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But I don't I really don't have any regrets. I really don't I've I've lived exactly how wanted to. I've tried my hardest every single time. I didn't win the matches. Maybe I should have always wanted but I really get a mile so that for me. Hi everyone welcome back to the body. Serve I'm James. I'm Jonathan will. We have reached the final episode of Twenty Nineteen. Yes that is correct there. There still could be a floating episode. I duNno I duNno okay. That could be a Christmas surprise. I would say we were exhausted. But we've been a bit energized over the past week because we're pretty bold over by how the go fund me has gone so far. I'm completely sincere when I say that it's crazy. In addition to that so many of you have written such wonderful things on the go fund me page. I read one too. Because you hadn't seen a new side continued doing this. I'm going to start to believe it. There's a lot of truth in that because honestly there's so many people who've donated who've never heard from we. We are really just shocked that so many people have responded to this and so all of this is to say we thank you immensely and it makes us very motivated to continue to put out a good product going forward and hopefully a better one. Yes a couple of notes on the go fund me going forward. We had said when we were teasing it that we intended to keep it running through the Australian Open and there couple of reasons for that. The first being we started early because I mean this is such a difficult time of year for a lot of people moneywise that we didn't want to we didn't want people to feel rushed in having to contribute a certain window right like there's Thanksgiving Black Friday shopping Christmas January. Lord knows everybody's broken January in right right and then the other bizarre historically for us we get or most traffic at the grand slams so it made sense for us to potentially try in an have new listeners. Be a part of the process as well. So thank you. Everybody who's donated. We encourage you to share the go fund me with your friends. If you know folks who like tennis you know have them. Listen to a couple of your favorite episodes and see if that moves the needle a little bit. What we're really here to do is recap. The season in men's tennis. Quite different from the women in that most of the same people were achieving the big things. And that's been the case in men's tennis for over a decade we had two people when to slams each Nadal. Jovovich are still one into in the world. Roger Federer is three there of course are a lot of rumblings in that next Gen second tier dominant team rung of the ladder. That they're getting much louder. Guest this business of the big three still being firmly entrenched. I feel as though that's most clear at the Grand Slam level but stuff is percolating more so than it ever has before we had dominant team winning a masters one thousand we Daniel. Medvedev winning two. We had Stephanos seats winning the year entitle. A lot of things happened team had a win over. Jovic of the French Open to get back to the Roland Garros Final Again. But he got there with a little bit more moxy. I felt this year folks who had good results in the past have built on them. Folks have entered the top ten for the first time that maybe ONC- tear it's becoming a little bit more populated and the young guys are on the come up. We saw a lot of young guys have big results this year if you're looking at the HEB stores fires. What's the product going to look like going forward? I think it it's in a more positive light now than it has been the last few years because we've actually seen concrete signs of stepping up the trouble for the ATP going forward after the Big Three. I felt it was a problem for them. If you just skip the entire middle generations and relied upon the shop all of the Osceola Zemes the Huchon of all these young up and coming players right Medvedyev city. If guys like team didn't make a mark at all during this transition period then you'd be in trouble because you could be in store for a few baron years right but I don't think that's going to happen no I don't at this point I remember a few years ago. We were saying the. Atp is in rough shape like they need to get their house in order and the next gen process has been a kind of iterative. It's it's been a like a Beta testing and a lot of it has worked a lot of it has stuck the difference on the WTO. Is that their next. Gen is winning big titles and were starting to see the successes of that investment in Nexgen on the ATP side so the four slam winners. Jovic starts the year by beating a surprising finalist in Adul- An adult with a a reworked serve. If you're recalling. Dial Kinda blitzed his way through that field to get to the final. We thought that he stood a pretty decent chance because his game was so aggressive and he was beating people so easily as it turned out. Jovic handled him probably as easily as he ever has not fine. He got clobbered at Roland Garros. After a difficult clay season rough winds number. Twelve la duo decima against dominic team for the second straight year in the final at Wimbledon. I we all know what happened. At Wimbledon it was both For heartbreaking for some invigorating for others tragedy and triumph this match one. That was referenced. Probably the most with respect to any question. We asked the listeners for this episode Favorite moment most surprising most shocking. Funniest depending how you are on the evil scale right back but for drama and feeder you cannot do much better than this match no at the. Us Open we had another five-set. Men's final roughing. It all wins. Us Open number. Four in this decade beating Daniel Medvedev. Rafa looked shook in the fifth set. And I remember saying that he needed to kind of wheel and come again in that facet because he looked tired. He looked beat physically mentally and he did it. Because medved have had serious momentum on the masters one thousand level a big moment for dominant team winning a masters one thousand on a hardcourt albeit a slower hardcore a grittier hardcore and more high bouncing court what adver but it was. M- versus Mr Federer. It was in Miami Roger Federer coming off of losing in the final two team. At the previous event in Indian Wells he wins. Beating is ner the defending champion. That seems like ages ago. That is ner was the finalist Miami. I had a double check that it was even this year and monte-carlo Fabio Fanini while this was a wild tournament one of the more surprising masters winners in in the past five years. Fabio Fanini overdue son lives in the final Fabio beating a kind of a listless Nidal earlier in the tournament in Madrid joke of its beats citybus and in Rome what happened. What happened in in Madrid happening? And what's happened in? Rome was at Rafa when the title avenging has lost to Teensy bus in the semi finals and then beating Jovic in the final. You kind of left out a happen at in that thing it started off with Monte-carlo what happened. What happened in a remote? Well we are. This is real in that final. If YOU RECALL NIDAL BE JOVIC. Six love in the first set. That's when you got the sense that Nadal on clay was back in the driver's to yeah in Canada and Montreal wins again. He defended his Rogers. Cup title beating mad video of in Cincinnati of reached. I think it was his third straight final at the time beating. Goffin in the final will we get to the. Us Open then. Shanghai Medvedev wins another masters beating Alexander Zverev and that was verbs only big final of the year minutes. Capped in Paris with Djokovic winning his second masters one thousand of the year beating shovel of who had an exceptional finished his year winning title as well and finally in the World Tour Finals Stefan Citybus Beats Dominic team in the final. So we've got fourteen big titles on the ATP next year there will be fifteen with the Olympics but of those fourteen they were not quite as spread out as they are on the WPA. Nidal Wins Four. Two majors and two masters Jovovich wins. Four two majors two masters and my Veggie of wins to two masters. So that's ten fourteen one by three gentleman right on the eight to five hundred level of which are thirteen tournaments in Rotterdam gammel feast. Got a good start to the year less Loggia in Rio. He wins his first tournament in Dubai. Federer scores the Win Acapulco this tournament Kinda loomed large over Wimbledon because when curious beats nidal their their rematch at Wimbledon becomes one of the most anticipated much of the year so curious winning Acapulco in Barcelona Dominic team wins in Hallo- Federer Queens one of the Herculean efforts of the year Feliciano Lopez winning singles and doubles on the same day. Winning something like five matches in two and a half days in Hamburg. Bustle severely wins Washington. Curious gets his second five hundred of the year Beijing. Dominic team starts his surge at the end of the season. If you recall. He suffered from some viral illness. That kind of derailed his summer hard court season in Tokyo Jovic Winds Vienna. Dominic team wins again and then the final. Atp five hundred of the year in Basel Federer wins. His third has third five hundred title correct. So the title leaders eared. Jovovich and team were tied at five. And then we had three players winning four titles Nidal Medvedyev and Roger Federer and not the you know the eleven titles ten titles that we've seen in the past during the heyday of the big three but things are a lot more spread out these days. Also an adult played twelve tournaments jovovich federally sixteen each. They're not for whatever reason. Be It body preservation. Be It injury. They're not playing as much as the other guys. Somebody in the top ten hit his highest twenty seven tournaments and it wasn't dominic team. I was in the twenties but some Tony. Our go played twenty three series. I think so w gopher impossible while he did it on the double side. A lot of noise was being made by a few different teams are bare. Ma who win the career Grand Slam at the Australian Open beating continent appears Evelyn girls. We get to shocking winner and crab eats and mies beating shoddy in Martin at Wimbledon the newly number one team from Columbia Cabal and Farah when Wimbledon and the. Us Open a bit of a doubles covet. If you recall Kabbah and Fara they had lost previously in the weeks leading up to Wimbledon to Andy Murray and Feliciano Lopez at the Queen's Club Nature Valley Fever Tree Fever Tree. Yes and so they play again in the first round of Wimbledon. That's correct right. And then they beat the right Murray Lopez. We're going to speak a little bit about a couple of observations some notable things before we get into Davis Cup. Because we haven't talked about that and then we'll do or listener questions and lead that kind of inform the rest of the recap. I think Roberto Bautisa good is the book end of the ATP SEASON. He was present for so many pivotal moments. His name kept popping up. He had an excellent year finishing at number ten. But there's there's something like forrest Gump in about his year right explained so forrest. Gump was present at many important historic moments. He was just kind of there and this year about Teesta. He Beats Novak Djokovic in Doha in the very first week of the season and wins the title. He gets the good or bad luck of drawing. Andy Murray in the first round of the Australian Open in what might have one at one. Time Andy Murray's final match ever. There was so much emotion surrounding that match because Andy made the shock announcement before the Australian Open and the tennis world was was kind of on edge. Everybody was upset and Bautisa get set unenviable task of playing and fighting against the. Great Andy Murray and possibly ushering him out of the sport. Of course we didn't know then what we know now but what a way to start your ear and in the very first three weeks of the year but I think folks felt that if it were one person who had to be in that position he would have been one of the few that you would choose one of the the Nice guys of men's tennis workmanlike. Who's built his game to the point where he has a weapons know that he's he's excelling and he's still so humble so then we get to Wimbledon. He is surprising semifinalist. He has to postpone his Bachelor Party. Any beatha because he had no expectation of To be frank eventually Novak Djokovic avengers his previous two losses to Battista in the semifinals and Bautisa goes on and has his bachelor weekend. Any BEATHA was a breakout year for him at the slams as well because he hadn't progressed to a semi final before in his career. He been somebody who was there or thereabouts And this year he was able to to take it further and finally in the final week of the ATP season we get this just incredible story a tragic story. He Gets Davis Cup to play for Spain in Spain. He got news that his father's health had taken a turn for the worse and he went home left. Davis Cup was at his father's side as he passed away and after the funeral he came back. He came back and he won a match. And so for somebody who is known for being so workmanlike and just down to business. A lot of his personal life was big news. This year this happening eighteen months after his mother passed away as I think. A lot of folks want to lionize him and make him this braveheart kind of figure for doing this. What's important to remember here is that there is no set way for somebody to grieve. And as long as you're not hurting somebody with the decisions that you make let people do what they feel. They need to do in the moment to get by bow-ties to said that he absolutely his father would have been mad at him if he did not get back to Davis Cup. I just kind of look at this from a distance on kind of be in all of him. Not that he's any better of person for playing this match. But because be frank the courage that it took to it was inspiring but I think your point in bringing about he struggled through this prism was that for such an unassuming player he featured so prominently in some of the biggest stories of the year right at he sort of found himself in these big spotlights and handled himself with APLOMB as usual John were them. Didn't some spitballing about the the pivot point of the ATP season being Rafael Nidal in Rome. Sort of what happened. At the moment he recapped quite succinctly his clay season so far which was by standards very disappointing. Losing to phone union I then team than syllabus but going into Rome with no titles and Rafa turning around his season in Rome after considering taking a pause in his season to regroup mentally and physically that changes everything that you know now we have another hardcourt masters in Montreal. We have another hardcourt major and US Open. We have a Davis Cup win. There's so much that changed. On the day he went wrong and I don't want to overstate that. But it's interesting to think what would or wouldn't have happened. If RUFFO hadn't been able to turn around his season there. I think more interesting for me. Is How momentum can shift so quickly with these top fellas on the ATP tour. Joe Kebich can be looking lost at sea and something can click for him so quickly. Nadal can look like he's invincible at at the Australian Open and then be totally vanquished by Jovovich in that final and pick up a couple of injuries and then he struggling through the best part of his season and for him. It's almost never as simple as something clicking. He needs the repetition. He needs practice. He plays with a lot of doubt a lot of the time he always talks about the good feelings once he's able to to recapture that because of being willing to go through the struggle like all these top players are then we see a complete one eighty for the rest of the season but even at Wimbledon. It wasn't obvious that things were Iran. Also unders. He played extremely well to get to the semi finals and played not just not a great match against Federer there and so looking forward a was a little more difficult to predict that he would have so much success for the rest of the season. Like it wasn't a foregone conclusion yet but it wasn't that's part of it wasn't unheard of either parts of momentum. You then create your own luck as well that stuff kind of snowballs whereas in monte-carlo or Madrid it would have gone against him in those matches where he was able to eat them another observation. I had from this year. Is that because of the way that Jovovich season ended were looking at a season with two majors and two masters titles as something of a disappointment and I think it's unfair the way that his season is being painted. In retrospect it's absurd it Franklin right. It's like it's crazy. It's not one of his best seasons but he has probably five seasons that are legendary hall of fame stuff. He won Wimbledon after being down two match points he absolutely pummeled Rafael. Nadal in the Australian Open final we got the Paris indoors Madrid on clay. And because well maybe maybe not. Because but part of the reason is that he didn't do well at the world tour finals. Serbia didn't Go on to the semifinals at Davis Cup. I like. I'm struggling to understand how anyone can be disappointed by Jovovich season. He was so close like within shouting distance of number one and he still struggling with the elbow injury so I say like cut him a little bit slack here one of the other big themes of twenty nine thousand nine hundred was Andy. Maher in general and the wild ride that we went on with with his career and the prospect of him retiring starting in Melbourne and then ending up with him coming back at Queen's winning his very first tournament back as a doubles player with Feliciano Lopez eventually winning a title a whole ass title in Antwerp beating Stanford Rinker in the final. It's it's so difficult. I do not have the words to describe all that happened with Andy. Murray in twenty and we just sat down last night to watch his documentary or as Rochester and say documentary on Amazon and it was an emotional rollercoaster. Which sums up what his entire season was Lo and behold we didn't know the full hundred the full extent of just how much an emotional rollercoaster it has been for him in the last two years. It was surprising to me how much access he allowed the filmmakers to have he left these voice memos that were raw. He revealed a lot more. I think than it has in the past about his experience with the Dunblane shooting He rarely talks about that. He talked about his brother. Jamie leaving about a year after the shooting and he shortly after his parents divorced we saw his father who we almost never see. We also saw inside of his hip while we saw. If you way more graphic graphic gratuitous footage of a hip resurfacing you know where to go. We saw way more of any more than we ever imagined. We would have like. We talked about before during Australia. It looked like and it looked like he believed this could be his final tournament. He decided to take a chance with Bob. Brian's advice on the hip resurfacing surgery and now understanding this as kind of the end of a two year process of trying literally everything and nothing really working. He break danced. He did break down a few. WanNa see Andy. Murray break-dancing wash the documentary. Now that you've made fun of how people say you don't know how to say it. Roy Messed up. Just know. There's still there's still some. I think uncertainty about how the HIP will hold up over time. His doctor said something. Like if you put seventy years of professional tennis. There's a small small chance that the hip could be destroyed. No the doctor said what? If I told you that for seven years of playing tennis you'll have to deal with a fifteen percent or thirty percent. Chance of your hip being total should again. What would you do? Would you still play so? I think he's decided to play but I mean is he really asking for seven years. It seems like he's happy with anything right now. One of the things that I found interesting getting a bit of a inside peak as to WHO Andy Murray is. We see him as this beacon on the tour four inclusivity for equity always at the ready to correct reporters when they want to exclude doubly players that that famous clip of him being asked about what. It's like to be the first player to have double Olympic gold medals and he goes male player because Serena and Venus have done it multiple times over and we were given this narrative that that stems less from his want and desire to be inclusive that was even mentioned at all but they had this kind of throwaway segment where they made. It seem like Andy just needs to question everything that he's always kind of combative about the the small things. Minutia the fine details but like big picture stuff. He's a lot more expensive in his thoughts. Right you know. They didn't tell the entire story because it was just kind of a throwaway clip. But there's definitely something to to that one of the reasons that Andy is such a champion for women's sport might be because he is so stubborn. And he so contrarian that he just feels the need to like stick it in there whenever he feels like it he loves the pushback like the tension and you can see it on court but with the big things he said you know. I think I'm I'm a good student. Basically I do what the coaches told me and do what the physios tell me. I don't fight about that. Big stuff but little trifles I'm just not willing to accept that. What we've conceived of him as this feminist icon within men's sport is just a byproduct. I'm not I'm not really about that life. Okay Okay Davis Cup. Yeah we promise that we cover this because we've missed it over the past few weeks. Obviously there was a lot of controversy about this event going in with how it has been completely refashioned and where are we now I think it it was clearly very popular it was there was so much engagement about it on social media as I mean as is to be expected tennis which was going to talk about it for better or worse there were obviously a lot of misgivings from commentators reporters the twitter commentariat. But I think there was a lot to take away from it. Both positive and negative. You said popular. It was popular for better or for worse right. There are a lot of folks enjoyed it. A lot of folks who hated it we talked about in our pre open era episode. Just how important Davis? Cup was in the first fifty years of the century of the Twentieth Century. Right how it was probably more important than the grand slams for many decades and it's just in the last twenty to thirty years that has changed right and so with the tethering of Davis Cup to nationalism and the use of sport as propaganda to further nationalistic goals. You know like that. Tethering has become frayed over the last couple of decades And so the import that Davis Cup held for such a long time as being the banner event for all these tennis federations are around the world. It's no longer the case. It's something that is still there. But it's reduced. It's it's significantly reduced and something needed to be done. I don't think there are many people who would say that nothing needed to be done to tweaked every just perfect await exact but what we got was a complete overhaul and this overhaul seemed to play second fiddle to a second year exhibition in Labor Cup. And so you go from Davis Cup having this rich history to kind of an afterthought at the end of the season what this tournament should be thanking stars for is one referendum Adele Pereira because on home soil. He carried that Spanish team to that title and that was able to brush over a lot of the flaws that could have sunk this event in the first year right. So what was there? What were does that? The buy in from players was was clearly present. Rafa Novak the Canadian team there was so much to love about the actual tennis being played like you said not. All I mean just lit up. He's won the Davis Cup several times before this. He has an incredible record in singles. And the week on an indoor hardcourts at the end of a long season out to where he doesn't normally excel. It's just he made such a case. For this event. In this format the event also succeeded in giving double such a prominent place in the event. Right because each tie I guess only had three rubbers. Two singles and then the deciding was always the doubles. The third rubber was always doubles in some cases. The doubles was not played but in many cases doubles was the decider throughout the week. Rafa Beats Huchon of he beats doted. Popovich in doubles defeats Schwartzman in the quarter-finals Plays a Dan Evans. Great Britain in the semifinals. He in Feliciano Lopez Defeats Cup. Ski and Murray. He Beats Danish up over love who was on such a run in the finals against Canada. And I haven't mentioned all of his matches but the caliber of opponents was there in a way that it's not always in Davis Cup and the ease with which he beat some of these opponents giving or allowing Diego Schwartzman. What two or three games indoors? That's that's crazy in that final. After all that he's played something like eight matches in five days by the end of it. The final match he plays. He has the opportunity to secure the Davis Cup by beating shop of all of and he does it in straight-sets after his countrymen comes back from his father's funeral and beats Felix. Oj assume in the first match of that final. Can we talk about Canada? Sure this team. The Canadian team is so deep because for most of the tournament they did not play Felix. They didn't play me Loesch. This Vashem pospisil and Dennis shop of all of doing almost everything for Canada. A healthy Canadian team is very deep. Because that would include me. Loesch rummage right. I would argue that. Canada made made it this far because of Russia. Pospisil say what we have sayid over the course of this past year bash But he was resurgent at the end of the year winning some Challenger matches and events and he parlayed that into Davis Cup magic of R- beating players that earlier in the year. Absolutely no chance keep in mind. He was off the tour for months. Rehabbing an injury and so this is exactly the type of momentum to get him back into the feeling of being a top thirty. Atp Player again. It wasn't that long ago that he was a player of Haft on eighty murder and there are all higher ranked than is open Oko Fanini. He and Dennis teamed up to play out John Van Ruby in doubles and one and then shove evolve. Beat Bertini Taylor. Fritz Chana of these. Are you know? Canada knocked out. Basically four world powers in men's tennis Italy USA Australia and Russia to reach his final two things. That didn't work. It has to be said that it is unfair given the history of this event that one team maintains such a strong home-court advantage throughout the entirety of the tournament. Right when the character of Davis Cup historically has been these raucous home court advantages these home crowds and a lot of fans weren't are just simply not going to be able to come and create that kind of atmosphere so Spain had kind of an unearned advantage by being at home or being in bed with Peking I mean what are the ways there to look at why was Madrid? Pick does the first host but at any going forward. This is the format any country is going to be seriously advantaged the website. The APP was atrocious. I mean if we mock Grand Slam sometimes when they have Faux Pas. We've seen this time and time again but this this took the cake. This was bad from snorre finish. I think that's a larger thing in tennis. Like why? Should we not use Google and all these scoring APPS wikipedia? Even what are your digital properties doing better than those in you know when you're following a tennis match and you need to find something out you need to find out. Well what is the head to head of this player against that player? Are you going to go to the ATP website or the W. T. website? I don't know. Are you going to where you're going to go to get a live score? Are you going to take the time to open the pro score APP? Or you're going to just google the name and the new Palmer right down there. It is disappointing that there isn't one spot where you can feel comfortable to get everything that you need to follow tennis. If you are that keen about there was too much tennis in the sweet. I think it's it's too much to pass to pack into one week and the matches way too late. It's not great for fans. It's not great for the players. That's something that I hope that they work out in the future and the larger issue that this is going to bubble up a lot over the next few years is that the calendar is problem right over the past few decades. These tennis associations have been trying to balance a lot of interest in their calendars and you've added Labor Cope which is Roger Federer's event through the ATP you've now added the ATP Cup in January and. There's the Davis Cup. So you have all these team events that are supposedly happening every year. And you worry about oversaturation Buying from players and the thing like with players. If there's money and there's this sheen of prestige involved the top players are going to play and they're going to try because that's just who they are well to answer your question. Maybe the problem that you describe of oversaturation. The answer to that from the organizers was just to not make it accessible to folks they just can watch because who could really find the difficult to watch it. I know this is going to be an issue going forward because these events are novel now but in a fury few years. They won't be. They're not going to be as exciting because it won't be new so you have to find a way to make this sustainable in the future Davis Cup. I was prepared to hate it. I didn't hate it. I found myself interested by the end of it. Of course I like a lot of the Spanish players so that was not surprising in that respect and I also live in Canada and I have a vested interest in following Canadian Tennis Rent. So for us it was. It was about as good a result as it could have been in terms of keeping our interests throughout the week. Roger Federer and Alexander's Verve did not have a vested interest in Davis Cup. They were like fuck that will federer other things going on. I don't think it's shocking that he should choose not play Davis Cup in this format at the end of the season now like he had scheduled this Latin American exhibition tour which is awesome because how often to South America and Central America get to see Roger Federer if ever and he took a long young Alexander Zverev as a partner who we know. Hated this iteration of David. He talked about it like it's something that he's known his entire life. And how dare they have messed with it right? When in fact he's like two or three times but his opinion as I sit here mocking him was that it was a travesty. It was terrible that they were doing this Davis Cup and he had no desire to be a part of it and that is an entirely valid opinion. Yeah no I'm not mocking that. At all I think is Latin. American tour is awesome. I think bringing tenants to fans in different countries that rarely get it is super cool. They in Santiago. They had to postpone or cancel the match in Boas because of protests and we get to Mexico City and forty two thousand people attendance match. This has possibly the biggest attendance ever for a tennis match. I couldn't verify that. But that's what that's what I've been hearing. That's what we've been told. And they expect it to be broken. Nadal and Federer Plain South Africa so honestly I'm not one to complain about exhibitions because you know it's not the same exertion as as real real matches that actually count. Let them make their money and let them complain about the calendar too. I think those are not mutually exclusive. Which is to say. Somebody can complain about the calendar and still be able to go make a few bucks here yet without you being because it's not the same without you being nasty about you know folks like to sit here and tell you what you can and cannot do. Just sit there right. Sit there on your mother's coach in the basement and just just let it be food and lent Mexico City while out because Roger Federer is there but what I did find was some folks who traveled to Mexico City to go see that match were then having things disabled people who traveled to Madrid. What's Davis go like handler man? What is going on let people live? This is tennis in the in the middle to end of November. Let's just get through it so we asked you again a few questions about your impressions of the ATP season and you are all very generous and sharing your feelings we asked. What will you remember most which I realize is very open ended? Well we want to get as many responses as we can and to the question of what will you remember? Most bad toss says transcendent RUFFO. Resurgent Andy Surging team and plummeting Gimelstob. We've touched on three of these four things already. We have not talked about plummeting Gimelstob but I think we well and truly covered this topic throughout the year. We did so. We encourage you to go back. We make time stem so that the stuff is easily accessible to. I was going through our outlines for all the episodes this year. We talked about players council and Gimelstob like a lot so I hope you all were interested because I started to get a little bored of it. But bad toss. She hit on a lot of things that you all responded with that. Us Open final. And the Wimbledon final. Those are things that kept coming up. Simpson's paradox out. Little wonder one sixty eight mentioned Rafa kneeling to catch his breath in the fifth set. And there's a lot of symbolic import to that as well because we know how much went it was very touching go into that well into that fifth set brad hunter offered the Medvedev experience at the US Open and his relationship with the crowd from match to match. Oh he went from embracing this role as villain to accepting culpability for stuff. He may have done wrong cord. And then transforming into Cinderella almost by the end of it swing volley mentioned that one of the things to remember most was members of becoming a troll. Master shows. Talk Tennis had a similar response right. He became quite skilled at it as the week goes on and I do want to circle back to something that we set on her. Us Open final. Which I think could have been misconstrued because we mentioned the stereotype of this kind of Cold War Soviet villain whether you saw throughout us culture for many many years and I grew up in the US. I I saw that growing up. I don't I don't want people to think that we were supporting that. No like what I thought. Medvedev was doing was ironically embracing that that villain archetype. So I if I was misconstrued was probably our fault anyway but I don't want people to think that I That's how I see the world but also even if media weren't in the moment aware of that aspect of it in in fact that's a whole lot of it played out right to the people in the stands on the casual especially the casual viewers watching tennis right. We have the rise of team and CNC POSS from at Russell Underscore neary. I think James Shank wrote Robert Fara. That's a that's that's the tweet that's twenty nine hundred. Which if you're not a social media follower of Tennis. I think what James is referring to. There is Robert. Ferrers insistence on thirsting. His instagram it could be just workouts. Could be just that Brad. The weight shot and the angles and this and that and the what have use it presents a different kind of viewing experience or other storage esque. I'd say there are a lot of these men who are Angling for that thirst trap Po Position. We've talked about this entire segment on the show. Before Marinko is kind of the most obvious about it I would say and self aware I mean. He went through a little phase after the break up with package where he was out here advertising what he had to offer correct. And so what I want to ask of you now is what were or who were the thirst. Trappers twenty nineteen led topic. I think it's the usual suspects you have. Vasko Gratuitous Chore Itch. Were Rinca Fara Ah anyone deeming trove a lot more classy about oh definitely damaged. I'm not here to to slut. Shame anybody that's not what this is about. But Gregor has a different aesthetic that he puts forward right all right moving on and then you have the folks who who want you to think that they're not strapping but Stephanos seats. A bus is Thir- strapping. If you recall one of his blogs he just casually wakes up out of his bed and he's in his underwear and he's taking extended strolls across the living room in said underwear it and goes to the bathroom and said underwear. Was that a choice and so might task to ATP players in twenty twenty is to keep the bullshit at a minimum and keep the thirst trapping coming and diversify keep it interesting. Give us different. Looks Mt Way Scholes? Talks Tennis Submits King Felix's runs at Indian Wells and Miami but wasn't and Anyway oh I thought it was a handle if he looks had an immense first half of the year struggled in the second half but he's beaten twice he's been for Nina Buzkashi league twice shallow curious. Need I go on semifinals in Miami. His first final. Rio Losing to share as the case when we ask these questions is a lot of overlap. One of the popular responses was Andy. Maher telling Fabio phony to shut up something that I still. I won't attempt to try and replicate. What the accent. You've you used your actual accent like that you were born with. It would be a lot closer. Showed up well no sorry. Shut up when you moved to Canada. You just started dropping your T.'s. I think shots up whatever. We're not doing this again. Andy Moore was also a a big response from folks as far as moment of the year. Things that you won't forget easily based on his retirement and comeback and winning the Ark of Andy Moore was a big response here so to us. Bautisita good on Nadal at the Davis Cup a bit of recency bias here because that just happened with. That was a big response from a lot of that's from Burne Jones specifically and Wimbledon final. We haven't talked a whole lot about it but while what a moment this thing had everything. I'm not going to repeat the infamous score because it is triggering for federal fans but Novak Djokovic overcame two match points on federal serve to win the Wimbledon Championship. I like this from our A. R. Follower at Viking drew be he said quote Federer one good swing short of the greatest moment of his career while that that hurts. That is rough. And I think that's what a lot of federal funds felt in the moment and the ensuing months and possibly still to this moment right because we saw a lot of hurt being carried through the second half of the year. Do you remember exactly where you were? When federal lost those two match points? Yes we were in the car listening to them on Satellite Radio. Yes which you've let the subscription expire and. You need to get on that. That's been like three months now But why you can't. Are you incapable error? You have that account setup. I deal with other things but yet we listen to it on radio which was an entirely different experience from watching it on TV and it was. It was devastating as a non fed fan to watch when we came home on because we had taped. We came and watched it and was like. Wow that was that was I mean the both of us have kind of a neutral interest in that match but seeing anyone go through that is just. It's a lot especially when it felt. So unforced yeah and so again commiserations to fed fans across the globe because that was a memorable moment of twenty twenty nineteen but not in a good way at all but still fitter won four titles. He won a masters one thousand in Miami. He won three five. Hundred's it's still a good year. It could have been a great year for him at thirty eight years old but for those two match points and so these fine margins that we always talk about in sports how they can shift things in big ways. This was one of them and Yovich is somebody who handles those kind of points so well especially against Federer. I you can envision several of them in your head right now yet. That's why this is so painful biggest. That's not what that was true. True true you're right. C L Moore and sixty one submits a few Rafa answers here People writing off Rafa season and Madrid. The NAL curious Wimbledon match which was actually very good. If you remember and both players had a game plan I also remember Christos. Curios calling it all a quote fucking prick on I g live. Do you remember that? It's wait again. I circled back to my bandwidth. There's just so much the season as long at willows court mentioned shoe gate. Love it the gamesmanship. In general like changing his rackets right before his opponent's serve on important points. Love it. Patty do do you love it. No I don't love it but it does give me entertainment so this is a case of multiple things being yes. Okay and thank you to add. Be More Mala because this tidbit about seatbelts in Osaka doing that. Instagram live. Do you remember that? And then promptly on following each other because I had forgotten this Stephanos released. Dm's with Naomi or we think it was with Naomi and all it was with me it was it was a. We know that we know okay. Yeah I have a feeling. She didn't really find that cute. But it carried on after that for a little one there was another incident where the rim back and forth on the Internet's. And then this happened. Okay the next question that we asked or listeners was what were your surprising or shocking moments of the two thousand nineteen season. Does anything shock you. At the end of this decade Gregoire's Topsy-turvy season was a bit of a surprise. That was proffered. By the swing. Volley Cheryl Harris Azi. Hd One one one gives us Lopez winning singles at Queens and doubles with Anne. Murray Queens Club. Having to win all those matches over the weekend was that was a legitimate surprise. Also because it was Maurice First Tournament back. He didn't come back in singles right away. He played quite a few tournaments in doubles. The first one being at Queen's Club they take the number one seat in the first match beating far and cabal who then GonNa Win Wimbledon and the. Us Open finish the year end number one in doubles. That was a big result. Shoals again gives us Novak giving a fifteen minute answer on players council and Gimelstob and I actually had to ask him which this which one this was because I feel like there have been a lot of extensive dialogues with Novak Djokovic about this issue a few times can think of to that. He got kind of upset. This was one of them. He got very testy but then expanded. What was surprising to me was that he kept being caught off guard by these questions. Right he would say. I haven't had a chance to read the victim letter. Get back to me and then when folks get back to him he's like we're doing this again. Athlete underscore tennis says given. Nobody picked Barton odile in the Australian Open. Final surprising how the year went to slams year. A number one player of the year surprising for an adult that is Catherine. Shaw says funding. Winning a masters was an unpleasant surprise. And we concur. We absolutely concur but you know at happening. Fabian quote tennis allowing a football player to come and deer. Its oldest institution burst sink and very to the point. Okay Okay Fabian. Your point across funniest moments of twenty nineteen. This one is referencing. My Russian doll sequence of tweets from February through July at Sunshine. Double One says San grins losing streak and so I got a little bit petty and each time sanguine would lose in the first round and I believe it happened nine times in a row. I would tweet about it for a matter of fact and just saying that he lost right but what half thou wrought because he reached the round of sixteen of Wimbledon and he beat Jo Wilfried Songa at the US Open. No laming that on you. He beat a thirty four year old Frenchman. It's the end of the season. The the sentence is finished. I had hoped that twenty nineteen would see the disappearance of sanguine. Didn't he won in Auckland? He gets these or two results a year. No that keep him afloat in the rankings. He's in the sixty s and this was my pushback Any still have enough money left over to contribute to our go fund me today. You'll think you're cute A lot of folks have had some jokes however if I find out these are actually the real people. I'm going to be stunned young. I mean I would like to think. It's a Coco Vandeweghe. We know it's a fit Kendall Roy that because he is a fictional character. Michigan says the curiosity but some are fleeing Kamo shoelaces the summer fling. Thou was something right. The like the private jet with what was curious. Cc Bus imaginative which was a powder keg. The social media profiling repairing these relationships. That was hilarious to me. And the shoelace thing curios presenting Stephanos with a fresh pair of shoes to preempt. The you know the Tonya. Harding shoelace moment. thirteen offers. Novak's not too bad. Not Too bad. No that's not too bad mucking. Yes we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that a lot of twins and nineteen was the top players mocking. Baldo Scott though for sleeping at most of the time. They're having fun with them except for that incident with Rafa and Burne Jones Submits Marie. Lebron the top men's players trying to pronounce English placenames. Which to be fair. I speak English. You speak English. This should is impossible. How are you supposed to know how Marlon Marlon and his pronounced not even based on the way that it's spelled at the two finals? These players were tasked with pronouncing these British names. These towns is places and what Verne Jones referencing. Specific I think is the overall experience of Marlon Nutmeg. No but how enthusiastic. Rafa was to say at incorrectly. That was my favorite one where Russia's Moore Riley Button. Which pronounced should phonetically do it a? Yeah it makes perfect sense. You've added here pettiest moment of the year. I've I've put up a few nominees and after I would like you to vote a. It's it's just you you get to vote. I Have Bill Babcock. Who might remember was the He was the president of the Grand Slam board I think and he was the one who fielded the response to Bernard Tomic after he appealed his first round performance line at Wimbledon and he wrote like the pettiest letter. I've ever seen about how there is. No Evidence Bernard that you'll change your behavior in the future. So why should I grant this appeal? It was nasty. We did a dramatic reading about it back in July. Think when the letter leaked it might have been her first ever dramatic read. It might have been so bill cock that I have. Nick CURIOS ENTIRE SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE. Just a lot of rude comments. Some might say cyber bullying other might say trash a as is your want the next nominee is the ATP which announced their New World Tour Finals Prize money in twenty twenty one of fourteen point. Five million dollars very shortly after the. Wpa announced their record-breaking prize. Money of fourteen million dollars in Shanzen. This was a prices right moment. You know how when they're bidding the four players are bidding on something. This was the. I don't think this is an appropriate. No it is. It's so somebody bizet thousand and the next person says Bob Albert one thousand one whom ago it was so petty because this is an arbitrary number read the ATP landed on Fourteen Point. Something just to overbid wgn joking. I see I'm not joking. I see where you're going but I think that that comparison is tenuous at. I don't think so at all and finally pettiest one of US know you're talking about me us for any number of reasons but banning Jo Wilfried Songa banning the thirty four year old French again. I mean were taking steps that are out of line. You're making my case no because you won't even respect the process. You won't even say his name. Respect the ban the ban is therefore a reason like he's Lord Voldemort. He wanting these the time will come. When the thirty four year old Frenchman's name shall be called on the podcast again but we need to understand that he lost a two sets to love lead to tennis. Sangram at the US Open. But you'll say his name supposed to hurt. Is that supposed to make cast me in a terrible light? Am I supposed to look like the villain here? I think not. I am not bothered. So do you do have a winner out of those four. It's a tie between the ATP and Bill Babcock Bill Babcock. Try saying that three or four times in a row. He was out of pocket on the line. He was rude as fuck. That is like we said on the episode when we covered it in real time so unprofessional. Nobody who has an office should behave in that manner. An office an office. He wrote it from an office. I presume how dare you have an office and right that should take and then the ATP that is that is just so soul so petty as well. Y'All let us know as you may know you may have seen the ATP has announced its award candidates it's nominees for there to be awards player of the Year Comeback Player of the year at Cetera. The one that we want to focus on here is the comeback player of the year. Who Do you pick? There is the thirty four year old Frenchman who finished twenty eight hundred number two thirty nine now at number twenty nine winning titles in mets and mold peltier. There's Andy Murray who? I don't know how you can come back for more than he did. In the span of one year in season there is under rube. Love was one of the rising stars of the ATP TOUR ONLY TO BE DERAILED BY INJURY. And then there's Denver Bronco. What's your pick and I'm not GONNA pick. It's I'm glad I don't have to make that decision. But I think for setting the historic record straight. I will pick Songa. Just to kind of overcompensate for the injustices he has suffered on this podcast at your hands. You're trying it on your as usual doing way too much. I go with Murray Player of the year. Is there any doubt? It's not correct. Both he and Jovic wind to slam. Titles the Dow has three slam finals. He also wins two masters one thousand along with Jovovich so they're equal there but then Nadal Wins Davis Cup in this fashion to end the year. I think that kind of pushes him over the edge and he also has your number one very close which to your point. About how some folks view Joe Kabila's? Here's a disappointment when you look at their two years together. Nadal has incredible consistency throughout the year in his results but the the main tenets of their two thousand nineteen resume are very similar but an adult is viewed as a roaring success. At this point we had a few retirements in two thousand nineteen debbie per his interminable retirement tour terminated in the spring. Nicholas Magro. He called it quits. Marcus Baghdadis recovered Thomas Baird IX retirement a couple of episodes ago Victoria Burgos. If you'll recall as three Burgos won three consecutive titles his only titles in his career in Twenty fifteen twenty sixteen twenty seventeen all in Kito Ecuador well into his thirty's as well Tim smeeting. He retired recently as well as young savage and I WANNA say a couple words about young Koutoub savage because one of the things that came out of Davis Cup with tip savage on that team and Serbia failing to advance to the semifinals. Was this press conference that got a lot of play for the emotional of it and one of the reasons for that was the fact that Jiang tips which was retiring. I want to state for the record that I have not been moved by the press conference and I will not be moved by the press conference for the sole reason that Yanko tip. Savage is one of the worst offenders as far as sexism in tennis and male chauvinism onto. Atp Tour Back in two thousand eight. He had some of the worst things you'll ever hear spoken about women's tennis shy of Justin Gimelstob. He was translated as saying nine thousand. Nine percent male. Tennis players can't stand women's tennis. There's no other sport with such a big disparity concerning level of play and the money woman make a friend of mine says that a woman who wins a slam should only earn enough money to pay for her airplane ticket home. Who knows what else I would say. If it wasn't for an Angelina. Lena whom I consider friends. Imagine that because he's friends with von and Yankovitch God imagine imagine what God what could he? What worse could he say? Well what kind of friend is that? But he goes on to say worse. So let's continue. He says but of course. I appreciate the effort. They're putting into tennis because I know they practice as hard as I do. The way women think on-court cannot be compared to men they're only strategy is hit the ball where your opponent isn't. We've heard this a lot over the years. Nothing more no put more spin on the ball. This is an important point. Played to her backhand no way. Is that such kind of tennis. Works today look at the Williams Sisters Charipova or Ivanovich who hits the ball like a truck on steroids? I get a bit critical when I see how much the woman earn. And how they're opening Ron's go. That's what irritates me the most I feel like going to WTI headquarters and something all of them look at Federer who so dominant. He has to work so hard to beat us. Derochie or an Magro. You may even lose a set. And then look at Sharapova von which WHO's three games in the first four rounds it makes me sick and as it turned out the The shape of the tours are totally different in the last couple years whereby the women have so much parenting the early rounds and services out here losing easily in the first round in most tournaments that he played so that was a big prophetic in ways that he did not imagine. I have heard a lot of calls to a disorder. Forgive this assessment. But I haven't heard him reassess what he said. I had no backtracking. No apologies. Whatever you can never trust these guys. Were like heralded as the philosopher poets. No thank congrats. You've read a couple books you've read a couple of books are you ready for your quiz on the GP season. Yeah are you worried concerned. No you've done your preparation not really know if I fail like it reflects on both of us so question number one. This is a fill in the blank filling four blanks this is from the ATP Twenty Nineteen Season Wikipedia page for the masters events. The introduced a shot clock players had blank minutes to come on court blank minutes to warm up and then blank minutes to commence play as well as blank seconds between points Toga. Okay like I don't have to do it in order right now. So they have. Five minutes in the warm-up Okay Correct Day have twenty five seconds between points correct They have Like one minute to come on court correct. That's right. Yes and they have like and then the last one was. How much time do they have to commence play once they warm was done Three seconds one minute I was Gonna say I thought it was too obvious. Okay that was pretty good. Okay Yeah I'm not gonNA give you affirmation after every little thing and luckily I can give myself affirmation number two. Who won the Huffman Cup Switzerland? Who did they beat Germany? Okay you get you get all of that. Rip To the Cup which were told. We'll come back which of these players did not win an ATP title in Two Thousand Nineteen Bautista. Goot Kevin Anderson Rally Belco Felix Socialism or Taylor. Fritz Taylor it's incorrect. The answer is Felix. Oj Elliott Sam. You may definitely new. Should have known that because you laid out all the winners for this agenda Felix Made Three Finals Twenty Nine thousand nine in Rio Leo and St Guards Question Number. Four fifteen players won their first. Atp singles title named five hate this jar. Correct Christiaan gutting correct PALCA correct Oshaf evolve correct. Come on man while you're being particularly dim right now because the previous question was which of these haven't won and you picked Fritz but the answer was Oh. Ogsm so Fritz once his first correct. But I didn't ask for the answer. You have two full points for that. No I did not ask for the answer. I I wasn't done. No I asked you off air because we have pause. I said you want me to just cut you off and you said yes then so unfair. You did not explain what that meant. You got four fifths. You're not gonNA come up with the answer. The other ten men who won their first singles titles in two thousand Nineteen Tennyson Grin. Regrettably Alex Dinar. I I was GONNA say Demon our but you cut me off okay. That cannot be proven. I don't care about the rest. Go LONDERO ALBUQUERQUE PELLA MARINO SCENARIO FRITZ JERRY. Layover judge and or catch question number. Five four players defended a title from twenty eighteen named three. What really yeah. There are four players who wanNA titling Tornado eighteen and they defended twenty nineteen zinc through it. Use Your Commonsense Jovovich at the Australian Open. No no but that is correct because it is asking name which tournament but joke which is one of the answers at Wimbledon. But I didn't get that correct but I didn't ask you to tell me which tournament I said. Name the player. Oh I'm sure at all did somewhere. Oh at Rogers Cup. Yeah he did. Does that count to different cities. Also the French Open. Yeah okay also Rome. I couldn't remember if you roam the previous year. And then who was the third? It's also fairly evident dominating no Roger Federer in Basel Oh and then the other person was Nicholas busllish belly in. How'RE HAMMERED. Yep so you get two thirds for that one question number. Six six players cracked the top ten for the first time named five Bertini. Yes medvedyev guess About he's still yes seatbelts. Yes and trying to think who else was at the ATP finals neither of them were at the G had a feeling who was at like nine and ten Schwartzman no China and funny. Oh so that's four fifths. I'm giving you these questions where he can get a lot of credit lotta partial yet True or false the thirty four year old Frenchman who lost sanguine from two sets up at the. Us Open deserved his banned from the show. Absolutely false that is incorrect. I will lose a point for the very simple in correct. The correct answer is true. There is no correct correct. Answer is true question number. Eight Daniel Medvedyev led the ATP in most singles finals how many Z. Make nine correct. How did you know that because I just knew it? Now I'm going to take a page from your Wti Quiz where I give you two quotes and you tell me who said it. Question number nine. He's my polar opposite and he is Super Salty. Who said this? And about whom Nick Curio said that had to have said that about vert lasko partial Carbonara curious said that about Nidal El God. He says salty a lot about people he does. And if you recall that was from his infamous interview with Ben Rollins on no challenges remaining. Oh God how? Can we be remiss if we did not mention that on a year end? Recapping the twenty nine thousand nine season two. He talked a lot of Shit so much on that show. Does he ever need an invitation though? Well he got an invitation for that chair and he made the most of question number ten. I mean or chemistry definitely. Isn't the best that you can find them tour. It just happens with people that it's not that you can just like everyone. Oh that's a Oh God. This could be like this could be three people. I'll read it's a guy to get a couple more seconds. I mean. Our chemistry definitely isn't the best that you can find on tour. It just happens with people that it's not that you can just like every okay so this is about CPOS. I'm not going to own to give me. This is Medvedyev about city boss. Well wouldn't you know it's the complete way around it. Sits if us about Madonna and I believe that was at the Ot finals so you got zero for that one. I've tallied all your fractions and you scored five point five. Two out of ten Walsh. I don't really think that you want to succeed. A couple of these. Were pretty obvious. I feel like you definitely could have made. Hey on your so close unquestioned number ten you just gotTa go the way I would. I would like you to check your math again but I mean you gave the complete wrong answer about the thirty four year old Frenchman. You knew what the answer to. Latoya's how does that count codes intelligence the term. It's a question you answered incorrect. That is you actually knew what the answer was Dickie. You what the correct answer was an chose not to give it so you sit there in your shame of fifty five percent. I fell on my sword and I'll do it again. Well we're at the end of this season and the end of our ATP rap episode. Thank you for listening again. Thank you to everybody. Who's donated to the go fund me? We thoroughly appreciate it. We've given instruction as to what's GonNa be rewarded in the go fund me as far as a personalized email or or tbs postcard so please if you are eligible for those get ahead of the game and Diaz email us your email address or physical address or a social security number. We'll take that too and if you you're like well. I don't want no Jenky. Tbs Postcard email us and let us know that too because that's a that's a valid perspective to have. You can get in touch with us on twitter. I'm Jonathan you can find me tennis underscored John James at Elliot J Amar to else to tease you can. Dm The body serve on twitter at the body serve. You can instagram us at the body. Serve or email addresses. The body serve at gmail.com. Thank you for a wonderful year. We have enjoyed you all. That's a wrap on season. Five your season five is in the books. Next year we moved to Spanish. Because that's bullshit. Thank you very much

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