The Great Sweater Race


It's episode one. Forty three of the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast and it's the great sweater rates held by the fine folks at Ohio Hockey Digest Dot Com. Who won the Best Hockey Jersey in the state plus a whole heap of Van News if you like? Sports and southwest. Ohio has struck on this Tuesday. If it's sports in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio. It's on this podcast. Welcome to the Cincinnati Dayton. Sports podcast with Lee w mountain. This is a weekly podcast dedicated to sports happening. In the Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio region visit the Lee wwl dot com slash podcast to listen on your favorite platforms like apple podcast. Google podcasts tune in spotify the iheartradio APP and more follow the host on twitter at delete w Malan and the podcast at Syndey. Fahd opening theme is Arpey by Dan. Hannigan from the Youtube Music Library Collection. Now for your host Lee w Maui and before we began episode one forty three. I like to take this time to save. You didn't get to listen up so one forty two. I really liked that episode. I interviewed Chris Collins. Who's the broadcasting voice of the right State University raiders part of? Who Radio really enjoyed that interview? I highly recommend going back and listening to one forty. Two and just as a little spoiler tweeted on Sunday pot on twitter earlier. Today there are some more views down the pipeline. And eventually if I asked more people hopefully we'll be more during this quarantine so be on the lookout for that or the hero for that. This is an audio podcast. After all so today I wanted to talk about the Ohio. Hockey Digests High School Jersey Tournament. That wrapped up Sunday at midnight. And there were a couple of Cincinnati Dayton area schools that got into the preliminary rounds and there was a Columbus area school that went to the final but before we cover that in detail by the way by the fine folks at Ohio Hockey Digest Dot Com and Scott Harrington they do a great job run that site there has been a slew of bad news sitting this Tuesday April. Twenty first twenty twenty and I don't remember seeing such a wave bad news in its multiple angles and this first one will hit our friends in Champaign county the hardest now or abandoned university you know. I've covered them over the course of my podcasts. Nc AA division to school in our Bana and they've been open since eighteen fifty and they are the Blue Knights. They belong in the Mountain East conference well. According to the Website Today Urbana. University will be shutting their physical location in favor of online schooling through Franklin University after the conclusion offspring twenty twenty basically are Banner University is shutting down. And if you want some that are banned a university education. It goes to Franklin University low bit history on that Franklin University not the original owner Orban. But they picked up you in two thousand. Fourteen Urbana has a one hundred twenty eight Acre residential campus nestled in the heart of Ohio. Or man a very lovely town. It's north of Springfield and a good university and it's a crying shame that campus. That's been open since. Nineteen fifty is shutting their doors for good now. This is the first school that I know of around here. That shutting the doors during the Quarantine. The Corona virus if you remember trying to think when that was when Cincinnati Christian closed their doors. It's the second school to shut their physical doors. Espaillat of about four months or so. 'cause I thought it was December is football season. I know that they finished that and it didn't get to winter sports anyway. So that's that for Orban. Once this spring twenty twenty term comes to an end. There's going to be a lot of coaches players students and faculty and staff that going to be out of a job and this hurts. This hurts I you know I. I've never caught at our band game at you. You I've seen. The Brad are blue nights that sita villain central state when I was broadcasting with marauders. This hurts. This really hurts Urbana hs really good campus. Really good programs especially women's basketball. There's a lot of love that was shared for that. Now that's gone and all the sports there seventeen. Ncwa division to sports and three intercollegiate club. Sports that's going to need new homes now of course with this closure any athlete at are bad. I can just transfer out and they don't have to wait. It's not their fault or ban closed so I think most the athletes will be able to find homes but think of the historic impact. That are had. That's that's sad and that broke my heart. Just I have to think Brandon Pontiac used the first one to find out about it and I thought he shared that are banned was going to close up the men's soccer team when it turned out to be much much worse. Now Elliot's our band of getting rid of the men's soccer team getting rid of everything and then it goes to Franklin University to discontinue physical operations on the air branch after this spring. Twenty twenty semester has ended now Franklin University. I believe they're mostly online. I think had a physical campus in Franklin vol places. Just seventy three. When you head out towards spring borough but that they haven't been there like quite some time I think fifteen years or something. It's been a while but yeah it's at a level stress and uncertainty to Obama's prospects that make it impossible to sustain that gave Franklin University hard choice. Shut it down like a mention. Very Very Sad. Liked her campus. Good athletic programs in D. two in the area and now the biggest city in Champaign county will have a one hundred twenty eight Acre empty spot now with Christian. I think there was. I haven't looked up what's happened to that sense but I think there was a group from Missouri that wanted to open a back up not for Cincinnati Christian. But for you know themselves. I don't know if anything's going to be like that on the table. I I don't know so or Abana. Currently served one thousand two hundred and fifty four students so not a big campus per se but still under twenty eight acres. That's not bad intentions in this press. Release that most. The students will continue their studies uninterrupted because again Franklin universities mostly online so go on the computer learn online you degree that way but our university as we know it Moby shut down one hundred eleven fulltime employees on the burnt or on campus will be affected by this closure at a number of these employees who worked there will be offered employment at Franklin University. Those who will not continue to have Franklin will be offered severance packages which is nice to help with this difficult transition. So like mentioned tough time at are shutting down after the Spring. Twenty twenty semester calls it a day. I I look at her band situation and I think with Franklin picking it up you know. There is a little bit more hope that it would continue on. I don't remember if Obama was in trouble in terms of like flow. Dodd like doing bad things but you know being able to sustain everything. It's still very sad time if you want to read more you can go to our band dot. Edu SLASH CLOSURE. There are five categories. You can look students general. Faq's alumni donors partnerships in athletics and the athletes. One since this is sports podcast. Campus officials will be working with officials at the NC Double A. and M. E. C. That's the mountain. East conference to obtain guidance on the most effective ways to transition these student athletes who wish to transfer driver institutions to continue their athletic endeavors. I retweeted a baseball players video on him. Crank home run over the left center wall and you think have that name for you which pop it up right here real quick. I can tell you that. Looks like it's Griff Stevens Griff Stevens. Seven on twitter looking for a new home forty five re tweets at the time of this recording. One hundred six likes and eleven replies so. I certainly hope that these blue knights will be able to recover during this tough time and while. That's that's the way to start a Tuesday. One of the oldest universities around here closing their doors so my heart goes out to all the folks that are banning university that now have to find new homes. New Jobs new everything. It's very tough and now we move onto our banning university closing their doors forever to eighteen. That's closing their doors for the year. As you know we are heading into May next week next Friday as May the first and summer's not too far away while there is one team that will not be playing in. Usfl leaked to action this year and that would be Cincinnati. Dutch lions. This press release was just released a couple of hours ago. The Cincinnati Dutch lions F C have physically made the decision to forego playing in the twenty twenty. Usa leaked to season due to the current state caused by the Global Pandemic. That is big news. Right now USO leaked to hasn't mentioned anything about as cancellations. There's been few Sports Leagues. That have said that's it like the AFL indoor football league. That's the home of my favorite mascot team. Ever the Iowa barnstorming and they used to have the goggles the like the flight goggles on the helmets. Great Look but fails already canceled things off right now summer. Collegiate baseball hasn't yet I mentioned may is coming up. May What is it? The Twentieth Twenty ninth. That is the start of the prospect league season and June. Fifth is right now. The Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League season opener right now. Those been touched. We still have yet to find out what's going to happen with the twenty twenty. Mlb and seasons namely the reds and Dayton dragons. But since he's going ahead and say nope. We're not taking any chances. I admire since decision on this. It's not an easy one to make. I mean you're not going to be able to play. I mean that's sponsorship money that I mean I'm sure there's ways to get sponsorship money when you're not playing but you get one saying I mean must you might. He's made through sponsorships and people walking through the gate with with no games to go. Where's the gate? Oh yeah there is none so very very tough and again Brandon Pontiac. Actually I think it was the official twitter. Cincinnati dl FC shared. First and then brandon shared a little bit later. He's the goalie coach for since he's Dutch lions squad. The decision has taken time and numerous conversations to make the right decision for the Club Staff. Incoming players sponsors and of course the great fans of CDL FC. The decision's been made to ensure the health and wellbeing of the entire Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities. But also the communities where players will be traveling to and from during the season throughout the last three months of the pandemic conversations. Continue to this decision. Not Come easy. As there was high hopes in great planning put into the twenty twenty season this breaks my heart to win Cincinnati and Dayton play. I mean that's that's the best rivalry now but now that's not going to happen but at the same time admire since name for making this decision. It's not an easy one like I mentioned. That's money down the drain. You're not going to be able to recover from that but I think Cincinnati will be all right and I think we'll see the since he lions for twenty twenty one hopefully like I mentioned nothing yet from. Ussl league too. But since he's going ahead saying Dayton right now I believe both. The Dutch lives squads. The women and the men will be getting ready to go as I tweeted a while. Back the WPA ESL. They do plan on having the twenty twenty season however there will be no postseason so meaning for the Great Lakes teams or the Ohio Valley teams rather ten games. That's it which is better than nothing. So Meyer again. The decision that Cincinnati made. It definitely wasn't easy one and hopefully we'll get the Cincinnati Dutch lions and Twenty Twenty One. We'll stick with the Cincinnati touchlines. Actually bring a nugget of good news just so you don't think this is like the most depressing episode. Ever now I mentioned e gaming. Awhile back I forget what episode was talked about it promise. And this is what Ryan sparks is doing. He's on twitter at touched artists. And he's representing since nine dubs lines. He's a member of Super Omega Ultras. Which is the support group for since Dutch lines? An Avid Gamer mass of local soccer. Fan Ryan has been a CDL FC supporter for several years Ryan shows to compete in the competition of Ea Sports FIFA to twenty the Lower League E. Cup will be playing the same game. Ea Sports Twenty twenty an either playstation xbox or P C like. I mentioned Ryan's on version. You can watch Ryan competes. I think he's already on twitch Youtube instagram twitter and facebook. This is an old Press release so I probably should pick a new one but start off one and now and a plus five goal differential is touched artists. That's impressive a two victory over Swansea City Syndicate the Florida Tropics. Sc Support Group. And the next one was Monday April thirteenth. Like I mentioned probably should get a fresher press. Release to talk about this. The full schedule the next game actually is to or it's Monday April twenty-seventh. Why did I think tomorrow was the twenty seventh? Let's not no. That's not how numbers work and touch artist. Cardinal Collective S. G. OUT OF NORTH CAROLINA. That'd be seven thirty. And then it'll take on the southbound lions. Fc Of Indiana may four May Eleventh Oakland County F C remember. They're one of the newcomers in the League. The Great Lakes Division but the Dutch lions will compete in and that next day may twelfth touched artists will take Metro Luvell. Fc Kentucky Game You can find all this stuff CDL FC dot com and good luck to Ryan Bring Home The Cup for Cincinnati. The Cup rather say bring home the Bacon but that doesn't make any sense and a quick coaching vacancy at seven. That I normally don't talk about on here 'cause normally when you hear it Bam. It's just like that but something that surprised me. Spring borough is looking for a new head coach for Ice Hockey. This coach will be taken over for Nate Reynolds. Who was the head coach for the previous two years? He welcomed in a new baby in January. I believe messed a game for that. So Nice addition to the Reynolds family. If you're interested in becoming the next head coach of the springboks Panthers Ice Hockey team. You can send a letter of interest resume and references to Austin road. The athletic director at Spring Borough. And you can find out this stuff for yourself. Borough Panthers Dot Com. I believe is the website. At this time. There are no expected. Teaching Openings Deadline to apply. Is Monday April twenty seven. So if you're interested get moving because Monday is the deadline. I'll be I'll be quite honest. This one this one surprise me and I thought Nate Reynolds did a nice job is two years taken over for longtime head coach. Tony Morris who great job building the program up to what it is. I mean spring boroughs in the capital hockey conference. The big conference play in Columbus. And I think spring borough holds their own and yeah. It's it's a little surprising to me seeing. That coach Reynolds won't be there for twenty twenty twenty twenty one that means both teams at South Metro Sports Flex. We'll have a new head coach for the upcoming year. Leave it's Tim Evans for Centerville. I think that's his name. Hopefully it is. Unfortunately the website for is not up so but look through the history on that see that he had great success from Nineteen. Eighty eight onwards. So I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what the next ice hockey season has again. There's an opening if you're interested in spring borough so let's head off the sheet of ice and get to the baseball diamond mention. I haven't heard anything about the twenty twenty seasons for MLB. Or I know that MLB saying let's play it all in Arizona. It's like what about a spokes that work for the teams to be able to get to know well muscles aren't today. You remember that thing that a everyone's talking about where. Mlb Once M. I I'll be major league baseball. Minor League Baseball. They want Minor League Baseball to trim the field by forty teams and independent teams. Just because they're pretty good markets. At least they think that's why while it's agreed upon this is from Doug right good friend at Reds Minor Leagues Dot Com Minor League Baseball to agree to reducing the number of teams. Yeah while really liked the fight that MLB had against MLB pushed for this and seeing. This news really disappointed me how. How is cutting forty teams supposed to bring in fresh blood into America's pastime? Just take your team away from your community and you know you can still watch sport. And if it's not blacked out that is I. Yeah I'll start off with the first paragraph. It's been a big story for the last half year so with Major League Baseball's plan on attempting to eliminate forty teams from the minor league baseball chain under the guise of player safety inadequate facilities. That's true for some but before the world truly began to burn. This was one of the bigger stories of all. Baseball's two two states fought off out in public over the idea of eliminating teams from the minors. But when cove nineteen arrive stateside we began to see its spread. Things began shutting down and sports were among the first things to push the pause button on their businesses when that happened and also put a halt on talks between. Mlb and under negotiations for New Professional Baseball GREEMENT JJ Cooper Baseball American reported. Just before noon. Today I was out doing my laundry. That's when I found out on twitter that the Minor League Baseball Cy. We'll can see to the reduction down to one hundred and twenty teams meaning. Forty teams sliced away. I don't have that list on my hand I think Chattanooga was one. Maybe Daytona Clinton lumber kings. I know I think all but Cedar Rapids Iowa teams were destined to be hacked away. Maybe it was quad cities. I'm not sure now. M I L being are expected to discuss the parameters of a system where two sides can work together to ensure that most of the cities that currently have affiliated baseball will have ties. Mlb clubs even the little cities teams be fielding draftees and Siamese the club. Which if you remember back way back it's talking about the Dream League where you know you have college kids. That didn't get drafted. They play there and then next year. They're you know the miners. I think that's what I I hate it. I hate it and it's just like I mentioned. How are you going to get fresh blood by taking away communities? Teams now grant. I know they're not gonNA take the most successful minor league teams. That's stupid. That's that's not good business practice at all. So I think the Dayton dragons are safe because they're the ram by the Cincinnati Reds because you know Cincinnati it's not gonNa have any of 'EM OBT run a affiliate in downtown Dayton when they're less than an hour away from Cincinnati. That's just not going to happen. That's PAT business there. If did so right now. You're Cincinnati reds. Are Ram like this. You have your Arizona Fall League or your ACL. You got expend extreme spring training of course not to be confused with string springing or whatever you got single-a or low a Dayton dragons. You got advance stay or high a Daytona Tugs in Florida Aa the Chattanooga local which are historically they've been with the reds from eighty eight to. What was it two thousand six also remember but they have history with Cincinnati triple as the Louisville Bats and Cincinnati reds. Are The major league team. You might have guessed that. On a further paragraph again back Conrad's Meyer Elites Dot Com and this article on the initial list the rookie level Greenville Reds billings. Mustangs they tone a tour targets and Chattanooga lookouts where among the forty two teams to be sliced. Now they're looking to get rid of the rookie league. So meaning billings and the Pioneer League. Gone Appalachian League gone. There's no rookie league that be the Dream League so I think they've make the rookie league. The at the homes of the spring training sites so Cincinnati would be goodyear Arizona and for your teams. They'd be their spring training home. Like I mention the new plan quote unquote new quote unquote tractor beam. Would we have no rookie level league outside? The Leagues Operated Spring Training Complexes in Florida and Arizona. Make the Gulf Coast League and Arizona Rookie League each organization would still have a low way events day AA and AAA franchise now of course with the chopping the looking to kind of fix the fix tractor beam fixed. The foundation were all major league teams. Have four billion. That's it out side rookie level of course but so. I don't know if the dragons would be shuffled up the ladder. I mean you can't really go down the low A. But I don't know we'll leave. Restructuring of the leagues to make travel easier read shorter what Shlo- include some teams changing levels or affiliations that they're currently end to better fit the geographical location of leagues so Midwest League not too bad on travel in the East division winning in the West outside Illinois Iowa. About eight hours away Wisconsin. That's not pleasant trip. So I don't know like a mansion Dayton dragons will be safe. They're protected by the reds so Cincinnati Not going to have anyone come in. It's like ooh Dayton's beautiful taking. Yep since it's not going to that so if we get baseball this year we'll still have the current levels by twenty twenty one if we do get to baseball in two thousand twenty. One things are going to be a little bit different. They'll be in Arizona League reds team as the new rookie team. You'll have low A. Advanced eight double a triple A. And Dane dragons will be one of those four teams Chattanooga in Daytona. I don't know what's going to happen to the lookouts or Louisville again. I don't know what's going to happen to them. Who are the teams be? Can't tell you but it looks like that deal has finally pass and if you like your baseball you are probably like me angry at this again. I get the MLB wanting to make everything you know. Even Steven playing level I guess I. I don't know why them based doing this to be honest with you again. Cutting forty teams if you take teams away and people don't have a way to follow baseball. They're they're blacked out in certain media markets. How they're going to get into baseball. There's a college baseball team there. Sure but I don't know I think it's I think it's a bad move but we we'll see we'll see okay enough negativity. Let's talk about the great race after we hear a plug for not public. Hey listeners did you know that you can buy years supporting the local Sunday sports. Podcast visit the lead W Malan Dot com slash podcast that click on by podcast merchandise made by t public. You can get. It's hoodies mugs phone cases and even stickers check out the local. Cindy's here five t public. I do want to thank the folks that did buy some new logo gear from public a very big. Thank you every. Portion of every sale does go back to me. It does help out and I appreciate it and actually my mom bought a shirt from their God. It's very quick shipping very good material. She bought a teal one which was pretty cool. But again t public you can go to the league WWL DOT com slash podcast. Then Click on by PODCAST MERCHANDISE AND L. Take you there you can buy. Stickers shirts hoodies mugs phone cases notebooks. Little bit of everything. So if you do have the extra money it does help out please. And thank you. Now let's talk about something good. It is the great sweater rice and you might wonder what I'm talking about. Why are we racing articles of clothing? That are good in the winter but not so much now especially with this bright sunshine. We have a very nice day today and we had one yesterday too great for driving so ecorse sweaters are another hockey term for jerseys and you know me. I'm a Big Jersey logo designed nerd. Which yes I've seen the new. Nfl looks. We'll talk a little bit bath before we wrap up this week but the folks at Ohio hockey digests I wrote a couple of pieces for them over the ice hockey season. They ran a contest. Since ice hockey could not play their state tournament. It stopped at the final four or so I say frozen four new Albany got to the frozen four for the first time ever in school history and I was really hoping that the eagles would get back to the state final four Columbus and even beat. Saint I and prevent five in a row but Abbas squash which by the way. I think everyone knows by now but spring sports have been called off by the O-. Hsa Very Smart Choice. Sad of course especially for the seniors the coaches the players and the families involved but I absolutely think it was the right decision so there you go so over the course of a couple of weeks now the fine folks at hockey underscore Ohio on twitter. Got People to send in Jersey pictures pictures of the team sweaters and folks not to vote on them on the Website Ohio Hockey Digest Dot Com yours truly did vote for every single round and I think most of my votes ads all my votes went to local teams until there weren't any in Sunday for the Columbus teams. That's obviously the jerseys. I liked the best. This is stemming off a college hockey tournament that they ran right before it were the university Dayton flyers fell just short to John Carroll and the Blue streaks John Carroll's Jersey's bad but they look very Akron. Zip Ish the dark navy. The Pale Gold. Just not with that number font. Thank goodness for that. Whereas the Dayton flyers one they have a Columbia blue one. You know old school you D and Flyers and cursive on the front and the old interlocking. Ud Logo on the shoulders. That was a sharp look and I was a little sad to see. You didn't win the whole kingdom poodle but there was some great jerseys there so the folks at Ohio Hockey Digest decided. Hey let's open it up to high school and coaches and broadcasters. 'cause I send in a suggestion. Got To send in their requests to Scott Harrington and all those guys and they preliminary round where you could vote them into the playoffs so to speak I sent in the Centerville Elks Jerseys send in three pictures to make sure the front and the back were covered and the picture us was Captain Riley Herron and the H. ON FRONT. That's the same logo the elks war when they won the state title back in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine looking back on it. I wish I sent in more because there was only a few Syndey area squads to get in the preliminaries. Bowlers Saint Xavier Spring Borough. Their Third Jersey got in. And they made some noise Norfolk Kentucky gun in which was cool. And I'm glad they allowed that because Kentucky. Yes it's in Kentucky. But they're part of the CINCINNATI FABRICS. So you know Letterman so. I'm glad that was the case. However they picked the away jerseys not the home once the home runs. I can see the wagers have read outlined no number filling on the black jerseys. Meaning when Norfolk. He's in the far side of the rink. I can see WHO's doing what. So it's a little tough for me to broadcast. But that logo really a Sweden those the white jerseys really great and I'm happy. They got him sycamore. Gone in the Green Jerseys. Which TO BE HONEST THOSE JERSEYS THERE. Okay but my favorite SICK JERSEYS. You have to go back a couple years my second more of the first year. I don't remember we did or not. But the goal was Jack Spellman and sick more green jerseys aviators diagonally in gold and Spelman had a glove. That was run blue. So it's right. State colors Dane Flyer Glove. It was great. But those are my favorite. I love those Sycamore. Jerseys the new ones are fine or the ones they have are fine. It's just every time I look on the shoulders. Sycamore s which Michigan State spartans. Half Stinson had for awhile accepts. Sense does still have that with a hat. I keep thinking it's number five like who who's number. Oh it's ass it makes me feel smart. Hooray let's see sick more than there. Troy was in there. I like those jerseys. I think they're classic and it's a good look and it's easy to read ask for mentioned spring. Bros thirds got in alter got in and again like Sycamore. I like their previous jerseys. Better they had gold jerseys and wait jerseys white numbers brown trim. It was easy to read the ones they have now the white jerseys and the golden numbers kind of mission. The charcoal greys don't have that problem. Those are easiest and I liked those but just the white ones and the yellow is a little tough but I like the old look at the alter nights by old. Look I mean a couple of years back because both those jerseys for alternate sick more about two years to season serve. Now Tondo was in it. They had their brand New Jersey's because remember Tyler Wanda gear ago decided to knock off any mention of native Americans so the braves became the brave. So there was a big T. on there and I thought that they looked like the blue jackets jerseys or like the the blue jackets or the Y-h a youth jerseys which are blocked numbers. But they've looked just like the blue jackets jerseys outside that I I like those some of the teams. I really wanted to see elder their Purple Jerseys. I think are great. They had like diamonds on the side. I don't think those old jerseys. But they have that throwback feel to them and I always liked. Those elder. Didn't wear them this year lease and I don't think they did I think. Jv teams have the old jerseys now and elder wears predominantly the black jerseys which are nice too. I like those trying to think. What else there was beaver. Creek like those jerseys. The the beach blanket design. I really liked but those crisp clean like those mentioned alter trying to think there's holy there's only twelve high school teams. How can I be struggling this season? I wish Mason was in there. They're killing green. Jerseys thank our outstanding. I like those a lot a molar garden. They had the gold thirds. I voted on the gold thirds. Something I have to really applaud molar. For All their hockey jerseys numbers are oversized on the back. Meaning they're easy to read from far near the great they're great jerseys saying jerseys were actually the traveling away once the gray ones and as asking whether the parents of the bombers. What's that shrimp looking logo on the shoulders? Well that's a bomber zipping. It's not shrimp. It's like Oh that's a good thing. I didn't say they look like shrimp on there but I liked that. I liked that logo. I don't think the bombers really used that logo much. It's just the ex that they have someone. Correct me if I'm wrong on that but yeah I think that's I think I'd covering all the high school teams around here. If I'm not send me something completely normal address but we do have some really sweet looking jers someone asked. I forget who it was a member of Sayas team. Why the Irish Day love it just goes you know people have to send it in and I talked about the teams didn't get in. I might have probably should've sent them in but for me. I didn't want to be like Oh. I'm sending all of our take that northern Ohio. I didn't I didn't over stuff the box on that if you will but I probably should have just because we do some Nice Jerseys and southwest Ohio. If there's ever another High School Jersey Tournament like this I hope to find jerseys pictures of jerseys and sentiment because southwest Ohio and like I mentioned there I did talk about some of the old ones that I've really liked but it's not really a bad look now the actual tournament itself like I mentioned the first round. People were invited to send in their own. In fact I have to go on the media side of hockey underscore Ohio. Oh by the way. Does anyone know if the wall of hockey jerseys still exists at nationwide arena in Columbus? Every single high. School has their Jersey up on the wall. I haven't been to nationwide in several years. I really really hope it is some of the ones that I was surprised. Didn't get in Olatunji orange. I love those outside. Centerville home whites. That's probably my favorite Jersey's just because they look so Edmonton oiler colors from back in the day. Like Bright Orange. Bright Blue I. I'm a big Fan of those. What can I say so like? I mentioned like an idiot. I didn't really fall along like I didn't capture the results. So I know semi's I know finals and that's really it. I do have to say there's a couple that surprise me locally by local remain into Columbus territory. Bishop Larson has a really Nice Pale. Gold Jersey looks like an old school. Waterson Eagle on front. If you think old school Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey like the old school logo that they had. It's Kinda like that except no triangles. It's W. Pale gold. White numbers black trim. It's easy to read. There's Maroon on the shoulders. I really liked those. There's some really good jerseys on their Thomas Worthington. They had their whole whites in. Which made me a little sack. As they're traveling blue jerseys that look like Montreal Canadian's I think outstanding. I love those jerseys and I think they're easy to read although spent a couple years since I've seen him so I might be remembering wrong on that. But Yeah I like those jerseys. There's a couple from schools outside that I really liked to the Knights who is the nights at holy name is no what's not holy name. Sending nations had a couple Nice one savannah nor few which I thought would have won the whole thing with their classic shield off Sylvania northview. I guess that's what we're calling it. Those are really nice. Avon Lake Scutts Nice Home Jersey Saint Charles. How about Saint Charles? They're Black Alternative Jerseys which we got to see when spring hosted the cardinals. Those are outstanding. I love those great jerseys. They have the shield of Saint Charles on front and yeah. I voted for those definitely hilliard. Which is not a high school. It is highest elastic hockey league which are for high-schoolers. That don't have a high school hockey team. They can play on. Those teams like the Dayton stealth for anyone not at Centerville beaver creek troy alter spring borough might if it gets brought out no but just looking through there there is some great jerseys and there was some tough votes on their. Like I mentioned Centerville. Didn't get in the first round the playoffs which broke my heart. There was a group of death. I think it was group. D were it. Not only Sycamore but northern Kentucky and Molar Ninety Teams in one group of six. I'm supposed to vote for that and I. I know I'm going to have people angry at me for this but I voted molars just because again numbers that are giant on the back a love those jerseys and the goal to Love Gold Jerseys would've voted northern Kentucky or Sycamore. They were in their own group. They weren't and in fact when I voted for Molar. Norfolk Kentucky was leading. The Way and Sycamore had four votes. That point which I thought was that was a shame because those green jerseys are sweet and I like that they have the eighth school logo on a which is a plane flying out the the and of course aves short for aviators. Not Avenues or avalanches. I do like the name though but you can go back and actually try to find that bracket. So here's how the first round went. We'll start off with the top bowling green got by Parma. And they face number one. A Shaker Heights spoil it. They beat Toledo Saint John's Oh yeah because NC in the preliminaries you know Osma Mistake so got a free passenger on Saint. John's Shaker Heights. Bishop Watterson God by Saint Ignatius Rocky River slipped by Gilmore Kademi prep team style got pass Patois Franciscan nor Kentucky fell to Hudson. Saint Edward by Walsh Jesuit. Which I like those jerseys to they were in south metro for three games against the local teams in spring. Borough Saint ex molar. That Walsh Jesuit didn't get to move on but Saint Edward. They have some Nice Jerseys for their hockey team and Thomas Worthington got by Archbishop Moeller second round. Looks something like this Bay beat. Bowling Green Shaker Heights Scott past spring boroughs. Third Jerseys Swing Bro. Got A first round bye. Esten Saint Charles who defeated Columbus Foam Bishop Watterson to take on Sylvania northview got by Rocky River. Still got by Gilmour Academy's Varsity team Hudson fell to tain-jy Berlin at all in Berlin. They sent in the Home White Jerseys which still showed off the two shades of blue. If you WANNA think color scheme fairburn skyhawks if airborne had a high school hockey team to be like that except Skyhawks and not bears but lighter shade of blue darker shade of blue. I like the bears look. I really liked their away. Jerseys but they had the Home Jerseys Toledo Saint Francis got by Saint Edward and Thomas Worthington fell to nor Danica. Third Round Shaker Heights. Got By bay which is a nine one upsets. I think the seeds by how many votes they got in the preliminary rounds. And yes remembering right. That is how it was saint. Charles fell to Northview Stouffville. Tolentino Berlin and nor donate got by two leaders. Saint Francis Semifinals Shaker Heights punched in the first championship bouts. Orientated you Berlin. Punched in the second and your final. Which if I can pull it up quick and sound like I know what I'm talking about Shaker Heights Scott by Berlin by four votes for votes seventeen. Thousand Visitors Somehow cast seventy three thousand votes which it's technology so people had fun. And it's you know a fun contest now Shaker Heights jerseys. I thought you know Nice Clean. Nothing too extraordinary or extravagance rather extravagant is a better word and it makes me sound smart red numbers letters white hockey lace at the at the neck and they kind of looked like they have the lines of the Winnipeg jets. You want. I'm talking about what they had the lines of the elbows which originally I wasn't too crazy about but just thin red lines on their their Clean Jersey. So that's a good luck but I was a little sad because I want realize Cincinnati Dayton team to win you know since that's why cover but as I see your blanket a Lotta love little sightsee Olatunji orange not vited. I don't remember voluntarily. Liberty got in all Hanje. I don't remember they got in. What's funny about the Tange? Schools Oland Tangent. They have the their jerseys kind of look like the Saint Louis Blues with the black the blue gold like a darker shade of blue but not quite navy the same old Tanja Orange era covered Edmonton oilers from the eighties. Great Look Allentown g liberty. Their logo looks like The Washington capitals with the hockey stick being L. I liked that look at Berlin like I mentioned really like color scheme. A lot of fun and live fun to see people love on High School Hockey Jersey all by the way. The final numbers Shaker Heights. Thirty six thousand four hundred twelve to volunteer Berlin's thirty six thousand four hundred and eight compare it to the semi finals. Where Olen Tandy won three thousand seven hundred twenty six to three thousand one hundred sixty nine for no door? Neha Danica and Shaker Heights defeated Sylvania. Northview two thousand four hundred twenty eight to two thousand two hundred eleven so yeah a little bit jump on votes but hey you know what can't blame Scott on. That is a lot of fun and hopefully we'll have another one next year if we have high school hockey or not because like imagine we'd who have a lot of Great High School Hockey Jerseys. I love seeing the new ones. I like seeing my favorites like I said. We don't really have a bad set in town so fun and definitely like mention. I highly recommend checking out their new podcast Ohio. Oh Hockey Digest on Air PODCAST. It's is ran by Tim. Sullivan Jason Lou and Dusky. They are coaches at Saint. I believe their first episode was with Scott Harrington who runs the site like a mentioned and Yeah I say. Give listen if you like hockey and you like Ohio and you like hockey in Ohio than there. You go can't really beat that. Kanye but I don't know maybe yours truly will be a guest on their don't know spoiler and I don't know if I should be saying that. But actually the last podcast. They released Friday by the way their last podcast with Toledo Saint Francis. Chris Varga definitely looking forward to hearing from local coaches around here. Because like I mentioned we got a lot of knowledgeable coaches mean from door Kentucky up to Troy I. I like working with everyone. There's not someone like oh I get to work with them again. Great now I I really like enjoy. I've really enjoyed talking with all the coaches and some of the players too. But yeah the great sweater. Rice has come to an end. And it's Shaker Heights lifting the imaginary trophy really clean jerseys to do like those but that we go a little tidbits still a little surprise at the head coach opening at spring borough to but hey life happens so I don't know I don't know the result or the anything that happened behind doors but I am going to miss coach Reynolds. Best Luck Nate and again. If you're interested contact Austin Rhodes the athletic director Spring Borough by Monday April twenty seventh with a letter of interest a resume and references. And you might be the head coach of the Spring Springboks Panthers Twenty Twenty twenty one past year spring. Borough went fourteen seventeen and two and seven nine in the capital hockey conference like mentioned non conference plan end. There's a lot of big muscle teams. You know Upper Arlington. They suffered one loss this year. New Albany gave him that loss in the playoffs. It's tough if you want if you want to get far in the sports capital hockey conference definitely gives you a challenge. So not saying South West doesn't but we're talking Dublin Jerome. Who's normally a beast in the playoffs? Olin Tandy liberties good Saint Charles. New Albany mentioned they got to the frozen four for the first time ever in team history. I Miss Sports. I don't know about you. I Miss Sports. I will talk briefly about the new. Nfl looks and hopefully. I can find them to talk about and not. Just go off. I the only ones I really didn't care for the Atlanta Falcons and the thing I mean fine but I don't know I like I like their look. The Patriots Won. I liked it. It's a little weird. Not Seeing that font because they ran with for twenty. But it's the color. Ross Jerseys and I actually liked those the stripe ending kind of at the top of the shoulders. That's a little. I don't know I'm big design person. I'm I'm a guy that likes logos and jerseys. The Los Angeles chargers actually shared. There's today and really my only complaint on those. Why NOT A GOLD JERSEY? But while those jerseys are really really great and hopefully I can. Hopefully I can share them with you if I don't get bombarded by ten million pop ups on this site this from Kron for Young of the Houston Chronicle raking the. Nfl's new uniforms for the twenty twenty season. Now I like the bengals. Look the only thing I'd change is the number font too crazy about it but I love the bengals helmet. Hopefully that stays into the end of Time Jersey number font. I've never been a big fan of that but there's a lot of people saying hands down. The chargers new uniforms are the best. The Cleveland browns debuted their new ones. And they're going back to their franchises. Passed on this look like those jerseys clean and like I said it's a very good look that runs. They had I get it but sometimes you don't shake the tree of throwbacks or tradition. Or whatever the Falcons ones I just I don't know the buccaneers once again. Like the Cleveland going back to an overlook when they went to the Super Bowl. I like those the gray ones. I don't know those ones of course I'm talking about. Oh there's thing to go by. I like the pants and the bolt up the side. I really liked the royal blue. The navy blue and the charger bolt. I've really liked those looks. I think Los Angeles in the chargers have done a nice job on that Cleveland. Browns ones I think I really liked the number font little different. It's not just plain old block font. It's a little bit different you know looking at the -puter jerseys of the buccaneers. I like those too. Those are good looking jerseys. There's a lot of going back to the past on these jerseys. The Patriots ones the color rush. I like those the colts the Indianapolis Colts to look at it a couple of times. Say there's change now. You might know this story to about the colts. Having a new ULTA LOGO. They have a new ward. Mark is on the top of the face masks connecting to the helmet but also the number is different too. It's no longer block. It's blocked with an attitude. I don't know what that thoughts called. But it's got it's got endings on the numbers if you will. But apparently the colts new logo which is a sea and inside the sees the shop of the State of Indiana. Apparently there's a high school in Indianapolis Less Cathedral High School that had a logo very very similar to that. In fact really the changes are the colors and there was a three leaf clover and there so that that's a fun story to talk about so colts. Really don't change up much. But Hey those those are classic jerseys as well Atlanta Jerseys. I like you know if it was playing. Read the plane Red Top. I liked but they went with a gradient. Look which is the first. Nfl team to do so. And if you remember last sports history. The hawks did that back in the nineteen. Eighties Nineties to the Throwback Jersey. I Love I'm sure you know it's not a bad luck. It just all of them have the. At L. on it. And it. Just I don't know new logo for the rams. It looks very chargers. This it's funny. How close the rams the chargers now look to more looks on the Cleveland browns again. It's from krone. It's Matt Young from the Houston. Chronicle ranking all the jerseys and the NFL draft coming up very very shortly. Think First Day is April twenty. Four now I will tell you that there are lots of followers a mind that have on which is cool to see all the pink. Kenyans not fused with opinions. But what I want for the Bengals. I want the right fit. If the bengals sink the JOE boroughs right fit. I'm on board. I think borough will be a great leader in the locker room. I think maybe his first year not to expect a Lsu type run. They had in college football earlier this school year. But I like borough and hopefully Cincinnati holds on that number one pick unless there is an offer they can't refuse. I mean literally you have to give like twenty picks or something like that but I just thought the bengals do. What's right and draft? What they need. I think there is a meeting of new voice new leadership and I think Joe Borough fits that to a T. to I think I think he'll be okay. I'm still a little worried about his injury that he suffered but Jalen hurts. I've seen some people saying they hope it falls to the Patriots. I think that'd be an interesting thing. And I think hearts will do quite well in New England. Tom Brady now Tampa Bay. Yeah I still a little bit shocking. I you know I'm not mad about at all. I mean it's not going to affect me but the same time it's going to be different. Tom Brady not new England now in Tampa Bay in the NFC so definitely I'll be following along on social media the twenty twenty NFL draft. It's going to be taking place not as it's normally prepared again. Thanks to the Nice Corona virus sweeping through the world. Apparently the original plans were to have in Las Vegas with the entire Strip on display. But yeah that's not happening and in fact I read something that the Las Vegas Raiders might not even be playing in Vegas to start off the season Salt Lake. Excuse me that was some noise on my laptop and I didn't tell it make noise first-round April twenty third. That's good because I thought it was twenty four at eight. Pm Watching online or on TV ABC ESPN or the NFL network. Rounds Two three r the twenty four if you can watch it online. Abc ESPN ESPN two and NFL network. Rounds four through seven the twenty-fifth ABC ESPN NFL network. And you can track a long. Nfl DOT COM. You know there is a local name that might be drafted and be the first draft for that school since the seventies that'd be Adam Trautmann of the Dayton flyers which there was an article that I shared on twitter talking about how that would be a nice fit for the Patriots. I know we have drew sample and really his first year. Nothing really write home about hopefully improve for this year. But I don't think tight. End is a need for Cincinnati this year. But it'd be nice. See trautman make the short trip from Dayton Cincinnati. You Bet you. That'd be a lot of fun to talk about but I don't see it happening. But that's the draft. They will start in a couple of days. The twenty third and I will probably re tweet the bengals picks and I'm really hoping the Bengals make smart decisions and improve on a team that you don't want to and fourteen best two and fourteen team ever just because of the fact if you look at that fourteen losses. I think the Bengals had Leeds ten of those and only really blown out by San Fran New Orleans us both those at home while it's been at the Dome not sure on that but I mean the Bengals I feel like are just a couple of cornerstones and the three agents that they sign. I I really think the bengals. They're not going to have another two and fourteen year. I'm not seeing it. So if you want that for the Bengals I don't see it so there. You Go. And that will finally conclude episode of One forty three of the Cincinnati Dayton sports podcasts. Thanks for checking out the local Cincinnati Dayton sports plaque. Yes it's always fun to talk with. You mentioned there are a couple of interviews. I have scheduled through the pipeline. Monday morning will be the first one. And it is with Dayton flyers voice Larry hand skin now. Of course that's subject to change because life happens after all that still six days away but looking forward to getting more interviews out like a mentioned one forty Tuba Chris. Collins I think was an excellent episode that you should go listen to that will do it until episode one forty four this Lee wwl and signing off. Thanks for your support again. If you want new local merchandise go to the wwl dot com slash podcast and click on the buy podcast merchandise link and every little piece of every cell. I get back. Thou for one forty-three until episode. Forty four folks back. Thank you for listening to another episode of the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast with Lee w Allen to subscribe to the podcast. Please visit the lead w Mao dot com slash podcast from there. You can choose your favorite platform such as apple podcast. Google podcast tune in spotify the iheartradio APP and many more interact with the podcast and hosts on twitter at the lead W Allen and at Sunday pod like the facebook page the Cincinnati Dayton sports podcast and download the free flick chat APP then search for the local Sunday sports group to submit. Your Future. Mallon's mails back questions. The closing theme is lights. Go down by Dan. Hennig provided by the Youtube Music Library Collection. This is Lee w Malan and I hope you enjoyed this week's podcast. Please join me again next week on the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast.

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