated after been threw six touchdowns against them. It was just hilarious. I'm like dude. He threw sixty S on your head. How are they overrated? It's fun to talk about that type of stuff now. The last thing on talk about because the other shows Lance did he. Yeah I said it and he talked about. What was your topic this week man? I'm not sure that was Friday. I had a lot of proper number twelve this weekend. L. is now those. Actually those actually Thursday you recorded on Thursdays. We have a little bit more time. Go back and check his. He is said it'd be still burning questions. If talked about Antonio Brown on this show but I the last question I have actually doesn't involve football your sports guy. You're a baseball guy. I want to get your thoughts on the Houston. Astros cheating scandal thoughts that being a former baseball player. I played baseball probably from about seven to about eighteen American Legion pony ball all that stuff trying to walk on in college. All that stuff played tons of baseball. They really cheated. I mean we stole signals in high school and we had ways in which we can relay signals but it was during a game when didn't have a dad regal at an auto on illegal but we didn't have code breaker and all this stuff. What impressed me the most about? The Astros was that they were laying signals on the road. Like how do you still guys signals on the road? They were beating trash cans like war. Drums I mean it's really bad and I'm old school. Baseball Dude It's Chin music. All Year specially. If I'M A divisional team I'll is. Tim Uses Sweet Chin Music every game all the time. If I was an onerous say look man. We'll pay all your fines. All your eyes will go to charity. Hopefully that's how baseball does it. But don't worry it won't come out of your pocket is Sweet Chin Music all season and I'm not one for taking championships but man. This is about as close as it gets and hearing Korea. Defend out to vase said out to. They didn't cheat he didn't really want like look out of here. What all that your word is trash and I feel like manage should just be a trail of tears for him for the entire season. That guy should be getting pumped every game every series all season. Like you. Just gotTa take it for this year and you know. Hey you want to cheat you gotta deal with the repercussions and I'm old school. I'll be thrown at them guys all the time especially Al too. Vague Korea in some of those guys are man every day with get it they get one behind the head ears bouncing up a man it would just be. It would be really bad. We would go after those guys every series every game at least the first quarter to seize. Yeah absolutely no doubt man. I look I played as long as you did I was a catcher all through my from the moment the kids started to pitch icons I graduated and I got a couple Couple colleges looked at me. He didn't have the major. I was looking forward so I decided I didn't play. I played Lacrosse in college still I played baseball until college. And as a catcher you understand that science stealing signs is not illegal. Good teams do that. They steal the third base coach signs. They find out what the indicator is on their signs and they can tip off players for they might become in or they're going to do a hit and run or they might be trying to steal here and you you call it pitch out as it's a chess matches the inside game baseball. That's why people say that they don't like baseball is because they don't get it. They don't understand the thought process of you know run around. I to to count. What is the pitcher thinking? What are they GONNA do here? They're going to run a fastball. High and inside to try to get him swaying. Are They GonNa go away as a catcher like because you have to be that type of player? That's thinker. That is the reason why when a catcher knows runner on second you go to whatever indicator you want it could be I nine third fourth put down of as many as you want and that says they can't steal the sign because there were teams that we play even in high school and we were very good team that they would tip the cap process. Jersey tells you what pitch is coming. That's not illegal man the stuff they were doing. How do they absolve the players? But I'm saying Redick I don't get that at all it's we did. You Got Guy Mad at us on you. Got Managers Getting fired losing jobs the players are just like just another start of a new season is just absolutely ridiculous. You know what my indicator would be when I played the astros if I was the opposite team it be boof on Google. That would be my indicator that would be my indicator. My indicator might be my middle finger. Like you know what's coming. Let me indicate this you better duck because guess what I'm going to bring somebody in that. We can get suspended because they're like the twenty eighth picture that we don't care in. His job is going to be to throw at certain guys just flat out like like absolutely it would be all school retribution it. There's limits to cheating. You know famously. If you ain't cheating you ain't trying that mean there's this difference than than than having vastly on the bid so you can get extra snap and spin on your breaking ball. That's different than what the Astros were doing. I was as I've learned more about it. I was like wow. These results aren't legitimate. These are not legitimate hitter at the skill of out to day. If he knows everything. That's coming you're going to get him out still 'cause it's baseball but it's going to be a lot harder it it's GonNa be a lot harder. He's probably going to hit above three hundred against you easily. If he knows what's coming I don't care who you are. He's he's going to beat you. Yeah look at the splits. These astros players had home versus on the road. Now you said they were stealing signs on the road as well but it weren't as concocted is a word home and that little that little tiny ballpark that they have there in Houston with that Short Porch in left field. But it's one of the situations was like holy cow. They're hitting four hundred at home and they're hitting one thirty on the road when they get to the play offs. Oh my God. This is so blatant. All right. Do what it says. Come on lands. They'll be letting that hate. Lee Hit to hurt guys now. See Baseball can baseball football. You take care of stuff yourself. You know it's one of the situations where you say you know. What a an even in high school if I was if I was catching and I put the middle finger down. We're brushing the guy back or hidden and that was the school. Because that's the way you did it. If if they're going to run if they're going to take our best buy for. We played a lot of rivalry games in high school. And there were times where they would brushback our best player. Well guess what we'RE GONNA do to. Your best player. Better be he better be ready. Just yeah I mean they have to deal with it. I mean sorry. I'm not as sophisticated as some of the listeners. On the live chat. I am for Manchester. You know I am from the north side so we just have to deal with it that way. I mean. I'm a guy when I was managing in high school. I was a high school coach. I mean I got into an argument with the guy because I because I thought his team was cheating was that were is yelling. And he's his parents yelling and he's doing side and he's doing signing away where you could tell he's pissed and I'm yelling at him and he can't hear me and I can't understand sign language. It was absolutely hilarious because we both could understand each other. In Umpire's light look man. It's about six o'clock. I got hot dinner on the stove. we need to get this done so it was pretty bad. I mean I I will admit I had. They were stealing base. They were up like maybe seventeen or nothing and they were squeezed bonking stealing and stuff like that and I was just livid and so yeah I told my guys start brushing dudes back start bouncing breaking balls trying to hit guys throw Behi- heads all types of stuff step off. Never Pitch Oil was bad. It got really bad. That's my shining moment. As a baseball coach. High School was that I had an argument with the death guy. Great Allie was awesome. So deal with it if you hear that story. You know I'd be saying point guys if I were the dogs and I don't like the dodgers. I'm a giant fan and a pirate fan but I hate the dodgers. I hate dodger blue. All that corny stuff dodger stuff is terrible. If I were to dodgers would be a plunk fast it will be applying fast fast wants hysterical dusty Baker. The manager is saying that he wants to Major League. Baseball sent out a memo to all teams that they shouldn't be hitting the astros players. This season you know what dusty. You weren't a part of that number one number two you're in charge of hitting Andrew mccutchen repeatedly when you were the manager of the reds though shut up about don't be hitting my guys when you went out there and hit the pirates best player for years for years go get Outta here. Dusty Baker now lead was. Brian O'Toole say Lance probably also causes little ladies to church. Yeah I'm competitive. I'm probably probably cheating. I mean you know I mean hey hey look I mean I cheated in cards. I've cheated monopoly appeared in most games. You know because I was always trying to win. I you know most things. I've cheated in But that is beyond just cheating. That's beyond the typical cheating. Ain't trying limits in baseball. You understand in baseball. Like that's part of the game cheating is part of game of baseball. What they were doing. It doesn't even do the word cheating justice I mean. They absolutely altered their results. I mean they really how we can get into a whole. We could do a whole hour on this. Probably because I don't really feel I signed stealing in. Its natural form is cheating. You're you're you're using the knowledge that they're providing you're using the yourself. It's the same as when I was a you know I've always had good speed. I stole a basis. I would sit on the bench when we were a bad and I wasn't up and I would watch the pitchers feet and you just watch his feet over and over again and when he is going to go to first days or if he's GonNa commit to home you knew the tells and you were able to get a jump. That's how you say you're a good baseball. I watch Ricky Henderson. He did it and so that's says I'm taking information that they're providing and I'm it to help myself and my team. I don't think that's bad. You know what to kind of wrap this up. Snowman brings it full circle back to the steelers. He's he's enough of the baseball dog. He puts five dollars in the artist. Who's the front runner for the wide? Receivers coach look. I only have gone off of reports. That are out there publicly We know that last Sunday we thought it was going to be Brian. Mcclendon of South Carolina. Then jury Dulack of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette says hold on. There's other players better than other places. Other people being interviewed one of them being Jericho Co Autry. We talked about that on Wednesday now a week later. Brian. Mcclendon comes out and says he's GonNa stay at South Carolina so everyone assumes that if it's just between two players which is Jerry do like also said that keep saying players two coaches people then you would think it's Jericho contres job. I don't know we'll see that's all we know right now so there. You hear the word Jericho. I just think of walls of Jericho. Jericho and I'll we'll enter. This thaddeus couldn't agree more pirates apart. Great ballpark any ballpark. That you can get a fish. Sandwich Perot Geese in the same nine innings is great. I played infield. I played all infield positions except for first base. I played second or short dead. People Bring Barry Bonds Time Pittsburgh then. That was a long time ago. That was a long time. I mean I'm actually probably one probably maybe actually saw barry a ton In three rivers. I saw him play more than more than once. The through. Movers that ninety-one ninety-two team was still my favorite team. Ever see then. You started liking him when he started using as well so that you're out and he's just out of his mind chomping juice yes. He was so big I remember sitting in and I remember it. Well there's a funny story. I have these stories not as funny as Brian. Mr To him bad But I have a funny story about when they lost to the braves To go to the world series me and my brother out at a club drinking and when the game was over we thought it was still too outs. And we're telling everybody. Why are you guys leaving his only two outs? And everybody's saying how drunk are you to game is over? We were like really. I was so smashed like I just. I didn't even know the game was over but watching Barry in left field. He was so big he couldn't even cross his arms like he just looked like a tank and he was he looked so inflexible as as a as a leftfielder. He didn't look like he can at least throw but he used a mash in San Francisco in mccovey cove. Hey dakotas to hinder for never going to Al Team and being a designated hitter. He did Guan's Zand. He did go on yield which I think qualifies you as an actual baseball player. Sell Mr T. and so Mr T. Steeler Fan one twenty. Two Heinz Field is where three rivers used to be. The pirates. Baseball stadium is Kinda like directly your parking lot. The parking lot share that that PNC park in Heinz field share is where everybody needs to be in Heinz next to PNC on the other side. Yeah but it's like yeah it's real close you can walk My Gosh look at the list name Orlando merced. Said that's pirate get at ear. Sweet Oakley glasses though. Here's my favorite. Ezra Wounded Andy Van Slyke my all time. Pops was my favorite pirate as before my time before pops lands anything else to save recall the show. No I don't another good one jeff. Another one in the books. Yeah absolutely started for the technical difficulties earlier. Hopefully stuck with us seem to be rectified. Now macy's check out Brian. Anthony Davis and Tony desio tomorrow. Monday for the steelers. Qa that's right. He's a no. I changed it. He's GonNa find out soon. I gotTA call it so check him out. It'll be a crazy free for all with him as it is what Jeff Guess. I'm a teed up for those guys tomorrow if you have since it's a it's a QNA. If ASK BRIAN ANY RANDOM STEELER FACTOID. Or ask him any random steeler questions and I guarantee you. He will know at least eight out of ten. I'm telling you like pull stuff from all over in just quiz him on the show and you guys will be freaked out. That he probably will know all. He's he's pretty good. He's pretty good absolutely so but yeah as trivia ask them questions. It'll be fun so check that out. Lan send us off and as always listeners tune in tell a friend and subscribe Amen. We'll see you next Sunday for another episode of the homer in here show.

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