LCB Ep. 116 - Movie Political Figures Draft, VICE and The Mule Reviews, New Captain Marvel Trailer with PFT Commenter


Finnerty? And beyond. Can get me out of this message that he's gonna show up. You can't handle the truth. Maybe not maybe fuck yourself. Shoot your kid. What? One day. Thought here. Yes. Just kate. Well. Going. We don't need roads. Guys wanna hear a stick? Oh, motor mobile MBA. The light camera bar still episode one sixteen. Jeff low, Ken, Jack tro bonds and fifty commenter. Hey, what's up? Hey, you're back. You're back. I am not what's up guys has it been going? It's going good start to the year. Okay. All right. Anything any trouble in paradise between you anything you guys? Need me to to mediate or moderate? Troll of lean rap scene. Said it should have won best picture. Yeah. Right. Right. That's actually why he did not come on. And we said on the pod that he was doing things like having a family. It actually is because he loved he mean rhapsody so much we got into a heated argument, and he jumped off the call before we started recording. We actually just didn't tell them that we were protesting. I'm I'm actually the Pissy est one of the bunch like I'm I can be like Pissy sometimes spicy. So we were pre recording the last episode jets. Like, I thought Jeff said. Something like we're gonna live cast the Golden Globes later, he didn't say that. But that's what I heard my head like, and I didn't know we were doing that is like are you going to join us was like yet book and pay me. Chosen messy bitch. I love drama. How you do? Yeah. You do twenty nineteen no drama. I'm leaving. I just wanna thank all you guys for showing me what fake friends really are like. And I'm leaving you all behind this year. Do you have any quick one or two sentence thoughts on rhapsody winning? So do you weren't able to join us for our twenty minute rant. I don't think I was as mad as you guys. Just because I have expected it. But it definitely is pretty hilarious that a movie that sixty six percent or sixty two percent on tomatoes won best picture award. It the JV Oscars. We the funny thing is we recorded again. So if you have for some reason news to the last episode, we we were going to not talk about the Globes until this episode. Don't worry we're not really gonna talk about him after this quick opening, and then we made fun of the Globes called the dollar store. Oscars. And it's you call the hall of fame game or something of NFL season. Like, it's a joke. And then we're like, but you know, lady Gaga is gonna win all the awards and all this shit. And we're not gonna record. We'll talk about it in the middle of the week. And then of course, none of that happened. But it did prove to be a joke of award show where you liked it or not it was. It was ridiculous. The fun Oscars. Right. Yeah. It's the drunk during. Growing gets drunk, and the thing is I at the Golden Globes at least there used to be moments of genuine drunken spontaneity now. It's like everything's totally planned out. Like, oh, look how whacky were being Andy Sandberg he made a goofy face because he's drinking. Yep. He's doing I'm from the jeans. I'm just I'm just. Exact same thing. Didn't he anti roast roast? What are you reading Donald back? Yes. Or no move the normal Donald. Yeah. The jokes and the Bob sag, it rose were just didn't make any sense. Yes house. So no they made were joke. Book. I think he actually had a joke book, and he just. So funny. Yeah. Yeah. You know that I can't do voice. But as a terrible, no good. Good. I'm just glad they're able to give the amulet of hypocrites. These to Brian May for one night. So he could self resurrect to walk the earth to accept he'll horde with the the rest of the people made the movie the very niece reference to assess screed odyssey that appreciated and no one. Did. He did look the happiest person hands down. Oh, yeah. The whole thing was fucking validate in his eyes when he put his hands on Robbie Malik shoulders to suck out his life energy to extend his life for ten years. That was my favorite moment theory about Brian May. And that is he's like constantly been writing the movie about his own life and making the movie human rhapsody was like one of the climaxes. And then now, this is vindication at the F. He's like he's written out his whole life story, and that was a credit seen right? There is like him finally winning. Brian mazing Queen will I got Brian June in my band. Nice with a y. Good. That was really good. Where can you raise true? Or move smart move bringing me on during your heater of an episode. Yeah. Right. Eleven eighty eight cure of it. So. Keep going. I'll get you all the way up to twelve. I said we wouldn't talk much more about the globe. So we will. That's the Globes. He gone with you. We'll talk about the Oscars and a few weeks when the nominations come out. I think in two weeks today's episode. Doesn't do an address. They don't have it in front of me. So you know, what I read in a second. But today's episode we're going to be reviewing the mule in vice as well as we have returned from fairy special guest was not been on the show in a very long time. And then we have a movie political figure draft because vice politics, you know, we'll be doing a little draft later on. But first, let's get to some news. We had. Probably those boring news of all time on Sunday. And now this is just stacked with blockbuster news. We'll start it off new captain marvel trailer debuted during the halftime saga. That was the college football national championship. When Lil Wayne and imagine dragons came out performed just memorable performance. If there ever was one the new captain marvel trailer debuted, and I think it was the best one yet. And I think the first two we mentioned they didn't really move the needle. They were just they were. Okay. Trailers, you know, you're excited to see it? But there was nothing. That was like, okay, I have some real positive vibes in this. When this one I think most people liked more than the previous to captain marvel trailers. Yeah. I thought it was pretty fun. Looking definitely is it fit the vibe, a little I didn't think the second trailer did anything for me all the first one parts of it recall like, you know, in the did the her hero thing. And I thought the music that score they had behind. It was awesome. Yeah. And then the second one was nothing. And then this one was cool. I think it fit it fit marvel more because there's a little more fun and upbeat. It was. Yeah. And then she shows off her power. She can photon beams pretty cool. So yeah, I mean, look, I I still don't know they could be huge dud. It's something different. That's what the case was regarding this. Well, now, this does not have the vibe the gardens, which was incredible. But I liked this trailer better. I'm still excited regardless. I by imagine Marvel's happy that the reaction for this was more positive because I feel like when the more trailers come out the less positive people get I feel like the typically nit pick this kind of has the reverse effect. We had Kevin Smith and here. I don't know if you guys talking about the trailer for that. When we did it was like today after right? Yeah. He was just pissed off at everybody said, why doesn't she smile? I think it's a fair point like you. She should be doing what she loves. I'd like to see a little bit more emotion out of there's actually an get your thoughts. Trope? There's somebody who tweeted today. Komo where is it? Somebody tweeted today with a with their Twitter name being released a Snyder cut, by the way. And the tweet said like can't this bitch smile. Jeez and fries. So somebody quote tweeted it in that tweet went viral, and it says, maybe she's looking at your dick, which that lit up the internet has then that guys to environment. They got deleted his account. You deleted at release the Snyder cut that's a property, right? They're sold. It made Ken Jack your name on Twitter releases Snyder cut. Yeah. Handles Saint but still he was he wants to Snyder cut released to people who delete their counts. No, they can just not look at their phones. I don't your day. You'll be fine. I think it's the mental the mental erasure of the account that is like the cloverleaf that somehow you've covered your tracks from getting own so brutally. Yeah. Yeah. I mean. I mean. People say delete your kennel at times, I kinda respect to someone tells you to do. Yeah. Print it out all my tweets and shredded them, so I think I'm off the hook here. Would you think about the trailer head me crashing into the blockbuster? Months ago after that as long as they kept adding the trailer. I'm good I'm still excited. Don't think this one made meeting more excited felt very similar had the same issue. What the last trailer we got the final trailer for and I said, I didn't feel any different this one felt a little different. You. We carbon copy trailer. I think we should just compare this directly to have happy. Dave to you. Somewhere movies. Yeah. Very similar get comparison. Now is good. I'm excited for it. Was it on my top ten list for the year? I should be able to remember this off the top. Hey, I know captain marvel I don't think. I don't think I had kept in marble on my top top anticipate a movie list for the year, 'cause I'm still I'm still a whole like I I think it's going to be good. But I'm trying not to get too excited about it. You know? Six what I headed at number six. And you thought it was done the list. Yeah fastball. Speaking fastballs if you wanted to catch a baseball game. I think there's a certain app you could use think tro has more to tell us about our doing the right now. Segue it good segue. Let's hear it trill. You know, I've been buying tickets for a long time and I've been buying via the traditional method of purchasing them at the venue. The biggest problem with that guys. I keep having to use the stadium bathrooms who are inevitably get my own shit on my clothing. We'll try to white my ass. Yeah. That's right. I'm a grown man that doesn't know how to take it out. And that's why the easiest solution to avoid this dilemma is using seeking. I had the seatgeek. Sorry. This hits too close to home. I heard the seatgeek app on my phone and his by far the easiest way found to shop for tickets. I could be anywhere which is the few taps. I can instantly find seats. I actually just you. Seek can I do the read again? No, you're killing it. You're doing good not cutting cutting this I actually just used seek the buy tickets to Paul Pierce tedtalk on health clean, successfully cleanup humans shit. Without anyone noticing seeking grades every ticket based on the value to help you immediately. Identify the best seats to fit your budget. Every purchase is fully guaranteed. So you can shop for tickets on seek with confidence. Best of all my listeners get ten dollar off their I seek purchase. Just download the seatgeek app and enter promo code lights today. That's promo code lights for ten dollars off your first seatgeek her chiefs. Nice nil. Do you wanna told the people more? Why sits close to home? Yeah. Monday, and I took a took a post weekend duty, which is you know, can get kind of rough got a wildcard on your system. Yeah. And I didn't roll up the sleeves of my quarters and had some like frontal splash page in my Taylor area. And I went to wipe and I got a little on the Cup of my quarters. And image of you of somehow getting your sleeve into your butthole? It just was down there. Dude. I was going fullback fullback underneath your legs. And why top to bottom like, I just physically can't understand? How you got your say into your? I was doing like a cleanup. So as v all angles. It was a particularly messy one. I can't picture. This is how I'm picturing him doing it just like going in. Yeah. Yeah. That's what I did. Yeah. You got to go you standing up. Yeah. Dude. I stand up and then did. I'm standing up wiping from the front. Liberator Pat office bathroom to to get these weird positions. The exchanges that we found out on a sex swing to wipe it. Message us. He goes, I got my own shit my quarters slathered that shit and hand sanitizer. And so we are on the radio in the middle of this. And then I said, wait like poop on your quarters and Kendrick goes what the fuck how and then to enroll my sleeve tool. All right billion dollar idea. Quarters zips that have toilet paper for sleeves or just throw away sleeves toilet tearaway sleeves. You know, those running sleeves with the the thumb hole. Yeah. Yeah. We get that. But it's like a full Midden that you can and on the full mitten and the tuck it back inside your sleep shit mittens shipments. Yeah. It's perfect chins. That's perfect. It's a billion dollar idea. Write this down next time. I talk to David to bring this up. Berkeley. No, I think you're doing a great job. You're if anything to thorough standing up in wiping topped like from your top your ass crackdown physically going between your legs. Yeah. Get spread dude. Pool that squat like this that I'm gonna make her down anchor. I'm picking up on something here. And that's that Kim Jack is not familiar with people that wipe from the front. No five. Just like when you're still relatively like sitting. I'm just picturing him standing up. I used to stand up. But when I stood up it would be back. Yeah. But that's I'm I'm thinking, I'm imagining him standing up that same way. But then wiping from the Charles Darwin of like, the only like most primordial ways to wipe up to the most clean and evolved. I think I think cleanest evolved is sitting from the front trill, actually shits. Why faces the toilet like he sits in hugs that the bowl of the toilet. That's a correction this shit because you can put your book on the toilet. Take. What I do is. I actually I put my legs up on the wall, put my arm up against the door, the stall stem suspending myself with other toilet. And then I take my other arm, and I wiped just suspended zero j taffy if your body is in great ketosis, you don't shit at your body such a stage of just perfection inefficiency that absorbs all the nutrients, and so you have no ways to eliminate. Kito shoot for. I haven't shat in two weeks. I feel great definitely very healthy. Save a fortune on my water Bill. Suck mindfulness. Thanks again to see key. Thank you. Actually, we we do endorse. Their product is the great way to buy tickets. Even though the skit was skit was very mean spirited towards me and. Yep. Tea and fellow front wipers who squat you front butter. Look, dude. So what? So I bring in every day. I touched them a backpack via appear being her Squatty potty like a pair of headphones. Being your beats Squatty Squatty potty just hanging behind me and just drop that fucking Squatty potty down to eliminate. You got eight a collapsible one. There's another million dollar idea. Okay. We'll transition thanks in the seek and the trail for the story us moved back a week. Now opening up a week later. Just felt like I don't even know if there is much to say its debut itself by south west, though, how about that PM t going to be a self by this year. I think I'm going to do something at south by might do something with the heart factor since a lot of us. So yeah, we're talking we're actually just from your conference call about that earlier. So yeah, I think I'm going to be doing something at south by I'm going to get a lanyard as long as I get a lanyard I'll feel and I made just make my own land and walk around town that once with the dog show. Yeah, I'm not welcome back at any Westminster kill club events or Madison Square Garden. The first I ever met was Madison Square Garden. That's right after your ban. That's true. Yeah. I've stuck back in actually member. What you guys are at the dog thing. I texted Hanke, Mike. Do you guys have like legit passes? And he text me the past you guys cat, and I'm like, you guys are gonna get arrested. And then he actually like an hour later. Like, yeah, we got we got arrested. No, they had serious security there. Like, I was in a holding so base Gelman. Hank were being interrogated by police officers. I gave them my ID, and they're like your your name. And they were like your address doesn't match the address on your ID. This says that you live in Texas. And I was like, yeah, I moved to New York like nine months ago, and they're like this guy's story is not adding up. It's fucking. It's a pretty pretty basic stuff here. And then they started they started yelling at me the head of security for Westminster read me the riot act. And I couldn't stop laughing. He was like you're not taking this seriously. I was I was cracking up. Like, why are you laugh? I was like, dude. Because I'm I'm arrested at a dog show. This is objectively funny. All right. Yeah. But that's that's true. That's where Jeff and I met for the first time how we met story. Us us. Yeah. I mean, I don't know there's doing if the premier it's moved back a week. It's not going to be a week in between captain marvel and supposed to back to back weeks so little housekeeping there because this kicks off a bunch of random movie, housekeeping, news, next up men in black and jump street officially dead gone that that's a bummer. We were on board at that. We knew is likely never going to happen. We like that idea. That's a bit of a bummer. They said they tried it out, and it just wouldn't work like it just couldn't work. I don't really know what that means. Like like, the the characters and stories didn't line up. I feel like that's not that much of a leap. I mean, just maybe schedule wise. Yeah. Maybe I guess I could see that. But it is a bummer. Yeah. Well, the writing was on the wall now that we have men in black international. That's never gonna happen. But it was a good idea. I do wish we at least get a third jump street movie. Just make it a trilogy and just tied off. And we're very both of them are very good, very consistent. I was thinking that like it would just be it would be too confusing for Will Smith to explain to Jaden about like aliens again because changed probably. Yeah. Exactly. He he thinks aliens live in volcanoes and that they come out, and they check your and levels. So it would too confusing for will to have to go through that again, that's basically child abuse. Yeah. As being the lawsuit coming through on the fax machine. I'll say this help pissed you think movies like, let's see the beach boom. Greyhound with Tom Hanks. Where'd you go Bernadette with Cape Blanchette, and then a week later Domo how pissed you think they are that uh I moved their movie back. They had to be fury. Like that. Just I mean that has to piss them the, especially the beach because the beach bum was probably the most I guess acclaim movie in terms of star power that weekend. And now we're gonna open up right with it. Yeah. Now has to go up again. I mean, that's just it's gotta be. Appointment. I said I feel like the beach. Bum has no shot. Yeah. Oh, no shining. It's those that grouping no way. I mean, even to begin with. I don't I don't wanna see the beach Mon I think to bomb is a very memorable movie though w did. Oh, yeah. It's like well us is probably pretty memorable to if I'm just basing this off Jordan peels previous work. He's a he's a pretty strong Memed guys. So is. That's gonna be tough. They're gonna cancel each other out a little bit. I'd like to see I'd like to see those spaced out. Yeah. And then it's also going to be not that far from Zam either or pet cemetery. So that's yeah. I mean, I'm not saying to make a vendor's money. But like if vendors when they moved their movie up last year, it's like fuck the movies on that weekend. Like, you shitting me like we just lost all of our money. We just lost almost everything at this point. See those doesn't have to be pretty bummed out. Can't they they could I guess they couldn't make it giant game. Yeah. He's only one thing coming out on the fifteenth. That's wonder park with Matthew Broderick, Jennifer garner. Keenan Thompson Ken Jong animated one. Yeah. Oh, yeah. That isn't animated movie. It's it's been confirmed that Isla Fisher is speaking with an American accent the beach bummer, she has to be this. No, she's Australian what did you watch? You told us the other night, you watch them with her that she spoke an Australian accent, Scooby doo, Scooby doo, right? Yeah. She's she's on the plane shadow James. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Title, Scooby doo CGI deny very well gas. I don't know. I don't mean to break, your heart. Yeah. Beechwood. Harmony corinne. We talked about that the other day harmony Korean movies. Was that other polarizing there's something kids zone brigade? Spring breakers before he's like most well known for kids, though, probably also movie trash Homer's. That's an actual thing. He did it could be real. Yeah. It is. Yeah. Mister lonely with Diego. Luna. But he does have a movie called trash offers. Yeah. Experimental black comedy drama horror film. That's like every fucking Malaysia. Yeah. Yeah. It's missing Seifi. All right next. Bit of news about something moving or getting cancelled. And they'll have more ad read Star Trek four officially shelved. So this is not the Star Trek from Quentin. Tarantino all show all the Tarantino stands out there. This is not the Tarantino Star Trek. This would be the one of the Chris pine it's going to be the one that's supposed to be. I think it's sort of time for text because this is where they had negotiation issues. Chris pine and Chris Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth plays kirks dad who you saw in the beginning of the Oneida, Star Trek reboot. But this movie was supposed to be directed by s j Corcoran who's gonna be the first ever female director in the Star Trek franchise. She is leaving the project she's going to be the executive producer and director of the pilot episode for the game of thrones spin off prequel pilot. Yeah. So yeah. This one Scheldt I'm a little bummed out because I actually really liked Star Trek. What was it called beyond Star Trek beyond that was a fun movie? Yeah. A little bummed out little bummed out by that. Yeah. I think it's probably for the best of the especially because they couldn't get pine, and they had issues getting Hemsworth back rather than have the full cast and have a better continuity than trying to get into fourth movie in there with like different cast and everything. So I'm happy. I think it's for the best. I have no thoughts. I'm not the Star Trek. I yeah. I know you are. I like twenty episodes this podcast, Alexandra part where you own me. Yes. Yeah. I remember that is it too late for me to become a Star Trek guy. Like how many people out there become a Trekkie at the age of thirty three and eleven and a half twelfths? I think there's time. I don't know if Trump Trekkies love the new Star Trek franchise, I think Trekkies love the I think apparently trick is liked the Star Trek beyond normally like the other two lease eilly base. It off red letter media because Mike big Star Trek. I, but I feel like you should become a hardcore new reboot Trekkie. Yeah. Okay. New movies stand. You're like no fuck that old stuff. I don't like that old stuff. I like the new reboot I can timelines. Well, like, the brand new Star Trek stuff. I'll disregard the rest of the can't accept deep space nine because don't all like hardcore Trekkies hate deep space. They loved. They they don't like enterprise. That's interactive. Okay. Yeah. I'm a big enterprise and in new Star Wars Star Trek movie guy. Yeah. Okay. Scott Scott back star took so pet the watch those three, and that's you. Okay. Appreciate the art. It was awful. What's his name? Isn't it actually Moreau's watching us? Who's the guy? The family guy guy set are Suffolk fallen. He was like a character in it in, you know, he has his show now where he's like essentially starts or Voth Bill actually had a role where source similar in Star Trek. Enterprise. Have we watched the Orrville any of us? I've I've want to sort of kind of want to watch it. But I definitely have it. That's okay. That's a mismatch zal territory for me. Where like, I know it's probably good. I just will never watch it. I mean, I guarantee you I would love the marvels MRs McNeill never going to watch it. Yeah. Just I do you watch PF take. No. Would you? I sure. Yeah. How I would have to be pretty high. I mean, I'm being honest. I don't think that I would watch this sober ever. And show. You haven't I have not watched it. The fun turns me off. It's the old the old speak that they have their see here. You know, Mrs Maes. Yeah. Oh, she's a she's a comedian. Yeah. Based in Maine. Yeah. No, see this is Michelle. It is is do you going go up the road? Oh, young daughter. Then you got to run into the old crab foam haunted foam. Guys, watched an episode little tip for any all you young aspiring screenwriters out there. Take a page out of booger. Mcfarland's book all youngster screenwriters just reboot any other movie, but said it in a place with a unique accent where there hasn't been a major movie made yet. So like the Outer Banks of North Carolina when it's a mix of like old English, pirate, talk and southern accent. And now, boom you've gotta hit. That's what they did. With the wire in Baltimore the wire would not have worked nearly as well. I don't think if it was like setting LA, he got those weird cops with their really really terrible. Baltimore accents. I think I can't think of a sticker. That's more disproportionate to a place. I'm familiar with than the OB stickers on people's cars. Like, I see oh be ax. And I know the Outer Banks of North Carolina exists. I have no idea what the Outer Banks are or what they do. There's some beaches out there. There's actually really nice beaches. But you're right, it it's puzzling all up and down the eastern seaboard, you'll see the obe- stickers, and it's just a bunch of like dads that take one week vacation to kill devil hills for five days every year, and they go to the same bar. We're going to go barefoot Bernie's on Monday. We're gonna go to thirty Dick's crab shack on Tuesday. Then I'm going to go back to Dick's shrimp. The first night, I gotta get the crabs and and that's like one week of life that they get every single year. Imagine liking place so much you put a sticker on your car. Like, maybe not understand the state like the south Carolinians are very proud and they'll put the palmetto sticker on their car. You'll see that it'll be a Nissan exterior balloon Nissan exterior with the palmetto tree, but very specific place like Outer Banks with the OB sticker makes my blood boil. Do you think people would have it on their car Obie K or something not an axe? I think the X is a big reason why it's on the car to. Yeah. The ex that letter I think it's the fact it looks like a marathon or half marathon sticker. That's real peeling to people because there are people are gonna think I ran a marathon. And they're gonna look at it. And they're gonna see that I liked to -cation there should be an Outer Banks half marathon. And just combine them into the same sick. We'll be one. Oh, yeah. The the be a one in three nine boom. Oh my God. I like half marathon, it's one tenth of miles short. That sounds like a great fake Hollister novelty. Outer Banks half marathon, presented by Hollister. All right. One more Aderito. What's the ad right here? The skit this one I Tex to PF t-. This is from our good friends. I don't wanna give it away at a time. But PF I'll read it second books. Are you sick and tired of traditional subscription boxes was bird box? It's. It's. Bird box alzon fiction bucks part. My take where you three different birds every month. 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Not that she's not conic now, she's an Oscar nominated actress thing multiple times. But this could also be a massive bust and be Miley embarrassing things. Some people are going to have a massive. This is also going to be potentially the horny is fucking movie. When this comes out big time the creeps in this theatre. It's going to be that's the creepiest fucking theater setting little girls. And it's going to be just Arabia's Barbie. We're gonna do the black light check in between, showings. Double feature with the point of view. My little pony screening. Yes. Exactly. Oh. I I need to know the director this movie is going to be to pass judgment on it. It's a good question. Did they confirm that confederal? I just kissed because if they're the person that did, you know secret life of pets or whatever no exit be a stinker. But what if they got a what if it was? It was a subversive commentary was supposed to write Amy Schumer was supposed to. Yes. As director of the store star. Okay. Yeah. I mean, I'm I'm sure you'll have some like you'll good message about how like looks don't matter all that. Which is important, but it didn't seem like the right like climate to be releasing a Barbie movie yet. Plus like this plenty of those movies out right now a ton of actually. Yeah. I just mean like Barbie is barb even popular still and no clue. I don't I don't know. I don't I feel like probably, but I don't know. I mean, that's that's tough kids. Pay was also I would assume. Yes, they still do. I don't know. It's probably still thing. Yeah. That is tough though to open up about something on the show is safe space. We we support here. I mean, he told you about pooping on himself wiped himself up you forced me into it with an advocate. Thank you Barbie dolls kid at a Barbie and a cat, which Barbie. I don't know. It was just one of the Barbie dolls. Yeah. Dolly. Yeah. I like playing with it. When I was like down o four years. However young I was. Yes. It is Barbie there's kin. I think I had the corvette to oh. Oh. Corvettes? They would go cruising around. Alexa, play board. We go to make out point. It was just the bed. Did you have to under cats toys the tea? I didn't know I was more of a voltron guy. The thunder cats toys were basically Barbies. Where they really know miss remembering it, but you know, any toy that's bigger than you know, a foot is like, essentially, a Barbie. And they had those big GI Joes warbucks. That's what you call that war Barbie. Basically barbies. Yeah. The big ones before they released the small ones that you could twist their head around like forty five times until they snapped off the starting lineup dolls. Those are sports. Barbies is is there anything that's been pissed on pooped on more in an outdoor sandbox than GI. Joe doll, probably nothing. Probably not the other than sand. I was gonna say, maybe the plastic rake, not the shovel shovels, but like tiny little plastic rake. Parents would never let me have a sandbox because we're like, no neighborhood cats will just come shit in it just Dookie, and it all the time is that how it works with cats. They just instinctively find things that are like litter boxes and shit in them. Whatever's easiest to bury their poop to hide their trail is like what they go for Wildcats bury their shit. I'm assuming so why would they care because they can't they don't wanna be tracked Alexander actual their heads on. Yeah. I think he's. I think he's. A train cats to do that. No catches catch us. Like, it's not really training. It's like the path of least resistance like the sand is the easiest thing for me to dig in and berry stuff ends. So they're former to use it. So you don't have to train them litterbox. They will go to like a potted plant otherwise. I mean, I think you have to like put them in the litterbox and orient them with the litterbox. I don't know. I've never had a cat. This is like the wrong crowd to be talking about this cat. So that cats just like do you love cats though? So yes. Big tomcats guys got a little weight even talk about that got a little pub on the Golden Globes. Saint yourself antiques as stars of the movie upcoming be cats that was that was a big moment that it's real now. Like, it's it's on its way the pub tour begins are we ending the podcast with Taylor swift again today? Barbecue. It's it's Kim. Jack's call I feel it Kim Jack hasn't hasn't had a u pick song. We kept humming earlier bulletproof. Yeah. That's good. That's a good one. I don't know. That might not be the name as it did. Okay. So day will be. That's different. Yeah. What's what's your song you pick? When you win in a bigger. I picked John Ashcroft singing let the eagle soar. That's right general. That's my my victory song specific. Some Bill Clinton's saxophone net from enough for my wins. The Rob Lowe story about him playing the saxophone though. So we we spoke to them a little bit about this. When we talked to my part of my take. But he was I guess he was helping campaign for Bill Clinton back in nineteen Ninety-two Bill was like the young cool guy that he was a jazz musician. He had the sac, and so Rob Lowe was there to give that youthful energy, Rob Lowe and Bill Clinton on the road together. Oh, God, buddy. I hate to be a cleanup made in that hotel. Rob Lowe in nineteen Ninety-two is exactly the type of person with the history. You want associate yourself with. Exactly. Yeah. So he goes out there, and he's Atta campaign event, and they just hand them a sack. They're like, rob. That'd be so funny. If you go out and you pretend to play the sax and we'll play like the backup track. And then everybody would be like oh shit. Rob Lowe plays the saxophone to just like Bill Clinton. Now, I wanna vote for Bill, and so he goes out there, and he starts Panama coming the saxophone solo and the crowds. Go nuts. He's looking around. He's like holy shit. These people think I'm actually playing and he's like to far into the pantomime like abandoned halfway through. So we starts rocking out even harder. Everybody gets more and more impressed. If like how good Rob Lowe is at the saxophone, and then the solos over he just like goes backstage, and these I think I may have just screwed myself because everyone now thinks that I'm sacrificing. Better. Learn better taking lessons. Did you actually learn? No, I don't think. So I think it's yeah. He had everything better to do back in nineteen ninety two. Can that one? All right, cut more things trailer for the movie polar on Netflix with Mads Mikkelsen, which I I second before I watched the trailer. Mike didn't we just watch trailer for this? But no, we watched Arctic another snow based movie with medical. This will look pretty close. It's like a mystery thriller, though, it was this is a different movie. See I didn't know we talked about this. It's a different move. Yeah. The first ones Arctic it's like a plane crash. Polar cold, John wick base the trail to put it didn't even watch the trailer. Because I thought every washed it, you just you this contributed perfectly because then backed up my point that I was like, I didn't I wasn't going to watch it. I'm like, I don't remember having a gun in the Arctic trailer. And then he had a gun in the clip that I watched like, okay? That's a different movie night in night patches. Pre sweetie neat. Yeah. Good production value for Netflix, which they mean, they do release good-looking movies. But I like this one this should be the movie they released right after the Super Bowl that crap last. Oh, Cloverfield paradox revealed paddock's, dump fest, whatever that oh, yeah. Paradox. Does real stinky soap? Yeah. This look good ads. Brother LARs is arguably a scarier looking than him. Lars mikkelsen. I I just think picture grew Chet. He's from Sherlock. Yeah. He played the he also played fake Putin in. That's true Moriarty. Sure. No. He was the guy from apple apple corps. Whatever you remember the weird Russian guy with the house that I again, I have all the secrets to every spy network in the world in here and was actually his brain. He looks like. Watched it. Sorry. Spoiler alert. It looks like Putin. Fuck James spader. Yeah. That's very good one. Very good comparison. Thank you for a read. That's a powerful receding hairline. It is wait for or for LARs, LARs. It is very good. See, but he wears it. Well, I think if you have a long face like that like it works perfectly and the deep cheekbones, which helps them you. Can you can pull up that haggard? Look, really. Well. Yeah. Can do that. Exactly. Yeah. Look cool, though. What's trailer with cool? I did not. But I'm I'm big fan snow movies. Then your looks way cooler in snow movies does sticks out one can do all sorts of neat stuff with the spider. What do you call it blood? That's that's what always confused me about Dexter is why is it called spider and not splatter blood splatter analysis. That's good question that I don't know the answer to this madman Biljana if you knew he was off him. There you go. You know, he is. No, oh, you don't. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Of course, chief sheaf. Yeah. He's Wales on Daniel Craig's nuts with Shelly. He does. He's he's wanted to actors that day Okajima is obsessed him and Norman rita's. That's the two of them. Awesome. Last two bits of news bad boys for life, title confirmed. Bad boys for life, the as three in life. I love it. I love it. We're still doing that. Apparently, no straight, and then it's already built in for the next sequel, bad, boys, number four life. Also number four instead of the a in bed. Yeah. Oh. Oh. Shake shake your tail feather from the bad, boys. Two soundtrack was all time. Classic can't take relief from it. I I mean, I like that. I don't know if I'm excited for this little or you. Yeah. Yeah. I definitely excited for this. I haven't seen Martin Lawrence and very longtime. Well, look it up and find out he's actually in something very soon. I think it's coming out. I might be dead wrong on that might be wrong. Let's see Martin Lawrence last movie. His last movie was big mama's like father like son in two thousand eleven. God that's so long ago away. I was still in high school. This is why I know he was in a movie he's in the fucking beach Boehm. Yeah, lack. Yeah. Captain, Jack, bad boys for life. Dammit health issues that makes sense in the late two thousand legal issues in health problems. Yeah. Mike lowry. Damn. All right. Well, welcome back. Martin lawrence. All right last thing. Yes. Thank best news day. This has nothing to do with movies. But I could not pass it up. And that is the first image released for the sequel to the young pope, the new pope, and it's a picture of pope. I don't know anything about pope's except what they are. It's Jude law pope and behind him appears to be John Malkovich. Jarred em Fitch pope. That's what that's official position. Actually, the Roman Catholic church. John mouth John Malkovich. See the new pope, I guess he's going to be like the second. Because at the end of the first pope, he has a stroke or something and like zooms that with him dizzy, dead or alive. You don't know at the end of the first season pope. So I guess maybe he replaces them or they try to vote him out because he was elected under scrupulous circumstances in the first pope. I mean, did you like the new pope or did you like the young pope, the young pope ruled first of all only did was rip cigs all day pull off mazing fits and drink coke zero cherry coke zero very. Typically, almost what you drinking right now. And he just ruled he's this Ruta shit to everybody all the time. And like anybody that tried to get anything out of him in like trying to make him like progressive because he was really young. He's again, actually fuck all of you. I'm gonna do it. I wanna do because I'm the didn't pope didn't he fucked to? Yeah. Oh, yeah. He fucked you king. Of course, the young pope fuck it was Jude law with like a good hairpiece. You know, he looked like women don't women women very specifically. Wow. Okay. Now, very I'm brand for the Catholic church. I recall them actually getting very upset about the young pope being like, this is not what Catholicism represents this is. This is a this is the episode. We're both Scientology and Cathal Cathal Catholic church. Come after the handshake neem, accept them. Hating CB's. Got the Vatican online too. In the story where I read this John malkovich's playing or call Perot in the Amazon series of the murders. Yeah. So good for as long as he doesn't have hair. Like, you didn't mild twenty two you can do it every book folks, the ABC murders. Like what they did the Monday football in my right? It's good. It's good. All right. Twelve fifty. I didn't get. Wow. Sorry. I'm just. It's even happening in the picture released today a fan art. And then those new pope, I love it, baby. Just a lot of contrast in that picture tuck it co- cherry coke zero on the way home today. Is there a backup sugar? What happens if the pope dies like all of a sudden, I'm sure when it was like Pope, John Paul the second. And he was nine years old. They had they continued to play like ready to go. But if there's a young pope, there's just no pope backup. You'll have a vice pope holding holding a clipboard. Is ear piece in. Yeah. No knows the whole smoke. Black smoke black smoke monster from loss comes out of the house. And then they have a new one so works shrimp euro trip. They talk about the pope in euro trip. Yeah. I I I've always wondered if it's just what happens you're just in limo limbo. And there's no pope for awhile. Vice pope is Walter Mondale. Dolly. Yes. All right. That's it. Spoiler of you for the first one the mule because I mean, whatever. Do you like the mule? You know, what I say say good for you the mule. I guess we gotta read the synopsis. I I said I to do this always forget, the mule synopsis. The mule broke alone in facing foreclosure on his business ninety year old horticulturist Earl stone name was Earl stone like a fucking porn star takes a job as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel. His immediate success leads to easy money in a larger shipment. That's soon draws the attention of hard charging DA agent. Colin Bates played by brother Cooper when Earle's past mistakes. Start to weigh heavily on his conscience. He must decide whether to right. Those wrongs before law enforcement cartel thugs. Catch up to him. Yeah. This move made sixty million dollars at the box office came out to Cimber fourteenth of just about a month ago starts Clint Eastwood, Alison Eastwood, Bradley Cooper, testify league. I believe say her name old never not to say spelled V even vio like get better names. Just tough names. Michael paynter? Andy Garcia is in this movie. Coke Laurence Fishburne in this some recognize people. The mule from Clint Eastwood as joked part of the Clint Eastwood charming racist, cinematic universe. It is. We'll get into it. We'll get into it. We'll spend more time on vice put we gotta talk about this one. Yeah. The mule. I gave this movie a sixty five. I don't think it is the worst movie made this year by any starts imagination. I think it's competently made. But also boringly competently made it so boring fucking movie. It's one of those boring movies released last year like especially considering like like there are bad movies that are boring because they stink. This one's not bad. It's just like mediocre middle row boring. And that's what made it even worse. There's nothing appealing this movie whatsoever. It is it's a movie that if I didn't know Clint Eastwood made it I would have known Clint Eastwood made it like after watching it like it just feels like a Clint Eastwood movie. I just I I was bored to tears and my dad will watch both anything to and him. And I left a theater I saw some Florida. We walked out. He goes that was boring shit boring movie, and we'll get into the old people stuff because I saw this movie in an old old people who theater in Florida. They gobbled this up. This was like a candy trail from Cleese would like they loved every bit of. And we'll talk about the millennial young people slant to this movie because it was the Larry's, but I'm sure it was to all this is close like old people people vendors like the house was not as much because there's not like real things for people to connect to. But there's a couple of moments old people were like clapping, and my I did not like the mule all that much sixty five again. It's okay. There's some nice shots. But it just boring, and there's a premise there that I think could have worked it is intriguing and to you you told me a story of the day that I'm sure you'll retail about. Like, the real happenings in this movie. What did you think about this movie? I yeah, I thought it was pretty boring. I thought that most of the characters especially like the cartel scenes when they were introducing those guys it seemed like, you know, how when you're watching the Simpsons, and they introduced a two dimensional character like a cartel ring or something like that. That's in a movie that the Simpsons are watching like if Homer, wouldn't he go see a movie about a cartel? This is how they would give the backstory behind the cartel, and it's just like an older guy smoking a cigar shooting. Find weapons drinking tequila very fancy on the rocks at his massive estate and everybody worshipping him. Like, that's that's how they set. That's how they set up like the bad guys. It was very yeah. It was to me. It just seemed like Clint Eastwood likes to make movies where he's allowed to be racist. Eat at a waffle house and drive a nice car. Quentin Tarantino or yeah. But yeah, Clint Eastwood he just writes movies where he can just do what he would do anyways. And get paid for it, which I get that's kind of what Adam Sandler does by filming watch movies with his buddies in Hawaii every year. Yeah. So I understand the Griff that I don't I'm not knocking the Griff. But yeah, it was a boring movie. It was it was very very boring. Just right. The thing with with like, the charming racism thing. And like, I'm not even saying that to be like edgy funny. Like, it just that just is what it is. That's what the character is. And grant Trine on a whole different spectrum because that guy's just a racist. Like, that's just flat out racist. This guy. Like you're supposed to kind of like, oh, he's all doesn't quite get. What the norms are today. I just but there's nothing that redeems that right? You just sucks. The guy just sucks like there's nothing positive about this guy. Like, maybe at the end like cares about his granddaughter and all that shit. And like he does like help against the spoilers whatever. Like, he does help his dying wife like so you understand like I'm that love your like. All right. Like he does have a love for his family. He just is shitty. Person doesn't like there's just nothing about the character. We're gonna talk about they were interview green book next week because I don't think we're gonna be able to all see if Beale street could talk yet next week green book is a little controversial. Because there is a character in there who you dip into the racial thing of not understanding culture and all that and race. But like there is again it's controversial. I know. But there's some redeeming qualities to that. Like, there's there's a lesson learned there isn't in this movie just kind of there like he just throws around some racial slurs at you're like, okay. How's he can redeem and he doesn't like, okay. Like I'm supposed to like this guy. I mean, he paid for the VFW hall to get. Yeah. You forget about redeemed himself. True fifty thousand dollars. He did all the things that you'd have to do to be redeemed by the audience in your theater that loves exotic. There's one thing. I was expecting a scene where he was like where he tried to buy something some sort of retail store, and then he returned it and asked to speak to the manager. And then. Totally put the manager in their place and got a full refund. That's that would have given the audience. There would have been standing rounds of applause in the theater, if you'd be able to pull that one off also thought that they would have seen where he goes to buy something to convenience store, and like there's some like teenager on his phone like not paying attention on ESPN, sir. Excuse me. Can I get some help in the guy just like, well, he had his phone that would be a scene out expect? There was one other thing that that he got to do in this movie. So I think that the hat trick for Clint Eastwood in any movie that he wants to make his he he needs to be able to use racial slurs. He needs to eat at waffle house and have a delicious meal, and he needs to just continue like putting that thought out there that young women want to fuck him because he had three in. And he he probably added that CNN last minute. He's like listening this character has to get laid it just he just does we see some knockers. Yeah. What do you call it? I will say that Newt Gingrich watching this movie seeing him like help his dying wife. He's probably sucker eighty. Snowflake. Before tro gifts is what you've let's gorging. I'm going to give it a fifty four. Okay. Fifty four trill thoughts score L, my favorite scene was when he was at luby's and he's paying for his meal and he gets under charged. And then he looks at his recedes. He's about to leave. And he goes back and corrects his order in gives as more gives more money to them pay credits. Roll. And then every every person that theaters Dami fully redeem itself that is the nicest thing person our age. Two. I give it a there's not much more to be sad. I'd give it a sixty. It's it's it's another Clint Eastwood movie, that's like an a look into an aging man coming to grips with his life and trying to make amends with the folks that he's wrong around him a little bit wrench Reno little bit the same way, except like his is kind of reverse and his is in grand jury know, where his family actually were the assholes is they wanted his money or whatever from what I remember. So you're supposed to hate his family with this one. This guy's a huge asshole. So he flipped the script a little bit whatever I'm done. I mean, that's all I can say about it. Okay. It's not butter. Definitely not buttered. I give fifty five out of one hundred. I think my maybe my bigger problem with it is that like Eastwood's character in this store this like, Aw, shucks type dude where he's like, you doesn't know what's going on around him. He's very scared all the time. And a combination of the fact that all of which filmography is the antithesis of that like, he's always a bad ass. No matter what movie he's ever in. And the fact that his performance of trying to be that guy. Just sucked just took away from it for me so much. It's made it so boring like a movie imagine if grant in GRANDE Torino, the Stanley Klaus gear, whatever the guy's name was was actually just like a scared wall skeeve yet testing imagine. He was just too scared bitch like that movie becomes unwatchable. And like, that's what this was for me. It was just boring nobody, and it was very interesting Bradley Cooper coming off the directory debut and the regular performance of his life into this. And being basically dressing to the Bradley Cooper DA spreading Diego with cop haircut. The exposition Brad. Ms Loyd was laugh out loud. Funny this movie when he the first scene is like him meeting with the chief. Yeah. And the chiefs like how do you like it here is like the wife doesn't like it so much? He's like I'm gonna need to bring in some cases for me pressures on rook. It was it was the most like stereotypical seen ever. They they've seen. It was a real waste Bradley Cooper for. Sure. Ena too. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Passenger seat guy the whole move. Exactly he was coming off narcos, Mexico, which was awesome, great performance in that too. And just comes into this says nothing I hear what you're saying about about having Clint Eastwood guy that plays bad asses just in every ah. It's kind of like if you're going to have Mr. meow in a movie, you're going to be watching the entire movie understanding that he's like docile and slow and polite. But knowing that at some point he's going to kick someone's ass. Yeah. Exactly. And that's what makes watching Mr. Megie awesome. When it comes to Clint Eastwood, it's like I was waiting for him to kick someone's ass. I was waiting for one of the cartel guys. Like cross a little bit and for him to put them into something. Yeah. Take the gun and shoot the guy that's about to something like that. Instead he was just like scared all the time. Like, it's again, it's a combination of the fact that we only know him as a bad ass, and the fact that he just didn't sell. He didn't sell that role. Will right? I was gonna say the scene the the actual video that I saw. Yes. So you can go out there, and you can look at the the dashboard Cam footage of the guy that Clint Eastwood played getting arrested, and it's pretty funny stuff because he he's not afraid of the police. He gets pulled over and Detroit. I think is where it happened. And so he's like yelling at the copies. Like, I'm eighty seven years old. Why would I have a gun? Just like yelling like I'm I can't drive at night. I'll die. Let me go and the couples like not just stay here. And then you can hear him in the back seat of the car being like, oh, no, oh, they've found shit. And so then he actually did he went to trial and just like in the movie he said to the judge. Yeah. I did it just I did it. I'm just going to confess right here in court. The let's save everybody some time. And then when it came time for syncing, he proposed the government that he would pay off a five hundred thousand dollar fine. If they if they would not send jail he would pay off five hundred thousand dollars to the United States government by growing. And selling delicious Hawaiian papayas that was his counter-offer. Yes. Coming like ten years in prison. And the judge said, no, yeah. No, we're gonna stick with prison. Giove-a hard bargain. Barg? He was like they're so delicious, and nobody can grow right in the United States. But I can. Number one. No, no. Yeah. We'll we'll do the jail thing. This was his first see dead the real guy. Yeah. It's like long gone. Yeah. His name is Leo sharp rest in peace. Feast boy papaya boy, I'm just calling everybody. Boy if. Yeah. Radley Cooper's attractive. So we call them our smooth boy, this guy gross papayas. He's papaya. Boy us Joe for four years released to declining health and then died later the next year. He was born in Michigan city, Indiana. And then died in Michigan. For him poetry been mo-. Ryan guys, look them up. That's the oldest old of ever say. The oldest pastor. What are you saying? From town. Oh, oh yesterday guy from breaking bed. Yeah. The guy in the wheelchair voiced out. This was Clinton's first acting job since two thousand twelve what movie with Amy Adams? Oh, God trouble with the curve say the scout. But that's that was basically the same firmness. Right. Hit a curveball. I'm being replaced by computers. Well, let's before we get into before we were divisive. Let's talk about that this movie shames the shit out of young people who. There are so many references. I got somebody put on red. They broke down. How many times they sent it? But there are multiple times or he's like you young people in your cell phones. And and everything you're looking at here on your phones. You're always looking at your phone. Let's it's okay. We don't like tech technology. You don't like anything advanced. It was it was such beat you over the head exposition so obnoxious. I mean that was one of my biggest issues with the movies like almost fourth wall breaking bad. Like just always like turn to the Cameron said see phones, these are bad phones are bad. And then every person in my theater, I swear they're fucking phone off at some point during and then you hear the fuck and stock ringtone from their their. Heater. The buttons yen fix. This photo looks like a picture of a Nazi war criminal found in Uruguay. He's all the I'm trying to find somebody broke down. Exactly what he said. This should be. Clint Eastwood just make a movie where him in a bunch of other old people team up and destroy the internet. Yeah. You're saying the internet. They take down the AWS servers. Yeah. One one last gig when less job boys get team back together. Clint Eastwood brings the internet. Wait. No Clint versus basis. The person on read it much who actually gave it a sixty five steam as me said he complaints about your generation using those exact words, at least four times just it was I get it. Once I'm fine with that that your take on it. And like, no matter what your age, if that's your take the movie, and that's what you want to say about Russia. I'm fine with that. But it was so many times like, okay, we understand tell your fucking story. You're you're stopping the movie dead to inform. You don't like cellphones. Someone explain to me what happened in the scene where the GPS Google maps took him to the wrong drug house. Didn't get that one. At all. Yeah. Wrap that up totally off dummy on that one. No idea. I what I think happened is that he had somebody else program in the address into his cell phone, and then it took him to the wrong building, which happened to just be a different drug house by accident. And so that was complaining about technology. Like careful you think you're so smart, and you can't use a paper map will sometimes it'll take you two different drug house than the winters. You're thinking about going to. Yeah. I didn't quite understand the rap on them. That was the point most of miss that Tara just shit like that was terrible. Because again component is not the worst thing in the world. Just boring as hell stories boring characters the characters not enjoyable like just bland ass movie. Not for us. Not a movie for us Jefferson movie for. Is a movie for fellow octa it octogenarians in your theater aided up. All right. Well, glove that word they they got their movie sixty five from the audience as well all very similar scores from all of us live in eleven points of each other. All right now to movie that we are gonna have a spoiler review, even though it's kind of based on a true story. But we don't wanna give away some of the jokes and some of the stuff that happens that's vice vice a very polarizing movie starring Christian bale who won an Academy Award me. Not yet probably will go globe. And then everyone all of a sudden figured out that he's not from the United States. Yeah. How does it said? That what the team? Yeah. I thought everybody now. Yeah. Yeah. I was very surprised by that. No offense to our our good friend, your uncle chaps who I think it was the first one on that trend, but I was very confused by that. I was like do people don't know he's British. He's from the UK. They actually is. Well, technically, British right? Who he's checking? Yes. Yeah. Anyway, you case it I thought everybody knew that when that rant came out screaming. That's when I found out. I was surprised Terminator Genesis rent say, I can't believe that a Welsh person would ever use profanity. Here's a synopsis for vice from director, Adam McKay, who's done many things, including stepbrothers the big shore. Tell dig nights anchorman governor, George W Bush of Texas picks Dick Cheney, the CO Halliburton to be Republican running mate in the two thousand presidential election. No stranger to politics Cheney's. Impressive. Resume includes stints as White House chief of staff house minority whip and Defense Secretary when Bush wins by a narrow margin Cheney begins to use his newfound power to help reshape the country in the world. I mean, that's just a synopsis of his presidency. But we read it anyway, vice again, very polarizing movie people either really like or incredibly turned off by it. I haven't really found anyone who's really in the middle on it though. I do think I'm sitting next to somebody who does feel like that. And somebody on the other end on Skype like that as well. So we'll we'll we'll rip back and forth or what we think. Vice for me was a top twenty five the year for me. I gave it a ninety. It's an example for me of a movie that yes, it does have some issues glaring issues. But. When it has issues, but the biggest components the stuff that matters that character development, the script the story how it stole the creativity. When that stuff is so fucking good. I looked past the flaws, and I give it a pretty high grade. Like, I thought the good was so fucking great that elevated over some of the issues because this movie is not as narrative -ly cohesive as the big short. It definitely is not this is not the big short. The you're from his ninety one hundred the big short is a near flawless perfect movie. I've loved the big short. This is not that. But I think it is still very good. And we'll get into why a lot of it might have to do with the subject material while the the housing bubble. And how the, you know, the crisis back during the recession whole that was serious and ruin people's lives. This one had a little more to do with war as well like actual death. And I think it wasn't quite as easy for McKay. To twist in a way that was as Larry there are a lot of funny bits to it. But I think he has a little more of a struggle to do that. And. Make it feel natural like with the big short. Then you could get away with a little more with the big short. But we'll get into it more. But as a whole despite some flaws again, it was a little clunky here. And there a couple of choices didn't work for me. Put the good stuff in this movie was so damn good. And I thought again, just like the big the way he told the story with outstanding. So I give it a ninety. I I really liked vice and I enjoyed it. Just as much in the second doing because I was wondering if the novelty of me being obsessed to that McKay. My worn off it didn't I like just as much PF? Yeah. I think for the most part way you said was fair. I I was missing a good guy in this movie. There was nobody that you could root for it. And I I don't know how you would introduce something like that into the story line. But I I was missing like that little bit abound because you could root for people in the big short. Oh, yeah. There were there were you know, heroes that we're trying to do the right thing. And they're the ones that even like golfing Jared venit who he's like, I know I took a bonus. I'm not a good guy. Like, yeah. Right. There's ways to do that. Yeah. They're ways that you can do that. There's nobody really root for and then they didn't they never really got around to explaining why Dick Cheney did any of the stuff that he did it was left up to you to kind of figure out. Oh, I guess he just likes power. I guess he enjoys power, but they they didn't show any real motivation for them for why he was in the there was one scene that they alluded to that. He was still in bed with Halliburton and Enron. And that that was my biggest issue at the movie. If I can interject like, they Adam McKay what I liked about the big short is. He does a good job of explaining things. But they spent so long talking about the unit unilateral executive power, or whatever in hammering you over the head with this is what's going on when like not diving into any detail about like, a let's say the conversation. We said go fuck yourself on the Senate floor the house floor, whatever like, and I think like that sort of detail they could have like actually explained that. And they didn't young. I started an objective point. It's definitely good point. They never said why he wanted to do any of the stuff that he did. It was just like a guy that well he wanted his wife to not leave him. So that's why he got into politics to begin with. And then everything after that was just like I want more power. I just want more power. And they never really explained why he wanted more power. Just besides the fact that he wanted to to move up anyone to be close to power the acting. I thought was really really good. Chris. Bill, obviously did a great job Steve Carell played himself as Donald Rumsfeld. There's there's a good movie out there called shoot. What was it? The the fog of war was with McNamara. I think but then they did one they did a documentary with Donald Rumsfeld, the unknown. And so that it was just basically Rumsfeld talking into the camera for two hours explaining why did stuff that he did. And krill does a pretty good job of capturing his personality a little bit. So I thought the acting was really really good across the board. Yeah. I it lacked a little bit of cohesiveness to me too. So I'm going to give it an eighty one. Okay. I think is very also sat in front of former house majority leader. I don't know if you speak the house, Dick Gephardt. Yeah. Nice ran into in the bar right before the movie congressman, and then I just heard a few scenes, I just looked over. My like, you could stop this pro could on something there you pussy, see laughing. I don't know. I don't know if he actually wasn't sitting in the row behind me. He was like a few rows out. Did give the half turn though. I gave the. You know, you were there drill finish elaborating because I do like, I I think the Halliburton thing, and we'll get a little more into the story. They do kind of skip over that. When we get into spoilers the trill. Go ahead. Yeah. I mean, I am I score. I give it about an eighty. I'm going to give it an eighty eighty. I the more thought about the more I realized how enjoyable Christian Bale's performance was in especially like the scenes between him and Rockwell. I liked the contrast between Rockwell's what I believe is probably a very outlandish portrayal of George W Bush, probably purpose. Yeah. Probably on purpose. But it it serves as a very good. I guess Dick Cheney serves is a very good foil in a very believable foil in especially Bale's portrayal where he just didn't say much, but even like manner mannerisms like the half smirk on his face. Things like that. And I I sorry, I know is talking about spoilers in this non spoiler review. But they they the bad thing about this movie. Is they tried to cover a lot like a lot was was talked about. And they started with a, you know, his DWI, and they went in all the way almost to present day. And they never really spoke like McCain never really focused on any one thing in particular in going back to PF tease comments like what that thing was why it was a big deal. And what it what what was his motivation for doing that in? So it didn't really have a narrative arc it more. So was just like following somebody on a camera and having highlights of their life played in fast forwarding to another one without any context. Really associating everything or loose context. Associated one thing. I thought was interesting about this. I think that there's some truth to it in Washington DC is when he first got there when he's a congressperson or was he was he? Intern. The first, oh, that's inter- and Donald Rumsfeld got up and gave that big speech. And he was like what is he Republican or democrat? Because whatever he is. He's hilarious. I wanted I wanted it just showed a lot of people that show up on Capitol Hill don't really have any just power ideology that they that they really believe in. They just want. They want to get a better job as fast the Gamesville a game. I of thrones. I I was on Capitol Hill for like a week one summer between my freshman sophomore year of college. I got some bullshit like stuck my way in the back door for a week long internship on Capitol Hill and everybody there is exactly like that. They don't care who they're working for. They just want to be in like the highest position that's going to give them the best referral to get the best next job that they want to you gave it an eighty eighty one. I gave it a ninety Kendrick. Would you give gave an eighty seven? I thought that the way he's narrative Michaela. Is it was interesting. Some of it didn't really work like the soliloquy part did nothing for me. And I thought that it was way too long. If it was like, maybe a second couple seconds long been good. But I thought that was a real swing and a miss. I thought they definitely could have started maybe a little later into Dick Cheney life instead of showing the whole the humble beginnings stuff in Wyoming. I didn't really connect with that too much either. I do love so much to this movie too, though, Santana combining some that conjecture like what they think happened behind the scenes and some real moments like with during nine eleven like when like literally the planes are bring twos. Two more planes are still in the air. And like he's like talking to his lawyer. And everyone's like, why are you talking lawyer? We don't know it's free to find you kind of figure out. And I think it's interesting the way they showed how much power has been delegated over to the executive over the past few years, and a kind of wish they talk more about how that continued with Obama on like that like that powered in just stop when he went Kinney office after Bush like that in like, you know, drone strikes et cetera that at a bomb got to do all using that same. Or whatever executive power thing. I thought that was kind of interesting. I thought he was she dealt a little bit deeper into how the continued the one thing that the big short a bit because they did take it a little further with the big short happening. Yeah. I wish he just went a little further with that. I think Bale's performance is my favorite performance of this last year. I thought he was absolutely masterful. But I think my problem is I it was kind of a mixed tone ride because bail would was doing this really dramatic awesome incredible performance where he mimicked every single idiosyncrasy that Dick Cheney's ever had. He had the look down with cosmetics. He had all the way she moved. He looked. He talked all that down, Pat. And then you have Steve crow the replaying Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld and get people have said like on our read it, blah, blah, blah, like, yeah. That's actually what rump souls like though, then don't have caro- play him because you look at him. And you see him playing himself have someone else play him where it's out of character for them to act like that that didn't work for me Sam Rockwell as George W did nothing for me because it was just him playing Rockwell and the. You can't have people doing these super hyperbolic, impressions of people in then having bail ways doing very masterful impression of Vic chain that to me a little bit of tonal nece. I like that though. Oh, I didn't. I didn't like that. At all. Because I thought everything around Dick Cheney. I think he saw circus. I it's like he saw everything as a circus. And he was like in control of the I don't know how to explain it. But I liked it really way of putting it actually it's better than how to put it. It's like he looked at everybody and just saw comical figure in knew he was in control. But but that's not really how it was though. He wasn't some or using some midnight. Either. I know, but he's also like he's kind of eighty that failed upwards into the presidency and being CEO of Halliburton. He's not like genius. Even see it during the movie, his guy d y failed out a Yale failed out of basically, everything and then bench to sneak his way in through an internship like this is not some mega genius. It's this dude that got like secured into this position by failing upwards like, that's it. Yeah. I disagree. I, but I get each side of exam on which I liked it. Because I thought that was personally because I think a lot of the movie is hyperbolic and exaggerated except for like within the confines of Cheney himself with his family even much family him and his wife. I think even outside like even his daughters, and such it seemed all exaggerated out there. So I that's how I maybe. That's not what Adam McKay meant to do. I don't know. But that's how I perceived it. So I I was okay with their performances. I what may what they're trying to do. I thought rock will wasn't as strong as Karol. I had no problem with krill Rockwell. At times seemed like he was playing that caricature of of Georgia us playing like welfare. Farland's George W Bush. He was playing it for like applause in the theater from the people that, you know, agreed with with the ideology of the movie, he didn't he didn't really bring much depth to to w. Yeah, I did like when he was like maybe it'll be Commissioner baseball because I remember distinctly back in the late ninety s my dad told me like George Bush's son wants to be the Commissioner baseball. And if that had happened, you let me just say, this baseball would be awesome. It would be much W Bush would be a hell of a Commissioner baseball. He's still talking about it not that long ago to. Yeah. Like after he got office. Maybe he'll he'll sneak in there. No. He should've been Hugh had been so fucking good at as Commissioner baseball. Like there would never been a time the all star game. Now, we have listen metaphor. Yeah. Paul manafort. Manford Manfred Manford rob Manfred. It's boring. No matter what it is. Yeah. Want to know what the funny scene, I think in the funniest recurring bitney time was heart attacks heart attacks, every time. We'll we'll stop here for for spoilers. We don't ruin any jokes to avoid spoilers for the movie vice skip to one thirty twenty seven. Also, I'm currently watching an episode of guys grocery games where they are in teams. And now like it it's too cluttered too much commotion not a fan, fix it guy jokes. There are a lot. There are a lot of different little gags. They did the heart attack gag so funny the way he the way he talked about them. It was pretty good. I laughed at each one. What was wonder he was sitting on the Capitol Hill floor to UK can you can you breathe a compelling heart attack? You fucking idiot. Personal get all the hard Tech's funny like does the speech or whatever. And he's like I think I have to go to the hospital. They was gang. He's a gang. I'm sorry. Yeah. Yeah. Election guys. I mean, I I liked the the shotgun bit when shot his friend. I thought that was someone apologize. But not him. It was it was put in pretty quickly. Well, what do we think about the the narration? Oh, the plans the Plemmons Jesse plummets narration. He got hit by cars stadium shit. That was the biggest Trump scare for movie all year. Maybe the second laced up those shoes. I like I do. Can happen. But that jumps that got hit by a car. Still shook me on my seat. It was just that loud. I did not see any of that coming at all. I did not either. I did we like the narration though, because I did see a lot of complaints about. The narration actually a lot of people who replied when I gave my view on Twitter. They're first complaint was the narration. I think I think it definitely did make the movie a little more disjointed than it could have been. I think I can elect a little bit. Because of like, how that how wrapped up if that makes sense. It was a movie that jumps around chronologically that much thought an helped sort of tied in a little bit better. Because if you're just jumping around and doing time card time card time card lake with okay? And all that that kind of gets old really fast. Yeah. I just don't get how that character wasn't a thorny on Dick Cheney's history in life. Like, why was he narrating all that? Does he sort of Dade right after the heart the heart surgery scenes, like how do I know about them because it was employee as a soldier, right? There's at one scene where he's in board. But like I thought he was going to be a journalist. That was I thought it was fine with it. I just didn't know how it made him. Like, I don't know if he necessarily needs to be an expert to be a narrator, but usually Yusup narrator in that sort of tone has is somewhat more insight gossip- gossiping dead in. Yeah. Yeah. Like someone who is like on the inside or or whatever. But it was fine. I did like the show. Shot. The overhead upside down shot of Jesse Plymouth on the cold slab. That was it was a twist the Archer seemed so gross. Oh my God. That was brutal. I don't mind but movie, but it was it was so realistically graphic. Then it was a life of my favorite part is like for some reason the past couple of years, I've started to like become more interested in like nineteen eighty four to nineteen ninety two politics. Just because I've like previously only ever understood them through data carves? George H W Bush impersonation and Phil hartman's Bill Clinton impersonation. But I like this the throwback scenes with like him at that gal. And I think you saw you know, was at the back of an applied Ronald Reagan, and then Nancy Reagan, and then George H W Bush, and I did like how they went through that. Because you got to see like how long Dick Cheney's political career was in like how he you know, I felt like when at least when I was like a teenager during Bush administration all I really knew him as was the CEO of Halliburton. And I didn't know he had experiences like cheap staff or secretary defense. May it's more me. But I just take that as like that was me as an average person. So. I really take that box in terms of the nineties nostalgia. For me guys. Pokes porn porn criteria for me. It did have a lot of those little like cinematic universe Easter like like young Anthony Scalia. It had Roger Ailes like it had a bunch of little phase workout, though, defer Amazon so young right? And then he's like a fifty billion year old man on I thought it's the creative elements that did put it over the top free. It's the scene where they show all the the board game pieces. Yeah. When Cheney went to Pat will went about which orange Bush. I gotta love that. That's just that's a great way of putting things. And that's that's what unique twist on a historical bio pic that I don't I don't really want to talk about being rhapsody right now. But that's the point. I was trying to make like creativity and doing things differently and putting different twist on it to make it more than just having a basically documentary on screen. Yeah. Fit with actors. That's did it for me. Then you had the scene where they're at the desk, and they're talking about how Cheney could convince anybody and he's talking about like sucking dick or so that was it's so ably go outside and take their pants off and jerk off to. Okay. It's stuff like that. And then the other one was the one at the dinner scene when they're talking about when they're they're having all the stuff listed off on the menu of what the dock Alfred Molina is the way he was reading off. What was it was? Yeah. About during their shit, the law end should've it. Yeah. And they were like, well, we'll take a we'll take all of it again that that's what puts us movie, which again may have been a little rugged around the edges and had some things that might not have worked as well as it did in the same style as the big shore. But it took a different level for me. Like, I think that that's what made it so great. I think one thing I really liked about it that a lot of critics even to you mentioned you didn't like about it. The fact that there is no good guy. And then super unapologetic like the one pro they give you throughout the movie about Cheney's like ee loves daughter lives. His family loves his daughter. And like they make that the one like redeeming thing through it even going to the mid credits or whatever, which is also very funny. I thought with key instead of becoming vice president he retires to raise golden retrievers. That was that was very funny, but you can get back to that in a second. But like when they go through the whole movie, they just keep saying that's one core tenant. He loves his daughter. And that's like a universal. Good. Like you love your family. Like, you can't do not ever DACA guy for that. It's good. And at the end of the movie he sells out his daughter. The his gay daughter to try and help his street daughters political career. And then like, yeah. Oh, yeah. Just so in case, you forgot this guy really fucking sucks. And that to me, I thought was cool. Like, the fact that there is no protagonist. The didn't give the enshrine to force redeeming qualities about him down your throat. They just showed you like this is like he's not a good guy. His redeeming quality was he won't he he refused to campaign against single same sex marriage. Yes. That was the one. Redeem call so actually anti technically sorta did hire second half of the movie was post credits scene. Yeah. Iraq war, both of them, the world's best postcards marvel look out, but you are wrong. There are things in there that that don't quite work. That are missing. I think the Halliburton thing going back to that is that's my biggest thing because they kind of skip over that. After leave the White House following Nixon, and that that transition into when the election happens with Bush. They don't really I guess go over that. They don't really tell you where he is like they kind of quickly tell you that Halliburton he actually references that he is if you don't know where he was like in real life. Like if you're someone who knows what he did. He referenced CEO, I think when he's talking about maybe potentially running with George Bush, so. You know, I get someone like this movie for sure there are some where you know, there's like the big shore because we keep saying it's advocates the movie wondering Oscar for it. I don't understand how someone can't like that movie. Get if that's not the subject matter for you, which fine. But like if that if you can connect understand the movie and say, you don't like I don't get that that movies incredible this one I totally get if you like this movie like doesn't surprise me at all doesn't like if just work for them because it is out there. It's different. Even the beginning. They preface in the beginning it later like we try to fucking best. We don't know if some of some of this could be historically accurate, but like we tried to pull together as much as we could. Yeah. It's it is it is worsening whether you like it or not. It's something unique something different even though it's based off of existing material. There's a incredible active performance in it and Christian bale, Amy Adams, pretty good as well. I think it's worth seeing you may hate it may not line up with with how you feel may not line up with your opinion. But I think it's worth seeing as just art isn't movies because Adam occa- not that I don't like comedies. But I think I would like to see him take on something like this again. I think he's put into pretty good efforts. So final scores here for vice trill, eighty Kentucky seven fifty eighty one. I gave it a ninety audience gave in eighty six eighty six. We'll wait. What was the last joke that we said we didn't go over to Las what oh the midgets amid credits. Oh, you have the movie fake NCI when he doesn't run pretty funny. All right. A lot of references to a lot of there is a oh, they they have a whole scene. They talk about American idol at the dinner table nineties stall jet that was. Actually before you saw trill. I I was I was referencing straight up nineties nostalgia all over the place completely. I remember you. You said enjoyed that going into it. Although early two thousands of a little too late. I like the nineties that's fair. That's fair. You might say I love the nineties black. You should make a show. I want to get on that show, by the way. I know they're not doing it. They should do. I love the two thousand s the easiest paycheck in the world. Just sit down front of Cameron talk mentioned just be like, I like, what are they gonna talk about in the I love the two thousand and tens. Pump. Yeah. One year, the comic book movie came out yadi. Off the console with hanging Bubba before for bring out my little Xanax. Remember Fresnay name vine star Nash Grier, Colton borough Nash career Nash career, what guy brother of future NFL, Dallas is the weirdest thing that. Yeah. Famous vine stars brother is less famous but probably gonna be a first round draft pick. Yeah. So strange who is will Greer the West Virginia quarterback his brothers revived stars. I didn't even know that that mega stars. I didn't know about the Binstock part of it. Yeah. Wild crazy family. All right. That was a longer view. But I'm glad we talked about that. That was a fun. We talk about the Secondly left the theater, I was like that's gonna be fun to talk about think about on that one. How about Christian bills thickness in this movie thick real thick boy? Oh, yeah. He's back down to nothing Israel. I actually speech. The Golden Globes has gone. He what do you call it? The one scene. They showed him being heavy in was the it's Kim leaned up against a bedpost in boxers in his gut. I don't remember that scene in the movie. It was not it was cut. That's ruutel. The money. She trailer. It's him in. Involved. Yeah. I don't know what AG was he's older. In government. Yeah. But that was and then there's a musical number cut really had a mechanic musical number. That was cut from the movie. Oh, I can't wait to see the that was. See what that was. But it must not have fit because Fatima K. He does a lot of random shit. He must've isn't gonna work. So I'm excited to see that. All right. We have time left for this. Oh, wait a second. Actually. I forgot we have. So he's been sitting here for an hour and a half now. Oh, yeah. I forgot our good friend, man, buddy pounds. So Kendrick new buddy in here buddy pounds from cinema. Pigs dot com. One of the best movie review websites on the internet. He has not been come on in here now pounds. I doing buddy good to see you, buddy. You still sound the same buddy to remember. Orthopedic. Yes. So for those buddy, if you just started listening to the last few months, he's been on quite some time. So it's like whatever first month's working here. Yes. A buddy from cinema. Pigs. Can you tell us what you thought about vice you wouldn't sell vice the other day, right? Yes. How Jeff I Doria vice Christian bale gorged himself like in the brass core and hogged plump up like a nervous semi waiting to get crammed under an estimate waistband, shiny knee length. Adidas athletic shorts. Coated himself coded his face in more latex than you'd find in the hostels plumbing system to deliver a performance worthy of the Golden Globe. He received the performance was so electric. It made my politics seems stay in straight up like the hair on the back of a Rhodesian ridgeback. Speaking of the Globes actually can think of the upsets there because I know you I think you like blaming rhapsody. I I don't quite remember, Jeff, I was watching the wife and our leading bible study at our church. Wait what what sorry come again. I mean, you're the horny movie guy. You don't seem like a church guy. We didn't even know you were married. Trill. If I'm gonna get on my soapbox here for a moment. If twenty nineteen it's now the year of being horny on main no longer will. I be ridiculed for saying what I want. No, heavy ridiculed for saying. I wanna roll that Bimbo thought Keno ovaries up like a fruit snack leather and glee on him. Get over yourself. Might have been wrong about you. This is this is this is a new image starting to think that been on fair, buddy. I apologize. How big do you think? Willem Dafoe taint is never mind. Get out out. Leave. I think that was the first time someone talked about a bowl Axime on our pod. That was how are how do you do talked about both seem? Yeah, he was doing really. Well. I right. I yeah. Good for buddy. Breaking down barriers breaking back walls. Cough. Okay. To draft movie political figure draft, we can't call mount Rushmore. We don't have the rights to that. No. We don't top four top five top five. So we so what we did. We we won bettered whatever podcast Russian. Yeah. No, that's good. When extra audience they're gonna have the first pick by PF t because last time we did this we Christmas characters and on his last audience. I then PF t- them myself. I smoked you guys last time. You looked at the poll wasn't pick. Shoutout snake draft. No big deal our audience. So political figure can be can be a fictional or real person. They can have any role in any political system in any movie. Okay. There you audience I pick a guess who the first pick would be. The guy from independence day. Yeah. Bill Pullman, James Whitmore present Whitmore. Yeah. That's that's the audience. I pick. I pick a choice. This is pretty easy to I'm gonna go with Harrison Ford, Air Force One ten is great. Green beret kicks a mass. Get off my plane killed Gary Oldman, good guy. He punched a guy into a cloud. Yeah. That was awesome. That's a good pick James Marshall. Okay. My first pick. I I had one question about Air Force One. The they were firing automatic weapons all over the place how compression how did the play not decompress. What was the movie were Steven Seagal tries to go on air force wanting to keep breaks, and he flaws out does Nick ages and everything off the home the home movie. Thank you dreamt that himself, cooling shifts. Definitely he's definitely in it. And he lied to special ops team any lands a plane on another plane. Oh, yeah. I teach. He's in the middle of tonal in the plane breaks off and he dies. Yeah. But I think Kurt Russell's in it, and he's like the other guy. I might have been under siege. Broken arrow is the whole thing took place in the air Birkin narrow was Chris and John Travolta. All right. So James Marshall Harrison Ford pick my first pick. I gotta go with the key town of since Michael Keaton himself president MacKenzie from first daughter because Michael Keaton on my team. Worried that my favorite pick is taken by trilled some point. But we're gonna risk it. So what happens in a draft or I can just number one. My number one is J. Edgar Hoover from J. Edgar j Edgar Hoover. He led a small time cops to being a huge overreaching monolith. And today, and it it helped protect America from true national security threats in the mid twentieth century now like leftists homosexuals African Americans and more protesters. Remember we tried to blackmail Martin Luther King into killing himself. Yeah. Good guy. You should kill yourself. That's bad words. He said, yeah. Shut out Derrick rose big shadow truly to ship right there. Derrick rose, essentially pulled a Jaeger Hoover this week twice. Yeah. Trill last pick of the first round. I e second round, okay? My last pick in the first round is president Dwayne Alonzo mountain dew Herbert Camacho from idiot. Pick. Because he was a bad s and not just firing off that thing. On my second pick is Senator jar jar Binks fan. I I think that was just oh, no. The the reason I bumped him up my list audience's, pick number number three pick was actually you took the audiences next to picks. How they picked Camacho. Yeah. And then jar was number three me so want marginal tax rate. Damn, okay. Good picks Gangetic number two. My number two Howard Hughes from the I think it was the eater. Right. So he led the Hughes Aircraft company, it'd be one of the biggest airline companies. He led the Howard Hughes corporation being one of the biggest real estate developers and led the movie Hell's Angels to win the nineteen thirty kademi word and the. He was politically just a bad ass. And we'll no respect guy in Politik anyone. Yeah. He's a leader. Picked I put less emphasis on the political more on the word leader. So no, I back on this is the twentieth century Davinci. He was respected by all politicians. Yeah. If you dominate anybody, your politician exactly it doesn't matter. What field? Yeah. Donated a lot of money to whatever. Vampire was president at the time. He also ran like the biggest defense contractors in the United States. Okay. Howard us number two my number two pick. They're picking the second round. I'm going with John Goodman's character king. Ralph. When the entire Royal family died in a freak accident. And then they came over to Las Vegas and found the junk Goodman was next in line, and he became Ralph so king. Ralph is my second pick PF t great fucking movie a movie was the first time. I saw a pair Bubis onscreen. We've talked about on this for. Oh, yeah. John goodman. I always associate with that. Second-last picking round to for my second pick. I'm going to go with this value pick for me. I'm going just the actor James Cromwell. Ooh. So president and some of all fears. He also played George H W Bush. He also played LBJ. He also played D W Newman, the democratic president before Martin chiens character became president in the west wing. That's probably leaving several out. But he like a word in every other. Every movie was not last long. Longest yard. He was award in their mile. I think he was like secretary of of some bullshit in Cochran in Star Trek as well. He invented the a vented light speed essentially drive. This guy can do all he can govern across cabinet and across the galaxy. So. Yeah, d-w Newman easy pick for me. No, James Cromwell, excuse me. He's not going to get picked. I don't think. But if this was an expert we would've had three consecutive west wing presidents picked Glen Allen Walken who was president for like two days. Okay. John Goodman, and on the list, a little ways down is Senator Baylor. Ghana played by Jimmy Smith motherfucker. Okay. Yeah. But no that's not their next big. So you pick James Cromwell all of the characters. Yep. I'm taking value pick next to be Tim Beck from deep impact. Which is Morgan Freeman. Okay. Yeah. So that's that's a good pick residents there, and then falling after that somehow some way Richard Nixon watchmen. Nixon the who the Knicks news like president for forty years. Five five hundred years because he gets kept doctor Manhattan to fight for the US. Yeah. Richard Nixon from watchmen PF d second pick it around three. I'm going to go with William Wallace Neum has great pick. He was the guardian of the kingdom of Scotland. So we actually had an official title who's a politician seven foot tall shut fireballs out of his ass showed his butthole to the English. Got killed the shit. Got really killed Bruce say better some would. Well, that's debatable. Actually, freed Scotland William Wallace, no saw Braveheart and William Wallace free. Brief are free. Scotland by dying the king, the very first scene in one of the opening scenes movies willing, malls, just being dead as fuck they fought like warrior poets I didn't realize that when they killed the actual William Wallace. They burned his guts in front of him and his dick and bowls and stick. I'm deterrent. Where where did we lose our way as strong joining quartering east make a comeback and since then nobody's ever fought back against the British. So never has everyone on notice never lost territory again. My number three pick their picking the third round. I'm gonna be going with Challah black pants king of Kanda. I need to rein it in after picking king. Ralph might even pick kill monger. Those better leader some say a better leader, indeed, Ken, Jack, number three number three is Amsterdam Vallon from gangs in New York. He comes back to New York City to lead the dead rabbits from being small time hustlers to the biggest gang in New York. Hence, the title movie gangs of New York and kills dander. They lose to which is also plus. Yeah. Big time hustler. You could. Could. Yeah. I won't though true trill number three you get two picks in a real sure. Dave from the movie, Dave, okay? That was actually the next in line. You're thinking like me talking them one by one. I I don't even know the president's name. But I know that guy's name was Dave because guys the movie was named day. And then my fourth pick is grand vizier Jaffar. From aladdin. I've never heard his first name. I don't think ever before actually. No. I take that back grand. Sure. Okay. I no longer select him that was an accounting error. I select Senator John Bluto Blitar skis animal. Good thick Ken, Jack fourth-round. So my next pick is Jordan Belfort. He's. A man he's a man that brought success riches and respect everyone around him. He's a leader that bro small-time group of upstarts to being a big players in the nineties and he's naps Slough pimp that brought the whole new meaning to the term sicko mode. So he gets money ditches lame white from Howard met your mother to get the smoke show. Ten ten electric banana factory wife and focus arguably the best arguably the best Will Smith movie of all time. He has cool cars, and he smokes Gars on boats. And it's basically the greatest man and leader of all time. Oh my God. One. You got my vote. Focus criminal. Underrated vessel. Smith move. Electric sector. Yeah. Benevolent electric factory glc look nine thousand Jordan Belfort. God number from. Number four for me is going to be emperor pal Patine from Star Wars in. He was good to keeping order. He was. Yes. PF t number four, dick. I mean like became it became Star Wars canon as to daddy impregnated, not like physically show me an preg- art. Hold on speaking of cannon. So he impregnated Schmidt, right? Yes. It's become cannon that he did it through the fourth. Speaking cannon. Did we talk about the Harry Potter shit? Wait what? Oh, yeah. We're about that tweet. You didn't you didn't see this in our group chat? Oh, you gotta see you got to show them that tweet. Oh, what's such? It's from a tweet like someone account called Potter more like Harry Potter fiction. Your facts, Harry Potter county, one of the other accounts. It's only read it to you. Hogwarts did. No, this is the verified account Hogwarts did no bathrooms before adopting muggle plumbing methods in the eighteenth century, which isn't wizards simply relieve themselves wherever they stood and vanished. The evidence. Kind of like you shitting themselves. What if palpitation can do the same thing just through the board at this? Come. Yeah. Just made his. Early. But just squirted out his belly. Some kind of cell Mander. These back shots. Can we do an emperor skit soon? Love this. Fourth round with prince Akeem from coming to school. Okay. Darren reveal, but that's his favorite movie by loves coming to he owns all the merchandise that move he owns actual onset merch. I'd like to change my. This will be stricken from the record. Impression of him within the first thirty seconds of being on our podcast. What do you say? He also I'll I'll play the clip later. He enjoy the best. He did actual impression Johnny. Remember that Darren reveal loves those bats have you guys. Remember his his anniversary Instagram stories. Oh, yeah. I mean, I is in the bath. That's where he got it from its his favorite movie while Jerry gets VS receipt. All right. I'm not taking prince Akeem anymore stricken for the record saying true. I just I was just trying to figure out how the incorporates the Royal pain is cleaner. Highest Sindhu is life. Who's your pick? Then I'll go with Lhasa. Okay. That's very good. Although move cross dead. Yeah. Arguably dead. Yeah. Yeah. Aren't we? Although he's still alive in the stars. And there's a live action coming out who's about to be alive. Again. True. For the first beat thirty minutes from backpack. The right Joseph Kony, no Cohn Cohn coffee now it's still voiced by James. Oh jones. Is it? Really? Yeah. Who's he playing in it because that guy's definitely in it coming is he playing he definitely has a range plan RIC eighty. Okay. All right. I think he's playing your feet. De him. Where's that guy? The Oskar goes we never got him. We. Yeah. We've found casting him in the lion gate him into into coming to the Oscars. We happen to move Foucault audience last two picks here trill decimated their list because these were hands down there most picked people there. And by the way, I did not see the list either. They never see it. Their next pick is ABRAHAM LINCOLN vampire hunter, not a bad pick not about pick of Jekyll enough that the ones after this. You had Cam Brady from the campaign will Farrell, okay? Arthur curry aquaman, regular ABRAHAM LINCOLN. So I just assumed Daniel Day-Lewis president hairs from scary movie. Leslie Nielsen you had I I said, Tim Becker. I think it's Tom Bek president business from the LEGO movie and other welfare, Cornelius fudge from Harry puff. Leader of all time Sam SIMS from Sindbad, I kid he was a secret service agent. But I guess we would be bent rule. So he's not in there, and then paid your of Napoleon dynamite. But they're pick Evan Baxter from Evan almighty. Steve Corrales, congressman. All right. Okay. Sure thing not I had Sindbad on my list to across them off. I thought person. Yeah. Well, no, I kid. Remember that scene? Does doesn't he take one more pick? All right, y'all take Sindbad. I liked the elected spitball shooter that he made remember that. Yes. Huge sin bet. That's a great pick. Thank you. You're gonna get votes are good guys, Stu. Grunt M N? It's our favorite read it poster. He actually my pick complete ties into that. My last pick is president will Cooper from pixels. Kevin james. We are very very long. I'll pull up on read after after years and trills list because we had our that very funny post on our read it from from the Harry Potter fan. I'll read the replies, but go ahead Kendrick. Who's your last pick? My last pick is Jay Gatsby. He's a pimp, and he's a player any leads Nick fucking do them. He's he leads Nick caraway, gene. Dawned on me, he lose Nick highway from being lame x troop to being a boss, and he plays Konya west remixing ease richest hell, he gets all the girls in. He's basically Daniels area of the twenty except he's not Albanian which makes a much better. I just for some stupid fucking together. What your list is? Usually connect the very quickly that won't be did with throw that one time like five seconds in you know. No, Shirley, you put it together yet. Yeah. I I did after Jordan Belfort. Have you guys ever been invited to Gatsby party? Yes. I want to be invited. Just so I can know New Year's to I've got some some lurker is out there that I'm sure I'm fringe that. I wouldn't no longer like to be friends. I just who they are. That's a really great way for me to just sort them out. Yeah. Yeah. That's right list trail last pick. Prince from purple rain. Pay smart pick. So you went with prince Senator Dr ski from. Animal house. Dave, Dave, Senator Georgia are banks and then president Camacho. It's is Camacho macho. Okay, Jack, you picked all Leo characters. J of your Howard Hughes. Amsterdam Vallon, Jordan Belfort, Jay Gatsby. I picked president MacKenzie which is Michael Keaton king. Ralph to Challah Black Panther the emperor Star Wars president will Cooper, Kevin James PD, James Marshall, all James Cromwell characters pick William Wallace Fossa and Sindbad from Sinbad the first kid and the audience pick, James Whitmore. Tom Beck from deep impact. Richard Nixon from watchmen ABRAHAM LINCOLN, vampire hunter and Steve. Curls. Evan Baxter from Evan all-mighty. Oh, boy, fun house list. Yeah. Read it. We had that guy talk about fantastic beasts how how stupid we were for not liking the movie and our one of our posters. Stooling grunts at I like, happy Madison movies, and Jeff doesn't appreciate those either. I. Feel your pain brother? And this guy went into a very he goes, those aren't good films and couldn't be more difficult a different to above to the above discussed one as an fantastic beasts and he breaks down. It's not about lack of appreciation basic tastes about the moral grandstanding attacking a fan base in the presumptive ignorance lights in the creatives that he seems to be ranting about in regards to this film in particular. Okay, and instantly Grun replies. Have you ever seen pixels? And the guy goes very poor poorly made film with no substance sort of vendors Infinity war and then still gun. Grunt? Replies. Poorly. Made film, though, substance you, probably don't get the intricacies of the script. A lot of people. Don't have the brainpower to understand the messages behind the film. You must be one of those people. And then the Harry Potter guy goes in video doesn't have the mature themes sophisticated world building or narrative complexity of crimes of grin. The Walt get out of here squid or I don't feel so good are horrible dialogue. It doesn't have any tangible cinematography the direction is typical for the John odd. Yes. And uninspired before his range from bad to. Okay, the scores. I don't know what that is a mess that seeks to highlight action, set pieces alone, and the design is also unsubtle lazy and not at all compost. Infinity war is not a well-made film. And then still grunt replied talking about pixels. It is it was honestly the best part of that threat. Because that guy thought he was really doing something good public service getting home. Fantastic. I find your read it. He just searched her. Search fantastic beasts on Reddit went post history. That guy's awesome. Yeah. He isn't passionate about something very passionate. And we've mentioned the funniest part about it was that he called the Harry Potter movies trash. He only stands fantastic beasts. That's like me standing for the new Star Trek movies. Yeah. Exactly. Yes. Yeah. I'm gonna have to start watching these. And then go find some Star Trek. Right. So roasting the nerds. Yeah. You're gonna have to do it. Wow. Thanks again. PF t- that was fun. Yeah. Thank you. Good pleasure. We're don't beat you guys as badly. This time in the pool. That's gonna be. I think I got this one. It's an electric because I'll have people that people that get it gonna vote for me, also anybody if we get the postal sports main counter in that people that don't get are gonna be Wall Street this guy rules for me. Anyway, tell you end the Jordan Belfort now do I play the one from early? I getting Jordan Bill for the best search. He's like giving TED talks. Somehow to prison. Totally fine. No issue there. You're the hero movie made about him. Basically. We're going to be reviewing next week, Holmes and Watson. Yeah. That's all. I got him. Yes. Got to save it. And then I think we're gonna do green book because we have the ability to have a screener for trillon green book. So I think we review those two we're going to have our catch up. Do not worry the favorite all the candy ever. Forgive me. All that stuff. We're going to talk about those movies. If Beale street could talk we've gotta make sure we see him all we don't wanna skip over any of the big Oscar favorites. So we'll probably see that right around the Oscar nominations or do that probably right around when they ask ram nations come out, and we'll go from there anything else. No, I'm good. We got everything. Good podcast tonight. Yes. Soap poop talk off the top. Yeah. Shut up the Scekic. Yeah. Everybody Detroit with his pants to redo that ad and just Kaleen it up entirely. You're sheer sleaze which one of the other wash my sleeps with pure L. I'm gonna wear that quarter. You know, when I visit New York for that shake your hand. And I'm gonna put it in my palm like this. Your hands going to touch that sleeve. All right. All right. Well, do this for PFC. Thanks again. Kenji control. I'm Jeff we'll talk to you on Sunday. Have a good week at the box.

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